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Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat The destruction of Europe Posted July 8/17

Dan Murray intro to immigration watch Canada posted July 8/17

Jihadi Justin Trudeau treasonous belief and actions against Canadian rights! Posted Aug 9/17

Dental Hygienist Bernt Herlitz, who worked for the Public Health Service, reported that migrants were posing as children to the Swedish Migration Board and was fired. […]

California  – LARGEST INSANE ASYLUM IN THE WORLD    Interesting  that the LA Times did this.    All the others are staying away from  it.  Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, this should  be of great interest to you!

Just  One State – be sure and read the last part… try for 3  times.

This  is only one State… If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing  will!

From  the LA. Times.

1.  40% of all workers in LA County (10.2 million people) are  working for cash; and not paying taxes.  This is because  they are predominantly illegal immigrants, working without a  green card.
(Donald  Trump was right)

2.  95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal  aliens.3.  75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal  aliens.
4.  Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal  alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by  taxpayers.
5.  Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are  Mexican nationals; they are here illegally.

6.  Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in  garages.

7.  The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most  likely illegal aliens from south of the  border.

8.   Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are  illegal.

9.   21 radio stations in LA are Spanish-  speaking.

10.  In LA County, 5.1 million people speak English; 3.9 million,  speak Spanish.  (There are 10.2 million people, in LA  County.

(All  10 of the above facts were published in the Los Angeles  Times)

Less  than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on  welfare.  Over 70% of the United States’ annual population  growth, (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York),  results from immigration.  Also, 29% of inmates in federal  prisons are illegal aliens.

We  are fools for letting this  continue.


Send  copies of this letter, to at least two other people.  100,  would be even better.

This  is only one State…If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will,  and you wonder why Nancy Pelosi wants them to become  voters!


Windfall  Tax on Retirement Income…  Adding a tax to your  retirement is simply another way of saying to the American  people “you’re so darn stupid that we’re going to keep doing  this until we drain every cent from you”.  Nancy Pelosi  wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income.  In other words,  tax what you have made by investing toward your  retirement.  This woman is a nut case!  You aren’t  going to believe this

Nancy  Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits  (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual  Funds)!

Alas,  it is true – all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and  other unemployed Minorities!

This  woman is frightening. She quotes… ‘We need to work toward the  goal of equalizing income, (didn’t Marx say something like  this?) in our country; and at the same time limiting the amount  the rich can invest.  (I’m not rich, are  you?)

When  asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she  replied:

We  need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and  minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal  immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions  of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes  could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of  living they would like to have as  Americans.
(Read that quote again and again and let it sink in.) ‘Lower your  retirement; give it to others who have not worked, as you have’  for your money.
Send this on to your friends. I just did! This  lady is out of her  mind!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the attacks by saying: “We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity”. […]

Gaddafi warned NATO that its action against Libya during the war in 2011 would open up the gates of hell upon Europe because Lybia was the only barrier to mass migration from Africa. […]

The US has granted citizenship to one-million immigrants per year for decades, and they bring over their family members through ‘chain migration’. […]

Witnesses say the man shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great) before rushing civilians. ISIS has claimed responsibility. […]

Non-cooperation by sanctuary cities severely undermines efforts by ICE to prevent dangerous criminal aliens from being released and endangering the public. […]

The soldier posted pro-communist propaganda and defiled his uniform. His mentor at West Point is Rasheed Hosein, a professor of Middle East history who espouses Marxism. […]

The US has granted citizenship to one-million immigrants per year for decades, and they bring over their family members through ‘chain migration’. […]

Some students have been programmed into believing that enforcement of America’s immigration laws is tantamount to genocide, and they harbor deep hatred. […]

Justin Trudeau’s Rousing Pro-Refugee Rant  posted Sept 28/17
By Tim Murray
A couple of weeks ago, I watched Trudeau’s press conference in Kelowna. It was obvious that Flake-Head has, after two years, learned his lines well, as one would expect of a former high school drama teacher. His impassioned rant about Canada’s “values” and tradition of “welcoming” refugees and immigrants pushed all the right emotional buttons and employed all of the standard cliches. When he was done, I was looking for a quick path to the bathroom. Fortunately the lid was up.
This man actually believes that Canada alone has discovered the perfect formula for making hyper Third World immigration “work.” According to Trudeau, Canada knows how to do it right. We know how to “integrate” migrants. How many migrants, you ask? As many as want to come !!!— according to him.
At that point, reporters jumped in to ask him, if that is the case, why has he sent out emissaries to tell would-be refugees that “We have rules.” We welcome and will continue to welcome ALL those who are fleeing persecution, war and disaster, BUT they must follow the “rules”. What are these “rules”, you ask? Well, it usually goes like this : You put one foot on Canada’s soil and say, “I am applying for refugee status,” and you’re in. Then you get food, lodging and a work permit while you wait for your claim to be judged.
If your claim is rejected, you apply for an appeal. More time to settle in. If that too is rejected, you receive a deportation order. And then, in half the cases, you don’t show up for your “removal”. Chances are that you can go to a big city (eg. Toronto) and melt away into the background. Since the government doesn’t keep track of who leaves the country, they won’t even know if you left or not. Moreover, you can rely upon quisling city councils to declare their cities as “sanctuaries” where local law enforcers are instructed NOT to cooperate with border security agents. In the meantime, if you can put down roots by siring a Canadian’s kid or having his baby, you’ll be harder to eject. Especially if you can find a credulous cleric to champion your cause and an idiot journalist or TV reporter to pull heartstrings. Churches come in handy that way, don’t they? Harbouring liars and law-breakers in the name of Christ.
Theoretically, TV and press reporters have an obligation to hold politicians’ feet to the fire, but in matters of immigration and refugee policy, that is seldom the case. They typically don’t press home the attack. In this case, obvious follow-up questions to Trudeau would have been : ” So you welcome the world, all the tens of millions of people who are fleeing awful circumstances. But you assure us that they will be processed according to the rules. How many resources would it take to do that in an expeditious way? In other words, how much would it cost Canadian taxpayers if 5 million Haitians, 50 million Central Americans, 1 million Afghans, 5 million Syrians, 20 million Africans and 30 million Asians want in? A trillion dollars? 5 trillion? 15 trillion? Enough to double the federal debt?
Other questions would be, what do you mean by “integrate”? Integrate into what? Our mainstream culture? But you said that Canada doesn’t have a culture. And then you spoke of our “core values.” We have core values but no culture? Or is it that we have a culture but no core values? You continually tell us that “Diversity is Our Strength.” But how diverse shall our ‘diversity’ be?
Thanks to the policy of mass immigration we went from 6 to 260 ethnic enclaves since your father left office. Are you aiming to make it 460? Will we be dialing 15 for English? Will we driving on both the left and right sides of the road as we please? Will some be practicing FGM according to their preference? Will MPs be able to give their maiden speech in Tamil or whatever their mother tongue was? Will some be able to practice polygamy and collect federal money for each wife? And — the million dollar question — will there be diversity of thought and speech in your Canadian utopia?
Since you have supported M-103, I think we already have the answer to that one.
But alas, no reporter can be found to pose such questions. We don’t make journalists like that anymore. Instead we have virtue-signalling parrots of political correctness sculpted by Institutions of Higher Indoctrination. I don’t know what they teach in journalism school these days but I doubt that independence of mind is a course requirement.
More sickening than Trudeau’s rant is the certainty that the immigration reduction perspective will never be given equal time to make its case. Particularly not on the CBC, which is in large part funded by people whom the Prime Minister calls “angry white bigots.” The CBC wants our taxes, but they don’t want our opinions. After all, we only reflect between 40-60 percent of public opinion on most points. No wonder polling firms refuse to run our questions.
If Canadians are looking for a political vehicle to give voice to their concerns on this issue, they can’t look to Andrew Scheer’s Official Opposition Conservative Party. As reflected in his choices for the Shadow Cabinet, immigration-reformers, aka “the far right,” are not welcome in his “big tent” party. He is determined that his party not be portrayed as ‘anti-immigrant,’ ‘racist’ or heartless. The name of the game is not to salvage what remains of Euro-Canadian heritage, but to defeat Justin Trudeau. To do that, CBC panelists insist, the Conservatives must be Liberals. Wait, do you mean they’re not Liberals already?
Let’s be honest. Is the nauseating cant that issued out of Justin Trudeau’s mouth in Kelowna any different than what came out of the mouth of Conservative Jason Kenny during his tenure as Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism? Is Conservative Chris Alexander’s or Lisa Rait’s or Michael Chong’s world view substantially different than Boy Wonder’s? Is dog excrement so different than cat excrement?
We need a revolution, folks. Dan Murray 

Dear Tami, Rebel Media attacked by Liberal Globalist agenda! posted Sept 27/17

The liberal media hates The Rebel, and last month they did their best to try to shut us down. One of the reasons is that we are one of the only voices in Canada ringing the alarm about radical Islam — not just the threat of terrorism, but the larger threat of a slow Islamification of our society too.

It was The Rebel that hosted the massive rally in Toronto this year warning about M-103. That’s the Parliamentary motion calling for the government to eliminate “Islamophobia” — without ever defining the term. I can tell you what M-103 will likely mean in practice: censoring anyone who dares to criticize radical Islam. Even censoring liberal Muslims.

Well, that’s what I’m writing to you about today. Because this fall, we are introducing a new TV series called Muslim Sense, hosted by our dear friend Raheel Raza. Raheel has been an international leader, fighting against Muslim extremism, including in the important movie Honor Diaries, about female genital mutilation. Raheel is a tireless activist, regularly flying to the United Nations to speak truth to power.

We love what she’s doing; we love her as a guest on our shows. So now she’s going to have her own show!

It’s part of our new fall line-up at The Rebel. Here, take a sneak peek at the rest of our journalists too:


That’s an amazing list of people. But they all have one thing in common: they want to tell the other side of the story, the side that the mainstream media ignores, or even attacks.

Last month I told you we were going to get The Rebel back on track, big-time. And we are. We hired a top-notch managing editor; we’ve revitalized the team, and in October, we’ll launch our new app, too, so you can easily watch The Rebel on your phone, or on your smart TV at home.

But I need your help.

I often ask our supporters to donate to keep The Rebel strong. And we’ll always be grateful for that help. But today I’d like you to sign up for a subscription. That’s different — you’re not giving us support out of charity. You’re buying a year’s worth of the best TV available.

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Thanks again for your support. Let’s go do what the mainstream media doesn’t want us to do. Let’s not just survive, let’s thrive.

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Ezra Levant

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Kevin Jackson of the Black Sphere says that the NAACP and the Black Caucus are using Hispanics to topple the whites who hold power. […]

Hungary’s border is protected by twin razor wire fences and patrolled by border guards, as a solid wall would have taken years to construct- why can’t Trump do this? […]

Tax avoidance behind Metro’s disconnect between housing and income posted Sept 20/17
After census figures this week revealed alarming gaps between housing costs and average incomes in Metro Vancouver, a veteran real-estate analyst blames the disparity in part on tax avoidance.
Published on: September 15, 2017
An analyst argues the big disconnect for housing prices in some parts of Metro Vancouver and the reported incomes in those neighbourhoods can be blamed on tax avoidance.
After census figures this week revealed alarming gaps between housing costs and average incomes in Metro Vancouver, veteran real-estate analyst Richard Wozny is preparing a speech for B.C. politicians that blames the disparity in part on tax avoidance.
A reason why residents of Metro Vancouver municipalities with expensive housing tend to report lower incomes than people in less-costly municipalities is that many of the former avoid declaring their total wealth, said Wozny, whose company has produced 1,200 studies on real-estate trends in Canada and the U.S.
“Canada has become a freeloader society” in which some mansion owners have found ways to avoid reporting their total incomes to the Canada Revenue Agency, said Wozny, who will speak on Sept. 25 at the convention of the Union of B.C. Municipalities in Vancouver.
Census figures released this week show Metro Vancouver, which has one of the world’s most expensive housing markets, lags behind 14 other Canadian cities on average wages.
The census also exposed an apparent contradiction: Residents of Richmond, Burnaby, the city of Vancouver and West Vancouver — which have the most expensive housing costs in Metro — also claim on average the highest rates of poverty.
The census data highlights “inappropriate reporting of family incomes” by many property owners in Metro Vancouver’s well-off neighbourhoods, says Wozny, head of Site Economics Ltd., who said governments need to crack down on residential property speculators.
“The Americans would never tolerate such free riders,” says Richard Wozny, head of Site Economics Ltd. and author of report, ‘Low Incomes and High House Prices in Metro Vancouver.’
Inadequate Canadian tax laws have allowed owners of houses that sell for more than $2 million or $3 million “to report unusually low taxable median family incomes,” Wozny said in a detailed report titled Low Incomes and High House Prices in Metro Vancouver.
“It is not logical that so many low-income residents buy expensive houses. The analogous situation would be people reporting minimum wage routinely buying Rolex watches and luxury limousines,” Wozny said.
It’s also not fair, Wozny said, that the burden of paying for Metro Vancouver’s transit systems and schools is largely borne by residents of the suburbs, such as Port Moody, where house prices are only average, yet residents have the highest taxable incomes in Metro Vancouver.
“Irrationally high-priced real estate is not harmless,” Wozny said. “There are plenty of victims, from the environment to the middle class. Simply stated, Metro Vancouver is worth more than it charges in property taxes and fees.”
When Wozny speaks to politicians at the UBCM, he will urge better regulations to target real-estate speculators, both domestic and offshore, many of whom shield their wealth from Canada’s tax officials.
“The Americans would never tolerate such free riders. Canada has become a money-launderer’s paradise,” Wozny said in an interview.
“Seattle’s incomes are far higher than those in Metro Vancouver, and its economy is many times larger, yet its housing prices are far lower than they are in Metro Vancouver. The difference is that Seattle is governed by laws that tax worldwide incomes, and which don’t allow un-monitored capital flows.”
Wozny disagrees with real-estate lobbyists who attempt to explain the radical gap between housing prices and wages by saying many mansion owners in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby and West Vancouver are seniors getting by on low incomes.
That rationalization doesn’t make sense, Wozny said, because most neighbourhoods in North America have similar levels of what he called “old Mrs. MacKenzie who has lived in her house since the Second World War. There are old Mrs. MacKenzies in every city.”
Wozny’s analysis also doesn’t support remarks made Wednesday by economist Iglika Ivanova of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, who speculated the reason municipalities with soaring housing prices also have unusually high percentages of people living below the poverty line ­is the latter want to live near transit lines.
Instead, Wozny’s report on tax data and housing costs supports former Richmond mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt, who was the first to publicly flag how some of his city’s pricier neighbourhoods had almost as many people reporting poverty-level incomes as in Vancouver’s destitute Downtown Eastside.
University of B.C. geographer Dan Hiebert has also discovered a correlation between neighbourhoods with large foreign-born populations and neighbourhoods that appear to have unusually low taxable incomes, despite their inflated housing prices, such as Richmond and Vancouver’s west side.
Wozny, a real-estate business insider, appreciates the analyses of immigration lawyers Sam Hymanand Richard Kurland, and SFU professor Josh Gordon, who have pointed to loopholes in tax and real-estate laws that allow avoidance and evasion.
They say unenforced laws allow wealthy speculators to avoid taxes by using trusts or companies to purchase real estate, by falsely claiming they are not “residents of Canada” for tax purposes and by buying residential property in the name of “proxies,” such as low-income spouses or children.
Even though Wozny considers himself a fiscal conservative, he said B.C. and Canada desperately need tax-code updates so that investors who buy multiple residential proprieties contribute more to their communities.
“The public has been cynically abandoned by governments. Real-estate is an essential building block of the middle classes,” Wozny said. But hard-working people are being squeezed out of ownership, he said, by speculators who put too much demand on Metro’s real-estate market and who aren’t carrying their social weight.
“Everybody should be paying taxes,” Wozny said. “Taxes should be a privilege. We should enjoy paying them.”
Radical disconnect as average Metro earner reaps $72,000 a year, but pays $14 million for home
Douglas Todd: Lax politicians have betrayed Metro residents
How to ensure non-residents pay tax on Canadian real-estate profits

Despite his campaign promise to end DACA, President Trump now is asking Congress to legalize the program, which protects roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants. […]

Poland is reacting to demands by Germany to accept ‘refugees’, most of whom are not refugees at all but immigrants seeking European welfare. […]

Malmo has a heavy migrant population that has “no-go zones” where rampant drug trafficking, gang crime, and religious extremism can be found. […]

Steve Bannon called out the church and the Vatican for supporting illegal immigration because they profit from it- unlimited illegal immigration fills the churches and the collection baskets. […]

Mass immigration into Europe threatens national sovereignty and jeopardizes the future. Hungary and Poland could lose EU funding if they do not comply with EU law. […]

Attention Immigrant Reformer : posted Sept 9/17
Immigration Watch Canada is supporting the educational learning circle conference, “M-103: Islamophobia Cure or Sharia Trap?”
The conference will take place THIS SUNDAY in TORONTO, and we encourage all supporters who reside in the GTA to join us in attendance.

The study unintentionally revealed how many additional job opportunities Americans would have if President Trump keeps his campaign promise and repeal DACA. […]

It Took a Labour Day Riot To Get Ottawa’s Attention To Immigration in 1907–What About Today? posted Sept 6/17
Labour Day, 2017 is the 110th anniversary of the 1907 Vancouver Parade and Riot. For many years, our immigration industry has used the riot to shame the Vancouver population for its ancestors’ attacks on Chinatown and Japantown.
If anyone were to ask the immigration industry where they were getting their information, 99% would have to admit they were parroting what they had been told. So let’s look at what really happened by asking one important question: Was there a connection between the unexpected arrival of about 11,500 Japanese, East Indians and Chinese in 1907 and the 1907 Vancouver Labour Day riot?
There is clear evidence that there was. Before the riot, British Columbia had undoubtedly complained to Ottawa about the numbers of new arrivals in 1907. But Ottawa did not listen until after the riot. It sent its Deputy Minister of Labour, Mackenzie King, to Vancouver to conduct a Royal Commission to determine how much compensation should eventually be paid to (1) the Japanese and (2) the Chinese whose property had been damaged. While King was doing his work, Ottawa asked him to conduct another Royal Commission which would investigate why around 11,500 Japanese, Chinese and East Indians had arrived in the first ten months of 1907.
The population of Vancouver area was about 60,000 at the time and a sudden inflow of 11,500, (In Mackenzie King’s words) had “naturally caused great alarm”. About half of Vancouver’s population paraded through Vancouver streets before the riot––an indication in 1907 of significant Vancouver support for an end to cheap labour.
Obviously, many people at the time believed that the measures that Ottawa had taken up to 1907 were not having the desired effect of stopping the importation of cheap labour and the unfair employment competition it caused in the labour market. Chinese labour contractors were the key factor in the importing of Chinese labourers up to 1907. Almost all Chinese labourers could never have afforded to pay transportation costs to come to Canada, so the Chinese contractors paid the fares and Chinese labourers paid contractors back gradually. Although Canada and Japan negotiated “Gentleman’s Agreements” to restrict Japanese labourer inflows, China was in such political chaos that it was difficult for Canada to negotiate such agreements with the Chinese government. Canada therefore took unilateral action (Labourer Head Taxes) against Chinese labour-contractors to discourage them from importing Chinese labourers.
Note that the term “Chinese Head Tax” is incorrect. The term should be “Chinese Labourer Head Tax”. Chinese businessmen and their families, Chinese students and consuls were exempt from the Head Taxes. The first significant tax was $50 in 1886. Next was the $100 tax in 1901 and the $500 tax in 1904. Prior to 1904, Chinese business contractors had imported most of the Chinese labourers from China, but individual Chinese also became involved from 1904 on. When the $500 Head Tax was imposed, Chinese contractors began to find that there was no longer much profit in importing these labourers. The result was that in the 3-year period immediately following the imposition of the $500 Head Tax, very few Chinese labourers came to Canada.
With the drop in Chinese labourers, a Japanese immigration company, the Canadian Nippon Supply Company, saw a business opportunity. The problem was that its opportunity would undermine the measures that Ottawa had put into place to deter cheap Japanese labour. Without telling Ottawa, this company arranged with the CPR to import between 500 and 2000 Japanese labourers to work in the CPR’s western Division which at that time employed around 5000 workers.
The Nippon Supply Company also secretly arranged to import about 500 Japanese low-wage labourers to work in the Dunsmuir family’s coal mines on Vancouver Island.
Rumours about these deals had circulated in 1907, but were confirmed only during Mackenzie King’s Royal Commission investigation after the riot. There is no question that the rumours and worker frustration were major reasons for the high turn-out in the parade.
In response to the frustration which had started in the late 1800’s, the British Columbia legislature had passed a large number of laws to curb Asian cheap labour, but almost all were disallowed by Ottawa whose MP’s were isolated from the issue and found it hard to understand what British Columbians were complaining about. Mackenzie King stated clearly that the major factor in the conflict between locals and Asians was the economic advantage Asians had in the labour market.
Labourers’ wages in Canada were considerably higher than those in Japan, China or India. For example, at cheap-labour wages in Canada, Japanese labourers received 10 times the wage they were paid in their home country; Chinese labourers, 20 times; East Indians, around 50 times.
Most Asians came to Canada as “sojourner” males, in contrast to the many married local labourers. “Sojourners” were the equivalent of Temporary Foreign Workers. Most wanted to make as much money as possible quickly. They also lived very frugally, and sent money home. Most did not intend to stay. In the 1901 Royal Commission Report, many B.C. residents testified that they had been displaced from work and knew of many other locals who had been forced to leave. Others complained that many potential married settlers had been discouraged from coming to B.C. because of the low-wage labour.
There were several important results of King’s inquiry. One was that his investigation confirmed what the very extensive Royal Commission Report of 1901 had uncovered : Chinese labourers were brought here by Chinese labour contractors. However, there was little evidence about how Chinese labour contractors had secretly operated for 20 years. The evidence King gathered on the Canadian Nippon Supply Company provided a picture of how both the Japanese and Chinese contractors worked It also showed that the contractors were involved in a very profitable business. In fact, some of the richest Chinese businessmen in Chinatown were involved in labour contracting.
King’s inquiry demonstrated the chaos in Canada’s immigration system in 1907 and how labour disputes in far-off Hawaii could affect Canada. At that time, there were between 50,000 and 60,000 Japanese agricultural workers in Hawaii. Facing a cut in wages in Hawaii, thousands of Japanese labourers were encouraged by shipping companies and others to leave Hawaii for supposedly greener pastures in Canada and the U.S.
Mackenzie King concluded that if thousands more were to do the same thing, the potential for extremely serious conflict with the resident population in Canada was great. This was because there was clearly not enough employment for those who had arrived.
One of the major results of King’s investigation was that Ottawa enacted continuous passage legislation, which required any Japanese who wanted to come to Canada to come directly from Japan. Even before this law was approved, it was illegal for Japanese who had been permitted to travel to Hawaii, to travel from Hawaii or from any other place which Japan had allowed them to go to, without the permission of the Japanese government.
It is not clear exactly how many of the 8125 Japanese who arrived in Canada in 1907 had come from Hawaii, but Mackenzie King estimated that number to be 6398. The remaining 1650 Japanese had traveled from Japan. Of the 1650, 900 were being imported by the Canadian Nippon Supply Company (a Japanese labour contractor) and another 750 were returning to Canada or coming as immigrants approved by the Japanese consul.
Of the total of 8125 Japanese who arrived in 1907, about 3500 would soon leave for the U.S. while about 4500 remained in Canada.
The illegal emigration from Hawaii, the scheming of the Canadian Nippon Supply Company, and the 1907 riot which resulted from the scheming, were major international embarrassments to both Canada and Japan. To compensate for the corrupt and under-handed actions of its citizens, Japan quickly agreed to Canada’s continuous passage law which required that people coming from Japan had to come directly from Japan, not from some place like Hawaii. Japan conceded that Canada had ample justification for making this law.
That law would later be applied to the East Indians aboard the Komagata Maru who tried to challenge the law in 1914 but lost. That law has been met with shrill, ignorant Punjabi claims which have failed to look at all the immigration conflict which preceded the Komagata Maru incident.
The obvious damning thing that can be said about the current interpretations of the 1907 Vancouver Riot is that they are wrong. In spite of this, they have long been used to elicit guilt from Canadians and subsequently to perpetuate unjustified high immigration levels today.
One positive thing that can be said about the federal government of 1907 is that it did try to correct its mistakes.
Recent federal governments have done nothing.
So we have a question:
Who are the “enlightened” in the debate over the 1907 immigration chaos and the Vancouver Riot issue: the people of 1907 or those of today?
The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has asked Ontario school boards to remove the name of Canada’s first Prime Minister (John A. Macdonald) from the front of Ontario schools. This is the latest of the Trudeau-era blood-fests on Canada’s majority population. The reason the teachers have given for their recommendation is this : The Teachers allege that Macdonald was a major figure in a number of policies which caused quasi-genocidal consequences for Canada’s First Nations.
There are many reasons why Ontario Teachers should retreat from this very foolish recommendation :
(1) The effects of Ottawa’s high and unnecessary immigration intake since 1990 on millions of Canada’s majority European-based population (the builders of Modern Canada) are genocidal and will probably make the effects of federal laws against Canada’s First Nations look insignificant. Canada’s people of European descent are the new Indians. Aggressive, recently-arrived colonizers are here to make Canada look like the failed states these newly-arrived came from. If Ontario Elementary teachers are looking for a recommendation to make to Ontario school boards and to Ottawa, how about a new TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION which will uncover the extent of the “NO WHITE MALES NEED APPLY” jobs policy, the poorly-researched Rosalie Abella Employment Equity policy, and the Diversity Hiring policies all across Canada in the public and private sectors.
All of these policies discriminate against Canada’s majority population and have had quasi-genocidal effects on the job aspirations of millions of Canadians. Ironically, a significant number of those who are or will be discriminated against are the offspring of current Ontario Teachers who belong to Canada’s European-based population. If not stopped, Ottawa’s policies will turn Canada’s majority population (millions of Canadians) into a minority. Instead of waiting for 50 years, why not go after the perpetrators of this discrimination while they are alive and can be locked up for a long time.
(2) If Ontario teachers are seriously looking for a Prime Minister to destroy, as they are with Macdonald, they do not have to look very far. Instead of taking aim at a Canada-Builder such as Macdonald, they should have considered the obvious : a Canada-Destroyer and gross incompetent PM such as Trudeau. Shortly after his election in 2015, Trudeau publicly and proudly declared that he was a quisling (traitor). He announced that Canada had no main culture, but only shared values. As far as he was concerned, Canada was the world’s first post-national state. Here is what Trudeau meant : he would not protect Canada’s majority population from the immigration invasion which a previous Prime Minister (his father Pierre Trudeau) had started in the 1960’s and which a later Prime Minister (Brian Mulroney) had institutionalized in 1990. To achieve that goal, Trudeau increased Canada’s intake to 300,000 in 2016 and maintained it for 2017.
If Ontario Teachers are looking for more evidence of his incompetence, they need only look at the foolish announcements he made in early 2017 to potential asylum claimants. Trudeau’s foolishness squarely places the blame for the current illegal immigration mess on the Quebec / New York border on his shoulders. How about Ontario Teachers recommending that the money to pay for this disaster be taken out of his pay check and the bank accounts of those who supported him when he made his statements.
(3) Canada’s education system (as demonstrated by Ontario’s Elementary Teachers and many University Professors) has a systemic bias against people of European origin. So-Called university professors have led the blood-fest—often getting large grants and special academic appointments to perform their treachery. Their view is that Canada’s majority population has an inexcusable history and has no right to exist—-let alone defend itself. In addition, they think that unjustified high immigration should continue and should be allowed to overwhelm Canada’s majority population. Some ethnics will become decent citizens of Canada. However, as a result of unnecessary immigration, Employment Equity and Diversity Hiring policies, a significant number of ethnics have infiltrated the teaching profession at all levels —often with an axe to grind against Canadians of European descent. Ironically, many professors are of European descent, yet they too virtually salivate at the thought of perpetrating another blood-fest on their own kind. The obvious aim of a significant number of Canada’s ethnic groups is to increase their numbers. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, as announced in its sinister Manifesto, their aim is to destroy Canadian society. If Ontario’s teachers are looking for a cause to champion, what better cause is there than one of demanding that Ottawa refuse to allow entry to Muslims who sympathize with the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Here are three examples of bias and outright blunders in one of the history text books used in secondary schools in B.C., Ontario and elsewhere. .
(4) Ontario teachers who think that the Canadian public will hold them in high esteem for passing such recommendations as their recent one against John A. Macdonald are gullible at best. They should be made aware of a recent Angus Reid poll which found that “a strong majority of Canadians in every survey demographic felt that people should ‘take into account the entire life of an individual and principal legacy they left behind’.”
We are happy to announce the release of Dr. Ricardo Duchesne’s latest book, “Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians.” posted Aug 28/17
This is the first scholarly book that dares to question the undemocratic policy of mass immigration and racial diversification in Canada. The entire Canadian political establishment, the mainstream media and the academics, are all in harmonious unison with the banks and corporations, in promoting two myths to justify mass immigration.
The first myth this book demolishes is the claim that immigration into Canada “enriches the country,” by demonstrating that mass immigration is not only leading to Euro-Canadians becoming a small minority in their own homeland, but because of the disparity in the birth-rate, the Euro-Canadian population is likely to become almost extinct.
The second myth this book demolishes is the regularly repeated claim that Canada is a “nation of immigrants” by demonstrating that Canada was founded by Indigenous Quebecois, Acadians, and English speakers.
This book also exposes the rewriting of Canada’s history in the media, schools, and universities, as an attempt to rob Euro-Canadians of their own history by inventing a past that conforms to the ideological goals of a future multiracial and multicultural Canada.
Canada In Decay explains the origins of the ideology of immigrant multiculturalism and the inbuilt radicalizing nature of this ideology, and argues that the “theory of multicultural citizenship” is marred by a double standard which encourages minorities to affirm their collective cultural rights while Euro-Canadians are excluded from affirming theirs.
“Canada In Decay is a bold, compelling, and often devastating deconstruction of the Left-Liberal narrative which has dominated Canadian politics since the 1970s. It is bound to put on the defensive both the politically correct Left and the globalist Right not just in Canada but across the entire western world.” — Grant Havers, author of Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique.
If Polygamy is Illegal for Mormons, It Should Be Illegal For Muslims posted Aug 21/17
 Friends why is it illegal to discriminate against women in Canada who verbally and physically abuse women yet burkas and black gowns are abuse and violation of women’s rights are embraced against the wishes of Canadian women? Please gains some common sense folks and understand the treachery or our government to destroy the very fabric of our society! Tami
The conviction of two B.C. men for polygamy is attracting the attention of Canadian Muslims who practice polygamy. The two B.C. men (Winston Blackmore and James Oler) are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a break-away sect of the Mormon Church.
Oler has 5 wives and 32 children. Blackmore has 24 wives and 148 children. According to Vancouver Sun columnist Daphne Braham, there are 10,000 fundamentalist Mormons in North America.
By the late 1880s, the American government had outlawed polygamy and Mormons began fleeing to Canada but Canada banned polygamy in 1893.
Blackmore has applied to challenge the constitutionality of Canada’s polygamy law. Dates for the three-day hearing will be set in late August, 2017.The ruling given to Blackmore will affect Canada’s polygamous Muslims.
Canada has over 1 million Muslims. The number of polygamous Muslims in Canada is unknown. Muslims tend to have many children. The potential Muslim drain on Canadian finances is huge. A significant number of Muslims are sympathetic to the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood who have declared that their purpose in settling in North America is to destroy the societies here. One Toronto Imam, Aly Hindy, has stated that he has performed about 30 polygamous marriages. He has also defiantly said that if has to choose between obeying Canadian law or Muslim law which permits up to 4 wives, he will obey Muslim law.
Canada’s “Diversity” PM Trudeau (a sycophant of Muslims) and all Canadians should take note of that statement and pay particular attention to sociological research which overwhelmingly shows that polygamy, ​​​​​in virtually every respect, is detrimental to society, to men, to women, and to children.
Below, we present a list of conclusions about polygamy by Professor Christopher Kaczor of Loyola Marymount University on “The Perils Of Polygamy”.
(1) in a polygamous society, some men take multiple wives, but this leaves other men with greatly diminished prospects of marriage or an exclusion from mating altogether.
(2) In their 2012 article, “The Puzzle of Monogamous Marriage” appearing in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Joseph Henrich, Robert Boyd, and Peter J. Richerson used converging lines of evidence from the social sciences to compare polygamous and monogamous societies. They found that polygamous societies differ from monogamous societies in terms of violent crimes, female educational attainment, domestic violence, parental investment in children, and economic productivity.
(3) A wealth of sociological information points to the fact that single men commit the vast majority of violent crimes. Women and married men seldom murder, rob, rape, and assault in comparison to single men. So, since there are many more single men in polygamous societies, polygamous societies have higher rates of violent crime.
(4) As Henrich and colleagues note: With little reason to invest in the established social order, single males are more likely to turn away from activities conducive to long-term productivity and turn toward the quick thrill, if not a violent overthrow of the established social order. These tendencies are detrimental to society as a whole, including to single men who are the most common victims of theft, violent assault, and murder.
(5) For a female teen, marriage to a much older man makes it unlikely that she will have an equal partnership with her husband and makes the completion of her education difficult, if not impossible. Indeed, marriage at a young age to a much older man is also linked to lethal domestic violence.
(6) The phenomenon of “co-wives” also undermines the well-being of women. The senior wives worry that they will be replaced by younger wives, and the younger wives in turn worry about the power exerted in the home by senior wives. Research indicates that levels of domestic strife and violence are higher in polygamous homes than in monogamous homes as wives seek to preserve their place with their shared husband as well as struggle to secure resources for their own biological children
(7) Co-wife conflict is ubiquitous in polygamous households. From anthropology, a review of ethnographic data from 69 non-sororal polygamous societies from around the globe reveals no case where co-wife relations could be described as harmonious, and no hint that women’s access to the means of production had any mitigating impact on conflict.
(8) These conflicts lead polygamous family units, particularly those with three or more wives, to have in general higher rates of divorce than monogamous couples.
(9) Because the polygamous wives tend to be younger and less well educated, their children suffer in not having more mature mothers, as would be more typical of their counterparts in a monogamous society. The children suffer also from having multiple stepmothers involved in ongoing struggles with each other. Half-siblings must compete for limited resources while having weaker genetic bonds to mitigate the conflict. While these extended-family relationships could in theory be a source of support, more often they endanger children.
(10) Living in the same household with genetically unrelated adults is the single biggest risk factor for abuse, neglect and homicide of children. Stepmothers are 2.4 times more likely to kill their stepchildren than birth mothers, and children living with an unrelated parent are between 15 and 77 times more likely to die “accidentally.”
(11) Polygamous families are also more likely than monogamous families to be in poverty, since typically only one breadwinner supports numerous children.
(12) Polygamous societies also dilute the investment of fathers in their children in at least two ways. First, because marriage to other young women is still an option, a husband’s resources of time, attention, and money are diverted away from his own children and toward finding new mates. Secondly, in virtue of the greater number of children in the polygamous family, it becomes increasingly difficult to give each child sufficient time and attention.
(13) Economic well-being contributes in turn to the stability of families which is a benefit to men, women, and children alike.
(14) In a polygamous marriage, a husband gives himself qua husband to however many wives he has. Wives, by contrast, are expected to reserve themselves in a sexual way for their husband alone. Moreover, wives face inequality among themselves as “senior wives” enjoy rank above “junior wives.” The polygamous relationship can never attain the mutual and complete self-donation of spouses in monogamous marriage because it is intrinsically impossible to reserve oneself in a sexual way entirely for one person and at the same time reserve oneself in a sexual way entirely for a different person (or persons). Marriage understood as a comprehensive union can exist only between two persons, and never more than two persons. Society, therefore, has good reason not simply to proscribe polygamy, but to endorse monogamy.
Attention Immigrant Reformer : posted Aug 18/17
Immigration Watch Canada is supporting the Cultural Action Party’s rally at Vancouver City Hall this Saturday (August 19) at 2 PM.
This rally is attracting a very large amount of attention. The CBC and other media are connecting it to the rally in Charlotteville. The Mayor of Vancouver is denouncing the organizers. Here is how one radio station has treated it :
If you live in Metro Vancouver, please help out by coming to the rally. WE NEED A GOOD TURN-OUT.
This is a great opportunity to meet other immigration reformers and to get a good look at those who oppose us.
Dan Murray

Jesse Jackson has been up in Canada this week. He was the featured guest on the CBC TV’s “Power and Politics”, hosted by Terry Milewski. Of course, Milewski, as one would expect of a CBC journalist, threw soft ball pitches. Jesse is Terry’s kind of guy.

In case you don’t know, the CBC is Canada’s state broadcaster, underwritten by an annual subsidy north of $1 billion extracted from Canadian taxpayers. Officially, the CBC is short for “Canadian Broadcasting Corporation”. But patriots know it as the Canadian Betrayal Corporation. If you are American and you can’t visualize what the CBC is, think of a CNN/NPR combo funded by your tax dollars. If you are a Russian who lived in the Breshnev era, think of Pravda. Yes, the CBC is that bad.

The interview between Jackson and Milewski went according to plan. The end game is to design an interview where an American can praise our Prime Minister while ‘dissing’ President Trump. According to the CBC, we need Americans who will tell us how much better Canada is than the United States, and on this occasion, Jackson fit the bill. As is the current fashion, Jackson compared Trudeau to Trump in each’s attitude toward immigrants and refugees. “Donald Trump has a nationalist vision, but Justin Trudeau has a global vision. While Trump sees the world through a key hole, Trudeau sees the world through an open door.” Jackson praised Trudeau for helping people “whose back is against the wall.” According to the CBC, we Canadians know what our moral obligations are. But Trump doesn’t. Trump is possessed by the quaint notion that as the President of the United States, Trump’s first responsibility is to advance the welfare of Americans. Imagine that !!

The interview came in the wake of yet another massive influx of “asylum-seekers” (Haitians this time) streaming down a “lonely dirt road” across an obscure Quebec border crossing. Hundreds of migrants have been simply walking across the border unmolested every day. Today it was 300. More are expected. At least 330,000 Central Americans are in the queue, driven by the fear that the hated Trump will soon deport them . Someone please remind me : Why is “Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee” a central part of our national anthem?

Jackson went on to say that Hillary won the election by 3 million votes, and “Trump just can’t get over it.” As if priming the star of an info-commercial , Milewski asked, “Is there any shred of evidence that undocumented immigrants voted?”. Jackson replied that no, there wasn’t. “The problem wasn’t voter fraud, but voter suppression.” A lot of people of color were not registered.

Then Jackson was asked about Trump’s move to undo affirmative action policies in universities because, in Milewski’s words, “Trump thinks affirmative action discriminates against whites.” Jackson then went in a long spiel about why affirmative action was still necessary. No mention was made of the fact that the prime victims of affirmative discrimination are Asian students, not whites.

The Jackson interview was followed by yet another one of those classic CBC panel discussions, where three Leftists using the same hymn book offered their ‘diverse’ opinions about the issue of the day. The CBC follows the Goebbels formula for successful media propaganda : The presentation of uniformity in the guise of ostensible diversity.

The question put to the panel concerned today’s bordering crossing. Can Canada handle this summer surge of refugee claimants? The unanimous answer was yes, with one qualification. We need to “plan” for it. Not restrict it or block it. Accommodate it. One panellist, “Omar Khan”, a Liberal political strategist and media commentator with Hill and Knowlton Strategies, said that “Canadians don’t want to build a wall. It is not in our DNA. We are a country that welcomes people. I am the son of a refugee, and our Minister of Immigration is a refugee.” Khan could have also mentioned that the majority of members on the House of Commons Immigration Policy Committee are immigrants. The proverbial foxes guarding the hen house. Or to use another metaphor, imagine putting shoplifters in charge of store security. That’s Canada!

A second panellist, former NDP press secretary Ian Capstick, a pea-brained managing partner for an Ottawa-based communications strategy company, seconded the motion. “Canadians are very tolerant. We see multilingual signs in our major urban centres welcoming refugees. The only people who react differently are those like the Alt-Right who will use these border crossings to raise funds. Apparently Mr. Capstick is not aware of a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in March, where only 36% of Canadians polled said that Canada should “accept these migrants”, and just 37% approved of the way that Prime Minister Trudeau has handled the problem.

Capstick continued. “We are a very big country. There is lots of room to fit them all in. We have enough first responders, that’s not the problem. The problem is we don’t have downstream services. They need more funding.” For Canadian progressives, that is the magic cure-all for all that ails us. “More funding.” And they’re right. Thirteenth century Eastern Europeans could have coped with the Mongol invasion if only they had provided the invaders with downstream services. Well funded social housing units and an affordable health care system would have done the trick.

Somewhat like Bob Barker on “The Price is Right”, Capstick ended his sermon with “Come on over, we are ready for you.” That might be an apt inscription on Canada’s headstone.

The third panelist, Tom Power, host of CBC’s entertainment programme “Q”, took a slightly more realistic position, but of course he didn’t challenge the main premise. “We aren’t going to build a wall. We are never going to build a wall. We are not like that. But can we take so many at once? We need to plan for this.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. Send the CBC a message. Tell them that enough is enough. Tell them that it is time that the views of ordinary Canadians were broadcast on the network they pay for. Tell that to be meaningful, the CBC’s commitment to “inclusion” must mean the inclusion of every strand of opinion in Canadian society, however politically incorrect their staff considers it to be. Contact these individuals, and give them a piece of your mind:


Three NGO rescue boats have suspended activity in response to threats from the Libyan Coast Guard, which says it will shoot at any such operations. […]

Who are the ‘white racists’ of today who must be murdered out of obedience to morality? He likely includes anyone who supports Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and especially anyone who wants to stop mass immigration from Muslim countries. […]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is threatening to sue the Federal Department of Justice if they follow through on their threat of withholding anti-crime funds. […]

Truck drivers who travel between France and the UK at the channel-crossing town of Calais are calling for the army to protect them after deadly attacks. […]

New immigrants would be prevented from collecting welfare, which is in bold contrast to the 50% of all present immigrant households who currently receive welfare. […]

Sergio Jose Martinez had been deported to Mexico 20 times and has a history of arrests in Portland on numerous occasions for driving violations and possession of methamphetamine. […]

Reacting to the reports of low sperm count in Western males, Mohamed Elmouelhy said that Australian men are too busy smoking, drinking beer, and taking drugs to procreate. […]

Afghan refugees commit a disproportionate amount of crime in Europe, and believe they are the tip of the spear of Islamic hordes that eventually will overpower Western culture. […]

Migrants and refugees from mostly Muslim countries are responsible for 92% of violent rapes in Sweden, and the numbers are increasing. […]

ICE director Thomas Homan says sanctuary cities shield people who violate the law and ICE will continue to place higher priority on aliens with criminal records. […]

Is the Charter a strait jacket?—-Payment to Omar Khadr Posted July 20/17
Richard Martineau
Columnist, Le Journal de Québec

Did you see the interview given to CTV News by Layne Morris, the American soldier who was allegedly blinded by Omar Khadr’s grenade throw on July 27, 2002? It is very damaging to the Trudeau government.

“Omar Khadr does not deserve any apology from the Canadian or American governments,” he said.

“It is he and his family who owe excuses to humanity. I do not know what Omar Khadr has become today, but I know what he was at the time: a hardened, determined and disciplined terrorist who wanted to kill as many Americans and Canadians as possible … ”

The charter protects who?

What does our PM have to say to this? “The Charter protects all Canadians, each and everyone of us, even when it’s uncomfortable …”

Question: If the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, concocted by Trudeau, Sr. in order to dissolve Quebec nationalism in the battle of individual rights, defends a terrorist who killed an American soldier to please Allah, could it be that something is wrong with this charter?

Think about it for two minutes …. The laws are supposed to protect us, not imprison us.

If the Charter of Rights is a straight jacket that prevents us from effectively protecting ourselves against the people who want to harm us, let us change the Charter of Rights, for crying out loud…

If the Charter protects terrorists like Omar Khadr, it is because there is something wrong. No?

It is the Charter that is supposed to serve us, not us who are supposed to serve the Charter!

The Charter is supposed to be a tool, not a prison!

A complete terrorist!

Just as the founding fathers of the American Constitution did not anticipate the invention of semi-automatic weapons when drafting the second amendment (the right of all Americans to bear arms), the people who drafted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms had not foreseen the rise of Islamo-fascism.

Not sure they would have drafted their charter in the same way …

You tell me that Khadr was only 15 when he threw his grenade… you did not know it was wrong to throw a grenade when you were 15?

I ask only one question: Why is a terrorist compensated when he commits a criminal act outside the country, when a victim of a criminal act that took place outside the country receives no assistance or compensation from the Canadian government?

As we speak, victims of criminal acts receive NO compensation … while Omar Khadr, who wanted to destroy Canada, receives $ 10 million … Hello?


Instead of shrugging his shoulders and singing « Kumbaya » , our Prime Minister should say loud and clear that the time has come to review the Charter of Rights …

When OUR Charter is better at defending the rights of our enemies than the rights of soldiers who risk their lives to protect us, there is something that does not work!

This story is scandalous … When will we cease to be subjugated by Justin’s smug smile?


Note : The above is a translation of the article written by columnist Richard Martineau that appeared in « Le Journal de Québec » Tuesday, July 11th., 2017 ref :  ( shared by immigration watch )

IB blames Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children, along with the Italian Coast Guard and the European Union’s Border Patrol who, in the name of ‘rescuing’ migrants, actually are the engines of mass migration and human trafficking. […]

It took three men to stop the girl from assaulting Ingrid who was left severely injured and had to undergo two surgeries. Somalis believe dogs are filthy. […]

Sweden (and most of the world) is in the grip of collectivism, with various factions vying with each other, not over beliefs, but over who will hold power. […]

Hungarian President Victor Orban authorized billboards and posters at bus stops featuring a photo of George Soros in opposition to Soros’ efforts to increase immigration to Europe. […]

Goodbye and good riddance, Mansbridge posted July 11/17

On Canada Day, Canada’s Glorious Leader Trudeau met CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge on national television and declared : “Thank you Peter, for being a steady hand and a steady voice for all these years.”

Trudeau was really saying : “Thank you for being a quisling journalist and thank you for helping a quisling leader like me with your steady propaganda, steady misinformation, steady omissions, and steady voice for the immigration lobby.”

Mansbridge had a steady hand, all right. That hand was held over the mouth of any ordinary Canadian who dared to challenge the CBC narrative.

As many Canadians know, Peter Mansbridge has resigned his position as the anchor of The National, Canada’s nightly CBC news programme. For years, he has helped to lead the CBC’s policy of being the propaganda arm of Canada’s immigration lobby. So let’s remind all Canadians of the goals of the immigration lobby :

(1) To perpetuate Canada’s completely senseless immigration intake, now at 300,000 per year (about 8 million since 1991).

(2) To maintain the flow of huge profits to immigration lawyers, advocates,consultants, real estate agents and ethnic groups, and

(3) To continue a social engineering experiment (Trudeau calls it Diversity”) that is conducted on Canada’s majority population in order to make it a minority.

Let’s make this even clearer : Like all CBC hacks, Mansbridge followed and enforced “CBC LAW” on immigration : No criticism should be tolerated on the CBC of Canada’s immigration intake or of such policies as multiculturalism. That “CBC LAW” was the virtual precursor of a law which Prime Quisling Trudeau now wants to pass for all of Canada : no criticism will be tolerated of Islam—even though one of Islam’s biggest promoters (the Muslim Brotherhood) has clearly stated that its goal is to destroy Canada.

Let’s make things clearer still. Not that long ago, Mansbridge hypocritically claimed that he did not choose the items that get shown on The National every night. The news made itself. However, anyone who has a semblance of a brain concluded long ago that the CBC carefully chooses who it interviews and makes sure that the immigration views of those who are interviewed fit within the CBC view of the world. Anyone who does not share those views will be censored.

Recently, on the “At Issue” section of The National”, Mansbridge belittled Conservative MP and Conservative Leadership campaign candidate Kellie Leitch, one of the tiny few Canadian politicians who has had the backbone to evaluate Canada’s immigration policies. Mansbridge carefully selected video footage which showed Leitch advocating that immigrants should be screened for “Canadian Values”. Obviously, she had supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in mind. The journalists Mansbridge chose to speak were his usual panel : Andrew “Know-It-All’ Coyne, Toronto Star “Hack” Chantal Hebert. and Diarrhea Althea Raj from North America’s journalistic rag, The Huffington Post. Of course, all agreed with Mansbridge that no such screening should ever occur. In doing so, all re-inforced the description of the CBC as Canada’s official “herd of independent thinkers”.

To even use the word “thinker” in a description of the CBC is quite a stretch. Most Canadians can see that the CBC has grown into a large number of deadbeats who parrot Trudeau’s mindless “Diversity” declarations and perform his degraded acts on newcomers in full frontal view. Most Canadians have concluded that the abbreviation “CBC” really stands for “Canada’s Boot-Licking Collective”. With taxpayer money, they repeatedly and shamelessly throw their “Diversity” and “Open Borders” views into the faces of Canadians.

What is the damning evidence to substantiate these charges?

It is everywhere on the CBC. Here are some examples :

(1) Mansbridge has regularly aired on The National the views of European correspondents Margaret “Mush” Evans and Nahlah ‘Nada But Me” Ayed. Their “deep” compassion for the Third World (Africa and the Middle East, particularly) supported unlimited numbers of migrants traveling into Europe. To both, the migrants search for “a better life” could never make ‘a worse life” for citizens of the migrant-receiving countries was not possible.

(2) He also gave unlimited time to CBC hacks who reported from the U.S. They would troll the U.S. for examples of American Nativism, supposedly to warn “CBC-thinking Canadians” of the dangers of American Nativist thinking (Nationalism and Self-Defense) migrating north into Canada. The notion that some foreigners might have hostile intentions for migrating to Western Nations and that the U.S., Canada and all Western Nations have a duty to protect their populations from these characters had to be suppressed.

(3) Worst of all, Mansbridge refused to acknowledge that relentless immigration has produced countless negatives for Canada. One of those obvious negatives is that it has caused housing unaffordability in places like Metro Vancouver and Southern Ontario. Another major negative here is that migrants are outnumbering Canadians in many areas in Canada. By refusing to recognize that these are legitimate concerns for Canada and its official broadcaster to deal with, Mansbridge, has helped to destroy the lives of many Canadians.

His treachery did not end there. Throughout the past American election campaign, he declared “Open Season” by The National journalists on Trump for objecting to Mexican illegal immigration into the U.S. In one recent case, he permitted CBC journalist Nick Purdon to broadcast the incorrect notion that New York’s Statue of Liberty was built to welcome immigrants and the view that Latinos were being harshly and unfairly treated with deportation orders by American immigration authorities. To Mansbridge and Purdon, the fact that 10 to 20 million illegal Mexicans and others might have destroyed the working lives of equal numbers of working Americans was not worthwhile mentioning!! Like all CBC hacks, Purdon used the CBC camera to focus on the tears of illegals, not on those of Americans whose lives had been devastated by illegals.

CBC boot-licking has gone on for years with Mansbridge and other CBC hacks. In fact, it evolved into a formula for ethnic hacks to follow : Show up with a turban, Muslim pyjamas or scarf, a sad and fake refugee story, a brown or black face, a heavy accent—– and a herd of CBC sycophants like Mansbridge would be on their knees to lick your boots. To add insult to injury, CBC hacks like Mansbridge expected Canadians to pay him an alleged $500,000 per year and to give the CBC $1 Billion annually for broadcasting its idiocy !! Worst of all, Mansbridge and his hacks expected Canadians to fall into line with them and imitate the CBC’s quisling and parasitic behaviour. In other words, they seriously set themselves up as MODELS for other Canadians to imitate.

Here are some final words for Mansbridge : You have helped to create an immigration Hell in Canada. But understand one thing : Another HELL was made for quislings and parasites like you and Trudeau. The sooner that you and he migrate there, the better off Canada will be.

Good-bye and good riddance !!

UK Refuses to Deport Algerian Refugee Who Sprayed Grocery-Stores Produce with His Excrement posted July 7/17

Chemist Sahnoun Daifallah, 50, was jailed for nine years in 2009 for using a chemical sprayer to contaminate food with his feces and urine at multiple businesses. […]