CLS: List of Complicit False Prophets!

This link will offer a list of false prophets complicit with dark ET Satanic Illuminati Cabal agendas! Many are operating from mind ego implant parasite programs that they are either aware of or not aware off. It is imperative that all who have been smearing good people like me and others be outed publicly to engender discernment and wisdom to the bigger picture. If the dark think they can humiliate and harass light workers publicly it is now time for karmic clearing and lessons to be learned. The CLS or has volunteered to share the names of all globally in order for the learning to be complete. Tami

First Listing is Zorra claims to be the god creator when he is not and released incorrect information over the internet. Claims there is no more Archons, timelines or clones when they are still being cleared! Now this being is promoting nano tech to be consumed into the body. This is a severe breach of Natural divine law that violates the divine blueprint of the human and animal divine blueprints. The human body does not want or need foreign objects into its body blocking its natural ability to heal itself. Do not consume or allow nano tech into the human form which the creation lightship is working hard at clearing for all. submitted July 13/17

The primary sign of false prophets is self righteous elitism, manipulations and selfishness! Plus they like to patronize, judge, disrespect and blame light workers for they are the complicit ones with treachery supporting corrupting spiritual principles! Some like to put down and humiliate humanity publicly to give sick self importance goals.  Many like to paint the dark as the good guys while judging the emotions of light workers and humanity in a variety of ways some overt some subtle . Even suggesting they are not accountable for the actions due to serving the light, sorry but everyone operates under spiritual law no council or being anywhere can override that truth or our free will for demanding justice for healing for all. Finally, they will pretend to support your dreams and wishes while really using you, undermining you, for profit control or power with the ultimate goal of destroying your dreams and turning them against you. These can be very subtle as to be loving and serving while cording you and violating you at the same time! Keep your focus with your own spirit and clear all entities and implants from your form. Our  CLS beings are working to clear the light of the darkness deceptions from ourselves and our galaxy with our future soldier operations with the Gaia Guardians  which few in the corrupted new age community support publicly, what does that tell you folks? The dark are still trying to control the information in all aspects of our planetary deliverance use your spirit wisdom to see and know the deceivers! Lastly the creation lightship has worked hard spending much time on clearing energetic damage by misguided false prophets, Occultist priest and satanic cults affecting mother earth detrimentally with there   can help all to clear these destructive dark belief systems!

noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths
  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. ( Satanic Cult member) project there issues onto others!
    Profile of the Sociopath
    • Glibness and Superficial Charm.
    • Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. …
    • Grandiose Sense of Self. …
    • Pathological Lying. …
    • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. …
    • Shallow Emotions. …
    • Incapacity for Love.
    • Need for Stimulation.

noun: psychopath; plural noun: psychopaths
  1. a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. ( Satanic cult member) project there issues onto others!
    synonyms: madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath; More

    “by definition, is every psychopath a danger to himself or others?”
    • informal
      an unstable and aggressive person.
      “schoolyard psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants” a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. Compare sociopath. Origin of psychopath.
      Other interpersonal characteristics of a psychopath include:
      • Glibness and superficial charm.
      • Grandiose sense of self-worth.
      • Being conning and manipulative.

      Psychopathic Traits and Characteristics of a Psychopath – HealthyPlace…/psychopath/psychopathic-traits-and-characte…


This is how it is! Posted Mar 30/17

( Good New age spiritual insights about being a light worker and whistle blower in North America and around the world! Tami)

Over the years I have seen many good hearted people, speakers or presenters in the Ascension community, the Ufology or Consciousness field fall into the 3D material traps that are set up by the old decrepit egoic thought forms that are prevalent in those who have not discerned the differences between the negative ego thinking and the higher self thinking. I observe Whistleblowers and Starseeds filled with 3D egoic spiritual ambition that are completely unaware of the material traps, consciousness blockages and mind control that are set up for truth seekers on the earth, and they walk right into the vipers den caught unaware. They naively still believe that they can use the 3D system formulas to get their work accomplished and spread their consciousness message into the world on social media. It is important to say to all of those good hearted people on the ascension circuit, who are not paid as infiltrators to the truth movement, or on the payroll of the intelligence agencies, that there is no real support for this ascension work in the larger media, period. You have to accept that fact going in, that this field is totally targeted and controlled in every way possible. If you choose to be in this field, you will work harder than you can imagine, most of the time without any acknowledgment or support, enduring defamation of your character and a stream of unstable and possessed people to harass you. Currently, this full scale attack against the truth movement is increasing rapidly through the media censure, as well as electronically targeting people. If you believe you can be a famous you tuber and get your own consciousness show paid by commercial sponsors and have some semblance of integrity, you are completely deluded about the nature of this controlled reality on this earth. If you come up in the book publishing to panel guest chain of command, you will be approached to be a mis-informant and sell out, a quasi liar to full on deceptive agent, and the people who want to hold on to their integrity, and do not sell out to handlers, will not be made available to the larger audience. That is how it is, period. Many people that gain a large following choose the sellout method through the self-justification in their thinking that at the very least, they still can get a portion of their ascension, truth, or disclosure message across to the public. As we know, sometimes people are forced to choose to cover their own butts, because they, along with their families, are being heavily threatened and intimidated to comply with the handlers. We can hold compassion for these people that do sell out, but we still need to be discerning to realize that these people are paid to deceive or derail the disclosure movement to the public.

Generally, people that have not cleared their negative ego react to external events and stimulus, and are filled with magical thinking, big ideas that go nowhere, dreams of being a world teacher or famous, that is based upon an inability to have reasonably accurate assessment of the earth environment, which causes inaccurate analysis and self-delusion. Excuses are made such as, if they only got this amount of money, or this amount of support, or this many followers, that they could get what they believe to be their mission work to a larger audience, and fulfill their higher purpose. This many times is a delusion. It is becoming more and more noticeable, that just because a person had paranormal experiences, they were abducted by aliens, or working for the secret space program, that these events do not mean they have a higher consciousness connection to their spiritual intelligence or even that they have a reasonable competency level.  It just means they had paranormal experiences that they processed through their 3D egoic mind in order to make sense of what happened to them. And many times, the ego generates faulty thinking, and confuses their inner compass in so that they are unable to have discernment and clarity about where they should be directing their focus, attention and consciousness. Many of these people spiral out of control because they have not been able to deal with their own stress or trauma, which will be magnified a thousand fold when that person goes public with ascension or disclosure related information. The minute you start talking about Ascension to the public, dark portal people will start sprouting heads and projectile energetic vomiting something akin to the exorcist movie. This is the way it is for all of us, and its nothing to be scared of, but you cannot engage with a demonic presence unless you know how to exorcise it.

There is no possibility that the problems and blocks created by the 3D negative ego, which is the reptilian hive mind thoughtforms of discordance and chaos, can be solved by continuing to use the negative ego in the material world. This means as long as you use the negative ego to process reality and cannot discern the difference between chaotic thoughtforms and harmonious thoughtforms, you will remain blocked and targeted heavily by AI mind control in the material world. You cannot expect to play the reptilian game on earth and win. They have rigged the earth with AI software to target all people that awaken or are in the truth movement,  and there is no way around this quantum computer AI targeting, unless earthlings demand the truth and we have a full disclosure event. So this necessitates that all of us clearly understand, especially those of us in the Ascension community, you cannot use the negative ego and make any progress or movement forward with your mission or purpose.

The only way to progress forward is thinking outside of the control matrix, outside of the low frequency of the 3D ego, outside the reach of the frequency fences of the extradimensional parasites. You must always think beyond the earth reality to pure energy consciousness observer, and put your focus of attention in serving your highest purpose beyond time, beyond the consciousness trap. This means you cannot be directed by external events, and you must learn to drop the negative ego from controlling your life and your perceptions.

If you are controlled by your ego and controlled by external events, you are a slave, and you will not free yourself from being completely controlled and attacked relentlessly. Otherwise, you will cycle like a hamster on a hamster wheel, getting more and more frustrated at the never ending obstacles placed in your way, blaming the aliens targeting, but at the same time, when you blame them you are not taking control over self-ownership. It is imperative that you take responsibility to activate your self-awareness and higher consciousness that is required to stop allowing them to lock onto your field when you indulge in ego behaviors. The negative ego thoughtforms, are connected to the reptilian hive mind and this intelligence is a chaotic force that runs parasitic AI programming.  If you use the negative ego, the AI machinery will lock onto your auric field and plummet your frequency down to the lowest of the low, in order to trap you inside the control matrix, which means to trap you inside matter in the densest of the density. This feels like hell, and you should do whatever you can to stay out of that dense field, as its harder to get out once you’ve fallen in it. Your goal must be to learn how to think and focus beyond matter, and to feel the consciousness energy behind all things first, get as still as possible and stop running around aimlessly wasting energy.  Every movement and every choice you make, you should be aware of your intention, consent and authority in that interaction, and not waste precious time or energy in fruitless efforts that drain your energy and leave you totally sucked dry by parasites and predators.

As we make the effort to reprogram our thinking and belief systems out of the reptilian hive mind that has been created for us to be slaves, we must shift the way we think in studying and meditating – how do we reclaim ourselves, and how do we reclaim self-ownership while living in a infiltrated material reality that has been programmed to take that natural human right away? In order to align our entire person to reclaim our rights, our personal will and consciousness must comprehend the rights we have in Universal Law to self-ownership. We are required to know without a shadow of a doubt that we are living in a reality on the earth that produces slavery, in many forms, and that we were born into this system as one of the cogs in the wheel of the slavery machine. I have been reporting for many years about the Negative Alien Agenda, and that technological warfare is used in the invisible light spectrum to target all earth people to be programmed into slaves, but a person cannot reclaim their freedom until they know it has been taken away. Do you believe you live as a free person on this earth?  Do you think you are going to waltz around and manifest your personal dreams and spiritual mission and have all the support in 3D for that to happen?  To self-enforce a system of slavery, the NAA had to get the earth inhabitants to believe that they were free citizens on the earth. Hopefully, more than ever, many more people are awakening to the fact that this is not true, we are not free. That we all have been deceived by those that have taken authority over the earth’s resources and governments, whom have handed our world to the management of extradimensional parasites that use AI to control the earth surface.

It is important that the spiritual community gain another level of maturity to fully accept this fact; none of us on earth are living as free people. All of us on earth are targeted and suppressed. All of us are on a planet that is being imprisoned through hijacking collective humanity’s life force and energy resources, while using our collective co-creative consciousness against our own species by projecting the most vulgar, barbaric, sociopathic, diseased and chaotic thought forms possible. The beauty, art and harmony of the human heart and spirit is being sucked dry by the alien parasites and their AI assimilation program to replicate human genetic codes, reducing the human body into an artificial automaton that plays out reptilian programs as a bag of uncontrolled impulses. This is the life in hell and is the slave program. In order to free yourself from this insidious infection, you must stop using their mind and mental programs and command your space to reclaim your right to self-ownership.

Reclaiming self-ownership and handing their diseased AI mind ego program back to them, is the most important thing you can do to help free yourself and make progress to express your true creativity and art inside your soul. They have no idea on how to control the heart based and soul creative forces, and it is through reclaiming our true heart based and empathic humanity, practicing unconditional love no matter what is thrown at us, that we can be free from the slave programming and the vicious attacking. The AI attacks bond to shadow and negativity in your aura, so purging that ego program from your mind, while holding neutral observer is very important.

  1. Find your spiritual lessons inside the obstacles and attacks. Where are you weak and what are your strengths? Look for the pieces you may have missed inside yourself, that which you need to get stronger or change the way you have been doing things. The game has changed on earth and we must change with it. Every weakness you have will be attacked and exploited, so take action to correct them. The answer to everything is higher consciousness and self-awareness.
  2. Command your personal space and claim your human right to co-exist on earth as a GSF being, while taking personal responsibility for self-ownership. Assert this every day and build this spiritual muscle.
  3. Kick the negative ego to the curb, discipline your mind to stay in observer while working to stay aligned with the resonant energies and feelings, rather than relying on the mental body constructs. Keep the mind quiet and calm.
  4. Replace the negative ego earth laws with the highest authority made in the Universal Laws, make the commitment to follow and express the Universal Law of One and Service to Others in your life every day.
  5. Commit to live peacefully and harmlessly, to remove all anger and violence inside your body and mind through self-love, self-respect and self-forgiveness. Pray or ask for help every day.
  6. Command all energies and implants that exist in your body that were placed there without your consent, to be governed by the Universal Laws of God. Take full ownership over your body, all things in your body and consciousness now belong to you completely. As the result, you will take responsibility for reprogramming them into states of harmony. State that all programs or technology inside your body are now aligned to the higher governance of your Avatar Christ or God self.
  7. Stop pushing to look externally for 3D ways to survive, and ask what you can do to go beyond the control matrix and serve your highest purposes. It is likely you will need to meditate more, get quiet more, and stop doing what you think you have to do, because it is highly likely that you are doing the wrong actions that will yield you nothing but frustration. The chaotic mind will not lead you, only the still heart will lead you.
  8. No matter what is happening in your life, you cannot deviate back to negative ego thinking, correct yourself and stay centered, neutral and calm as possible. Remember that is the weapon of the aliens, and the AI Mind control. Stay above it.
  9. Keep boundaries and try to stay away from unhealthy and toxic people, gather strength inside yourself. Make people earn your trust with trustworthy behavior. Don’t tolerate liars, manipulators and violent people.

More on Self Ownership

Self-ownership (or sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one’s own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and to be the exclusive controller of her or his own life, as well as the body, mind, and spirit. The possibility of self-ownership has been destroyed for most people on the earth through the continual deception, Mind Control, Manipulation of Consent and NAA Archontic Deception Strategies that are broadcast to the masses in order to shape the anti-human culture, which increases world slavery by monetizing human suffering and Human Trafficking. Most of us reading this by now, realize that the people that are in control of the resources of this earth, are either not human, or are depraved humans that have sold out their soul, and taken the role as the personal pet to serve the Alien overlords for a pittance. We are being lied to in every way imaginable, and what we see in the mass media is what they want us to see. Stay neutral.

To be sovereign over one’s self is to be free of the control or coercion of others, to truly have the freedom to direct one’s own life through having Informed Consent about the many things that impact our bodies and consciousness. We extend that belief to include freedom over Self-Determination in the direction over one’s consciousness which connects with the Soul, Spirit and higher intelligence spiritual bodies. Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One. The teachings of the Law of One describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for each dimension. It is a single philosophical system of World Humanism, which merges cosmology, science, Human Rights and spiritualism.

To accept personal sovereignty or self-ownership, also means that person must accept Self-Responsibility. As you increase your use of free will choice and consent, you also increase the responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

Self-Responsibility is being able to own your own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by making it their fault. Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their shoes. When feeling upset, restore balance to your heart and aura, by lovingly holding your boundaries without violating others boundaries by expecting them to resolve your conflict. Be willing and open to learn the lessons and find out what the real issue is, which most of the time is not what it appears to be. Going deeper and reflecting on forgiveness of yourself and others, allowing time to pass, helps to neutralize the conflict. Learning how to become responsible and accepting Self-Responsibility is a major step of productive Negative Ego clearing.

Additionally, Human Rights are moral principles that describe certain standards of human behavior, they are the same in Gods natural laws, the Law of One:

1. I have the right to take care of myself, and protect myself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

2. I have the right to set my own priorities and choose the manner I express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.

3. I have the right to express feelings, opinions, and desires.

4. I have the right to be treated respectfully.

5. I have the right to create my own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.

6. I have the right to be GSF and be given the power to be in charge of directing my energies and life force.

Apply all of these in Universal Law, through choosing to align your intent, consent and authority with the Laws of God above all.

Create the space for yourself to have access to these human rights every day, while you intend to be more and more responsible in order to claim self-ownership. Do not give your power to material things, do not give your power to anything beyond your relationship to God and your highest self. You must take your power back and keep the spiritual channels open all the time by communicating with God or your higher self. Even when you are getting energetically pummeled, stay neutral, observe what is happening, stay calm and repeat, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Never allow the NAA or Satanics or Luciferians to exert any control over you, and keep committing to discipline yourself in order that you will not allow them access your mind ever again. If you want to be protected in Gods Natural Laws, you have to practice these laws in your life, and when you do, and are committed to the higher consciousness process, you will experience life with an extreme amount of spiritual protection. If we succumb to the negative ego, and we get mesmerized in matter, the laws will not be as effective, because we have given our consent to the alien programs in the controlled matrix. Learn this lesson, and it will protect you more than words can express.

Thank you to all of the brave and courageous people that traverse the perilous path of public Ascension speaking and presenting disclosure information, may you be infinitely blessed and supported in the path of higher truth.

With Love, Lisa Renee

Channelling 101: From Disincarnated Beings, From the Higher Self and Those Faking It Posted Sept 11/16

What is now called channelling was previous called either “spiritualism” or “mediumship”, and “channelers” were called “mediums”. I will substitute the old phrases, for the modern “channelling” verbiage.

Most have read and heard about ascended teachers, although they are usually called ascended masters, or saints, by most people.

Some people think it is better to follow them, or their teachings, because they are higher in consciousness than living teachers. Some even claim they have personal contact with them, and ‘channel’ them.

An ascended master is essentially a true teacher who has left the Earth plane and gone on to the next plane — a paradise where all who dwell there have achieved the same consciousness of Unselfish Love, Light, and Oneness.

Because of their release from the consciousness limitations of the physical plane, they do have greater consciousness.

But because of their non-physical state, and their choice to leave this plane and not reincarnate, their greater consciousness has limited applications and usefulness for those of us here on the Earth plane.

Thus, they cannot fulfill the duties of, or replace the necessity for, a true living teacher.

But when people take the concept of ascended masters further, and consider them to be their teachers on this physical plane, and follow what they can only believe to be their teachings, it leaves openings for many problems.

In fact, there are serious problems with trying to follow a being that is not in a physical body.

Some people also take spiritual advice from disincarnate ‘guides’ Others have Gurus that they never see, never live in the presence of.

These situations are similar to having an ‘ascended’ teacher, in that none of the guiding beings are in your physical presence on the physical plane.

And unless you are already enlightened, even truly knowing anything about the realities of someone who is not in physical form (let alone knowing their wishes for your guidance), is not really possible with any amount of true clarity.

And true, precise clarity, is a must in such situations as disincarnate guidance, let alone a teacher/ student relationship.

Following an ascended teacher, or even one who is out of physical contact, leaves many opportunities for self-deception.

It is popular though, primarily because it also provides the perfect rationalization for avoiding real spiritual growth” because you can seem to be totally involved in spirituality, but still deceive yourself and not face your real issues, your real blocks to separation with the One.”

Because there is room for ‘self-interpretation’ because they are not before you in the flesh, TELLING you what YOU need to know with words you, or other witnesses, cannot avoid hearing with your ears, GUIDING you in such a way that you cannot possibly fool yourself about.

That’s why ‘following’ a teacher that is not in an Earthly body is much more desirable to the selfish separate self — you don’t have to face up to things you don’t want to, and you can interpret their alleged teachings to suit your self.

Just look at the variations of claims made about what the bible says or what Jesus ‘meant’. Or Mohammed ‘meant’.

People have burned other people alive, in Jesus’ name — do you think he meant for them to do so? Of course not.

And even if you believe you are in communication with an out of body being such as an ascended master, you cannot be certain what you are letting yourself ‘hear’, unless you are already totally free from your selfish separate self.

In fact, the separate self would consider that a perfect ‘set up’. You think you are following a spiritual teacher, but the separate self ‘censors’ the ‘teachings’ and remains in control.

How could it be otherwise when the separate self controls your subconscious mind, and most everything else in your life and mind? I guess it couldn’t.

When you are actually in the presence of a true living teacher, ‘in the flesh’, your separate self can’t get away with self-deceptions. There is no ‘guessing’, no ‘interpretation’, no lack of ‘clarity’.

When you are in the physical presence of such a One, the teacher actively penetrates and exposes your illusions, saying the truths you need to hear right to your face, clarifying it if the self tries to cloud the issue, leaving no room for misinterpretation and leaving you no room for ignoring, or hiding from, the truth.

When a teacher is physically before you, they will always clearly tell you when you are not being true to your Inner Being — that cannot be said for an ascended master, guide or a ‘long-distance astral’ master!”

Then why would someone prefer to follow an ascended master, instead of a living master, other than that it is more desirable to the separate self?

There is no valid reason for this. After all, a true teacher is nothing but an ‘ascended master’ that has not left the body yet.

A true teacher has experienced the same ‘next step’ that an ascended master has – death of the selfish self.

The death experience is the final step in returning to Oneness with God, and attaining Universal Consciousness, and that is the major transformation that is vital.

But after consciously experiencing death, living true teachers have just chosen to return to Earth to help, instead of taking the more pleasurable route of going on to a paradise plane with their enlightened brothers and sisters.

Another reason for having a living master instead of presuming to follow a dead one, is the personal attention and personal guidance that you get from a living true teacher.

At best, going to channels or following an ascended master for your spiritual growth, would be like learning a complex new skill, like brain surgery, by a book or tape (and that’s even if the information you are getting is true and not from a faker, or a negative disincarnate entity).

You can learn knowledge and facts through a book or tape, but to really master a skill, you need “hands on” interactive help from a teacher in the flesh.

Having a real teacher in person, in the flesh, at some point in your learning, is invaluable to master a skill — even with minor skills, like golfing, scuba diving, gourmet cooking, etc., let alone something like spiritual enlightenment.

The more important the skill, the more vital it is to have a teacher with you showing you the ropes, especially at final stages of learning.

Yet the most difficult and important skill in the world — achieving Oneness with The Creator and learning to become a teacher — they can supposedly totally achieve with only books and spirit guides? No.

In order to learn and develop, we need to try applying what we’ve learned, then we need the criticism and feedback of a good teacher, in order to develop enough to master the skill.

And attaining spiritual enlightenment, and breaking free from our programming and the bonds of the selfish separate self, is the greatest learning challenge you will ever have.

Attempting it without a real living teacher giving you direct “in your face”, inescapable, totally clear guidance and feedback, is like running around in circles chasing your tail.

Getting “channelled information” is not much different than reading a spiritual book.

It can help and inspire if it is true. But even if the information is actually 100% true, there is no criticism to the selfish separate self, no real feedback, no Unselfish Love to ignite your own, no example of manifesting the Universal Spirit, and no light to pierce the illusions and confusions “the darkness of SELF” throws up around you.

How many times has an ascended master really made anyone see and face all their real blocks that they were totally avoiding? You can’t get away with anything with a real in the flesh true teacher.

Even this script you are reading now, might help you, but it can only take you so far. Few Masters continue to reincarnate, and are here now, in other bodies with other names.

You may not know who they are. Some you properly know now, but you know not yet who they were. This will come to you in time. You are just cosmic dust like the rest of us.

You are also one with and part of The Creator, like the rest of us. You are a cog that makes up the great One. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Inner Being is One with the Universal Spirit, and once someone fully manifests their Inner Being, they are the same great being, before or after ascension.

Are these saintly beings any less great because they have chosen to reincarnate again and further sacrifice themselves for you by suffering the pains of living amidst the darkness on the Earth, instead of leaving the hardships of this world for the paradise that awaits them in the next plane? No.

And by the way, are you letting people channel you behind my back?

Yeah, right. I’m not broadcasting my soul as far as I know. No. You would know it if you were dead and possessing someone’s body. It’s hard to miss something like that.

To summarize, the Inner Being of a living master, is the same Inner Being as any other master, ascended or not.

Sure, there are subtle differences in the personalities and souls of true teachers, but the differences are insignificant, and do not provide a legitimate reason to avoid a living master in favour of an alleged ascended master.

And they certainly don’t replace the work that must be done with a living true teacher.

Regardless of who has ascended, and who has not – the same Spirit of all the great saints and sages is ONE, eternally alive and manifesting through present day masters, NOW, in the present, always.

And it has always been so. The Spirit is ONE. All Inner Beings are part of, and One with, the One Universal Spirit/Being.

Don’t confuse the personalities of spiritual teachers with what they really were/are in essence. The personality is just an aspect, or projection of, the particular soul/ self/ individual that was actually a vehicle for the One Spirit.

So they are all really the same, inside, where it counts. This is one reason why there are such similarities and connections between so many of the various spiritual traditions from all parts and times of this planet.

This consciousness is within us all, and man-i-festing that Inner Being is a destiny we were all created to fulfill.

The ascended ones should only play a direct guidance role in your life AFTER you have achieved enlightenment.

After you have completed your work with a living master (your true teacher), and attained Universal Consciousness, you then follow the guidance of your Inner Voice, and Universal Will.

After this attainment, you have a place in the cosmic order, and are connected with ‘the hierarchy’ the vast order of ascended masters/angelic beings who exist in interconnected ranks between us, and the Source, the One.

You are thus both guided by, and watched over by, the hierarchy. But until then, you are indirectly guided and influenced by the hierarchy.

Beware of hearing voices or letting any being possess you to speak.

That is not the way of the hierarchy, other than highly exceptional circumstances, and even then, through one of the enlightened teachers of the Law of One, not a student, elder or not.”

God is All. That’s why we call God the Universal Spirit. But that includes the hierarchy, it is not the hierarchy in and of itself. The head of the hierarchy is the entity who first led the second wave to rescue those of the first.

It was Jesus who was known in that life as the Grand Master. The life in which he had his greatest impact on the world, other than his first, was his last, known as Jesus.

Although he had great effects, and would be known to you by other names from his other lives. Something similar to following ascended masters, is “channeling”, or going to a channeler.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, channeling is what occurs when a living person allows an “out-of-body”, disincarnate being or spirit guide, to possess the person’s body and mind, and provide information.

The channeled information is generally given through speech, although it can be writing. When people channel, their goal is usually to channel higher consciousness disincarnate beings (ascended masters, spirit guides, non-physical aliens, beings from other dimensions, etc.).

First let me say that truth is truth, wherever you find it. We should listen to wisdom whether it comes from a wise man or a fool. Or a channeler. And it can and does come from all the above.

So if the information you have received from a channeler is positive, and true, give the wisdom the respect it deserves. With that in mind, let’s take a broad look at the limitations, and serious problems of channeling.

Channeling has become very popular, and I know that some of you reading this won’t want to hear about any problems with it. But the ancient teachings do point out some things that should be carefully considered.

For one, when you reach a certain level of growth on your spiritual path, channeling is “outgrown”.

And if you have an open mind, the common sense and truth revealed in the ancient teachings will shed new light on the entire field of channeling, allowing you to consider some new facts, and make up your own mind.

So please hear me out with an open mind, and then decide.

The phenomenon that is called channeling can actually be several very different things:

1. Someone channeling an actual disincarnate being;
2. Someone believing they are actually channeling a disincarnate being, but they are actually channeling information from the Inner Being;
3. Someone believing they are actually channeling a disincarnate being, but they are actually channeling information from their subconscious mind;
4.Someone totally faking it.

Let’s start by looking at #2 and 3.

Some people really do channel disincarnate beings. Others just think they are channeling a higher consciousness being, but they are actually only accessing their own Inner Being.

Now this isn’t necessarily bad, in fact, it can be safer and yield truer information than channeling a disincarnate being.

Here’s how it works. The channeler wants to and believes they are going to channel a disincarnate being, but for some reason this doesn’t really happen – yet they think it does.

Instead, what really happens is that they are being protected by their Inner Being, or the hierarchy, and their subconscious creates a guide or ascended master in their mind, in order to realize their desire to access higher information by channeling.

But the information is really coming from the Inner Being, and/or their subconscious.

For centuries, hypnotists have known about the incredible power of the mind to create the most elaborate stories and scenarios while in a trance.

In fact, while some past life regressions are quite real, others are pure fabrications by the subconscious mind – down to details like the stitching in a suit.

In part, this phenomenon works via the power of assumption, or power of belief linked with a strong desire to please the hypnotist or therapist.

You can also see this phenomenon at work in both ways with the use of an oracle, like a pendulum.

For instance, when people believe a pendulum will give them answers from a higher source, it might, as long as they really believe it.

It will even work for a skeptic, as long as the skeptics subconscious mind believes it.

In any case, it’s not the pendulum itself that is doing it, it is the user’s belief that the pendulum does it, or is being guided, or gives them access, which actually gives them access.

Yet oracles, and the type of channeling we are talking about right now, are in-between mediums — substitutes for being able to more directly, and more purely, get information from the Inner Being OR the subconscious.

So, both the oracle user, and this certain type of channeler, use their beliefs in their methods, to access information from inside themselves — information that they don’t believe they have access to otherwise. Therein lies one of the problems.

Using the methods can actually reinforce the belief and programming that the individual can’t access the information more directly. And that is a major spiritual limitation to place on yourself.

As we have established, the type of channeling we are discussing, can access information from either the subconscious or the Inner Being. But it generally mixes the two.

And therein lies another problem.

You can get inaccurate information that you believe is accurate. It can be partly true, but distorted by the subconscious mind’s programming.

That’s because subconscious programming (& possible dark outside influences), can filter, distort, and even totally block out the true and accurate information coming from the Inner Being.

I have heard good channeled information, but it wasn’t as good or clear as it could be, because of the consciousness of the person, and because of their subconscious programming.

But there are times when it’s not just a matter of how good the information is.

The subconscious and conscious beliefs of a person using an oracle or channeling, can seriously taint information, and cause a serious mis-guidance.

And if serious life decisions are based on such channeled or divined mis-information, a person can make serious mistakes in life that affect both themselves and others.

Using oracles and such is fine at a certain level of consciousness, a certain level of spiritual awareness and evolution.

There are protections from on high for the novice who is sincere and has a good heart.

A spiritual innocent is watched over by spiritual guardians, just as human adults watch over human children.

But just like when a human child gets older, you expect them to be more aware and responsible about life, our hierarchical guardians expect the same of us as spiritual children.

Thus, as you spiritually grow, you must become far more discreet and cautious.

If you make a mistake at a higher level of consciousness, the Karmic consequences are much more serious.

And the more aware a person is, the more serious will be the consequences of ignoring the things you are aware of.

As you grow, as you become more aware, you are expected to behave differently.

Again, using an example of a child, it is one thing to spin around until you’re dizzy, then drive a trike, but it’s another thing for a teenager to get drunk and drive a car.

You are a spiritual adolescent right now. Which means that Oracles are really only 100% dependable in the hands of a true teacher, because a true teacher is clear, and because he will sense if the oracle is being tampered with by dark outside forces.

Of course they can give anyone good, accurate, information. But you can never be certain of the accuracy unless you are enlightened.

In fact, most oracles were invented by true teachers, for true teachers – they were never intended for those whose separate selves and subconscious programming would confuse the answers.”

For a true teacher, an oracle is a quick and easy substantiation of their own Inner Voice — a sort of second opinion/double check system.

But for an average person, who is not yet clear, an oracle can be confusing at times – usually when the separate self has something at stake.

For instance, many times I have seen a person get such an incredibly clear and specific reading from the I Ching, that most people could not possibly mis-interpret it — yet the person is confused and mis-interprets anyway, because their separate self doesn’t really want the truth to be known.

If they have previously relied on oracles and channeling, they are
expected to forego that, in favour of a true teacher and training to manifest their own Inner Being.

So how do you make the changes that will allow you to get information more directly from your Inner Being? Again, that’s where a true teacher comes in.

A true living teacher both gives you the keys to changing and manifesting your Inner Being, and keeps reminding you to use the keys when your separate self has steered you off track (which it puts a great effort into).

Plus, the teacher is a clear reflection of your own Inner Being.

Thus, being in the teacher’s presence helps you get more and more in touch with your Inner Being, both by virtue of being constantly exposed to it and being made aware of the Inner information, and by contrasting the truth and Light of the Inner Being against your separate self’s negative subconscious programming, mind games, deceit, and illusions.

As we said earlier, channeling, or going to a channel, reinforces mental programming that your own Inner Being is not “great”, &/or is not directly accessible, and that you cannot change and manifest your own inner being in your life.

This holds true whether or not a person is actually channeling a disincarnate being, or just their Inner Being/subconscious.

Even if the channeled information is telling you that you are a light worker and can manifest God, the very process of going to, or doing the channeling, is restricting you from doing that, and being that. Thus it actually creates a spiritual limitation.

What a marvelous circular trick of the separate self!

“You know, in the old days, an oracle was often an actual person. Now they call them mediums or channelers.

But whatever you call it, the motivation to channel, or go to a channeler, is the same. And it is self-defeating.

It comes from a subconscious and conscious belief that YOUR own soul, YOUR own Inner Being, is not so great — or at least not as great as the oracle, or the person who is being channeled and listened to.

That weakens your own contact with your Inner Being. Your own real contact with God. And every time you do it, that belief is reinforced.

It also reinforces the belief that you must get the information from someone or something else — but the process does not do anything to directly change you in a way that will really put you in touch with your own Inner Being, or make the change in which YOU become a vehicle for manifesting YOUR own Inner Being/God, in your life, all the time.

This belief, which is being reinforced, thus affects your programming, and keeps you spiritually chasing your tail, and continually limits your spiritual self-perception.

You should not place such limitations on your outlook about yourself, about your own spiritual greatness, or you will not grow to manifest God.

But those limitations are only what you self-impose, only what you believe, and how you act. Regardless of whether or not you have developed, or manifested, your own being, it is still the Great One.

The Inner Being is God, is Universal Consciousness, and is thus the highest possible awareness and source of information that can be “channeled”.

And remember, all Inner Beings are One. Period.

Your Inner Being is every bit the same as the likes of Buddha, St. Germain, Jesus etc.. You have no idea yet. But your potential is every bit as Great.

The only difference is that the Great Saints and Sages chose to manifest their Inner Being. Did you ever hear of Jesus or St. Germain channeling someone else? Why not?

Because they didn’t do it, and likewise, they don’t allow themselves to be channeled. They chose the traditional path, and learning from living masters.

They chose that instead of channeling information from other beings, or consulting channeled information. Just think about it honestly.

And remember, your own soul is better than the many disincarnate lower astral beings that may want to possess a human, and are being channeled. It’s just up to you to manifest your Inner Being.

Here is another of the chinks in channelling’s armour: have you noticed that channeling other beings, including the “channeling” of “ascended masters”, often seems to bring forth not just the Inner Being, but the INDIVIDUAL SELF, and the PERSONALITY, of the channeled being?

So even if it is real, the information is filtered through the being’s personality and self, and then it filters through the self of the channeler, and then finally through the self of the listener, who further filters the information through their own self’s programming.

AT BEST then, by the time your self is done with getting the information, it’s highly unlikely to be anything that will directly or truly threaten the selfish separate self — and that is what the spiritual path is all about — the death, surrendering, and rebirth of the separate self as a servant to the Universal Will.

That is the key to true change, to becoming what you really are, to manifesting your Inner Being/God.

Good “information” and knowledge will not do it for you, regardless of how good that information is.

And for the information you really need, why use channeling when you can access untainted information from the highest source, YOUR own Inner Being.

YOU are a great soul. Yes, you. Again, channeling doesn’t put you through the changes that having a true teacher does — the kind of changes that will make you ONE with your Inner Being, ONE with the ascended masters, ONE with God.

Some people are under the assumption that some of the great psychics of history were “channelers”.

But with extremely rare exception, such psychics, if they were of the light, only channeled their own Inner Being, or Higher Self.

And they too, often warned against letting other entities come through you, or misguide you – and of the dangers and damage such possession poses.

The greatest of such psychics, were in fact, Children of the Law of One (even some who were not consciously aware of it), and were actually in the service of the One, and the grand master.

These psychics used the incredible well spring of their Inner Being, to tap into what is called the “Akashic Records”.

Such activity and abilities were all from their own Inner Being, operating under the Oneness and service of Universal Will, not by going to channelers, or channeling disincarnate entities (with very, very rare exceptions necessitated and controlled by the hierarchy).

The person who wants to become a true teacher, and work consciously and directly with spiritual seekers, must also strive to integrate the Inner Being, with the conscious, and subconscious mind, and manifest it in their life, through body and

Thus the Inner Being, God, and the self, all consciously and subconsciously correspond.

When this finally occurs, there is not conflict, or walls, between, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the Inner Being/Universal Consciousness.

Thus there is also harmony between the conscious beliefs, subconscious programming and Universal Truths.

The ancient teachings, as well as some the more modern ones all warn of the risks associated with possession, which are great indeed.

Most people don’t think about channeling this way, but the truth is, channeling is just a nice word for possession, and people need to keep this in mind, and keep in mind the possible perils.

In a spiritual and astral sense, possession is like being raped.

The being who is channeled comes from the astral realms, and when another being possesses someone else’s body and mind, it damages the host’s astral body, astral defences, and actually weakens the strength of Will, much in the same way that allowing yourself to be hypnotized weakens the Will (that doesn’t apply to self-hypnosis, or hypnosis by a totally trusted mate or spiritual associate).

And every time you do such a thing, you weaken your own will. And you subject yourself to damage — spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

You get “holes” in your circumvent force and auras — and dark creatures can attach themselves like astral leeches.

Again, the fact is that channeling is a very nice euphemism for possession — and no matter what good words come through during a channeling, you don’t know who is really doing the possessing, which means you can’t be sure of the motives behind it and thus you can’t really depend on the information.

And it’s one thing to listen to good words, uplifting messages, etc., but honestly, aren’t there plenty of other sources to get such things without possession being involved, and without subsequently taking the unnecessary risks involved? You know there are.

But these are strange times, and instead of running to the nearest exorcist when someone is possessed, people often pay money to listen to someone who’s possessed, or try to become possessed themselves.

How many people would be as interested in channeling as they are, if it was called what it really is, “possession”, instead of using the euphemism “channeling”?

“Hey, we bought tickets to a seminar tonight so we can listen to some disincarnate entity who is possessing the body and mind of a young woman, and learn how to let someone possess us too!”

It doesn’t sound quite as nice as going to a “channeling seminar” any more, don’t you think?

If channeling has had a good place in your life, fine. But it may be time to grow further. Just reading this script is placing greater responsibility on you becoming more spiritually mature.

A True teacher knows all this, and instead of channeling, he gets the separate self out of the way, and manifests the Inner Being.

And a true teacher is there as a tool for you to develop, access, and manifest YOUR own Inner Being.

What could be higher, more pure, and safer than channeling/ manifesting your own Inner Being?

And it is likely that you who are reading this, should be a true teacher yourself someday.

God only knows, there is certainly a need for more, and in the future the need will be even far, far greater.

But you won’t become a true teacher by merely listening to spiritual information, good or bad.

Now possession would be one thing if the only beings that would possess a body, were high consciousness, saints or the like.

But there are many beings dwelling in the lower astral realms that cannot get a body, and want one badly.

And even if they are not using an attractive disguise and lies to get themselves ‘invited in’ to a body by a voluntary medium, they will work on getting through other people — those who have weak astral defences.

Some of these astral realm dwellers are the spirits of disturbed humans who are between lives. Some are insane. Some are mass murderers, torturers and cruel rapist warriors.

And these deceitful degenerate entities lie, easily and well, and are happy to make up a good story too. Then there are disincarnate demons also.

All the ancient teachings, tell us to avoid possession/channeling, and not to possess/be channeled, once ascended or between lives.

And if you consider it thoroughly, it’s not hard to figure out that real ascended masters don’t want to be channeled. Think about it. Put yourself in an ascended master’s sandals for a moment.

You have worked hard on Earth, suffered greatly, paid your dues and then some.

You have finally earned, and chosen, leaving this painful place, to exist on higher paradisiacal planes. You live and work in new ways on new planes.

You know there are other masters on Earth to take care of the needs of the spiritual seekers, and they are as in touch with the Inner Being as you, but they can do a better job for those on Earth, because they are still on Earth in the Flesh.

You know you can’t tell anyone on Earth anything that isn’t already there for them to hear, or that they can’t get from a living master.

And these living masters are already guided by you and your kin — they can answer any question and give any guidance anyone could possibly need on the Earth.

If that was you who had finally decided to go on, would you want to have to go back to the Earth plane into a body and possess someone when there is no need because they are being taken care of already? Why would you?

In fact, when you look at it objectively, and you understand all that I just said, wouldn’t an ascended master that just had to throw in their own two cents by possessing someone, be a little bit ‘egoed out’ or ‘off’?

Leave them be – ascended masters have chosen to leave the Earth plane, and are working on totally different levels and realms — and they don’t want to deal directly with any beings here anymore, other than their hierarchical linked masters.

And they know it is not necessary for them to do so, because they know there are masters on Earth who are in the proper place — the true teachers that have chosen that duty, and have the proper and full ability to deal with those who really want spiritual help and information.

So if you are channeling or listening to someone who is – think carefully about who or what is really being “channeled” — regardless of who or what they claim to be. Here is an excellent example: Let’s say you need a heart operation.

You need a surgeon. You find a stranger along the side of the road who claims to have been the great and powerful royal surgeon for the court of Cleopatra, and who also claims to have all the knowledge and skills of modern medicine.

Would you invite them to open up your body and fix your heart, even though they had no way to prove their claims and you had no way to check their references?

Would you even listen to their information on how to do it yourself, or ask them to guide your surgeon? Seriously, would you do such a thing? Of course not.

Nor would you even hire someone to work at a convenience store, or rent someone a house so casually. Well, your body is a house of sorts, and your mind builds and directs your life.

And when someone “channels”, they are letting some disincarnate stranger, something truly unknown, enter them through the astral realms, access and use/take over their very body and mind to one extent or another — all without even an interview, or checking on references.

And when listening to channeled information, considering the truly unknown source, shouldn’t it be listened to cautiously, rather than reverently?

Please think seriously about this. I have heard many people talk about channeled information like GOSPEL, simply because it was claimed to have been channeled.

They don’t have an ounce of doubt or caution about the information – because it was channeled. It should be the other way around.

Too many people who are cautious enough to not give even a clean-cut hitchhiker a ride in their car, will gladly let some strange astral entity that wants to possess a living human, take a ride in their very body and mind, or listen to the words of a strange astral entity, as if they were from a well-known and respected holy man.

Does that really make sense? Not to me.

And it shouldn’t to you. The teachings in this script have shone new light on channeling, and revealed serious problems with it.

If you have used channeling before and liked it, as many have, your ego will have something at stake here, as does your selfish separate self, and accepting these truths may be a little upsetting. You may even “blow me off” at this point.

But so it goes with truth and threats to the self. It had to be said. But please, really think it all over, and re-evaluate your opinions with an open mind.

Discovering new truths that allow you to grow more and go further on your path is a good thing. We all must first let go of one shore, in order to cross over to another.

Only your own Inner Being should be allowed to possess your body and mind. And that means manifesting God.

Your Inner Being is the Christ, thus it is ‘Christ Consciousness’, God, the Universal Spirit. It should be integrated and lived, not just trance channeled.

Why channel anything else or anybody, when you can be One with and manifest the Universal Spirit itself – your own part of God? What more could you possibly want to channel?

What more information could you need to get, than what you can get from the Absolute?

What could you possibly want, that you can’t get from the Universal Spirit? What clearer, or better source of information could you have?”

Thus, True teachers only manifest their own Inner Being (God). In fact, you could say their very essence, their very life, everything about them, IS, in a sense, a constant living ‘channeling’ of God.

Thus, they have no desire, or need, to channel anything or anybody else. Think about it for a moment — what would God need to channel?

Whereas the channeling of anything or anybody else, must have consciousness limitations — and there could possibly be tainted motives, even if it is a true channeling.

Infomercial Channels Finally, channeling can be very profitable, and a great ego-trip. A channeler can be a total fake. Many are.

I know some of you think you would know if you were being conned by a channeling con-artist, but it can be very difficult to tell.

The fact is, it is a con-artist’s entire job to be totally believable – their job depends on it. That is how they make their living. Believability, and getting someone to trust them is the con man’s only skill.

Other than being very in touch with your own Inner Voice, you can easily “buy into” a con. It’s only a bad con job that you can really detect.

If people could really tell when they were being conned, there wouldn’t be so many cons around, in so many different forms.

In summary, channeling anything, or any being other than your own Inner Being, can only be of lesser vibration at best, so why run the risks?

Why risk listening to a channeler, or letting these astral entities channel through you, when you can be in touch with your own Inner Being? Nothing can be pure until the vessel is pure.

You, or your channeler would need to be an enlightened being for the channeling to be totally accurate, and if that is the case, you don’t need channeling anymore because you already have the information you need!

Thus, entities from the higher realms, and those of the hierarchy will not channel through anyone.

Ascended masters did not channel other entities when they were alive, and they certainly aren’t going to do it through someone else now that they are gone — they know the realities of such things, and they know that you should follow the same path as they did — they want you to achieve Universal Consciousness yourself by going through the proper “channels” — they know you need an “in the flesh” master/ true teacher who can inspire you, break through your selfish separate self’s illusions and blocks, and put you in touch with your own Inner Being, so you can manifest the part of you that is God Consciousness.

So, if you are not yet manifesting your own Inner Being, find a true teacher that directly represents your Inner Being, in thought, action, and word, and who can help put you directly in touch with it also.

One time I asked why someone would even do channeling in the
first place, considering the better options for getting information.

Channeling, using a channel for spiritual information, or following ascended masters, is far easier than going through the changes that are necessary to achieve true spiritual enlightenment.

Yet it allows people to feel like they are doing something spiritually (learning, teaching, making spiritual progress in some way).

And this can be true during certain periods of a person’s spiritual path. There may also be some good spiritual information coming out of it, which reinforces this feeling.

The separate self is happy to support this activity, and let you feel “spiritual”, as long as you don’t go any further and do something that threatens its power and position.

That’s because while you are feeling spiritually “pacified”, you are simultaneously avoiding a real teacher — thus avoiding the “separate illusion busting” and “ego busting” of the separate self that it absolutely needs if you are to gain your own real spiritual consciousness — Universal Consciousness!

What an ingenious deception! Thus, it fools many people, and becomes a major diversion, a side-trip trap.

But we must live and learn. Again, the true reason behind why most people do channeling or follow the ascended masters may not even be what they think it is — to be spiritual or to get real spiritual information.

It is part of an elaborate trick of the separate self, designed to keep itself in control of your life, rather than letting your Inner Being get control.

Be a true channeler — change, transcend the selfish separate self, and begin to channel your INner Being.

Compiled in love
I am humbly
Rene’ Descartes,

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