Humanitarian Bank Rewards Program:


Humanitarian Bank Rewards Program:

This page explains all the Bank residual awards categories available to you and non profits globally simply by setting up a no fees checking account. Residual funds and prize awards will be forth coming for all new customers to our humanitarian bank. You can set up a residual income account for children as parent guardians yet they will not be able to access funds until they are 18 years of age. All Bank employees and rewards recipients will receive the same amount depending upon options chosen. Minimum pay for entry level employees will be $ 15.00 per hour in North America. Similar fair pay can be negotiated in each foreign economy accordingly. Both men and women will be paid the same for each position everywhere. All accounts include money management consultations. We will team up with temporary government after Nesara announcement and arrests to support everyone on governments assistance, Disability, old age pensions, Employment insurance and all Veterans past and present. We can help people in USA on food stamps and other countries who have similar programs to the ones in Canada ! Once the poor are taken care off everyone else are welcome as well. See Bank Agreement & rewards details when posted. Only one account per person and one category per account so read through options below thoroughly! Plus each person must take our money management lessons that will be sponsored and paid for by bank, funds will be released as training progresses to safe guard our members and the banks ability to help everyone constructively.

If you have accepted money from any other bank, financial institute, insurance company or corporation for inventors or small and medium businesses or non profits you may not qualify for our residual income, so please read our terms and agreement thoroughly. This is due to wanting to maintain our integrity for our system and brand.

Categories of support: Please choose only one category per account, if you have a non profit you would like to support under these categories then make sure they are signed up with our bank.

Canada First Sovereignty Funds: We will support patriotic policies that promote the development of Canadian citizens first in schooling, job training, job access, housing, healing genres. Plus we will support Canadian born owned and run businesses in Canada. Funding for Canadian run businesses and products will be our first choice. Eliminating foreign interference to our sovereignty will be supported to create our republic without British or US interference in our money, economy, government, education, media or judiciary. Stopping unnecessary Satanist run human rights immigration policies that undermine our sovereignty as well. We will rescind government system as it operates presently and ban all greedy benefits for past and present government reps. We will also support a Buy Canadian Made First campaign as well to support our small and medium size businesses. We need to get all our infrastructure back treasonously sold to foreigners against the will and permission of Canadians like our water, ports, airports, railways and resources. We want all USA financial, economic, political and military bullying against Canadian sovereignty to stop! We must stop any part of any trade deals that violate the sovereignty and rights of Canadians, Canadian businesses and of Canadian sovereignty to govern our own affairs without foreign arrogance or intrusion of any kind. Finally eliminate Freedom of religion department which is a Negative Alien Satanic scam money grab.

Children First Canada! Notice that our white heritage is placed fourth in this video! posted Oct 27/17

Indigenous Remedy Funds: We will work at eliminating greed elitism and poverty inequality in our indigenous groups across Canada and around the world. We will support with healing, education, recreation and housing. There must be conformity to mother earths code of conduct with every group on planet earth now and in the past. Restitution for government & church groups actions as well as restitution for discrimination against all other Canadians as well by the elitist divide and conquer government agendas. 98 % of humanity are indigenous with many lifetimes as such so elitism divisiveness and discrimination is no longer appropriate we are all equal under mother earths code of conduct with DARK ET exceptions!

Education Reformation for Truth in Law, Politics and Economics!: Much deception in these categories have been successful only because no one was guarding our sovereignty and rights due to not knowing. This will have actually integrity based watch dogs and enforcement of integrity in our educational systems! Land common law, air law and water law! Mother Earths Code of conduct law and Law of one spiritual laws!

Ambassador Awards Funds:

Friends these awards in Canada will be to promote sovereignty and integrity in our wonderful country Canada! .The country name will only change with the full consent of all Canadians. Whistleblower and Kindness awards to support integrity honesty in all areas of our society. Plus the individual Ambassador, Athletic & Arts Awards as well.

The Sovereignty awards will be to those Canadians who stand up for our sovereignty in language, laws, trade, immigration, business and government. There will be first, second and third place awards in each province and territory. Media will be asked to do there civic duty and assist us with poll votes for winners in all categories in each region.

Whistleblower awards will be to those Canadians who speak out about crimes in any area in our society especially government, military, police, judiciary and corporations. We will support whistleblower private sector support and legislation. There will be  first, second and third place awards in each province and territory. Media will be asked to do there civic duty and assist us with poll votes for winners in all categories in each region.

Ambassador Athletics arts awards: This category will be supported by our humanitarian bank to support all athletes from any age who would like to participate in sports, martial arts, dance, music, film, especially to support all our Olympic Athletes on a regular basis. We will also support children and teen summer camps, rehabilitation camps and education. Plus girl guides, scouts and sport camps and all outdoor nature groups. We will also support all anti doping and cheating at all levels in athletics for both genders. We will support funds for school supplies for children. Finally we will support the promotion of all healthy positive physically activity projects across Canada and around the world.

Kindness awards to all Canadians who show heart centered kindness to fellow citizens and animals or planet to make a better world for us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There will be first second and third prizes in every province and territory yearly.

We will also support public contests for any flag or province name changes in BC or federally with political changes that will be forth coming with full public input.

Due to deliberate criminal delays to humanitarian funds release for these awards they will be retroactive to 911 2001! Blessings To All Tami Dickson

Recreational Upgrade Funds!: We will fund the betterment of recreational facilities around the country like preventing topple over issues with Soccer goals across the country. Upgrading fields and small arenas across the land and making facilities in poorer communities for the children to skate, swim, track, basketball. If you want to make a better participaction facility in your community then sign up here.

Eliminating Poverty Funds: We will work at clearing all poverty across our land and around the world with funds for everyone equally along with other projects explained below. Child poverty and homelessness at the top of the list. We wish to eliminate orphanages and foster care and give every child a safe loving home. We will team up with temporary government in Canada after Nesara announcement and arrests to support everyone on governments assistance, Disability, old age pensions, Employment insurance and all Veterans past and present. If you have been to food bank in past two years we will help you right away with the food banks help.

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made
and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.”

– Nelson Mandela 

GLBTG Community Support: We will support the Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered community to eliminate hate discrimination against them. We will support healing, legal financial support for these issues as well as housing and  support for various spiritual education, cultural arts and athletic games initiatives. Eliminating any Satanic elements destroying community and designed to undermine reputations of its members. Business innovations are also supported to serve the planet. These are all global goals!

Animal Respect Funds: Eliminating all animal abuse, murder of Cats and dogs against there will in China and Asia. Poaching and sport hunting across the planet must stop. Animal parts trade must stop. Animal breading mills must stop. Zoo, Circuses and Aquarium slavery must stop. Stop laboratory experimentation on animals. We will support all animal rescue, sanctuary and rehabilitation groups ! We will teach for free advanced 5d veterinarian training in our free centers and promote days of honour for all animals who have served humanity with distinction. (Horses, ox, elephant, donkey, camel, dogs, whales, dolphins, chickens, cows, turkeys, pigs, fish etc.) We wish to stop the slaughter of horses, capture of wild horses and killing and harming of whales and dolphins in our oceans through hunting and military sonar. We will train nature conservation officers to talk with animals and stop killing animals globally. Compliance to mother earths code of conduct mandatory!

Space of Love Funds: This will encompass everything involving protecting and restoring mother earths environment to her pristine origins. We wish  to support  mother earths wishes over twenty years ago that all raping of her body stop by Oil, gas, mining, Nuclear energy, underground tunneling and arrests will be ongoing in this regard. Many alternative energy technologies have been available to replace all our energy needs safely, quietly and clean. Plus teaching all about Lemurian, Vedruss space of love principles to return humanity to our sacred communion with her. Some teaching will include seed saving and growing your own food as well as promoting NON GMO organic farming pesticide free. Promoting the lowering of  dairy costs in Canada. Aligning our bodies sacred energies with mother earth will be taught. Also, Galactic Society principle taught for an evolved loving society.

Support for emergency workers military!: We will support PTSD issues with all our police, military, emergency medical workers across Canada and around the world. Who every works in these fields with these challenges please sign up here! You are loved and supported!

Renter & Workers Rights Funds !: We will support the rights of tenants renter in all sectors under common law and gods law as well as mother earths code of conduct. (Proper sound proofing heat and facilities for tenants) Much will change when we go back in time to make arrests and introduce laws. This will also change the rights of non union workers with fare wages and benefits. If these topics interest you globally then sign up here.

Common Law Sheriff Training Funds: This will fund and support the training and implementation of common law sheriffs, lawyers & judges (Not affiliated with the Bar of England),police, military in Canada and around the world. If you are fit without a criminal record you can apply women and men. If you are interested in taking back your city, province, state and country from corrupt systems then sign up here. We will go back in time for training for security and time constraints issues!

Customer Rights Protection Funds!: We will support the rights of customers against unethical business practices, false advertising, fraud and breach of trust without making the victim of these maladies pay a fee like the Better Business bureau does presently. Plus we will refer to common law court rather then just post a bad reputation on the internet.

Innovations Canada Funds: This options will support all innovations in all sciences and technological and business advancements in Canada. We will have a start up fund for entrepreneurs included here. We wish to support our scientists who have been wronged by our governments! Plus all Young and old Inventors and entrepreneurs in public, private or our schools across Canada! Also, we wish to support all school science fares and competitions across Canada! If you have accepted money from any other bank, financial institute, insurance company or corporation for inventors or small and medium businesses or non profits you may not qualify for our residual income, so please read our terms and agreement thoroughly. This is due to wanting to maintain our integrity for our system and brand.

Independent Media Funds!: We will support the development of unifying independent media in Canada and around the world. This is to prevent the control of main stream media monopoly censorship. We will also support freelance writers, artists, film locally and globally.

Women’s Equality Funds: We will support the equality of women globally for work opportunities, wages, laws, spirituality and gender pricing with products. Membership bias, finance gender bias, property ownership bias, family gender bias etc. We will open womens only film production company where women mentor other women for TV, Film and documentaries, commercials!

Search & Rescue Funds: We will support all search & rescue folks across Canada and around the world who disserve to be funded and paid for there service. Including Coast Guards not infested with Satanists. We will also support rural Forest Fire fighters as well for income and equipment!

Emergency Restoration Funds: We will ask people to sign up for account and be funded for any emergency funds due to earth quakes, floods, fires, accidents, tornadoes, hurricanes, wind damage for farmers and lost crops, health cost threats possibly due to unethical criminal manipulations of unscrupulous insurance companies! Also animal vet bills! We wish to support anyone who has had a home, condo renovation emergency as well. Anyone effected by crime, war or terrorism can be helped here.

Eliminating Slavery Funds: We wish to eliminate all forms of child labour, women domestic or work slavery, women child or men sex slavory, War soldier slavery. Workers slavery due to greed! This includes child human trafficking check  Human trafficking counter measures!

Galactic University Education Funds: We wish to fund all operations of Galactic University, Universal convention center, water park, facility employee and future soldier trainings for the planet! Anyone wishing to learn, work or teach here would sign up here.

Advanced Energetic Medical & Dental Centers: These funds are for anyone who wishes to work with us in our advanced healing centers and get training in 5d energetic healing modalities in physical body and dental applications. Transcending the limited application of 3d medicine to heal all diseases on the planet and restore missing limbs as well. DNA RNA advancements will be taught. Sign up here for anyone working with Doctors without borders, operation smile or any kind of disability or healing modality for humanities and animals alike.

We will not support Cabal Illuminati supporting criminals or Satanists across this planet. Our policies will be explained in detail with bank page soon to be released. We will block any Administration hording of funds meant to go to animals, planet or people through non profit organizations! Blessings Tami Dickson