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Why This Doctor Doesn’t Get Her Flu Shot! posted Nov 6/17

Why Smart Doctors Don’t Get Flu Shots
Smart doctors don’t get flu shots.
Smart patients don’t either.
Does that mean you’re not smart if you got a flu shot?
It means the pharmaceutical industry has you and your wallet right where they want you.
It means you believed the hype instead of looking at the science.
Smart doctors don’t get flu shots. But I’m a doctor and not only did I get them, I insisted my mom and my siblings get their flu shot too.
Once you hear my story, you will see that I can’t judge anyone who gets a flu vaccine.
But I do judge an industry that tries to terrify and deceive people into getting a flu vaccine they do not want or need.
I made my mom and siblings get the flu vaccine too
Growing up, I never had a flu shot and I also never had the flu. But as a young adult thinking about starting a family, I listened to my doctor. I was told getting a flu shot was not only good for me and my family, it was essential. Life-saving.
And not getting a flu shot?
Only irresponsible, unintelligent patients and crackpot parents refused the flu vaccine.
How could there be a problem with the flu vaccine?
Everyone was getting one. You could get them at the supermarket. Besides, my doctor couldn’t be wrong.
Since my husband and I were starting a family, I made my mom and siblings get the flu shot too. I didn’t want my family spending time around my children if they were not fully vaccinated. That was just good common sense. 
We had three children in five years and I insisted every year that family members get the flu shot. Every year. 
Guess what happened?
Sick from the shot
My mom, who had not had the flu since childhood, my brother, and my sister all got high fevers, body aches, and upper respiratory infections, all within 24 hours of the flu vaccine. All lasting a week or two. For three years in a row.
I am a conventionally trained medical doctor. I saw my family get sick within a week of the flu vaccine. Three years straight. But I dismissed it.
An unfortunate coincidence.
Nothing to do with the flu vaccine.
You can’t get sick from a vaccine.
That’s what I had been taught. And that’s what I believed.
Besides, I was fine after my first flu vaccine. Initially. True, I started getting almost constant colds that lasted four or five months following the flu vaccine. Before, when I didn’t get the vaccine, I was usually healthy and cold-free in the winter. 
It took me awhile to connect the dots.
It took me awhile before I stopped ignoring the clinical evidence in front of me, in my own body, and in my mom and siblings.
It’s hard for doctors to realize our education is incomplete.
It’s hard to become aware that the whole medical establishment is caught up in a belief system that is simply untrue.
It’s hard to admit that we are wrong.
It took me three years but I figured it out. Every year the flu vaccine was making me and my family sick.
My colleagues keep telling their patients you can’t get sick from the flu shot. And they say it “would have been so much worse without the shot.” Can you hear the BS meter going off? I couldn’t back then but I can now. The sound is deafening.
Look at the science. We now know, from both animal and epidemiology studies in humans, that the flu vaccine can and does make you sick.
Mandatory flu vaccines for doctors and nurses
I used to work for a group practice. Our practice decided to mandate the flu vaccine.
They did not mandate that we eat vegetables with every meal, get optimal amounts of sleep, have our vitamin D levels checked and supplement with sunbathing or supplements if they were below optimal levels, or adopt other health strategies proven to support the immune system.
Why mandate the flu vaccine?
That dictate started wheels turning. 
How important is it really to get the flu shot?
What are the real risks and benefits? 
In medical school we did not look critically at vaccines. We did not study the risk of adverse events, discuss vaccine ingredients, or talk in any detail about efficacy rates.
We were not told that the government compensates families with loved ones who have died from a vaccination or suffered other extreme health problems.
Instead, we were taught what amounts to little more than propaganda about vaccines.
An infectious disease specialist spends an hour or two with students showing us pictures of miserable children suffering acute side effects from infectious diseases. She says angrily, “C’mon. We can do better than that. No child should ever have to suffer like this!”
You are supposed to accept it without question and, of course, you do. No one wants a child to die. We become doctors in order to heal people, and keep them alive. So of course we don’t question the Holy Grail. Which means never looking critically at the necessity, efficacy, and safety of any given vaccine.
The flu vaccine works and saves thousands of lives every year. End of conversation.
Government-advertised death rates from the flu are grossly inflated
We are told that between 30,000-50,000 die annually of the flu, a dangerous and sometimes lethal illness that affects infants and the elderly the most. “…in the United States alone, over 36,000 people die and 200,000 are hospitalized each year because of the flu,” according to Harvard University
Flu death statistics are usually tallied from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report database. But deaths from the flu and from pneumonia are lumped together in one category in the MMWR. This greatly inflates the number of “flu” deaths. And is a nonsensical way to capture statistics, as the majority of pneumonia cases have nothing to do with the flu!
Yep. It is true. The death rates from the flu that we are told year after year, repeated ad nauseam in medical training and in the media, are, as Bob Sears, M.D., puts it, “grossly inflated” (The Vaccine Book, p.121), and what this country doctor would say more plainly, are simply made up. 
The scientific evidence does not support having a yearly flu vaccine
I contacted the chair of the committee that was recommending flu vaccine mandates at my work and asked him to share the scientific evidence that mandating flu vaccines for health care workers actually reduces death rates from the flu.
He could not offer me a single article to read. I don’t know, he told me, adding that all the major health organizations recommend the flu vaccine and, “I trust them.”
Then he rattled off several major medical organizations recommending the flu vaccine, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Heart Association
So what does this bulldog do? I write them all, asking for a list of scientific studies supporting flu vaccine mandates and requesting the information that proves that mandating the vaccine for doctors and nurses contributes to better outcomes. 
Some ignored me but some responded. They all said the same thing: That they didn’t have the information I’d requested! One prominent organization recommended I contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH), as they based their recommendations off the CDC’s and the NIH’s. 
So none of the leading health organizations shaping public health policy has scientific information to support the policy to mandate the flu vaccine?  
How can this be? 
I had three young children and worked full time. But I wanted to read the science for myself to find out if what I was noticing clinically—with my own health, my family’s, as well as with my patients’—was valid. As helpful and important as vaccines may be, the flu vaccine recommendation left me with more questions than answers. Since none of the organizations insisting on the necessity of the flu vaccine could provide me with direct information, I went searching for it myself.
I will put it to you that any conventionally trained medical doctor who is willing to impartially research the science behind the influenza vaccine safety, efficacy, and necessity is in for a surprise.
The best place to start a search for accurate medical information is usually the Cochrane database.
Cochrane is a non-profit research organization based in the United Kingdom and they tend to be considered the gold standard in scientific medical research. Their reviews of the medical literature are comprehensive and carefully peer-reviewed.
As my colleague, Mark Hyman, M.D., explains in an article, Flu Shot: Harmful or Helpful?: “One very reliable way to determine the effectiveness of the flu shot is to look at the database analysis presented by The Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group of scientists who have no link to any industry or government agencies.”
So what does Cochrane have to say about the flu vaccine?
·      It’s not effective for children under age 18 or for adults over 65.
·      Between ages 18 to 65, it is only 30-50% effective in an average year (which means it fails between 50-70% of the time) and up to 80% in a perfectly matched year (a much lower number than most vaccines). 
·      There is no decrease in flu transmission rate or hospitalization rate for people who have gotten the flu vaccine.
Ut oh.
Here is the Cochrane review’s results and conclusions so you can read them yourself:
MAIN RESULTS: We included 50 reports. Forty (59 sub-studies) were clinical trials of over 70,000 people. Eight were comparative non-RCTs and assessed serious harms. Two were reports of harms which could not be introduced in the data analysis. In the relatively uncommon circumstance of vaccine matching the viral circulating strain and high circulation, 4% of unvaccinated people versus 1% of vaccinated people developed influenza symptoms (risk difference (RD) 3%, 95% confidence interval (CI) 2% to 5%). The corresponding figures for poor vaccine matching were 2% and 1% (RD 1, 95% CI 0% to 3%). These differences were not likely to be due to chance. Vaccination had a modest effect on time off work and had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates. Inactivated vaccines caused local harms and an estimated 1.6 additional cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome per million vaccinations. The harms evidence base is limited.
Influenza vaccines have a modest effect in reducing influenza symptoms and working days lost. There is no evidence that they affect complications, such as pneumonia, or transmission. WARNING: This review includes 15 out of 36 trials funded by industry (four had no funding declaration). An earlier systematic review of 274 influenza vaccine studies published up to 2007 found industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies independently from methodological quality and size. Studies funded from public sources were significantly less likely to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines. The review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies. The content and conclusions of this review should be interpreted in light of this finding.
In Dr. Hyman’s words: “After analyzing all of the data on the flu shot, they have concluded that it really doesn’t work well. It doesn’t even cover most of the influenza infections that people get.”
Dr. Hyman concludes that the majority of Americans do not need a flu vaccine. He explains the science behind his conclusion here.
I also found a 126-page analysis by researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP). Among the key findings of this 2012 analysis (in the researchers’ own words):
·      Influenza vaccine protection is markedly lower than for most routinely recommended vaccines and is suboptimal.
·      CDC recommendations about the flu vaccine over the past 30 years have not been based on scientifically sound data.
I shared the results of my research with colleagues. They were stunned. Just stunned. I also wrote back to the committee member who wasn’t aware of this data to let him know that there is no scientific data to support mandating flu vaccines
And since those studies have been published, flu vaccine efficacy rates have hit new lows.
In 2014-2015 the flu vaccine was only 19% effective.
This year FluMist, the nasal spray influenza vaccine, is no longer recommended.
Why? Because it doesn’t work at all.
In the words of the CDC, “no protective benefit could be measured.”
The CDC tells me personally that the flu vaccine doesn’t work
Dr. Mark Hyman practices functional medicine. Like integrative medicine, functional medicine seeks to individualize medical treatment, identify and treat the root causes of illness and disease, and help the body heal itself through lifestyle and nutritional intervention, not just pharmaceutical products.
At a functional medicine conference, I happened to be seated at lunch beside a lovely CDC senior medical official. She was there to learn more about functional medicine.
She was super nice and, of course, I couldn’t help but be excited that I was sitting next to gold. Or so I thought.
Our conversation went like this:
Dr. Benton: So, what do you think about the flu vaccine?
Dr. CDC: It’s a good thing. A wonderful intervention. Everyone needs one. Absolutely.
Dr. Benton: Have you looked into the recent science?
Dr. CDC: Of course. So good to see our ideas confirmed—it’s a safe, efficacious vaccination that seems to cause few, if any, side effects.
Dr. Benton: So you’ve read these studies yourself?
Dr. CDC: [Hesitating. Silent. Long pause.] Well, actually, I haven’t…
So I jumped in. I told her all about the Cochrane review.
Her. Jaw. Dropped. 
She, a senior CDC medical official, did not have a clue. 
In all fairness, just because you work at the CDC, should you really know all the most recently published studies about all vaccines? 
I don’t think so. And to her credit, she was interested and engaged and listened with an open mind.
She told me I needed to talk directly to the influenza division of the CDC. 
So this small town country doctor made an appointment with the medical director of the influenza division of the CDC.  
With sweaty palms and racing heart, I made the phone call at the appointed time. 
I introduced myself and proceeded to go over the data about the flu vaccine, including that per the national vital statistics on the CDC website, that there are only about 1,000 deaths out of over 300 million people from the flu. 
After each factoid I mentioned, the CDC director just said, “Yep.” 
Befuddled, I got to the end of my list of concerns, wiped my palms on my skirt, and asked, “Rebuttal?” 
She said she didn’t have one! 
In fact, she said, there will never be a good flu vaccine because there are over 200 different viruses that cause influenza and influenza-like symptoms and vaccine manufacturers have to guess a year in advance for the strain of flu that might be in circulation that coming year.
Like meteorologists predicting the weather, sometimes vaccine scientists are pretty accurate, sometimes they are dead wrong.
So I asked her why our government is pushing flu mandates across the country.
She denied that the CDC was recommending mandates, and admitted there is simply not enough science to justify mandating the flu vaccine. All of these hospital, school, and company policies, she insisted, were outside of the purview of the CDC. 
I reminded her the CDC shapes public policy by recommending vaccines and that medical professionals were being fired across the country for refusing the flu vaccine. 
She said she disagreed with that practice.
And there you have it.
The smart doctors who work inside the CDC know the flu shot isn’t working. And they probably don’t get flu shots either.
Big pharma pushes for flu mandates, smart doctors push back
Why this ridiculous push for a vaccine that doesn’t work, that prompted more government pay-outs because of adverse events, including death, than any other vaccine in 2017 so far, and that also contains ingredients analyzed by CDC scientists and found, in a recent peer-reviewed paper, to be highly neurotoxic?
Could it be the bonuses that insurance companies pay to medical groups for flu vaccine compliance among their staff and their patients? 
Could it be the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to politicians by the powerful pharmaceutical lobby?
In an 8-year period donations by pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines given to the American Academy of Pediatricians exceeded 9.4 million dollars (The Business of Baby, p. 223).
Smart doctors tell their patients the truth.
Smart doctors give their patients all the information they need to make an informed decision about what is in the best interests of their health.
Smart doctors tell their patients the risks of the vaccine, the benefits of the vaccine, and the alternatives to vaccination.

The best alternative, in this doctor’s assessment, is not to get a flu vaccine.

By Dr Cammy Benton
Dr. Benton is a family doctor who, through a series of personal issues, stumbled upon a more fun way of approaching medicine. Her first goal is to improve the health of herself and her family through nutrition and lifestyle. Then she loves sharing what she is learning through trial and error at home but also through formal training in Functional Medicine and Ayurveda. Her goal is to teach people how to take care of themselves and minimize need for Western Medicine because real prevention comes from nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, healing the gut, and happiness.  Let’s fix what we can and then use Western medicine when appropriate.

Home made natural laundry detergent! Posted Nov 3/17

Despite photos of soaring, fresh mountain ranges, swaying natural herbs and colorful flowers on the packaging, laundry detergent is actually one of the most toxic products that most of us have within our homes. Almost all of the big name brands contain harmful chemicals that can cause mild symptoms such as skin irritation and allergic reactions to more serious conditions such as autism, infertility, asthma and cancer. Most people are not aware of the differences between detergents and soap and incorrectly believe that they are one and the same. However, detergents are made out of petrochemicals a group of chemicals derived from petroleum that are used to make fragrances, artificial colors and toxins such as nonylphenol ethoxylate.

Detergent manufacturers are not legally required to list all of the ingredients in their products, and seemingly innocent ingredients such as ‘fragrance’ could contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. Many households regularly expose their children, pets and other family members to a host of dangerous chemicals that are designed to linger in clothing and bed sheets to give that long-lasting “fresh” scent that many of us have come to associate with clean laundry.
Dangerous Chemicals in Laundry Detergent
Optical Brighteners
Optical brighteners are added to detergent to help achieve the brilliant white clean effect that most of us desire. As well as triggering allergic reactions in both humans and pets, they are harmful to fish and other marine life after being washed away into nearby lakes and oceans.

Bleach is a well-known irritant and can affect the eyes, nose, and mouth and cause respiratory problems. Laundry detergent manufacturers often add either chlorine or benzaldehyde to their products to remove stains. Bleach is also extremely harmful to the environment as manufacturers need to add a stabilizing agent to it known as ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid (EDTA). This chemical slowly breaks down into heavy metals that are released into the water supply.

Phenols are absorbed through the skin and can damage the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. They are added to detergents to mask the strong smell of chemicals, and those who are hypersensitive to them can experience delirium, shock, coma and death.
Even if your laundry detergent claims to contain extract of lavender, vanilla, ylang ylang or some other natural fragrance, it most likely contains a synthetic version of this scent and not actual essential oils. Artificial fragrances are much cheaper to use than essential oils and almost all home cleaning products and many bath and beauty items contain them. Most of the chemicals used to make artificial fragrances are known carcinogens, so that fresh scent that lingers on your sheets for days could slowly be giving you and your family cancer.
Nonylphenol Ethoxylate
Nonylphenol ethoxylate has been banned from use in the European Union and Canada but is still widely used in the US. It is an endocrine disrupter that imitates the female hormone estrogen and can lead to fertility problems and harm unborn fetuses. A report by the Sierra Club found that 61% of tested water contained nonylphenol ethoxylate which is extremely hazardous to both human and aquatic life.
Safe and Natural Alternatives
Laundry Bombs
1 ½ cups of washing soda
½ cup Fels-Naptha
2 tablespoons Epsom salts
3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide
Essential oils of your choice

Grate the Fels-Naptha into a plastic mixing bowl and add the washing soda and salts. Add the hydrogen peroxide and mix well. Next, add the vinegar and essential oils if using. Mix everything together and then shape the mixture into individual balls. Spritz them with a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar and then leave them to dry for at least 8 hours. These laundry bombs are strong enough to remove even the toughest stains from your laundry.

Homemade Bleach
2 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cups of water
10 drops essential oil of your choice
Combine all of the ingredients together and store in a dark plastic bottle for up to three months. This bleach is ideal for getting stubborn stains out of white laundry and can also be used as an all-purpose cleaning spray around the home.
Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent
1 cup soap nuts
4 cups of water
½ cup vinegar
Place all of the ingredients into a pot and simmer on a medium to low heat for approximately 30 minutes. Stir the mixture occasionally and use a wooden spoon to mash the berries whilst stirring. Strain the mixture into a clean bowl and allow to cool before storing in an airtight container. Soap nuts are available online and have been used by various African and Indian tribes for thousands of years for washing clothes.
The Original Homemade Laundry Detergent
1 bar of grated bar soap such as Dr Bronner’s or Fels-Naptha
1 cup of borax
1 cup of washing soda
Mix all of the ingredients together and store in an airtight container.
Homemade Fabric Softener
6 Cups Vinegar
1 cup of baking soda
Mix ingredients together and add ½ to 1 cup of the mixture to each load. You can also add just one cup of vinegar to a laundry to soften cloths and remove soap residue.

The sacred plant! posted Nov 1/17

Hey! I’ve just signed up to watch a free documentary series called The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed, which starts Thursday, November 2nd.

It’s about an ancient healing plant that successfully treats 32 different health conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and many more.

I think this plant could be the answer to some of the health conditions and diseases we all suffer from. I’d love it if you registered and watched this documentary series with me. Here’s the link to register for free:

Light & Love


Whole Foods Pushes TOXIC Blood-clotting Canola Oil in More than 50% of Their Packaged Products and at the Prepared Food Bar posted Oct 31/17
Posted on October 3, 2017


All canola oil needs to be thrown under the bus with every other blood-clogging “food stuff” product, including margarine and genetically modified soybean, corn and palm oils.
S.D. Wells, Natural News
The slogan on the Whole Foods website says, “Eat real food.” Sure. Then at the top of the home page they claim, “We’re growing something good.” Really? Since when is rapeseed good? Most of the signature Whole Foods brand “365” products contain rapeseed oil (also known as Canadian Low Acid Oil or “canola” for short). All canola oil needs to be thrown under the bus with every other blood-clogging “food stuff” product created in a laboratory, including margarine and genetically modified soybean, corn and palm oils.
Most canola is chemically extracted using hexane, a highly flammable and carcinogenic solvent that’s a constituent of gasoline. Yep, gasoline. Why? Rapeseed oil stinks and is toxic to all animals, including humans, so the crooks and scoundrels at the FDA had to approve a process to deodorize the funk and slide rapeseed under the radar of intelligent U.S. consumers (and the not-so-smart ones too). This process completely destroys the omega-3s and creates trans fats. Everybody and his brother knows the evil and destructive qualities of trans fats by now. Even if canola oil is “expeller-pressed” and organic, it still coagulates in your blood like margarine and beef fat.
Take a bottle of canola oil and pour it into a bowl or an open container, then leave it sitting outside for a few weeks and watch what happens. It coagulates. Here is a consumer who tried it. Watch what happens in this short video.
Video: Canola Oil When Exposed to Open Air (Oxygen)
Could mass canola consumption be ushering in a mass epidemic of Americans who will suffer from heart disease and Alzheimer’s?
Who will know to blame canola when they can’t breathe properly or even remember their immediate relatives? Toxic canola doubles as a powerful insecticide and is listed as an ingredient in over 50 percent of the packaged products at Whole Foods Market. Along with other mainly genetically mutated oils like corn, soybean and palm, canola oil is brutal on your health. You should be very concerned about the dangers of consuming canola regularly. All of the deodorized oils contain trans fats. In fact, deodorization is the final step in refining ALL vegetable oils. This deodorizing step involves subjecting the oils to temperatures above 450 degrees Fahrenheit for long lengths of time just to attempt to remove some of the volatile compounds, but some still remain and can have adverse effects on blood cholesterol.

Look for toxic, blood-clogging canola, organic or not, in these popular products at your local “Not-So-Whole” Foods Market

  • Almost every brand of bagged potato chips, veggie chips, tortilla chips, etc.
  • Frozen, seasoned pre-cooked vegetables.
  • Nearly every salad dressing, including the organic ones.
  • Almost every single mixed salad at the prepared food bar, including potato salad, egg salad, chicken salad and pasta salad.
  • Most of the boxed cereals, including organic and “365” granola blends.
  • Nearly every sauce, including mayonnaise, buffalo, hot sauces, Asian, etc.
  • Just about every single protein bar and fruit bar.

Jeff Bezos,, the Washington Post rag and “Not-So-Whole” Foods Market ­– a conglomeration of fake supplements, fake news and fake food

Jeff Bezos, the filthy rich globalist and king of fake news now owns Whole Foods. Do you really believe Whole Foods will label all their GMO’s by 2018? Even the CEO manipulates every “believer” behind closed doors, helping Big Food and Biotechnology hide the truth by supporting the bill that shot down the nationwide GMO-labeling campaign, and annihilated a few states’ efforts that were already set to be stamped and delivered as such.
On the Whole Foods Market (WFM) website it states, “ At Whole Foods Market, we believe you have the right to know what’s in your food. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), also referred to as products of genetic engineering, are organisms whose genetic makeup (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.
Yet 90 percent of canola oil in the USA is genetically modified, and there is not one single mention of this dangerous ingredient at the Whole Foods prepared food bar, plus it’s in most of their packaged goods. Wait, though, it gets worse. The CEO of Whole Foods supports hiding GMOs in food all while the store pretends to advocate disclosing what is in their products. Make up your mind people!

Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb CAUGHT LYING to customers while supporting the Monsanto-backed GMO fake labeling bill

While WFM promoted labeling GMOs all across social media, the sneaky crook of a CEO sat on a committee and commended the FAKE labeling bill that would make identifying GMOs even more difficult for consumers. Why? Because WFM loads up the majority of their foods with raw materials that come from GM Frankencrops, and it saves them money and increases their profits, all at the expense of the health of their shoppers.
Make no mistake, WFM is in bed with Monsanto and the globalist regime to sicken Americans and profit from their health demise and stupidity. The new QR code is nothing less than machine language to keep consumers in the dark about what’s in their food. The new label is not even readable to humans. Walter Robb is a Monsanto shill in sheep’s clothing.
Want proof that WFM CEO Walter Robb supports hiding GMOs? Watch this Aspen Institute video where he commends the fake labeling bill. It’s a long conference so you can jump to the part where he sells out every WFM customer beginning at the 36 minute mark. He talks like a Monsanto operative, claiming the Vermont labeling law is too complex for Americans to figure out. Yeah, none of us know what GMO means! It means you’re eating bug killer and weed killer.
Video: Deep Dive: Fixing Our Broken Food System 
Here’s the brunt of what the Monsanto shill said: My view on the bill is that, and I’m pretty intimately aware of it, is that I think it’s an incredible thing that Sen. Stabenow has put together with Sen. Robert, when you take a look at the atmosphere up there on Capitol Hill, that this much was accomplished together. See, that liar didn’t think the world would see this video. He figured just the gurus who invest in WFM, chronic sick care medicine, and biotechnology.
Walter Robb is a huckster and a charlatan who praises giving manufacturers the choice of whether or not to label pesticide-laden Frankenfood. The solution? Boycott Whole Foods Market entirely. Never shop there again. “Odds in Vegas” have it that they’ll never label all the GMOs in their store because it would undermine all their corporate suppliers and cut profits. Period. End of sad WFM story.
Sources for this article include:

The Dangers of Microwave ovens! posted Oct 23/17

Natural News) Many health conscious consumers rarely, if ever, microwave their food anymore, but when they do, they probably do not realize that they’re not just destroying the nutritional value of the food, but the “nuker” is negatively impacting their hearts.

The typical microwave frequency radiation coming from “nukers” seen in the average American kitchen is more than enough to screw with your heart rate and your heart rate variability. In fact, just 2.4 GHz, the average frequency produced by microwave ovens (and WiFi routers, by the way) can cause immediate and drastic changes to the human heart.

According to Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, people exposed to radiation for just three minutes at 2.4-GHz can experience severe reactions in heart rate changes and altered heart rate variations, indicating an alarm response to stress, also called electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or rapid aging syndrome. This has been studied for decades. The response includes heart palpitations, clumping of red blood cells and fluctuations of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of a “fight-or-flight” response.

Dr. Havas also revealed that microwave ovens can lead to blood sugar spikes connected with diabetes. This usually happens when people stand within three feet of the oven while it’s running, like when anxious eaters park themselves directly in front of the microwave oven while waiting for those last few seconds to finish “nuking” their food or beverage.

Unequivocal evidence that microwave frequency radiation affects human heart

For years, bogus research and microwave oven fanatics have claimed that microwave ovens do not produce any immediate biological effects because the ordinary household level is far below federal guidelines. Most of those studies were conducted prior to the new millennium, but now environmental radiation is coming at us from multiple sources, including electromagnetic devices, laptops, WiFi and mobile phones.

Dr. Havas documented his peer-reviewed study and stated the following:

“This is the first study that documents immediate and dramatic changes in both heart rate and heart rate variability caused by an approved device that generates microwaves at levels well below (0.3 percent) federal guidelines in both Canada and the United States.”

Microwave sickness or the ‘microwave effect’ dates back to WWII

Microwave ovens are a form of electromagnetic radiation dating back to radar used during WWII. Microwave ovens emit radiation from high and low energy, and have a wavelength around 5 inches. These waves are generated by a magnetron (derived from magnet and electron), the same function that enabled airborne radar used during the second world war; that’s why microwave ovens were first called radar ranges. “Nukers” emit at 2,450 megaHertz (MHz), equivalent to 2.4 gigaHertz (GHz), causing dielectric heating, meaning the water molecules in the food vibrate violently at extremely high frequencies (millions of times per second), creating molecular friction, destroying nutrients and affecting the heart rate and variability of any person that stands near the oven. This is why it’s extremely dangerous to cook meat, because the blood is affected also, like the molecules in the water in food. Structures of those molecules are ripped apart and forcefully deformed. Some people call it “electric whiplash.”

In fact, microwaves are used in the field of gene altering to weaken cell membranes and to break cells apart. Those damaged cells in humans become targets for viruses, also known as the “microwave effect” or “microwave sickness.” Human tissues can experience the same violent deformations as your food that’s nuked.

Do you use a microwave oven often and also happen to experience unexplained headaches, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, vertigo, impaired cognition, depression, nausea after eating, vision problems, tooth and jaw aching, or extreme and constant thirst? These are the “geno-toxic” effects of damaging your tissues and interfering with normal heart and brain activity.

The Nazis invented the first microwave cooking device

The Nazis created a device to provide mobile food support for their troops when they invaded the Soviet Union. It was all experimental. Then the Russians and the U.S. researched the “safety” of these devices after the war. The Russians later banned the ovens when they figured out how dangerous they were, but not the USA! The FDA approves nearly everything that makes Americans sick, because Big Pharma is there to “rescue” us with expensive drugs, heart surgery, pacemakers and chemotherapy. Go figure.

Highly-cited Swiss clinical study by Hans Hertel reveals destructive effects of microwave ovens on human blood

One of the first food scientists to study the effects of microwaves on the blood and physiology of human beings was Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel, who along with his biochemistry expert partners, concluded that microwaves resulted in negative health effects, including increased cholesterol levels, decreased numbers of red blood cells, decreased hemoglobin levels (indicating possible anemia) and decreased numbers of leukocytes (white blood cells).

Bottom line? There’s much more to worry about than just the loss of nutrition when “nuking” your food. You may also be “nuking” your blood, damaging your brain and disturbing your heart rate. Easy solution? Use your toaster oven and wait the extra couple of minutes for your food to heat. It’s worth your health and sanity.

Cdsapi’s Added comment:  (Nano chips threats that are also put into vaccines! posted Oct 21/17 Tami)

Propaganda – PR
– programmed rhetoric to deceive –   strategic, covert lying – the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
And it is supposedly all only for your convenience, benefit and expediency!  Really??????
“Come into my parlor”, said the spider to the fly.
Who is a fool?   It is the person who lacks discernment, who is prepared to sell his/her soul into slavery in the delusion of immediate personal benefit.  The age-old Faustinian scenario”   It is the Fly that enthusiastically accepts the invitation of the Spider “Come into my parlor”.

We are living in the “era of being intentionally, covertly dumbed down” as a civilization – progressively, incrementally, de-civilized.
It is weird that most people have not figured out the “identity of the enemy”, or the origin/foundation, or the agenda of  the New World Order – – and  seem to be too apathetic to care that they are being systematically destroyed;
it is incomprehensible that most people are blindly, gullibly, allowing themselves to be marched down the gangplank, into a dehumanizing prison – accepting bio-cides – while embracing and worshiping  “technologies that kill – as progress”.

The article below is information of which everybody must be made awareThe deadly techno-vampire that is too small to see – but is an entangling netz from which there is no escape once it is allowed to be implemented to enslave and kill.

Nanochips and Smart Dust:
The Dangerous New Face of the Human Microchipping Agenda

Nanochips and Smart Dust

are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin to set up a synthetic network on the inside which can be remotely controlled from the outside. Needless to say, this has grave freedom, privacy and health implications, because it means the New World Order would be moving from controlling the outside world (environment/society) to controlling the inside world (your body). This article explores what the advent of nanochips and Smart dust could mean for you.

Different Forms of Control

Humanity’s history is filled with examples of societies where the people were sharply divided into 2 categories: rulers and slaves. In the distant past, the slaves have usually been kept in place because the rulers had access to and control over the resources, such as money, food, water, weapons or other necessities of life (control of the environment). In our more recent history, control was implemented not only by monopolizing resources but also via propaganda (control of the mind).
This has manifested itself in many ways, e.g.
– the caste system in India (you must remain in your position on the hierarchical ladder for life),
– the royal bloodlines in Rome, the Middle East and Europe (who claimed an inherent and divine “right to rule”),
– the centralization of power in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia during the 1930s (where a single autocrat or a small committee decided the fate of millions),
– and finally in the West (especially in the US) with the advent of
specialized PR and mind control techniques that were refined by the CIA. Projects like MKUltra gave the NWO controllers unheard of power to remotely and subconsciously influence people without them ever knowing, including the ability to create sex slaves and sleeper assassins.

Control of the Mind-Emotion Nexus

Project MKUltra was at its height 60+ years ago, and things have moved on a lot since then. We are now entering an era where technological advancements are giving the NWO conspirators influence over a new realm – control of the emotions, or more accurately, control over the entire mind-emotion nexus in the human body. I am talking about microchips, tiny electronic devices which can be embedded under your skin, and which receive and transmit information. Although microchips have been around awhile, they are now outdated. What we are facing is something much tinier than a microchip, and therefore much more of a threat: nanochips and smart dust.

The components of a Smart dust sensor or mote. Image credit:

The components of a Smart dust sensor or mote. Image credit:

What is a Nanochip?

So what is a nanochip? The word “nano” is 3 orders of magnitude smaller than “micro”. Nano means “one billionth” while micro means “one millionth”. While microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and measured in millimeters, nanochips are completely invisible to the human eye. Some nanochips are far smaller than human hair (e.g. the μ-chip that is 0.4 x 0.4 mm). In 2015, IBM announced that they had developed functional nanochips measuring just 7 nm or nanometers (7 billionths of 1 meter). In comparison, a strand of human DNA is about 2.5 nm and the diameter of a single red blood cell is about 7500 nm!
These nanochips power themselves from their environment (they don’t need batteries) and have a 100 year life span. They are slated to be rolled out
first on products (so the corporatocracy can have total knowledge of consumer behavior in real time) before they can be used inside people’s bodies. Did you know that nerve cells grow onto/meld with the chip?

In this Leak Project video, the presenter claims that the NWO aim to introduce 100 trillion nanochips into the world, so that literally every single thing in the world is tagged, including you. He includes many patents and other docs as proof of this agenda. He singles out the company HP (Hewlett Packard) as being the executor of the plan to construct a synthetic central nervous system for the Earth – linking all resources and people in real time.

Smart dust. Image credit: Waking Times

Smart dust. Image credit: Waking Times

What is Smart Dust?

You may already be familiar with the “Smart” agenda or better put the .Smart Deception For those new to this, the Smart agenda is to create a giant electromagnetic grid or network that encompasses the entire Earth. Everything that moves is to be made or injected with some kind of sensor or mote that connects it to the grid – including household products, appliances, food/drink items, animals, plants and humans too.
Smart dust is another name for these motes which will act as mini computers, broadcasting and receiving. They are small wireless microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS). As of 2013, a mote was about the size of a grain of rice, but with technology advancing all the time, these will keep on reducing in size. Motes can be ingested through food (as will be discussed below).

The Smart agenda is basically synonymous with the UN Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, and the Smart grid is synonymous with the IoT (Internet of Things) which is also going to use the new 5G network to achieve its desired saturation levels.

While this kind of technology can be used for the benefit of mankind, like many things today, it has been weaponized. The existence of smart dust forms a massive threat against the sovereignty of every human being alive. What we are up against is nothing less than the attempted technological possession of humanity.

Delivery Systems for Nanochips and Smart Dust

In a fundamental way, vaccines, GMOs, bioengineered food and geoengineering/chemtrails are all connected, as they are delivery systems whereby this miniature technology of nanochips and Smart dust is planned to be inserted into our bodies. Some chemtrails contain Smart dust motes which readily infiltrate the body, communicate with other motes in your body, set up their own network and which can, unfortunately, be remotely controlled. Even if you are fastidious about what you eat and what you expose yourself to, it is difficult to see how you can avoid breathing in a mote of smart dust that was dropped on you by a plane spraying chemtrails.

With nanochips and motes inside your body, the NWO criminals can combine the IoT smart grid with brain mapping and other technological information in their attempt to pull off their ultimate endgame: to remotely influence and control an entire population by overriding (and programming) the thoughts, feelings and actions of the masses.

(The rabbit hole definitely does not stop at nanochips and Smart dust. An entire new category of lifeforms are being forged via synthetic biology. Morgellons fibers are self-aware, self-replicating and are likely assisting the dark agenda to remotely control the thoughts, feelings and bodily functions of the entire population. This will be explored in other articles.)

New Technology Always Pushed as Being Cool, Efficient and Convenient

Naturally, the full scope and goal of this agenda will not be revealed to the public as the technology is rolled out. Instead, we will continue to be told how wonderful, cool, trendy and efficient it all is. Note especially how all of this will be promoted under the banner of speed and convenience (while people unwittingly flush their freedom, health and privacy down the toilet). Yes, being surrounded by fields of manmade EM radiation everywhere you go will be disastrous for your health too.

The nanochips will also be pushed using peer pressure, encouraging people to get in the game out of social conformity. Like many governmental programs, the chips may initially be voluntary before they become mandatory. There is already a segment of society that is willingly chipping itself using tattoo ink. Recently, a company in Wisconsin (Three Square Market or 32M) introduced such an internal system and began encouraging its employees to get chipped. Although it was not mandatory, reportedly about half of them (41 out of 85) stepped forward and chose to get chipped!

Solutions: How to Remove a Chip

So what can you do about this?   Firstly, get informed and make sure you understand the true nature and danger of nanochip and smart technology. Secondly, make sure you never acquiesce to getting chipped, no matter what reason you’re given.   Doing so is tantamount to opening yourself to being remotely controlled without your knowledge.  Thirdly, if you do discover a chip inside your body, get it removed.   There are various ways to do. Some people crudely cut the chips out if they are large enough (i.e. a microchip instead of a nanochip).  Other people claim you can used magnets such as neodymium magnets to render the nanochips useless.   Hopefully, there will be intelligent inventors to step forward with new technologies that we can use to deactivate, disable and remove nanochips inside of our bodies.

Final Thoughts

The human microchipping agenda is really the same thing as the transhumanist agenda – to turn mankind into machine which will ultimately mean becoming not superhuman but subhuman.

We need to be very careful and think critically as we go forward into a world of fantastic technology. Like the surgeon’s knife, it can heal or it can kill. Given everything we know, it would be naïve to believe that nanochips will only be used for good.   If we’re not aware, this technology will be used by the power-hungry to enslave us by tricking us with promises of utopia.   Nanobots are already being used in Western medicine for all sorts of diseases. Once the smart grid is established, how will you avoid being monitored, tracked and influenced 24/7 every day of the year?

No matter how good the technology becomes, it can never replace the spirit of consciousness inside of you, which is your true power.


Want the latest commentary and analysis on Conspiracy, Health, Geopolitics, Sovereignty, Consciousness and more? Sign up for free blog updates!

Makia Freeman is the editor of alternative news / independent media site The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.












The liver is the last stop of digestion before the blood from digestion enters the body to nourish the cells. posted Oct 20/17



I guess the title to this newsletter says it all! Everyone in the world knows how important and precious this organ of the body is. That is why it is called, the liver because you can’t “live” without one!

The portal venous system is responsible for directing blood from parts of the gastrointestinal tract to the liver. Substances absorbed in the small intestine travel first to the liver for processing before continuing to the heart. Not all of the gastrointestinal tract is part of this system. The system extends from about the lower portion of the esophagus to the upper part of the anal canal. It also includes venous drainage from the spleen and pancreas.
Many drugs that are absorbed through the GI tract are substantially metabolized by the liver before reaching general circulation. This is known as the first pass effect. As a consequence, certain drugs can only be taken via certain routes. For example, nitroglycerin cannot be swallowed because the liver would inactivate the medication, but it can be taken under the tongue or transdermal (through the skin) and thus is absorbed in a way that bypasses the portal venous system. Inversely, dextromethorphan, a cough suppressor, is best taken orally because it needs to be metabolised by the liver into dextrorphan in order to be effective. This latter principle is that of most prodrugs. The use of suppositories is a way to bypass partially the portal vein: the upper 1/3 of the rectum is drained into the portal vein while the lower 2/3 are drained into the internal iliac vein that goes directly in the inferior vena cava (thus bypassing the liver).
Blood flow to the liver is unique in that it receives both oxygenated and (partially) deoxygenated blood. As a result, the partial gas pressure of oxygen (pO2) and perfusion pressure of portal blood are lower than in other organs of the body. Blood passes from branches of the portal vein through cavities between “plates” of hepatocytes called sinusoids. Blood also flows from branches of the hepatic artery and mixes in the sinusoids to supply the hepatocytes with oxygen. This mixture percolates through the sinusoids and collects in a central vein which drains into the hepatic vein. The hepatic vein subsequently drains into the inferior vena cava. The hepatic artery provides 30 to 40% of the oxygen to the liver, while only accounting for 25% of the total liver blood flow. The rest comes from the partially deoxygenated blood from the portal vein. The liver consumes about 20% of the total body oxygen when at rest. That is why the total liver blood flow is quite high, at about 1 liter a minute and up to two litres a minute. That is on average one fourth of the average cardiac output at rest.

How The Liver Works
Weighing in at just over one kilogram, the liver is a complex chemical factory that works 24 hours a day. It processes virtually everything you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin and that’s just some of its over 500 different functions vital to life. So intramuscular injections and intravenous therapies don’t have the liver to protect these closed systems!


Every day, your liver helps your body by providing it with energy, fighting off infections and toxins, helping clot the blood, regulating hormones and much, much more. To give you an idea of the liver’s critical roles,here is a partial list of its functions:Cleanses blood:


• metabolizing alcohol and other drugs and chemicals,
• neutralizing and destroying poisonous substances.

Regulates the supply of body fuel:

• producing, storing and supplying quick energy (glucose) to keep the mind alert and the body active,
• producing, storing and exporting fat.

Manufactures many essential body proteins involved in:

• transporting substances in the blood,
• clotting of blood,
• providing resistance to infection.

Regulates the balance of many hormones:

• sex hormones,
• thyroid hormones,
• cortisone and other adrenal hormones.

Regulates body cholesterol

• produces cholesterol, excretes and converts it to other essential substances.
Regulates the supply of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and copper.
Produces bile which eliminates toxic substances from the body and aids digestion.

To continue reading the newsletter please click the link below

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TTAC LIVE 2017  Weekend Replay Starts Now the Truth about Cancer posted Oct 13/17

If you missed watching The Truth about Cancer LIVE last weekend, I have good news. This weekend. you have another chance to catch the whole thing.

This was a powerful event with 40 expert speakers in the fields of natural and alternative health – what I prefer to call ‘reality medicine’. They shared every new therapy and protocol they knew for healing cancer naturally.

I was honored to speak on DAY THREE at 1:30 PM on The Politics of Cancer, and answer the question: “If this is true, why doesn’t my doctor know about it?”

Those who tuned in had to make difficult choices regarding which speakers to watch. There were nine breakout sessions and three stages, all rolling along simultaneously so, no matter how you may have tried, you are sure to have missed something really important.

So Ty and his team are once again going the extra mile to make sure anyone who wants to see this has another chance. Beginning Friday, October 13th, at 8:30 AM Eastern, The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2017 will be replayed in its entirety over three days.

You’ll be able to watch any of the 40 speakers you missed – including me.
Or, you can re-watch your favorite session again and go deeper into the information.

The entire replay is 100% free if you register using this link. I highly recommend that you do.

G. Edward Griffin        

P.S. Be assured it really is free to watch. This information needs to be in as many hands as possible. So, if you know someone who has been affected by cancer – please share this link with them so they can watch also. They will thank you for doing so.

Hey Tami, doctors who save lives naturally! posted Oct 12/17

Many of you know the story of how I was able to overcome and beat cancer using natural methods and treatments.

And many of you also know that without the help of you and many others, this may not have been possible.

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Hi, Cancer information from Women support programs! posted Oct 10/17

I’m really impressed by all of the wonderful and supportive information
you’ve shared on your site for those suffering from cancer (and for those
who love someone who is). This is obviously a topic close to me, so I’m
sending you additional resources I hope you’ll consider adding to this

Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-Ill Loved One: What to Expect, and
How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward

Living with Cancer: Eight Things You Need to Know

Coping with a Child’s Illness While You’re in Recovery

Eating Well During and After Your Cancer Treatment

7 Side Effects of Cancer Treatment, and How to Cope with Them

PTSD and Life After Cancer

How to Create a Peaceful At-Home Hospice for Your Loved One

I sincerely hope these help your cause, and if there is anything else I can
do to support it, please let me know.

Thank you,


Helen Carter –

HANS Health Action Network speak on health freedom! Posted Oct 10/17

This September 28, 2017 CBC News article (3 minute read), 659 elementary school students in Windsor area suspended for incomplete immunization records, reports on the Ontario mandate to temporarily suspend students if their immunization records are not up to set standards.

For those who are concerned with the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada, this information will not be new but it will be an important confirmation.

Regardless of how you feel about vaccines, Health Action Network Society believes having them or not is a personal choice – a matter of health freedom.

According to Health Canada, Immunization is NOT Mandatory in Canada:

“Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution.
Only three provinces have legislation or regulations under their health-protection acts to require proof of immunization for school entrance. Ontario and New Brunswick require proof for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization. In Manitoba, only measles vaccination is covered
It must be emphasized that, in these three provinces, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.

Immunization in Canada – Volume: 23S4 – May 1997 — Canadian National Report on Immunization, 1996 Health Canada Website

The type of bullying demonstrated by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit must NOT be tolerated.   What can you do to preserve your health freedom and informed choice?  Understand your rights and help make others aware that vaccines are not mandatory in Canada.  If you live in Ontario or New Brunswick, and choose to have your child exempted from vaccines, you can find legal exemption forms at the Vaccine Choice Canada website.  Write your local MP to let them know you expect them to help preserve your health freedom.  Most importantly, become aware of what’s really at stake.  Sign up for news bulletins from organizations like Vaccine Choice Canada and the NHHPA

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are involved with GMOs due to their fascination with eugenics, which is the science of population control through selective breeding and sterilization. […]

G2Voice Broadcast #56: Why the Flu shot is ineffective and dangerous to allow into the body! posted Oct 6/17
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We had a small group of 7 come to learn the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols and how to teach a G2 Seminar! One is going to teach the information in German, another in Spanish and all wanted to know how to start a Genesis II Church Chapter in their prospective country. This is how the Genesis II Church is going to grow exponentially!
Even the Bible taught the early Christians to find “faithful” people that could train others and train them first! We can only help those that are seeking the TRUTH!

2 Timothy 2:1-3 King James Version (KJV)

1 Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.
2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.
3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ

Picture says it all!



Why the Flu shot is ineffective and dangerous to allow to the body!

Well, it is “Flu Season” and you will hear on the news the “flu vaccine” is important to receive to help protect the body from getting the “flu”. Is this advice a good idea or is this another “marketing technique” by the producers of this yearly vaccine? Is the “flu vaccine” dangerous? What is in this vaccine? Does receiving the “flu vaccine” do more damage than good? Is it “safe and effective”?
Please listen to the following vidoes about the “Flu Vaccine” and its dangers. There is other information below if you want to look into it further. This is worth checking out! The Flu shot is not stopping the “flu” and the ingredients are toxic to the body especially to older people and the very young! As a whole the elderly have compromised immune sytems already due to years of taking medications and eating processed foods! The VERY young have NOT “acquired” natural immunity or have a developed immune system so they are very vunerable to toxins!

To read the whole newsletter please click the link below

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

MMS Saves Lives.

The best and worst forms of magnesium to take as a supplement posted Oct 5/17

Sunday, August 10, 2014 by: Michael Ravensthorpe
(NaturalNews) According to the American Chiropractic Society, an estimated 68 to 80 percent of the United States population is deficient in the essential mineral magnesium. While our growing dependence on processed food is partly responsible for this alarming statistic, the real reason for it is that ongoing soil erosion has significantly depleted the mineral content of our soil within the last century. Consequently, many fruits and vegetables that were once rich in magnesium no longer contain it in adequate amounts, resulting in widespread deficiencies.

For this reason, an increasing number of people are turning to magnesium supplements to boost their intake of this vital nutrient. However, since magnesium must be bound to another substance before it can be adequately absorbed, magnesium supplements come in a number of different forms that provide different, or targeted, health benefits. This article takes a closer look at the best (and worst) forms of magnesium on the market today.

The best forms of magnesium

Magnesium citrate — Magnesium citrate is the most popular magnesium supplement, probably because it is inexpensive and easily absorbed. Since citric acid is a mild laxative, magnesium citrate functions as a constipation aid as well as a magnesium source. It is a great choice for individuals with rectal or colon problems but is unsuitable for those with loose bowel movements.

Magnesium taurate — Magnesium taurate is the best choice of magnesium supplement for people with cardiovascular issues, since it is known to prevent arrhythmias and guard the heart from damage caused by heart attacks. Magnesium taurate is easily absorbed (magnesium and taurine stabilize cell membranes together), and it contains no laxative properties.

Magnesium malate — Magnesium malate is a fantastic choice for people suffering from fatigue, since malic acid — a natural fruit acid present in most cells in the body — is a vital component of enzymes that play a key role in ATP synthesis and energy production. Since the ionic bonds of magnesium and malic acid are easily broken, magnesium malate is also highly soluble.

Magnesium glycinate — Magnesium glycinate (magnesium bound with glycine, a non-essential amino acid) is one of the most bioavailable and absorbable forms of magnesium, and also the least likely to induce diarrhea. It is the safest option for correcting a long-term deficiency.

Magnesium chloride — Though magnesium chloride only contains around 12 percent elemental magnesium, it has an impressive absorption rate and is the best form of magnesium to take for detoxing the cells and tissues. Moreover, chloride (not to be confused with chlorine, the toxic gas) aids kidney function and can boost a sluggish metabolism.

Magnesium carbonate — Magnesium carbonate is another popular, bioavailable form of magnesium that actually turns into magnesium chloride when it mixes with the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. It is a good choice for people suffering from indigestion and acid reflux, since it contains antacid properties.

The worst forms of magnesium

Magnesium oxide — Magnesium oxide is the most common form of magnesium sold in pharmacies, but it is non-chelated and possesses a poor absorption rate compared to those listed above.

Magnesium sulfate — Magnesium sulfate, also called Epsom salt, is a fantastic constipation aid but an unsafe source of dietary magnesium, since overdosing on it is easy.

Magnesium glutamate and aspartate — Avoid these two forms of magnesium completely. Glutamic acid and aspartic acid are components of the dangerous artificial sweetener aspartame, and both of them become neurotoxic when unbound to other amino acids.

Sources for this article include: [PDF]

About the author:
Michael Ravensthorpe is an independent writer whose research interests include nutrition, alternative medicine, and bushcraft. He is the creator of the website, Spiritfoods, through which he promotes the world’s healthiest foods.

Note from Roy:  I personally take Nature’s Answer, Plant Based Magnesium, 500 mg, 90 Vegetarian Capsules.
  • Red Algae & Seawater Derived
  • From Cool, Clean, Pristine Iceland Arctic Waters
  • 72 Trace Minerals
  • Super Concentrated 500 mg Per Serving
I also take EASE Magnesium transdermal spray.

Rebecca Bredow, a mother, has been given two weeks to get her nine-year old son caught up on his vaccines or she will be jailed. […]

The Toxic Science of Flu Vaccines posted Oct 3/17

Inge’s Added Comment”
With the “Propaganda Buzz‘ in high gear once again to persuade EVERYONE , including infants and pregnant women,  to “get their annual ‘free’ FLU shot” , you might find this article interesting with information that should make one think twice before becoming a pin-cushion once again for this Big Pharma Money Maker  –  paid for by taxpayer dollars  — that is us!.
You might also find it interesting that pregnant  women who receive the flu shot have a 7 fold increased  incidence of miscarriage in the first trimester following a flu vaccination, and neurological developmental damage in the surviving fetuses.  No research was ever done on the “safety”   for infants or  pregnant women before this was recommended. 
Let’s remember the that flu shot still contains MERCURY as part of its toxic concoction  – even though it has been solidly established  that MERCURY is not safe IN ANY quantity, and is always associated with neurological damage when injected .
What insanity is being endorsed, mandated and tolerated to increase the “profit potential” by increasing the  “client base” for Big Pharma’s toxic products. 

Hope you pass this article on to people that you know will be “lining up for their ‘free’ SHOT”,  in a state of gullible ignorance.
If we want this insanity to be stop, it is up to us to do the educating,  to enable others to make wise, informed choices .

The Toxic Science of Flu Vaccines

The flu shot does not discriminate: children, the elderly, and everyone in between can suffer detrimental effects from this dangerous vaccine.

Progressive Radio Network, October 31, 2016 PRN

Joshua Hadfield was a normal, healthy developing child as a toddler. In the midst of the 2010 H1N1 swine flu frenzy and fear mongering about the horrible consequences children face if left unvaccinated, the Hadfield’s had Joshua vaccinated with Glaxo’s Pandermrix influenza vaccine. Within weeks, Joshua could barely wake up, sleeping up to nineteen hours a day. Laughter would trigger seizures.

Joshua was diagnosed with narcolepsy, “an incurable, debilitating condition” associated with acute brain damage.[1] Today we can look back at Pandermrix as a horrible vaccine. Research indicates that it was associated with a 1400% increase in narcolepsy risk. More recently, a team of Finnish scientists at Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare, recorded 800 cases of narcolepsy associated with this vaccine. Vaccine ingredients other than the engineered viral antigen are most often believed to be the primary culprits to adverse vaccine reactions. The Finnish research, on the other hand, indicated that the vaccine’s altered viral nucleotide likely contributed to the sudden rise in sleeping sickness.[2]

Although Pandermrix was pulled from the market, it should never have been approved and released in the first place. This is a classic case of regulatory negligence by health officials and the WHO which promulgates flu vaccines around the world. Like all vaccines, which are now commonly fast tracked through government health regulatory bodies for rapid release upon the public, it should have been tested more thoroughly and more rigorously reviewed.

Since the time of Edward Jenner’s primitive inoculation experiments to combat smallpox, and its countless aftermath of deaths throughout the 19th century, modern vaccine science has failed to learn its lessons. The failure of proper regulatory oversight has resulted in Joshua and other British citizens becoming disabled for life. The British government has paid out over 63 million pounds to cover lawsuits to Pandermrix victims. Glaxo has never admitted its flu vaccine caused brain damage. And this begs the question as to why it was withdrawn since it was the corporation’s single flagship vaccine against the swine flu.[3]

We shouldn’t become complacent by assuming flu vaccine risks only affect young children. Sarah Behie was 20 years old after receiving the flu shot. Three weeks later her health deteriorated dramatically. Diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a not uncommon adverse effect of influenza vaccination, four years later Sarah remains paralyzed from the waist down, incapable of dressing and feeding herself, and rotting away in hospitals and nursing homes.[4]

Joshua’s and Sarah’s stories are by no means unique. Today tens of thousands of infants, toddlers, children and adults across the nation are increasingly becoming victims of vaccine injuries. No national debate is initiated because regulatory malfeasance within federal health agencies has aligned its self interests with pharmaceutical profits rather than serving the public health.

Flu vaccines are perhaps the most ineffective vaccine on the market. Repeatedly we are told by health officials that the moral argument for its continued use is for “the greater good,” although this imaginary good has never been defined scientifically. For the present 2016 flu season, the CDC has removed Medimmune’s live attenuated flu vaccine (LAIV) FluMist from the market because it was found to be ineffective. Or at least this is the rationale stated by the agency. According to the CDC, one third of children’s influenza vaccinations are with live nasal sprays. Yet regardless of how infective and useless FluMist has been, it has remained on the market since 2003, and in 2014 the CDC recommended it as its flu vaccine of choice for children.[5]

Although last year FluMist was only 3% effective, according to an NBC report, the real truth behind its withdrawal is likely more crucial. [6] There is no reason to doubt that the vaccine contributed to more cases of flu infection than it prevented. And this is a fundamental flaw with all live vaccines, and even killed attenuated ones, that have been shown to “shed” and infect people in contact with the vaccinated persons, especially those with compromised immune systems.

In her investigative report, “The Emerging Risks of Live Virus and Virus Vectored Vaccines,” Barbara Lo Fisher notes that the attenuated virus in the flu vaccine can shed and infect others for months after vaccination. Both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated are at risk. The CDC acknowledges this risk and warns

Persons who care for severely immunosuppressed persons who require a protective environment should not receive LAIV, or should avoid contact with such persons for 7 days after receipt, given the theoretical risk for transmission of the live attenuated vaccine virus.”[7]

At their best, flu vaccines remain around 50-60% effective according to official health statements. However, the World Health Organization’s predictions for 2014-2015 flu strains were a bust. The match was such a failure that the CDC was forced to warn the American public that the vaccine was only 23% effective.[8] Given that the 2012-2013 flu season was only 27% effective for the 65 years-plus age group, predictive methodologies to determine which flu strains emerge during any given influenza season have more in common with medieval divination than sound science. For the 1992-1993 and 1997-1998 seasons, the vaccine concoction of flu strains was only 16% effective. Katherine Severyn, who monitors the actual WHO predictions and compares them with CDC claims has stated that, “depending upon the study cited, [flu] vaccine efficacy actually ranges from a low of 0%.” [9]

Dr. David Brownstein has noted that as far back as 1999, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported increased risks of febrile disorders greater than placebo associated with the live vaccine.[10] According to the FDA’s literature on FluMist, the vaccine was not studied for immunocompromised individuals (yet was still administered to them), and has been associated with acute allergic reactions, asthma, Guillian-Barre, and a high rate of hospitalizations among children under 24 months – largely due to upper respiratory tract infections. Other adverse effects include pericarditis, congenital and genetic disorders, mitochondrial encephalomyopathy or Leigh Syndrome, meningitis, and others.[11] Given this litany of vaccine dangers, it is highly unlikely the vaccine was removed simply for ineffectiveness. Yet when has the CDC ever been truthful with the public?

The development and promotion of the influenza vaccine was never completely about protecting the public. It has been the least popular vaccine in the US including among healthcare workers. Instead, similar to the mumps vaccine in the MMR, it has been the cash cow for vaccine makers. Determining the actual severity of any given flu season is burdened by federal intentional confusion to mislead the public. The CDC’s first line of propaganda defense to enforce flu vaccinations is to exaggerate flu infections as the cause of preventable deaths. However, validating this claim is near impossible because the CDC does not differentiate deaths caused by influenza infection and deaths due to pneumonia. On its website, the CDC lumps flu and pneumonia deaths together, currently estimated at 55,227. The large majority of these were pneumonia deaths of elderly patients. Yet in any given year, only 3-18% of suspected influenza infections actually test positive for a Type A or B influenza strain.[12]

Dr. Martin Meltzer, a CDC expert in health economics, has stated “almost nobody dies of the flu” and “deaths [are] associated with flu, but not necessarily caused by flu.”[13]

To date there is only one gold standard clinical trial with the flu vaccine that compares vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, and it is not good news for the CDC and the vaccine makers.
This Hong Kong funded double-blind placebo controlled study following the health conditions of vaccinated and unvaccinated children between the ages of 6-15 years for 272 days. The trial concluded the flu vaccine holds no health benefits. In fact, those vaccinated with the flu virus were observed to have a 550% higher risk of contracting non-flu virus respiratory infections. Among the vaccinated children, there were 116 flu cases compared to 88 among the unvaccinated; there were 487 other non-influenza virus infections, including rhinovirus, coxsackie, echovirus and others, among the vaccinated versus 88 with the unvaccinated.
This single study alone poses a scientifically sound warning and rationale for avoiding the vaccine.[14]

It is worth noting that there are approximately 200 distinct viruses that are misdiagnosed as influenza and produce flu-like symptoms. These organisms don’t magically appear during fall and winter – they are always with us. Nevertheless we are more susceptible to flu-like infections during the colder months when there are less daylight hours.

In a later study by Dr. Danuta Skowronski in Canada, individuals with a history of receiving consecutive seasonal flu shots over several years had an increased risk of becoming infected with H1N1 swine flu. Skowronski commented on his findings that

policy makers have not yet had a chance to fully digest them [the study’s conclusions] or understand the implications.”

He continued,

Who knows, frankly? The wise man knows he knows nothing when it comes to influenza, so you always have to be cautious in speculating.”[15]

There is strong evidence suggesting that all vaccine clinical trials carried out by manufacturers fall short of demonstrating vaccine efficacy accurately. And when they are shown to be efficacious, it is frequently in the short term and offer only partial or temporary protection. According to an article in the peer-reviewed Journal of Infectious Diseases, the only way to evaluate vaccines is to scrutinize the epidemiological data obtained from real-life conditions. In other words, researchers simply cannot — or will not — adequately test a vaccine’s effectiveness and immunogenicity prior to its release onto an unsuspecting public.[16]

The Cochrane Collaboration, the world’s foremost group of unbiased researchers, physicians and scientists, has performed a series of meta-analyses on the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine. In 2014 they found that vaccinating adults against influenza did not affect the number of people hospitalized nor decrease lost work.[17] Cochrane researchers stated that their results might be overly optimistic due to the fact that 24 out of 90 studies were funded by the vaccine manufacturers, which tend to produce results favorable to their product.[18]

According to Dr. Tom Jefferson at the Cochrane Collaboration, it makes little sense to keep vaccinating against seasonal influenza based on the evidence.[19]
Jefferson has also endorsed more cost-effective and scientifically-proven means of minimizing the transmission of flu, including regular hand washing and wearing masks. There is also substantial peer-reviewed literature supporting the supplementation of 
Vitamin D.

Dr. Jefferson’s conclusions are backed by a 2013 article by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine scientist Peter Doshi, PhD, in the British Journal of Medicine. In his article Doshi questions the flu vaccine paradigm stating:

Closer examination of influenza vaccine policies shows that although proponents employ the rhetoric of science, the studies underlying the policy are often of low quality, and do not substantiate officials’ claims. The vaccine might be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza appears overstated.”[20]

The CDC currently recommends that elderly Americans receive a flu shot, stating that

[v]accination is especially important for people 65 years and older because they are at high risk for complications from flu.”[21]

Unfortunately, this warning is grossly unfounded. A significant body of research proves that receiving the flu shot does not reduce mortality among seniors.[22] One particularly compelling 2005 study was carried out by scientists at the federal National Institutes of Health (NIH) and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Not only did the study indicate that the flu vaccine did nothing to prevent deaths from influenza among seniors, but that flu mortality rates increased as a greater percentage of seniors received the shot.[23]

After the release of the study, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson covered the findings in a CBS News segment. Attkisson interviewed the only co-author of the study who was not affiliated with the NIH, Dr. Tom Reichert, who stated that the research team revisited the data several times, but that no matter how they analyzed the “incendiary material”, the conclusion was clear: flu shots don’t improve mortality rates in the elderly population.[24]

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reviewed the Cochrane Database reviews on the flu vaccine’s efficacy. In a review of 51 studies involving over 294,000 children, there was

no evidence that injecting children 6-24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than placebo. In children over 2 years of age, flu vaccine effectiveness was 33 percent of the time preventing flu. In children with asthma, inactivated flu vaccine did not prevent influenza related hospitalizations in children. The database shows that children who received the flu vaccine were at a higher risk of hospitalization than children who did not receive the vaccine.[25]

In a separate study involving 400 children with asthma receiving a flu vaccine and 400 who were not immunized, there was no difference in the number of clinic and emergency room visits and hospitalizations between the two groups.[26]

In 64 studies involving 66,000 adults, “Vaccination of healthy adults only reduced risk of influenza by 6 percent and reduced the number of missed work days by less than one day. There was change in the number of hospitalizations compared to the non-vaccinated. In further studies of elderly adults residing in nursing homes over the course of several flu seasons, flu vaccinations were insignificant for preventing infection.[27]

During every annual quarter, the CDC’s Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines meets, and the Department of Justice releases its report on settlements made for vaccine injuries and deaths. In recent years, the flu vaccine has topped the charts. During its most recent release in June 2016, 85 of the 116 cases, and 2 of the 3 deaths, settled by the “vaccine court” over a three month period were associated with the flu vaccine.[28] While this might appear to be a small and insignificant number compared to the millions of vaccines administered, it bears noting that the CDC itself admits that only 10% of vaccine adverse effects go reported. Independent analysis indicates it may be as small as 1-2% at best.

For almost a decade, the CDC has known influenza vaccines are ineffective and life-threatening for the elderly but continues to market them without hesitation. Hence in November 2014, five senior citizens at an assisted living facility in Dacula, Georgia, died within week after all residents were vaccinated.[29]
During the previous year’s flu vaccine trials, Sanofi Pasteur’s Fluzone killed 23 elderly participants during the vaccine trial. Nevertheless, the vaccine was approved and continues to be marketed towards senior citizens.[30]

Today, the most extreme wing of the pro-vaccine community, headed by Paul Offit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, have been diligently pursuing mandatory vaccination and encouraging states to repeal personal religious and philosophical exemption from vaccinating. During the flu season, the debate over mandatory vaccination becomes most heated as medical facilities and government departments attempt to threaten employees and schools who refuse vaccination. Although this is deeply worrisome to those who advocate their Constitutional rights to freedom of choice in their healthcare, there are respectable groups opposing mandatory flu shots. Among them are the American Medical Association and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

According to the statement of the latter, the Association

objects strenuously to any coercion of healthcare personnel to receive influenza immunization. It is a fundamental human right not to be subjected to medical interventions without fully informed consent.”

The American Medical Association statement recognizes “philosophic reason” as a valid means for exemption. In addition, many union organizations, such as National Nurses United, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions now oppose mandatory flu shots. What these organizations recognize and is categorically denied by the Paul Offits in the pro-vaccine cabal, is the hard science raising serious questions over the flu vaccine’s efficacy and safety that doesn’t justify a national mandate.

The good news is that Americans are rapidly losing confidence in the CDC. According to National Consumers League poll, over two-thirds of Americans believe vaccines cause autism, which the CDC categorically denies.[31]
Almost two months after the media reported on the revelations by a CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who exposed the CDC cover up of a vaccine-autism connection with the MMR vaccine, a CBS News poll showed public approval of the CDC nosedived to 37%, down from 60% the previous year. Vaccine apologists and the major media claim this large decrease is due to the CDC’s dismal handling of the Ebola crisis; however, Thompson’s whistleblowing received over 750 million Twitter impressions indicating that the debate over vaccine efficacy and safety is far more on the public’s mind.[32]

Positive endorsement of the CDC would plummet further if the public knew the full extent of CDC officials lying to Congress and their conspiracy to commit medical fraud for over a dozen years.

Imagine the tens of thousands of children and families who would have been saved from life-long neurological damage and immeasurable suffering if the CDC was not indebted to protecting the toxic products of the pharmaceutical industry and was serving the health and well-being of American children?

And we can begin to further dismantle this citadel of despotic medical fascism by simply refusing the flu vaccine and protecting ourselves by adopting a healthier lifestyle during the flu season.

Richard Gale is the Executive Producer of the Progressive Radio Network and a former Senior Research Analyst in the biotechnology and genomic industries.
Dr. Gary Null is the host of the nation’s longest running public radio program on nutrition and natural health and a multi-award-winning documentary film director, including Autism: Made in the USA, War on Health: The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny and Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccination.
Gary Null is an internationally recognized thought leader and activist who holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science and Richard Gall is the Executive Producer for the Progressive Radio Network.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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