Advanced Energetic Medical & Dental Centers!



Advanced Energetic Medical & Dental Centers:

These centers will support healing projects and are for anyone who wishes to work with us in our advanced healing centers and get training in 5d energetic healing modalities in physical body as well as dental applications. Transcending the limited application of 3d medicine to heal all diseases on the planet and restore missing limbs and well. DNA RNA genome advancements will be taught in our 100% Light Healing Centers!

Local and global healing center locations and operational mandates will be shared here. All of our healing and manufacturing centers are given and governed by Mother earths location permission around the world to serve her and humanities highest good. Check  for free healing samples. The CLS will also be exposing false prophets for everyone to learn about the new age deceptions.

Our Centers are advanced Energetic Medicine this video will give you a example of some technologies to come for healing! test the 12 source energies from with mind to heart drop focus.

Raising your vibration for healing by Teal Swan! Posted June 11/16 I do not have internet or camera to do videos do the delays with deliveries and circumstances Tami


Teal Swan Is your mind friend or foe! Posted June 13/16

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”

Albert Einstein

Ron Amitron from Creation Lightship talks about healing and light of darkness. They will direct the healings in our healing centers along with our allies! Posted June 25/16

These are simply regional healing center location suggestions presently, firm more extensive lists will be added shortly. Global lists will be added as we roll out:

BC Western Region

Victoria, Vancouver Island

Vancouver, Lower Mainland

Prince George Northern BC

Kamloops BC

Nelson BC

Kelowna BC









Thompson – Northern Manitoba


Toronto – Central

Ottawa – Eastern

London – South Eastern

Thunder Bay North Western

Sudbury North Eastern

Windsor Southwestern



Quebec City

Chibougamau Northwestern

Fort Mackenzie Northeastern

Amos Southwestern

Sept-Iles  Southeastern

Labrador & Newfoundland

Labrador City

Saint John’s NFL

Prince Edward Island


New Brunswick


Nova Scotia




North West Territories




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  1. Glad Saskatoon is on the list of healing centers as it would be close for us and our friends and relations as well as all people living in this city and vicinity. The sooner the better as many people are suffering from something, either very serious or not so serious. It will be a glorious day when this comes about. The whole world is in such chaos, we wonder what is coming next. Too many people are being killed by Isis or ???? It is a mystery to us.
    Hopefully the Galactics will come to our rescue as it looks impossible for the population in general.

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