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2016 October 31 from G. Edward Griffin     Posted Nov 1/16

It’s getting hot and I don’t mean climate change

What’s really hot is the 3rd Congress of Freedom Force International coming to Phoenix, on December 2, 3 & 4. It’s an informational marathon that will shatter the myth of global-warming once and for all, and you are invited.

These are the experts who will participate and their messages:
Global Warming Is A Monstrous Hoax

~~ Lord Mockton, UK analyst and commentator

Global Warming Is
the Biggest Deception in History
~~ Prof. Tim Ball, University of Winnepeg
Tyranny Pretending To Be Science

~~ Patrick Wood, researcher and author
Weather Modification
for Profit and War
~~Jim Lee, private investigator
Smart Growth;
the Depopulation of Rural America
~~ Debbie Bacigalupi, rancher and activist
CO2 Does Not Cause Global Warming 

~~ Prof. Willaim Happer, Princeton University 

Why Do They Deceive?

~~ G. Edward Griffin, Founder of Freedom Force

Global Warming Hysteria
and Agenda-21
~~ Dan Happel, community leader and educator
Selling the Myth;
Schools and Media Lead the Way
~~ Alex Newman, journalist and author
Agenda-21; Bringing the
Soviet System to America
~~ Michael Shaw, attorney and environmentalist
Native Americans;
Pawns in the Agenda-21 Game
~~ Elaine Willman, human-rights advocate and author

Learn all about it here.

Early-Bird rates end on November 3!

~~ G. Edward Griffin