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Healing Clone issues posted May 8/17

Monsanto Accused of Hiring Trolls to Silence Internet Opposition to GMO Foods posted May 20/17

Biotech giant, Monsanto, is accused of hiring, through third parties, an ‘army’ of Internet trolls to counter negative online comments, while citing positive ‘ghost-written’ pseudo-scientific reports that downplay the risks of GMO foods and Roundup Ready pesticide. In San Francisco, 50 lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto. […]

 Vaccine exposure must see! posted May18/17

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Speak up and oppose H.R. 1313 and the FORCED vaccination agenda posted May 16/17

From Natural Health 365We’ve been warning about this day for several years and now, new legislation targets employers AND employees to vaccinate or suffer the consequences.

This Bill MUST BE STOPPED – spread the news:

FORCED vaccines:
New bill H.R. 1313 could demand you get a vaccination or lose your job
Posted by: Dena Schmidt, staff writer

(NaturalHealth365) Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx has introduced new legislation with an intention of forcing employers to require all workers to submit to a mandatory vaccination program or risk losing their job. House Resolution bill H.R. 1313 is called the “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act,” and its aim is to require employees to receive genetic screenings and mandatory vaccineswhether they like it or not.

The stated reason of forced or mandatory vaccines is “wellness” and disease prevention in the workplace. If workers refuse the vaccination, they could be subject to being refused employment, losing their jobs (for existing employees), higher health insurance premiums, being ostracized within the workplace and other penalties.

Legislation opens door to mandatory vaccines without alternatives

Instead of clarifying specific vaccines or treatments to be made mandatory, the legislation has open-ended language that paves the way for employers to be able to force workers to accept whatever they deem “important to wellness” in the workplace. Those in opposition to the legislation cite fears about mandatory vaccines imposed by the government or its agencies.

While the legislation allows workers to petition for a “reasonable alternative standard” to the health measures established, the nebulous nature of the bill and its language leaves plenty of room for employers to choose the alternatives – or not allow alternatives at all to certain provisions like vaccination.

The full text of H.R. 1313 can be read at by clicking this link.

While Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx is the main sponsor of H.R. 1313, she is not the originator of the legislation. It is actually part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Obamacare already threatens to assess penalties, surcharges and higher health insurance premiums to businesses and workers who refuse vaccinations – which the healthcare legislation refers to as “disease prevention.

The text of H.R. 1313 outlines how companies and employees who abide by the appointed “wellness guidelines” including compulsory vaccinations can save up to half on their insurance premiums. This means those who don’t comply will be paying double for refusing vaccination and other designated “health measures.”

Speak up and oppose H.R. 1313 and the FORCED vaccination agenda

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) calls the H.R. 1313 bill a threat to both businesses and the people employed by them. Instead of allowing for free choice in health and wellness decisions, the legislation would attempt to implement a “carrot and stick” method for “strongly compelling” businesses and workers to accept the agendas of big pharma and its paid-off government officials.

The National Vaccine Information Center is urging concerned citizens to contact their own representatives and senators to express their views about H.R. 1313.
When doing so, please remember to express your opinions intelligently and respectfully – you are far more likely to be heard if you are firm but polite when explaining your point of view.

Visit this NVIC link for guidance on how to contact your state’s representatives.


Cdsapi’s Added Comment: Beware of Laws that impose a camouflaged, insidious Slavery that give OWNERSHIP of your BODY to Government Regulators.

I have been warning for several years that Dictatorship and Martial Law (Slavery to the Corporate/Elite Will) is galloping in on the horse of MANDATORY Medication – Medical Slavery, the central kingpin of which is MANDATORY VACCINATIONSall in the name of supposedly “protecting the well-being of the public”.

(THEY somehow ignore the FACT that in the last two decades, the Infant Vaccine Schedule has already produced a generation of extremely sick children, with 1 in 6 diagnosed as neurologically and metabolically damaged. Add to that the MANDATED Wireless Industry, and Genetically Engineered Foods, saturated with pesticides, etc.)
If ever there was “a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing” – and a gullible herd of sheep complying
because of craftily manufactured FEAR-Mongering!

Mandatory Vaccinations make it possible for the self-appointed “authorities” to inject “whatever THEY decide THEY want” for implementing THEIR Agendas. And you can be sure that THEIR Agenda is NOT for your health and well-being.
(THEY have already passed LAWS that make it LEGAL to use the population as guinea pigs and lab-rats in THEIR experiments.)

Remember that since 1986, Big Pharma, Government Agencies and the Medical Profession have been completely exonerated from any liability or accountability associated with Vaccines – Vaccines can bypass normal Safety Testing and can be (are) Fast-Tracked without liability or accountability.

Martial Law and Dictatorship are being implemented, ONE MANDATORY MEDICAL LAW AT A TIMEincrementally and unless these Laws are solidly defeated, we will witness the fulfilment of the prophecy “No one will buy or sell without the Mark of the Beat”
every aspect of our lives will be legalistically controlled viamandatory compliance to medical dictates”.

This is one time when the population can not afford to remain asleep!
The fight is NOW – before these laws get passed!

Evil in the extreme rides this medical horse.

Those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat itinevitable in a society that does NOT teach History , invents it’s own pseudoscience, and is a master at distortion and “fear-mongering” to manipulate compliance.

CDSAPI – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political and Media INTEGRITY

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court for vaccine injuries paid $142 million in 377 vaccine-injury claims since October 1st, 2017. These judgments disprove the claim that vaccines are safe. Adverse reactions are under-reported by an estimated 90%. […]

Inge’s Added Comment: Please don’t miss this opportunity to reveal the truth about the Vaccine program as presently practiced and MANDATED. posted May 11/17

I bought the complete DVD series last time to make sure that I would have the information on hand to continue education locally. , but here is another chance for you to see it for FREE again – and to male sure that everyone you know has a chance to see it as well.

This is Dr. Gentempo’s response to the urgency to get this information out to the public as fast as possible to counteract the tremendous legislative push to make ever more vaccines MANDATORY for EVERYONE

While our children are exposed to many things that cause neurological damage, hormone and metabolism disruptors, the toxic concoctions that compose our VACCINES that are routinely shot into babies from BIRTH ON, even prenatally via pregnant mother vaccinations, have become a major causative factor in the exploding, unprecedented illness/health crises in our children.
The Infant Vaccines are literally the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We need your help to get this information out.
Help us protect our children by informing parents with this excellent Docu-series “Vaccines Revealed” that details the TRUTH about the present Vaccines Schedule and Agenda.

Don’t let the SCIENCE get buried again.
Don’t just accept Vaccines on a “Belief” basis. It needs to be carefully monitored and constantly reassessed as consequences materialize.
BUT the “Authorities” have consistently blocked any reassessment that lines up with the emerging FACTS.
Arm yourself with accurate informationmake sure everyone has access to see it – the public and the professionals.

Please pass-on the availability of this Docu-series. – Running Right Now.
See details for link below.

Thank you, Inge

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Merck, the manufacturer of Zostavax, a vaccine for shingles, is being sued for injuries from the jab that include: contracting shingles, blindness in one eye, partial paralysis, brain damage, and death. […]

The first-ever, peer-review study has been published comparing total-health in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The vaccinated children had a much higher rate of autism and ADHD, at a rate of 470% higher than those who received no shots. […]

Threats experienced after Gardasil Vaccine! posted May 7/17

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: A very important issue that is being ignored – while lives are being destroyed in huge numbers.

If you think that the Vaccination Program and Schedule is anything other than a huge political and medical scandal of incalculable proportions, that not only does not protect health, but rather devastates it, maiming hundreds of thousands of infants, children and youth, here are some links that you may want to have a look at.

Gardasil ranks as the No #1 vaccine in the “Devastation Category”.
But the
SILENCE remains deafening, in the medical community and the mainstream media.

It is becoming obvious that Gardasil was never intended to prevent any cancer, cervical or otherwise, this being used as “propaganda camouflage”. It is immaterial whether the motivation was “profit potential” or what is now materializing as “health destuction and ”destruction of reproductive capacity for both young girls and boys.
I realize that this is not “politically correct” but this seems to be another way of saying “Depopulation Agenda”.

Cdsapi: Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic , Political and Media Integrity.

Please make sure you listen to the 48 min. Interview with Dr. Suzanne Humpfries

Subject: The faces of some of the young women whose lives were destroyed by Gardasil (a taboo subject even for PBS, NPR, MPR and WPR)
Young women whose lives were destroyed by Gardasil.

Above: The faces of a few of the young women whose lives were destroyed by Gardasil

Comment from a correspondent in theUSA: (Shamefully, this national tragedy is a subject that is NEVER discussed fairly in the corporate-controlled [Ex: Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, Big Medicine, the CDC, the FDA, the AAP and the AMA] mainstream media, and also never by my PBS, NPR, Minnesota Public Radio or Wisconsin Public Radio stations.)
Until a genuine Mea Culpa is issued (and appropriate hard-hitting coverage is offered) about how this and other similarly sensitive issues, I refuse to pledge further financial support when public radio stations do their regular listener support campaigns. I suggest others do the same. Until I hear the Mea Culpa, I will continue to send the voluminous scientific evidence that is not being covered by our so-called investigative journalists in the media.
Click on the following for much more:

Iowa Girl Faces Death: Life Destroyed by Gardasil Vaccine

Gardasil Vaccine Given without Consent and Ruins Life of 14 Year Old Girl

After 3 Years of Suffering 19 Year Old Girl Dies from Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret

The Gardasil Vaccine After-Life: My Daughter is a Shadow of Her Former Self

Gardasil: An Experience no Child Should Have to Go Through

I Want my Daughter’s Life Back the Way it was Before Gardasil

Gardasil Vaccine: Destroyed and Abandoned

15-Year-Old Vaccinated by Force with Gardasil now Suffers from Paralysis and Pain

Recovering from my Gardasil Vaccine Nightmare

Gardasil: We Thought It Was The Right Choice

“HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”

13 Year Old World Championship Karate Student Forced to Quit After Gardasil Vaccine

If I Could Turn Back Time, Korey Would not Have Received any Gardasil Shots

What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Our Gardasil Horror Story

Family Fights U.S. Government over Compensation for Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

Gardasil: When Will our Nightmare End?

HPV Vaccine Injuries: “I Cannot Begin to Describe What it is Like to Watch your Daughter Live in Such Agony”

Gardasil: Don’t Let Your Child Become “One Less”

The Gardasil Vaccine Changed Our Definition of “Normal”

Gardasil: I Should Have Researched First

“They’ve Been Robbed of Their Womanhood” – Local Milwaukee Media Covers Gardasil Vaccine Injuries

Gardasil: The Day Our Daughter’s Life Changed

Gardasil: The Decision I will Always Regret

Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead

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After Gardasil: I Simply Want my Healthy Daughter Back

Gardasil: My Family Suffers with Me

Gardasil Changed my Health, my Life, and Family’s Lives Forever

Gardasil: Ashlie’s Near-Death Experience

Gardasil: My Daughter’s Worst Nightmare

My Personal Battle After the Gardasil Vaccine

Gardasil: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me

A Ruined Life from Gardasil

HPV Vaccines: My Journey Through Gardasil Injuries

The Dark Side of Gardasil – A Nightmare that Became Real

Toddler Wrongly Injected with Gardasil Vaccine Develops Rare Form of Leukaemia

Update 2017-05-04 Scientists are warning about brain tumors! Posted May 5/17

1)    When I was growing up I never heard of anyone having a brain tumor. Now it seems if you ask just about anyone if they know someone who has or has had a brain tumor, the answer is yes. Just today in a casual discussion with someone he had just met in a doctor’s office,  my husband mentioned this and the person, who was probably in her mid-late 20s, said yes, she had a friend with a brain tumor. Why can’t we at least have labels on cell phones warning to keep the phones away from heads, and not to let children use them?  The way research is going, it might not be too long before major lawsuits begin, but that won’t help people who already have these tumors….

Brain tumor warnings from scientists

2)    A new facebook page and resistance group in Ohio. If you are on Facebook I hope you will “like” and share your comments.

3)    Re. Cybersecurity and hacking:  All of the untested, unsecured wireless “$$mart” technology is leaving us vulnerable is so many ways. But it takes money to make our grid, etc. secure, and it’s not being spent.

Smart Cities? Not until those cyber weaknesses get sorted

“… the race to make all things smart and interconnected have a raft of potential security vulnerabilities been introduced and simply overlooked? Marrying a variety of old legacy systems that have been in operation for a long time with new, bleeding edge technologies might be a recipe for cyber exploitation. Add in poor security standards on the devices used to connect these systems and the increasing availability of sophisticated hacking tools and we may be facing an uncertain future…

Smart TVs and devices such as Amazon’s Alexa are constantly listening in on your conversations. Your smart meter could leave you without heating or electricity if it fails, and is it really telling the truth about your energy consumption? Recently a customer of SSE was surprised when their smart meter showed they had used over £33,000 of power in a single day. This is a rather obvious error, but those of a smaller scale will be much less noticeable to the end consumer…

When it comes to security the track record of many device manufacturers is notoriously poor. In a highly competitive industry companies are in a hurry to get their products to market fast, frequently reducing testing times and leaving security as an afterthought as these add costs and delay product launch. This is why there are so many devices with factory-set credentials that cannot be changed, and little in the way of proper protection.”  


From: Olga Sheean
Sent: May 3, 2017 4:38 PM
Cc: ‘Janis Hoffmann’ ; ‘Dennis and Sharon Noble’ <>
Subject: Your reply to Janis Hoffman + important information about EMR
Importance: High

Dear Elizabeth:

Having written to you several times in the past, regarding the dangers of microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices, I was heartened to see that you replied to my friend Janis Hoffmann, and that you are, indeed, aware of the dangers.

However, I do not see how you have ‘addressed the concerns’ Janis raised, since you seem to misunderstand how Health Canada operates, and you make no mention of any action that you will be taking. What will you be doing in your role as an MP? What steps will you be taking to address this crucial issue and to protect our health?

You say:

“Canada must be a world leader in protecting its citizens, and to do so Health Canada must continually reassess the available science on these issues. I will continue to stand up for this principle in Parliament.”

Canada is far from being a world leader in protecting its citizens. Since all levels of government have been made aware of the proven dangers of microwave radiation, yet have done nothing to protect us, they are already guilty of reckless endangerment of the public, given their inaction and their failure to tell the truth. Worse still, they have intentionally denied the dangers and misrepresented the scientific facts. Health Canada is fully aware of the facts, yet chooses (for reasons to do with industry bias) to ignore, distort and misrepresent them. Far from being a part of the solution, it is, in fact, THE problem.  

Kindly advise as to how you will ‘stand up for this principle in Parliament’, and how that would help, given Health Canada’s blatant denial of the facts and Minister Philpott’s assertion that this radiation presents no danger. For Health Canada to claim that a child can be exposed to a cell phone 24 hours a day, all year long, and not suffer any ill effects, is nothing short of criminal. Clearly, Health Canada is NOT applying the precautionary principle – or any other principle designed to actually protect our health. The only thing it seems to be interested in protecting is industry interests.      

Please also see the attached report, which clarifies Health Canada’s multiple failures and shortcomings regarding SC6. Note that I never received a response to the questions posed in this document, and that Health Canada has demonstrated zero accountability in this respect. The truth is that Health Canada will never be able to answer these questions or justify its position, since doing so would expose its lies and its failure to take appropriate action.

Please also find attached a report I recently submitted to WHO, exposing its failure to fulfill its mandate of protecting global health, with regard to EMFs. Having worked for WHO in Geneva, I understand how things are manipulated behind the scenes and I have documented the fact that its EMF Project has been funded by the telecoms industry, and is actually run by an electrical engineer who has done research for the mobile phone industry. This blatant conflict of interest, combined with WHO’s denial of the facts, industry bias and disregard for humanity, has resulted in governments worldwide following WHO’s industry-driven lead and completely ignoring the rapidly emerging epidemic of microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity.

To my knowledge, you are the only Canadian MP who has acknowledged the proven dangers of electromagnetic radiation and responded in a positive way. Please don’t stop there. Words and good intentions are meaningless to those of us being progressively harmed. And it’s not just us. 

If you have truly understood the issue, you will know that this is not just about YOU helping US. It’s about helping everyone (including you) who is being knowingly/unknowingly affected by this radiation, either directly (in terms of being physically harmed) or indirectly, in terms of our environment, food supply, healthcare systems and economic sustainability being threatened.

As someone who has had a brain tumour caused by WiFi/cell phone radiation, who has undergone brain surgery in a hospital bombarded with this same radiation, who has lost health, hearing, home and livelihood because of the inescapable radiation condoned and promoted by government, and who has received NO response to repeated requests for action to be taken, I take little comfort in knowing that a local MP is ‘standing up for a principle in parliament’. There are countless worthy principles inherent in the Canadian constitution, but they are meaningless unless they are actually enforced and backed up by action. When you also consider that the lawyers at the BC Human Rights Tribunal are appointed by this same industry-friendly government, and that one of those lawyers spent his career successfully defending the wireless telecoms industry – and now rules (negatively) on EHS cases – you begin to despair of finding any integrity, accountability or enforcement of human rights, at any level of government.  

Together with Janis Hoffmann, Sharon Noble and the countless others who are doing all they can to inform the public about electromagnetic radiation (essentially, doing what public officials are elected to do, but without being paid for it), while pushing for this matter to be urgently addressed, I look forward to hearing what actions you plan to take for the benefit of your constituents, our shared environment, our food supply, and the health and well-being of all.


Olga Sheean





Wed, 26 Apr 2017 17:38:27 +0000




Dear Ms. Hoffmann,

Thank you for copying me on your email to the Hon. Jane Philpott, and for sharing your concerns about the effects of wireless radiation.

My position is simple: people should not be compelled to expose themselves to radiation that they believe to be harmful. This policy regarding wireless radiation is based on the “precautionary principle.” Since we do not yet know the long-term effects of exposure to these frequencies, people should be able to make their own choices, informed by science.

Though Health Canada asserts that the ‘totality’ of the evidence does not point to a link between cell phone use and increased health risks, it is hubris to think that we fully know the effects of all our brand new technologies. The least we can do is allow people to make fully informed choices – and ensure that they have the ability to make their decisions in full possession of all of the facts. Canada must be a world leader in protecting its citizens, and to do so Health Canada must continually reassess the available science on these issues. I will continue to stand up for this principle in Parliament.

Thank you again for writing. I hope I have addressed your concerns. It is an honour to serve as your Member of Parliament.


Elizabeth May, O.C.

Member of Parliament

Saanich – Gulf Islands

Leader of the Green Party of Canada

From: Janis Hoffmann []
Sent: March 26, 2017 4:18 PM
Cc: Prime Minister’s Office;; Ayoub, Ramez – Député; Carrie, Colin – M.P.; Casey, Bill – M.P.; Davies, Don – M.P.; Eyolfson, Doug – M.P.; Kang, Darshan – M.P.; Leitch, Kellie – M.P.; Oliver, John – M.P.; Harder, Rachael – M.P.; Sidhu, Sonia – M.P.; Trudeau, Justin – Député; Webber, Len – M.P.; ~Health/Santé; Fry, Hedy – M.P.; May, Elizabeth – M.P.; Rankin, Murray – M.P.

Dear Hon. Health Minister Philpott,

On Friday night CBC Marketplace, broadcast a program called, “The secret inside your cellphone” where it was explained the Minister of Health, which would be you, was unavailable to comment on the safety of cell phone use. Instead Health Canada submitted the most outrageous and irresponsible comment “EVEN IF A SMALL CHILD WERE EXPOSED TO A CELL PHONE… 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR … THERE WOULD BE NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECT.”

Your silence by refusing to inform the public of the potential health risks by not enforcing the safety manuals mandated by the federal government and included in all wireless technology makes you accountable for any and all permanent injuries to our children.

In January 1998, The Wingspread Conference held a three-day academic conference where the precautionary principle was defined. It involved 35 scientists, lawyers, policy makers and environmentalists from the United States, Canada and Europe.

It was agreed the Precautionary Principle would be implemented when an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically. The precautionary principle shifts the burden of proof, insisting that those responsible for an activity must vouch for its harmlessness and be held responsible if damage occurs.

Your job and obligation to implement the Precautionary Principal and protect the public on this potential health crisis would have taken 5 minutes of your time to comment on the need to inform the public on the basic safety measures of using a cell phone and protect themselves and their children from the potential health risks from the radiation exposure.

Maybe it’s time to read over the mandated letter from Prime Minister Trudeau and the promises you made to live up to the highest ethical standards so Canadians could look up to their government with pride and trust?

We have committed to an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians, lives up to the highest ethical standards, and applies the utmost care and prudence in the handling of public funds. I expect you to embody these values in your work and observe the highest ethical standards in everything you do. When dealing with our Cabinet colleagues, Parliament, stakeholders, or the public, it is important that your behaviour and decisions meet Canadians’ well-founded expectations of our government. I want Canadians to look on their own government with pride and trust.

As Minister, you must ensure that you are aware of and fully compliant with the Conflict of Interest Act and Treasury Board policies and guidelines. You will be provided with a copy of Open and Accountable Government to assist you as you undertake your responsibilities. I ask that you carefully read it and ensure that your staff does so as well. I draw your attention in particular to the Ethical Guidelines set out in Annex A of that document, which apply to you and your staff. As noted in the Guidelines, you must uphold the highest standards of honesty and impartiality, and both the performance of your official duties and the arrangement of your private affairs should bear the closest public scrutiny. This is an obligation that is not fully discharged by simply acting within the law. Please also review the areas of Open and Accountable Government that we have expanded or strengthened, including the guidance on non-partisan use of departmental communications resources and the new code of conduct for exempt staff.


This irresponsible statement is unacceptable, proving you have not fulfilled your obligation to the public by protecting them from potential harm.  It should not be up to the public to prove that a product is not safe but up to the industry to prove it is safe.

Janis Hoffmann


“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”   Ben Franklin


Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients

Written by: Sayer Ji, Founder (GreenMedInfo) Benefits of Tumeric posted May 5/17

Turmeric has been used in India for over 5,000 years which is likely why still today both rural and urban populations have some of the lowest prevalence rates of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the world. A recent study on patients with AD found that less than a gram of turmeric daily, taken for three months, resulted in ‘remarkable improvements.’

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Disturbingly Common Modern Rite of Passage

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), sadly, has become a rite of passage in so-called developed countries.  AD is considered the most common form of dementia, which is defined as a serious loss of cognitive function in previously unimpaired persons, beyond what is expected from normal aging.

A 2006 study estimated that 26 million people throughout the world suffer from this condition, and that by 2050, the prevalence will quadruple, by which time 1 in 85 persons worldwide will be afflicted with the disease.[1]

Given the global extent of the problem, interest in safe and effective preventive and therapeutic interventions within the conventional medical and alternative professions alike are growing.

Unfortunately, conventional drug-based approaches amount to declaring chemical war upon the problem, a mistake which we have documented elsewhere, and which can result in serious neurological harm, as evidenced by the fact that this drug class carries an alarmingly high risk for seizures, according to World Health Organization post-marketing surveillance statistics.[i][2]

What the general public is therefore growing most responsive to is using time-tested, safe, natural and otherwise more effective therapies that rely on foods, spices and familiar culinary ingredients.

Remarkable Recoveries Reported after Administration of Turmeric

Late last year, a remarkable study was published in the journal Ayu titled Effects of turmeric on Alzheimer’s disease with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. [ii

Researchers described three patients with Alzheimer’s disease whose behavioral symptoms were “improved remarkably” as a result of consuming 764 milligram of turmeric (curcumin 100 mg/day) for 12 weeks. According to the study:

“All three patients exhibited irritability, agitation, anxiety, and apathy, two patients suffer from urinary incontinence and wonderings. They were prescribed turmeric powder capsules and started recovering from these symptoms without any adverse reaction in the clinical symptom and laboratory data.”

After only 3 months of treatment, both the patients’ symptoms and the burden on their caregivers were significantly decreased.

The report describes the improvements thusly:

“In one case, the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score was up five points, from 12/30 to 17/30. In the other two cases, no significant change was seen in the MMSE; however, they came to recognize their family within 1 year treatment. All cases have been taking turmeric for more than 1 year, re-exacerbation of BPSD was not seen.”


This study illustrates just how powerful a simple natural intervention using a time-tested culinary herb can be.  Given that turmeric has been used medicinally and as a culinary ingredient for over 5,000 years in Indian culture, even attaining the status of a ‘Golden Goddess,’ we should not be surprised at this result. Indeed, epidemiological studies of Indian populations reveal that they have a remarkably lower prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease relative to Western nations, [3] and this is true for both rural and more “Westernized” urban areas of India.[4]

Could turmeric be a major reason for this?

Turmeric’s Anti-Alzheimer’s Properties

The database now contains a broad range of published studies on the value of turmeric, and its primary polyphenol curcumin (which gives it its golden hue), for Alzheimer’s disease prevention and treatment.*

While there are 114 studies on our Turmeric research page indicating turmeric has a neuroprotective set of physiological actions, [5] 30 of these studies are directly connected to turmeric’s anti-Alzheimer’s disease properties.**

Two of these studies are particularly promising, as they reveal that curcumin is capable of enhancing the clearance of the pathological amyloid-beta plaque in Alzheimer’s disease patients,[6] and that in combination with vitamin D3 the neuro restorative process is further enhanced.[7] Additional preclinical research indicates curcumin (and its analogs) has inhibitory and protective effects against Alzheimer’s disease associated β-amyloid proteins.[8] [9] [10]

Other documented Anti-Alzheimer’s mechanisms include:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Curcumin has been found to play a protective role against β-amyloid protein associated inflammation.[11]
  • Anti-oxidative: Curcumin may reduce damage via antioxidant properties.[12]
  • Anti-cytotoxic: Curcumin appears to protect against the cell-damaging effects of β-amyloid proteins.[13] [14]
  • Anti-amyloidogenic: Turmeric contains a variety of compounds (curcumin, tetrahydrocurcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin) which may strike to the root pathological cause of Alzheimer’s disease by preventing β-amyloid protein formation.[15] [16] [17] [18]
  • Neuro restorative: Curcuminoids appear to rescue long-term potentiation (an indication of functional memory) impaired by amyloid peptide, and may reverse physiological damage by restoring distorted neurites and disrupting existing plaques. [19] [20]
  • Metal-chelating properties: Curcumin has a higher binding affinity for iron and copper rather than zinc, which may contribute to its protective effect in Alzheimer’s disease, as iron-mediated damage may play a pathological role.[21] [22]

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Scientist discovers that respiration is a three-gas system involving, not just oxygen and carbon dioxide, but also nitric oxide, which controls the ability of blood vessels to expand, when needed, to increase blood flow. Without this ability to expand blood vessels on demand, the delivery of oxygen will be inadequate and can lead to heart failure or stroke. This is of particular importance to patients receiving transfusions, because blood in blood banks can be deficient in nitric oxide. In that case, even though the oxygen-bearing red cells are normal, the lack of nitric oxide can be fatal. […]