Global GCR RV updates 3


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Country Local 1-800 numbers posted as soon as they are given to me!

Canadian RV 1-800 numbers : Call HSBC banks in Canada to set up appointments no longer any deadlines for exchanges. Also check Royal Bank, Scotia Bank and TD bank: Green light given redeemers after public announcements!

USA RV 1-800 numbers: Call HSBC banks in USA to set up appointments no longer any deadlines for exchanges. Also check Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Citi Bank and JPMorgan & Chase Bank:  Green light given redeemers after public announcements! I would boycott Well Fargo for there criminal delays!

Europe RV 1-800 numbers: Call HSBC banks in Europe to set up appointments no longer any deadlines for exchanges.  Green light given redeemers after public announcements!

Purchasing Currencies here:

ZIM: Ebay, Amazon and The Great American Coin Company are three sources offering the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes, 2008 AA.

What is the meaning of abundance and GCR! posted again July 22/17

GCR Conference calls with Philip Tilton check posted Aug 15/17

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 18 2017 posted Aug 18/17

Compiled 12:10 am EDT 18 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 17 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Starting Tues. Aug. 15 Iraq has had open borders between Iraq and Saudi Arabia with trading going on. That can’t happen unless you have a internationally recognized rate.

2. Starting today Thurs. Aug. 17 there would be a three day holiday in Iraq (celebrating the new Dinar rate).

3. In Iraq 28,000 ATMs with the lower Dinar denominations were activated at 9 am this morning Aug. 17, with the rest expected to be active by Sunday Aug. 20.

4. The Iraqi Dinar rates have been populating and trading up until a couple of days ago when it reached it’s expected solid rate.

5. Today Aug. 17 in Iraq all the contractors were paid both present and back pay at the new Dinar rate.

6. The solid Iraqi Dinar rate was believed to be above $16.00.

7. On Sat. Aug. 19 at 12:30 am EDT the new Dinar rate was expected to be published in the Iraqi Gazette.

8. Out West thousands of exchange backlog SKRs were activated today Aug. 17. The core groups have been completed.

9. AIIB and HSBC have communicated with each other and are ready to go. China has asked that our US Treasury move forward.

10. The Tier 4 Internet group should begin exchanging between now and Sunday night Aug. 20.

11. The general public should begin exchanging by Sept. 6. All in Tier 4 should be exchanged by Sept. 6.

B. Aug. 17 2017 1:43 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Vice” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – August 17, 2017

Refer to Aug. 7 Intel Report where the RV Window was set between Aug. 7 to 21: “Window” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017

1. All major world decisions (related to the global economy/RV) have been made based on astrological events.

2. Recently there was a rise in senseless violence and endless hate-filled rhetoric globally. Constantly. On purpose. The cabal was throwing pebbles at tanks in these final hours.

3. While most minions had long accepted a side hustle versus running the world anymore, there were a few scorpions who felt a desire to force chaos into the face of complete destruction.

4. Though, it’s so over for evil. Beyond over. Sobeit.

5. Hong Kong private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
London private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
Zurich private banks were open for business, less TRNs.
Lichtenstein private banks were open for business, less TRNs.

6. AIIB was open for business. All currencies.

7. IMF was open for business thanks to AIIB. All currencies.

8. HSBC was not yet open for business. Any currencies.

9. The Republic Treasury was not yet open for business. Period. Not until Oct. 1, 2017 when it would start printing new gold backed USN.

10. The ZIM has been confirmed to open at an exchange rate of 1:1 equal with the TRN.

11. Keep watching Special Prosector Bob Mueller, who holds a match that lights a global torch for the end of all Cabal governments, beginning with Trump, BiBi and Poroshenko.

12. Another marine was placed into power. Interesting how Dunford choose marines to make this all go. Trusted. Proved. Righteous warriors.

13. Tidbit: Stop looking for rates to change. They will gradually slide, not blink, into new value overnight.

14. If you knew about the RV and got the 800#, you could redeem for higher private rates that would be seen by bank personnel only. The public would never see those, as it would cause a dangerous market shock.

16. Another tidbit: Please let the whole TDA drama go. It’s a needless distraction based on an illusion that has been rectified in the back of the bank already. Meaning, all your bills have long been paid off – forever. Just let it be so and stop forcing the past to become the future. It never will. Save your energy.

17. Yet a third tidbit: Don’t make any major purchases until after the new year circa Jan. 1, 2018, then go for it. It’ll save you a lot of quick trigger, sugar high “I’m rich bitch!” mistakes you’ll have to unwind later.

18. This weekend President Trump would be at Camp David, or so they said. Wink. Wink.

19. Interesting how both he and VP Mike Pence would be huddled together under military lock and key, while Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse would literally disappear off the planet. Nobody knows where these Republic leaders are, or may be heading for the weekend. Poof. Gone. Also on purpose.

20. My apologies for being dead wrong about the RV and impeachment dates, but structurally we got it right.

21. This included limitless sovereign rate exchanges for ZIM if anyone desired to heal the soul of the world as a human angel – together dispersing permanent mercy globally.

22. There’s a sweet digital homepage being built for you and your people 24/7. Thanks Showme. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. Pure.

23. To join the mercy movement (humanitarian project funding) or to receive the Tetelestai 800# notification, please sign up at God is with us.

C. Aug. 17 2017 12:42 pm EDT Update Dinar Chronicles: Website Update – Very Quiet Recently

1. I’m sure many of you have noticed that intel has been awfully quiet recently. All of my sources have gone dark. I believe this to be a sign.

2. It appears that we are at the very end of this shadow war between New Powers That Be and the Cabal.

3. The reason why there is currently radio silence could be that any info coming out could be sensitive and aid the Cabal.

4. Perhaps the NPTB sting operation has finally ended, plus final moves to checkmate are in play.

5. We see the Cabal attempt to cause another “9/11” with a North Korea attack on Guam. I believe that failed attempt was their very last chance to delay the inevitable.

6. Dunford is in China receiving his final instructions.

7. It’s over Cabal. We win. The flag has been raised over the Reichstag.

8. We may very well see our blessing shortly.

D. Aug. 17 2017 TNT Chat:

1. Dr. MJ Randy: The Iraqi Government stated that their nations currency would be going up in value between Aug. 17th and the 22nd.

2. Okrocks: Remember Okie said that (Aug. 16 6pm to Aug. 17 9am) was to be the “Official Start” and it was not when we would be in the banks. We wait our turn like always but I do like the words “Official Start.” I had heard it before. How to reach us is anyone’s guess.

3. Yada: Okrocks kind of touched on that yesterday Aug. 16 – that the levels above us are already engaging. For us, the final release would appear last.

4. RVAlready: I presume it meant Treasury to release funds for banks.

5. Highhopes: Okie did say he was told RV “would start” between the hours of 6 pm last night and 9AM today” and maybe it did “start” and maybe we won’t see it it until its “finished”?

E. Aug. 17 2017 12:23 pm EDT TNT Bank Story, Authorsamoliver: Bank Story from TNT Authorsamoliver 8-16-17

Today Aug. 17, I went into my bank to talk with my banker friend that I went to high school with and buy some VND. She was busy, but the younger Banker/Manager was free. I try to avoid her if I can because she refuses to talk much about currencies with me.

So, I simply started talking with her about the Egyptian Pound that is floating right now upwards. It is on a float. And, I moved our conversation to the dong being tested in the system these last couple of days. She kept looking down. I just kept talking with her about how it seems these currencies are always being tested after hours, so we cannot exchange them. She kept looking down.

I, then, proceeded to place my order on the VND, but I made a mistake and said how much is the Iraqi Dinar today before I buy it. I realized that I had made a mistake in my wording, but she began to look it up on the computer.

She told me these words, “it’s not here yet.” She is young, very young to be a manager in my estimation, but she is very smart. I can tell. She knows more than she lets on.

Well, she noticed what she said and looked up at me with her mouth slightly open as if caught in something and looked down again. She quickly moved the conversation back to the dong. How much VND are you wanting to buy today? It was all I could do to keep from laughing folks. She didn’t mean to tell me what she did, but she did say those words “it’s not here yet.” And, she looked for it on her computer screen. Hmmm. I should have asked her when she expected to receive her Dinar at the bank. I want you to know one last thing.

A year ago at this same bank, I inquired about buying the Dinar. They told me they did not sell the Dinar, nor did they intend to. I guess things have changed. 😉

F. Aug. 17 2017 12:38 pm EDT Iranian Rial moves way up in value: Screenshot of a Large Move with the Iranian Rial

G. Aug. 16 2017 8:50 pm EDT The Clarion Call, Yosef: The Clarion Call w/ Yosef, Showme Tonight at 9 PM EDT 8-16-17 206-402-0100 code: 921624# Internet site:


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 17 2017 posted Aug 17/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 17 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 16 2017 7:03 pm EDT Outlawz Call Philip Tilton: Outlawz Call w/ Philip Tilton Tonight at 7 PM EDT 8-16-17 (712) 770-4945 Code: 836752

1. Oakie: My high up sources said that the RV would open up between 6 pm EDT tonight Aug. 16 and 9am EDT tomorrow Aug. 17.

2. If you have purchased currency and/or are on an RV email list, you would be personally contacted and given instructions on what to do.

B. Aug. 16 2017 6:39 pm EDT TNT Call, RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 8-16-17 Iraqi citizens were told that Aug. 21 was the day.

C. Aug. 16 2017 9:33 pm EDT Zap Report: ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 8.16.17

1. The funding we expected is about to clear and become usable, which means that the first infrastructure funds will be out very shortly.

2. We have been given many timings, but none have materialized as yet, except for this current effort by the Foundation. It appears that it is working this time.

3. The currency is moving forward. Rumors of the demise of the currency exchanges is inaccurate as many have been put under contract.

D. Aug. 16 2017 9:34 am EDT KTFA News, Delta: “VND Opened Today” – Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA The Vietnam Dong opened today at $0.004. Thats about $4,400 for a million Dong. (Later the Dong reversed back to it’s old numbers).

E. Aug. 16 2017 8:50 pm EDT The Clarion Call, Yosef: The Clarion Call w/ Yosef, Showme Tonight at 9 PM EDT 8-16-17 206-402-0100 code: 921624# Internet site:

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 16 2017 posted Aug 16/17

Compiled 1:11 am EDT 16 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 16 2017 12:01 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: “Raw” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – August 16, 2017

1. 76 currencies were revaluing in total worldwide, all in the same first basket.

2. The TRNs were not yet released for safety reasons.

3. ZIM redemptions were occurring outside of the United States (Zurich, London, Hong Kong) into other non US currencies and must be domiciled in the country where they were redeemed.

4. No NDA, no humanitarian projects required.

5. Broker middle men were stepping in and bundling large quantities of ZIM for paymasters, who have clients that were offering less than pennies on the dollar for “early redemptions.”

6. Hold onto your ZIM currency. It’s cash now. 1:1. Be very smart Zimlandia.

7. The American economy was still on a global hold, as were the Republic Treasury’s TRNs.

8. The FED physically stops printing money the end of September.

9. While in Asia this week Dunford received national sovereignty assurances and final release instructions direct from the Elders.

10. North Korea does not have an active nuclear program. China controls them absolutely and has for decades.

11. Trump was now trying to incite a race riot to stop the RV, per advice from Israeli Netanyahu (per Jared Kushner) whose was trying to stop the RV through the American population invited by Trump.

12. Both leaders could be brought down at a moments notice because both leaders have physically signed resignation letters.

13. Despite their surrenders, each leader was still looking for ways to halt human progress through their respective bulky pulpits.

14. The US military has done a dozen full scale RV test runs this summer. All at night. The majority on weekends.

15. IMF gained AIIB authorization to intake ZIM at 1:1 this week.

16. Zimbabwe President Mugabe, 93, chose his wife Grace (52) to succeed him, and immediately she was accused of assault the day after VP Emerson Mnangawa (74) was nearly poisoned to death. It’s raw public insanity here at the end.

17. The RV was blossoming before our eyes.

B. Aug. 15 2017 The Big Call Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin 123456#

1. It was looking really good for the RV today Aug. 15.

2. Today Aug. 15 it appears that the Forex was trading the Iraqi Dinar so it could come up to it’s intended rate.

3. We have seen some of the high Dinar rates on the Iraqi Qi cards.

4. It is possible that the new Dinar rate will publish in the Iraqi Gazette tomorrow Aug. 16.

5. It is possible that the Iraqi ATMs are ready to put out the lower denominations.

6. The Farm Claims, SKRs and other groups were paid out yesterday Aug. 14 and today Aug. 15.

7. There was a 24 hour hold on some accounts that was signed off today Aug. 15.

8. We as Tier 4 are next and are looking for the toll free numbers to come out at any moment.

9. When you call the toll free number you may get a robo call that will ask you a couple of questions.

10. If you mention that you have Zim currency then you will be switched to a live operator and perhaps to a location in your area.

11. Today the redemption centers were working on last min. protocol.

12. The Zim is at least on par with the US dollar and may be twice that on the screen rate.

13. The Zim is so high that it will be on a leveraged payout from 5-50 years. You will be paid interest on the money that remains at the bank – every 90 days.

14. Your appointment will take from 37 min to 1 hr 20 min. depending on what you want to do.56#

C. Aug. 15 2017 8:10 am EDT Operation Disclosure GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 15, 2017 READ FULL SITREP

1. The Cabal had no option but total surrender.

2. Dragon Elders who failed to live up to their responsibilities have been removed.

3. Both the Cabal and Elders were being removed.

4. To push the RV, the restored US Republic was threatening China with military action in North Korea.

5. The GCR/RV must happen before the USA Inc. runs out of money on Sept. 30.

D. Aug. 15 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Recycling” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 15, 2017

1. The Cabal had no other option but to total surrender, though the Elders had no other option but total (RV) release.

2. We heard that they’re once again withholding said release per a source in Beijing. The cause: Infighting for power and authority post RV between the more than two dozen colors of the Dragon Family (Asian Sovereigns).

3. Zimbabwe was just such an internal conflict.The Red Dragons did not trust heir to the throne VP Emerson Mnangawa to dominate African continent affairs post RV, and because of that, Mugabe handled him–all be it late in the process.

4. The back wall and time for the (RV) release was firm and known to both sides: Aug. 21.

5. All were making every effort to refine their post event positions. It would be a Free For All post RV across all corners of humanity, including the once-Elites. After final release was authorized there would be a race for projects, territories and governments.

6. While the Cabal has been split into many pieces, individuals could still stake claims if they have adhered to their amnesty terms.

7. Ironically, some Dragon Elders have failed to live up to their responsibilities as keepers of the world’s wealth and have been discretely removed in their sleep.

8. The Elders, via the People’s Republic of China, was also being pushed by the Republic to release the RV by threatening military action in North Korea.

9. All Asian nations were dependent on China to control North Korea’s radicalism – which they have done – but the Republic was forcing Trump to agitate all of Asia in order to ensure that America’s finance reforms happened in short order.

10. That’s the real reason General Dunford was in Beijing Mon. Aug.14: the RV release.

11. McMaster was controlling affairs inside the White House. Kelly was setting up for the RV on a domestic level. Dunford was the direct contact with Grandfather (and Grandmother / Quan Yin) to confirm international release protocols.

12. America must get going before the country ran out of fiat money Sept. 30 and the big ugly, bogus UST/FED ballon poped into a quadrillion little pieces.

13. The debt those institutions inflicted on the world’s population was unthinkably large. The US government was dead broke, just like every other Western World government.

14. They’re all in the same panic right now, worrying about honoring their global sovereign responsibilities moving forward. They need the new financial system to survive and save face.

15. All go or none go, though in theory they all could be allowed to collapse, which would hurt China and Russia btw.

16. So basically everything is at stake with this RV. No pressure, Joe.

17. Both Cabal and Elder Leaders alike were being removed in real time – like from the earth removed. Disappearing in the middle of the night.

18. Believe, don’t believe. Either way, you’d be right and I would be a lone nut. However, if I’m right about the GESARA, GCR/RV, ZIM, Sovereign Rates, Trump, Ryan, Gold Standard, then maybe I could be right about this tidbit as well.

E. Aug. 15 2017 The RV is Real by One Who Loves All (ZAP): “How to Know Whether the RV is Real?” by One Who Loves All – 8.15.17

1. I (ZAP) know that the RV is happening.

2. My line was in the SKRs, FRN, FRB and Historic Bonds they redeemed to create equity between the countries, eliminating endless debts.

3. As the holder of two FRN Boxes I went through hell to redeem them. I made it through but the payment was taken away before it came into my hands. It was the Cabal system. They let you work and when you reach your goal they take advantage. I know (I went through that) to learn how to protect myself and learn how to set things up so they cannot touch me anymore.

4. I know at first hand:

a) Last Saturday a friend of mine was called into a Military Center in North America to redeem. This friend went into the Military Center but suddenly there was pause for exchange, so she was sent back home to wait for the next call. That means the centers are really there with military to protect us just as it was written in the INTEL.

b) A Friend of a friend of mine is in a Middle East country right now. His screen window for payment was open for transfer and has been closed at the same moment before last weekend. He still is waiting for reopening so the funds can flow from the elder’s escrow account to his account to further move to the final destination. No fantasy. It’s a reality.

c) I’m working with a team to take SKRS in. We work directly with a key person in China who decides who get through and who disqualifies. Many disqualify for not being the most honest people. Two of my clients have been disqualified. This is the truth – no more exchange for them. It’s over for trouble guys. No fantasy. It’s a reality.

d) From the same source, I know who and what kind of bond is in payment position now as there is a pre-established order of what runs first and what kind of bond goes last. In this moment, they pay Super Petichelli and some kind of xxx Boxes. They are still taking new orders in. No fantasy. It’s a reality.

e) The same source said, the T1 & T2 &T3 have exchanged Zim too. These are people dealing in business. But, they don’t know that we exist.

f) A friend of one of my colleges has been paid off in Hong Kong (Chinese bonds). He got his fortune and could not be quiet after RV. His lucky life of spending began yet it was short as they cut him all off forever. He was just a bond holder not a trained person like we are as a light worker with special mission. However, when he signed NDA yet did not followed the instructions of NDA so he is done. No more further chance.

5. We are the T4 last group to redeem Zim before it goes public. We are connected directly to the Elders. We have a true mission while the others have not. Therefore, we can keep the 80% for humanitarian purpose.

6. For business people the 80% or more are taken from them and placed into special accounts to rebuild the war zones. Many do not accept to give 80% away and leave without RV at all. It is the end for them forever.

7. Just go home after your exchange and do not tell anybody, even your family as they would not be able to be quiet. (If you break your NDA it will be the end – all will be gone for sure).

8. Important: If you want to partner with others on projects, make sure you do not give up control of your money. It is not necessary to place the money into a common account where you have no power of ownership.

9. A wonderful soul brother of mine came to the military center in Europe to exchange three different times. They were sent home all three times exactly the moment we were told the 800# should release. (This means our Intel is reliable, yet situations change). Last week, they came back the 4th time and exchanged. And, they had only Zim. And, from that moment they disappeared and are not reachable anymore. What does this tell you? We know the Cabal go first so they will allow the rest.

10. I think these real people and real physical events should take the doubt away of all those who are not knowing what to think, to believe or to do. I know it is happening all over the planet.

F. Aug. 15 2017 1:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Rocks” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 15, 2017

1. The Elders have purchased control to nearly all said valuable rocks / land worldwide, and thus have understood the military importance of gaining control over all critical mineral / mining rights world wide.

2. The Vietnam, Korean, South Asian wars were all about the control of rocks – Cabal versus the Elders.

3. The Elders are protective of North Korea and have allowed the nutty Kim Jung dynasty to continue in power for decades. North Korea is incredible valuable as it relates to possessing unmined minerals. Now in exchange to mine and purchase these rocks, China prohibits anyone else for getting a foothold on the Asian continent mainland.

4. That’s why the US supports South Korea as strongly as they do… for having a military presence so close to Beijing keeps the global power balance in check.

5. Venezuela is no different as it relates to the United States’ future natural resources and ultimately it’s own military security. It’s a very wealthy part of the world as it relates to owning valuable rocks (as well as huge amounts of crude and LNG reserves).

6. Interesting how at the very tail end of the RV both North Korea (Asia) and Venezuela (South America) suddenly are up front militarily and in the news. While both are sovereign nations, it appears that the two largest superpowers (US, China) are “claiming” all loose remaining and formerly Cabal natural resource nations for their their own future mining privilege.

7. Hence, why military invasions are now on the table for both countries as forced upon them by the United Nations Security Council earlier in the month.

8. The RV is finally rolling out and all wild horses must be in their opening starting gate positions in order to begin–including the craziest of mustangs. And the PROC and Republic lay all the negative geopolitical blame on Trump.

G. GCR Summary as of Aug. 15 2017: Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of Events for Aug. 15, 2017

1. In 2015 Obama bankrupted the UNITED STATES INC, which bankrupted it’s franchises including our individual Trust accounts (TDAs set up under our Birth Certificates and Social Security numbers), which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our beneficiaries. ( this information is not correct our TDA are still there and accessible to all and will go public shortly Tami)

2. The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion, was over $19.1 trillion in debt and had $128 trillion or 7 times the US’s $18 trillion GDP in unfunded liabilities. That was the real reason why the US corporate government de-facto went bankrupt on May 3rd of 2017.

3. In a historic Thurs. July 27 day for humanity, the RV roll out began in full bloom with announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US).

4. On Fri. Aug. 4 Republic President Paul Ryan was moved into the White House while repairs and renovations were being completed.

5. Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, “allegedly” impaneled the grand jury in Washington D.C., Fri. Aug. 4. He would “allegedly” subpoena President Trump which should in turn, cause Trump to fire Mueller, setting off his resignation.

6. On Sat. Aug. 5 USA, Inc’s. Vice President Mike Pence’s emails were submitted to an Indiana investigator about his involvement in “shady dealings” just like Nixon’s V.P. Spiro Agnew, who quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign so this should push Pence’s resignation in to the lime light.

7. The global USN T4 authorization hold was lifted Aug. 6 Sun. at midnight.

8. On Aug. 7 French banks were redeeming ZIM at 1:1.

9. On Aug. 7 Indonesia denominated their Ruphia and put out lower denominations.

10. The RV window was said to be in effect sometime between the Full Moon Aug. 7 18:10 UTC to the New Moon Aug. 21 18:30 UTC.

11. On Aug. 8 there was confirmation that the Dong rate was over $2 on both front and back US bank screens.

12. On Wed. Aug. 9 Iraqi PM Abadi held a press conference and stated his country’s exit of the UN’s Chapter 7. Currency365 – Abadi “We Have Exited Chapter 7”

13. On Thurs. Aug. 10 the IMF announced that Iraq was Article 8 compliant.

14. By Aug. 11 both the AIIB and HSBC had given the go ahead for the US Treasury to RV.

15. By Aug. 11 the gold/asset-backed USN had been replaced the USD or fiat dollar, been activated by the US Treasury, and began to be traded on a global level.

16. By Aug. 11 all Pay Masters’ accounts were made liquid and Pay Masters had received a certificate of authority to disperse funds to their members.

17. On Aug. 11 the IMF began taking ZIM at 1:1 per the approval of Bank of China / Chinese Elders.

18. On Aug. 11 RayRen98 said that the in-country Dinar rate was 1:1. and if true, that would make Iraq Article 8 compliant.

19. In Iraq the ATM’s were to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by Aug. 20.

20. The Elders believed in certain dates. They were said to set all global financial reforms to complete worldwide by Aug. 21, 2017 – which began a rare total solar eclipse that hasn’t happened since the USA, Inc. was founded on Aug. 21 1871.

21. The targeted execution date for the RV was said to be Aug. 21.

22. In Iraq the lower denoms were to be available by Aug. 21 with the 1:1 rate ratio in effect.

23. On Aug. 21 Iraqi citizens were to be paid at the 1:1 ratio.

24. In Iraq 4 million cards were being mailed to citizens with a activation target date of Aug. 21.

25. Contractors in Iraq were being told the new rates would be effective Aug. 21 and they would be able to pay their staff at the new higher Dinar rate.

26. The public international revealing of the Iraqi Dinar was supposedly scheduled for several days after Aug. 21.

27. Trump was said to supposedly be on a working vacation until Aug. 21.

28. Aug. 21 could be a very meaningful date for the announcement of our true restored Republic, our “interim” President, Paul Ryan, and “interim” VP Ben Sasse and General Joseph Dunford. The announcement should include NESARA and the Gold Standard.

29. On Aug. 4 HSBC eliminated all vacation days through Labor Day – except traders who are to report back to work on Sept. 4.

30. The RV window has been said to always be set for sometime from Trump’s inauguration to the beginning of new fisical year after Sept. 30 2017.

31. This Sept. 30th fiscal deadline was important because the USA, Inc. would run out of credibility and money on Sept. 30, 2017 no matter what.


1. There were 7,420 plus redemption centers on red hot alert as of July 25 at 11 pm EDT

2. The ZIM was a bond, not a currency. It was advised to let the banker know it was a gold back bond in order to negotiate a rate higher than the screen rates.

3. For months prior London and Zurich banks have been redeeming Zim at the same 1:1.

4. The UST currently had a 1:1 rate for the ZIM and has had since 2010 because the 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond note issue was never discontinued by the Zimbabwe Central Bank.

5. It was the western banking Cabal that would no longer accept the ZIM bond notes in 2009. However all that obviously changes now with the release of new T4 currency rates/transactions worldwide.

6. The ZIM’s 1:1 par number would be the starting point for all negotiations, with higher sovereign rates available only for redeemer’s sincerely looking to create jobs and/or fund humanitarian projects.

7. Anything above screen rates on all the currencies required the signing of an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A basic NDA was 1 and ¾ pages long. It could go as long as four pages based on a leverage or structure payout. It has been said that you could set up your payout for up to 300 years.


Current events given by posted Aug 15/17

VP Pence has quietly released the first stage of NESARA. He has curtailed legal actions of banks, IRS, CIA, NSA, FBI, SEC and many more agencies.

600 arrest warrants were issued through AJ Sessions including political, financial and business criminals.

The International Common Law World Court has been authorized to process GSA claims beginning Friday 8/11.

VP Pence has quietly released the second stage of NESARA. He has issued orders through AG Sessions to transition all state and federal courts…

He also suspended … (controls on information is not what I signed up for in the beginning of working with this organization breach of agreement Tami)

VP Pence has quietly released the third stage of NESARA. He has issued orders to terminate the corporate control of all federal government aspects including…

Most of the heads of these departments will be replaced…

10 top officials at Monsanto were arrested…Aug 12/17

VP Pence has quietly released the fourth stage of NESARA. He has issued orders to reactivate the original 13th

A new vote will occur within 120 days to replace all congress and senate positions with common law candidates. A national fund…

Court judges and agency attorneys will be replaced or voted in as common law ‘lawyers’ (non-attorney, one who studies law such as Lincoln). Aug 13/17


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 15 2017 plus Benjamin Fulford posted Aug 15/17

Compiled 12:25 am EDT 15 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 14 2017 6:05 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Nothin'” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 14, 2017

1. Players in this RV seem to be sitting back, waiting out all the nonsense to end so they can implement the readied financial reforms safely.

2. On Aug. 21st a rare astrological window closes (or opens depending on how you look at it). We’re now fully in Mercury Retrograde as of Friday night Aug. 18, which is a time for personal review and the cleaning up old business.

3. At some point, the NPTB must turn the switch on and alert us with a few helpful emails, a robo call or two and that will be it. The RV begins. We exchange, and the real work begins.

4. HSBC is Idol. All the major banks are idol. World markets have been collared from their apex down to zenith in terms of trading volume and value swings. The media is controlled from the senior editors down to the on-air personalities.

5. The IMF is humming today Aug. 14 with an internal ZIM redemption program designed to refill their own coffers with transactional fees. It’s not a public exchange opportunity.

6. A sign we’re still inching along? Sure. A testimony the ZIM bond note is valued internationally at a minimum currency exchange of 1:1? Yes.

B. Aug. 14 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Zimsanity” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 14, 2017

1. One of two VP’s of Zimbabwe was poisoned and we believed murdered yesterday Aug. 13. Clearly it was an assignation attempt upon the next perceived Zimbabwe President, who two weeks earlier announced the gold standard for the ZIM currency.

2. Zimbabwe is the lynchpin nation/currency/bond. This was a targeted strike prior to public release of the collateral accounts intake of foreign Zimbabwe sovereign debt (aka your ZIm bond notes/currency).

3. Not coincidentally, later tonight into early morning of Aug. 15, the IMF starts in-taking ZIM bond notes/currency at 1:1 via buy back accounts in Bank of China. That means ZIM redemptions are open for business worldwide.

4. Sometime this week it sure will make for one hell of a geopolitical fireworks finale, including but not limited to Trump, Netanyahu, Madero and Poroshenko.

5. Cabal hold overs are thrashing around. There’s no place to go for relief, no allies to turn to, no fiat money to steal, no false flag chaos events to distract from the truth of their immanent extermination. They’d rather die with the con, so Elders/ Chinese/ Russians/ Americans are sitting back and letting them tire themselves out.

C. Aug. 14 2017 10:12 pm EDT KTFA News: “Oh Man are we Close” – Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News Over the last five days we have seen many very attractive things in the press regarding Iraq and the IQD:

1. PM Abadi announced he was leaving the Dawa party (and disassociating himself with Maliki who was in the same party).

2. An announcement that PM Abadi was opening a ‘Deep Investigation’ into the fall of Mosul, and of the Speicher massacre (“M” comes to mind).

3. PM Abadi announced the forming of his own party.

4. The US White House Announces full support of a new Iraqi Govt, Led by PM Abadi. (ie the Trump Administration has full confidence in Dr. Haider al-Abadi to continue as PM of Iraq, and pretty much a no-confidence vote for the current parliament).

D. Aug. 14 2017 10:25 pm EDT Fulford Report: “US Threats to North Korea Linked to Global Reboot” – Fulford Report – 8.14.17

1. Us threats to North Korea linked to bankruptcy negotiations and global reboot.

2. The United States of America Corp., which defaulted on its debt payments on May 1 2017, has been threatening war against North Korea as a negotiating tactic with its creditors. Its main creditor, China, has been calling the corporation’s bluff by promising to protect North Korea in the event it is unilaterally attacked. At the same time, the Chinese have been staging limited military actions on their border with India, reminding the Americans they have the technical ability to take over that 1.3 billion person country within a matter of months, if it came to war. The Chinese have also said they will not protect North Korea in the event they strike the first blow.

3. At the same time, the Russians and the Pentagon have informed the Israelis they will be attacked if they try to launch a nuclear missile from one of their submarines and make it look like North Korea did it, Pentagon and Russian FSB sources say. This has effectively checkmated any Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 because any attempt to do so will affect only them. They are no longer able to fool us into starting a war.

4. If the Americans decide to use tariffs and trade barriers to cut off Chinese imports and end the Chinese trade surplus with the US, there will be many third order consequences, most of them very bad for the US. The US would suffer a sharp drop in living standards and would become a pariah in global trade.

5. The plan remains to remove all final vestiges of Khazarian mob rule in the US. “Trump is ready for all out war on the [Washington] DC swamp after firing leaker and Paul Ryan ally Rence Priebus,” Pentagon sources say.

6. There are also many other signs the swamp is being drained of the Satan worshipping Khazarians, the sources say. Now that the top Khazarian henchmen like the Clintons and John McCain have been removed, lower level functionaries are being fired.

7. To replace Khazarian control, the Pentagon, Russians and Chinese have formed a big three alliance, sources in all three camps agree.

8. The big three are also pushing for peace in the Korean peninsula so that a North-South Korean rail link can be set up and the over $10 trillion worth of minerals in North Korea can be put to use, the sources say.

9. There is also heavy pressure to end the fighting in Afghanistan so that nation’s mineral wealth can also be put to work for bettering people’s lives.

10. There are also high level negotiations going on now between Canada and North Korea, Canadian government sources say. The North Koreans are conveying to the Canadians an Asian secret society offer to finance a leveraged buy-out of the US Corporate Government, sources close to the negotiations say.

11. US military and intelligence community white hats support the idea of a unified North America with a competent democratic government in charge.

12. As the Sept. 30th fiscal deadline for the US corporate government approaches, we can make it happen. It is time to drain the DC swamp and then go after their P2 Freemason black sun worshipping overlords.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 14 2017 posted Aug 14/17

Compiled 12:26 am EDT 14 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 13 2017 2:13 pm EDT TNT News: Sun. AM TNT News 8-13-17 A Deep Bank Source said that tomorrow Mon. Aug. 14 there would be a meeting between the cen​tral bank and private banks to discuss currency window instructions.​/content.php%3Fid%3D8633

B. Aug. 13 2:48 pm TNT RValready: “Just One Big Bang” – Sun. PM TNT Thoughts

1. There will not be any advance news. Just one Big Bang. Advance warning would be very bad for the financial markets.

2. Between now and then, expect a lack of news and outright lies.

3. Iraq banking left Chapter 7 last week. They have to RV before they can be Chapter 8.

C. Aug. 13 7:07 pm EDT ZAP: “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 8.13.17

1. Poof: We are happy to report what we can, but the news is sparse and no, nothing happening in the moment.

2. The ways and means committees on all levels are hard at work figuring and modifying and doing all the things they can to create havoc and melee. The complicated deals and intricate situations are not made any easier in the manner in which they are subjected to with both national and international legislation. We are right in the middle of the power games being played OUT.

3. Funds are going to be a thin trickle for a while.

4. Susan: The prosperity programs have been on the starting line for deliveries for a very long time and the trigger still hasn’t been pulled.

5. Zap: The Elders have been mindful of numbers in respect of specific dates on which business may be done according to Lunar cycles. For instance, the number 8 is predominant as the symbol of prosperity-money-fortune. The number 9 is important as a number of finality. For example, their Master Heritage Accounts end with an “XXXXXX-888” suffix at HSBC. They do business on the 1st of the 1st month, the 2nd of the 2nd month, the 3rd of the 3rd month and so on. Major contracts and agreements are signed on those dates.

6. The official redemption of the Heritage Assets has started now that the currency side is in full swing (currency first, Historic Assets second).

7. Many have already attended their TTMs and money has moved into their escrow accounts, but the majority of these releases are still frozen at the moment. At the same time preliminary contracts are in the process of being issued for the Historic Asset redemptions. These activities will start putting a considerable amount of newly freed up cash on the streets.

8. Now with the agreements in place, including the currency revaluation, all can move forward to the next stage of the releases.

9. This coming week and next will see more funds going out to trusts, foundations and others who have subscribed to the redemption processes. Project funding will abound.

10. The Chinese Foundation that is doing the major side of the release is wonderful. The Elders in charge are kind and compassionate. They have shown me the extent of their accounts. They can handle any size of redemptions with ease. These are the funds that will be the driving force in getting proper funding in place for all current and future projects.

11. North Korea is no big deal. North Korea is actually a big piggy bank where a lot of countries keep their gold in mountain bunkers because of the security and inaccessibility of outside forces.

D. Aug. 13 2017 8:13 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Paper Lion” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – August 13, 2017

1. Two “potential wars” suddenly arose in both North Korea and Venezuela at exactly the same time Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller was closing his investigative noose around President Trump’s closest confidants.

2. China long ago disabled the North Korean nuclear program in exchange for keeping the country solvent monetarily, so where was this insanity coming from? Answer: desperation. Very hard to impeach a sitting US President during a potential time of war – even harder to RV. Forcing the Pentagon to launch a preemptive first strike to “protect an ally” was the Cabal’s last, best chaotic chance to stave off the RV.

3. Interesting strategy by the Cabal to stay relevant. Remember, the more chaotic American political events are in the news, the closer we are to the global financial reforms unleashing their philanthropic fury.

4. Dunford ain’t having any of it. Today Aug. 13 he is physically “inside the hot zone,” to reassure the world there is no legitimate threat posed by the US military (by the guy who has the nuke launch codes) against the Korean Peninsula.

5. The remaining Cabal minions are now taking their last collective breath before death, including those die hard agents who create needless violence by in-sighting fake “white supremacist hate” in Virginia yesterday Aug. 12. Absolutely anything to gin up enough chaos to stop the RV.

6. All back-of-the-bank global banking reforms have long completed. Redemption bases and off site centers were simply awaiting final release authorization.

7. Stay strong way-seers. The light at the end of the GCR/RV tunnel is both blinding and growing every hour – straight into our tired but resilient third eye. God is with us.

E. Aug. 13 2017 9:18 pm EDT TNT: “About to Pop” – Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News

1. The New Rate is Hiding in the CBI website:

2. (Note: I tried these instructions and did not find the correct information. It was believed the website had been changed after several hits). Start from the English side of the CBI. Scroll down and right above the calculator click on statistics. It’s on the right hand side above the calculator. Says STATISTICS. Scroll down a tad to see: For extended statistics, please click here. On the top right it will have a link called HOME. Click on that. Scroll down and you should see exchange numbers again. 1184 will turn into 1.2

3. Only the USD and EURO have been adjusted.

US Dollar USD 1.2
EURO EUR 1.08565

F. Aug. 13 2017 2:50 pm EDT Bluwolf: “I Declare” – Bluwolf Intel Update 8-13-17

1. I declare that there will not be any nuclear interventions with North Korea, nor be a military invasion of Venezuela and won’t be any civil urban war within the confines of the U.S.

2. I declare that the 1% is now powerless and non existent and this blessing is now being executed in full in God’s timing.

3. I declare that all those malignant government officials will all be leaving office as we speak and all who have stolen or created an injustice towards the American people will all fall to our justice, for no one is above the law.

G. Aug. 12 9:32 am EDT Trump Press Conference Mon. Aug. 14: Trump to Hold Press Conference in DC on Monday

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 13 2017 posted Aug 13/17

Compiled 12:30 am EDT 13 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 12 2017 8:54 am EDT GCR Yosef: “Top Down” – GCR/RV Conceptual – Saturday – August 12, 2017

1. Is everything right on track? On pace? On time?

2. How can everything have been so broken, yet suddenly be instantly healed?

3. Honestly, I’m a fan of Trump now. I finally get what’s happening. Now I pray he continues on his trajectory faster so we can have our moment of awakening.

4. It’s happening again today. Hence, the bizarre reversal of fortunes for the perpetually meek to the seemingly all might and powerful. We are now they, and they now we.

5. The day is today. Up to the plate we step. United in service we are. Human Angels in selfless formation. As it was written, so shall it be. So be it. God is with us.

B. Aug. 12 9:32 am EDT Trump Press Conference Mon. Aug. 14: Trump to Hold Press Conference in DC on Monday

C. Aug. 12 2017 9:15 pm EDT Banking History: “Usury: A Short Banking History” – The Clarion Calls Show #7 – Saturday – August 12, 2017

1. In the old days man accepted precious metals minted into coins by the Church and Crown as tokens of exchange with a prohibition against usury, or charging interest.

2. Usury was making money from lending money, or making money from nothing – exactly what was happening today on a colossal scale.

3. Several important things arose from the prohibition of usury in medieval Christendom.

a. Firstly Jews began to specialize in money-lending and other practices which were forbidden to Christians. Both peasants and aristocracy found themselves being bled dry by usurers, which is why there were sporadic uprisings, imprisonments and expulsions of Jews throughout Europe.

b. Secondly, gold coins, jewels and other valuables were deposited with goldsmiths and money-lenders who more often than not, were one and the same – loan-sharks who became rich and powerful.

4. Paper money had come into existence and was managed by the Knights Templar. A usury developed as the swindling money-lenders realized the immoral benefits that could be obtained from such a situation. They could invent money from absolutely nothing.

5. In England this deceitful system was officially sanctioned in 1694 with the Bank of England. The same system was adopted in every country by a process of Masonic revolution and manipulation.

6. Nowadays banking has become extremely sophisticated but the hidden and usurious mechanism behind it remains the same. The Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and the Bank of England in 1945 were nationalized.

7. In theory they controlled both the United States and Great Britain by passing for national banks but owned exclusively by a group of private individuals

8. Both the United States and British Treasuries, in conjunction with Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of England’s advise each government and determine how much paper money and coin will be issued each year. This is where all of our tax money goes. To at off old wars!!

9. The next stage of development for international finance was get rid of cash altogether for manevloent reasons. Then token accountability for the bankers could disappear along with all liquidity of cash.

10. Their intention is that everyone will have to use credit/debit cards for every type of commercial transaction. Electronic technology, when used this way, and when it is not merely widespread but compulsory, would have given them complete control of every man, woman and child in the world.

11. Fortunately, the reverse happened (with the GCR) and the central banking industry was defeated, replaced by a benevolent economic force using quantum computing satellites and computing systems to guard against future usury frauds.

12. Know both the Bank of England and Federal Reserve Bank have been overtaken due to default and kept in place (name only) as to not scare the general public or markets.

13. As has have the hidden governments of each country. All scheming politician puppets have been neutered – no longer controlled by such illegal and immoral central banks or the international banking families that once owned them.

D. Aug. 11 2017 2:32 pm EDT Can’t pay government debt with US Treasury routing numbers: You Can’t Pay Government Debt with Treasury Routing Numbers Enough people found out about the TDA’s to make the Fed issue “scam alerts” as a cover up.  (Winston Shrout is not correct saying the TDA craze is wrong it is deliberately eliminating the denials of the routing system slave accounts Tami)

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 12 2017 posted Aug 12/17

Compiled 12:20 am EDT 12 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 11 2017 7:29 pm EDT GCR: “Blossom” – GCR/RV Astrology – Friday – August 11, 2017

1. The IMF is now taking ZIM at 1:1 per the approval of Bank of China / Chinese Elders.
As much as ya got. As in infinite.

2. The RV is here folks.

B. Aug. 11 2017 6:42 pm EDT TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Cliff Notes by Sunny 8-11-17 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

1. Iraqi PM Abadi had a press conference where he made the proclamation that Iraq had exited Chapter 7.

2. To Ray’s knowledge the in-country Dinar rate was 1:1. If true, that would make Iraq Article 8 compliant.

3. Information was out that Kuwait received their last payment – to satisfy the IMF requirements (for Article 8) along with removing multiple currencies in the country.

4. No auction reports for today Aug. 11. If everything goes according to what I expect don’t be surprised if no auction reports on Mon. Aug. 14. That to could be a signal of Article 8 compliance.

5. The targeted execution date was Aug. 21 based on what they put out there.

6. We had some sources looking for at least a phase of the GCR to happen this week. Some of us could start going today Aug. 11.

7. Iraqi contractors and others were told to have all their bookkeeping in the by Aug. 21, but anything could possibly happen before then.

8. Triple zero Dinar notes inside Iraq have a two year time limit to exchange. That would not affect us here in the US.

9. The general public would not have access to the contract rate.

10. Ray knows nothing about there being a limited time to exchange the ZIM.


A UN announcement is expected informing the world that now Iraq is officially a sovereign country with no ties to sanctions whatsoever. Na’maste Bluwolf

D. Aug. 11 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Shetland” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – August 11, 2017

1. Not offering a hard Intel SITREP because there is no hard intel being allowed out from our sources today Aug. 11. We’re that close.

2. This is not the first time I’ve gone dark, but this weekend will be the first time for a positive and undisclosed reason. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.

3. Please submit homepage ideas for our website:

4. Sign up to receive your TETELESTAI email for when the 800#s are released. It’ll be the first we post once in hand.

E. Aug. 11 2017 1:25 pm EDT Bluwolf Intel Update: “Puerto Rico, It is up to you” – Bluwolf Intel Update 8-11-17

1. Puerto Rico is the only nation in the world with the most Dinars per square feet.

2. Its governmental debt has placed the island and its people into bankruptcy.

3. Its governments and banks intention to use a law created by our last president which states that when the credit or debit of the country is un recoverable that they can go into all people’s accounts over $100,000. and extract its monies to pay its malicious debt.

4. This intent is now going on and they are trying to negotiate it into effect with the Chinese who have acknowledged that this is unlawful, illegal and not right by its people or by any means.

5. For those of you living in P.R. now you know their intentions. Now you can accept this robbery or do what is correct and that is to establish your accounts elsewhere away from the hands of these thieves. It is up to you.

F. Aug. 11 2017 1:09 am EDT Anna von Reitz: “Anna von Reitz on Why World War III” by Suzi – 8.11.17 If you want your lawful government restored (50 individual republics), organize your local county and then your state government. Nobody can do it for you. You have to take it on, hold the meetings, and do the drill. The Michigan General Jural Assembly is ready to help and hosts a Thurs. night national call-in:
9pm EDT: 1-712-770 – 4160. Code: 226823#.
Our website: &

Hotline 1-989-450-5522, Mon. through Thurs. 2 to 7 pm EST.
We are still operating on our own resources and every bit that comes in helps prevent World War III. Donations via PayPal: or Anna Maria Riezinger, Box 520994, Big Lake Alaska 99652

G. SkiRacer: LESSON 3: Your Appointment Updated RECAP:SkiRacer: LESSON 3: Your Appointment Updated , 10 AUGUST

a. The Appointment

Dial *67 before calling the 800 number to block your telephone number from the call center.

1. If you want anything but the international rates you must call the 800 number to make your appointment.

2. Info to have on hand for the call:
• your name,
• your zip code (i.e., zip code where you want to CE),
• an email address, (see below)
• the number of currencies you want to exchange (if you have Zim mention it first)

• Each and every adult exchanging will need their own private appointment, although married couples may possibly go together. You are permitted to bring an advisor with you. You may not bring someone along who intends to exchange at your appointment and pretend they are your advisor.

• The zip code you provide is the zip where you wish to exchange. If you are on vacation you likely will not use the zip code of your residence, but where you happen to be on vacation, or the zip code in a neighboring town where you’d rather have your personal business known instead of at home. Whatever your reason, provide the zip of where you want to exchange.

• Your email address should be one that you will delete immediately after the exchange. The bank will want to keep in touch with you and be paid to sell your information to whomever is willing to pay. So protect yourself now.

b. Preparing for your appointment:

• It’s best to have two picture IDS, one a passport or other proof of citizenship should you be asked and/or a birth certificate, drivers license, Costco card, etc.

• Your currency. I suggest you bundle them by type of currency, where obtained (bring your Certificates of Authenticity if you acquired them from a dealer such as Sterling, a receipt if from a bank or FOREX, etc.) You do not need your gift letter; that is for the IRS to substantiate the date upon which you acquired the currency. I advise you to label each bundle, the amount of currency within, and ID each bundle.

• Blue pen so your signature on paperwork is identifiable as original
• a calculator
• Paper
• Reading glasses if you use them

• (you can ask for up to $10,000 cash to take from the bank)

• IF you plan to CE into a business entity, gather the documents showing the legal name, tax ID, letters of incorporation. (I suggest opening the accounts prior to the appointment.)

c. To do before your appointment

• Drive to the appointment site to check routes, timing, parking, etc.

Make some decisions:

• Will you take an advisor with you? (You shouldn’t really need one.)

• Will you take a higher rate in exchange for your leaving a percentage of your money with the bank for 5-50 years?

• Remember you can move money to an account with checks and just pay things off via check. I HIGHLY recommend that you have one account that you call the Mother Lode account where most of your funds are kept; this account will have NO internet access, limited teller access, no checks, etc. Then you move funds to other accounts that do have printed checks and from here you pay off mortgages, student loans, etc from this secondary account. You can track all movements of funds from the Mother Lode to where and for what purpose historically.

• Do you want to add “all rights reserved without prejudice” above your signature? Research that now and decide.

• Know if you will allow your currency to leave your sight and under what circumstances. Do you need a signed receipt by teller and manager or is teller sufficient?

• Try to think about all the things that might come up.

d. On signing forms:

• I am worried about all the forms they want me to sign and they normally do it all electronically now. They shove the screen in front of you and say, “Sign here. It just says you are who you say you are.” I do not believe a word of it! I ask for a printout of what I am to sign, I read every word, THEN I have them initial each and every page and to certify in writing that my printout is indeed what I am signing electronically. Only THEN do I sign the paperwork and then I instruct them to copy it for themselves and for me, duly signed by both sides.

e. Further preparations:

• Rehearse what you will say during your CE. Do it in front of a mirror to practice looking professional and “worthy.”

• Practice asking for the contract rate, asking to see their screens, asking for a printout of this screen as a kind of guarantee of a rate; do not be taken in by the bewilderment of your teller, nor let them run off for several minutes; ask for them to printout the screen, give it to you, THEN run off if necessary.

• KNOW what you will do if they tell you they are sending your currency away for a week and KNOW what your response will be.

• KNOW what you will do if they say their rate is $X and you expected twice that ($2X).

• Plan what you will wear to the appointment and make sure it is at the ready (cleaned, pressed, etc.) down to the color of socks and jewelry.

• Practice your words and calmness. Behave with dignity but be firm. This is not the time for humor or jokes, but it IS the time for premeditated action.

• Make up a story for how you came to have money to tell “the world.” It can be anything but the truth! “I had a long term investment that finally came through” is simple enough.

f. The Appointment:

• Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

• Take your prepared envelope or briefcase with packets, account numbers, pen, calculator, IDs, glasses,

• Show up well ahead of the appointed hour to accommodate traffic, parking, moments to gather yourself, say a little prayer, etc.

• Practice being gracious and look like you know how to have money.

• BE specific: Write this info down.

◦ “I am here to do a currency exchange.”

◦ “Would you be kind enough to give me the rates?”

◦ Verify the rate at which you will be transacting. Ask to see the screen to see if there are higher rates available and ask for one if you see it!

◦ Summarize what you plan to do: “Please give me all of the account balance in cash (or cashier’s check) and a receipt showing a $0 balance for these accounts.” (present the list of accounts) Use multiple accounts so you do not mix asset-backed funds with non-asset-backed funds in case this becomes important, i.e. Dinars go into a different account from dongs, etc. There is info that only the dinar currency needs to be isolated.

◦ “Then we will do the CE. Then I want a receipt after the CE showing the new balance in each of my accounts please.”

◦ “I have a list of accounts here where I will be depositing these funds. How do you wish to proceed?”

• Be clear and concise.

• Take your time. Do NOT let them rush you through one of the most important business meetings you will ever have. Be patient, calm, controlled, and firm.

• Read absolutely everything in its entirety before signing it.

• You will likely be given an NDA if you are taking the contract rate. Ask for a copy and stand there and read it carefully – especially the last page and any small print. Ask questions if necessary. Get them to sign & date the copy you will keep. Then and only then should you sign the NDA.

• Ask for a copy of everything else you have signed at the exchange.

• Don’t forget your copy of every receipt of each transaction that has occurred.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 11 2017 posted Aug 11/17

Compiled 12:28 am EDT 11 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 10 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. From info that came in since last Tues. Aug. 8, we could be notified very shortly (with the 800#s).

2. Iraq has been released from Chapter 7. The IMF made that announcement last night Aug. 9.

3. For Iraq to be released from Chapter 7 they have to have a new rate on the Dinar that could be used internationally.

4. There was a holiday today Aug. 10 in Iraq because, we believe, they had revalued their currency.

5. The Iraqi ATMs are now operating with the lower denominations of the Dinar in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. That was an indicator that the RV had taken place.

6. Iraqi citizens who have their new Qi card have a settled in two digit rate on them that was valid both inside and outside of Iraq (internationally).

7. The Zim bonds and other platforms have been pushed to be effective next Mon.-Tues. Aug. 14, 15. Those currencies needed to be exchanged 24-48 hours before that time. (That means we could be exchanging by Sat. Aug. 12, or Sun. Aug. 13.)

8. Everything out West has been rolling out smoothly.

9. The SKRs are now all preloaded so they can be effective with the shotgun start.

10. Yesterday Aug. 9 there were many exchanges that took place, some were Sting Operations that were very successful.

11. We could get the 800 number at any time.

12. We are in Tier 4, the Internet Group. Parts of Tier 4 have already started exchanging out West.

13. The rates were still very good.

14. At your initial bank appointment you could have a skeleton revokable trust set up and then have up to six months to exchange that trust to an irrevokable trust.

15. Let them know how much you need for your humanitarian projects within the first 90 days so they can set that liquidity up for you.

16. You can set up longevity on your accounts for 50 years.

B. Aug. 10 2017 11:23 pm EDT Bluwolf Intel: “Surprise Call at Any Instance Now” – Bluwolf Intel Update 8-10-17

Everything is so quiet coming from our bank sources. Intel is so slim and non transparent at this moment. I for one am waiting for the surprise call at any instance now, so please bear with me. Na’maste Bluwolf

C. GCR/RV Summary of Events as of Aug. 10 2017: Judy’s GCR/RV Summary of Events as of Aug. 10, 2017

1. On Fri. Aug. 4 Republic President, Paul Ryan, was moved in to the White House while repairs and renovations were being completed.

2. Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, “allegedly” impaneled the grand jury in Washington D.C., Fri. Aug. 4. He would “allegedly” subpoena President Trump which should in turn, cause Trump to fire Mueller, setting off his resignation.

3. On Sat. Aug. 5 USA, Inc’s. Vice President Mike Pence’s emails were submitted to an Indiana investigator about his involvement in “shady dealings” just like Nixon’s V.P. Spiro Agnew, who quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign so this should push Pence’s resignation in to the lime light.

4. The global USN T4 authorization hold was said to be lifted at midnight Sun Aug. 6.

5. On Aug. 7 French banks were redeeming ZIM at 1:1.

6. On Aug. 7 Indonesia denominated their Ruphia and put out lower denominations.

7. The RV window was said to remain sometime between Aug. 8 to Aug. 21

8. On Aug. 8 there was confirmation that the Dong rate was over $2 on both front and back US bank screens.

9. On Aug. 8 out West certain SKRs and groups were said to have been paid out.

10. On Aug. 8 certain media around the globe were said to be given access to sensitive information connected to GESARA or the GCR.

11. Some people have been told they would have access to their SKR funds by Aug. 9.

12. On Wed. Aug. 9 Iraqi PM Abadi held a press conference and stated his country’s exit of the UN’s Chapter 7. Currency365 – Abadi “We Have Exited Chapter 7”

13. On Thurs. Aug. 10 there was an inconclusive report that the IMF announced that Iraq was Article 8 compliant.

14. It was estimated that it might take up to 48 hours to activate all SKRs, or by Friday Aug 11.

15. In Iraq the ATM’s were to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by Aug. 20.

16. In Iraq the lower denoms were to be available by Aug. 21 with the 1:1 rate ratio in effect.

17. On Aug. 21 Iraqi citizens were to be paid at the 1:1 ratio.

18. In Iraq 4 million cards were being mailed to citizens with a activation target date of Aug. 21.

19. Contractors in Iraq were being told the new rates would be effective Aug. 21 and they would be able to pay their staff at the new higher Dinar rate.

20. Trump was said to supposedly be on a working vacation until Aug. 21.

21. All global financial reforms were to complete worldwide by Aug. 21.

22. The date of Aug. 21 is also when there will be a rare total solar eclipse that hasn’t happened since the Cabal’s USA, Inc., was founded on Aug. 21 1871.

23. Aug. 21 would be a very meaningful date for the announcement of our true restored Republic, our “interim” President, Paul Ryan, “interim” VP Ben Sasse and General Joseph Dunford. The announcement should include NESARA and the Gold Standard.

24. The public international revealing of the Iraqi Dinar was supposedly scheduled for several days after Aug. 21.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 10 2017 posted Aug 10/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 10 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 7 2017 RV Intelligence Alert Window: READ FULL SITREP

The RV window remains sometime between Aug. 8 to Aug. 21

B. Aug. 9 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 8-9-17

1. From scuttlebutt, television, mosques and people on the street in Iraq, we are hearing things are taking place that we were expecting.

2. Contractors in Iraq are being told the new rates are effective Aug. 21 and they will pay their staff at the new rate.

3. Everything is still looking on or before Aug. 21st.

4. Iraqi Qi cards for citizens will be out by Aug. 21st and loaded with a ratio of 1:1.

5. Release of the public international rate was expected to come several days after that.

C. Aug. 9 2017 8:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: “Cash Grab” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – August 9, 2017

1. Digital credits have replaced cash. Already. Seriously.

2. When you redeem your ZIM currency in Aug, you’ll be turning in old paper bond notes (backed by Chinese hard assets) for leased digital credits on a new financial system (backed by Zimbabwe hard assets) at an introductory rate of 1:1 (or the printed face value of each ZIM bond note you hold).

3. You can take less, or ask for more, entirely your choice, but 1:1 is where the “screen rate” sits to begin negotiations if you ask to view a banker’s currency monitor.

4. The more good you desire to do in the world in service of others, (humanitarian and job creation projects) the more leased digital credit you can and will receive on the new financial system.

5. If you morally fail, or do harm to others, or decease without a living heir – your leased digital credits will be terminated.

6. As long as you are alive, or have family members who were legally transferred to be trustees managing your leased digital credits at the time of your death – your principal access continues uninterrupted and the “money train” keeps moving down the track for the next generation.

7. Same rules apply to your trustees as to you – do no harm and serve others. Simple. Non negotiable.

8. This revolutionary concept of leasing digital credits makes the ancient concept of exchanging tangible owned papered currency notes irrelevant on the spot. The controllers of the new financial system can bless or burden anyone they deem fit, or unfit, to participate.

9. Cabal families members and business leaders once thought economically invincible can be 100% fiscally terminated with just the click of a mouse for immoral behavior. Fraud, theft and unsavory business practices of any kind will no longer be tolerated, period. Poof. Gone forever.

10. Vice versa, charity, mercy, grace and abundance will be allowed to continue ad infinitum.

11. There is no longer any safe haven bank, domicile or nation for the bad guys to run and hide with mountains of cash on this new financial system. There is no longer any recognized off ledger cash to physically deposit or wire. No bank will recognize it. That’s an action punishable by law.

12. Crime literally no longer pays. Nobody will pay for crime anymore at the sovereign tiers of banking. The penalty is just too steep. Drug dealers, sex and human traffickers, arms dealers even black ops military forces have no more opportunity to function without complete economic transparency and thus cannot disappear in the financial shadows of the old sovereign tiered financial system any longer.

13. Morality matters once again. Service to others matters again. Non-recourse mercy matters again. All greater good activities will be rewarded, versus criminal, poverty and depravity schemes causing human suffering and chaos.

14. This is why your ZIM has an 80/20 humanitarian split rule in place, so there’s not the sensation to go for a good old cash grab before, or after, exchanging.

15. The new model is weighted differently and thus delivered more effectively, than anyone has experience before. It’s a brand new paradigm for a brand new dimension, in a brand new era. You’re free from monetary enslavement right now. Sobeit. God is with us.

D. Aug. 9 2017 Spiritual Angel: “Puzzle Pieces to Consider” by Spiritual Angel – 8.9.17

1. Republic President, Paul Ryan, was moved in to the White House on Fri. Aug. 4 while the “big show” of “alleged” repairs and renovations are being completed.

2. Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, “allegedly” impaneled the grand jury in Washington D.C., Fri. Aug. 4 which is part of the “big show”. He will “allegedly” subpoena burner CEO Trump which should, in turn, cause Trump to fire Mueller, setting off his resignation big show.

3. V.P. Mike Pence, will be resigning publicly, maybe quietly, likely before Trump resigns publicly to avoid impeachment.

4. This is all scripted and we know they’ve both already resigned although I don’t know how they could “resign” from a long defunct USA, Inc. (dead corporation). I guess it’s just a technicality in the big show and is part of their “amnesty agreements”. Anyone who still believes Trump, Pence and their fake Administration are the real deal should ask why the need for all of those amnesty agreements. Maybe they are all corrupt Cabal and Cabal puppets.

5. On Sat. Aug. 5 USA, Inc’s. burner Vice CEO, Mike Pence’s emails were submitted to an Indiana investigator about his involvement in “shady dealings” just like Nixon’s V.P. Spiro Agnew, who quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign so this should push Pence’s resignation in to the lime light.

6. Aug. 21 would be a very meaningful date for the announcement of our true restored Republic, our “interim” President, Paul Ryan, “interim” VP, Ben Sasse, and General Joseph Dunford. The announcement should include NESARA (although it’s been my understanding for a long time that it won’t be publicly announced by name so don’t expect it, just be pleasantly surprised if it is announced by name) and the Gold Standard (which “we” know is already in force but has yet to be publicly announced, at least to the extent that the general public in this country will really know and understand it’s in force).

7. According to NESARA, the President must be out of the country for the RV to “go”, and Yosef did say several days ago that Paul Ryan and his family are at an undisclosed military base over seas as we speak. This means to me that he won’t return to this country until we receive the 800#’s/”go”.

8. The date of Aug. 21 is also when there will be a rare total solar eclipse that hasn’t happened since the Cabal’s USA, Inc., was founded on Aug. 21 1871.

A Federal Reserve Bank Story by an Anonymous Friend

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 9 2017 posted Aug 9/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 9 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 8 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Iraq was sending emails to their people telling them the Dinar in-country rate changes as they happened. (Temporary Dinar rates have been put on their debit Qi cards.)

2. The lower denominations of the Dinar were in the Iraqi ATM machines, but there was no confirmation they are using them yet.

3. Indonesia denominated their Pia currency last night Aug. 7. They put out lower denominations that the public could use.

4. There were rumors that the Zim was being exchanged in France (at a 1:1).

5. In the US there was confirmation that on both front and back bank screens the Dong rate was over $2.

6. Out West certain SKRs and groups have been paid out. (These accounts may take up to 48 hours to complete.)

7. Some people have been told they would have access to funds tomorrow, Aug. 9.

8. We do not have to wait for all the SKRs to become liquid before the Internet group could exchange.

9. Tonight Aug. 8 certain media around the globe would be given access to certain (GCR or GESARA) information.

10. The general public was set to go the first week in Sept.

11. The Internet group would have 6-9 days to exchange.

B. Aug. 8 2017 11:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: “RV Whistle” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 8, 2017

1. French banks were redeeming ZIM yesterday Aug. 7 at 1:1.

2. For months prior London and Zurich banks have been redeeming Zim at the same 1:1.

3. A few of us heard the global USN T4 authorization hold was lifted Aug. 6 Sun. at midnight.

4. Why the 1:1 starting negotiating rate for ZIM? It’s easier for people to quantify. Whatever fiat face value they bring in, they get back in an equal amount.

5. At least 80% (of your Zim exchange) must go towards job creation and/or humanitarian projects.

C. Aug. 7 2017 A Federal Reserve Bank Story:

On Aug. 7 around 9 am a friend called the federal reserve bank in their area. Website:

Here are the notes:

Ruth: Hello XXX How may I help you?

XXX: Hello Ruth. I have some questions. Are you guys authorized to talk about or trade the ZWD?

Ruth: Let me check on that. (later) It looks like you are talking about the first Zimbabwe Dollar? My information says it’s obsolete. Can you tell me more about what you want to do?

XXX: Your Treasury website shows the ZWD is at 1:1 to the dollar:

Ruth: We only trade in US dollars.

XXX: Am I reading this wrong?

Ruth: I’m not sure. I see the same thing that you see.

XXX: OK. I will wait for the announcement of the RV

Ruth: I’m not sure if it is available with Forex Trading. Let me get you the number to speak to a Forex specialist. One moment. It’s 866-839-1100 or 800-672-2098. Do you have a trading account with us?

XXX: Not yet.

Ruth: Other than the ZWD, what else would you be looking for in a brokerage?

XXX: I will need training. After I get with a wealth manager I will know more.

Ruth: Well, the good news is that we offer a LOT of that. We offer free education, tools, research and 24/7 client service. We even offer Paper or Virtual Trading for Practice. Do you have at least $25,000 you would consider moving to us? If so, I can connect you to a Financial Consultant from your area who could answer your questions, assist you in getting an account open and transferred, and help you with strategy, goal setting and solutions once the accounts was moved. I would need a phone number and an address so I could set up a soft profile and have someone reach out. There is no charge for this service and of course, no obligation.

(XXX gives Ruth the information)

Ruth: Thanks! We appreciate you considering our firm and wish you the best.

D. Aug. 8 2017 12:54 pm TNT Update RayRen98: Tuesday Update from TNT RayRen98 8-8-17 Reports coming to me from Iraqi TV, scuttlebutt from the mosque and conversations being shared among the citizens in Iraq:

1. 2 days to see the article 140 agreement in full activation.

2. ATM’s are to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by Aug. 20.

3. Lower denoms are to be available on or by Aug. 21 with the 1:1 ratio in effect.

4. Citizens are to be paid at the 1:1 ratio on Aug. 21.

5. 4 million cards are being mailed to citizens with a target date of Aug. 21.

6. The public international revealing is supposedly several days after Aug. 21.

E. Aug. 8 2017 8:28 pm EDT Anna von Reitz Situation Update: Anna von Reitz: Situation Update w/ Highlights by Suzi for August 8, 2017

a. Bankruptcies:

1. There is a domino effect with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy of most of the world’s municipal governments and Chapter 11 bankruptcy of most of the world’s territorial governments.

2. This primary funding source for the Territorial government services was provided by our ESTATES. When our ESTATES which were being held and operated by the Municipal United States were subsumed into its Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they stopped producing income for the Territorial government. That, then, threw the Territorial government into Chapter 11.

3. Now you can see and grasp the chain reaction nature of the situation: UNITED STATES “owns” and operates JOHN MICHAEL DOE estate as a franchise, the profit realized from JOHN MICHAEL DOE funds the USA, Inc. So when the UNITED STATES goes into Chapter 7 liquidation, the funding for USA, Inc. stops, too.

4. The problem for good old John Michael Doe is that his estate should never have been mischaracterized as a franchise of the UNITED STATES in the first place, and he should not have had his name or assets embroiled in a foreign bankruptcy.

5. So that’s where you all are and that’s what I and my Team are working to get you out of— a foreign corporate bankruptcy that actually has nothing to do with you. The rats are bucking the inevitable, but the rest of the world knows the Truth.

b. GCR Committee:

6. Imagine that you don’t know the value of anything on Earth, because nobody knows what the real debt is, how much money has been printed, or what the results of a free market valuation of commodities would be? That’s what the GCR Committee has been wrestling with.

7. Commodity markets have been manipulated and rigged for so long that there is no common sense basis for the valuation of anything. You can’t even estimate the value of a pork belly in an open market, because this whole system has been corrupt for over a hundred years – but somehow, the GCR Committee is tasked with not only coming up with a total of supply of pork bellies, but a total of supply of printed pieces of paper needed to buy them, and then a current valuation complete with all the exchange rates.

8. The GCR Committee and they have worked hard and faithfully for many months and have done their best. There is no doubt that there will be “adjustments” as actual market forces come into play and artificially low and high commodity prices fluctuate into a true value in the worldwide marketplace.

9. The same is true of money, because money is a commodity. Most people have never been taught to think of it this way, but it’s time we all did so. Money is a commodity like beans or hammers or gasoline engines. It is sensitive to supply and demand. It is subject to quality considerations. It gets counterfeited like Gucci handbags.

c. Temporary circumstances surrounding the revaluation:

10. When the revaluation kicks off some chaos will reign as the value of money and commercial paper gets readjusted along with everything else. There will be upsets as the world markets for nearly everything will sort themselves out.

11. Make sure you have some extra food, water, medications you need, toilet paper, coffee, etc. so that you and your family are not caught off-guard waiting in long lines or otherwise getting hysterical simply because you don’t have a small extra supply of things you need.

12. The worst should be over in a month or two at most, but it looks like it will be hitting soon, so take a little pre-caution now.

d. “It looks like it will be hitting soon.”

13. Finally, you have noticed that there are an awful lot of generals in Trump’s Administration. There is a reason for that. The U.S. Army has been the de facto Territorial government since 1863. They have been responsible for safe-guarding our money and have been functioning under the Lieber Code ever since Lincoln.

14. Now that the Territorial government is in Chapter 11, the real brass has shown up at the White House to ride herd on things. Nothing to wonder about there, except—- how did you guys ever @#$@$% so bad in the first place?

15. The “government” we are inheriting is broke and stumbling along under trusteeship and until things get sorted out and the funds we are owed are made available, we are on our own to make things work and bring forward the claims of the American states and people. [My interpretation – these claims would include things like TDAs, and many, many other stolen funds, taxes, properties, etc. that are squirreled away in the nooks and crannies of government agencies (as Anna has previously mentioned) and that are due back to WE THE PEOPLE.]

F. Aug. 8 2017 6:47 pm GCR Intel Situation Report: “Kim Jong-Trump” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 8, 2017

1. North Korea is a Rothschild created nation state meant to test national MK Ultra mind control programming to use on the entire world by the same Dark Nobility Families of Eastern Europe, of which the Rothschild’s are one of thirteen.

2. The Rothschild’s also financed the nation state of Israel based on diplomatic war reparations for the Holocaust caused by the German Nazi movement during WW2.

3. North Korean government decisions are being controlled by Mossad generals from Israel (who also control ISIS) in an attempt to threaten the Chinese Elders into not releasing the RV as they did back on 9/11/01.

4. Quite an effective distraction away from Trump’s impending impeachment process going forward.

5. They are praying their Dark Sun God on Saturnalia will emerge victorious from a North Korean nuclear attack–and jumpstart WW3–this might stop the RV against the GESARA Treaty of nations which is unified across the rest of the world.

6. The NPTB have the situation so well under control that they are allowing the North Korean threat to appear as real, even hyping the bogus storyline within the USA, as to scare about Kim Jong-Trump’s nuclear tendencies when dealing with US weapons of mass destruction missile codes.

7. Speaker Paul Ryan never insults Trump because he wants and needs the 24% rural anglo base in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

8. Mike Pence is not running for President folks, that’s not to say he won’t be a temporary President between Trump and Ryan… but he’s so far right of right, Pence is simply unelectable in a national election. Which would leave us all with Congressmen Paul Ryan as our next American President and Senator Ben Sasse as our next American Vice President.

9. Please be open to the concept of Trump’s upcoming resignation and keep your eye on all political events as they relate to the release trigger mechanism of the RV.

G. Aug. 8 2017 Bieber Exposes Hollywood Pedophiles: Justin Bieber Exposes Pedophiles in Music Industry

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 8 2017 posted Aug 8/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 8 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Yosef Note: Rarely do my sources give me spot on intel. A lot of my intel arrives first as “suggestions for study.” When I ask follow up questions my sources point me in new directions. I then put the puzzle pieces together. Sometimes I figure events quickly, sometimes it takes awhile, while sometimes I’m just dead wrong.

A. Aug. 7 2017 6:37 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report, Yosef: “Window” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017

1. I’m told our RV window is (Full Moon Aug. 7 18:10 UTC) to (New Moon Aug. 21 18:30 UTC).

2. The portal opening began (2pm EDT on Aug.7) to (3am EDT on Aug. 8).

B. Aug. 7 2017 1:32 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report, Yosef: “Recap” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017 The Clarion Calls SITREPS

Recap of recent Intel:

1. This past week we had a busy rush of information with the Cabal flailing desperately in the winds of change.

2. Negotiations were one sided. Whenever the Cabal has decreasing leverage they create chaos and/or appear to have a threat of starting WW3 just to be taken seriously.

3. North Korea was about the Palestine/Israel conflicts ending and Netanyahu trying to put global leverage on his Middle East situation. It was not about North Korea firing a nuclear warhead on the USA, but about upsetting China and the Elders so they would hold back releasing the RV.

4. Now the Elders are literally ignoring the Cabal – they are to get no real substance on the new financial system.

5. The media has no clue as to the true game theory at play. Yet, the fake media is all the Cabal has left – illusions and ginned up stories that quickly go nowhere because the world isn’t buying their nonsense anymore. What RV, right?

6. The Republic is in 100% control of the US government. More importantly, the US military is the people’s military again – defending and serving the true Constitution.

7. Generals Dunford, Mattis, Kelly and McMaster are in place and controlling all the Trump insanity within both the Pentagon and White House. Even ex-Marine Robert Mueller is lending his legal talents as Special Prosecutor during the scripted transition.

8. This all makes the Trump Administration just a show to keep up public appearances and the public calm, while teaching Americans a hard lesson per Russia’s and China’s insistence.

9. The North Korean media drama is all the Cabal has left in terms of media weaponry. They no longer have any deadly weapons left in their arsenal. Even ISIS is soon to be gone forever in the Middle East.

10. The Cabal has no more cards left to play. There is no more chaos to be had. All nations of the world have voted for peace and prosperity with the 2015 GESARA Treaty.

11. The Chinese and Russians have played the long game well and will continue playing it until all remaining Cabal minions quit. And they will. There’s no other pathway for them. Eventually reality kicks in to every psyche no matter how warped. The RV is just an openly public death blow. Everybody on both sides know it.

12. When the Cabal are made to fold that’s exactly when we’ll get our RV – at the safest possible time for all redeemers and general populations worldwide.

13. The New Powers That Be know the exact day and time Trump will be removed from office.

14. Not only does the USN exist, but it’s recognized worldwide on a new financial system that all nations have already transitioned to.

15. The Republic government has also long been seated and has been performing as operational for many years now. All military decision making is under Republic control as well.

16. The RV will happen and on the surface, nothing will appear to change, anywhere.

17. New rates will be in bank terminals for private redemptions, but not on the Forex.

18. There will be an RV release but it will be silent and passed on only to those due hards like you who stuck it out. It’s your job to pass the news around, call banks and set up exchange appointments.

19. If you hold ZIM, all banks will funnel you to HSBC which has a completely separate redemption strategy (locations) from other banks redeeming currency, which only they know about.

20. The military is providing unique protection for those redeemer’s (less than 250k worldwide).

21. Historic economic changes are well hidden in plain sight, as everyday banking life goes on – with a little quiet caveat exception made for ZIM redeemers because of wildly elevated face values on the ZIM.

C. Aug. 7 2017 12:36 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report, Yosef: “Dinosaurs” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017

1. The Cabal was pronounced dead this week on Fri. afternoon Aug. 4 at the ASEAN summit in Manila. Over. Gone. Dead. Poof.

2. All global geopolitical negotiations have been completed. There’s world peace now, including North Korea and Qatar, Ukraine and Palestine. Even Syria and Yemen.

3. The rates won’t change all at once on Forex screens, but all rates will constantly change over many months and years after the T4 release.

4. The ZIM has already been publicly reintroduced at 1:1. Zimbabwe was honored by the Chinese Elders with being the first out of 209 nations to go public. When the Zimbabwe government issued its gold backed currency announcement two weeks ago, that was the public start of the RV in terms of a currency revaluation and reinstatement of the global gold standard by a free sovereign nation.

5. No grand GCR/RV announcement is up coming, but several scattered announcements will sparatically roll out from individual nations that say they are independently switching over to the gold standard.

6. The 800#s you seek already exist with each participating internationally currency exchange-able bank, and the RV will commence utilizing their normal front of the house web presence functioning per usual. New rates will go live in these banks but all will remain 100% normal.

7. The ZIM will have its own 800# that non participating ZIM redeeming banks will issue to ZIM holders and help assist them in obtaining a redemption appointment.

8. All banks will organically and very gently direct ZIM redeemers to an HSBC/military call center and redemption location worldwide. The security for ZIM holders especially will be triple compared to other redeemer’s we are told–whatever that means.

9. Private rates will be negotiable, but never discussed unless the redeemer knows they exist and initiates such a discussion with job creation/humanitarian projects in mind only.

10. In Europe, 95% of all test redemptions have never heard of sovereign rates. 95% of all ZIM redemptions took less than the 1:1 screen rate. That was out of 25,000 test cases over several months. Might be different here in the US.

11. The UST currently has a 1:1 rate for the ZIM and has since 2010 because the 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond note issue was never discontinued by the Zimbabwe Central Bank.
It was the western banking Cabal that would no longer accept the ZIM bond notes in 2009. However all that obviously changes now with the release of new T4 currency rates/transactions worldwide.

12. The ZIM’s 1:1 par number will be the starting point for all negotiations, with higher sovereign rates available only for redeemer’s sincerely looking to create jobs and/or fund humanitarian projects. Projects really do matter in obtaining higher sovereign rates for any currency.

13. Private rates can and will be negotiated for all currencies. You may ask for whatever you feel you are worth with or without a project(s) prospectus. It’s wise to arrive with job creation / humanitarian project(s) plans in hand to make your strongest case. You alone will determine your own economic ceiling.

14. Rates for all other currencies will be shown on the screen and honored per normal–but those rates will not be made public initially and not for some time after we are told.

All rates will be gently raised and lowered depending on their true audited value on the new financial system. This will keep the public, investors and markets calm.

15. The mass staffing of redemption centers was sent home and deemed a total lost leader meant to mislead and distract the Cabal away from the true mastermind plan.

16. The RV will just suddenly be there at some point this week (when was not revealed but soon) as all participating banks were told to be fully staffed and ready to proceed at any moment as of July 1st.

17. Even the banks don’t know when the RV will start! Market makers are speculating on the RV start time daily – and why the American markets continue to rise.

18. In a single moment the RV will just be there. Maybe tomorrow morning Aug. 8. Same infrastructure. Same 800#s. Same currency exchange locations.

D. Aug. 7 2017 11:43 am EDT TNT Thoughts: “In the Know” – Mon. AM TNT Thoughts/News

1. Jim32: A lady on the call last Wed. said her ” In the Know ” friend told her today Aug. 7 would be our day.

2. Yada: Much has transpired that involves running a country that isn’t in our preview. Much is scheduled to take place before, during and after the RV. The after part we will not concern ourselves with. There is no reason to not see this RV right now and I believe this week!

3. Harambe: Bloomberg: Investors just made a big bet on global growth and a soft d​ollar:​-a-big-bet-on-global-growth-and-soft-dollar

E. Aug. 7 2017 11:42 am EDT KTFA News: “New Found Wealth?” – Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News Don961:

1. Recent figures published by the Bank of Spain covering the first quarter of 2017 show household wealth was on the rise.

2. Based on growth forecast data South Korea’s per capita gross domestic product was expected to edge past Italy’s in 2018.

3. CPI Financial reported that Saturday’s release of the Swiss manufacturing PMI for July at 60.9 was the highest level recorded since Feb. 2011, as well as was last Friday’s strong reading of the broad-based KOF barometer for the same month. Both signal increasing cyclical momentum for Switzerland during the current economic upturn driven by the Eurozone.

4. Were higher oil prices a catalyst for increased exchange rates within a time frame?

F. Aug. 7 2017 8:56 am EDT Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: “Revolution to Spread” — August 7, 2017 (Fulford discusses the present state of our global monetary system without taking into account the forming of BRICS, or the Global Currency Reset. He suggests a general public use of monies dedicated to humanitarian projects would solve some problems.)

G. Humanitarian Project: Humanitarian: Veteran Building a Free Tiny House Com…

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 7 2017 posted Aug 7/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 7 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 6 2017 10:04 pm EDT Operation Disclosure GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 6, 2017 READ FULL SITREP

1. The RV was scheduled to go last night Aug. 5.

2. The remaining Senate and House Cabal members had no choice now but to surrender their allegiance to the Cabal in return for amnesty.

3. The Republic was already secretly GESARA compliant since the signing of the Sanctions Bill.

4. USA, Inc. being in control was a facade for the public.

5. McCain backstabbed his own Zionist buddies and the remaining Cabal were running out of time.

B. Aug. 6 2017 10:01 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Stalemate” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – August 6, 2017

1. We had from five credible sources that the RV was scheduled to go last night Aug. 5.

2. Trump per his own resignation agreement was to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the political and media shit storm was scheduled start. But it didn’t happen.

3. All remaining Cabal members of the Senate and House suddenly surrendered their last Cabal allegiances and asked for both their amnesty and SKR packages returned for passing GESARA reforms when they come back from recess in Sept.

4. The Elders said yes to the new round of pro GESARA voting (which was originally had the RV hidden in the healthcare bill), but no to the IQD SKRs. That’s where we sat today Sun. Aug. 6.

5. The Republic was already GESARA compliant, and publicly approved through the Russian Sanctions Bill President Trump signed last week, begrudgingly. Though the public still believed that the USA, Inc. had autonomous Senators and Congressmen actually making organic laws.

6. By not going through the motions of a public vote for new laws already agreed to and signed by the restored Republic internationally, old USA, Inc politicians in essence gave off the deceitful appearance of still being in control of the nation’s affairs. In truth they had zero control of anything and were just being allowed to finish out their terms in office so the general voting public and casual investor didn’t panic.

7. That’s how McCain royally screwed with dissenting Cabal members. By not approving the Healthcare Bill he temporarily stopped the RV yes, but he also wiped out all amnesty packages in both chambers (Republican & Democrat) including all their pre-converted SKR (IQD) currency packages. He penalized his own kind for disloyalty to the Zionist agenda. (The alternative was voting in the RV to free humanity.)

8. Now we believe they were re-negotiating a new exit package for all remaining Cabal minions in both chambers of Congress with McCain as the Cabal’s lead negotiator. Meaning, the good guys not the bad guys, held off releasing the RV this time in order to create an even smoother transition from dark to light for us, and an even safer exchange environment.

9. How long that will be we don’t know yet – and probably won’t till the 800#s actually released. But my goodness are we close to pay dirt.

10. We know how badly these out-going politicians all wanted their money. The Cabal had their chance at a peaceful surrender, but McCain made their final decisions for them all on both sides of the aisle. There’s no need for any of them anymore legally, politically or publicly. So they were all are facing complete irrelevance without the prospect of riches from the RV.

11. Remember when all the politicians got SKR’d early and at super high contract rates? This was why. They were never going to get a red cent because their nature was to lie. Now they were begging for forgiveness so they could remain relevant within the new economic system. But guess what: Oh hell no!

12. Could we go tonight Aug. 6 EDT? Maybe.

13. Check back around midnight tonight Aug. 6 EDT. We should know more about the negotiations as we hear that midnight EDT is their last cut off for taking the amnesty option only, less any money.

C. Aug. 6 2017 8:51 pm EDT Weekly ZAP Report: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 8.6.17

1. It will not be long now. Many things are to transpire this coming week on the world stage.

2. The Elders have begun their release process. Not much information is available, but it is all happening. It is not finished yet, but well advanced.

3. As these releases occur security concerns are at the forefront.

4. Rumor mills manage to get some truth from time to time, which sparks a great deal of speculation, which turns into gospel truth (unfortunately) after two or three repeats on the Net. Disinformation and misdirection are rampant to take your eyes off the real activity. Practice discernment.

5. This month of Aug. is a special month for all of us. Many things will happen.

D. Aug. 6 2017 10:01 pm EDT Bluwolf Intel Update: “Still Holding” – Bluwolf Intel Update 8-6-17

1. My main source is still High Alert awaiting the signal. Lock down is in place.

2. The Sparks Depository says that Native Americans allegedly have been paid. This had to happen for us to go live.

3. Robert Won’s team set the assets and Cottrell dropped the codes, or so I’m told.


4. The US President has to be out of the White House for the US RV to take effect. (Trump was said to supposedly be on a working vacation until Aug. 21)

5. The Congress and Senate has to be out of Washington for the Republic to take effect. (The Congress and Senate were recessed the month of Aug.)

6. The world was supposed to make very significant and positive changes at all levels today Sunday Aug. 6. Blu

E. Aug. 6 2017 8:56 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Fatigue” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – August 6, 2017

1. This Aug. 5 Saturday’s passing without the RV was particularly difficult because the NPTB tee’d up the politics to take down Trump via a special prosecutor firing–which will ultimately happen, but certainly did not yesterday.

2. We’ve been told they expect less than one million global private redeemer’s, down from three million at the start of 2017, and five million at the start of 2016. What does this say for a release later in the week or month? Not sure.

3. How much time do they feel they need? Not very long clearly.

4. We do know all global financial reforms are to complete worldwide by Aug. 21, 2017 – which begins a rare total solar eclipse that hasn’t happened since the USA, Inc. was founded in the 1870’s.

5. We believe there is a firm schedule for the RV release. Understanding when that may be is the task at hand, discerning exactly what day and time is a science.

6. Keep a watch eye on the Trump Dump, because soon new leadership, government and currency will instantly begin.

7. So stay the course Zimlandians. Have faith. And carry on with dignity. Our glorious time is at hand. Together we will get there. Sobeit. God is with us.

F. Aug. 6 2017 TNT Chat Isa52bc: TNT

1. Sending everyone lots of love and best wishes in their new lives of service to others as we soon embark on all we have awaited. The stage has been set for those who are not in the know about the RV.

2. The talk Greenspan just gave has given the general public the needed explanation for what is to come.​ecause-of-abnormally-low-interest-rates.html

3. IMHO, I truly believe we are witnessing the end of our journey play out before or very eyes. The world knows and respects Greenspan (whether you like him or not), people listen to him.

4. The market opening worldwide and the forex markets this afternoon should prove quite interesting!!!

5. May everyone move forward with their life’s purpose of service to those in need. We have all been chosen for this incredible journey of helping to make this world a better place for all living beings! Peace and love to all!!! (((bye))) (((wildly waving)))

G. Aug. 6 2017 1:10 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report on the Zim: “Evergreen” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – August 6, 2017

1. When printed back in 2008, the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank knew full well that the face values of their ZIM currency was not logical. Yet, not only did they go forward with the issue by a well respected German printer, they did so on bond paper.

2. The Chinese Elders fully backed the Zimbabwe government and Central Bank’s desire to issue a 2008-2009 currency/bond note, so much so they recruited their own German currency/sovereign bond printer to sabotage the Cabal banking families of Eastern Europe known as the Dark Nobility.

3. The Elders knew even then that they would one day be transitioning the financial system to the East, and used the cover of Zimbabwe’s looming municipal bankruptcy to hide just how valuable the country’s assets were, which would eventually bankrupt all western world Cabal nations that had no inherent in-ground mining assets to speak of.

4. In 2009 when the IMF shut down the ZIM as a non-good standing currency on the Western Financial System, they never anticipated a 2017 new Eastern Financial System backed entirely in gold that both recognized ZIM currency/bond notes as being of good standing. The Dark Nobility underestimated the African and Chinese partnership and that miscalculation served as the final death blow for their own Zionistic agenda through fiat currency manipulation.

5. ZIM currency never actually defaulted on the new eastern financial system. In fact it was the first currency issued by any sovereign nation on it.

6. The Chinese Elders gave Zimbabwe the honor of being the first sovereign nation to announce that they have pegged their currency to the new global gold standard.

7. When you redeem your ZIM currency, you’re actually transferring existing Zimbabwe currency/bond notes to legally valid currency.

8. If you are currently holding 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond notes, know that you actually already in possession of modern day cash that has long been acknowledged as being of good standing on the new Eastern Financial System going almost 10 years.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 6 2017 posted Aug 6/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 5 2017 3:09 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Looming” – GCR/RV OP-Ed – Saturday – August 5, 2017

1. I have this sinking feeling that late tonight’s Aug. 5 is the night, or tomorrow Aug. 6’s the day. I know in my heart of hearts the RV is looming.

2. Mueller impaneled the grand jury in D.C. yesterday Aug. 4. He waited till the last second.

3. So did the decorators in the White House this weekend putting up Paul Ryan’s wife’s choice of curtains in the personal quarters.

4. Today Aug. 5 Vice President Mike Pence’s emails were finally submitted to a Indiana investigator about his involvement in “shady dealings”-just like Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew, who was quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign.’s-governor

5. Is this the flash bang for the RV? The massive global distraction meant to absorb our attention for two solid months while the world is flooded with money? Survey says yup.

6. Nobody really knew the date of the RV, and nobody really knows what’s going to happen once the T4 release commences, but the entire world knows it’s coming and can’t say a damn word about it. Tonight may be the best of times or the worst of times.

7. In advance, thank you for your service. It’s been as memorable a ride as it has been forgettable. I guess blessings really do equal burdens. Sobeit. God is with us.

B. Aug. 5 2017 10:32 am EDT KTFA Talk: “Just a Diversion” – Sat. AM TNT Thoughts/News

SassyD: Mobile payment system in Iraq aims to help 12,000 farmers return – Aug. 4

Earthfirst: Iraq bonds offered in Irish stock market on Aug. 5:​rish-market-at-a-rate-of-6-752-per-annum/ Readitnow: Sure would seem Iraq bonds offered on Irish stock market with American, German, and Iraq banks managing them screams International!

C. Aug. 5 2017 RV Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. Multiple Sources Reporting in.

2. There is no more Fractional Reserve System.

3. There is only one collateral source backing for all currencies across the globe (the Chinese Elders).

4. The safest time to RV is between 8pm and 2am EDT Sat night-Sun morning when all banks across the globe are closed.

5. Pay close attention to the news today Sat. Aug. 5.

6. If you wish you can still put your email on a Tetelestai contact list to receive the 800#s at:

D. Aug. 5 2017 2:02 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Oh My” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – August 5, 2017

Multiple sources reporting in Fri. pm Aug. 4 say:

1. Speaker Paul Ryan’s furniture and decoration choices were moved into the White House today Fri. Aug. 4.

2. Trump never seriously moved into the White House in terms of bringing his personal effects from New York because he didn’t believe he would be there long, because he never expected to win, and why he took so much money from foreign governments and businessmen seeking favor. (Muller expected to charge Trump with tax fraud. Trump expected to resign rather than face impeachment.)

3. Neither Presidential candidate is required to repay campaign contributions per US election laws. So whomever lost made a heap of money – no wonder the Clinton camp took another one for team (Obama’s 2008 Democratic nomination was the first). In fact, both Trump and Clinton took so many bribes from foreign sources prior to the 2016 election, sources insist the “witch hunt” he speaks of would have gone down the same way for either candidate – ending in resignation before being impeached.

4. HSBC eliminated all vacation days through Labor Day – except traders who are to report back to work on Sept. 4.

5. Wells Fargo has been completely taken out of transaction decision making for RV off site redemption centers, and now waits like every other second tier bank. Also WF lost BofA branch extension privileges post RV. Expect HSBC to absorb all BofA locations to expand their North American footprint.

6. There is only one collateral source (Chinese Elders) backing all revalued currencies and bonds. There is no more fractional reserve system period. Making all currencies and bonds on an equal par against a common gold benchmark set twice daily in Asia (Shanghai Gold Exchange) regardless of country of origin.

7. Zimbabwe President Mugabe is in Iran to finalize a discounted thirty year oil and natural contract for all nations in the African Union.

8. When Bob Mueller subpoena’s Trump, which is why the Grand Jury was impaneled in D.C. – pay close attention for the release of the 800#s and Tetelestsi notification email.

9. The Watergate Saturday Night Massacre is being highlighted in the media to cloak a Saturday night RV when all banks and markets are closed (8pm-2am). It’s the safest time to release the RV globally.

10. If you’re not yet on the Tetelestai list to receive 800#s:

E. Aug. 5 2017 1:46 am EDT Deep State Regime Change Exposed: SGTReport – Deep State Regime Change Operation Exposed

F. Aug. 5 2017 10:16 am EDT Trump News this am: This Morning’s Mainstream News Regarding Trump 8-5-17

G. Questions you might want to ask at your exchange:

1. Show me the current exchange rates on both the front and back bank screens for my different currencies.

2. What are the stipulations of the Contract rate?

3. What are the stipulations of the Street rate?

4. I want my Zim on a ___ year payout. What interest rates can you offer me on the money I leave at your bank?

5. Is there a cap on the amount I can exchange with your bank?

6. I need some certified checks today. Can you help me with that?

7. How much cash can I take with me after this appointment?

8. Explain how the sweep process will work.

9. Will my account be active to receive bank wires right now?

10. What type of credit cards and debit cards do I qualify for now?

11. Is this currency exchange taxable and if so, what is the tax rate?

12. Tell me about your bank perks.

13. Can I exchange today into my LLC, IBC or Trust?

14. What is the insurance coverage on my deposits?

15. Am I exchanging into Federal Reserve Notes or Treasury Notes?

16. What type of account are my funds going into? (I do not want to comingle my different currencies and would like separate accounts for each currency.)

17. On your bank:

a. Explain your bank’s Basel status.

b. How did your bank rate in bank stress tests?

c. How much does your bank have in derivatives?

d. How would you rate your bank as compared to other institutions?

e. How are my deposits protected against bank collapse, government theft and bank theft?

f. How have the new OCC regulations, Volcker Rule, Dodd Frank and Basel requirements impact your bank?

18. Can I get an appointment with a Weath Manager to answer my questions in further detail?

19. Please go over all the documents that I will be signing. Can I contact my attorney before I sign these documents? Can I have a copy of the documents for my legal team to review?

20. If I have questions tomorrow who can I contact?

21. Do you have a business card?

Questions you may want to save for your Wealth Manager appointment:

1. What is the FDIC coverage on my accounts?

2. How does your FINCEN reporting work?

3. What type of bank accounts do you have and can you explain how the following bank accounts operate?

a. non interest bearing accounts

b. Multi currency accounts.
c. Interest bearing accounts.

4. If I leave some of my money with your bank what amount am I required to leave in each account?

5. What are the fees associated with these bank accounts?

6. What is the difference in a currency exchange and a currency investment with your bank?

7. If I use a Multi Currency Account (MCA account) will my currency stay in the foreign currency or convert to USD?

8. Can your bank assist me with reserves and layaways? How does that process work?

9. Is my money protected against devaluation of the USD?

10. Will this transaction be reported to FINCEN?

11. Since online banking leaves me at risk what is the most convenient banking process you can offer me?

12. What is my cost to execute trades, bonds, etc?

13. What type of additional insurance can I place on my money via private banking and wealth management?

14. What are my checking and savings account options?

15. Tell me a little bit about the history of your bank.

16. What products and services will come with the Wealth Management team?

17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your different accounts?

18. What kind of loans and lines of credit will I be offered?

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 5 2017 posted Aug 5/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 5 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 4 2017 5:24 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “One Truth” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – August 4, 2014

It’s all happening folks. Here’s proof:

1. The DOJ threatened the world today Aug. 4 about leaking classified information which the GCR/RV is classified as.

2. Moving trucks arrived at the White House today Aug. 4. They were masked as construction vehicles to “make cosmetic improvements” inside the White House.

3. The Secrete Service pulled out of Trump Tower today Aug. 4.

4. Trump went on a 17 day vacation today Aug. 4.

5. Congress went on an August month long recess today Aug. 4.

6. Special Prosector Bob Mueller impaneled a second grand jury in D.C. today Aug. 4.

7. Special legislation protecting Bob Mueller’s investigation was introduced on the Senate Floor today Aug. 4.

8. The Watergate Saturday Night Massacre is being discussed on every network and made to feel exactly same politically and legally.

9. Understand Trump has already resigned and Ryan already taken the Republic Presidential Oath per sources.

B. Aug. 4 2017 7:51 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Hard” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – August 4, 2017

1. All necessary technical banking aspects of the RV actually completed by Jan. 1, 2017 for an August release.

2. The entire Trump situation was resolved legally by July 1, 2017.

3. This means negotiations for prosecution, resignation, amnesty and timing for all parties involved in the administration have already completed despite what’s being reported on the news daily.

4. The events are all 100% scripted. Bob Mueller will be publicly fired as early as this weekend, and ultimately rehired by Congress as a private citizen to complete his investigation.

5. Speaker Paul Ryan has been running the country as preselected Republic President since the Fall of 2015. And General Joseph Dunford the US Military since Summer of 2015.

6. China and Russia have used Trump to make difficult but necessary GESARA changes before inserting Ryan, Republic and USN publicly.

7. The end result of which will conclude with US Sovereignty and revealed currency less any national debt. However, the American military will be made to take a giant step back in all foreign policing affairs.

8. There was a hidden power that both held (the US) sovereign debt after default and controlled American assets moving forward until all international bankruptcy agreements can be implemented.

9. The global balance of power has been restored to sustainable levels, which includes the weakening of America and its allies in exchange for sovereignty restoration and access to the new financial system. This includes Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the entire EU.

10. All banks worldwide are again utilizing one hard asset collateral source that is not under western country–and never has been. The illusion was the fractional reserve banking system that has been permanently eliminated and replaced with a modern, quantum system controlled by Asian Sovereign Families. ( Dark ET Annunaki bloodlines Tami)

11. American influence and power has also been permanently right-sized given its true natural asset worth, population size and economic GDP. All still relevant certainly, but in correct proportion to all other sovereign nations based on a common auditing system.

12. The GCR was a ten year reversal process began by the eastern world powers – that will now be deemed complete with the RV release and redemption of all fractional reserve currency victims (who were grossly undervalued by the western world for the purpose of stealing sovereign assets for a not-so-hidden Zionistic agenda).

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 4 2017 posted Aug 4/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 4 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 3 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On Tues Aug. 1 the IMF provided a new rate to Iraq, and then gave them 72 hours to make that new rate public.

2. On Tues. morning Aug. 1 the new rate was active on Iraqi citizen Qi cards.

3. That rate has gone up over the last two days.

4. Money was repatriated to Iraq this morning Aug. 3, so that the new Dinar rate could come out.

5. A trillion dollars worth of Iraqi infrastructure bonds were sold out today Aug. 3 from 9:30 to 3:00 pm (that would be paying out at 6.75% interest per year).

6. Exchanges have begun in Hong Kong and Europe and were making their way to the US.

7. Transactions were taking place out West and would be hydrated on Sat. Aug.5.

8. Paymasters, groups, trustees were ready.

9. Tier 1, 2 banks were on lockdown and ready to go.

10. All documentation for the USN has been signed off on, with gold in place to back the USN.

11. People have been exchanging, their accounts were pending and they should get access to their money over the weekend Aug. 5, 6.

B. Aug. 3 2017 2:14 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Digits” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – August 3, 2017

1. A total change in the global financial system has already occurred, including:

a. Quantum satellites

b. Gold standard implementation

c. Revaluation of currencies

d. Blockchain software processing

e. Lower denomination bills issued

f. Digital delivery infrastructure (all nations)

2. There would be no rate change or global announcement until after the bulk of private exchangers have redeemed in both Aug. and Sept. This was to quell the inevitable rush of trading greed that awaited such an unprecedented wealth transfer.

3. Rates on front screens (T4) were nowhere close to what you could exchange for (T1) as a result. Negotiated rates therefore were the secret reward for those waiting for sovereign financial status.

C. Aug. 3 2017 1:57 pm EDT Mid-week Report ZAP: ZAP’s Mid-Week Report – The Office of POOFness – 8.2.17

1. Shortly I will be with the Foundation people going over final details of their release to us. I figure two weeks to finish my time and get back home.

2. Funds to begin the work will arrive well before I get back.

3. Trump is under a strict silence, but Donald cannot help himself at times and hints at certain things. His latest to a bunch of business people:

4. The new 100 dollar bill:

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 3 2017 posted Aug 3/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 3 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 2 2017 Situation Report: READ FULL SITREP

1. Sanctions Bill signed today Aug.2.

2. The Sanctions Bill is a ruse. It is actually acceptance of the USN, Capital Gains remission and temporary martial law enforcement for the transition.

3. We are at an any minute’s notice.

B. Aug. 2 2017 6:21 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Screaming Triplets” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – August 2, 2017

1. Trump didn’t sign the Russian sanctions bill this morning Aug. 2, because there were no sanctions being placed on Russia, North Korea or Iran. And oh yeah, Trump isn’t President.

2. What was signed this morning Aug. 2 was the acceptance of the USN, capital gains remission and temporary RV martial law enforcement by the Republic during the coming global financial reforms per GESARA mandates.

3. The signing served as a signal to all nations involved that the RV would now begin.

4. The USN has been released globally by the Chinese Elders.

5. Look at the Dow. The US equities market exceeded 22,000 for the first time its history today Aug.2.

6. Has anyone else noticed the media is now actively using words like “gold standard,” “reset,” and “golden era?” Why now?

C. Aug. 2 2017 RV Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. The Sanctions Bill has been signed (That said the USN was now gold backed).

2. All issues were resolved.

3. RV any min. now.

D. Aug. 2 2017 12:15 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Singing” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – August 2, 2017

1. The US/Russian Sanctions Bill was signed this morning, Aug 2 by Trump?

2. That means all other issues must have been resolved.

3. Any minute now folks. Hang onto your britches! God is with us.

E. Aug. 2 2:45 pm EDT TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 8-2-17 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

1. A bank story: Banks aren’t quiet with members. One member said that he saw a rate change and by the time he got to the bank, it had gone down again. So he asked the bank people, and they said to check back on Thurs. Aug. 3 or Fri. Aug.4.

2. The IMF site (International Monetary Fund) said that a disbursement for Iraq was approved (800+ trillion). There will possibly be a press conference today Aug. 2.

3. In Iraq the new salaries (at a 1:1 in-country rate) were moved to begin from this week to next week – Aug. 6-7 for military pay and Aug. 8-9 for retirees.

4. A couple of sources claimed yesterday that the Iraqi rate in-country rate was 1:1.

5. Ray felt that it was still a GO for this week.

6. Everyone at the banks was on high alert.

7. “My political contacts are telling me that everything in the IMF statement is the real deal, and the Iraqi television is incorrect. I am also being told it is close, but not this week.”

8. “This IS the process. Maybe it has to be 1:1 for a few days before it goes fully international. I don’t have that answer. I don’t know that they are holding it up. It seems to be a process that is moving through channels.”

9. “This is a very exciting time. We know THAT it is going to happen, just not when.”

10. “There are groups circulating to TNT members that you have to be in this group to exchange or whatever, that private individuals won’t be able to exchange, etc. If you get such a message, ask them for the facts that support their assertions, because we know a number of banks that will exchange us, we’re just waiting for the rates to change.”

11. “It’s already public, we just can’t exchange on every bank on every street corner yet.”

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 2 2017 posted Aug 2/17

Compiled 12:02 am EDT 2 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. Aug. 1 2017 9:17 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Game Over” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Tuesday – August 1, 2017

1. The RV game was over, and activating.

2. General Kelly was overseeing RV security from the Situation Room with bank chairmen and the Elders.

3. Paul Ryan’s family was staying in undisclosed overseas military base during the entire House recess/RV private redemption period.

4. There were 24 hour release protocols that started at midnight August 1st and were quickly completing right now.

B. Aug.1 The Big Call, Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. In Iraq they had the IMF mtg until noon today Aug.1, followed by a press conference. Everything seemed to go according to plan. Also this morning Iraqi citizens had the new rate activated on their Qi cards (containing their share of Iraqi oil proceeds).

2. The 800#s appeared to be releasing soon, along with SKRs liquidating.

3. Bond payouts were starting. Zim and other exchanges were going on.

4. Red Hot Status Redemption Centers were on lockdown.

5. Banks had contacted certain people and set apts. for tomorrow Aug. 2.

6. Rates continued to go up.

7. Years ago Shabibi announced that the Dinar rate had potential of being up to $16. It was possible that it had reached that now.

8. Dinar, Zim, Dong have a possibility of contract rates.

9. The RV had started and 800#s were imminent.

C. Aug.1 2017 RV Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. General Kelly was now in control of the White House as appointed by the Restored Republic.

2. There would be an emergency broadcast nationwide.

3. Once the RV was over General Kellly would leave his burner position.

4. The Trump Administration would also leave their burner positions.

5. New elections would be held. Paul Ryan was expected to win.

6. Paul Ryan would disclose who he really was and thus, the Republic would be restored.

D. Aug. 1 2017 11:51 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Bugle Boys” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – August 1, 2017

1. Just because the health care bill didn’t pass last week didn’t mean it stopped the RV. In fact, it started it.

2. The RV release requirements of capital gains tax reform were included in the healthcare bill that was voted down. As a result, all Republican members of the Senate plus Trump’s whole family clan lost their IQD SKRs.

3. The Russian sanctions bill now included said capital gains roll backs to stop CEOs and Board Members’ ability to sell off their company’s own stock equity.

4. There were early unconfirmed reports that Republic leadership (Ryan) signed off on the RV last night at midnight, Aug. 1, 2017.

5. This was why Dunford allowed RV release protocols to progress. Fighting Joe was moving forward with the next phase of his delivery / security master strategy.

6. If you lived in a high density urban center, look up. Have you noticed low flying military helicopters this morning? They’ll be flying their final drills all day and night we were told.

7. Listen also for final Emergency Broadcast System testing on your TVs and radios.

8. Iraqi PM Abadi published the much awaited national budget at midnight this morning in Iraq or 8am EDT Aug. 1. It contained the new domestic Dinar rate, though not the new international rate.

9. Watch for the Mueller subpoena of President Trump to arrive at the White House – which would trigger the mass media news overwhelm, that provided the scheduled flash bang, which served as cover for our currency / bond note redemption appointments.

10. General Kelly was now officially running the White House for the RV release and has no other political purpose for being there.

11. Once the RV was over, Kelly would leave the Chief of Staff position, along with the entire Trump Administration including VP Mike Pence. They all had burner positions in a burner administration.

12. The reconciliation process should complete by Oct. 1, 2017. That included our currency / bond notes redemptions.

E. Aug. 1 2017 10:19 am EDT TNT Thoughts: “We Should be there” – Tues. AM TNT Thoughts/News/Bank Story Artneto: Yesterday afternoon someone in chat said that a friend exchanged Iraqi bonds – not currency – at a bank in Florida. The rate was over $3. He was clear that it was bonds that were exchanged and that it was in Florida.

F. Aug. 1 2017 2:11 am EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Herr Mueller” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Tuesday – August 1, 2017

1. President Donald J. Trump’s star was falling fast and soon. We are told Special Prosecutor Herr (Robert) Mueller has a prefabbed investigative report all ready to go. It detailed a decade worth of treason against both Trump and Clinton, reaching into every Cabal infested government coven across the world.

2. In Herr Muller’s report, subpoena power over Trump and independent investigating reputation would begin the takedown of Trump today, Aug.1.

3. Trump’s demise would engender life via the RV, USN and restored Republic.

4. General Kelly was in the White House to control the damage and protect the Republic.

5. HSBC has completely replaced Wells Fargo as the lead bank in North America running the redemption centers for the entire RV.

6. The fiat USD and corrupt USA, Inc. political and military machine was being eliminated from existence everywhere in world media North America.

7. The United States, Israel, Ukraine and Venezuela have all been isolated as toxic sovereign national players with corrupted leadership that must be publicly replaced to become GESARA compliant.

8. Keep watching folks. The curtain for the main event has gone up. God is with us.

G. July 31 2017 RV Intelligence Alert Tues.: READ FULL SITREP READ FULL SITREP

1. The RV was embedded into the Sanctions Bill as Plan B.

2. Trump would be signing the Sanctions Bill tomorrow, Aug. 1.

3. The very first RV date was Sept. 11 2001.

H. Aug. 1 2017 2:15 am EDT Deep State Agenda: Traitor McCain and The Deep State Agenda

I. Aug.1 2017 Human Trafficking, General Kelly: General Kelly In 2014: Human Trafficking And Drug Cartels ‘Most Concerning’ Threat Facing U.S.

J. Aug. 1 2017 Vatican and the Cabal Exposed:

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 1 2017 posted Aug 2/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 1 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 31 2017 8:10 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Republi(cans) – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 31, 2017

1. Now it’s up to military decision makers – who are on a tight schedule with Ryan and McConnell sitting this phase out while their elected flocks are on a two week recess – hence the insertion of General John Kelly into position at the White House.

2. The burner President Trump has been deactivated from service.

3. The Elders, General Joe Dunford and his hand picked gaggle of patriotic generals are bringing this beast of a transition home.

4. Once the hidden Republic government begins to emerge from the shadows (it’s been functioning for several years now) and into light of day, our USN will be released (in China which speaks volumes about the true status of our sovereignty) and instantly be received worldwide as the nation’s legal tender – meaning at the tier 4,5 levels. And away we go.

5. Is General Kelly really in position tonight July 31 for the start of both the public admission of the Republic (all be it soft disclosure) and the actual RV? Let’s just say we believe so from many credible indications.

6. They intentionally created a sanctions bill against Russia, Iran and North Korea to hide the remission of higher capital gains tax knowing health care would be a bust and give currency redeemers even more profits to work with post redemption.

7. GESARA compliance is a real thing, folks.

8. Do the New Powers That Be (NPTB) need two full months of cleaning up the old books before releasing the new books without much awaited USN and new currency publicly in Oct? We believe so, yes.

9. Would the NPTB wait until start of the eighth lunar cycle during a full Congressional recess and slow international trading month to begin this historic and defaulted asset round up? We believe so, yes.

10. That elusive RV is rushing down your proverbial money track. Once the electronic robo calls go out, and the Bank Board members and Private Wealth Managers allow their secondary lists to begin redeeming, then it’s on. The Aug. Gush will be swift and eternal. Whooooooooshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

11. Wells Fargo has been proved to been a lying fraud of a bank if you’ve been reading the news. And wait, just wait, till the Mueller report comes out. It’ll spell out the whole Cabal political machine going back decades, exposing democratic and republican operatives equally.

12. Mueller isn’t even investigating Trump or Russia – and never was. That’s how well prepared the Republicans are to spring into action now.

13. In this moment, we are officially the life of no parties anymore. We serve in anonymity and silence because we must give everyone but ourselves full credit and total adulation. Our reward is being given the responsibility of healing the soul of the world through endless individual gifts and infinite collective supplies mercy.

14. Nobody else knows what’s going on but us. Nobody else cares what’s going to happen but us. Nobody else believes in what’s coming but us. Nobody else but us can function effectively and rapidly post RV. We are they. Raw possibility personified, manifested, trained and emotionally harmonious with God’s Will. Chosen.

15. Everyone sleep walking through “reality” is unconsciously depending on those of us who got the assignment to have both accurate answers and infinite resources so that they (the unknowing masses) may gently awaken at their own pace, peacefully and abundantly. Disbursal of unconditional love and limitless blessings is our gig folks. It’s just the business we have chosen with Yeshua’s blessing. Sobeit.

16. And away we go…God is with us.

B. July 31 2017 RV Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. The RV was embedded into the Sanctions Bill as Plan B.

2. Trump will be signing the Sanctions Bill tomorrow, Aug. 1 2017.

3. John F. Kelly was moved into the White House as planned, to keep order and stability.

4. Remember that the very first RV date was Sept. 11 2001.

C. July 31 2017 2:21 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Augush” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 31, 2017

1. Before we see midnight Tues, Aug. 1, 2017, watch the Russian sanctions bill sitting on Trump’s desk. Why? It’s the RV.

2. Whether it is announced and signed tonight or signed and not discussed at all–or signed by another President not named Trump and announced at a later date… it’s the RV.

3. Notice how the healthcare bill and Russian sanctions bill were voted on by the Senate at exactly the same time last Thurs. – shrewdly hidden in all the McCain thumb’s down drama.

4. This always has been plan A because the “negotiated changes” Ryan made after it passed both chambers of Congress were quietly placed in the bill regarding that pesky capital gains remission (known by the cabal to be in the healthcare bill and why they put up such a fight).

5. This is why General John Kelly is sitting in the White House today, and will be in the situation room later tonight when Quan Yin is expected to release the USN globally.

6. Joe Dunford had Kelly prep all his domestic “homeland security” strategies six months prior to the RV. When it was time for the actual release, Joe moved John into the White House effectively replacing the Trump insanity with “order and stability.”

7. If this doesn’t happen a little birdie told me we’re gonna lose that shinny gold bullion lent to the American Republic by the Chinese Elders, who generously staked our government (for a third time since 1776) in that brand new unknown Treasury vault somewhere in the heart of Texas.

8. Trading offices and floors worldwide are empty due to the normal summer recess. But you guys (Joe, Paul and Ben) know this.

9. If you’ll humor me long enough to recall the precise day, time and date for the first RV circa in 2001 – it was Tues. 10am EDT on Sept. 11.

10. Maybe tonight is the night we honor those who were sacrificed on that fateful day and over many years on multiple battlefields. God is with us.

D. July 31 2017 TNT Call RayRen98:

1. A chart went out with buy and sell rates. Some felt this indicated a public RV, with IQD 125 = $100 US.

2. We may know more about the GCR release after the Iraqi-IMF meeting scheduled for tomorrow Aug. 1.

E. July 31 2017 11:03 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Anticlimactic” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – July 30, 2017

1. Of the 70 million or so expected redeemers worldwide there were less than 5,000 paying attention to the RV.

2. Trump played his part brilliantly – internationally corralling Israel and the Ukraine into their own demise, while at the same time infuriating remaining Cabal politicians domestically to smoke out hidden agents of chaos. McCain finished off both the American arm of the Cabal and Israeli controlled GOP conservative movement in one old thumb turn. They played the Cabal like fiddles, and have now packed up their evil instruments and thrown them in the trash.

3. The Illuminati, Catholic Church and Dark Nobility all folded like a cheap Italian suits. They protected their own hides when push came to shove, even throwing one another under the bus to get a better amnesty deal.

4. With everything else complete, now comes massive financial reforms with the masses allowed into redeem. The problem is there are no masses paying attention. Just us.

7. The digits you’ve so long have craved will appear with but a whimper of interest globally.

8. The exchange appointment will be anticlimactic. Cold. Quick. Abundant yes, but not what anyone was expecting. No pomp. No circumstance. No parades. No bands. No cheerleaders. In and out in an hour. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Next.

9. It’s just a simple little currency exchange transaction any teller could perform, maybe with a few additional personal wires and family trust accounts to set up. Sure, a structured pay out program with definitive terms for ZIM holders, but no exotic iron clad NDAs, or security challenges like we were preparing for.

10. This will happen with unthinkable ease and obscurity. It has to. There’s no other way. A clean one hour appointment, anytime you’re available. Anywhere you live.

11. All the air had to be taken out of the RV balloon before redemption “digits” were to be presented. Now that is the case, here they come. Big deal. Just like Zimbabwe announcing the gold standard and re-issuing their currency at 1:1. Imagine if you had gotten that information three years ago. You’d still be doing back flips.

12. There will be no grand GCR/RV announcement prior to the RV completely. No public rate changes for international observation until well after the majority of all redeemers have been processed.

13. A few 800#s will be given out to diehards on the Internet, at selected Internet sites, who will naturally serve as gatekeepers and share in the span of minutes to an audience of a few hundred thousand – who will eventually share to a larger pool of a few millions and so on, and so on, and so on, until everyone who is going to redeem, redeems.

14. The larger currency and financial world is utterly indifferent. The media is 100% controlled. The military is on high alert, but functioning in plain clothes, or up in the sky via drones where no one will ever know without a proper security clearance.

15. The markets are locked down and shut down for the entire month of August.

16. The RV is a totally invisible event to the untrained eye, and less any sex appeal to the trained eyes who have been watching this event for years. It’s safer this way.

17. Those reading are the chosen few who will be first in line. So much so, the lag time from first responders to later appointments will be noticeably in redemption centers. Most currency holders will be asleep, figuratively and literally.

18. Even those working the event under classified government clearances won’t know the whole story. The actually starting day and time will come as a rude shock to their system as well.

F. July 30 2017 Weekly ZAP Report: “Money…” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 7.30.17

1. We are smack in the middle of the reset.

2. Countries have made gold purchases, and continue to make them in preparation for the age of the gold backed currency.

3. A couple of years back Iraq bought 36 tons of gold in the last week of March. It was the 5th largest purchase in the world, which more than doubled their original 27 tons. This applied to many other countries as they doubled and tripled their gold reserves. At no time in history has such a series of purchases occurred.

4. Iraq paid off the majority of their debt in Paris. To offset Iraq’s debt to the US the World Trade Fund ordered the US to release Iraqi funds held for more than 20 years.

5. I expect wonderful news to surface this coming week.

G. July 31 2017 2:41 pm EDT Fulford Report: “Systems Failure in the West” – Fulford Report – 7.31.17

1. By now it is obvious to anyone who is actually using their brain that something is profoundly wrong with the leadership and government systems in the West. This is especially true of the United States where real living standards have been declining since the late 1960’s while the country has been almost perpetually at war.

2. In the US, the ruling class has alienated the population to the point that less than 10% of the population trust either Congress or the Media. The central cause of the malaise has been a project by a sub-group in the ruling class, the people I call the Khazarian mafia, to enslave humanity and turn themselves into god like rulers.

3. The US military and agency white hats have figured this out and have taken action that is being seen in the form of the Presidency of Donald Trump. However, Trump has taken over as CEO of a bankrupt entity and, even though he is trying his hardest, he has yet to do what is inevitable and formally declare the United States bankrupt. And bankrupt it is.

4. The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion. In addition to that the US government has $19.1 trillion in debt and has $128 trillion or 7 times the US’s $18 trillion GDP in unfunded liabilities. That is the real reason why the US corporate government de-facto went bankrupt on May 3rd of 2017 when its wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary defaulted on its $123 billion in debt.

5. Bankruptcy would make it impossible for the US to keep running its 800 or so US military bases around the world. When this writer first go the Asians to agree ten years ago to the idea of bankrupting the US, the US military dispatched an agent to explain the US would cut off Asia’s supplies of Middle Eastern oil if US finances were cut off. This led to a Mexican stand-off that continued for many years.

6. By become embroiled in this high level stand-off between the world’s most powerful countries this writer was able to see first-hand who runs the planet earth. The information below is based on 10 years of meeting with sources in the CIA, the NSA, the P2 Freemason Lodge, MI6, Asian Secret Societies etc. etc.

7. Until recently, David Rockefeller was the secret leader of the planet earth. He was chairman of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Through various foundations he also controlled the fortune 500 corporations and because he was married to an Italian princess, Rockefeller also had enormous influence over the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge that controls the Catholic Church and the mafia.

8. Rockefeller had the power to turn his nephew, Bill Clinton, into President and tried very hard, but failed, to have his daughter Hillary Clinton turned into President.

9. If Rockefeller was #1 in the old power structure, George Bush Sr. was #2. Bush ran most of the CIA, the $2 trillion a year world narcotics trade and much of the arms industry. When his son Bush Jr. was elected President in 2000, Sr. was able to eclipse Rockefeller by staging 911 and imposing a Nazi regime on the US.

10. Rockefeller was able to regain control in 2008 by putting his house slave Barack Obama into office after the Bush Jr. Presidency turned into a disaster.

11. Rockefeller’s death has created a huge vacuum at the top of world power. George Bush Sr. has lost support because of widespread disgust at his Nazi groups’ genocidal plans. He is also very old and flashes in and out of lucidity, according to sources close to him. So Bush Sr. is no longer #2 or even #3 because his Nazi followers no longer consider him to be their Fuhrer. The Nazis have now made it clear they no longer seek world hegemony.

12. The death of Rockefeller and the fall from grace by Bush Sr. means the top level of Western power is now up for grabs. The group that has moved in to fill the vacuum in the US has been the gnostic illuminati, the group that opposes bloodline rule and claims credit for the French, US and Russian revolutions. They have led a purge of his high level bloodline servants in the US that is nearing completion.

13, At the same time, invigorated by the fall of their upstart US rivals, the European bloodline families have made a big push to fill in the Rockefeller-Bush vacuum. Their top people are Queen Elizabeth, Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

14. The Europeans were able to come very close to using their fake carbon-causes-global warming scheme to implement the Paris accords. This would have created a world government still controlled by them but with a greater seat at the table for the Chinese.

15. The power of this group was evident at the G20 meeting in early July where 19 out of 20 so-called world leaders expressed support for this scam. However, without the support of the gnostic illuminati and without any scientific basis, this carbon scam is doomed to fail.

16. The gnostic illuminati control both the Trump presidency and the US military industrial complex and are using their agents to attack bloodline rule in Europe now that their purge in the US is more or less complete.

17. Right now though, there is a stand-off in the West between the European royal bloodlines represented by the Pope, the Queen and Merkel, and the gnostic illuminati represented by Trump.

18. Meanwhile in Asia, China has now built up alternative energy import networks so that it can continue to operate even if all Middle Eastern oil supplies were cut off. The Asian alliance also managed to co-opt Europe into joining its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its massive one belt one road public works initiative. The Chinese have furthere made huge inroads in Africa and other developing countries with their generous infrastructure work. Most of all, the Chinese are the main creditors to the US and could bankrupt them if they chose to do so.

19. Of course the US still has its start World War 3 card to play but using that card would lead to the destruction of the planet, so the US side is trying to get the Russians to join them in a Christian (White) alliance. To entice the Russians, the Americans have ceded to them hegemony over Europe (minus the UK) as well as half of the Middle East. The US side also still has control over Japan and the Korean Peninsula, including its pet rogue state North Korea. The Americans are also assiduously courting India. The overall result is that there still exists a Mexican stand-off between East and West.

20. The key battleground this fall is expected to be Japan. It is money from Japan’s postal savings, agricultural bank, pension funds etc. that is keeping the US barely solvent. However, the puppet government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has less than 10% support in real public opinion. There is also incredible resentment and anger at the Korean agents used by the US occupation authorities to control Japan since the end of World War II. As shown by the results of the June Tokyo regional elections, the long term ruling puppet Liberal Democratic Party is certain to be wiped out in the next general election. The White Dragon Society is pushing hard for regime change in Japan as early as this fall. The aim is to force real regime change in the US, because Donald Trump’s presidency is too little too late.

21. What is needed is a formal declaration of bankruptcy in the US so as to jumpstart a complete revamp of the international architecture put in place after World War II so as to better reflect current world demographic and economic reality.

22. The WDS also believes the world needs a minimum common set of rules so that international criminals like the Khazarian mafia can no longer engage in illegal wars, looting and other anti-social activities. The WDS further believes benign symbolic bloodline rule in the West and Asia can co-exist with meritocracy.

23. The WDS also supports initiating a new golden age by starting with a jubilee, a one-off redistribution of assets, a massive campaign to clean up the planet and a systematic effort to expand into the universe. A new calendar to replace the Western centric one now in place would also help start a new age.

H. July 31 2017 2:15 am EDT Treasury Direct Accounts: TDA: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason by Winston

I. July 31 2017 12:36 pm EDT Instructions to become a Sovereign National Reallucky: “Instructions for Becoming a Sovereign National and Response to AJ” by Reallucky1 – 7.31.17

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 31 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 31 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Judy Note: The below six points is my own take on what’s happening with the GCR/RV:

1. Most everyone seemed to want the Global Currency Reset/RV – which would put nations around the globe on a level playing field with their own asset/gold backed currency.

2. Many politicians appeared to be financially involved in the GCR/RV. However, some would be opposed because it would mean elimination of the fiat US dollar owned by the Cabal and thus forfeit their power over the world economy.

3. Congressional approval for return of US currency to the gold standard (the US RV) was said to be hidden in the healthcare reform bill – that didn’t pass the Senate last Fri. July 29 as expected because of the “no” vote by John McCain – who was said to head Cabal factions in the Republican party.

4. Now it appeared likely that the restored Republic would have to be in effect in order to gain official approval for US currency’s return to the gold standard, or instigate the GCR/RV.

5. Other nations appeared to have already RV’d: Iraq had their turn last week – suspected to be effective internationally on Aug. 1, Zimbabwe announced theirs Thurs. July 28, while Iran was scheduled for Aug. 5, though all appeared to be waiting for the US to RV.

6. This coming week we were likely to see a lot of political drama play out and such should be very interesting. You might want to read this report to the very end and follow the week’s political news in order to gain an understanding. It should help your stress level to be aware of what’s really going on.

A. July 30 2017 7:00 pm EDT TNT RVAlready: “Still Excited” – Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News

1. There is silence from Iraq and the IMF, but nobody is even hinting that the RV and the loan aren’t happening.

2. A IMF meeting was announced for Aug 1 at Iraq’s request.

3. I think there will be an RV because neither side wants a failure after 15 years of waiting.

4. This process is on absolute lockdown, behind big closed steel doors.

5. Don’t become negative because of the silence. Imagine what would have happened if the Kuwait RV had been leaked early. There can be no leaks. Absolutely none.

6. I have been in this for 27 years. There is a lot of history here that practically none of you know.

7. We will be paid soon. There were precursors to this program..

8. There are others here that could tell the story. You could look back at the prosperity and farm claims programs and others. All now depends on the RV.

9. Dr.MJRandy: The President of Iran has stated that on or before Aug. 5th they are to “add value” to their currency.

B. July 30 2017 KTFA Frank26, Iraqi news announces Qi card payments early Aug: “We Await Activation” – Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA

The Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers announced that in early Aug. they would begin to pay worker’s salaries (manual exchange, smart card holders) for the months of July and Aug. 2017 in Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces.

C. July 30 2017 7:16 pm EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: “Bedfellows” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Sunday – July 30, 2017

1. You’re getting your “digits” and your “RV” and everything that has been projected in the astronomical amounts here on this site and others. So no worries about any of that.

2. What if McCain’s “thumbs down” vote in favor of preserving Obamacare – that was utterly shocking for both sides of the aisle and entire world – was done to trap the remained Cabal minions in the Senate?

3. Some knew what McCain’s positive vote would mean – the RV would be released this past weekend. Most went along with the RV just to profit from it. Did they lose their amnesty and money with his thumbs down?

4. John McCain always wanted to be the deciding vote on America’s future as leader of the Washington political Cabal faction. He even negotiated his dramatic thumb’s up or down vote as part of his own amnesty package. Did he at the last second, change his allegiance to force the remaining American faction of the Cabal to surrender penniless?

5. We can all see that scar is not a brain cancer surgery scar. That’s blunt force trauma. So why the ruse Johnny Mac? Why did you abruptly leave the Senate right before the big vote which effectively released the RV because it rolled back capital gains tax and actually had nothing to do long term with healthcare? Why also did you so dramatically return, only to vote yes on the floor discussion, then to dramatically vote no on the passage of the bill that would have forever killed Obamacare?

6. In full truth, this week’s healthcare vote was really about rescinding a hefty capital gains tax, and thus the beginning of US tax reform which would make the restored Republic GESARA compliant, and allow China to release the USN, effectively starting the RV.

7. The press was saying that this equated to a tax break for the rich. In full truth, it was a tax break for the currency redeemers per GESARA mandates of a global flat tax.

8. Did John McCain screw the little guy voting down the new healthcare/tax reform bill? Or, did he screw remaining Cabal politicians who needed to pass the healthcare bill in order to get their amnesty packages made liquid just because they sided with the restored Republic concept?

9. Would crusty old John McCain actually screw his Occult Nazi loyalists before he was forever banished from public life? Was he really working for Obama as a double agent to penalize the entire Republican side of the Senate, who had fought tooth and nail to avoid the new Chinese financial system that would replace USD with USN, and effectively destroy all Cabal control of the free world?

10. The RV and Republic are one in the same. The real RV release plan that has now taken affect was soley military and must bring in the restored Republic government.

11. This was why a former Marine 4 Star General like John Kelly was placed into the White House after the healthcare vote because the Cabal wing of politics had effectively been eliminated.

12. The RV would begin as soon as Trump was out and acting Republic VP Mike Pence along with acting President/House Speaker Paul Ryan, stepprf in and removef Trump as being unfit to lead, which was their constitutional right. That immediately transfered power of the Republic to Pence, at least until the House could vote in a new President (Representative Paul Ryan), and the Senate, a new Vice President (Senator Ben Sasse).

13. This move also effectively lowered our post RV tax rate for any interest gained off our suddenly massive tax free sovereign currency exchange/bond redemption event.

14. We’ve been on a minute by minute standby all weekend for the chain reaction to start releasing the RV flash bang.

15. That meant Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller would issue a supeana for President Trump to testify under oath, which would trigger his immediate firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which would force Trump to go to the third in command at DOJ, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, who would fire Mueller, and force Pence and Ryan to step in and stop the nonsense.

16. The New Powers That Be were identically mimicking the Nixon Watergate scandal playbook as to assure everyone there’s been precedent set to removing a “sitting US President,” including the bringing in of a military general to oversee the White House during what could be a chaotic, martial law invoking event.

17. After Nixon took America off the Gold Standard the Chinese Elders threw him out of office in order to reclaim the financial system. This, given that they lent us the gold in the first place to start our nation. They did so again in 1946 to save us from bankruptcy we self-imposed upon ourselves as a nation in 1933.

18. Now things were going to change fast and furious. Best not to hold onto the rails of this freight train because it was hurling at us with unprecedented speed.

19. Enjoy your blessing, folks, and go slower than your thinking. This is my last piece of brotherly advice. God is with us.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 30 2017 posted July 30/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 30 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Judy Note:

1. “On Wed. July 26 Iraqi Mastercards and ATMs were activated.” RayRen98

2. “In a historic Thurs. July 27 day for humanity the RV roll out began in full bloom with announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US).” Yosef

3. On Fri. July 28 we had confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed.” ZAP (ZAP’s humanitarian funds were apart from the RV funds, but expected at the same time).

4. “By Sat. July 29 there were five new sections added to the Federal Reserve Bank site that dealt directly with Automatic Clearing House payments (ACH) and the new Fedwire system. It said we would have access to the site by Aug. 1, 2017.” Reallucky1

A. July 29 2017 4:30 pm EDT High Alert Bluwolf: “Highest Alert” – Bluwolf Intel Tidbit 7-29-17 A main source of mine is informing me say that we are in the highest of alerts ever and the number we are waiting for is to be imminently released.

B. July 29 2017 11:06 pm EDT IMF Deadline TNT Chat: “High Alert for Aug. 1st” – Sat. PM TNT Thoughts Artneto: From what I understand, the IMF placed a deadline on Iraq and there is a meeting on Aug 1. So, if we do not see it exactly on August 1, it should only be another week or so.

C. July 28 2017 Update ZAP:

1. We have confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed.

2. If you hear of others getting funds you can be sure they are telling the truth as things are indeed moving forward.

3. We are glad we are not beholden to the RV process for our funds.

4. My travel is set to go to meet with the foundation folks and I’m just waiting for the official invite to get the Visa – that will take all of two days.

D. July 29 2017 12:42 am EDT Federal Reserve Banks Reallucky 1: “So Much Going on with the Federal Reserve Banks” by Reallucky1 – 7.29.17

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 28 2017 posted July 28/17

Compiled 12:04 am EDT 28 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 27 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. A few days ago Iraq put out an addendum to their budget online that had in it the higher in-country rates.

2. In 2012 Abbibi said the Dinar would get to $16. They haven’t got there yet, but are well over $11 right now.

3. Tomorrow morning July 28 in Iraq they will be exchanging Dinar for USN. For them to do that the USN has to be gold, asset-backed.

4. The new Iraqi Qi cards are out (that gives Iraqi citizens funds from oil sales). They had to activate the cards by last Sat. July 22, which they did. Money on the cards at the new Dinar rate will be available by tomorrow July 28 around noon EDT.

5. Out West everything is ready to go with a shot gun start.

6. There is a good possibility that the 800#s will be out by the end of the week, Fri. or Sat. July 28, 29.

7. All redemption centers are ready to go. Tier 1 and 2 banks are fully staffed and ready to go.

8. Zim bonds that will be redeemed will be worth a lot.

9. Last Wed. July 26 our bank accounts went to Basil 4 compliance. The gold backed currency will permit our monetary system to go from Basil 4 compliance to Basil 5 by next Mon. July 31.

10. The Elders have given the go. The tranches have been funding accounts. The funds are in place and are gold backed.

11. Negotiable rates will be available for exchanges of the Dinar, Dong, Zim and Rial.

B. July 27 xecom currency converter live market Zim rate:

361.90 Zim = $1.00 USD (This market rate is not yet available to the public).


C. July 27 2017 1:10 am EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Transtender” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – July 26, 2017

1. The USA, Inc. went bankrupt in 1933 after running out of gold, but was recapitalized in 1946 by Ancient Chinese Elders, then defaulted again and permanently in 2012; which was intentionally done to collapse the American economy while at the same time building up a global military force that could execute a Cabal world domination master plan (motive for the 9/11 attacks).

2. That master plan did not work thanks primarily to these ancient Chinese Elder families who rallied the world’s sovereign families to defend humanity; and they selected Paul Ryan to run the restored Republic of the United States of America five years before he was ever sworn in as Republic President circa Jan. 2016.

3. Donald Trump’s tax returns would be the final nail in his coffin. He would be a necessary burner President who would usher in the RV as a benevolent distraction.

4. Wells Fargo Bank mislead the American currency redeeming public at both the back and front of the house windows, as to keep the RV from progressing – which is a flowery way of saying Wells Fargo senior leadership committed treason.

5. The discontinued ZIM currency was really a secrete bond note printed on sovereign paper stock in Germany – which the Cabal hierarchy immediately placed into historic status and removed said bills from the street back in April 2009.

6. The Chinese Elders issued a temporary transition US currency backed in gold in April 2013 so that the RV could take place without having to issue new currency until well after private redemptions took placesometime in the final weekend of July 2017.

7. All of the above assertions will ultimately be proven accurate and manifest into visible fact – especially the restoration of the original Republic government without public knowledge.

D. July 27 2017 TDAs, NESARA and Collateral Accounts: Winston Shrout: TDA’s, Collateral Accounts, NESARA, OITC

E. July 27 2017 Pope Francis releases funds:

F. July 27 2017 History of Masonic P2: History of the Masonic P2 Lodge and the USA

Mixed messages coming from Treasury due to unconscious folks being misguided, food for thought folks! Posted July 28/17

The Thesis – published on Dinar Chronicles – 7/25/2017

TDA Clarification from the United States Treasury

“Treasury confirmed today those TDA accounts are not a primarily driver of the reforms as much as basic banking access and maintenance for under privileged citizens. The TDA accounts were left in place and transitioned over to the new financial system for the millions of Americans that either don’t have currency to redeem or everyday bank accounts–and could not get one prior to the public conversion…”






BEFORE I MOVE ON – I do NOT intend to write in a dismissive way concerning the position or current state of affairs of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. I sensed the pleasure of God concerning her motives and the pathway she has chosen has only purified her spirit in the midst of the fiery trial she is in. I am not in agreement with the long term effect of unfettered access for all, but I support her in Spirit… I KNOW our belief systems are different and how we approach matters of faith do not line up, but love never fails and we must support and love one another as the dialogue we are ALL called to cannot happen without love. Love is the water in the soil of ascension… To make my point about a week ago my beloved who pours out love wherever she goes shared that “Love is the Currency of Heaven” Earlier today I was checking on Heather’s status and found where someone had written that “Love is a Divine Currency” Differing beliefs cannot divide Love, and this is why Love cannot fail.

Anyway… Now for the Proposed Synthesis – We already know what this is… RV/GCR… Those who hold the basket currencies and/or the Zim Bond are standing on the threshold of infinite financial capacity. Think of it this way. The currency holders especially Zim holders and/or “Chosen Ones” have thought about the imminent exchanges and their responsibility to mankind for years. My personal and network level of preparation is indicative of being chosen and all I can say is the law of attraction has provided worldwide reach BEFORE funding has even commenced. Again this network is not money based but is instead built on calling and spiritual readiness after years of observation. I do not believe I am unique among Zim holders and to the NPTB… WE ARE READY AND HONESTLY WE ARE ALSO PARADOXICALLY NOT READY. IT IS JUST THE NATURE OF ASCENSION AND OF BEING HUMAN.



Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 27 2017 posted July 27/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 27 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 26 2017 4:51 pm EDT Pence Announced Gold-Backed USN: Mike Pence Announces Gold Backed USN, No More Fiat Money

1. Today July 26 Vice President Mike Pence declared the USA, Inc.’s surrender of the old (Cabal Rothschild) fiat USD in favor of the new gold backed USN.

2. Per international treaty and domestic law, the gold backed USN is now considered the lone sovereign currency of the land and may be released globally across tiers of the Asian controlled financial system.

3. At approximately 4:30 PM EDT Wed. July 26, President Trump was scheduled to affix his signature to a document declaring the restoration of the Republic and the restoration of the gold backed USN.

4. Upon this, the restoration of our Republic will be deemed complete by the Elders and the release codes for the Global Currency Revaluation were to be entered in Beijing.

5. One of the provisions Obama demanded hidden within ‘Obamacare’ was that the RV was NOT meant to be a benefit for the American People and the RV was NOT to take place for the benefit of the United States. Obama saw himself as being the eternal ‘king’ and ‘ruler’ of this nation, if not the entire planet, and made provisions within legislation and other means to guarantee slavery and distress upon the American people would continue and even increase. Obama’s NO RV stipulation has been successfully overruled for the benefit of the US people.

B. July 26 2017 4:12 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Eye Spy” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Wednesday – July 26, 2017

1. It’s believed that behind the scene the US Senate was still battling out final post-RV harvest details on international and domestic taxes, healthcare deregulation, USN international rates (yes that’s still an issue) and added banking regulations. The issues were being brought up for renegotiation at the last possible second.

2. Correction to an earlier Situation Report: John McCain, not Mitch McConnell, was the lead negotiator for the American Cabal in Congress. McCain got a warning for delaying the monetary reforms (aka USN) in the Senate.

3. The entire free world was on standby waiting for the US Republic Congress to become GESARA compliant (financially via USN) so we could get on with the RV.

4. Trump was waiting, too. He cannot wait to be release from his Russian, Chinese, and Republic amnesty contract.

5. The USA, Inc. runs out of credibility and money on Sept. 30, 2017 no matter what.
The RV could pop anytime between now and then.

6. We believe even the Cabal wanted a clean transfer of power to keep their sins under cover. We know the Chinese would like as much time as possible before the holiday shopping season to jump start the world economy. There’s incredible “get-it-done-yesterday” pressure being asserted. Everything was coming to a head at the speed of light.

C. July 26 2017 7:41 pm EDT Yosef: “Yosef’s Reassurance on the GCR in the Clarion Call” by Sierra – 7.26.17 “While people out there feel that they are waiting on some things, I know first hand they are not. I know some other things first hand, (that there are) tremendous, tremendous blessings that await all of you. When I say the scope of changes that have occurred, and when I say they have occurred, they have occurred, past tense.”

D. July 26 2017 8:35 pm EDT TNT Update RayRen98: Wednesday Update from TNT RayRen98 7-26-17

1. It was reported in Iraq that the activation of Mastercards and the ATM’s would be in the coming days!

2. They were expecting a major price change for the Iraqi citizen’s goods and services due to more purchasing power.

3. In an effort to increase the growing economy, no taxes were announced for all foreign companies engaging in commerce.

E. July 26 2017 3:02 am EDT Mr. Ed’s TDA Intel Update: Mr. Ed’s Intel Update (Real News): “General Update” — July 25, 2017

1. In 2015 Obama bankrupted the UNITED STATES INC, which bankrupted it’s franchises including our individual Trust accounts (set up under our Birth Certificates and Social Security numbers), which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our beneficiaries.

2. Although we were the Primary Security Interest holders in this gigantic bankruptcy Obama and his rats tried to exclude us and steal our assets by quietly proceeding without our representation.

3. Some smart people smelled the rat and went to the district courts in D.C. and proclaimed that WE THE PEOPLE were alive and well and owned the spoils of this quietly held bankruptcy proceedings (that the media is hiding from its citizens).

6. On June 29, 2017 the proper paperwork was presented and the rats were at a loss over what had just happened to them.

7. Their source of funds to continue their slave racket ended but they didn’t give up. They created a Treasury Direct Account scam to embroil citizens in a quagmire of misuse in hopes of getting some spoils from their offering of “Stolen Funds” to the unsuspecting marks.

F. July 26 2017 Summary of Events as of July 26: Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of Events for July 26, 2017

1. Both the AIIB and HSBC have given the go ahead for the US Treasury to RV.

2. The gold/asset-backed USN has already replaced the USD or fiat dollar, been activated by the US Treasury, and began to be traded on a global level.

3. All Pay Masters’ accounts have been made liquid and those Pay Masters have received a certificate of authority to disperse funds to their members.

4. A 20 hour Congressional debate on the Health Care Bill, (said to contain America’s new currency law that changed the USN to a gold/asset backed standard) started at 4pm EDT Tues. July 25.

5. With President Trump’s signature expected sometime the night of July 26, the restoration of the Republic would be deemed complete by the Elders, the release codes entered in Beijing and the 800#s spit out.

6. As the US RVs and became GESARA compliant the Global Currency Reset would release the USN throughout all tiers of the new financial system.

7. That included the Treasury Debit Accounts (TDAs). Until the Republic had a legal currency backed in gold as voted on by its elected representatives, no account could pay anyone’s bills. Others have said the TDAs would not become active until after GESARA was implimented (expected 10 days later).

8. There were 7,420 plus redemption centers on red hot alert as of July 25 at 11 pm EDT and expected to be 100 percent staffed by Thurs. July 27.

9. Wed. July 26 would possibly begin private exchanges that would extend until Sat. night July 29 (4 days).

10. On either Sat. night July 30 or Tues. Aug. 1 the new currency rates would quietly flip in the middle of the night and the general public could begin redeeming.

11. GESARA and Treasury Debit Accounts were expected to be implimented 10 days after the RV began, or around Fri. Aug. 4.

12. Trump’s resignation was expected two months later and as the 2017 fiscal year ended on Sept. 30.

13. Anything above screen rates on all the currencies required the signing of an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). A basic NDA was 1 and ¾ pages long. It could go as long as four pages based on a leverage or structure payout. It has been said that you could set up your payout for up to 300 years.

14. The ZIM was a bond, not a currency. It was advised to let the banker know it was a gold back bond in order to negotiate a rate higher than the screen rates.

G. July 26 2017 7:22 pm EDT Gold Standard History, Fisher: “History, a Perspective” by Fisher – 7.26.17

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 26 2017 posted July 26/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 26 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 25 2017 8:59 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Defrost” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – July 25, 2017

1. The USN was taken out of its deep freeze in Congress today July 25.

2. They’re debating possible amendment improvements for 20 hours (starting at 4pm EDT Tues. July 25).

3. By Wed. July 26 they should ultimately vote in majority, that which will ultimately become America’s new health care/currency law.

4. Trump will sign whatever lands on his desk. When he does, the world will be allowed to RV courtesy of Quan Yin.

5. Why? Because the USN will have been made law by both a Republic Congress and Republic President per the GESARA mandate. Meaning, our nation’s freely elected leaders will have chosen to accept the USN out of free will as its legal tender.

B. July 25 2017 8:25 pm EDT TDA Update: “Until” – TDA Update – Tuesday – July 25, 2017

Until the Republic has a legal currency backed in gold as voted on by its elected representatives, no account can pay anyone’s bills.

C. July 25 2017 The Big Call Bruce: playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Tomorrows (Wed) July 26 version of the Iraqi Gazette is printed and ready to go out with the adendum and new Dinar rate.

2. The IMF, AIIB and US Treasury has given their go.

3. We should be there at least by Friday July 28.

4. The redemption centers, 7,420 plus, are on red hot alert to go at any moment as of tonight July 25 at 8 pm EDT.

5. Tier 1 and 2 banks are 95% staffed for exchanges.

6. Those who hold Zim will be sent to redemption centers.

7. Anything above screen rates on all currencies will require an NDA.

8. The Zim requires a long term payout up to 50 years. (Others have said the payout can go up to 300 years.)

9. They want to know you are doing infrastructure spending, creating jobs and have a project that involves longevity.

10. Rates are super high.

11. Expect to do your exchange within an hour and have a second appointment with your wealth manager later.

12. The vote on the health bill (containing approval of the gold-asset backed USN currency) that went through Congress today July 25 was important.

D. July 25 2017 3:19 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “History” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – July 25, 2017

1. With Vice President Mike Pence voting in the affirmative of healthcare repeal and replace debate he also declared the USA, Inc.’s surrender of the old fiat USD in favor of the new gold backed USN.

2. With President Trump’s signature sometime tomorrow night July 26, the restoration of the Republic will be deemed complete by the Elders and the release codes entered in Beijing.

3. Per international treaty and domestic law, the USN is now considered the lone sovereign currency of the land and may be released globally across tiers of the Asian controlled financial system.

E. July 25 2017 9:45 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: “Malevolent/Benevolent” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Tuesday – July 25, 2017 Source: Operation Disclosure

1. Word on the street in Washington tonight July 25 is the new, wildly unpopular healthcare bill will indeed pass the Senate with VP Mike Pence casting the deciding vote.

2. The House was expected to sign off on any last minute Senate changes the same day July 25.

3. The Bill was expected to be sent ASAP to White House for an immediate Presidential signature, with President Trump signing the same night July 25,

4. In the blink of an eye the RV magically appears as the United States becomes GESARA compliant and thus Grandmother releases the USN globally through out all tiers of the new financial system (July 25-26?).

5. Then the 800#s spit out (July 25-26?).

6. Wed. morning July 26 is set to begin private exchanges until Sat. night July 29 (4 days).

7. On either Sat. night July 30 or Tues. Aug. 1 rates will quietly flip in the middle of the night and the public will begin redeeming.

8. Nobody by the way has read the bill which effects 1/6 of the US economy. The only logic based reason as to why is to hide the RV/USN/gold standard language that is deeply buried in the bill.

9. Just like that the Cabal beast in America is slain after 146 years of brutal and unthinkable oppression.

10. Simultaneously, Trump’s tax returns will also magically be discovered (and/or released) by Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, who will then be immediately fired by someone in the DOJ per the request of President Trump.

11. This act of obstruction will be too much for Paul Ryan in the House, who will heroically begin the end of the Trump administration, which will conclude with Trump’s resignation some two months later as the 2017 fiscal year continently ends Sept. 30.

12. The firestorm that arises around the removal of a sitting President will serve as the flash bang cover necessary to mask the entire RV process, and effectively distract the public away from millions of private and public exchangers getting insanely wealthy.

13. Trump was always slated to be the RV diversion which explains all of his erratic and constantly bad behavior. The NPTB ramped up his decisive rhetoric and slow played his demise until the summer which is also the slowest international trading time of the year (end of July into August).

14. No press release. No fan fare. No drama. Abundant beyond understanding. Heaven on earth manifested. And not one word of any RV will ever be spoken in the media. Not one record will be preserved in history. Yet your accounts will be real and lives never the same. What RV? God is with us.

F. July 24 11:11 pm EDT GCR Situation Report: “Wheeled” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 24, 2017 READ FULL SITREP

1. The RV was embedded into the American Health Care Act, which will be voted on July 25.

2. McCain was convinced by force to agree to the Bill.

July 25 2017 2:25 am EDT Questions & Answers: Answers Anonymous’ Questions Regarding “Wheeled” – 7.25.17 “Re: Wheeled” by (Anonymous) – 7.25.17

1. Question 1: How long will it take to get Trump’s signature after the Senate vote? Been reading in other posts Oct. 1 for this “nightmare” to end.
Answer 1: Wed. July 26.

2. Question 2: When is the American Health Care Act being voted on?
Answer 2: Tues. July 25.

3. Question 3: Regarding McCain: OW! Is it possible this whole “blood clot” deal with him that sent him to the hospital was put there by a whop upside the head, which warranted removing his eye…also with blunt force?
Answer 3: See Harry Reid circa 2015.

4. Question 4: Is the Health Care Act being implemented after Trump is out, and Ryan (or ?) is sworn in officially?
Answer 4: Trump only gets paid if he signs the RV/USN bill. Trump will be removed starting Thurs. July 27 either way.

5. By the sound of what has been posted about all that has and is going on leading up to the RV Gesara/Nesara, it’s looking as though there is a very good chance this whole thing could be pulled off absolute flawless perfection.

6. GESARA requires that a newly elected US President constitutionally eligible representative body of the people (Congress) vote and sign into law the gold standard/USN. Until this happens we won’t see the RV. Once it happens we will see the RV.

7. McCain stood in the way. His violent assault was used to send a message. He spun it to make him look sympathetic via the brain tumor, but know he was injured in this way to be shamed on camera all week and beyond.

8. If there is no USN, there is no US military or US government come a minute after Sept. 30, 2017.

9. This is the end because even the Chinese want to kickstart their economy by kickstarting the global economy and months before the holiday season.

10. The Cabal is being permanently removed worldwide in front of our eyes.

G. July 24 8 dead, 30 children rescued from Washington DC elite pedophile ring:

H. July 25 2017 6:06 pm EDT US Treasury Recovery Act: US Treasury Recovery Act Overview

I. July 25 2017 GESARA Sign Student Loan Debt will Disappear: Student Loans: Billions of Dollars in Debt will Disappear

J. July 24 2017 9:40 pm EDT Takedown of Trump Endgame: Sorcha Faal: Frightening Endgame Begins in America as Final Takedown of Trump Begins

K. July 25 2017 1:59 am EDT Iraqi PM Formally Declares Mosul Liberated from ISIS: Iraqi PM Formally Declares Mosul Liberated from IS Militants Source: Xinhua

On July 10, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formally declared that Mosul, the last stronghold of the ISIS in Iraq, was liberated from ISIS control after nine months of fierce fighting. (Xinhua/Yaser Jawad)

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 25 2017 posted July 25/17

Compiled 12:41 am EDT 25 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 24 2017 11:06 pm EDT GCR Situation Report Intel Alert #3: “Wheeled” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – July 24, 2017

1. It’s been confirmed by someone who helped write the health care bill that the RV (USN, gold standard return) is buried within the American Health Care Act which is being voted on tomorrow night July 25 in the US Senate. This after weeks of delays.

2. Voting in majority favor of the bill will make our money gold backed with President Trump’s signature and why he was even placed/forced there in the first place.

3. Once signed, Trump will be removed from office and the RV will be allowed to release by Grandmother/Quan Yin.

4. Everything technically, structurally and financially is ready for this endless saga to find closure.

5. Also as a result of the repeated delays on passing healthcare (RV), leading Cabal obstructionist John McCain’s left eye was removed via blunt force by a Chinese General who is here overseeing the RV for the Elders.

6. McCain is now being forced back to Washington, D.C. by military escort, and literally being wheeled onto the Senate floor as to vote in favor of the gold standard (health care).

7. Can’t make this shit up folks. God is with us.

B. July 24 2017 3:30 pm EDT GCR Intel Alert #2: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert #2 for July 24, 2017 Operation Disclosure

1. Worldwide bank wire codes were switched and reconnected at the satellite level to collateral accounts through HSBC, through AIIB, plus through a 3rd middle man banking holding institution.

2. Now banks, paymasters and group leaders await the return connection, which is a single return code that completes the global currency reset.

3. Military, media, diplomats, politicians, international corporate board chairmen and pension-hedge fund managers worldwide are aware of what is about to take place and are in performance ready position.

4. Very minimal trading will be allowed in August per normal volumes. Anything above normal will be instantly flagged and corrected by military ghost teams.

5. When the final release code is entered the world will be free from economic bondage.

6. The 800#s will flow out via a pre-fabricated robo call done in multiple languages.

7. It is anticipated redemption contact numbers will hit the Internet and spread worldwide in less than 10 minutes.

8. All call centers, exchange staff and redemption points of exchange security will be immediately open for business the moment 800#s are released.

9. All previously deposited SKR accounts will fund instantaneously.

10. We are hearing with certainty that a defining moment in the Trump exodus is the RV trigger.

11. Trump’s firing Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, we believe, is a behind the scenes “go signal” that the RV operation has begun and exchanges are taking place.

12. The media is prepared to keep a world audience occupied for a two month long distraction.

13. Redemption associates were on campus lockdown last week with Sun. July 23 off, but reported today July 24 at 6am EDT and have returned to lockdown status.

14. There will be exactly 10 total weeks to redeem all currency holders (9 working weeks with Sunday’s off).

15. Private exchanges are sovereign rate negotiable eligible through the end of July.

16. Public exchanges are screen rate convertible eligible though the end of Sept.

17. The RV will be deemed complete operationally by Oct. 1, 2017 (the first federal fiscal quarter of 2018).

18. The gold standard announcement is scheduled shortly thereafter from Beijing.

19. Current screen rate: ZIM $350.00 +ions.

C. July 24 2017 2:55 am EDT GCR Intel Alert #1: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 24, 2017

1. UST given release authorization by AIIB/HSBC.

2. Banks, paymasters and groups now wait worldwide for UST to activate USN and begin global RV this week.

3. Start time now on Republic leadership political and military.

4. Trump public resignation, administration termination and removal protocol all negotiated.

5. Robo calls teed up with 800#s & redemption instructions.

D. July 24 2017 2:03 pm EDT TNT – IMF Ultimatium: “IMF Ultimatum” – Mon. AM TNT Thoughts/News

1. Yada: On Fri. July 21 the IMF gave Iraq an ultimatum and pushed up scheduled meeting of parliament to vote on the supplemental budget. Sat. July 22 we see they voted it through. An article mentioned voting in Mon. July 24, but I think it meant ratification. Believe we will see the completion which leads to the release of the RV. Be encouraged.

2. Semperfi01: After nothing but glitches (at the Central Bank of Iraq website) on Fri. July 21 and Sat. July 22, plus the website being completely down all day Sun. July 23, this morning July 24 the CBI host site was back up with new pictures. Can you say here we go?

E. July 24 2017 ZAP Update: “Pre-Trip Addition” – ZAP Update – The Office of POOFness – 7.24.17

1. Releases of the main funds for the exchanges and assets redeemed are in full swing.

2. Many TTMs are in progress and very stringent non disclosures are in effect so it is difficult to confirm many things.

3. Internal intelligence points to the reality that I am satisfied all is moving forward very quickly now.

4. There are last min. take outs of some bad bankers as they are surfacing right now and doing their best to either steal or sabotage the processes. The cleanup will conclude.

5. It is a very sensitive time right now, but it is a time of great hope and long strides in this last mile of the process.

F. On the TDAs:

a. July 24 2017 6:50 pm EDT TDA Clarification by US Treasury: TDA Clarification from the United States Treasury

1. The US Treasury confirmed today July 24 2017 that TDA accounts are not a primarily driver of the reforms as much as a basic banking access and maintenance for under privileged citizens.

2. The TDA accounts were left in place and transitioned over to the new financial system for the millions of Americans that either don’t have currency to redeem, or everyday bank accounts and could not get one prior to the public conversion.

3. The old banking system intentionally locked out as many Americans as possible for a variety of non holistic reasons.

b. July 24 2017 10:53 am EDT GCR Op-Ed: “Opportunties” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Monday – July 24, 2017

1. All accounts worldwide, including Treasury Debit Accounts, are waiting for a common quantum computer release code, that launches the new American gold backed currency.

2. This is why valid requests for debt payment satisfaction via the TDA program are being reversed. It’s just not time yet to release the new digital money globally aka USN.

3. Post RV debt relief programs (TDAs) will be the instrument used to pay off accrued institutional debts for non-currency or historic bond holders.

4. Post RV currency redemptions (IQD, VND, AFA, IDR, IRR) will the instrument used for generational wealth and hard / soft asset accumulation.

5. Post RV Historic Bond redemptions (ZIM) will the instrument used to provide the world with much needed infrastructure, job creation and humanitarian project funding.

6. All the above exciting monetary opportunities will eventually come to pass just after the USN is officially globally released by the Republic Leadership & the Chinese Elders (through AIIB/HSBC) who will determine when the timing is just right.

7. A temporary version of USN has long been used. This currency version does not reveal itself in the form of rainbow colored printed bills by the Republic Treasury Department without any Federal Reserve Bank markings or identification. Although the bills do slightly vary in color and design from existing USD bills.

8. Many internet gurus feel we’re close to the USN release. The Chinese Elders and Republic leadership feel this temporary physical version of USN is doing the job nicely in the meantime and has been since it was launched in the third fiscal quarter of 2013.

9. The new USN gold backed bills were order printed and released by the Chinese Elders–who had immediately assumed all global debt responsibilities of the permanently defaulted United States of America, Inc. in Dec. 2012.

10. These same Chinese Elders are the ones responsible for safe guarding a vast supply of physical wealth also known as the global collateral accounts. They used these temporary USN bills to help America and all other nations reliant on the USD worldwide to begin a peaceful transition off fiat / physical USD currency and onto asset backed / digital USN currency.

11. The TDA program was set up to help those without an ability to afford purchasing revaluing currencies or have a general indifference to the GCR/RV. These people will still be able to pay off their debts long term and gently receive GESARA benefits via their Internet connection and Social Security number.

12. All above asset classes are in limbo, existing in a temporary state of abundant wealth mind pre-RV. This includes those considerably more valuable currencies and historic bonds.

13. Please try to remain patient, calm, appreciative and respectful to this invisible process that has been lovingly created to protect and provide for everyone worldwide for many generations.

c. July 24 2017 9:10 pm EDT Intel on the TDAs Goldfish Report by Whoof: “This is Real Intel” by Whoof – 7.24.17

1. The problem (with the TDAs) is the Federal Reserve was taken over and 800 trillion in stolen funds was found. That’s our money but it’s not yet understood by the new powers that be.

2. By following the old system of cabal rules that still exist without the new changes that are not yet in place, you can be prosecuted. (One guy is being prosecuted for buying an 800k RV).

3. It’s definitely our money that was stolen from us that has been there since the 20’s and can be used to pay debts probably now without any problems, but the high value purchases part is still risky until this is all ironed out with our new restored government.

4. It’s only been 2 weeks since the Treasury took over the Federal Reserve and found this 800T.

5. The US Citizen was not made aware by the OPTW that everything they owned was pledged to the corporation. So we were tricked into paying taxes etc. Therefore, the 800T that is there that is called the Treasury Direct Accounts is stolen money.

6. What people have done in the past is to try to take the stolen money and were prosecuted but it appears that perhaps it may be a beta test going on by the NPTB but no one really knows yet.

7. Btw Trump is President of USA Inc. He did not take the Constitutional oath of office. Which makes him a burner President when the Republic is announced.

d. July 24 2017 8:37 pm EDT TDA Clarification by Fisher: “Re: TDA Clarification” by Fisher – 7.24.17

1. Re: TDA Clarification from the United States Treasury The question is simple: Why is this put the way it is written and what does it really mean?

2. Heather Tucci alluded to the fact that she expected “government” to cave in and make an “announcement” that we all would have unfettered accesst to the TDA accounts, to use in whatever way we wanted. Is this that announcement?

3. Transitioned over to the new financial system for non-currency holders and those without a regular bank account. Could it be stated in a more convoluted and obtuse manner?

G. July 24 2017 2:45 am EDT Fulford Report: “The Road to Rome” – Fulford Report – 7.24.17 By benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

1. The rogue states of Saudi Arabia and Israel are under massive attack from a Russian, Chinese, Pentagon and Iranian alliance and will have no choice but to surrender.

2. Their leadership is going to be forced to expose who gives them their orders and they will point to Rome and the black sun worshippers at the P2 freemason lodge who are behind such acts of terror as 911 and most of the world’s troubles. Then it will be game over and a world revolution leading to world peace will take place.

3. If you look behind Saudi Arabia and its pseudo-Muslim Satan worshipping ruling family, you will find the P2 and their black sun.

4. Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia are all in the crosshairs together – controlled by Khazarian mafia bloodline families, including the old Roman families who control the P2 Freemason lodge.

5. At the last G20 meeting Pope Francis was together with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, leading the chorus for the Paris accords, while Trump opposed it. The Paris Accords are really an attempt by the bloodline families to appear as gentle sheeple herders in order to stay in power and create a world government controlled by them.

6. Opposition to the Paris accords by Trump is really gnostic illuminati opposition to continued bloodline rule. The gnostic illuminati claim they have fought against bloodline rule for thousands of years and take credit for the French, US and Russian revolutions. Their leaders say they are now pushing for a world revolution against bloodline rule.

7. What we are seeing reflected in recent news is a continuation of a civil war in the West with countries still controlled by Khazarian bloodline families (Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel) being attacked by those no longer under their control (the US, Russia, Iran etc.). France is also being pulled out of its alliance with Germany which is why the Daesh supporting top French general Pierre de Villiers was fired, Pentagon sources say. Clearly the tide is turning against the bloodline controlled countries.

8. Inside the US, the neocon Khazarian servants had a huge loss as Trump was forced to renew a deal with Iran despite his previous posturing against that country. The purge of bloodline servants also continues with warmongering Senator and Daesh (ISIS) founder John McCain getting malignant brain cancer. He joins George Soros, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Clintons and many others in the garbage can of history.

9. The bloodlines are fighting back against this ongoing purge with their “Russia did it” campaign. Thus, last week Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s security adviser, was giving secret testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Russian interference” in the US election. “Russian interference,” is a Khazarian bloodline family code name for the gnostic Illuminati.

10. Now their pet politicians in Congress (who are supported by less than 10% of the US population) are trying to place a new set of sanctions against Russia that are tantamount to a declaration of war. Of course the US military will ignore these bribed actors but what they really should be doing is rounding them up and putting them in jail.

11. If you want to know just how corrupt the Western power structure is, I highly recommend you listen to this 37 minute interview with Tony Gambino, former top boss of the Gambino crime family.

12. The bloodline families think they are doing God’s work by forcing Islam and Christianity to mix and merge so that they can unify monotheism, according to various P2 officials I have interviewed. They also want to create Eurabia, ruled from Jerusalem, as a step on their road to creating a fascist world government.

13. Their plan is now unravelling in Asia as well as in Europe. In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent yet another robot into the Fukushima reactors only to have them once again find nothing. That is because the official story of a reactor melt-down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic bombs placed there by the Israeli company Magna BSP. This is going to be public knowledge soon because the CIA and the Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack that it was, according to CIA sources in Asia.

14. Asian secret society bosses say they agree with the Pentagon on this and will go to war if necessary early next year to remove the Khazarian influence from Japan and the Korean peninsula. The Japanese underworld are also planning a revolution against the slave regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this autumn, several right wing sources say.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 24 2017 posted July 24/17

Compiled 12:08 am EDT 24 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Judy Note: I did not summarize info posted on the Treasury Debit Accounts (TDA). Some feel the TDAs are real and have used their personal TDA account to pay debts, while others claim using your TDA account right now was a Cabal trick to obtain your personal information including Social Security number. Still others say you would be able to use your TDA account without problem some time next week.

A. July 23 2017 6:51 am EDT Intel Notes Yosef: “Intel Notes from RTC with Yosef 7/22/17” by Ruby – 7.23.17

1. The 800 numbers were expected some time Sun. July 23.

2. He discussed the importance of a scripture about not to be anxious doing this work. God will have your back because this is your mission, so turn to Him. The Mormons call this “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”

B. July 23 2017 1:05 pm EDT GCR Prediction: “Stacked” – GCR/RV Prediction – Sunday – July 23, 2017

1. The events of the past week have been so lovingly prepared for our blessing they are literally stacked too high to see in full view, let alone specify in any silly SITREP.

2. Just know all is complete. There is nothing left to check off and no fight left in all earthly adversaries of peace and prosperity.

3. We are going from nothing to everything, overnight.

4. The blessing we pray releases later tonight July 23-24.

5. We are Human Angels incarnate. We are. Christ’s Economic Missionaries. We are His Living Representatives of love’s way, truth and light. Sobeit. God is with us.

C. July 23 2017 ZAP Report: “Beautiful Day” – Weekly ZAP – The Office of POOFness – 7.23.17

1. Negotiations were concluded and they worked out details of what is to come. The Cabal will be allowed to survive, but without their previous power.

2. The Chinese want to see the USD be strong. It is in the best interest of our humanity.

3. The various armed forces and agencies are doing a massive job during these times of change to ensure this changeover is done with as little fuss as possible. There are casualties as in any war of such magnitude (not reported though).

4. I can see the path clear for project starts within the next weeks as the firstfunds flow.

5. My travels are about to begin and meet with the foundation people. This is a very significant meeting in China and some changes will start right away.

6. My counterparts will also be there to sign off on their organizations and begin their portion of the work ahead.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 23 2017 posted July 23/17

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 23 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 22 2017 9:52 pm EDT Real Truth Call Yosef: Real Truth Call w/ Yosef Tonight at 10 PM-12 AM EDT 7-22-17 712-770-4175 Line 1:143153# Line 2: 899988# ( US citizens gain access to slave accounts go to    questions in usa go to ) Tami

1. The roll out that could come tonight July 22-23, has been planned for months.

2. Info we have from the IMF, Redemption Centers, banks, HSBC were saying that it was a go.

3. There would be no issues going to and from your exchange and your accounts were 100% safe.

4. The 800#s could be advertised over the internet, though email and by electronic means. They wanted you to get the information out.

5. Trump would be firing Muller tonight, with the news coming out tomorrow.

6. The firing would likely result in Trump’s downfall, with Mike Pence pardoning him.

7. Ryan was expected to be sworn in by the end of Sept.

8. Yosef would continue to be on the call tonight and until July 23 at 12:46 am EDT.

B. July 22 2017 5:57 pm EDT Intel Update: “2 Keys” – GCR/RV Short Intel Update – Saturday – July 22, 2017

1. There are two key events we believe will mark the beginning and end of private redemptions.

a. Beginning: Muller being fired by Trump tonight July 22.

b. Ending: Ryan swearing in on Sept. 30, 2017.

2. That allowed exactly 10 weeks for the private redemption period to complete utilizing a pre-planned Trump exodus distraction.

C. July 22 2017 8:48 pm EDT TNT Update RayRen98: Saturday Update from TNT RayRen98 7-22-17

1. It has been reported to me that Parliament did meet today July 22 and approved the supplementary budget.

2. That made the contractors and peasants happy campers.

3. This weekend isn’t over yet. Stand By.

D. July 22 2017 12:59 pm EDT Real Geopolitical Intel Truth Call Yosef: Real Truth Call Replay w/ Yosef – Geopolitical Intel 7-21-17

1. What we are waiting for is chaos in order for the RV to be covered up. Trump will fire Muller tomorrow night July 22 and that would create chaos.

2. The RV window was always some time from Trump’s inauguration to the beginning of new fisical year Sept. 30 2017.

3. That it didn’t mean they would wait until Sept. 30th to release the RV. They would need at least two months to transact exchanges prior to RV release. A release (on Sat. July 22) would give them the needed ten week run up period.

E. July 22 2017 1:02 pm EDT Intel Update Fisher: Been a Wild Last 36 Hours” – Fisher Intel Update 7-21-17 Source: Real Truth Universe

1. It’s been a wild last 36 hours.

2. Paymasters have been/are in Reno, and leaving with Certificates of
Authority to Disburse.

3. Any issue with a Capital Gains tax has been resolved, again and final.

4. The RV was entirely capable of going at any time, NESARA announcement as well.

5. TDA issues were being totally resolved. The Bureau of Public Debt may be renamed to the Bureau of Debt Relief, and might apply to many, if not all, routing numbers.

6. Paypal has indicated they are willing to play fair. Capital One may come around as well.

7. Numerous other good news items on the TDA, Heather will cover it on the call.

F. July 22 2017 12:21 pm EDT Geopolitical Intel Report: GCR/RV/Geopolitcal Intel Report — July 21, 2017

1. The Cabal tried to kill Steve Scalise since he is the new Speaker of the House of the Restored Republic. It showed how close we were since they tried to take out leadership of the new government.

2. There were three very specific moments left in the RV process. It was all intentional. It was all scripted.

3. The first was coming tomorrow night July 22 in the form of the firing of Robert Mueller (Special Prosecutor in the Trump/Russia investigation). It would mimic the Saturday Night Massacre.

4. There’s another event when Trump resigned. Yosef expected that to be the third week of Sept. (22-24) according to his intel.

5. Mike Pence would issue the pardon for Trump.

6. When Trump was removed from office, it would mark two years since the Pope released all corporations, including USA, Inc. and marked the back end of the RV.

7. The GCR has been going on that long during this transition. The private redemptions were the last part of the transition.

8. When Boehner resigned, Paul Ryan became the president essentially when he became Speaker of the House.

9. Pence would pardon Trump so Paul Ryan wouldn’t have the backlash in 2018 elections.

10. Trump did not know what was coming next. He knows it’s coming, but didn’t have control over anything.

11. The Chinese have segmented the Master Plan over different branches so no one knew more than their little piece of the overall plan.

12. Every night, the military was ready for war inside the United States in case it happened.

13. They suckered Wells Fargo into thinking they had more power than they had to track down a lot of hidden Cabal. They did the same with Trump: made him look like he had more power than he had to trick the adversary into revealing themselves.

14. There was an illusion of delay, but in reality, it was orchestrated down to the second, in relation to two events: the Inauguration and the end of the Fiscal Year (Sept. 30th).

15. It’s obvious they were going in for the kill with Trump. As long as he played along, he and his family would get a complete pardon.

G. July 22 2017 4:06 pm EDT Yosef has Exchanged Dionysius: “Yosef has Exchanged” by Lucinda Dionysius – 7.22.17

1. Per my latest post:

2. I found Ruby’s post at 6:36 am EDT July 21: “Yosef has Exchanged”

3. There was some discussion about it in last night’s RTC:
The caller spoke to Dr. WC about it, and she basically confirmed it.

H. July 22 2017 12:23 pm EDT TDA Account Payments: “About the Payments Made they are Final” by Reallucky1 – 7.22.17

I. July 22 2017 US Treasury Account under your SSN & Birth Certificate Part 1 Fisher, Tank, Harvey, Heather:

Operation Disclosure ALERT – July 24, 2017Sunday- UST given release authorization by AIIB/HSBC.- Banks, paymasters and groups now wait worldwide for UST to activate USN and begin global RV this week.- Start time now on Republic leadership political and military.- Trump public resignation, administration termination and removal protocol all negotiated.Monday– Robo calls teed up with 800#s & redemption instructions.
“Say It” – RV Obscurity – Monday – July 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 22 2017 posted July 22/17

Compiled 12:03 am EDT 22 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

A. July 21 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny) Replay: 641.715.0623, pin: 409029#

1. We had expectation of things happening this week. With the reports that came in I would say the timetable has shifted.

2. Had reports that they are no longer doing currency exchanges at airport kiosks and people were referred to the banks for exchange of currencies. Instructions came from the International Currency Exchange, ICE, due to a large volume of exchange activity.

3. Contractors: adjustments to their pay scale were expected this week (due July 21). Have not received confirmation that happened yet.

4. I’m still okay with this GCR/RV going by tomorrow through Monday.

5. As of today July 21 there were 52 banks exchanging Iraqi Dinar, including in Hawaii.

B. July 20 2017 11:54 pm EDT KTFA StephenMac63: “Saturday into Sunday” – Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News/Frank26 Video Update

1. Iraq will start their business week on Sun. July 23. That pay period has to be entered by July 21 and they get paid at the end of the month.

2. Iraq was soon to be selling a bond that can only be international at international rates.

3. I am looking toward (the RV) coming Sat. night July 22 at 11 pm Mountain Time.

4. They may do it sooner, but it only makes sense to start a business week with a new rate before the beginning.

C. July 20 11:55 pm EDT KTFA Backdoc Update: “Something Huge has to Happen” – KTFA Backdoc Update 7-20-17

1. Something huge has to happen prior to the public viewing. The very concept of value is soon to be re-determined. The universal currency, gold, is being used for settling debt with the US, not Petro Dollars. Russia is settling debts in the yellow metal

2. On Feb. 8 2017 the asset-backed Dinar fully connected to the asset-backed digital dollar. According to the IMF White Papers the asset-backed digital currencies can only freely exchange with another asse-backed digital currency. Non asset-backed currencies must be converted to be exchanged.

3. Although countries have been using digital currencies at a country to country level for about three years, it has only been recently that we have seen all countries prepared to completely shift to the global new reality.

4. Tomorrow July 21 brings us to a 90 day window from April 21 when the two Shia brothers met in DC with the IMF and World Bank. The Shia brothers were given a rate to start with by the IMF.

5. A few days later Iraq received a demand letter from the IMF to RV their currency, which they did on April 28th.

6. Some time between April 28th and May 15th Iraq dropped their first zero and went international. I believe it was on May 11th.

7. (Iraq) used contracts, country to country, to raise the value of their currency. Those contracts went from the 10th to the 15th of each month.

8. On May 15th they went international at the country to country level.

9. On Sun. June 11 Iraq dropped their second zero. We saw the article. It was implemented on June 12th.

10. The third zero was dropped around July 11 IMO.

11. Tomorrow July 21 will conclude an amazing quarter of IMF requirements.

12. Selling US asset-backed dollar bonds is huge because it is the digital dollar bonds they will sell.

13, Time is running out since we approach a new fiscal year on Oct. 1.

D. July 21 2017 6:52 pm EDT KTFA Doc.K: “Only a Matter of Time” – Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26

1. Today July 21 the Iraqi Dinar dropped 99%.

2. It went from $1170.71 Dinar to USD to $11.79 Dinar to USD.

3. Another way of saying it is that the Dinar went from:
1 IQD = $.08 & 1/2 cents USD to 11.79 IQD = $1 USD

E. July 21 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: Friday Update from TNT RayRen98 7-21-17

1. Iraqi TV is broadcasting the governor of the CBI stating that victory regarding the economic reforms throughout all of Iraq will be in the next few days. (Woo Hoo!)

2. He also reportedly stated that the IMF support would cease if this completion did not actually happen. (Woo Hoo again!)

3. Citizens in specific areas can not confirm release of lower denoms. They are saying the supplementary budget must be passed. PM Abadi is projecting passing of the budget by the end of the month. However, Parliament is supposed to have it on the agendatomorrow July 22 for consideration and disposition.

4. It is anticipated that once the vote is passed, the lower denoms and a revalued rate should appear.

F. July 21 2017 6:21 am EDT GCR Update Summary: GCR/RV Update – Intel Summation – Various Provider Notes – July 20, 2017

Summary of Wed.-Thurs. Posts from various providers:

1. Yesterday July 19 we were told 5 different release times, but it did not go and no one can explain why yet.

2. Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. There is a new IMF office in Baghdad and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has a new website.

3. The rates are being traded up on the markets. They are higher than you were expecting, so be prepared.

4. We have an all new SWIFT system. There was a glitch in it during the day yesterday and again last night July 19.

5. Redemption centers remain on hot status and won’t turn off their hot status until after the RV release.

6. Tiers 1,2,3 and 4 could be paid out at any time, along with the 800 number release. Notification for all will come at the same time.

7. On the US Citizen Treasury Debit Accounts:

a. On July 19 Amazon, CITIBANK, PAYPAL and others were informed that the TDA’s (US Citizen Treasury Debit Accounts) would be available/open, which is why Amazon told all to re-process their prior purchases

b. CITIBANK was told by a Treasury representative/agent that the accounts would be accessible Wed-Thurs July 19, 20 on a 3 way call between Citi, a Citi customer and the agent.

c. There were many such inquiries and calls with Treasury agents with all callers given the same or similar answers: Wed-Thurs July 19, 20 the TDA accounts will be “open.”

d. The TDAs were not opened as promised.

e. Two things to remember: HSBC (Hong Kong) said to “expect” something around midnight Wed. July 19 and the Treasury was saying the TDA’s were NESARA money.

8. HSBC was expecting the US Note announcement, which we would be the new currency for the Republic since they cannot and will not use a fiat currency.

9. The Iraqi Qi cards (for citizens to share in Iraqi oil profits) have been issued, rates have climbed on them, plus they are scheduled to be activated internationally by midnight tonight July 20.

10. On July 20 HSBC (Hong Kong) was again advising clients to expect “something” around 12 midnight EDT.

11. Today July 20 an approval letter was received by all paymasters, indicating that the 800#s were coming out very soon.

12. The 800#s could be shared by any electronic means

13. If you have Zim and you called the 800# you would be transferred to another operator who would set your appointment. You would not have to call another 800#.

14. We have been assured the GCR/RV would happen, we were in perfect window in an expedited mode and on a min. to min. alert.

G. July 21 2017 GCR History: “Weight Limit” – GCR/RV History – Friday – July 21, 2017

1. The USA, Inc. was legally created to replace the Republic of the United States of America in 1871. They created the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, but was bankrupt by 1933.

2. In response, FDR confiscated all the nation’s gold and silver to re-collateralize the Federal Reserve Bank.

3. Meanwhile, the 3rd Reich Nazi war machine in Germany started WW2 in Poland, thus creating more time for their 4th Reich master plan to complete over in America (see Operation Paperclip).

4. However, bad seeds bear no fruit and their Zionistic world domination plans were thwarted by the NPTB by 1996.

5. In response to this, they crafted yet another delay tactic by intentionally demolishing and cold fusion vaporizing three buildings in New York City, also known a the 9/11 Attack. This bogus historic event was long planned and meticulously executed to avoid the loss of global financial control.

6. The NPTB jumped their bankruptcy/war plan when they did a sudden margin call on Lehman Brothers in August 2007.

7. When the Federal Reserve Bank and USA, Inc. could no longer keep kicking the proverbial fiat debt can down the road, both the bank and illegally formed mimic government could not reconcile the nation’s sovereign debt with international creditors led by China and Russia. Still, it took over 2.5 years in international bankruptcy courts to settle all debts with major creditors, who agreed to a specific workout and restoration plan for the Republic of the United States of America.

8. 9/11 had nothing to do with Muslim Terrorists, Al-Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden. Donald Trump knowingly participated in this false flag attempt to start WW3 with the Muslim world, and covertly and intentionally bankrupt the USA, Inc–yet again before the Federal Reserve Bank was to bankrupt in December 2012 when the Federal Reserve Act was scheduled to expire.

9. The USA, Inc. legally defaulted in June of 2015 when Puerto Rico defaulted on their sovereign debts–which was where the USA, Inc. was originally domicile in 1871.

10. Part of this work out plan was controlling the US national election in Nov. 2016, determining both binary party candidates as well as the new President. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were selected for this task with Donald Trump to emerge with a surprising victory. Making the Donald Trump Administration a temporary holding solution as part of the USA, Inc.’s 2015 bankruptcy work through agreement negotiated between China, Russia and the new leadership of the soon to be restored Republic.

11. What the world is witnessing now, and some experiencing in shock given the unnatural ascension and overt take down of President Trump and his family, is all just scripted history being meticulously executing per a pre-negotiated agreement from one illegal form of government (USA, Inc.) back to its original form (Republic).

12. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was actually selected to be the post transition President by Russia and China (and major international corporate stake holders).

13. General Joseph Dunford was chosen to lead the nation’s military apparatus as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as was inserted in May 2015.

14. Ryan was suddenly inserted into the Speaker’s role back in Oct. 2015 by Pope Francis in order to run the restored Republic government nearly two years later in 2017. Rome was the rightful owner of the USA, Inc., this his public transition is Speakers was part of the negotiated bankruptcy settlement.

15. Ryan and Dunford have been quietly leading the Republic of the United States of America, making all the key decisions and signing all domestic and international documents / treaties / military orders.

16. GESARA was implemented into force back in Oct. 2015 when 55% of the 209 sovereign nations publicly set carbon emission standards per The Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

17. What people are seeing now with all this current daily domestic chaos and treason (Trump, USA, Inc.) is actually international order and patriotism being restored (Ryan, Republic).

18. With this quiet transition will also come the re-introduction of the Republic and its new gold backed national currency (USN from USD). The USN’s international standing and/or value will appear to remain exactly the same, with all other global currencies quietly revaluing around it. This is because so many nations used or were dependent on the USD for their economy’s basic form and function.

19. So the Republic and USN are simply interchangeable elements of a same larger yet covert and global treaty named NESARA.

H. July 21 2:59 am EDT The Family Office islandwave8: “More Regarding the Family Office” by islandwave8 – 7.21.17 This is a post from FX Strategist from June 9 2016 on her Kre8change Forum she started with Tank.

1. A Family Office is a structure for managing you and your new resources. It’s like your own company that handles everything for you, from finding wealth or project managers, CPAs, lawyers (in-house or sub-contracted), concierge services, security, IT, home management, health management, whatever you want or need or can imagine.

2. They will help you determine whether a particular activity or transaction is best accomplished by a Trust or an LLC. They can help you structure a system for gifting friends, contributing to outside projects, creating and managing your own projects.

3. You can consider yourself as the Executive Producer. Find your Producer (Family Office President) who will work with you to hire your people and decide what functions you need full-time in-house, or sub-contract on an as-needed basis.

4. There are existing Multiple-Family Offices that you can just join, with the structure already in place and the capacity to hire whomever you need personally, dedicated to just you.

5. Depending on your size and the level of complexity (number of projects, purchases, activities, &c), you will want a sovereign office (just for you) or a multiple that you can also start yourself.

6. There are Family Office brokers, according to my intended manager, who can locate talent for you.

7. If (the bank) offers us a shell or skeleton trust, and I understand they will, we can park our funds anonymously, get our outside accounts hydrated, buy our homes (in LLCs, need a lawyer for that).

8. If they also offer a Family Office, I believe you can take advantage of it right away, and then move to your own Family Office over time.

9. That Family Office will provide you, the very wealthy individual that you are, in-house legal and accounting advice. So you will be able immediately to buy that home or car.

10. As for managing it, you can instruct your F.O. President and let that person execute everything for you and choose the level of involvement you want. I will have physical offices and keep track of things on a daily basis to prevent the pile-up of weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports. If you want to be more hands off, you can just get reports. Obviously, it’s important that you trust your management, and have a good set of checks and balances.

11. At first I will use Revocable Trusts until I see how things are going. Eventually I may make them Irrevocable Trusts for security of beneficiaries. You can also create Special Needs Trusts with appropriate oversight, for people with mental, health or age issues.

I. List of 20 Ex-Agents that Exposed the US Military Intelligence Complex — Part 2


Be safe even with your debit cards. Don’t do something nuts just because it is cool.

Final System Checks and Last Minute Preparation

All call centers and redemption centers are made to go over final release protocols as well as test all IT diagnostic systems which we are told has passed the mustard. Federal Marshalls were also put into position to disburse the last batch of Prosperity Packages, Humanitarian Funds and Farmer Claims (aka fines and penalties), which we are told should be hitting doorsteps simultaneously with the RV toll free number release. It’s still a shotgun start, but no one knows the time because we’re running on an elusive autopilot release mechanism known only to AOP (Authors of the Plan).

First Basket Private Currency Redemptions (OFF SITE)

This includes appointments and hydration for all Internet Currency Holders, remaining SKR holders and private contracted groups (WF, Admirals, etc). Only appointment setting currency holders will be eligible to receive higher sovereign rates, and they must know to ask–as sovereign rates won’t just be offered up without prior knowledge.

Know that all ZIM holders will be burdened with astronomical amounts of capital. Thus, the general rule of thumb (morally speaking) is take 1% for yourself and family, and place 99% of your redemption into a humanitarian and job creation trust for 100% interest disbursal. This way you never feel compromised to take more from the greater good kitty, plus it gives you freedom to give more freely, without concern for pinching pennies for personal gain.

Public Currency & Bond Exchange (IN BRANCH)

This is where all straggler currency holders, as well everyday USD currency holders, exchange USD and loose first basket notes (including singleton historical bond SKRs) convert into digital TRNs and physical USNs. All will get whatever their contracted rates call for, and/or convert at the screen market rate depending on what country they reside, and which currencies / bonds they’re attempting to convert or leverage (international rates may also apply).

October 2 – Ad Infinitum

Implementation of The Gold Standard Treaty (PERPETUITY)

This is an ongoing period whereby final implementation and collection begins for all international gold value as it relates to taxable income via the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change Treaty. This period also begins in the fiscal 4th quarter for global accounting.

Expect to finally hear that global gold standard announcement out to a worldwide audience. Ironically, this will be long after all the dirty work of getting those fiat currencies, bonds, and other historically defaulted assets taken off the streets and burned.

Also, it’s wise to prepare your mind and imagination for GESARA (GESARA = Global Economic Security and Recovery Act; NESARA is the ​Republic of the United States sovereign version of GESARA, as it is the ​most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only ​our Republic,​ but our planet, in its entire history. ​Below are a few changes you can expect to experience immediately following the RV

Your No-Worry Check List posted July 21/17

We have been given lots of check lists including what to do before the exchange, during the Exchange and after the exchange, what perks you can get, and what to ask a wealth manager.

Since the diss/miss information going around is designed to worry you and make you anxious about this transaction, I have compiled a list of What NOT to worry about regarding your exchange process.

#1) Groups

Forget about it. Whatever groups there may or may not have been, are over now. Anything that you find now is most likely a scam. 

In other words if there were valid groups you can’t get into them now because they are closed out or they may have even exchanged already. So don’t worry about getting in a group.

Besides, the rates have been going way up so you will most likely get far better rates than they will because they have gone up since the groups were formed and their contracts were signed.

With all the scams going on in Dinar-Land, you are far better off keeping your currency in your hands until you get to the exchange center. Frankly, My Currency will NEVER leave my sight I won’t even allow the Bankers to leave the room with it until I have a deposit receipt in my hand for the exchanged value.

Then they can do whatever they want with it. This is a NO-WORRY item because the exchange system has especially been set up for you, the INDIVIDUAL currency holder.

#2) Rates

There are clearly two sides, those who say low rates and those who say high rates.


Remember that the bad guys are always trying to worry you and make you expect less,


and the good guys are trying to get you to expect more and ask for it. Frankly I am on the side of High rates and asking for more.

At this point Rates are nothing to worry about one way or the other because they will be what they are and that is it.


All you have to do is go to the main Lead Bank, and ask for the highest rates they can offer. Then you will know the whole truth and you will get what you get. No worries!

#3) Trusts / Legal Structures

There has been a lot of talk about trusts and legal structures. It seems very likely that the Banks will have some sort of temporary trust to hold your money in until you can get a perfect one created by your lawyers and advisors.


Know this, whatever holding structure/account you set up during your exchange can be changed at a later date when you figure out what you have, what you want, and how you want to structure your accounts.

This is a No Worry item, because you will have all the money you will need to hire the best experts on everything financial you do.


Frankly, it is my opinion that the Bank wealth managers, especially the Lead Bank advisors, will be the most trained and knowledgeable on the new financial system than anyone else in the World.

Think of it this way: How many financial advisors in the World even know that there is a GCR coming? Then of the ones who might know something about it, how many know EXACTLY how the new financial system and laws are going to work? I propose that most of the financial experts in the world are going to have to go back to school, so to speak, and learn about the new World financial system.

However, no matter who knows, right now and who doesn’t, you will have the time and money after the exchange to figure it out and get it the way you want it. Personally, I am going to “Lean” on the Bank experts at first, to tell me what they know and see what advice they have for me. Then later, I will get outside counsel and see what matches and what does not and decide from there. But for now, this is a No-Worry item for me.

#4) Structured Pay Outs

Everybody is trying to figure out if there are structured pay outs and if so, what does that mean? To me the so called structured pay outs are no different than the CDs of back in the day.


While I am not a financial advisor, I remember a “CD” or Certificate of Deposit, being a certain amount of money held by the bank, for a certain amount of time, with certain interest payments made as agreed. Then after the “Time” of deposit was over, you got your money back in full.

So, if I understand what Yosef was saying, you do your exchange, and if you have enough money, they offer you an Investment/Money Storage opportunity. You get paid interest every 3 months, until the agreed upon time is over, then you get your money back in full.


It is my understanding that this only comes into play for extreme amounts of money, especially if you are opting for the higher negotiated rates designed for Humanitarian projects.


This is where you have so much money, that you can’t even spend the part you are getting in cash. May everyone have that kind of exchange.

Most likely however, the bulk of the Money going to a structured payout program, will be the extra money offered above the international rate, through the private Negotiation.


In short, you can keep only the international rate money you get, or get even more money on a payout program. Take it or leave it. Is this exactly how it will go? I don’t know and neither will you until you are sitting at the exchange. BUT, I bet, it will all sound good to you then.

This is another NO-Worry item because you will not get all the information you need to know until you are sitting at your exchange.


Then at the exchange you can ask every question you can think of and get all the REAL answers you need before you make a decision. No matter what your options will be at that time, I guarantee you that they will all be amazing!!!! But for now, this is a No-Worry item for me.

#5) Safe Ways to Give

Do you hire an attorney to give out money anonymously, or give it yourself? What is the best way to handle your friends and family? Should you move or go on vacation?


While these are all great questions, they don’t need to be answered right now. Speculation is great and even fun, but the best time to make those kind of decisions is after you have the money in the bank and you are thinking from a wealthy point of view instead of a broke point of view.


Ideas that seem great to you now, may change once you are actually rich. It is a different place psychologically than where you are now, and while you can imagine how it will feel, the actual reality of it will be way different when you get there (In A Good Way).

Remember also that you will have the money to get the best advice and help that money can buy. After this goes, there will be countless ideas popping up on the web on what to do and how to do it.


You will have the time to consider them all and decide then what you want to do. In the Mean-Time, this is a NO Worry item. Think about it if you like, but don’t worry about it. Time and money is on your side.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there really are important things to think about before the exchange, but everything else can wait.


You are about to experience a big change in every aspect of your life.


Many of the things you are worrying about now, shouldn’t even be considered yet, much less decided on, until you are in the “RIGHT” place to make the best decisions.


Think of the progression time-line of the coming events, and move decisions into the best place on the progression time line where you will be in the best position to make good decisions on them. Until it is “their time” to be considered and decided, they are NO-WORRIES for now.

POSSIBLE BANK PERKS posted July 21/17

In Three Tiers

Bank will respect the following requirements:

· NO CONTACT distribution, all phone, text and email contact will go through assigned Private Banker

· All accounts must be marked “Not a TEST account” and verified upon entry

· No teller account(s) access

Tier One – Perks Expected

· Senior Private Banker to manage routine banking transactions and business – One contact person to direct all banking needs

· Senior Wealth Manager to assist with wealth protection and growth

· Family Office Service

· Concierge Services 24/7 including Travel Services

· Concierge services for banking chores including after hours appointments

· 24/7 Hotline for customer service

· Provide Excess Deposit Insurance for money protection above FDIC protection

· Unlimited Credit Card

· Available Line of Credit

· Provide highest interest rates available per annum on deposits

· Higher rates on deposit products like CDs

· Jumbo mortgage refinance availability

· No or Low Interest Rate Loans if needed in the future

· No or Low Interest Rate Loans and Lines against concentrated and restricted stocki

· Residential financing

· Provide Bank Trading Platforms and Repurchase Agreement Sweep Accounts

· Access to information on desirable investment opportunities including real state and bank trading

· Pre-IPO opportunities

· Family Financial Education provided for group family members

· Provide Tax Attorney

· Provide Estate Attorney

· Provide Asset Protection/Trust Attorney

· Provide Certified Public Accountant


· To deposit and wire transfer money

· Personal and business checks

· For Brokerage services

· ATM Fees for “in or out of network”

· Safe Deposit Box

· Certified Checks

· Notary Services

· Courier Services

· Due diligence services for outside investment opportunities

· No application fees for Loans, Leases and Lines of Credit

· Stop payments

· Overdraft transfers

· Domestic wires

· Audits performed quarterly

​Tier Two – Highly Desirable

· Provide transactions representation-assistance in buying a house/car/personal property

· Provide Executive Privacy Plus subscription with

· Membership fee and Annual fees to Exclusive Resorts and Residences for up to 60 days with Priority Holiday Access annually

· ClubCorp Private Membership

· Provide Vertu Ti cell phone and concierge subscription service

· Suite and/or Hospitality Suite Tickets to NASCAR and golfing events

· VIP Entertainment and Concert Tickets in Suites/Front Row Seats

Tier Three – Desirable

· Group Health Insurance

· Life Insurance

· Kidnapping Insurance for signers and family

· Assistance in opening Off-shore Bank Accounts with Affiliate Bank for foreign investments

· Donations to our favorite charities

· Prime seats at Charity Events

2017 AdminBill: Expectant of international rate release for public exchanges somewhere on or before the third week of July.