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Written and shared by Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, www.stopsmartmetersbc.com posted Dec 10/17

The United Nations has several committees and has passed several protocols that protect the right Shamefully, Canada has not signed on to some of them. One, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008 established the “Optional Protocol to the Convention” which hears complaints by individuals who believe their rights have been violated.

“The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is the body of independent experts which monitors implementation of the Convention by the States Parties.
All States parties are obliged to submit regular reports to the Committee on how the rights are being implemented. States must report initially within two years of accepting the Convention and thereafter every four years. The Committee examines each report and shall make such suggestions and general recommendations on the report as it may consider appropriate and shall forward these to the State Party concerned.
The Optional Protocol to the Convention gives the Committee competence to examine individual complaints with regard to alleged violations of the Convention by States parties to the Protocol.”

This past week, 9 years after the Optional Protocol was established, it has been tabled in Parliament. Tabling of a document can be ceremonial ony, but let’s hope that this is passed into a law that it will protect the rights of all disabled persons, including those suffering from environmental exposure, such as EHS.

Statement by Minister Hehr on International Day of Persons with Disabilities – Employment and Social Development Canada

“Today, one in seven Canadians reports having a disability.And that number will only increase as our population ages. Here in Canada, we are planning to introduce new federal accessibility
legislation which will help improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities in areas under federal jurisdiction. The fact remains that people with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed, to live in poverty and to earn less than people without a disability…

A few days ago, the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was tabled in the House of Commons. The Convention protects and promotes the rights and dignity of people with disabilities without discrimination and on an equal basis.”


 2)      Please read the very provocative letter below. Why has Hydro been allowed to deceive us?

3)      It seems that the only consideration for Site C’s continuation is financial – how much will it cost to end or continue. Even on that basis, $4 billion is less than the estimated $10 billion. But what about other costs? Hopefully the Greens will convince Prem. Horgan and the cabinet that there are other reasons to cancel this unnecessary project.


 As dam decision looms, Greens urge email flood to premier’s office “As the decision looms on the future of the B.C. Hydro Site C dam, the NDP government faces pressure from both allies and opponents in the legislature and even in their own MLAs’ constituency offices. Green Party MLAs appealed to Site C opponents this week to flood the government with messages just days away from an announcement on the $8.8 billion project.”


                Further re. Site C, from a member:

Re NDP’s Site C decision, probably tomorrow, from a member:
(Not directly sm related, but for sure to do with the NDP, which now holds
the reins on the sm program.)

“Yesterday I was both amazed and discouraged the NDP was even thinking about going ahead with Site C, especially after what so many of us have said and the report recommending no.  But this morning I woke up with the cautiously optimistic speculation that they purposely created the element of doubt to provoke a response from the public . . . as a final step in their decision-making process (what a concept!).  Anyway, whatever’s going on I think it’s important they get lots of No!’s over the weekend, which is why once again I’m encouraging everyone I know to follow the
recommendations in the email below.  A simple No! is all that’s needed . . . all they’re looking for is how many respondents agreed with their decision vs how many didn’t . . . but nothing wrong with echoing what many have said, which is if they ok Site C that’ll be a betrayal of their election promises and/or that they’ll never vote NDP again.”

4)      In October, Maine’s ‘smart’ grid went down in a storm, with smeters disabled. Storm in October took down CMP’s $200 million smart-meter network “The October windstorm knocked out power to half a million Mainers and a $200 million smart-meter network that aimed to improve outage communications and storm recovery. Maine Public reported that Central Maine Power
representatives say the meters accurately charted the climb in outages until they flatlined midday < http://www.pressherald.com/2017/11/01/cmp-acknowledges-website-problems/>



From: Marcus  (name used with permission)
To: david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca <mailto:david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca>  ; Trevena.MLA,
Claire <mailto:Claire.Trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca>  ; premier@gov.bc.ca
< mailto:premier@gov.bc.ca>  ; Michelle.Mungall.MLA@leg.bc.ca
< mailto:Michelle.Mungall.MLA@leg.bc.ca>  ; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
< mailto:adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2017 3:31 PM
Subject: What happened to our human rights?

Re:  BC Hydro’s Deliberate Smart Meter Deception

To: Attorney General, Eby
Premier Horgan
Minister Mungall
Minister Trevina
Minister Dix

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There appears to be a disconnect between elected officials and the public, since the NDP moved from opposition into Government.  Even though we supported your party many elections, hoping that the NDP, ‘the party of the people’, would return decency, justice and moral standards back to BC, we find ourselves, just like before with the Liberals, shut out of the ‘Fortress of Government’, with no response from government officials, including our very own MLA.

Have BC Hydro’s smart meters become the ‘Untouchable Holy Grail’? Why are our questions regarding this government sponsored hubris, remain unanswered? Many of you received plenty of information regarding fire safety, violated constitutional rights, deception and countless serious health concerns, but nothing appears to be read by those who are supposed to be our representatives.

“I don’t care about your health”, was the reprehensible remark of the Liberals, Rich Coleman.  A callous comment like this, should have resulted in the immediate termination of the ministers position. Where does the NDP Government stand on this issue?  Do you care?

Thousands of British Columbians were betrayed by the Liberals, giving BC Hydro the right to deceive, harass and even extort the public, who opposed the installation of a biologically UNTESTED, microwave radiation transmitting device, on their homes! If private business owners would conduct business in such a sleazy and corrupt fashion as BC Hydro, they would find themselves standing in front of a judge, in an instant. Why is this Crown Corporation and their employees above the law?  I, as well as thousands of British Columbians who opposed Smart meters on their home,
would like to know, why no-one is held accountable for deliberate public deception by this Government?

When I became a citizen of Canada, the judge informed me during a lengthy interview, that NO ONE, not even Government, has the right to override my
decisions, regarding my life and my home! We, citizens of Canada, have a legal right to refuse a smart meter!

Since our Charter Rights were callously usurped by the previous BC Government, will you return our Constitutional Rights, or will you wait until the BC Hydro smart meter fiasco turns into a financial and public health disaster, before anything is done?

Due to the explosion of public wireless radiation pollution, my wife became so severely electronically hyper sensitive (EHS) in recent years, that we had to move to a remote area of BC, far away from family and friends.  ALL the pleasures of live that we used to take for granted, are no more!

Because of my wife’s severe EHS affliction, which made her sensitive to any form of microwave radiation, no matter how small, we called and sent countless emails to BC Hydro, asking for an analog meter.  All in vain! What we received from BC Hydro were lies, orchestrated deception and meaningless form letters.

I personally experienced this deliberate public deception by BC Hydro’s smart meter agents, lobbyists and contractors, not only once, but many, many times!  Here is a sampling of this appalling deliberate public deception, that I am willing to testify in court to:

1.  Smart meters are only radios and do not emit anything!   – False!  The have 2 microwave transmitters.

2.  Smart meters have no transmitters.   – False!  They contain 2 microwave transmitters.

3.  They only emit 3 to 4 times a day.   – False!   We personally metered thousands of powerful transmission spikes, with the aid of a digital RF meter, which records radiation spikes on a histogram. Itron, the makers of BC’s smart meters, acknowledged that smart meters can emit up to 190.000 (One Hundred Ninety Thousand) radiation spikes a day!

4.  They are as safe as pickles.  – deliberate attempt to mislead, by omission! Deliberate omit ion of the word “toxic”, that the WHO applied to a specific product from China.

6.  Analog meters are not available anymore  – False!  New analog meters are readily available.

7.  This is not a smart meter  – False!  Pure deception!

8.  This meter is a modified, non-emitting smart meter, that does not transmit anything – False! This stunning bold faced lie by senior BC Hydro staff, was captured on video, and witnessed by many bystanders.

There are far more issues than what I listed, which can only be described as,  and extortion tactics, to force the financially insecure population of B.C. to submit to a smart meter installation, against their will.

A.  Why is deliberate public deception, by a public utility, tolerated by your Government?

B.  Why is deliberate public deception by public employees, tolerated by your Government?

This ongoing deliberate deception by BC Hydro, where no one is held accountable for their actions, undermines the integrity of your Government, if no action is taken to correct this highly unethical and repugnant behavior.

Deception is the act of causing one to believe information that is not true, or an untruth, or not the whole truth.  An act or practice of deception is a misrepresentation, omission, or practice that misleads the consumer to his detriment.

Would thousands of British Columbians, who were deliberately deceived by BC Hydro and their agents, would have allowed the installation of biologically untested microwave transmitters on their home, with full knowledge that in 2011, the World Health Organization elevated exposure of wireless radiation, into the Class 2B list of Carcinogens? This change in Cancer classification applied to ALL non-ionizing radiation, no matter the source.  Recent research strengthens the level of evidence regarding carcinogenicity and biotoxic effects to life.  Today, scientiststhe world over are calling for a minimum of a 2A, and even a 1A Cancer Classification, rendering Canada’s Safety Code 6 obsolete, and biologically non-protective.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
“The AAEM strongly supports the use of wired Internet connections, and encourages avoidance of radiofrequency such as from WiFi, cellular and mobile phones and towers, and “smart meters.” The peer reviewed, scientific literature demonstrates the correlation between RF exposure and neurological, cardiac, and pulmonary disease as well as reproductive and
developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health conditions. The evidence is irrefutable.”

Would British Columbians have allowed smart meter installations on their homes, if they would have learned the true facts, that were deliberately withheld, by BC Hydro? Would they have allowed ‘biologically active’ smart meter radiation to penetrate their home and the bodies of their children, thousands of times, day and night?  I think not!

No matter how many ‘Acts’ are passed by Government, lies and willful deception by BC Hydro and public employees, remains a deplorable,treacherous act of public deception!

According to democratic principals and the Nuremberg Code which is still relevant today, the decision to accept or reject a biologically untested smart meter must lie in the hands of the homeowners.  A forced smart meter installation, constitutes an uncontrolled biological experiment without consent, in violation of the the code, to which Canada is a signee.

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. When Government tolerates unprincipled and unscrupulous behavior by a Crown Corporation, all that remains is the illusion of governmental honour and integrity. Will your Government return integrity and honesty to B.C.?  Will your Government return our irrevocable right to make choices in our lives, including the right of a smart meter refusal? Your meaningful, unscripted reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen


Of all the issues we face – clemtrail geoengineering has to be priority #ONE! posted Nov 30/17

 Geo-Engineering – intentionally changing the climate.
This is a MUST RESEARCH – MUST WATCH interview video,

Inge’s Added Comments: This is one issue where “denial” does not solve the problem – nor does denial make it go away.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”Aldous Huxley   Inge  cdsapi@telus.net

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.
The world will have a generation of idiots.”
Albert Einstein

Fabricating pseudo-explanations for “climate change” does not alter the reality that
the Climate is being INTENTIONALLY Changed – Engineered

The emphasis on Carbon dioxide as the primary problem is a convenient distraction – a convenient repeated detractor to cover-up the pollution from the COVERT “geo-engineering” reality of Chemtrails.
– a process that has been in progress – under the radar – at least since WWII
– the intensity of this geoengineering is expanding exponentially, and now envelopes the entire planet – it is at the center of the generation of most of the realy weird climate/weather manifestations.
Chemtrails went into high gear in 1995 – and so did the appearance of really weird extreme weather.

If we do not deal with “Climate Engineering” (CHEMTRAILS and HARRP technologies), nothing else will matter.
This is an existential survival-of-life threat – not just human life, but all life on the planet.

This mammoth toxic assault on the atmosphere (all of which eventually comes down again as toxic rain and snow) has outstripped biology’s ability to compensate and adapt.
All around us, we see biology collapsing.
(For example, the bees, insects and birds are disappearing,; scientists predict that in 10 years, 1 in 2 children will develop autism – and adults equally develop Alzheimer’s.)

The primary ingredient in Chemtrails is aluminium – a potent nerve and metabolism destroyer.

With millions of tons of Aluminium being sprayed into the atmosphere as chemtrails every year, the build up is tremendous in the air, soil, and water – destroying biological processes.

We may already have passed the point of no return. In the last 40 years, we have already lost 60% of wildlife populations – and the remainder are imploding very rapidly.

For more information, go to www.geoengineeringwatch.org

The volumes of information on this website is huge – designed to WAKE US UP in the hope that we may still have a chance to halt and reverse this biological catastrophe – if we ACT Right Away. MAYBE!
Chemtrails MUST be STOPPED.

This is YOUR Future – ACT to protect your survival and the survival of all life on the only planet we have.

Dane Wigington – Climate Engineering – Biggest Cover-up in Human History


This is the biggest cover-up in human history, … with the largest most extensive operation in human history, with the cooperation of governments around the globe.
If we are not saving the life-support systems of the planet, everything else amounts to arranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

This is the single most destructive endeavour ever launched by the human race, It is the greatest threat we face short of nuclear catastrophe. “

Greg Hunter and Dana Wigington

How big oil conquered the world videos! posted Nov 29/17

I am re-sending this because I forgot to include the links. 

Inge’s Added Comment: “It is difficult, if not impossible, to fight an enemy that one does not see, or understand.”

The How  and   Why  Big Oil Conquered the World  are two superb documentaries that give a detailed factual presentation of the HISTORY that is totally ignored and  buried in our educational system and governance apparatuses – and replaced by the Elites’ attitudinal paradigm and operational agenda that is always kept in the shadows, well camouflaged with “This is good for you”  propaganda..

I implore you to take the time – 3 hours – to listen to them.  
You will never see the unfolding events in today’s world through the same lens, ever again.
Nor will you be again deceived by the programmed rhetoric that masquerades as “news”.

If you want to participate in the “educate the misinformed public” truth-movement, you will pass these links on to every one of your contacts, friends, and family.   I thank you in advance!
I would be interested in your comments – after watching them. 



PART TWO:   Why Big Oil Conquered The World


Forwarded from an email from Chris Gupta

Many of us have struggled to find what and who is behind the push for Genetically modified foods,   Water Fluoridation,   Agenda 21 and now   Agenda 30 (sustainable development),   climate change,   Smart meters etc.   but there has never been a clear answer to these questions until now.
James Corbett’s mind blowing and very educational documentaries are in class by their own and this one is probably one of his best if not the best!

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Good follow up are:

What Is Sustainable Development?

Data is the New Oil  (The concept of technocracy)

The above links contains both video and audio links.  -( and the downloadable transcripts)

If you are anything like me you will want to hear even more!


How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World posted Nov 28/17

Inge’s Added Comment: “It is difficult, if not impossible, to fight an enemy that one does not see, or understand.”

The How  and   Why  Big Oil Conquered the World  are two superb documentaries that give a detailed factual presentation of the HISTORY that is totally ignored and  buried in our educational system and governance apparatuses – and replaced by the Elites’ attitudinal paradigm and operational agenda that is always kept in the shadows, well camouflaged with “This is good for you”  propaganda..

I implore you to take the time – 3 hours – to listen to them. 
You will never see the unfolding events in today’s world through the same lens, ever again.
Nor will you be again deceived by the programmed rhetoric that masquerades as “news”.

If you want to participate in the “educate the misinformed public” truth-movement, you will pass these links on to every one of your contacts, friends, and family.   I thank you in advance!
I would be interested in your comments – after watching them.

Forwarded from an email from Chris Gupta

Many of us have struggled to find what and who is behind the push for Genetically modified foods,   Water Fluoridation,   Agenda 21 and now   Agenda 30 (sustainable development),   climate change,   Smart meters etc.   but there has never been a clear answer to these questions until now.
James Corbett’s mind blowing and very educational documentaries are in class by their own and this one is probably one of his best if not the best!

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Good follow up are:

What Is Sustainable Development?

Data is the New Oil  (The concept of technocracy)

The above links contains both video and audio links.  -( and the downloadable transcripts)

If you are anything like me you will want to hear even more!


Lower BC recipients – Notice of meeting Nov29 and 30 – Stop the oil projects on the coast! posted Nov 28/17

Save the Salish Sea, together!

Georgia Strait Alliance and Stand invite you to attend a special panel discussion on how we can stop the 12+ oil, coal and LNG projects that could come online along the shores of the Salish Sea and build a fossil fuel free future for our region.

We’ll be talking about how Whatcom County tackled this very issue, and how we can build grassroots resistance in communities on this side of the border. Let’s ensure that fossil fuel companies meet a wall of opposition up and down the West Coast, and let’s put in place a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure in the Salish Sea, which deserves to be protected.

Victoria | University of Victoria on November 27 | 7pm-9pm
Find out more

Vancouver | Library Square Public House on November 29 | 7pm-9pm

Find out more

Sechelt | Seaside Centre on November 30 | 7pm-9pm
Find out more

Update 2017-11-18 In Massachusetts a bent tobacco scientist hired to say RF from smeters is fine posted Nov 20/17

  Written and shared by Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, www.stopsmartmetersbc.com .

1)   A good article by one of our colleagues fighting smeters and RF emitters in Massachusetts. Just as in BC where FortisBC paid for Exponent,  the utility hired a product defense firm, Gradient, to defend smeters. These hired “experts” defend the indefensible like agent orange, tobacco, pesticides, and smeters. If smeters are so safe, why must firms like these be paid to convince the public utility commissions? 

Massachusetts: Utility Meters Matter 

“The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MA DPU)addressed smart meter health concerns in its order MA DPU 12-76-B in June of 2014. The MA DPU relied on career tobacco scientist Peter Valberg of Gradient (an environmental and risk

sciences consulting firm) to support their argument. Valberg testified for Philip Morris cigarettes the same week he testified for the MA DPU. He was featured in the Center for Public Integrity’s award-winning 2016 series Science for Sale  for discounting the largest ever-reported cluster of occupational brain tumor deaths at a  Texas chemical plant, and for publishing tainted research for the chemical industry. Like Monsanto, it appears that Gradient may have ghostwritten the MA DPU’s health testimony.”

https://www.scribd.com/document/364248042/Our-BerkshireTimes-Magazine-Holiday-Issue-2017#fullscreen&from_embed    page 12

2)   One of the founding members of AC/DC died at age 64, of dementia. He was diagnosed several years ago, mid-50s. Performers are inundated with wifi.  Please see my Nov. 14 update about the increase in Alzheimer’s and dementia and the scientific study that could explain why.  If you didn’t keep the update, you can go on our website, www.stopsmartmetersbc.com and find it under “newsletters”.

Malcolm Young, Whose Guitar Riffs Helped Propel AC/DC to Fame, Dies at 64

Malcolm Young, the guitarist and songwriter who helped found the Australian rock band AC/DC, died on Saturday. He was 64.

His family confirmed the death in a statement, adding that Mr. Young had had dementia for several years. It did not say where he died.



“But what we need above all is criti­cal citizens, who can spot the difference between technical progress and consumer foolishness: citizens who, as both voters and consumers, remember that democracy once meant rule of the people, not ruling the people.”    Dr. Karl Hecht

Update 2017-11-19 Shaw plans on blanketing Maple Ridge with wifi hotspots. Comments needed by Nov. 22. posted Nov 20/17

 Written and shared by Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, www.stopsmartmetersbc.com .

1)    Urgent response needed to Shaw’s plan to blanket Maple Ridge, including parks and play grounds. with wifi hot spots. There was a public meeting last Wednesday (not announced widely) that a couple of our members attended. The time frame is very contracted, with public comments being accepted until Nov. 22.  Attached is information that was provided by Shaw. 

Here is some of the info provided by those who attended:

“I asked what the Shaw objectives were.
The response was basically to get additional Shaw subscribers.
People with existing Shaw accounts and email addresses would be able to access the internet via the Shaw Hot Spots and the new Hot Spots in the public areas.
People without an existing Shaw account would be allowed on as a “guest”
I do not know what the parameters of “guest” are but I expect they would be such to force or seduce user to get a Shaw account and email.

Some of the locations are already served by WiFi hot spot supported by other agencies – such as City Hall.

The Memorial Peace Park is currently a WiFi free zone but has some Cell tower radiation.  This site would then have Shaw WiFi with possibly multiple routers – maybe 4-6.  Unknown at this time

Currently there are about 350 Shaw Hot Spots in Maple Ridge, most in commercial establishments such as coffee shops and small businesses.
With this proposal, Shaw want to push WiFi into the public areas that currently have no commercial management.
See Shaw Hot Spots on the web.

One of the first statements made by Shaw reps was that the RFR levels were below SC6.
My verbal response was “Safety Code 6 is Crap.  Look at levels in Switzerland, India and China which were about 50-100 times lower.”

Comparing RFR from WiFi routers with items like remote controls and garage door openers is an attempt to equate the levels which is ludicrous.

And Dr Daly (the provincial health officer for the area)  is still being quoted in her support of SC6 and that she has no concerns about RFR and WiFi.  Of course she would say that because it seems that every one in the health business believes that Health Canada and ISED are telling the truth when they say that RFR is harmless if the levels are below SC6.

Shaw is aggressively installing Shaw Hot Spots all across Canada.  (more than 80,000 already)”

Please send your comments, no matter how short.  Please tell them that Shaw is endangering those living and working near these hot spots, children playing in parks, as well as insects like bees without which we could not live. And bcc   

          Community Consultation email
You can send your questions and comments to Kiersten Enemark
by Nov 22, 2017.

2)    CBC had a program on Sunday Edition about smart phones and kids, but not one word about health problems. And they could have drawn from Wendy Mesley’s program a few months ago in which she spoke to the lack of safety testing and the warnings in manuals. Comments can be made on the form at  http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/contact

What are smartphones doing to young people?

Smartphones making young people more lonely and depressed

“Twenge agrees with recent research linking smartphone use among young people to sleep disruption, loneliness, anxiety, depression and even increased risk of suicide. 

One addiction expert in the U.K. likened giving a child a smartphone to “giving them a gram of cocaine.” (CBC)

She says communicating online has been no substitute for face-to-face interaction with friends.

“Social media companies advertise themselves as a way for us to connect with each other. But when you look at the data, that doesn’t really hold up,” Twenge says.”



From: Marcus

To: Trevena.MLA, Claire

Sent: Friday, November 17, 2017 1:01 PM

Subject: Does Mrs. Trvena care? 

Hello Mary, 

I have sent numerous emails regarding “smart” meters and 5G microtowers to Mrs. Trevena and received no reply to anything I have sent.  Has Mrs. Trevena taken the time to read the science information I sent? 

As a constituent of her riding, as well as long time supporter of the NDP, I must confess that I am deeply disappointed in her, and the NDP’s non-response.

Does the NDP not care?  

Is Mrs. Trevena not concerned about the health of her own family, or the well being of the environment that we share with other life?

I like to know if the NDP will be reviewing the monumental “smart” meter hubris, by the previous government, considering that “smart” meter radiation meets the scientific standards of, ‘The Hills Criteria of Causality’ to do harm.

It is appalling that we have to fight for our health, and the health of generations to come, while government officials stay silent!  Obviously corporate interest and profit overrules environmental health, and any trace of human compassion.   

As you might know from my previous correspondence, my wife suffers from severe sensitivities to electromagnetic radiation (EHS), which was the sole reason for us to move to remote Gold River, far away from work, family and friends.

  Anyone who is unfamiliar, or wishes to remain unfamiliar with this subject, has no idea how much agony EHS sufferers go through on a daily basis.  The word ‘torture’ would describe this man made affliction most accurately. 


“Widespread use of digital media and near constant exposure to wireless devices, has caused increasing concern among scientists, health care professionals, psychologist, educators and the public who are now considering this is not only a public health issue, but a looming health crisis.”  

“It appears that we are at the same point of emerging science similar to early recognition of health impacts associated with tobacco, asbestos, coal dust and lead.  These concerns are amplified by industry proposals for a massive expansion of wireless infrastructure and connectivity.”  .– Physicians for Safe Technology

Will the NDP stay silent and run roughshod over our civil rights, which are enshrined in the Canadian constitution, as the previous government did?

If Mrs. Trevena will not respond, would you please be so kind and respond?

Kind regards 

Marcus Schluschen  (name provided with permission)

 From: Trevena.MLA, Claire

To: Marcus

Sent: Friday, November 17, 2017 1:31 PM

Subject: RE: Does Mrs. Trevena care? 

Dear Marcus

Minister Trevena is aware of your concerns. I might suggest that you write to the Minister responsible Michelle Mungall. Her email address is: EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Kind regards

Mary Carstairs | Constituency Assistant | Hon. Claire Trevena, MLA North Island

Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure

P: 250-287-5100 | F: 250-287-5105 | 908 Island Highway Campbell River, V9W 2C3

My reply to Mary Carstairs: 

Hello Mary,

Minister Mungall received my emails several weeks ago, and just like Minister Trevena, choose not to reply. Mr. Scott Fraser who used to be our MLA, replied to my emails in a timely fashion, why the change?

I am surprise that the NDP would resort to ‘stonewalling’ on the “smart” meter issue, which was forced on the public, biologically untested, without informed consent.

Are the Ministers on a “smart” meter gag order?

When Mr. Horgan was in opposition, he was sympathetic to the thousands British Columbians who were well informed of the health issues, he was also aware of the colossal waste of money, this insane Liberal government program recklessly imposed on the citizens of BC.

The NDP’s Fast Ferries were a minor mistake, compared the Liberals “smart” meter fiasco.

Will this government stand idly by and continue in the same stoic fashion, as the morally bankrupt previous government?

To learn that Minister Trevena is aware of my concerns is of little comfort, as I was hoping for an actual reply.  I am not alone, as thousands of British Columbians share the very same concerns.

If health is of such little importance to this government, may I ask, what exactly is important to them?

Will this government stand idly by and allow that the population of British Columbia be used in this unauthorized, uncontrolled, biological experiment, in direct violation of international law?

The only thing that is “green” are the billions of dollars, wasted on this idiotic “smart”meter scam. 

Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen


“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”- Eve Ensler


Update 2017-11-16 Some in Calif. wonder if smeters contributed to recent major fires? posted Nov 18/17

Written and shared by Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, www.stopsmartmetersbc.com .

1)    Going off grid is becoming a realistic goal for many families, according to this article and research from the Univ. of Michigan.

Subsidizing coal and nuclear power could drive customers off the grid

My team studied the potential for grid defection in northern Michigan, one of the most challenging places in the United States to go solar. Winters there are dark and brutally cold, so households can rely entirely on solar power only in warm seasons.

However, solar coupled with so-called cogeneration systems and batteries can provide enough energy on cold, cloudy winter days. These small-scale combined heat and power systems, which are made mainly in Japan, usually run on natural gas and produce heat as they generate electricity. They can function year-round and are most effective in the winter when solar production is low. The costs of these hybrid systems are declining.” (see second link for info on this system.)



2)    In Calif. people are wondering if smeters played any role in starting or spreading the horrendous fires a couple of months ago. Article and letter below in Letters.   Perhaps we should be asking the same questions in BC. Has anyone investigated the possibility that smeters or any part of the “smart” grid contributed to the fires that spread throughout much of BC?

3)    Does anyone who is getting this update live in Colwood?  If so, would you please let me know via email to dsnoble@shaw.ca with “Colwood” on the subject line.

4)    Response to outages in Maine as a result of a storm was slowed due to smeters not working and collectors, etc. going down. This will happen in BC, too. Did no one think that perhaps the lines should be put underground rather than spend money on unnecessary smeters?   

State lawmaker calls for investigation of CMP’s handling of storm

Berry, part of the Energy, Utilities, Techonolgy Committee, says part of the problem was several smart meters failed to report outages to CMP…

“Maine homes and businesses paid for all of the costs of the Smart meter infrastructure,” Berry said. “Very expensive.”

CMP admits there were problems with some Smart Meters not being able to communicate back with the company that the power was out. But CMP spokesperson Gail Rice says it had no bearing on their restoration efforts.

“We get the outage information from a broad range of sources including customer calls, the Smart metering system and also our damage assessments which are a crucial step in our storm recovery,” Rice said. “When the poles go down, the devices come down as well. And they don’t operate as well as they would if they were in their proper spots.”



From someone in a Calif. anti-smeter group.

Hello All,

Attached below is the full article on North California fire damage, 

by David R. Baker in today’s November 15th, 2017, SF Chronicle,  that refers to:

1.  PG&E’s use of 

        “devices that automatically try to restart power lines after they shut down”, 

2.  investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire,       have not yet determined a cause for any of the fires,

But First,    here is a question :

Could ‘smart meters’ have had anything to do
with the cause and speed of the No Calif. fires?

—  the same way    that
Hundreds of fires were suddenly caused by exploding smart meters
right after a truck hit and knocked downed a PG&E ‘utility pole’,
in Stockton California on March 30th 2015. ?

Here are just three of many references to that media story:
1.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLsfHgZIMsc
2.  https://takebackyourpower.net/hundreds-of-smart-meters-simultaneously-explode/
3.  www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/latest…/hundreds-of-smart-meters-explode-in-california/

In other words,

It is a proven fact,  that it only took only ONE downed power pole,
to cause hundreds of fires from simultaneously exploding smartmeters.

And, after all, the purpose of the smartmeters,
is that they are all connected on the national smart grid ?

Here is the full article:

Some who lost homes file suits against PG&E  By David R. Baker    

November 14, 2017 Updated: November 14, 2017 4:29pm – SF Chronicle

Former San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan, his wife and a Sonoma County couple who escaped last month’s wildfires by jumping in their pool filed suit Tuesday against Pacific Gas and Electric Co., joining a growing number of North Bay homeowners accusing the utility of sparking the blazes.

The latest suits were filed Tuesday by a coalition of five law firms alleging that PG&E, through poor maintenance of its equipment and inadequate trimming of nearby trees, had a role in starting the Wine Country wildfires, even though the state’s official investigation has not pinpointed a cause.

The lawyers said Tuesday they would look into many issues that have come to light since the fires erupted on Oct. 8, including PG&E’s use of devices that automatically try to restart power lines after they shut down, even if they are lying on the ground. And the attorneys rejected PG&E’s recent claim that electrical lines owned and installed by someone else may have sparked the most destructive of the fires, the Tubbs Fire, which burned entire neighborhoods of Santa Rosa.

“We can’t rely on their statement that it’s someone else’s wires,” said attorney Frank Pitre, with Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, at a Tuesday morning news conference in Burlingame. “We want to see.”

Jordan and his wife owned a weekend home on Mark West Springs Road in Santa Rosa. They fled the night of Oct. 8 after seeing flames in the distance and warning their neighbors. Jordan, who served as mayor from 1992 to 1996, was scheduled to attend Tuesday’s news conference but had a last-minute conflict, Pitre said.

Gregory Wilson, who lost his home just outside Santa Rosa, told reporters that he and his wife took shelter in their pool as the fires overran their area.

“Basically, for the next three hours, we watched everything burn around us,” he told reporters, his voice just above a whisper due to smoke inhalation. “It’s a nightmare you couldn’t even imagine.”

As of last week, more than 120 plaintiffs had filed 15 separate suits against PG&E over the fires, according to an estimate the utility included in a legal filing. Some of the law firms involved have even started running television ads seeking more North Bay residents interested in suing PG&E.

And yet, investigators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire, have not yet determined a cause for any of the fires, which together burned 210,000 acres, destroyed 8,900 structures and killed at least 43 people. The investigation may take months.

Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy hired its own investigators and filed its suits Tuesday, working with law firms Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora; Panish Shea & Boyle; Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger; and Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery.

PG&E spokesman Keith Stephens noted in response that Cal Fire’s official investigation remains under way, and PG&E is cooperating with it.

“Our primary focus has been — and continues to be — the safety and well-being of the customers and communities that have been affected by these wildfires,” he said in an email.

PG&E last week filed a request with the Judicial Council of California to organize the many North Bay wildfire suits into five separate proceedings, based on the location of each fire concerned. So all of the plaintiffs suing over the Atlas Peak Fire, for example, would be part of a single proceeding, while those affected by the Tubbs Fire would be in a separate proceeding. The council, the policy-making body for California’s court system, has the authority to coordinate proceedings in complex cases.

David R. Baker is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: dbaker@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @DavidBakerSF


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