Future soldier Recruitment

Future soldier Recruitment:

Recruitment registration is for integrity based souls who understand the complexities of dark ET infiltration in our governments, corporations, education, religions, countries and planet. While the loving light heart based Galactic friends are bound by Universal laws the dark ET’s break every law and agreement made with planet oversight and its citizens. Globally militaries have been programmed to support the status quo of criminality and seduced into dark ET secret space programs that produce under ground bases, mind control, reverse engineered space craft, time travel and clone agendas along with space war platforms not pointed at Dark ET’s but at humanity and mother earth. Programs such as harp and chem trails damage mother earth and her kingdoms. All wars have been about power greed and control completely unnecessary waste of life and money.

Billions of our tax dollars have been stolen to fund the above issues while impoverishing their own citizens. Plus they have used drug running funds to support there treachery while killing their own citizens. This is what we call Satanic Cabal black ops programs. To Remedy these conditions we the Galactic Friends and Gaia Guardian Defense fleet along with Wingmakers, and various Galactic allies have been given a special dispensation from Prime creator, to go back in time and clear all criminal activities threatening mother earth and humanity that was never agreed upon, like timeline abductions, time travel and cloning to satisfy the energetic thirst of many soulless dark ET timeline share applications. We  have been granted permission to go back in time  arrest and eliminate all threats to our global sovereignty and personal soul agreements! The Darks arrogance and ignorance has activated there clearing from around , on or in the planet sooner rather then later!

This is how important all our training and dedication to service work is for all future soldiers at this time. All training and accommodations are free and will be in BC Canada at Galactic University and Universal Convention center. You will get funds from our bank to cover expenses, payment and happy life back home.

We will be offering Common Law sheriff, police, lawyer, military and judge free training and job opportunity support through our Galactic University Conference center. This will be applied in the past along with future soldier training due to security and delays issues. We will take all who are interested in these job opportunities into the past so no home job or rent issues will be of concern for anyone. Future soldiers will return home at time of pick up. The future soldier training will now be a six month duration rotation through out the year due to different climate changes across the planet. Our University Dome technology in Northern BC will allow our facility to operate tropically twelve months a year.  ( see employment link for more details)

Future soldiers who have already signed up with past website. I recently sent out a notice to all of you. If you did not receive it due to incorrect email addresses or interference then please sign up again. Here are the email addresses that bounced and therefore will be taken of the list.

yuryno@gmail.como, claytonragsdale@rocketmail.com, angelrafealus@yahoo.com, vjaymohire@gmail.com, c9917118@gmail.com, 999nday@gmail.com

A healing prerequisite for all future soldiers recruits is to do all the free healings under key symbol left hand side of front page on www.creationlightship.com website starting with 2000 year clearing and then go from there. It is good to do the Planet protection timeline clearings everyday. If the media predict hurricanes or tornados in your area due the grey skies clearing do to ET involvement creating this concerns. Mother earth does not attack herself in these ways.

Please fill in all options below with full information. No abbreviations wanted not everyone knows where you live. Plus correct information without spam blockers with emails or no correct phone numbers where we cannot reach you personally for training pick up.  Thank you for your cooperation! We will be screening all recruits and applications for all our projects. Anyone who refuses to follow these simple requests here will be red flagged and anyone who is not called for pickup or follow up interview has not pasted our vetting process. Prime creator and mother earth will be doing these vetting’s.

Blessings to all Tami Dickson

Sign up for more information! Due to tech issues please fill in everyone box option posted we need phone to call for pick up!

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Ron Amitron Human Balancing & Future Soldier at 55 minute point. Canada is leading this global group due to arrogance and disrespect problems with US participants and government similar to first contact in Vancouver ! Posted July 7/16