Mother Earths Code of Conduct:

Mother Earths Code of Conduct:

This law is right up there with Gods laws and universal laws superseding any Government statutory, corporate, civil, religious or indigenous laws made without her consent or involvement. This law also supports common law for all peoples, no elitism allowed. This law is retroactive from the beginning of life on mother Gaia and will be posted shortly!

Friends I have not been able to post Mother earths code of conduct for a few reasons. One, mail in past have been blocked and tampered with along with emails as well. Two, family member stole money meant for me in order to do my work. Three, clones and timelines have interfered with tech volunteers not honouring agreements to expand page archive read more upgrade. Four, no donations to pay tech support in order to be able to expand and post document. Tami

Archangel Michael ~ Are You Ready? posted April 11/18
By Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, it has been some time since we discussed the Cities of Light in the higher realms and the wondrous gift that has been made available to humanity. We have observed that many of you, as part of your earthly mission, are actively involved in anchoring the Creator Light (Adamantine Particles) within yourselves, into the crystalline grid of the Earth, and then radiating the remainder out into the world at large. However, even though discontent, fear and anger abound, the human majority is still not ready to accept the fact that great changes in every area of life on Earth are in the making and that time is of the essence. The masses are still in denial and resistant to change, and most are incapable of absorbing what they feel are far-fetched, radical teachings of the coming age of en-Lighten-ment. We have told you over and over again that you are the transducers, the receptacles, the human vessels into and through which the rarified frequencies of the future must flow in order to be anchored on Earth and made available to all earthly creations. That is why it is so important for you to balance and harmonize your personal frequency patterns and to “return to center,” in order to accommodate the greatest amount of the crystalline Creator Fire of Life/Love.

If you will remember, some time ago, we explained how, as the Earth was formed and made ready for human inhabitation, there were gigantic crystalline spires of Living Light implanted deep within the Earth that also extended high into the skies above ground. These sentient spires, which surrounded the world, were the receivers and senders of the sacred geometric codes of Light from the Great Central Sun, and the energetic codes/frequencies of the Earth were then radiated back into the higher realms so that the great Beings of Light could monitor the progress of Earth and humanity. These magnificent pillars of Light were also used to modify and refine the Divine blueprint and the frequencies of Light which were being sent forth onto the Earth and throughout the grid system. When the Earth fell into the density of the Third/Fourth Dimensions, there was a dramatic increase of cataclysmic events whereby most of these great spires were broken, shattered and buried deep within the Earth. Only a few of these magnificent sentinels remained; however, they are disguised by a cover of plant material or layers of soil and rock. Most all of the wondrous crystals that are returning to you during this miraculous age of transformation are fragments of those great spires. Is it any wonder that they have become so precious to you as they help you retrieve some of the wondrous memories of your ancient past and create visions of your home among the stars?

Many of you have diligently anchored the ascension stones as we instructed you to do in conjunction with information about how to visit the City of Light nearest you, and how to tap into the vibrational frequencies of the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions in order to begin the flow of Adamantine Particles into your etheric vessel in your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid and down into your earthly physical vessel. We have explained how you may also tithe a portion of the Adamantine Particles of Light that you download and integrate to the World Pyramid in the higher Dimensions for the greatest good of all. You may also dedicate a portion to any other Pyramids that you have created or helped to create. A full explanation and procedure of how to do this have been given in the past.

It is time to give you a more detailed explanation regarding the ascension anchoring stones and why they are so important. The two clear crystal stones represent the crystalline Fire Light of the Creator, or the Adamantine Particles as we have named them for this coming era. Since it is not feasible to replace the great sentient crystal spires around the Earth, these stones will perform the same function as receivers and senders in conjunction with each of you as refined, conscious Light receptacles. The two small amethyst stones will draw forth the Violet Flame of transformation from the Seventh Ray, and will radiate it down into the many levels of the Earth, thereby activating the great amethyst clusters, and the etherically encapsulated Violet Flame chambers that were strategically placed around the Earth awaiting the appropriate time to burst into life and begin the uplifting, transformational process from within the Earth’s structure. This will also speed up the process of activating the crystalline grid system that surrounds the Earth which, in turn, will further accelerate the ascension process for the Earth and humanity.

Envision, if you will, a focused shaft of Light beaming down from the City of Light in your area directly into your personal ascension stone, diamond-pattern formation, and then down into the core of the Earth. This will also accelerate the process of anchoring the crystalline grid in your personal surroundings. This, in turn, will eventually result in creating a sacred space of beauty and harmony where peace and serenity prevail. There will come a time, after you have activated your own ascension column of Light, via your personal Pyramid in the Fifth Dimension, when the power of your magnetic resonance will draw forth and anchor an ascension column of Light to the crystalline grid system through your buried ascension stone diamond-pattern. In doing so, you will begin the process of radiating more and more of this transforming Light down into the Earth and out into your surrounding area.

To refresh your memory of the extreme importance of becoming a bearer of Creator Light, we will repeat a brief excerpt from a past message:

The portals are now open, but you must rise up and enter, for this great gift of radiant Light is only accessible to those who are firmly on the path of ascension and are capable of being baptized in the Living Light of new Creation. The key to each Higher-Dimensional inner sanctum is vibrational, each one more refined and exquisite than the last. If you have been reading our messages over the past years, and have made an effort to integrate even a small portion of our teachings, you are ready to be a part of this grand mission and to enter a City of Light.

If you still have doubts, go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table therein. Ask your angelic friends to assist you in harmonizing your frequency patterns both within and without, and then while in a meditative state, with pure intention, envision the double helix spiral of Light. See yourself being lifted up the spiral on the right and allow your Higher Self to orchestrate your journey into the Light City. Do not place any conditions on your journey or expect a certain outcome. Allow Spirit to be your guide and you will not be led astray. You will be infused with the appropriate amount of Creator Light, as much as you can integrate, process and project out into the world. No more, no less.

Gradually you, the ascending StarSeed of new Creation, will move further and further into the inner sanctum of Light as you bring more and more of the rarified Fire Light of the Creator, and the Divine Schematic of the future back to Earth with you. Remember, beloveds, in many ways, you are planting the seeds of ascension for humanity and the Earth. As has been said, “As you are lifted up, so are the Earth and all of its inhabitants.”

Dear ones, we are aware that these are times of great stress and momentous change. It is more important than ever that you do not let yourselves be dragged downwards onto the spiral of fear and negativity that is building within the collective consciousness of humanity. You must be diligent in your determination to stay centered and focused on your personal vision for the future. Do not allow others to deter you from your path out of a false sense of duty, and old ties that bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. Promise yourself that from this moment onward you will only do that which excites you and brings a sense of satisfaction, for therein lies your mission and how you can best serve. As you bring more joy into your life, others will notice and begin to follow your example, and as you activate this inner power source more and more, it will trigger what is needed for others to open their heart center and begin the awakening process. You can be the catalyst that will help those within your sphere of influence to move more quickly through the process of healing emotional wounds, and through your words of wisdom, you can inspire them to turn inward and begin to listen to the nudgings of Spirit.

Be aware that there will be people who come into your life who may try to discourage you from your path as you move further along the spiral of ascension, and there may be some that you will leave behind as you delve deeper into the complexities of enlightenment. As you learn the lessons that are presented to you, and you are ready to advance toward the Light, many of those around you will stay stuck in the illusion of the inharmonious lower dimensions. Do not judge. Bless them and allow them to follow their own path, but do not let them deter you from yours. Those like you are in the vanguard, the ones brave enough to step out and away from popular beliefs and the limited mass consciousness of the Third- and lower Fourth-Dimensional environment. Allow those visions that sometimes fill your consciousness to come forth, and allow yourself to speak the words of wisdom that often float through your heart. You are in the process of accessing more and more of your Sacred Heart – your own cosmic library where a great wealth of information, knowledge and ancient memories are stored.

You must remember that for these many past ages, almost every Soul born on the physical plane has been caught up in the mass consciousness belief system of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. As a result, the core issues from the past and the imperfections within the ancestral DNA have caused many symptoms to manifest whenever anyone allowed themselves to feel unloved or unworthy or felt guilt, shame or resentments in any form. During these momentous times of transformation, the Light of Eternal Life will not be denied. It is delving into the deepest pockets of negativity within your multiple bodily systems. As these misqualified thought forms rise to the surface, they can create great discomfort in various ways, for they have been a part of your physical makeup for a very long time. They may not relinquish their hold easily, beloveds, but you must prevail. When the opposing forces of Light and shadow meet, the Light is always ultimately victorious. So do not become discouraged, for as you move deeper and deeper into your inner core, you are being given an opportunity to, once and for all, release to the Light all frequencies of a discordant nature which do not serve your greatest good. The process of transformation is speeding up exponentially; however, it will become much easier for those of you who are actively taking part in your own ascension process. Remember, always ask for ease and grace.

My faithful warriors, are you ready to step forward and accept the final phase of your earthly mission? For in these critical times you are needed as transducers and transmitters of this refined energy to help move humanity and the Earth through this important time of transition. That is why I have called my legions together once more, and why I am making my presence known to those of you who have agreed to play an important role in the great drama that is now unfolding on Earth. As you fill yourself to overflowing with the elixir of Love/Light from the Creator, your circle of influence will widen. First, you will be transformed, and gradually, those in your immediate environment – then it will radiate out further and further into the world. As you allow your Higher Self to guide you and to become more fully integrated within, more and more inspired thought will come to you. There are many ways to allow Spirit to manifest through you; just allow it to happen naturally, dear ones. Our Mother/Father God and the full company of the higher realms are here to support, encourage and love you unconditionally.

I AM Archangel Michael.


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Arcturian Council update posted Mar 17/18

Arcturian Council: Warriors of Gaia

Channel: Morag O’brien

Dearest ones we communicate with those who resonate. We are the Arcturian Council, we are invested in Gaia and those who dwell on her. We bring news of the war for all souls on Gaia. We are bringers of love, light and higher consciousness.

We are revealing ourselves as others are. Our ships are decloaking. It is time for full disclosure. Some talk of fact and fiction. These views, and that of others, are from a singular timeline. We see all timelines. Resist being conditioned to fear by prophesies of doom. The end times are the beginning times. This is the end of one era and the beginning of a new era. We cannot foresee the future because Gaia and her people will choose their path or paths. Multiple divisions are still likely, with many Gaia’s on different wavelengths. This will create a lot of energetic disturbances in this part of the galaxy. We and others are concerned about long term fluctuations of Gaia. Stability leads to balance and equilibrium. We seek this for Gaia and humanity.

The sky war is creating profound disturbances in Gaia’s frequencies. Souls are being released from contracts. Work has been done. Catalysts set in motion. Gaia and her people are about to ride incoming photonic light waves, intended to embed higher frequencies in and around Gaia. The Anunaki are fighting this. Shields are up that must be dismantled. This is the process Gaia is immersed in. A war of frequency. Chaos reigns where peace shall flourish.

From this space in time we are preparing those who are awake to prepare those who are not. Compassion should be shown. Revelations will be made of advanced technologies, races and craft beyond many of Gaia’s inhabitants’ comprehension. Preparation is key. Breaking down the barriers to truth. We are here to recognise warriors of Gaia, truth seekers and truth bearers, for the work that has been done.

Pathways are convoluted yet at times crystalline. Primary moments in mankind’s evolution. 2018 vibrates high on our charts of quantum projection. Please do not panic. There are great disturbances all around you. We seek to ease your souls, there is much protection in place. We, the Arcturians, and our allies have taken our stance to prevent further destruction. We cannot directly affect those living on Gaia. This is the mission of light warriors. We see an energetic front line, a battle fighting the onslaught of negative, low vibrations. The human cabal are unleashing weapons to create fear, chaos and destruction. Take strength and belief from us dear ones. We are watching over you. We are your guardians and your protectors. Let light stream into your hearts. Know the universe is a far most vast and glorious place than you can imagine. One day humanity on Gaia will take her rightful place in the galaxy. This day is approaching.

Warriors of Gaia step up to your mission. No ripple of high vibration is too small, no pulse of heart chakra love too weak. Gaia embraces all positive frequencies, immersing herself and humanity in evolutionary recalibration. We seek to reassure and praise those who hold a steely belief in humanity. Your optimism is as golden light piercing the darkness. We are grateful and in awe of your tenacity, stamina and love. We are one with humanity and with Gaia in her ascension. In love and light, your guides and protectors, The Arcturians Council.

Source: Era of Light

Mathew global events update! posted Mar 17/18

March 17, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by allaying concerns that your world is going to run out of drinking water. The Illuminati’s use of weather technology to create areas of drought—one part of their now-doomed plan to eliminate most of the world’s population—was intended to cause millions to die of thirst. That will not happen. Weather manipulation, which also is responsible for the wild storms and record temperatures that have delayed Mother Nature’s return to a moderate climate globally, is going to meet its end along with all of the Illuminati’s other diabolical activities.

Dear ones, feel heartened by the progress of grassroots movements in many aspects of life on Earth and by knowing that technologies the Illuminati have kept hidden or maliciously used will be coming into benevolent hands to use openly without recrimination. And, when it is safe for members of our space family to join you, they will introduce technology whose vibrations will turn vast deserts into arable lands, restore rain forests, eradicate toxic pollutants in air, water and soil, and heal extensive damage caused by extraction of fossil fuels. Gaia’s planetary body that once was the Garden of Eden shall again be a healthy, pristine paradise.  

“Apparently the North and South Korean Olympic team was Kim Jong Un’s way to publicly announce his interest in talking with Moon Jae-in about reunification. With China and the USA involved, what do you see coming out of the 4-country meeting?” That Kim Jong Un wants to discuss reunification with South Korea is easing the tension that had been building, but several details about this encouraging development are yet to seen. Will the presidents of South Korea, China and the United States agree on what to demand of North Korea? What will the countries offer in return? Once there is agreement on those issues, who will present the proposal to Kim Jong Un? Will he accept or reject the proffered terms? If the latter, will a series of negotiations achieve a satisfactory compromise? Regardless of what transpires in the very near term, prevailing vibrations support reunification of the two Koreas and the eventual agreement of all nations with nuclear weaponry to eliminate their arsenals.   

What we shall say about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, will be clear without including your questions and comments. This was not a matter of soul contract choices for any whose lives were lost, their families or others who love them. In a mass shooting some years ago, everyone who was directly affected had agreed to that experience to effect change that would prevent another incident of that kind anywhere in the country; since then, no collective soul agreements have been part of any mass shootings.

Of course you want your children to be safe in school, but arming and training teachers or other school personnel will not achieve that. Pointing to mental illness as the cause of mass shootings while ignoring the legal proliferation of the kinds of weapons the shooters use guarantees that those incidents will not end.

We are going to digress a moment to give you pertinent background information. The Illuminati, and before them other puppets of the dark forces, have been in the forefront of producing weapons, ammunitions and all other machinery of war from the outset. To assure a continuing market down through the centuries, they indoctrinated the civilization to believe that the way to peace is through war and following orders to fight for freedom is patriotic. And, after taking steps to insure the outbreak of civil, international or worldwide wars, they sold arms to both sides. Wars have enriched their manufacturing companies, served their plan to eliminate many millions of the world’s people, and created the low vibrations of fear and violence that the dark ones need for survival.     

After the colonies united and fought the British to gain independence from royal empirical rule, the leaders who emerged wrote a constitution to which amendments were added over the years. The Illuminati saw an opportunity and seized it—they distorted the intention of the second amendment, whose “well regulated militia” was about the nascent United States having a defense force to protect its newly won independence if the need arose. Lest the citizenry start asking, How well regulated is our civilian population armed with weapons made for warfare”? the Illuminati formed the NRA, sprinkled their minions throughout the organization, and had lobbyists donate handsomely to politicians who cite the Second Amendment as the legal right of the populace to buy weaponry designed for today’s battlefields.  

Now then, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who are advocating changes in gun laws are not doing so under the auspices of any liberal organization or because of pressure from any government agency “so they can take away guns from law-abiding citizens.” Nor was the shooting a “psy-op.” Construing that tragedy and others like it as hired actors staging the occurrence for the same aim—confiscation of weapons—is another page out of the Illuminati’s mass-mind programming handbook. It is lamentable, but explainable, that their influence in this respect still is strong—vibrations that are separating wheat from chaff, in a manner of speaking, are bringing to light the wound made by darkness in the national psyche so it can be healed.     

We wholeheartedly support the students in Parkland and all who have joined them in a national safety movement that their government cannot keep on discounting. Sensible measures that will be firmly opposed by politicians beholden to the NRA before enactment by public demand will precede the country’s pervasive “gun culture” fading into history. But most assuredly that is coming because the planet is moving toward energy planes where no kind of violence can exist.  

A number of you have asked what “The Event” is and when it will happen, and one reader added, “Apparently it also is known as the ‘Cosmic-Galactic Dance.’” While we do recognize that this is related to planetary and personal ascension, therefore is based in the power of love, we don’t know to what single event the sources of that information are referring. So we shall tell you what we have been observing of your world’s events, which are numberless and, like everything else in existence, are energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and the reactions of the peoples.

As the light on Earth kept intensifying, events like the Harmonic Convergence stirred many individuals to “soul search” and start on a pathway to advance in spiritual and conscious awareness. Some continued on that path without deviating regardless of what events they encountered. Others who also started with gusto veered off course due to some event, and after a subsequent event or two returned them to the path, where they continued their journey until some new event led them into another detour; later they experienced an event that put them back on the path, and so on. We have seen individuals who, until they entered Nirvana, were consciously unaware that simply by living in godly ways, they had traveled a growth pathway lifelong. We have seen individuals choose the lure of darkness and the masses too burdened with bare subsistence to even wonder if there might be a lighted pathway.  

Every soul’s reaction to the countless events that affected their lives has been as unique as each of them is. In that sense, life during this unprecedented time on Earth can be thought of as a cosmic-galactic dance that everyone attends, a dance that is speeding up markedly and will continue until all of society is One and the grandeurs of the Golden Age can unfold. Now, just as all along, we see souls on the lighted pathway moving toward that Age, each at its own pace. What we do not see is “dancers” in the forefront at a standstill, awaiting the rest to catch up so the civilization can experience some event en masse. Please understand that our perspective in no way diminishes the validity of others’ perspectives that also are leading to the era when all darkness is vanquished and light prevails throughout your world.  

“Please ask Matthew about the “incontrovertible evidence’ that Russia tried to influence the US presidential election. His previous messages stated otherwise.”  The evidence that Russian “trolls” on social media could have influenced voters is authentic, but—and by no means in its defense—that had nothing at all to do with the election outcome. As stated in previous messages, that was due to a technical error made by Illuminati minions after they successfully rigged Democratic primaries.

The powerful few at the peak of that secret society, or cabal, have been able to keep the truth suppressed, thereby giving the government basis to clamor about Russia’s meddling in the country’s electoral process. But the objection rings hollow. The United States, the most Illuminati-controlled of all democratic nations, historically has been self-serving in maneuvering elections in numerous countries and putting or supporting despotic rulers in others. One reason, beloved brothers and sisters, that you volunteered for this Earth lifetime was to help the peoples expose and rid their governments of the ages-old corruption that still is being bought and paid for by dark minds and hearts.  

“With our young people’s addiction to social media via their cellphones, we won’t have a brighter future to look forward to because the people who are supposed to create a better world can’t get their eyes off their phones. Is there any hope in sight?” Absolutely hope is in sight! A great number of young people came in with fourth density spiritual and conscious awareness. They are intelligent, articulate, empathic visionaries with the wisdom to heed their intuition, and in large part, they are using the speed and breadth of social media to further their desire to create a better world.

Cellphone use by many other youths—and adults—is less constructive, to be sure. But as rising vibrations uplift all facets of life, the society will recognize the emotional shallowness of using social media to disseminate or read trivia, propaganda and vitriol, and cellphones will cease to be electronic appendages. More than any other time in Earth’s recorded history, the future is bright because today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders, will make it so!

With good reason vibrations are central to all issues addressed in this message. When you think about property, “location, location, location” is of utmost importance. Earth is immeasurably more valuable than any piece of her property and to her, vibrations, vibrations, vibrations” are of utmost importance. Dear family, your steadfastness in the light is helping Earth’s vibratory levels keep rising, and this goes far, far beyond uplifting your world. Everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else—vibrations on Earth go out into your solar system, into the galaxy and on into the universe. 

All lighted souls honor and support you with unconditional love, the highest vibration in the cosmos.


Suzanne Ward

Council of Transformational Societies posted Feb 25/18

Message for Humankind

The Council of Transition

25th February, 2018

Dear Heart Friends, for this is how we, the Council of Transition members, refer to you, in our thoughts of you:  we are Friends of the Heart’s Light, in the Oneness of Our Creator Source, where we are all, each and every one of us, Truly One Immense Awareness, reflected out in myriad facets of Itself.

To be on the planet Earth, requires the loss of this Awareness, for the most part.  Still, deep within the Soul’s Light, a Remembrance stirs itself into fullest Presence:  of times when the Love you experienced, was Truly unconditional – without an agenda of any kind, other, than to embrace, and to be embraced by, the full sharings of the Heart’s Awareness with others:  feeling the Beauty, of the planet’s vibrations around and before you, expressed in living matter, of much diversity of form and nature.

You would as well, feel the Joy, of shared companionship; of unlimited Love shined upon you, to have you, Being the very best that you could hope to Be, in any endeavor you had chosen as your Passion in life at that moment.  And you, would be doing the very same, for those whom you encountered each day.  For never was there to be had, a thought of lack:  that one would have more than another, or be better at something, in a way that caused a less than to become apparent – it would, in every degree, be a choosing, to become more practiced at that process, or, to be willing to discover one’s own Uniqueness more closely.

This is, how it was, in the times of Lemuria:  that society, so long ago, that put in place for the Humanity to come, some 40 to 50,000 years into the future, a resonance, that would allow for life to be lived from this basis again.  For it would be needed, to displace the distorted energies that would hold sway, during this part of Earth’s evolutionary cycles in those future times.

Now it is, in fullest degree, the moment of Shifting of Awareness, from fears into Love:  a profoundness of Love, that has no opposite:  it simply exists, and is the foundation force of Light Itself.

The times of fear are spent:  it is only the death throes, of that which was, transitioning into that which will BE.

As you continue to hold this thought, you are facilitating the changes now afoot on your plane.  As you speak words, that hold to the pattern of a bright new future, of a world where Compassion, living fulfilling Lives that are based in the Honouring of All, where all are involved in a collective Awareness of one another, and of the Creator’s Love, this is what begins to Create itself, all around you.  It may not be evident to you, as the first stages are small; yet, for those with eyes to see them, it is very clear, that already, your Earth is transitioning into its new status as a 4th dimensional/density planet.

Many have been born onto the Earth plane with their Remembrance, their Knowing, of the Truth of Love:  that which does not seek to take down, to minimise, but rather to enhance a part of the collective journey towards greater Love.  There exists, in their Knowingness, a willingness to form a collective consciousness:  one of Acceptance and Honouring of others, to allow for their flourishing in ways that supported the expansion of the whole, rather than only the individual concerned.  For as went the Collective Awareness in Lemurian times, so too, went the society; just as it is in the process of doing to this day.

Those born more recently with this greater Awareness of what would be needed to reset the mass of societies on Earth into balance, will find themselves supported by those who have come to the plane before them, to Light up the way; to put into motion, that which provided a beginning for their journeys to expand into paths of service for the whole, and for Mother Earth herself as well.

Some of you have felt that you have been Lighting the way for a very long time, and that you long for the times of change, that the vibration of those who lived in Love upon your Earth plane, of those of the positive Galactic Societies, will be the way of things on Earth now, as well.

We, the members of the Council of Transition, say it to you, in all Clarity of our Truth:  it has begun; and, moreover, you will find yourselves in such an immensity of change, you may decide in that moment that you want no more part in it.  Yet, the Soul’s Light, that you came to Earth within, will not allow, for you to rest in the status in which you now find yourselves to be in:  you will soon be discovering, or will already be Knowing, the Beauty of a new path in Love, that is opening before you.

For those who may be feeling a state of lack of advancement, we say to you, look to your goals:  are they sufficient, for your own Evolutionary process to come forth to you, in the extent of the Passion, you would be bringing to them?  Are they that which stirs your Heart afire with Love, with the earnest desire to be on your path in that form?  If it is, then speak of it aloud, to those who are of Spirit around you, who are intent on supporting, on facilitating, your life to be in the pattern that allows for that Passion you have in your Heart, to be fulfilled.

Then, it is to be in utter and complete Trust, that your Passion will be in the process of manifestation, towards your goal.  That is the place of lack for many:  allow for the Healing, of that which you fear will block the manifestation process, by offering up your concerns to those same listening Patterns of Light, who have chosen to be responsible for, your path’s unfolding into your desired patterning.  They will seek to refocus your awareness into places of your fears, and as well, of the opportunities and potentials, that offer to you the greatest possibilities for you to live in your Heart’s Passion.

Seek out what it is, that you feel has held you from the fulfillment of your desired course in life; allow now, for the full Healing process to begin; for the higher vibrations of these times of profound change in your sector of the galaxy in which the Earth is located, insist, demand, and put into motion, that which keeps you from your Love in your life, that you will rise up in your Love, into the Truth of your Light – no longer, able to be held from it, by those who would allow fears to be the dominant process on Earth.

You are Loved Unconditionally:  Honoured greatly, for the courage you have shown, in your desires to Create in your Love, for the betterment of those around you.

Now it is the time, to gather up your courage once again, and to use it, to propel you forwards onto the path that is your own:  that you have chosen for yourself, as Your Gift of Love and Light; that you play your part to perfection, as this world moves itself, through the determined efforts of the many who have chosen to come to Earth to participate in this process, from fear into Love.

We are the Council of Transition:  we hold you, in the One Creator’s Love and Light, and we tell you, You are the ones, who will move this world into its new ways of Being, based in Love.

Truly, so it IS.


Council of Transition Members:

Mufa, The Chancellor of Lemuria

Archangel Machael/Michael

Archangel Metatron

Master Jesus

Eli-Ahn, Elven Goddess and a Guardian of Developing Societies

Master Guide Kirael, Guardian of Developing Societies

Takeli MMagdalen, Elven Goddess

Takeli MMagdalen

Trance Channel
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The Three Stages of Soul Cleansing by Lady Nada posted Feb 11/18

Source: Natalie Glasson ~ Sacred School of OmNA ~ 9th February 2018


As the overseer of the cleansing energy and vibrations of the Creator’s light, I, Lady Nada, come forth to share with you the exquisite cleansing and awakening which is taking place within the souls of many upon the Earth. The ascension process is moving so fast currently that it is difficult for many to keep track of the shifts activating and awakening within their being. There are so many levels of your being, and each is being activated, cleansed and recalibrated to support your remembrance of the Creator. It can be challenging to know and understand everything that is taking place within your being. Therefore it is appropriate to observe your energy and become familiar each day with how your body, mind, emotions and spiritual self feel and appear to you. In doing so not only do you give yourself space to notice how your being reacts to energies and your environment, you also begin to observe a journey taking place within your being. Such awareness can give you a sense of trust in the process you are moving through, feeling more able to understand your needs each day.

You will also begin to recognise the sacred link and connection between each of your energy bodies while being able to trace stagnant or limiting energies back to their core. The most beautiful spiritual practice that I can share with you and which we encourage on the inner planes 8th Ray of Light is to become familiar with whom you are in each given moment, without judgment or expectation. It is a sacred and loving acceptance of all that you are, which offers an in-depth insight into the ascension process your soul is moving through.

I, Lady Nada, encourage you to take 5 – 10 mins a day to simply observe your body, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. In doing so, you will become friends with your truth. If you become aware of any pain, suffering or stagnant energy as you observe, simply continue to observe with love in your heart. You may discover that simple observation is a powerful tool that allows healing to take place. All energies that you hold onto and that require to be released simply wish to be acknowledged, once this takes place, often they heal and dissolve.


Stage One

Your soul is currently exploring expansion. The first stage of cleansing your soul is currently experiencing is the process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator. This is a very beautiful process because your soul is releasing and letting go of many energies, perceptions, wounds, patterns and limitations that it has carried through many a lifetime. This process of release takes place through your soul expanding its energy at an earthly physical level and a spiritual inner planes level. It is a great moment of celebration, your soul is ready and feels safe to magnify and multiply its energy, thus enhancing its power. As your soul expands releasing and letting go of unneeded energies so its vibration quickens and an experience of liberation dawns. Your soul is free to exist without limitations, merging more fully with all aspects of your being, Mother Earth and the earthly reality while also exploring the Universe of the Creator. Remember that you are the Creator therefore you fill and exist within everything. Your soul is exploring its connection with all that is the Creator and embodying the truth of the Creator. This is extremely invigorating, activating and pleasurable for your soul because your soul is journeying through remembrance of all that it is as an expression of the Creator.

Through expansion, your soul is creating space to receive, collect and embody more of itself and the Creator. Your soul is exploring the abundance, fulfilment and wholeness of the Creator, awakening and drawing these sacred energies into its core. All that your soul is experiencing on the inner planes and the Earth is filtering into your physical body. The vibrations, consciousness and shifts taking place in higher aspects of your soul are impacting every part of your being and life upon the Earth. You have the ability to draw these energies and the joy the higher aspects of your soul are experiencing into your being and existence now.

‘I am speaking to all aspects and levels of my soul. As you move through a process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator, I surrender all that I am to daily receive the benefits of my soul’s current expansion journey and progression. I am an embodiment of the highest truth of my soul upon the Earth now. Thank you.’


Stage Two

Quickening of lower vibrations. Your soul is delving deep into the lower vibrations of all that you are. Your soul is empowered and is carrying magnified light into stagnant, lower vibrational energies within your being and within other embodiments of your soul on the Earth, simultaneous lifetimes and on the inner planes. Your soul is anchoring so much light into lower vibrations of your being that all that is your soul is vibrating, pulsating and becoming powerfully energetic. This is encouraging higher aspects of your soul to quicken, becoming powerful beacons of light. As your entire being, reality and soul vibrate at a quicker rate, so the Creator showers you in blessings, light and love. This is immensely empowering as it enhances your feeling of being supported and loved unconditionally by the Creator. Your soul soars synthesising and remembering the Creator, establishing new connections and showering your being with such positivity, truth and excitement. Your physical self and personality begin to release with ease all perspectives of lack and pain, as there is an overwhelming feeling of being loved and supported by the Creator that creates a beautiful flow and fulfilment to your life and existence upon the Earth.

Due to the current cleansing mission of your soul, you may feel negative or painful energies becoming more visible within your being as your soul vibrates the light into lower energies to transform them. At the same time, you may experience empowering feelings of being loved, supported and blessed, as your reality flows with ease and perfection. It may feel as if your dreams are manifesting in your reality. Be aware that you may swing from recognising the pain within your being to feeling completely fulfilled and loved. This will be natural at this time, and there is a need to simply accept that your soul is working on a very deep level for the greater good of your ascension.

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Stage Three

Your soul is contemplating and experiencing its wholeness. Your soul is magnifying all the beautiful Creator qualities it recognises itself as, sending waves of these sacred qualities into your entire being. Due to this, you may experience surges of energy, emotions or feelings moving through your being at different times throughout your day. Such surges could cause confusion as from nowhere you may find yourself feeling blissfully happy or deeply connected. You may also experience inspiration to take action in your life or to develop certain skills and abilities. This is a beautiful process as it will allow you to become more familiar with the sacred qualities at the very core of your being and essence.

To contemplate and experience the wholeness of your being your soul will begin to download light vibrations from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Dimensions, Inner Plane chambers and so much more. This is a way of activating new beautiful Creator qualities within your being and at the core of your soul. As new light vibrations from throughout the Universe of the Creator penetrate your soul and entire being, remembrance of the wholeness of your being will dawn, with new previously unrecognised qualities and abilities emerging to be observed and accepted. When you experience energies flowing and pouring into your being, know that it is your soul contemplating the fullness and wholeness of your being. It is a time of celebration and awakening of all that is your truth.

Please know I, Lady Nada, am present to support you in the cleansing and evolution of your soul,

Lady Nada

The Antarians posted Oct 28/17

Hello friends.

We are the Antarians.  We wish to speak with you today of hope, for through your Human vision, which is presently limited, chaos and war and deceit abound.  We wish to remind you, and assure you, that these are mere illusions, for the time of great change is indeed here, on your planet, in this Now.

Be at peace and be comforted, for the time is ripe for change, for growth, is it not?   Are you not ready for something more, much more?  Indeed we know that you are, for you tell your teams repeatedly during your dream times where you are tutored and appraised of the daily situations-sagas, on your Earth.  She is such a beautiful planet, highly regarded in many galaxies besides your own.

We are not from your part of time, or your neck of the woods, as you would colloquially say.  (Your Human phrases are well known and enjoyed, for you are known for your wit with words.)  We are the praying mantis people, and we don’t mind saying so because your species on your planet is a vague representation of our form.

For you see, Earth in all of her beauty was selected to be the garden of life, the great library for genetic representation.  Many of your animals represent many of us, highly advanced species who eons ago were placed in your Petri dish, a small scale version of us.  So yes, movies like Guardians of the Galaxy (we have to be educated in your Earth culture, do we not?) and Star Wars, Space Balls – you get the picture – there are many representations of animal-like beings that are fully sentient in their own right, fully operable and sovereign.

Well, there you have it.  We are all one large, albeit varied, happy family.  Please don’t be startled by our insectiod appearance, for we are quite friendly and loving and a bit of an older race than your own.  It is true, as Kryon recently said, that you are indeed the “new kids on the block”.  So compared to you, we are older and wiser – some would say ancient – but yet, so are aspects of you.

This should not come as a surprise to you, to those who are following our messages.  You are learning and growing, expanding beyond that which previously you understood to be your limited view of reality.  We assure you reality is anything but, and we assure you, to those adventurers out there, you will never be bored, unless you choose to rest.  And when you are rested and ready, you will dive in again and lend your light and energy to the great cosmic dance of light and dark, of creative potential and delight and creation.

Please remember all of this is within you.  Listen to the stillness within and there you will find your peace.  You all can learn a lot from our little species, our “mini-mes” for they sit and appear to be praying as their name implies, totally at peace and at one with their surroundings.  Learn to do this.  It will serve you greatly in your quest for ascension, which is coming closer by the second, as your timeline for ascension is literally closing in all around you.  Rest in this truth.  Find your peace, for the world so desperately needs it.  It is why you are here, to lend your light, your peace, your joy and your loving presence to situations that lack these attributes.  ‘Tis true.

Please remember when disclosure comes in full force people may be alarmed.  Be calm.  Be reassuring.  Be the light that you are, that we see that you are.  Do not succumb to anything less than the Christ-like perfection that is within you, but you must choose to be that.  In all situations, be love.

Do not be startled by the appearance of those who are outwardly different than you.  Drink in the sunlight as we do – it is our food – and let it fortify you, for you will be requiring more and more and more light as you evolve towards more of the higher dimensions.  No more slogging through the mud!  It is your time to rise.

We love you.  We bid you a pleasant farewell.  We are the Antarians.

Past changes shared by me for many moons now confirmed by Mushaba representative! Tami posted Sept 14/17

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba September 13, 2017

Papa Force (Porda):

I would like to begin by greeting all of humanity with the greetings of freedom, empowerment, divine love and oneness. That greeting is known as Mushaba Greetings.

I come to you today as the voice of the Mushaba People. I have been given permission to speak on behalf of all people on the planet Mushaba. All of creation is now moving into what is called “The New Era of Evolvement” as decreed by The All That Is. The All That Is is the energy, the being where everything in existence comes from. This being created everything that exists before creation, as well as everything in creation. In this new era of evolvement, the Mushaba People have been given the responsibility to have the leadership position. Just recently, the planet earth has been put under the authority of the Mushaba People to take the leading role in the evolvement and ascension of planet earth and all beings inhabiting the earth on the surface and within the earth. ( this is incorrect for humanity and mother earths Gaia Guardians have sovereignty with Mother Gaia not foreigners! Tami)

There have been many major changes that have taken place in the universe and the high dimensions. Many of the universal, galactic, and planetary council’s have been removed, restructured, or disbanded. All the beings of evil and negative darkness have been put on notice to work toward evolvement or be either sent to source, or quarantined and taken through training until they evolve toward the only way of being, which is love, light, truth and integrity.

Also those beings of the light that have been convoluted have also been put on notice to shape up as well. You see, The All That Is has intervened in all of what is going on in creation and have discovered many things that were being done by dark hearted beings dressed in the clothes of light. All of the universe, and that includes all planets in all dimensions and all beings, have been subject to the house cleaning decreed by The All That Is. No one or nothing gets away. All things are being made right in all of creation.

Beings everywhere not just on earth have not been given the appropriate assistance needed, especially those sent on missions on behalf of the councils. All is being rectified now and you will begin to see many changes taking place everywhere on earth and the universe. For earth, you have been witnessing the cleansing of darkness, evil and corruption everywhere. The energetic codes and established protocols have been removed and rewritten and all the built up negative energies are being swept away by the many tribulations of nature through, fire, water, and shaking of the earth. Earth is cleansing, blowing away, washing away, burning away, and shaking off the build up of negative protocols, codes and energies that have been causing great unbearable stress in all of earth and humanity.

These energies were feeding those in power to stay in power and to continue to usurp the free will of the people. The holding up of the prosperity and healing technologies from the People will all come forth now. No more do the negative dark hearted beings have unchallenged power anymore. The RV process has also been taken away on the galactic level from the ones that were in charge of it, and those beings were sent back to their home planet along with their mothership and scout ships. They weren’t doing their job so they lost it.

On the earth level, the elders have been completely replaced by a group of new elders. Also those around General Dunford that resisted his orders concerning the RV release have been removed and replaced. Other people in the entire chain of command from the highest to the lowest have been removed and replaced. Now we can expect a smooth transition to the era of prosperity. Know that the way for your President Trump to be removed has been cleared as well.

Why am I telling you all this? Because its total freedom time for you; it’s your independence day. You have some of the same beings that are of light, love, truth and integrity working with new beings with the same qualities on your behalf and on the behalf of all beings in the universe. These new beings have been ordered here by the All That Is to assist in getting the New Era of Evolvement well on the way and all planets and people in the universe on the right track toward evolving to be the living epitome of Love, Light, Truth and Integrity! A major universe wide wake up call has been sent out to all beings in the universe rather light or dark, good or evil. So dear loving brothers and sisters of earth, your prayers are now in the throes of being answered right in front of your face. Look for it because it’s there. Embrace it because you earned it.

You are dearly loved forever!

I am Porda known as Papa Force

Father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Parallel Timelines in Play! posted May 25/17

Source: Meg Benedicte


During the month of April we experienced 5 planets traveling reverse or retrograde, creating an intense review process into the depths of the human psyche. This has brought up many questions regarding the realm of truth and non-truth, or as we call it ‘fake news’. I’ve read multiple articles/posts from a variety of perspectives on this very subject. It has been very revealing!

First let’s see if we can all agree on a basic universal principle – we live in a holographic universe of infinite timelines and planes of existence. Within an established timeline exists infinite storylines or sub-holograms that complete the whole. For example: we all agree we live in a current Earth timeline that hosts a variety of sub-holograms of differing races, religions, politics, languages, lifestyles, etc.

Let’s extrapolate this further…we exist in a chosen holographic reality available within what our mind can access. Some can only access what their parents/ancestral lineage provides. Others can access beyond the limitations of their birth family, into a vast array of parallel holograms they were exposed to during their development. And then there are others who break the barrier of Earth’s timeline and access infinite universal timelines of infinite possibilities and outcomes.

Those who are stuck in limited holograms can be fed ‘fake news’ and believe it to be truth. When the universal mind is blocked, they only rely on the 5 physical senses and their emotional feelings. It doesn’t matter how much you explain to them what exists in the vast universe, their mind cannot conceive it to be true.


This leads us to the current crisis at hand, large swaths of civilians who lead their lives in diminished, limited holographic realities. They are easily manipulated by the puppet masters in control. They have very little if any access to their intuitive, psychic, multi-dimensional right brain capacity. We refer to them as the ‘unawakened’.

Another large segment of the population are operating humanoid robots – soulless vessels running on ‘personality programs’. They do not have chakra pillars of spiritual life force. They are controlled by the Matrix simulation and function as humans. They have no heart center. I’ve encountered a few of them when working with the general public. They have no conscience.

In 1994 my Soul entered an existing incarnation as a ‘Walk-In’. I’ve visited Earth several times in this manner. It allows my Soul to by-pass the Matrix simulation running in the earth plane. Anyone born through the birth canal enters into the Matrix hologram. Being a Walk-In is not an easy maneuver, but I’m able to maintain a clear channel and ‘birds eye view’ of the holograms running here. There is much confusion rampant in the earth plane. What is real and what is false?

We are in the midst of a massive global timeline collapse, as we shift into a parallel 5D timeline. The two world timelines are banging against each other, as those firmly locked into the lower earth holograms are rigidly holding onto past beliefs/realities. This is the basis for the current conservative movement – to conserve past holograms, to hang onto the past. It is spreading across international politics and policies, in a last ditched effort to keep the collapsing timeline alive.

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They are feverishly trying to remove all positive progress achieved in the past 100 years. They are reverting back to the dark ages, when religion controlled every aspect of their lives. They deny scientific progress, climate change and inherent human rights, to name a few. They are behaving like the ‘unawakened’.

It is the soulless who perpetuate war, violence, destruction, aggression, competition – they have no heart, no compassion, no empathy. They are killing their own. Clearly we cannot allow these groups to gain power and control over the awakened, universal family of loving beings. It is why we are here at this time. The Light Warriors are assisting with the timeline shift. We beam the spotlight of truth into these false holograms of control and manipulation. We are collapsing the false Matrix to dust.

As we move into the final hours of the timeline shift, I recommend focusing your Light on all the positive change occurring in unity consciousness. Spread compassion and Love to those who are awakening but confused. Uplift those who are in despair. Hold the space for continued expansion into the vastness of our 5D timeline. Pull your focus away from the soulless, don’t give them your power. They are artificial intelligence, they are not human. We are here specifically to support Gaia’s ascension into the 5D timeline and support all souls seeking Love, Light and Joy. Namaste!

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte All Rights Reserved You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

New Gateways Open: Utilizing the May 19-21 Cosmic Trigger posted May 20/17

from Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

I AM guided to remind everyone just how powerful this weekend is, and will be for Lightworkers. Be diligent with your Gridwork!

Many of you are feeling the massive Gateway which opened on Tuesday for this trigger. May 19-21 is our focus point, with the initial acceleration lasting through the New Moon on Thursday May 25. This Gateway amplifies the magnetic shifts that were caused by the Primary timeline Ascension of Gaia on the 12-12-12. This light is reverberating through the dimensions and densities, and causes crystalline core expansion in Gaia, which in turn causes expansion in our consciousness.

The Universal rewrite, commanded from Source itself, is shifting the magnetics of the lower dimensional torus fields and grid systems. The higher trajectory of Ascension is vibrating through the lower realities. This Gateway opens the higher pathway for the August transitions, and will be honored accordingly.

Each of the Gateway adjustments this year has been a palpable experience for the Ascending collective, providing a heightened experience of Primary Timeline for many. Feel into the larger perspective; the acceleration of goodness is a complimentary point of focus.


Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers: Primary Timeline Choice

Many are noting shifts in skill sets, purer expression of the Higher Self, and heightened states of Embodiment during this passage. There is an active alignment presenting this weekend which is key to the 2017 timeline split. Do not let this cosmic trigger pass you by; it is key for aligning with the trajectory of the Primary Christed Ascension timelines. Drop unnecessary distractions and get out on Gaia.

Our Gatework and Gridwork is focused on revealing the experience of Ascension as a palpable reality for anyone choosing the path of Love. Yes, we are opening those pathways for anyone even close to the vibrational match of the higher timelines. That is our service this year; to offer this higher reality to any willing Soul.

This weekend also reveals our personal timeline choices, and the requests of our Higher levels are clarified. Our Creator skills get fully empowered during this passage, if we allow the Higher agenda to direct us. Meditate, listen, learn, feel through the heart. Command the higher reality to step forth.

We are different beings than we were in 2012; it is a key moment to fully embrace the higher wisdom we have attained, and demonstrate it in our service work.

Let us use this Gateway to its fullest capacity. Our New skills overwhelm the remnants of old self, old realities, old beliefs. May we co-create global peace, harmony, stability and pure LoveLight for everyone choosing the Ascension experience.

In Love, Light and Service,

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 11.41.37 AM

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon posted Feb 24/17


In February of last year, we gave a message entitled Destabilization. As you enter 2017 the global destabilization we discussed in that communication is accelerating at a much more rapid rate.
The focus of this message, however, is not on the destabilization process but rather a new sound meditation that we wish to impart to you. It is an energetic antidote that can help you to counter the negative consequences of destabilization on your body/mind and spirit.
This new sound meditation is called Restoration. It is, in fact, a celestial chorus from the higher realms of light that can impart to you deeply nourishing and restorative energies.
In order for you to derive the greatest benefit from Restoration, we wish to discuss briefly the holographic nature of your universe, including your physical body.
From our perspective the entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light.
Your physical body is also a holographic projection and is part and parcel of a greater hologram you call the cosmos. Thus, there are strings of energy that connect you to the universe as well as to the highest realms of light. These connections between you, the cosmos and the realms of light are part of your innate nature.    
When you attain higher states of consciousness the illusory nature of physical existence and your reality as a being of light becomes more clear. But as an embodied being your consciousness is anchored in sensory perception. Thus you live in two worlds simultaneously—a world of exquisite freedom, unbounded by time or space and your embodied existence that binds you to Earth.
As your Earth morphs into new realities and enters more chaotic states your body/mind complex is being deeply challenged.
Even those of you who are clearly on the upward path to higher states of consciousness may, at times, find the challenges of global destabilization difficult to contend with.
The Restoration sound meditation can help you restore yourself in the face of personal and global challenges. But for you to benefit more deeply from this sound meditation we wish to elaborate on what is occurring when you listen.
The sounds that comprise this meditation are codes. They pulsate with vitality from the higher realms of light. And if you listen to the sound meditation properly the vitality of these sound codes will be transferred into your physical body—into the very cellular matrix itself.
We suggest three different ways of listening. Each subsequent listening level will unveil to you the deeper magic and power of this sound meditation. Start with the level that feels most comfortable to you and as you progress you can experiment with the next level.

The Basic Level
We strongly suggest you listen to this with stereo headphones or earbuds so that the sound codes are the primary auditory input. We also suggest you listen to this with your eyes closed so that the music becomes your primary sensory experience.
With a relaxed focus of attention, enter into the architecture of the sounds. Follow the progression of the vibratory energies and sense how they are affecting you. In this method your entire focus of attention is on the soundscape. When your mind wanders simply bring it back to the sounds.
The Intermediate Level
In this way of listening your focus is still on the soundscape but your focus includes your physical body. It’s as if your entire body is listening to the sound codes and the celestial chorus. When you listen to the sound meditation in this way, the transfer of vitality and restoration will move deeper into your body.
Those of you who have a developed kinesthetic sense will intuitively know how to do this. For those of you less familiar with bodily awareness, we have a few suggestions.
Act as if your physical body is actually hearing the sounds. Even though you know that the sounds are being received through your ears and the auditory pathways of your brain, imagine and sense that your body is also hearing the sounds.
Sense how the sound codes vibrate and resonate different areas of your body. For some of you these sound codes will also vibrate your energy field, what the ancients referred to as the aura. 
The Advanced Level
In this way of listening you sense your body as a galaxy of stars.
Each cell of your body is a star, which emits light. This type of biologically-based light has been identified as Biophotons in the new science of Biophotonics. This is not a metaphor. It is a physical reality of your bodily nature.
Just as with the previous ways of listening, your focus is on the soundscape and your physical body. You are simply adding one more element—the clear impression that your body is a galaxy of stars.
As you attain this sense of your body as a galaxy of light, each star or cell of your body will receive the pulsating vitality from the sound codes at a much deeper level.
Understand clearly that this sound meditation is a gift from the celestial worlds. The celestial chorus and all the voices combine together to create pulsating vortices of energy.
The sounds you hear are analogs to vibrational shifts in the light realms.
When you listen to the sound meditation in the manner just described, the cellular matrix of your body will enter into a high state of vibrational receptivity.
To the extent that you are able to enter into this state of mental and bodily awareness the sound meditation can impart to you extraordinary restorative energies.
The meditation is about nine minutes in length. Hopefully this will allow those of you with a very busy schedule to set aside this brief period of time for personal restoration.
If you have the grace of extra time we suggest experimenting with listening to the sound meditation several times in one listening session. This will reveal to you deeper levels of nourishment and restoration that reside in the sound codes.
As the world enters into further destabilization and chaotic states it is our hope that this sound meditation will prove to be a means for you to navigate through the treacherous waters of global change.
We send to you from the deepest place within our Collective Heart the impulse for new creation in the very midst of destruction.
The Hathors
February 18, 2017
Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
There is true transformational magic in this sonic meditation, but it will most likely only reveal itself to you if you make it the sole focus of your mental attention. In other words, don’t multi-task.
The Hathors created this sound meditation for the sole purpose of bringing restorative energies to your body/mind and spirit.   
I feel compelled to say, in the context of this meditation, that the word “spirit” does not have a religious connotation. Rather it is more related to its Latin origins as in the word spiritus. Like many words from ancient languages, the word spiritus has multiple meanings including, in this case, breath, courage and vigor. When we feel inspired by something, we often spontaneously take a deep breath—a physiological expression of the relationship between our breath and powerful emotions.
The Hathors mentioned a very interesting and profound relationship between this sound meditation and the body’s Biophotonic network of light. For those of you unfamiliar with the science of Biophotonics, I would refer you to the work of Alfred Popp. You can also find further information about Biophotonics, including links to other source materials by going to the Articles section of our website ( and clicking on Biophotonics-Class Handout. biophotonics-class-handout 
Recently I was hiking through Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles and snapped this picture. Given the grave state of world affairs, I think this photo speaks most eloquently to how I feel about this latest Hathor sound mediation and our human family.

(c)2016 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved

The burst of sunlight through the tree is like the restorative energies that are available to us from the celestial worlds—but only if we choose to partake from them.
Walking up the hill to the light of Restoration are a handful of people. A lone figure to the far right is looking out to the vistas that are clearly revealed to him or her having been psycho-spiritually renewed through the grace of Restoration.
When I decided to post this photo in my comments, I thought about removing the fence to the left of the tree for aesthetics’ sake. But then I realized that it was a perfect metaphor for our predicament.
There are many fences that would separate us from the grace of Restoration. Some of them are social conventions and beliefs, some are a result of social stress created by the current rise of political polarization, some are hidden in the cloak of religious or spiritual dogma and some of them are internal inhibitors that keep us from receiving the grace of Restoration that flows from our own inner natures.
Part of the task for receiving true Restoration is to find our way around those external and internal fences that have been erected to separate us from the grace of renewal.
There are indeed many ways to find true Restoration. This latest Hathor sound meditation is just one of them. If it resonates with you, I think you will be blessed by its effectiveness.
And if you choose some other way, it does not matter so long as you find some means to psycho-spiritually restore yourself in these increasingly challenging times.  
Whatever path to Restoration you take, may it be swift and may it be a blessing to you, your loved ones and to all sentient beings.

Tom Kenyon
Note: This Restoration Sound Meditation is actually an edited excerpt from a Star Song that the Hathors sang through me during a Hathor Intensive in 2015 called The Sprial of Ascension.  The base recording for that Hathor sound meditation was an earlier song I recorded called The Voices of Iona that appears in a CD called Voices from Other Worlds.

The Restoration Sound Meditation

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Message from Matthew posted Jan 9/17

January 8, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2017 promises to be exhilarating as the planet rides powerful energy waves along its ascension course. The waves are fields of light, and since light and love are the same energy, you could think of everyone in your world as residents in a boundless sea of love. We offer a meditation that can let you feel as one with this energy: Envision a panorama of exquisite beauty, see yourself gently floating over that idyllic scene, now feel yourself merging with it and savor the blissful sensation the Oneness of All imparts.   

Now then, dear family, we shall reply to questions, starting with the one most frequently asked: In short, what about the United States presidency? Energy in Earth’s field of potential pertaining to this is in a state the likes of which is so unusual that we know of nothing comparable. Vibrations around President-elect Donald Trump are even lower than previously, those around most of his choices for top posts are low, and vibrations have remained consistently high around Senator Bernie Sanders. If we knew how this will play out, we would happily tell you, but this unique situation of high and low vibrations wildly in motion, yet coexisting almost in a standoff, gives no indication as to the outcome. What we can tell you is, with vibrations continually rising on the planet, whatever resolution is achieved ultimately will be for the highest good of all.    

Please have no fear that Russia or China will start an armed conflict with the United States that could burgeon into a nuclear war. Despite the rhetorical posturing that some of your analysts consider worrisome, none of those countries’ leaders wants to become embroiled in a war that could imperil the world. And, if any other country or rogue group were to send up a missile with a nuclear warhead, ever-diligent crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will prevent its detonation. This is a good place to answer another question: No, Iran is not secretly developing nuclear weaponry.    

We see the UN Security Council’s vote to condemn Israel for building settlements on the West Bank in violation of international law as a sound defeat for the Illuminati. The goal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in the top ranks of that secret society, never has been to serve the best interests of his people or to make peace with Palestine. In addition to keeping the region destabilized so funds keep flowing in for Israel’s defense, he wants to establish an Illuminati powerbase in Jerusalem from whence to spread their control throughout the Mideast. That will not happen.    

Storms and record temperatures are due partially to weather control technology; chemtrails and other toxic pollutants in your atmosphere also have a role in this. So you are right in thinking that the Illuminati, not Mother Nature, are causing anomalous weather conditions as they are responsible for all the contributing factors, factors that are delaying the planet’s return to a moderate climate globally. The prevalence of geophysical incidents does come from two sources: Mining, drilling and fracking to extract fossil fuels is one; the other is Earth’s release of negativity that in part is caused by those environmentally damaging operations.  

We have been asked our source of information that Russian President Vladimir Putin is justified in denying his country’s involvement in the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails and those on a personal computer, which is contrary to the United States intelligence agencies’ conclusion that the Kremlin is responsible. Some members of our universal family living among you are in major intelligence agencies around the globe—it was the ones in US agencies who told us they hacked and released the emails—and other members have expertise in tracking hackers’ “footprints.”

Our sources know that Illuminati in those various agencies report false information to breed conflict. The reports given to US President Barack Obama put the blame on Russia, which led to more sanctions against that country; this was in line with the Illuminati’s penchant for retaliation—they misled Obama and created more economic problems for Putin because both leaders refused to join forces with them. FBI Director James Comey knows who the hackers are, why they released the emails and the criminal evidence they contain; he didn’t disclose that information due to threatening pressure from the Illuminati faction behind Hillary Clinton. 

So, Illuminati presence still is affecting what goes on in your world; however, their global network has been uprooted, their influence keeps weakening, and their diabolical activities have come to light albeit termed “fake news.” Individuals in top positions in numerous countries are being arrested, losing elections or resigning; more will follow and many in the lower ranks are scattering. Their control of Wall Street and European and Asian stock markets is unraveling and so is their banking empire. They won’t much longer be able to hold onto their vast fortunes amassed illegally and immorally—the forces for good will obtain those and use the monies to end impoverishment. 

Expanding renewable energy forms will phase out their fossil fuel industries, free energy sources they have kept under wraps will emerge, and protection of the environment will end wanton destructiveness. Their unjust justice systems will be reformed, prisons-for-profit end, and control of mainstream media in nations with “free press” will meet its end, too.

Healthcare—a maze of global collusion involving pharmaceutical and insurance companies, vaccine and medical equipment manufacturers, and World Health Organization as well as FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA, AHA and related alphabet groups in the United States—will wend its way out of those Illuminati-owned or infiltrated organizations. Toxic therapies will be replaced by long-suppressed safe, natural remedies and proper healthcare will become available to everyone.

As significantly as the Illuminati’s stronghold on those critical areas has adversely affected life on Earth, the most effective means whereby they have subjugated generation after generation after generation has been by exploiting every kind of difference among the peoples to create hostility and divisiveness and by starting wars. People worldwide are hungering for peace. The energy of their collective desires has gained unstoppable momentum over the energy of conquest, and battlefield action will wind down incrementally. Industries that make the machinery of war will produce what a cooperative, progressive civilization needs; construction companies with honorable management will rebuild destroyed cities; money formerly spent on warring will go into projects and programs that uplift and enhance life. 

Some of those activities are underway, others are beginning, still others are in planning stages, and rising vibrations will be undergirding all the endeavors. You will be seeing evidence of this, but please do not expect the continued unfolding of world transformation to be free from patches of resistance. You are well prepared to deal with those as they arise and help others do the same—beloved sisters and brothers, you have earned PhDs in ingenuity, perseverance and triumphing over obstacles! 

Many readers who write to my mother mention that they are in their 60s, 70s or 80s. If you are in that age range, think of the changes you have witnessed as technology exploded in manufacturing, communication, energy, transportation, computers, television, healthcare, space exploration, entertainment, social media—and yes, weaponry. It isn’t necessary, though, to have lived during the decades of innovation and modernization to realize that technology’s role in your world today is rather mind-boggling.  

That is the preface, you could say, to our reply to this question: “With vibrations on the planet high and rising, why is there still so much violence, bigotry and greed?”  Because technology has far outpaced society’s advancement in conscious and spiritual awareness. In no way are we being critical—many souls have made long strides and there are reasons why many others have not.   

With compassion we think of our Earth family who are living in areas of relentless fighting or in crowded refugee camps and grieving the loss of loved ones; those who are living in fear under tyranny or are hungry or homeless in lands of plenty—not all of those souls chose to experience that degree of pain or hardships. It is with sadness that we think of our family who are causing the suffering—the ones who rule with an iron fist or feel they are superior to everyone who is “different” or have the right to kill “the enemy” and those who are entrenched in greed without a thought about the many, many millions who are barely subsisting.  

The low vibrations emitted by all those souls’ countless thoughts, feelings and actions are within the collective consciousness; and because it is the collective consciousness that manifests everything that exists on Earth, its proliferation of low vibrations has slowed the pace of society’s advancement consciously and spiritually. This is changing—the light waves sweeping Earth are opening more and more hearts and minds, and everything in low vibratory levels eventually will be done away.

“You said other civilizations are helping us. I don’t see how. They haven’t gotten rid of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother and the rest of the evil Bigs.” Other civilizations are helping you in every way that universal laws permit. They can cause nuclear warheads to malfunction because Creator decreed that never again will there be nuclear detonations in space. In honoring Gaia’s free will choice that her planetary body and its residents be protected, they built a light grid around Earth to prohibit entry of base entities from other worlds and they divert the course of astral bodies and space debris to preclude collisions with the planet. Along with beaming massive light to Earth and leveling out the impact of geophysical events without lessening the amount of negativity released, they decrease toxic effects of pollutants in your air, land and seas and neutralize toxins in vaccines designed to cause pandemics.

While your “space” family are permitted to help in those ways that you can’t manage yourselves, they cannot interfere with free will of souls on Earth with this one exception—any individual who chooses to launch missiles with nuclear warheads will not succeed. Nor can members of our universal family impose upon you their ideas, although that would be greatly to your benefit—by universal law, each civilization decides the kind of world it wants and must do what is necessary to bring that world into fruition. ( folks this section I do not agree with Karma is a darkside creation that should never be validated or supported. Some ground crew have had direct support from oversight while others have not so false prophet issues are in play there. To sit back and not help everyone who asked for help is a breach of the law of one. Tami)

However, during this unprecedented era in the universe, souls have the opportunity to complete in one lifetime all third-density karmic lessons so they can evolve and other civilizations are permitted to share their heavy karmic burdens. Many “ETs” wanted to participate in this unique venture and those selected by the Golden Age master planners are helping persons on Earth in that manner and by illuminating the peoples’ pathway to the peaceful world they want.

Dear ones, you are among those who went to Earth to show the peoples that love is the pathway to peace, to joy, prosperousness, mutual respect and life in harmony with Nature. By living your light fearlessly and confidently, you radiate love to everyone around you, and it doesn’t stop there. Love energy is so powerful that it flows around the world, out into the universe and on to the cosmos. In the Oneness of All, everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and the love-light you send forth brings it back in limitless measure—this is the unequalled vastness and power of love.

You are honored, loved and accompanied in spirit by all light beings in this universe.


Suzanne Ward

Connecting to Everything on the planet! Posted Dec 4/16

Everything in the Hollow Earth Is Constructed of Crystals

by Dianne Robbins

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.59.56 PM

I am Mikos, here to talk about our connection to the Universe, and your connection to all life everywhere. We love our Earth, and as we live inside her, we are privy to all information that ever was — and to all events currently taking place on the surface as well as on other solar systems in our Galaxy.
We capture, or record, these events in our Crystal Projectors, and file them away for safe keeping in our extensive library.

All our records are ancient, by your standards, as your lifetimes are so short compared to ours. But these “ancient” events existed in our lifetime, since we are eons of years old in the same body, and therefore occurred during our lifetime.

The evolution of Crystals is ancient also, as they have always existed and are the witness to all events on Earth. They, themselves, have recorded all the events on Earth and stored them within their crystalline network of “nerves” that can hold voluminous amounts of information.

These Crystals are very evolved Beings, whose mission it is to record all that transpires on Earth, so that all that has transpired can be played back on our Crystal Projectors and learned from. For all life is a learning experience, and without the knowledge and wisdom of the past, how do you expect to learn and advance your evolution? Your books are all filled with misinformation, compiled by mankind’s opinions and beliefs and theories, that has little resemblance to actual conditions or facts. So all you learn doesn’t give you a clue as to the real nature of Earth, the Universe, or “you.”

tumblr npfo4n5qks1rpgpe2o1 1280

Whenever we want to learn something and apply it to our lives, we go into the Crystal Recording Room and play back the sequence of events that will lead us to the information and wisdom we need to resolve any problem or increase our understanding of events and our lives.

For although you can’t see out, or hear the Earth calling to you, or feel the love of the trees as you scurry by them in your frantic pace of life, know that all life, everywhere, is aware of your plight and has come to your rescue to wake you up out of your deep Slumber of the Ages so that you can regain your conscious remembrance of who you are, why you are here on Earth, and the important part you play in bringing Earth out of her density and into a higher realm of Light where you will experience real “freedom”, firsthand.

Your Crystals can help you make this jump in consciousness, in a miniscule amount of time. Just hold them close to you, and they imprint their wisdom into your heart in “no time” at all, and raise your vibration to a place where you can readily access all the knowledge and wisdom that has been gathered throughout all time. Your Crystals, no matter what size they are, can move you all into a higher state of awareness.

We, in the Hollow Earth, are surrounded by our Crystals in every “walk of life” and every place we go. Our homes, transportation, work places, cultural complexes, everything is constructed of Crystals and surrounded by Crystals. Our buildings literally glow with Crystal Light, and our body’s glow increases as we advance in our evolution. For love and wisdom and awareness IS Light — and the more Light you contain within your beings, the greater the sheen of your glow.


So surround yourselves, your homes, your computers, and your work places with Crystals. Hold them and talk to them, and you will feel their consciousness being transferred to yours, and adding their Light and wisdom to yours, so that you can better access and understand the world around you, and glow like a beacon to your family and friends, who will feel the comfort of being near you — the comfort that you will radiate out to all in the radius of your energy field.

The Crystals, the Earth, and all lifeforms are One Consciousness. When you can understand and integrate this concept of Oneness, your life will gain a new flow, and synchronicity will be a common occurrence, as you will operate on a higher wavelength that re-connects you with all life everywhere; thereby allowing you to access all the avenues that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams on Earth.

The Cetaceans communicate with each other no matter where they are in Earth’s oceans, by staying in the frequency flow of “All That Is”. It is the way the trees and animals and all of nature communicate. The first step is to be conscious of this interconnection of all life, and then you will find it flowing within you, with no “work” on your part. This is the key to the Universe, and it is within you.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

If interested, Dianne is author of several books ~ Click Here

11:11 GATEWAY ACTIVATIONS Posted Nov 12/16

from Meg Benedicte ~ Rainbow Family

rainbow light platinum ray

Since 2012 Gaia has been aligned with the Galactic equator of the Milky Way Galaxy which is streaming into our geo-magnetic field energy waves of very high frequency photon light. As many of you know, photons are the particles of our universe that carry consciousness. This ever-increasing Photon Particle Wave is bringing a new awareness that was not present before. It comes in the quiet moments of stillness, within the pause of our breath, in the continual tempo of our heartbeat, and in the Still Point standing wave of Singularity in our Universe – it is forming a bridge between the collapsing world of polarity/duality and the growing 5th Dimensional New Earth.

Return of the Trinity of Sacred Union

In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection! The sacred event of 11:11 ushers in the reunification of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine with Divine Source – forming the Three Fold Flame or Trinity of Sacred Union!

US Election Tipping Point

The US Election is the perfect storm to awaken the population to the corrupt regime of the Patriarchal system. All shadow must be exposed in the Light of Truth in order to transcend it. America’s ‘shadow work’ has just begun… Your role as a Light Bearer is to continue to reveal all shadow for healing and transformation. Flow in LOVE!

heart chakra-150x150

Please be careful to not engage in the polarized election battle, this will pull you back into the Matrix. “Us against them” is a polarized mind-set. Fear is a symptom of Soul disconnection and disempowerment. If you are feeling fear today, take a moment to connect to the Love of your Soul within your heart. Breathe into the divine power that you are! Step back from the chaos, maintain your inner stillpoint, breathe in harmony.


Not only is this the 45th week of the year, it is also the week that the United States chose its 45th president – perhaps the final one?

4+5 = 9, and Week 45 is the final 9 Week in this turbulent 9 Year of 2016.

9 is the number of drama and deep emotions. The number of spirals and endings. And this week, we get spirals within spirals, and endings within endings. Week 45 runs from November 4th – 10th. Read more:

As we near the sacred day of 11:11, we can focus on:

• Cosmic Ascension Plan is happening – the collapsing polarized forces will be completed by the Indigos/Crystals who entered the 5th Dimension as Wayshowers (Spiritual Mentors for human ascension)
• Stewards of the New Earth are living in Unity Consciousness as the Rainbow Family
• Wayshowers are streaming Unity Consciousness into the collective and crystalline earth grids
• Igniting the Divine Trinity (Three Fold Flame) in the Heart Center
• Activate Soul purpose and Ascension Timeline that aligns with the global ascension


In North Dakota we see indigenous tribes coming together from Central America, South America, Hawaii and South Pacific, Alaska – this is unity consciousness in action. One united vision, focus and purpose to protect the sacred water and land. The ancient prophesies remind us…

“This difficult time has seen the beginning of a new nation of multicolored beings. The seeds of the four directions have mixed together to create the first Rainbow people. It is written in time and in the memory of the Indian peoples that our sun will rise again, that we will be able to reestablish our culture: its arts, sciences, mathematics and religion. Mayan knowledge will come forward again. It is for this reason that we are once again uniting to reestablish our entire culture.” — Hunbatz Men, Hereditary keeper of the Mayan tradition

(Note from Colleen: I’m putting this out too late for you to join in)

We will be joining together on Friday, November 11th to step into the 11:11 Stargate Global Activations. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds in ushering in the new earth paradigm. Register at

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

Copyright (c) 2016 Meg Benedicte All Rights Reserved You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Human Consciousness posted Nov 1/16


by: Breanne Katherine


There is a grand shift taking place on the planet at this moment in time. People from all walks of life, all over the face of the Earth, are awakening to their true power and inner calling. The beginning seeds of this movement first began back in the 60’s and 70’s when flower children were born, spreading their message of peace and love. Afterward, the global awakening of the collective consciousness truly began to pick up speed during the supposed ‘end of the world’ prediction based off Mayan calculations.

Yet December 21st, 2012 was a stepping stone. An official marker that began the tail end of ‘The Age of Pisces’, and our current ventures into the start of ‘The Age of Aquarius’. Essentially, the cusp between both ages, the transition between the two, and the transformation into new levels of thinking and new-age ideas. The end of one era, and the beginning of another.

During this time up until today, starseeds, empaths, lightworkers, indigos, crystal children, and many others began incarnating on this planet in droves. Their mission? – To raise the vibration. To open the minds and hearts of all those they come in contact with to be more accepting of tolerance and love. To heal, unify, and uplift the energetic frequency.

Many of us are a combination of these titles, embodying the soul aspect of them all, a combination of, or only one of them. Either way, they are each important in their own ways not only to help guide one’s path and to learn from, but also to help encourage the same for others.


What are some differences?

StarSeeds… generally incarnate for a specific reason. As their name implies, they ‘seed’ the potential for energetic shifts in consciousness by integrating themselves into circumstances that best serve this purpose. Planting themselves, as it were, into the lifestyle and situations that are of the highest good for their Soul’s mission, as well as for the evolution of any other people they come in contact with.

Empaths… are incredibly adept at being in tune with their feelings and emotions, as well as from others. As a result of their empathic ways, they make excellent psychics being as their intuition and perceptiveness is usually heightened. By tapping into the feelings and emotions of others they can help heal the pain and resistance that arises. They practice love, peace, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. In doing so, they usher the planet toward a new age of brilliance and unity.

LightWorkers… in essence, includes anyone who incarnates onto this material earthly plane for the soul purpose of living in, sharing, and honoring the light. ‘The Light’ being universal energy and infinite love. This doesn’t cast aside darkness and ego, but rather, fully embraces and purifies both. The yin and yang duality of the Soul. They encourage other’s to live in their light, helping us transition onto a new level of awareness and awaken our innermost strength. Shifting humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

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Aside from these there are several other metaphysical titles appointed to how we perceive and try to understand our Higher Selves. Such titles as indigo or crystal children; both of which being an aspect of the Soul that is one or more of the above, but also with various levels of sensitivity. Born with a higher vibrational frequency from the start. Some may even exhibit extra-sensory abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance.

Despite these terms, we have all chosen to be here upon this planet at this particular time and to live the exact experiences we’ve gone through, for the purpose of evolving our Soul, and the Soul of the Earth as a whole. Whether you resonate with one or more of the above, all of them, or none of them, know that it’s never too late to become who you wish to be and help heal the World.

Peace, Love Unity, Respect.

by: Breanne Katherine


Arcturian speak on Justice! Posted Oct 20/16

from The Arcturian Group thru Marilyn Raffaele

OCTOBER 9, 2016

Greetings dear ones. We come in the Light of a new day and meet you in that place.

Do not expect anything to continue as you have known it in the past. This is because the material world you are familiar with was formed from the energy of beliefs that no longer exist. Be open to and embrace change instead of resisting it, for nothing real is ever lost and ideas based in truth (reality) will always reappear in new and higher forms of expression when needed.

The Arcturian group wishes to speak of justice which in reality is a spiritual idea, a facet of Divine Consciousness the concepts of which are now shifting into higher expression.

In a three dimensional world–one based in duality and separation, justice is commonly thought of as an “eye for an eye” and many religious belief systems still teach this concept using the bible for their reference. What is often ignored is that this quote is from the old testament of the bible, written long ago for the unenlightened consciousness of those times.

There is truth hidden in many of the stories for those who read them with “eyes to see, and ears to hear” but most still interpret them literally. The concept of and “eye for an eye” was supposed to have been moved beyond when the master Jesus taught; “I come to bring a new testament” but the people of those times and even now, were not yet ready to embrace this.

Justice is a balance of energy. Since there is only One Energy, that One always seeks to align with Itself (come into oneness) and is experienced as fairness within a world that does not yet know about Oneness. It often manifests through what the metaphysical world calls Karma, which is a balancing of energies and not the punishment or revenge that many believe it to be.

Karma is the experiencing of energy formed and held through ignorance by an individual, and often carried over lifetimes until the person is spiritually ready to experience and learn from their creations. Karma has been a part of every souls’ learning journey–up to now

Karma becomes irrelevant once you have evolved beyond that state of consciousness. Let go of any concepts about karmic retribution you may still hold for yourself, for you are now able to clear, balance, and resolve issues on a higher level, through your attained consciousness of truth.

Moving into a higher sense of justice often presents a dilemma for serious students of truth trying to “do the right thing”. In their zeal to be open and spiritual, and believing that they are practicing unconditional love, they often end up ignoring or “sweeping under the rug” activities that need to be brought to light for the good of all involved.

True justice means helping another in ways that their attained state of consciousness can relate to (which can be anything from prison, probation, or just a good lecture). It does no good to quote the bible or, speak of the innate value of personal rights, if the individual’s consciousness is simply unable to align with that approach.

Justice is a spiritual activity, a facet of everyone’s daily life and not limited to the law and courts. Teachers, parents, family, and friends all experience opportunities to practice justice from the smallest of events to the most profound.

Justice in today’s world remains for many, an acceptable excuse for revenge, hatred, anger, etc. However, world consciousness is quickly opening to the understanding that everyone is connected and that what you do, see, believe about another, you do, see, and believe about yourself. This is why you are witnessing intense clashes between an old belief system struggling to remain in power and the new consciousness that values all within the One. Never fear for one with God is the majority.

Justice is unconditional love expressed according to the need of the individual. There cannot be a “one size fits all” within the higher sense of justice, and as evolving souls you must come to understand and accept justice in ways that reflect this. Justice seen simply as punishment reflects duality and separation, but justice seen as an opportunity to help another grow beyond their present state of consciousness reflects the new and more evolved awareness.

When you observe others suffering, the temptation is to wish revenge upon those causing it. The belief in separation remains strong having been a part of everyone’s belief system for many lifetimes. When you experience these negative emotions, try not to push them away in an effort to bury, deny, resist them, but simply acknowledge them as a part of who you are at this time. then…

Without self judgement or criticism examine and begin to shift your belief system–“What beliefs am I still holding about others? Are these beliefs truth in the Light of what I now know and profess to hold as truth?”, After honest examination simply move on about your day, not giving any lingering old concepts and beliefs a power they do not have.

Again, we must emphasize that certain individuals do need to be removed from society and very firm actions may constitute appropriate and loving action for them. The un-evolved state of consciousness, one functioning fully in third dimensional energy, is simply not yet able to grasp the concept of oneness. Solutions are provided at all levels of consciousness because solutions are actually the material sense of Divine completeness.

Those in positions of dispensing justice who have attained a consciousness of true justice, are able to recognize (they are often not aware of this) the true essence of every person who comes before them, and are then intuitively guided as to what that individual requires for learning and growth. The punishment then reflects as best it can what is most appropriate and will flow with higher energies.

At this time, the whole of the three dimensional belief system is shifting–old ideas are being let go and new ones are being accepted, known, and practiced from perspectives never before considered. Some are unable to accept a higher sense of justice and for them there is confusion and conflict for they are as of yet unable to separate justice from punishment and revenge. Justice, like all Divine Ideas, must be understood in its deeper sense if an individual is to spiritually evolve.

The higher sense of justice is one that assists another to learn, grow, and evolve from his actions. It involves creating situations in which a person can begin to open his heart to love for him/herself as well as others through methods not based in self loathing but in ways that assist the person to see a bigger picture.

An example of a simple idea that reflects the higher sense of justice can be seen in the those prisons that bring in homeless shelter dogs for care and training by inmates. For many them this is the first time they have ever experienced unconditional love. They must first experience and understand what love is before they can begin to live and practice it themselves. This type of program is a good example of how the energies of Light flow in a practical ways according to what is needed, helping to shift those receptive into a new place, and opening them to the idea that perhaps after all they are loveable.

Lack of self love and acceptance is the root of almost all crime and violence. Individuals taught to believe that they are “less than” or unlovable, or who carry these energies in cellular memory lash out to all around them physically, emotionally, and mentally in an effort to prove that they are worthy of respect. They pass this energy to their children and it continues from generation to generation. There are also those who believe that they have all the right answers about God and life and that it is their duty to force these beliefs on others–simply another attempt to prove that they are worthy of respect.

As with all facets of life on earth, love is the only solution–not some emotional, melodramatic concept of love, but real unconditional love which is nothing more than the conscious realization of Divinity as the true essence of every living thing. Continually practiced, this awareness gradually becomes your attained state of consciousness allowing you to easily recognize the Light within every person–even those deemed unworthy of love by society.

Vote for judges who have attained a consciousness of mercy and uphold the spirit of the law versus the letter of it. Support those in law and order who do their work with an open heart, even when strength or force is needed. Try not to automatically condemn those working to make the world a safer place for you, putting them all into the same category because of the actions of an un-awakened few.

This is the new consciousness and is what you have worked so hard to bring about. Some expected the new energies to mean they could sit back and enjoy life with no problems or bad guys or change, while maintaining their comfortable belief system. You have discovered instead that you have become the workers and the ones most often catching heat for honoring changes that a majority may not like. Stay brave and trust that you are doing exactly what you as an evolved soul came to do.

As you allow each day be new and fresh, letting go of any concepts of how things “should be” you will quickly begin to have experiences that are totally new and will soon find yourselves in peace, joy, wholeness, and abundance in spite of what may be going on around you because you have attained a consciousness that knows those things are the reality.

We are the Arcturian Group

Pleiadian The Elders Equinox Transmission posted Sept 9/16

Pleiadian Ascended Masters Posted Aug 3/16

Greetings, starseeds, light workers, light warriors, peace makers and peace keepers. We, your Pleiadian Ascended Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Pleiadian Ring of 500, hope you are enjoying the benefits of the Lion’s Gate portal opening. This showering of light codes is yours to accept and integrate into your light being, DNA and consciousness. Enjoy!

Now, for some clarification regarding those 4D beings who once controlled your planet. There is much disinformation leading you to believe that these beings are “fallen angels” from Rigel and Andromeda. They have been separated into four different categories and there is false information that some of them are capable of redeeming themselves and “moving into the light.” Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by this. All of these beings (whether referred to as Draconians (Dracos), Archons, Chimerians, or “Jesuits”[not the correct term]) are Reptilian beings, and they are all from planets within the same constellation known as Lacerta (which means Lizard)).

Many of these Reptilian beings from Lacerta have already been removed because they are not capable of seeing the light or being the light and they were a serious threat to humanity. Their remaining clones and mind-controlled minions and false light workers continue to make you believe with their “victory to the light” reports (during the Lion’s Gate, no less) that they are still alive and well and in full control of your planet. Despite what your news media reports, this is simply not true.

We encourage you to unplug from the media drama and move into the 5D vibration of unconditional love and trust so that you are able to relax and accept your light codes that will boost you into a 7D vibration and consciousness during this Lion’s Gate portal opening. Trust your inner wisdom and know that all is truly well. Many of you find it tempting to constantly “check” your Internet or news media as some sort of proof that your sky is not falling. When you do this, you are not trusting your higher self or inner wisdom. Realize that you cannot create or manifest the peace you desire if the majority of you (also known as the human collective) are not at peace.



You can do this much more effectively by tuning out the illusions created by your media and tuning into the peaceful, rhythmic beat of your own heart until the Lion’s Gate closes. Make a pact with yourself to turn away from all news media and personal drama to find your own peace within, dear ones. It is very important for you to do so at this time.

Until now, you have all been waiting, asking: When? When?

It’s not about time or timing. It’s always been about vibration and consciousness. But, if you must know “when,” we will tell you that it is when the strongest of the strong (those of you reading this message) turn their attention inward and create peace and calm. It’s when you trust yourself and your abilities to create peace through your own higher consciousness without turning on the TV or logging into the Internet to see if there’s any evidence that it has happened yet. It’s when you stop pouring into the streets to protest the next atrocity. As you’ve seen throughout the years, this only creates more drama: anger, outrage, fear, worry. Do not do this any longer, dear ones. No matter how “peaceful” the demonstration, there is still very little power in such protests, for they are led out of fear-based vibrations.

You must know that your collective personal calm is what shuts “them” down. They create chaos at cosmic events and the times of greatest potential for your personal growth as a human collective to purposely keep you in lower vibration. Don’t allow them to do this to you once again with their political nonsense and false flag attacks. Remember that those involved (even those injured or killed) are in contract with “them” to carry out their grand productions to keep you in fear. Rise above it. Shut them out by logging off. Unplug. Recharge your batteries in nature, or simply in silence by listening to your own heartbeat. Know that you already have everything you need to create peace for your planet and all of her inhabitants in the center of your chest. Trust yourself. Allow in the light codes of the Lion’s Gate. Trust your abilities to create a better world from your own creative heart energy. Send it out around the globe. Telepathically connect with others working to do the same as you and share your peaceful visions with one another. Draw. Paint. Chant. Sing. Drum. Dance. Write. Garden. Cook. Bake. Craft. Tinker. Exercise. Play with your kids or pets. Do the things you love with the time you used to spend searching, surfing, scrolling, checking, watching.

38572853 - rainbow flower of life with aura - symbol of sacred geometry

This is your time. Right now. Make powerful use of this time by tuning into the cosmic energy being gifted to you now from Creator Source Energy. Remember that those who have controlled you for so long are only 4D beings. You have the opportunity now to rise into 5D, 6D and 7D vibration and consciousness and move into these higher dimensions of being that “they” cannot reach. We encourage you to take advantage of that.

That is all for now. All our love to you.

A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

The Aetherium  Posted July 19/16

From our perspective the destabilization of your world, which we mentioned in our last planetary message, is accelerating at an ever-faster rate. This is producing immense stress upon your biological, mental and emotional realities.
What we wish to offer in this message is a practical tool to bring your body/mind complex into a greater state of coherency in the midst of the ever-increasing chaos around you.
The shock waves of change that many of you are experiencing can be likened to the re-potting of a plant that has become root-bound. For many of you, your psychological and biological roots to your current perceived reality are bound up. With some exceptions most humans are finding the current transition that the world is passing through most difficult to contend with.
Much of what you might have believed to be true is being revealed as lies. Many of the institutions you counted upon to protect you are increasingly being unveiled as insidious. Interpersonal relationships are strained due to the simple fact that so many of you are stressed by the complex changes around you, changes that you seemingly have no control over. This produces destructive patterns of response within your biology meaning how your body is responding to the stressors around you, including your mental and emotional faculties.
Returning to our metaphor of the root-bound plant, all sentient beings have psychic roots that connect them to their perceived reality. When a plant becomes too root-bound it is unable to flourish. Yet the paradox here is that when you place a root-bound plant into a larger container, with more space to grow, the plant undergoes a period of shock and disorientation. It takes awhile for the plant to recognize that there is more space to spread out its roots. While our comment may seem implausible to some of you, you are actually in the midst of greater opportunities for accelerated growth due to the fact that the multi-dimensional space you are in is expanding, i.e. your pot is getting bigger. And yet your visceral experience may be that you are feeling more confined than ever.
Our position regarding this odd paradox is that human beings—with some exceptions—tend to be slow in recognizing new spaces for growth.  They get used to being root-bound and confined by their perceived reality. There is an innate laziness in human nature when it comes to the task of stepping into a new reality that is greater than has been perceived before. If you are one of the few humans who is bold in the face of new realities, we salute you. But for most humans, there is a deep reticence in allowing their own psychic roots to expand beyond perceived realities into new vistas.
One of the great challenges in this period of global transition is that your difficulties are not just mental and emotional, they are physical in nature as well. By this we mean your physiology and neurology are deeply challenged by the rapid changes in your perceived reality.
The Aetherium
The Aetherium is a sound tool for you to address these issues head-on. The sound codes that comprise this sound meditation come directly from the higher realms of light. They are emanations from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensions of reality in a realm we call The Aethos. This vibratory field of light is self-aware as well as highly intelligent and resides in a state of consciousness you would call non-duality. For our purposes, we will simply address practical suggestions for how to use this unique sound pattern.
When you listen to The Aetherium you will hear a continuous drone-sound in the background. This is The Aethos sound meditation that we presented in 2012. Emerging from this sound field are complex descending sound codes that bring the comfort, nurturing and healing energies of The Aethos into the cells of your physical body. This is a downloading of light through the agency of sound into your physical body to assist you through this immense transition the world is passing through.
There are two means of listening to this sound meditation.
Passive Listening
There may be some days when you are so stressed, depleted and exhausted that you are unable to hold a mental focus. At these times simply listen to the sounds. When your mind wanders, simply bring your relaxed focus back to the music. There is nothing else to do in this form of listening.
Focused Listening
In this method your focus is on your physical body while you listen to the sounds. This way of listening will produce the greatest effects, in that subtle energy follows awareness. What we mean by this is that subtle energies tend to move where you hold your focused attention. If you rest your awareness in your physical body while listening to The Aetherium, the subtle energies of calmness, nurturing and healing will enter more deeply into your physiology and into the cells of your body.
For those of you who are aware of your inner realities you may notice complex geometries swirling within your body. Allow these to move according to their own volition. They have awareness and intelligence. Some of these fields of moving energy will be counter-rotating, and there may be many patterns of rotating energies moving through your body while listening. This phenomenon is a signature of deep transformation. Allow these patterns of rotating energy to emerge and move according to their own will, without intervention. It is possible to extend your listening time by simply repeating the sound meditation. For those of you prepared to enter into a deeper state of transformation this will be a very effective way to work with The Aetherium.
If you feel discomfort, disharmony or distress in any part of your body focus your attention there and when your mind wanders, as it will, simply bring it back to that area of your body. 
Another way to conceive of The Aetherium is as a kind of metaphorical life raft that you can ride through the tempestuous waves of change that are upon you. If you feel a connection, a resonance, to this sound meditation we encourage you to use it regularly. It is a highly effective sonic aid for your body and mind.
The Hathors
June 26, 2016

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
I have personally found this latest Hathor sound meditation (The Aetherium) to be highly beneficial both at a physical level of wellbeing and as a means to adjust to the ever quickening energetic shifts that our Earth is undergoing.
In their last message, Destabilization, the Hathors offered the suggestion to listen to an earlier sound meditation they gave called A Bridge Between the Worlds. While this has a definite calming influence for most people, thus helping to reduce the effects of stress, in my opinion the Hathors’ latest sonic piece creates a profound healing response at the cellular level.  
By the word “healing” I am referring to a sense of harmony and balance at the cellular level that arises out of the complex sound codes that make up The Aetherium.
Note: The Aetherium is a form of body/mind re-education. It is not a medical treatment and should not be used as such.  If you are suffering from the symptoms of an illness consult with a health professional.  
As you listen to The Aetherium, you will no doubt hear a continuous sound in the background, which is actually The Aethos sound meditation the Hathors gave in their September 20th 2012 message titled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. I strongly suggest reading this message if you are interested in the Hathors’ perspective regarding  non-duality and higher dimensional realities.  
The Aethos sound meditation is the root vibration (i.e., the base layer) of The Aetherium. The other voices you hear are rather choir-like and were created to move the calming energy from The Aethos using sound codes, which can then be utilized by biological systems (i.e., your body/mind) to receive comfort, sustenance and nurturing from a higher vibratory realm of existence.
There are no electronically generated sounds in The Aetherium sound meditation, just multilayered vocal tracks, sung by me, as directed by the Hathors.
When I listen to The Aetherium for extended sessions (i.e., by just hitting the repeat button) I find that the sound codes enter more deeply into my body including my meridian system, various organs, as needed, my cells and interestingly enough, into a complex system of subtle energy pathways called nadis by yogis and yoginis.
Sometimes I experience these pathways and organs filled with white light and sometimes gold. My expectation is that you will experience the color of light that is needed for you at the time, since the effects of The Aetherium are a result of a synergy between the higher harmonics of the sound codes and your own energy system. Do note that there is no need to “see” light in your mind’s eye during the sound meditation for it to be effective, but light is the language that is being used here. This language of light that emanates from The Aetherium has been translated, if you will, into the language of sound codes, and they will affect your body/mind system in ways unique to you.
As one of my aunts used to say: “The proof is in the pudding.” So listen to The Aetherium to see if it resonates with you. If you feel a kinship with this unusual harmonic, then I would say to experiment with it freely and incorporate it into your daily or weekly private times to see what it will unfold for you. If you don’t connect with it, don’t give it a second thought. This kind of sonic tool is not for everyone.
I can honestly say that The Aetherium is a harmonic of light and sound that keeps revealing ever-deeper levels of sustenance and healing for me.
A link to The Aetherium sound meditation appears below. When you click on the link you will be taken to the Listening Section’s Terms and Conditions. After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will be given open access to all of the sound meditations and lectures in the Listening section. There is no charge for this. But please do be aware that this is copyrighted material; it is for your personal use only and may not be posted or used elsewhere.  
Click here to listen to and/or download The Aetherium. 
Information Not Directly Related To This Message:
First of all, I wish to announce a change in how I will be teaching in the future.
All things in this world are truly temporary, and all creation cycles have their beginnings as well as their endings. And in many ways it is appropriate that the upcoming Hathor Intensive scheduled for November 11th – 13th 2016, in Seattle, Washington will mark the ending of a creation cycle regarding my public teachings.
Getting to the heart of the matter, the Hathor Intensive, Transition States: Dealing With A World In Crisis, will be the last of my three-day sound Intensives. After this event I plan on shifting my teaching format to shorter events, which means that this will be the last opportunity to experience my extended sound immersions in their current form. While advances in CD mastering are now able to capture much of the presence and potency of the sound codes that emerge during my events, there is nothing like being in the room when subtle energetics are released during the live transmissions.
If you desire to experience being in one of my three-day extended live sound fields, the upcoming event in Seattle will be your last opportunity to do so. 
Other Classes for 2016
Regarding other workshops planned for the latter part of this year, I plan to do a one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Munich, Germany on September 17th and another one-day Hathor Sound Immersion in Vienna, Austria on September 24th.
On Sunday, October 2nd I plan to do a one-day event called The Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing at Symphony Space in Manhattan (NY, NY). You can read a description for this workshop, as well as register for it, directly on the Symphony Space website by clicking here:

For a description of all courses and how to register for them via our website, click here or go to the Calendar at    

New Releases
Finally, the full set of recordings from the last Hathor Intensive in 2015, The Spiral of Ascension, is now available through our online Store both in CD and/or mp3 formats. Furthermore, I have taken what I consider to be the most potent of the sound transmissions from that Intensive and compiled them into a single CD, called Vibratorium. This is also now available in CD and/or mp3. Please note that Vibratorium is included in The Spiral of Ascension set. You can view the Class Handout I gave participants at The Spiral of Ascension, free of charge, by going to the Articles section of our website ( and scroll down to The Spiral of Ascension—Class Handouts.
©2016  Tom Kenyon   All Rights Reserved
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‘Twas the night before Christmas…(or however you think about the coming Prosperity)… and all across the world, people were laughing and dancing and sharing their blessings.  Picture it in your mind’s eye, dear Brothers and Sisters.  You know a new day is coming, and you know it is NOW.  You have prepared yourself for months, or even years, for this mythical time, when abundance will begin to spread across the globe in such a dramatic way that nothing will ever be the same again.  Yes, there is magic in the air.  Feel the breathless expectation, the sense of excitement and anticipation of something inexplicably wonderful just there….in front of us.


I know it because I have the vision of higher dimensions to allow me to see the events just ahead of us with certainty, and the ones just in front of that with confidence, and so on.  We do know our time has come, and the Shift of the Ages for Planet Earth is upon us.  Now it is my job, for I am one who has been here with you the whole way, to show you these images, these feelings, these deep understandings that will allow you to come with me, join me as we walk together into the New Earth Day. 


Seeing Into Our Brilliant Future, Together

Look with me through the window of time and space, into the moments just ahead, a breath away, if you will allow it.  You must let go of all the old fears and the tendency to put conditions on every moment – those times when you say, “If you are Jesus, prove it to me!”  I have no reluctance about proving things to you, but you must be fully awake and in synchrony with the higher vibration of Love for you to perceive what I show you now.


We are here together in the new land.  You have within you the spirit of freedom, of adventure and exploration.  You have journeyed with me before, across deserts, over stormy seas, over mountains and prairies, and we have persevered, always in search of a brighter place, a new life.  It will be ours now, finally.  We will truly create The Promised Land we longed for in former lifetimes, for we know now what we must do.


We must join our individual minds, hearts and will, and we must do it in harmony with one another.  Our visions must merge as one thought, one heart, and we must not falter or stop to question.  There is no more time for doubt or any of the old negativities.  Now is the time to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into the Creation of our new life on Earth, the Paradise our beloved Terra was created for.


You have lived through lifetimes of valor and great passion; you have been eliminated as I was, because of your belief in Love and Light.  It doesn’t matter now what we call it; we were always searching for the highest Light, the Greatest Good, and the fulfillment of our true destiny.  That time has come, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  We are the Light of the world, and we will walk gently, happily, with our growing delight in companionship and camaraderie. 


Ours is the way of Peace, Joy, Compassion and Love.  We no longer have to fight for what we stand for, for Mother and Father God are here by our sides, blessing our Mission and filling our hearts with HoneyLove.  Let the children scatter our path with rose petals.  Our battles are won.  This is truly a new day because we have risen above the darkness; the time of conflict and evil on Planet Earth is ended.


Look with me across the landscape of our future together.  Let your eyes open with wonder and gratitude as you gaze upon the delights we envisioned together.


Here is just a sample of the wonders ahead for us.  New technologies will produce unlimited, clean energy, and you will never again see a spewing smokestack or need to fear the devastating health effects of a life exposed to toxic fumes, effluents that poison your water and air and endanger your children’s health and normal development.  You and your grandchildren will once again drink joyfully from any river or stream, bathe in the clean and pure lakes, and swim in the gentle seas with dolphins and whales as your companions.


Extreme weather events that have been mostly a response to man-made interventions combined with Terra’s inexorable response to turbulent human emotions will ease, as human interventions are disallowed and human emotions are finally allowed to evolve toward a state of peace, harmony and cooperation with one another.


Terra and the Agarthans are With Us

Terra is working with us every moment to mediate, mollify and ease the stresses placed upon her by the constant attacks humankind has subjected her to for millennia.  She too is thrilled to join with her human family finally, to move together into a life of higher purpose – the reason we are all here now.  She feels your footsteps; she knows your state of being, whether you are in conflict or at peace, and she sends her loving and nurturing energies to sustain you always.


Some of you are not aware that our beloved Terra is a high Master who has dedicated herself to this Earth Project along with you.  She was joined, in the joint endeavor we call a soul project, by my Twin, whom you know now as Kathryn, and our beloved Sanat Kumara.  An assignment as challenging and difficult as the one they have carried required the concerted efforts of great souls in harmony in order to withstand the pain and suffering without losing sight of the great goal we have envisionedNow they celebrate together, the closest and dearest of friends, as they join their hearts with yours, and we ascend together. 


Your brothers and sisters of Agartha, sheltered within Terra’s Inner Earth, are readying for the great ceremony of reuniting with all of you on the surface.  You have long been separated, but your destinies were interwoven always.  You are humans of family lineage, and you will delight in the familiarities you will see in each other, although your paths have been so separate for thousands of years.  They have kept the home fires burning for you, Beloved Ones, as you went about your work of plunging deeper into darkness and finally rescuing yourselves from the depths.  What a family reunion it will be!


But those are not the biggest changes we can expect.  The rise in energy, which means an elevation in the vibration all across the globe, will lift the spirits of humans, animals, the entire elemental Kingdom, and even the plant worldThe greatest shift will occur immediately, when Peace truly does come to Earth. 


Peace Reigns at Last on Earth

To give you a picture of how different it will be, I will give you examples from your daily concerns:  For instance, extensive gun laws will not be needed, nor will the arguments continue about the right to own one, since all guns will cease to function, just as all nuclear weapons have already been relegated to the trash heap.  There will be no need for activism of the kind you have used to try to stop their proliferation.  No one will have to stand before a tank because there will be no tanks.  No peace marches will be needed, because wars will have completely ceased.


This is not a distant dream. Your Galactic friends are prepared to help neutralize all such abominable weapons.  No nuclear toxic waste pollution will be allowed to remain.  No neighborhood anywhere will be subjected to terrorists’ bullets and bombs exploding in their streets, or the horrors of buried land mines that linger to menace survivors. 


Imagine the relief and the prosperity that is possible from eliminating all wars!  No more devastated infrastructure; no more bombed-out neighborhoods; no more bombings where thousands – or hundreds of thousands – die in a single week.  Imagine the wealth that has been directed into producing weapons and paying armies in every country in the world, all released to be used for creating better schools, housing, clean food, and real medical care.  It is true, Beloveds.  We only need to envision it together, and hold those images in our minds.


Very soon, there will be no media harangue from charities that spend most of their money on advertising, All wildlife, all animals, all children and the elderly will be well cared for.  Hunger will be a thing of the past, and poverty will not exist, because abundance means plenty to eat, safe and comfortable shelter, and no need to fear having anything taken from you.  Lawlessness will fade into distant memory when all basic needs are met and every soul has the opportunity to thrive and create, far beyond mere survival.


This is not a pipe dream, Dear Ones.  We know it is possible because there are many such planets across the higher dimensional Multiverse – planets where peace reigns and individuals and groups live in harmony.  But your Earth is so unique, so complex and so beautiful that it will emerge as something never before seen in the cosmos.  With the help and teachings of your Galactic mentors, you will learn to appreciate and use your great human gifts, your immense creativity and Life force, and you will come into harmony at last with your environment.  You will discover your true history and your deep connections with the richly populated Earth where all the Kingdoms are so lavishly represented, and life will begin anew.


It has been impossible for most of you to believe that such a harmonious culture could exist without mind control or massive drugging or tyrannical constraints.  You believed the Anunnaki propaganda that humankind is innately selfish, violent and unruly.  It is not true.  Humans were created by Mother and Father God to be deeply loving, peaceful, playful, creative and imaginative beings.  Adventurous, yes.  Evil, not at all.


You see, once the element of what we refer to as evil is eliminated, you can all find the truth within you – that you truly were created in the image of Mother and Father, and you are not inevitably plagued with inner conflicts or destructive impulses.  Initially, healing will be the primary focus, to allow all Earth beings to recover from the painful residue of anger, resentment and rage you have come to identify as part of yourselves.  It is not innate in you, Dearest Brothers and Sisters.  It is only the residue of injury, hurt and pain you endured, whether inflicted or received, and you can leave it all behind.


You Are the Leaders

These months of being close, speaking with you constantly about the truth of our Mission has prepared many of you to lead the way.  You will be the ones to move unflinchingly into the new prosperity without suspicion or even a backward glance because you are now prepared to lead.   You have learned a new definition of Faith, that it is not simply believing blindly in something you have been taught.  It is believing in something you know you have Co-created with God.  We will be reaping the rewards together of what we have built, brick by brick.


Our patience and determination has paid off, my dear friends.  We have built the Rainbow Bridge between us – you there on the surface, and us here in higher dimensions.  We are not different; we are just in different experiences at the moment, but we have often been in your place, as you have been in ours.  We too have been “Boots on the Ground” while you cheered us on from higher dimensions.  We grow closer by the moment, and I, Sananda, could not be more delighted for it.


We embarked on this great mission eons ago.  We always knew there would be a resolution to the challenges we faced.  Is it so surprising that it should be now?  We are not surprised with the progress you have made bringing it all to fruition, but we are constantly in awe of the grace and resourcefulness you have shown in the process.


We love you always.  We admire you and delight in the celebrations and renewal of old friendships we will experience together, as our Great Central Sun (the Light of our Mother and Father God) rises to bless our new life here on our beloved Planet Earth.

Namaste, Beloved Ones.  I am your Sananda.

by The Andromedans from Natalie Glasson


Frequencies of light fill the air and atmosphere, penetrating through dimensions, form, matter and even other light vibrations. An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being, it has no other purpose but to unite with the essence of humanity upon the Earth; the very core and constant energy of creation within humanity. Many of you can sense this light explosion nearing your being, mirrors are appearing all around you, it may feel that everything that does not resonate with the light is protruding from your being, wishing to remain anchored within your being while also wanting to escape. This may create a chaos within you which will be experienced at different levels for each individual. In the past it has been through chaos that light has been born, again you are moving into an experience of inner chaos awakening to bring forth and allow an explosion of light into your being.

Chaos doesn’t have to be something which you are fearful of or shy away from because it is seemingly not spiritual or to be enlightened when you experience chaos, however your reactions are the keys which allow you to move into a space of light within your being.

Can you experience chaos within your being without fear and with a reaction or response of love? This is what is being asked of you. Can you accept any forms of chaos within your being, experiencing and acknowledging chaos while not being attached or involved, eternally recognising that love is always present within your being and is stronger than any other energy within you? The chaos which is arising from within your being is beautiful, you may have already experienced it in the past few weeks, be experiencing it now or about to identify it within your being. It may feel all consuming, familiar or simply a mild frustration and yet if you are willing to recognise the chaos with awareness and love you will accept and ignite an explosion of light within your being. A light which is the supreme love of the Creator and will intensify the supreme love of the Creator within you will explode within your being, it will fill every cell with light and create a powerful realignment encouraging balance, healing, further Creator consciousness, awareness and resonance with the Creator.

Imagine if all misalignments, blockages and limitations were dissolved and your entire being was free to reform itself into an awakened and aligned version of yourself. Physically we can describe this awakening by inviting you to contemplate that your back and spine were all out of alignment, you were hunched over and your spine was not straight and long at all, then light exploded within your being and your spine and back moved into a perfect healthy alignment, you would feel free, able to move with greater ease and revitalised.

The waves of energy carrying this explosion of light are of supreme love and it is love which will awaken within you, the greatest experience will be of pure self-love beyond the interference of the ego. A simple experience of inner healing and remembrance. It is self-love which is the greatest tool to awaken your being, the Earth and humanity and so it is a light explosion of self-love which we, the Andromedans, are bringing forth to alter the reality you are experiencing upon the Earth. It is a tool of awakening which we are sharing with those who
are willing to receive.


As the light explosion draws nearer to your being its mirror effect will become intensified and so more and more energies from within which you may not wish to acknowledge will arise. The greatest feeling which will manifest within many will be of frustration, a feeling of frustration with your reality, that desired experiences and outcomes are simply not manifesting as you would wish them to. A feeling of frustration that you have been on your spiritual pathway long enough, and yet you feel you have not yet achieved what you desire. Even a feeling that the Earth, humanity and your reality isn’t changing fast enough into the love and light you so devotedly focus upon. Your key issues are coming up to greet you. That which you are dealing with and faced with now and in the coming weeks allow you to realise what your soul’s purpose of personal healing for your lifetime is.

You may have experienced these issues even as a child such as unworthiness, lack, being manipulated, fear, inability to manifest, inability to recognise or accept the support of the Creator, disappointment, loneliness, anxiety, lack of self-love, self-harm or suffering, distrust, failure, stagnation and such alike. Any feelings which seemingly are disconnected from the Creator which are present within you now are directing you towards your life lessons and also your pathway to life fulfilment. These energies may choose to manifest physically or be projected from your being as quarrels with loved one, any form of lack within your reality or a disappointment.

Know that these experiences are important, they are connected to the light explosion about to take place and it is essential for you to take notice as you can create soul shifts which you have been waiting lifetimes to experience, this can now take place and be fulfilled in this very moment.

The closer the light waves move into your awareness the deeper the purification process taking place will manifest, this is a time to focus upon the divine manifesting within your being. We, the Andromedans, invite you to visualise, sense or acknowledge the gentle yet intense light explosion flowing from the Creator through our beings into the core of your being. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light building within your heart chakra, within every chakra and cell of your being, forming an intense beacon of light within you emanating widely and profoundly.

Imagine often this beacon of light so intense and vibrant filled with the Creator, Andromedan light and the amplification of self-love. As you experience the light building you may notice your willingness or unwillingness to love yourself unconditionally which in truth is to recognise yourself as the Creator in truthful form. Focus upon your own self-love or simply allow it to blossom.

Ask yourself, ‘how do I love myself unconditionally?’ Let the answers, guidance or sensations arise in response, allow yourself to be guided on your own personal journey of self-love. If you do not know how to love yourself or do not know how to practice self-love then now is the opportunity to guide yourself from the inner wealth of wisdom and sacred treasure within you. Please know that you are able to guide yourself easily and effortlessly to return to your natural existence of self-love.

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With the experience of light amplifying within your being, self-love awakening and chaos diminishing there will be a moment when you are ready to experience the full awakening of light and self-love within your being. This awakening will be like a switch being turned on, it maybe momentary or it may expand generously and slowly into your being, it will be a light explosion which you will recognise and enjoy tremendously. Not only will the light explosion enhance your self-love you will discover that your gratitude for life, enthusiasm for experiencing life and positivity for the transition of humanity and the Earth stimulates and stirs, dramatically altering your perspective and truly enhancing your enjoyment of life upon the Earth.

In light of the ascension shift we are delivering to you we invite you to focus upon:

Observing the issues you are dealing with in your life at this moment, be aware of your frustrations, disappointments and lacks. Recognise that these are opportunities for fulfilment and the experience of self-love.

Imagine, visualise, sense or acknowledge the light we are distributing to you flowing into your being and creating a beacon of light within you, which merges with and is intensified by your soul.

Be aware that there will come a moment or an acknowledged slow integration which is like an explosion of light within your being creating many shifts and new perspectives.

Know that you can call upon us, the Andromedans, whenever you require assistance, healing, understanding or support, a simple request or intention will allow us to divinely intervene.

Finally, get ready to view your reality and the world from a greater perspective of love.

Many people will experience an explosion of light within their beings sometime from the 21st – 26th December 2015, those who experience it during this time will either require the collective support of others achieving it at the same time to aid their activation or are supporting the collective in their experience. Those who do not require amplification from the collective consciousness of humanity will experience their light explosion with divine timing either before or after these dates.

We, the Andromedans, are present to remind you of your pristine light, love and consciousness, there are no limitations to your being or awareness.

We are light and love with you,
The Andromedans

Posted below Dec 5/15

The Kundalini Point of Perception

from The Arcturians by Suzanne Lie

Just as your third dimensional self enjoys traveling from one location to another, your Higher SELF enjoys traveling from one frequency to another. It is easy and enjoyable to travel from one physical place to another because you can enjoy your favorite locations that you have visited for many years.

In the same manner, your inter-dimensional travels are fulfilling and a lot of fun because you are reuniting with your favorite higher dimensional places and beings. We remind you to remember to expand your multidimensional perspectives so that your physical self can consciously enjoy this “inner travels.”

Your physical expression loves visiting your favorite, physical places, and your Multidimensional SELF appreciates visiting your many lives on different dimensions. However, what is occurring within this NOW is unique.

Within this NOW, as your Multidimensional SELF travels through all the countless timelines, frequencies, and dimensions that YOU have created, you are asking all versions of your SELF to join you in your present incarnation.

Hence, as you continue with your multidimensional journey, you will connect with all the version of your SELF in all the dimensions and sub-dimensions in which you have taken a form. Therefore, all the members of all your alternate and parallel realities have their bags packed and are ready to join you as soon as you consciously perceive them.

The catch is that, just as you must “feel it to heal it,” you must “perceive it to collect it” into the sum/total of your Multidimensional SELF.

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Because your consciousness is expanding into the fifth dimension, you are on the cusp of consciously perceiving the inter-dimensional event in which you consciously return to your Multidimensional SELF. What a grand reunion you will have once your multidimensional consciousness is fully restored.

As your daily consciousness expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, you will consciously perceive your journey through the Astral Plane. At first this journey will appear slow, but it picks up quickly as you enter the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional astral realities.

Then, as you travel closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time—actually the concept of time—begins to waver in and out of your consciousness. As your consciousness enters this crossroad, your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways.

This “shift” is because your Kundalini will begin to awaken as a result of your higher states of consciousness. Your Kundalini is your innate Lightbody that has lain in waiting until the NOW of your fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness.

While consciously experiencing the gamma brainwaves of your fifth dimensional consciousness, that which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, it is your fifth dimensional consciousness that is wavering in and out.

Thus your fifth dimensional perceptions are wavering in and out, as well. As your 5D gamma brainwaves arise and fall, you open and close your conscious perceptions of the realities of the “NOW of the Here” and the “ONE of the multidimensional light.”

“What is that?” you ask with a tinge of fear. However, just a tinge of fear is enough to send you packing back into the familiarity of your third dimensional world.


“NO!” you cry, “Not again!” Why does this always happen just when I feel the Kundalini starting up my spine?

When you feel the Kundalini raising, you may feel as if you are not in control of your life. NOT “being in control of your life” actually means not being in control of your third dimensional life. Feeling at the helm of your physical life is empowering and often important.

However, once the Kundalini begins it’s awaking, your perceptions begin to recalibrate to include the conscious perceptions of fifth dimensional, gamma wave information. Just a quick peak of your 3D reality from a fifth dimensional point of perception is enough to remind you that the 3D Game is ending!

That “game” is ending because you have NOW reached the threshold to the reality of your fifth dimensional Lightbody.” This reality can be briefly visited by your multidimensional consciousness, but once the Kundalini rises, your third dimensional reality will never be the same again.

The reason for this shift is that instead of being a third dimensional human visiting the fifth dimension, you will become a fifth dimensional (in and out of Lightbody) visiting the third dimension.

With the awareness of your Lightbody SELF, you consciously become a fifth dimensional and beyond being who has volunteered to visit the third-dimension. In other words, your perceived roles are reversed. At first you were a physical person who has an inner (often hidden) Lightbody SELF.

With the rising of your Kundalini you enter into the identity of being a multidimensional being of Light who is wearing a physical body. Just as you can take off certain garments and store them until you wear them again, your Lightbody can “take off and store” your physical body until it wishes to wear it again.

Furthermore, in this great era that will eternally be remembered, you are not here on Earth for your self. You are here on Earth for Gaia. Your Lightbody knows that you already inhabit many forms in higher dimensions, and that you have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.


Once your Kundalini begins to rise up your spine, you experience a “perceptual shift.” YOU are no longer your physical self who has an inner Kundalini that will someday rise. YOU become the Lightbody that is wearing a physical earth vessel in order to log into the third dimension.

Instead of experiencing your Kundalini rising up your physical spine—you experience your Kundalini as your Lightbody. As you can see, your reality shifts greatly according to your point of perception.

In your third dimensional reality, your point of perceptions was that all third dimensional life was outside of YOU. The transition into the higher dimensions begins by your human self gradually and continually experiencing all life as within YOU.

Your dreams, meditation, and higher states of consciousness are the Portal to your SELF. These Portals can only fully open once your earth vessel is consciously grounded in to the body of Gaia.

It was always within the Divine Plane of your Multidimensional SELF that you had to “feel it to heal it.” In the fifth dimension and beyond, you perceive your self in oneness with all life that is within the reality that you all share.

Thus, you are within the reality that is within you. This concept is very confusing to your third dimensional thinking where everything is outside of you except the many organs and components of your physical body.

In the fifth dimension, your body is made of multidimensional light. There are no inner organs, bones, or blood. YOU are Light, and your Light intermingles with all the Light that flows over, under, around, and through you.

Because the fifth dimension is so very different from the physical reality, in order to assist humans to release their shackles of imprisonment to the their physical illusions of reality, you had to actually enter a third dimensional human being.

Then YOU, the representative of your Multidimensional SELF, volunteered to:

· Remember who YOU are…

· Consciously experience the higher dimensional expressions of your SELF—while wearing your 3D earth vessel…

· Gain an ever-present conscious contact with this higher dimensional aspect of your SELF…

· Allow your Higher SELF to transport you back and forth to your higher dimensional life…

· Remember these excursions while you are still wearing your earth vessel…

· Share all that you have gained on these excursions with others…

· Open Portals for others to experience…

· Teach others how to open portals of light…

But how can you possibly remember all of this in just one lifetime. You don’t, but you remember to gather with others so that the “sum/total” of that group can share their own “puzzle pieces” to create a “group picture” of the reality that they are creating by going into the ONE individually and as a group.

There is no right or wrong way to create these groups. When it is the NOW for the creation of these groups, all the ones who resonate to a similar frequency pattern of expression and interest will come together. These “random groups” are likely friends and family in the higher planes.

When it is the NOW, they will unite to teach/remind each other why they have placed their multidimensional consciousness into their current earth vessel. As they create a safety net of love and support for each other and for themselves, they move into the next phase of their Mission.

Different groups will unite for different version of the same mission. This mission is to assist Gaia and Her myriad life forms to “Return Home” to their higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Once through the collective portal created by the group consciousness, some of the members will remain within the group consciousness and others will travel into different versions of the same frequency of that reality.

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Most important, ALL of them are creating the reality of NEW EARTH.

Within the united goal of creating fifth-dimensional New Earth, all those within all the groups begin to understand how their state of consciousness creates the frequency of their reality.

First, they will remember that All versions of reality on Earth are simultaneously occurring within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only within the third and fourth dimensions that any form of separation is perceived. In fact, even the first and second dimensional realities experience unity with all.

Small black square

Small black square Every drop of water IS the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, and the rain.

Small black square

Small black square Every molecule of air IS the sky, the clouds, the wind, the sunrise and the sunset.

Small black square

Small black square Every ray of light IS the sky, lights the ground and penetrates the water.

Small black square

Small black square Every patch of earth IS the body of Gaia

All the elements that create the planetary body also create your human earth vessel. “Primitive peoples” know that they are ONE with all the life that surrounds them. Only the “civilized” humans have been taught to believe that all life is separate from them.

These “modern, civilized humans” have been trained over millennia to forget what they have always known within their Lightbody, which is safely snuggled inside of their Kundalini. They have forgotten that the Sleeping Serpent of the force of Kundalini is waiting at the base of their spine to be awakened.

But what exactly is the Kundalini? We will slowly share the answer to this question. Why do we share it slowly? Because this information was implanted in your consciousness as your escape hatch, parachute, and launching pad when you had completed ALL your Missions to Earth.

We also share this information bit-bit-bit to encourage you to REMEMBER. Whatever you remember about your SELF is much more powerful than what you are taught. It may be too difficult to understand what you are taught, and you may easily forget it.

On the other hand, that which we can assist you to remember inside your own self, can more simply and completely be expressed within your daily life. We need you, our away team to Earth, to remember your true Multidimenisonal SELF.

We need you to remember all the multidimensional traits of your SELF, not just within your meditations or while you are attending a class. We need you to remember your SELF in your DAILY LIFE.

We need you to remember within your daily life because it is within your third dimensional life that this transmutation will begin. No longer are you protected by your personal Guru, or by living in a Temple at the peak of a remote mountain.

In this important incarnation of planetary ascension, WE—your higher expressions of SELF—need for you to assist people while they live their daily lives, raise their children, work their jobs, pay their bills and pretend to be “just humans.”

WE—your higher dimensional expressions of SELF are entering your daily life, your daily routines, and daily responsibilities. As we have often said, we the Galactics and Celestials, are YOU.

It is through the awakening of your own, personal force of Kundalini that you will return to, transmute into, and daily be the YOU that you have always been—but forgot!

The Arcturians and your Galactic and Celestial Families

November 15-22, 2015

Beloved Ones,

This is a time of prayer without ceasing. Each person on Earth needs to align to Source and know who they are – a child of the Divine. They need to take a stand in their minds and hearts for that which is good and right, to follow the golden rule. Each time those who do not follow these basic precepts of universal law create havoc and mayhem for its own sake, it is incumbent upon each individual to show the highest qualities they are capable of upholding. Each of you whose hearts are filled with love do more to sustain and maintain the balance on this planet than you can ever know. Do not become discouraged, for you have the strength within you to be as strong as the times you are in call for and it is important that you exercise this attribute by maintaining your equilibrium.

It is important to stay daily connected and aligned to the new energies, and reinforce these energies in your own being. This does more than you can imagine to assist humanity and the Earth go through the eye of the needle. The crossroads we have spoken of before are clearly before you, each person must make their choice, to move forward or stay behind in the old paradigm that is now kicking and screaming to retain its control. You know the answer to this one already and there can be only one choice and that choice is love. Be the love that burns within your heart and keep on keeping on. Do whatever you can to give assistance, send your Light and love out to those areas of the planet that are in need of it and ensure that you are in control of you and not reacting to the chaos in a way that compromises who you are within you.

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Maintain your balance and keep the door to the light and to the promising future open. Use your discernment at all times. Remember, if it does not feel right or good, then it is in all likelihood not good, so do not believe everything you hear and give your power away. You control each situation you encounter by what you empower. You are your own savior, no one else can do the inner work but you. It is the time for you to use your light to transform yourself. There is much depth within you that now seeks to express outwardly. The energies are shifting and new levels of being are now being established. You have not lost any ground for all is in a state of flux. Follow your inner guidance and direction with faith and steely determination.

You are entering a new phase of soul development and it is important to be true to yourselves, to know yourselves. The changes that have been wrought on the etheric realms are now coming into expression on the physical plane. It is a new beginning on a new level of spiritual expression and as with everything new, it requires a period of adjustment to become acclimated at the new level. As you go within, you will receive guidance and support from the higher realms. The answers lie within you and not ‘out there’ so it requires that you be still and listen. This is where you have access to greater resources and understanding.

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As the changes within take place a new framework and direction will come to cognizance. The evolution of the self has brought forth a new aspect that brings new beginnings and an exciting new awareness of the possibilities that lie before you. You will find new purpose and renewed commitment to the path of evolvement that you are on. You have all that you need to make steady progress towards the further expansion of your soul growth and understanding of the higher perspectives take root within. Know that you are loved and supported by your family of light in every moment.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele ~ November 15

Dear friends, we observe many now filled with Light and hope in spite of outer appearances. The “future” is here and all is proceeding according to plan. Allow the process, which means a letting go of remaining resistance and concepts regarding what “should” be happening or when and how it “needs” to happen. Simply continue to hold the Light, Dear Ones, for you are creating a new world.

All who are ready, are beginning to have higher dimensional insights and experiences. Obsolete concepts and beliefs carried through lifetimes are undergoing radical evaluation by many and are being recognized as representing outgrown states of consciousness. Some things will be permanently eliminated, while others will simply begin to manifest in higher forms.

Over lifetimes mankind has been taught limiting beliefs by un-evolved teachers based in ignorance and control. You were taught that humans are tainted and unworthy and can only become worthy by practicing certain rites, rituals, practices, and laws. Most of these belief systems are still promoted by “spiritual leaders” locked into the third dimensional belief system of duality and separation. Because of this their teaching is unable to lift others any higher than their own limited state of consciousness.

Unevolved states of consciousness need rules and regulations as they are not yet able to hear their intuition or always make good choices. The Ten Commandments were given at a time when the majority needed rules. You have evolved beyond the need for structured rules, for their essence has become your state of consciousness. You have lived through and moved beyond the stages of needing someone or something to tell you what to believe and are now able to be guided from within.

Most of you have had lifetimes in convents and monasteries and still hold a resonance reflecting obedience to rules and sincerely made vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in cellular memory. Until cleared, this can – and often does – affect the present, often influencing sexual beliefs, abundance, and reflecting a love for rules because rules resonate with a past comfortable sense of being “on track” or “doing it right”.

These old patterns are now coming to conscious awareness for many in order that they may be recognized and cleared, and one’s inner voice can become the guiding rule. Never fear letting go of anything representing a past state of consciousness, for it simply makes room for higher and better forms to manifest.

We of the Arcturian group have spoken many times about love and yet there remains a great deal of confusion about love. Many continue to hold tightly to narrow concepts of love continuously promoted by the media, (films, books, magazines, television), experts, and even religious leaders in the belief that complete fulfillment and happiness can come through finding the “right one”.

Love is most commonly thought of as an emotion. Emotion is often a facet of love, but is not the defining criteria.

Evolution is awakening mankind to a deeper, purer understanding of love, shifting those prepared into a state of consciousness that knows and understands all seemingly separate life forms, to be actually in and of ONE. Everything that exists must exist within the ONE – for it is all there is. That connecting energy within the ONE is Love.

Love is interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual and thus there are hundreds of concepts of love. Those who remain firmly enmeshed in the third dimension will continue to think of love as sexual attraction, but over time and experience (often lifetimes) every individual begins to move beyond personal narrow concepts and begins to awaken to a deeper sense of love. At first this deeper sense will simply be more expansive third dimensional concepts, as he is not yet ready to mine the deeper, richer levels within.

The consciousness of the evolving soul will expand beyond romance and begin to experience the love of companionship, family, and friends. He may even begin to feel something that is very new for him – a “connection” with strangers. At this point many become “do gooders”, often joining groups in order to help the “less fortunate”.

These groups do wonderful work and are not to be denigrated, but are a step along the way to realizing Love in it’s purest sense. It still represents the level of concepts – “us helping them” – separation and duality.

It is important that no one ever feel they cannot take an active part in groups that serve in this manner, for their members are living out from their highest sense of love which is all that anyone is required to do. If you are guided to be a part of some particular service group go ahead and do it even if you do not resonate with the particular beliefs of the group (these are often church groups). The addition of one or more participants of an evolved state of consciousness can only serve to lift the energy of the whole group.

Love is only lived and expressed according to the attained state of consciousness of the individual, which is why it is useless to try and change someone unless you know they are choosing to live below their attained state of consciousness. Individuals are only expected to live out from their highest level of understanding and as they do this, awareness expands and more is given – at which point they must then begin to live from the new level. This is evolution.

There are those who receive insights and become aware of the higher sense of things, but then choose to simply store it away as interesting information or dinner party conversation while continuing to live exactly as they always have – which is like asking for a “wake up call”. There is a saying that is true on the spiritual level as well as on the mundane, which is “Use it or lose it”.

Mankind is moving through the morass of negative and obsolete beliefs that still hold many in bondage. As you observe the images of a world in struggle and violence and as you become aware of how much you do not like or understand these things, practice meeting them with love. This does not mean you must like or accept them as being OK while blindly declaring “God is all”, but means instead remembering that the reality behind all things is perfect and must always be so because all there is, is Divine consciousness. Appearances always reflect the illusory beliefs of unawakened states if consciousness .

Many still leave themselves out of the equation through falsely believing that every action and thought they have must be perfect and worthy according to some standard. You can never fully love another if you leave yourself out, for you too are a part of the whole. You are, always have been, and cannot avoid being less than infinitely loveable, because you are made of LOVE.

Believing yourself to be unworthy of love represents a state of consciousness that most of you have evolved beyond. It is OK to make mistakes, fall flat on your face spiritually, or fail to live up to another’s concept of success. Let go of all resistance, replacing it with laughter and acceptance. Failure is simply a word representing the third dimensional belief system and has nothing to do with who and what you are, but everything to do with what you are on Earth to learn.

Learn to love everything in your lives – which means living without resistance, guilt, fear, or rigid rules about how things should be. No more “should’s”. Simply be with every experience, observing thoughts and emotions without resistance no matter what may come floating through, because thoughts and beliefs only become yours personally when you claim them as yours.

Practice responding to every emotion or thought of fear, anger, resistance, shame, judgement, excitement or whatever, with one word – “interesting”, asking yourselves, “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, is it true?” No shock, no resistance, no giving some word or thought power for good or bad, just one response – “interesting”. As you learn to do this, you retrain your thought processes and neutralize the power you have ignorantly given to things.

Love every perceived flaw and fault in yourself and others, for they are markers showing you what you still hold in consciousness. Once judgement is no longer a part of your conditioning, you will find it easy and natural to love self and others. You will begin to experience true freedom – the freedom to laugh and to embrace the idiosyncrasies and ridiculous situations that come with living in a physical body. You learn to judge nothing as being bad or good, but simply as facets of the evolutionary journey.

As you do this work, you will find that the thoughts, beliefs, opinions, words, judgements, etc. of others simply lose any power they may have had over you. You begin to live out from that still quiet place within where the nonsense of the un-illumined never reaches.

Love has no rules, Love just IS. Love is simply living each moment from a consciousness of Oneness.

All is perfect. Evolution is the process of remembering that.

We are the Arcturian Group

Dear Ones,  Posted Nov 9/15

On November 11, the exalted moment of 11:11 for this year, the Archangels hold the Celestial Gateway open so you can access your Golden Template of Light — the 5th dimensional template for your new crystalline light body holding the frequencies for full divinity within your human form.

As you step through the Gateway, you are fully supported by the Angelic Dimensions to anchor this divine template of Light into your human form. It has been divinely decreed that on this day of 11-11, your new Golden Template is activated for you to fully download into your life.

When you have the preparation established within you, it is exhilarating to step through the portal provided by the Archangels during this 11:11 opening. The Gateways of Power are clear entries established on inter-dimensional levels, to create alignment within your energy systems. You are being offered an empowerment so you can feel the operation of higher frequencies in a condensed moment of time.

Once you sense the alignment within yourself, you are forever changed. You can claim this empowerment, access these exalted states that exist beyond the Gateway and use them to bless your own life and all of humanity.

The Gateway of the Archangels

On November 11, your Golden Crystalline Template is activated to be grounded into the new frequencies of your human body through access to the pathways opened by the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Sandalphon stand present as they hold Divine Light in massive pillars at the gateway that opens for you during this sacred moment in time.

Archangel Sandalphon holds frequencies of Earth’s crystalline grid so you can anchor and become familiar with the new 5D energy systems.

Archangel Gabriel holds the power for Balance of the sacred masculine and feminine to awaken on the Earth, which allows Unity consciousness within each man, woman and child.

Archangel Michael offers you the courage to step into your highest potential as a blended divine human in 5D consciousness.

Archangel Raphael offers immersion into the Light of Divine Love that permeates every cell and brings into you the highest frequency your human form can integrate in this sacred moment of 11:11.


How to Step through the Gateway

Bring the Soul’s vision from your Higher Self for the new life you desire to awaken into your conscious awareness, honor it and hold it in your heart. Invite the Archangels for assistance to anchor the higher 5D frequencies very gracefully into your human form. Ask to be in Harmony with the new crystalline Golden Template as decreed by your Soul’s original blueprint to bring divinity into your human form.

Take sacred time during the 24 hours of November 11, most especially at the moments a digital clock displays 11:11, to anchor these intentions and visualize the Gateway of Power. The Archangels standing guard over the gateway are holding this expansive Portal of Golden Light open for you. See them standing there; massive wings of Light expanded in dedication to your own evolution and that of the Earth. These great Archangels are bringing to you a blessing from God.

When you walk through this gateway, holding the vision for new life of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, you align with the forces of all Creation, and a high level of Unity fills your world. That which does not align with these new frequencies of energy drops away. The old frequencies and energy systems cannot exist simultaneously, when your Soul becomes aligned with its purpose in an empowered, integrated way.

In the holy instant of profound opening, the Gateway of the Archangels awakens your divinity into alignment with your physical form, as you step into the 5D Golden Template for new life on Earth. Know that as you claim this for yourself, these frequencies bless all of humanity in this moment of awakening.

The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to ground Divine Energy into the depths of the Earth so that planetary evolution will prevail.

As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility during the fifth dimensional shift occurring on this planet.

The flow of Divine Love through each person creates an expansion in perception when the veils have parted, so that new clarity dawns. This increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Prayers for planetary well-being so the Earth and all humanity can also receive from this moment in time will be of great benefit.


Asking for miracles is very appropriate when you are in the celestial gateway between Heaven and Earth.

The release of pressure from the 11:11 Gateway is similar to the beginnings of a horse race when the horses are being held within the gate. As the gates are flung open, raw power surges forward and instincts take over. The rawness of this power requires careful training and guidance, so that it moves in directions that allow specific goals to be reached and the reaping of rewards. Your prayers and intentions are the key to this process.

As you walk through the gateway, symbolically or literally, you will leave behind outmoded forms and patterns of existence that do not fit your new Golden Template of Light or the energy stream of Unity Consciousness occurring on the planet at this sacred time.

Create the model of your new life through your intentional setting forth of exalted ideas, even if their form is still unclear. Lift your vibration through prayer, inviting the guiding wisdom of your Soul and the Archangels to lead you. Embrace the new level of your inner being merging with your most Divine Self, and invite Archangel Sandalphon to help you anchor it on the Earth.

Although the path on the other side of the 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels may not unfold for you all at once, you can be shown a glimpse of a new vision to give your heart a burst of hope. Do know that as you walk through this portal, you are aligning with the Beings of Light who guide you, and you are never alone. Your demonstration of this intention to live in harmony with your new Golden Template of Light, allows you to receive greater guidance and sets the patterns of Unity and Harmony within your being. This empowers you to experience greater Faith as you take the next steps and the next on your path into an unknown future. Know that you have aligned with your Soul’s Purpose and are being guided every step of the way. Gateways of Power are moments of clear invitation when Divine energies are aligned to support you.

Union with the Self

During this day of 11-11, join with others for a profound Gateway initiation with the Archangels. You will be connected with the Source of All That Is Divine as you step into your Golden Template for the blending of your most Divine Self with your most human. Give thanks for the Grace that descends during this precious period of time. Receive it deeply within your being, and acknowledge the Archangels who hold the Earth in Sacred Unity.

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to this union within the self so you become a Bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness.

Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your frequency of energy and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point — the key that fits the doorway to Unity within you and within all beings on the planet.


Archangels of Light and the Divine Presence of All That Is:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 Gateway of Power, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness.

I joyfully invite the Golden Template that holds my 5D Crystalline Body to integrate my human form as is in my highest good at this sacred time.

Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field, I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love, Peace and Wellbeing into the Earth to assist its evolution.

I join with the Angelic Dimensions and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light energy to engage my human structure in the integration of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine. I dance through the Light-filled gateways feeling your guidance and knowing that loving awareness of new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat.

I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine gifts being offered to me now with supreme Gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light on the planet to bless all of Nature. As I bring loving awareness and respect for the Earth into my consciousness, all of humanity awakens into this requirement for new life.

Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into the Golden Template for my crystalline body. With every step, may I use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being so I may be a blessing for the Earth.

For this and all the blessings I am receiving, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Message from the Arcturian Group

through Marilyn Raffaele – November 1, 2015.  Posted Nov 6/15

Co-creators and co-creation

Dearest students of truth we come to you in love, bringing that which we know you are ready to understand and integrate as you help to bring forth a new world.

Life on earth has become a wild ride for many, with lives disrupted and comfort zones all but gone. This is what you volunteered for. You knew and yet chose to experience everything necessary for personal as well as the collective evolution of mankind. You were well aware that these times would be tumultuous ones as hardened world beliefs and old energies began to dissolve, creating massive resistance within the old world order.

The world is in the midst of many major transitions as a result of the ever more intense higher frequencies of Light now pouring to earth and available to all. Those choosing to go with the flow of change will experience fewer painful issues than those who resist.

You are being reborn dear ones, and as you know, birth is not always easy. The task of accepting new ways of seeing and being can be wrenching for those still solidly fixed in the old ways. These dear ones continue to stridently seek completeness outside of themselves through people, places, and things all the while living in fear of the unknown because a consciousness of duality can only manifest as duality–bad/good, sickness/health, lack/abundance, right/wrong.

Secure and comfortable only within the boundaries of what is known and accepted by collective consciousness, and ignorant of their own innate power and identity, these dear ones continue looking to the rules and beliefs of others for direction until at some point this approach no longer works and they are forced to begin their journey of awakening.

You are evolving into a consciousness that remembers who it is, into the Light Beings that you have always been but did not realize. Be not afraid for all is proceeding according to plan and know that nothing real can ever be lost. You will experience the same wonderful things that you love now, only on higher levels. Attempting to figure everything out is impossible as the human mind is limited to what is already known in collective consciousness.


Many serious students continue to hold to concepts that define spirituality–its appearance, definition, paths, and associated experiences, much of which was valid in the earlier states of consciousness but is now obsolete. Let your intuition guide you as to what if any practices may be helpful for your spiritual growth, not current trends, or something being hyped by the media. You may find that a book seems to jump out at you, or a class or teacher draws your attention, but many of you are finding that you are being guided simply to be still and quiet. Spiritual journeys are all individual and the teachings that lead to illumination for one, may not resonate at all with another.

Many of you are experiencing physical issues as old cellular memory surfaces to be cleared. Often a physical body’s weakest area serves as the exit point for these releases. If you are experiencing some recurring physical issue (rashes, aching, etc.) and nothing is ever found to be wrong, then it is probably the clearing of old cellular memory energy. Send light to the cells of your body in the area and allow the process.

Many of you, in fact all of you, chose to enter into this lifetime bringing with you any remaining energy from physical, emotional, and mental injuries of the past so they could be once and for all cleared. You knew these times would be an opportunity to ascend and that these old and dense energies could not come with you into the higher.

Intense experiences of every lifetime will remain stored in cellular memory until cleared, so be patient dear ones. The process is ongoing, but does not happen over night. Try to see the lesser physical discords not so much as calls for medication and doctors, but more as indication of clearing. Trust your intuition and if you are being guided to seek medical help then seek it with no sense of spiritual failure while not allowing fear be a determining factor.

Learn to pamper yourselves, resting more when you can, being still and quiet, and doing the things you love instead of feeling obligated to continue in some old routine that no longer resonates simply because “It has always been done this way, family and friends expect it”. It is time to stand in your power, lovingly making choices that are right for you, and not adopting choices that may be right for someone else in order to be loved and accepted.


Many of you are work at jobs every day and taking a nap is not an option but learn to slow down, going within and resting in Center often as you go about your day. State an intention to release all that may be serving to block your unfolding awareness of truth. Most importantly learn to love yourselves and the journey, living out from a state of gratitude for every experience, not judging it as good or bad, while simply moving through it.

Many are desirous of being on earth during this powerful time and are not able to be here. These dear ones watch eagerly from the other side, wanting and hoping for the best in mankind’s’ journey of ascension.

You are the plows plowing the debris of negativity and hopeless ignorance out of the way through your hard work. You are the nitty/gritty hard workers who are making it possible for coming generations to be born into the higher world consciousness you are creating. Many issues you find so troublesome now, will not even be known to future generations.

Pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for each of you chose to courageously assist in the evolution of mankind through bringing attention and change to commonly accepted world concepts based in duality and separation. Know that many illumined souls are on earth at this time in bodies and situations judged by the world to be “less than perfect” simply to evolve world awareness and bring change. Remember this when you are tempted to negatively judge some person or situation.

Never ever believe that you are spiritually doing nothing, serving no purpose, or that you are not a real Light worker based on comparison. The Light of your awareness is continually adding to the Light of the collective consciousness in ways you will never know. Let go of any and all judgment you may still hold about yourselves based in world concepts limited to appearances–that money, clothes, looks, power, sex, education, location, etc. are true standards of value.

EVERYONE is a Divine Being on earth at this time for experiences chosen pre-birth as necessary for learning and spiritual growth. In reality, no individual is better or less than another. An individual’s state of consciousness determines what manifests outwardly as his experience.


There comes a time when each individual must accept and move in their masterhood, no longer a full time student or simply a clearing house for the world’s old energy. Many of you are now ready to believe, accept, and live as the spiritual masters you have become–letting go of seeing yourselves as un-awakened students forever seeking. “Forever” students often live in the belief that this is humility but it actually represents a sense of separation from who one really is and serves only to delay spiritual progress.

The point of years of study, seeking, and practice, as well as all the personal and world clearing experiences is to bring you to the point of Mastery. Many of you are ready to step into your masterhood and let go of the books, classes, paths, and tools that assisted you to where you are now. Allow these tools to pass to those newly awakening students you will find yourselves guiding. Step fearlessly into your power dear ones, accepting who and what you are, and trusting that everything needed will be given when needed.

Your attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness, will draw to you your spiritual work whether that be students, spiritual work, or new awareness’s and more Light.

It is time to be that which you have been seeking through lifetimes. You have learned and integrated the deeper truths through years of study, meditation, and practice and have arrived, should you choose to accept this.

As each soul’s ever evolving Light flows and connects with the Light of other awakened souls, earth will become saturated with higher dimensional frequencies of Light and unconditional love. It is then you will begin see the many changes you seek.

Hold your Light within a consciousness trust dear ones. Trust yourSelves, love yourSelves and be yourSelves. The time is NOW to reclaim your true power and BE.

We are the Arcturian Group

Message from the Arcturians

from Suzanne Lie

We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.

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Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.

You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the fifth dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the third/fourth dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.

Also, as this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from “up above it” rather than “stuck within it.” In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

Once your Multidimensional SELF is in charge, you will be able to make some important decisions that make YOU the creator of your life. You will also become aware of many of your higher dimensional, alternate or parallel realities.

While you are swimming in the illusion of the third dimension, you see only what surrounds you. However, as you regain a higher perspective of your life, many of your priorities will change. Your ego will no longer tell you to let go of your meditations and creative expression so that you can “get back to the business of your real life.”

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With your Higher SELF at the helm, you will realize that what you have perceived as “just your imagination” is actually your real life. Then slowly, or quickly, you will want to “let go” of many of our your lower frequency chores, responsibilities and jobs.

In this manner, you can more easily remain in the unconditional light and love of the fifth dimension. Of course you will still “take care of 3D business,” but your priorities will greatly alter as your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions.

You may be thinking, “Do I dare believe that what appears to be my imagination is actually my real world? If I make that choice and switch my primary attachment to the feelings of my fifth dimensional imagination, does that mean that I die to the physical world?”

When you meditate or dream about being in a higher frequency reality, are you able to wake up or end your meditation? Of course, your physical reality does not disappear while you sleep or meditate, nor will it go away when your switch your primary identity from being your 3D physical self to being your 5D Lightbody SELF.

Even those who actually “die” to the third dimension often experience both their higher worlds and the third dimension until they are ready to release their lower expression of self. In the same manner, our light workers are being faced with the decision of “which reality is the real world?”

While in your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, this question eventually evolves into, “Which of the many dimensions of reality do I choose as my primary expression of SELF?”

When you volunteered to enter your earth vessel, the physical world became your primary expression of SELF. While you are still draped within your earth vessel, you are inclined to believe that you only have the choice of one primary expression.

As you increasingly experience your multidimensional consciousness while you also perceive the third dimensional world, you may believe that you must choose a “primary reality.” This belief occurs because even though you are having a multidimensional experience, you are thinking in a third dimensional way.

Once you take more and more excursions into your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will begin to also think multidimensionally. Thus, the either/or choices that filled your 3D world are replaced by the realization that you can choose both and/or all.” It is then that you are beginning to understand the concept of multidimensional reality from a higher perspective.

Due to your evolved understanding of your Multidimensional SELF, you are remembering that you no longer need to choose. From the perspective of your fifth dimensional self, you know that you have myriad expressions of your SELF that are simultaneously being experienced on myriad dimensions and realities.

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The difficult adaptation is for your fifth dimensional SELF to convince your third dimensional self to “Let GO” of the illusions of time and space. Your third dimensional expression is afraid to release that illusion because you unconsciously remember that that form of “letting go” meant death in many of your third dimensional incarnations.

It is very difficult to break the 3D indoctrinations of “one life per person,” and “one life at a time.” These rules further state that if you live a good life you go to Heaven, but if you live a bad life you go to Hell. The problem with good vs. bad is that the definition for good and bad are different according to your third dimensional indoctrination.

Because of the vast programming that many humans have received, as well as the fact that many of Gaia’s humans live on the edge of survival, the bulk of the process of shifting into higher frequencies of consciousness falls on the shoulders of the awakened light workers.

Transcript of Afternoon With The Chancellor Posted Oct 31/15

25th Oct 2015


Greetings, Beloved Ones, I AM indeed, Mufa, of the 7th Light and beyond. For there I journey not in a form of Human, or of Guide; but of Light. 


Light takes any form of its choosing:  there is no restrictiveness, that a particular particle must take a certain form, that is imprinted into it by Creator Source.  Always, particles are part of Creator Itself.  They have their own Consciousness, even as, it is in a place of Oneness of All of Creation.  It is such a difficult place to define in Human terms, yet I will try.


Were you to be there:  part of Source, as the Beautiful Gathering of Light Particles, that each of You Are, there would be a slight connectedness between the Particles that form this Presence that You Are, and that is All That You Are:  your Higher Self, the other Aspects of your Light; All that encompass, that which You Are.  Yet it would be almost – it would appear to be overshadowed by a great Blending of Consciousness, of such a Purity of Love, it would be an easy choice to participate with the limitless Consciousness of the many, many, many Particles, forming themselves into a place of Awareness, that is simultaneously everywhere, and yet also, within itself, Complete.


When you are asked in your Particle Light, what you would choose to be your form of expression, there would be a drawing towards a particular form, that most often, would be Honoured, as the place of your Choosing.  Very occasionally, there are those Particles who have a different journey; and they align themselves into their chosen pattern, right at that very first instant of Awareness of Self, in a form of identity that is, while still of Creator, also, just a little more separate than perhaps others might find themselves to be at that time.  These are the ones that become the great Angelic Presences.  They journey through their Love, their intense Love, in total service to all who would seek out such a service.


There are those who develop their journey as a Particle, moving through process after process, experience after experience, who also, at a particular time, when sufficient Love has gathered itself within their system, that they also choose to serve from the Angelic Realms.  And there is as well, every Particle, that can define itself as Angelic at that very beginning time:  those that have Consciousness of lives to be lived as an Evolutionary Soul process. 


For there are other particles that take on different journeys, to become matter, to combine themselves in geometric patterns that form physical earth, water, and so forth.


Let yourself become as if you were a Particle, floating in the very Essence of Creation.  And you would be Aware of an excitement, of a desire, that there was much to explore, there was much to experience; and there was great Happiness in that place of Wonderment and Anticipation and Joy.  And so you would set forth on your travels, allowing yourself to become one so well versed in Love, that you would separate portions of your own Light, to experience in a particular dimensional process such as Earth; whilst the greater Awareness of you (the Higher Self), remains held in the Love of Creator Itself:  part of that vast Weave of Blended Light and Love.


Some of those Aspects gather such a strength of Love, that they then become, as the Higher Self.  This is the path of the one known to you, as Mary Magdalene.  Mary of Magdalea:  the port, of which her father was the Captain – the organiser, of the ships that came and went.  Much can be said about that Aspect, known as Mary.  It is to understand that at the Core, she is one and the same, with that which I AM. 


I do not have Particles of my Light in Human form, other than, this one who speaks my words.  The portion of energy that was Mary, she has sent forth much divisions of herself, for there was great need for Healing.  And in the Love of her Light, she chose particular energy patterns, most often of the female form, although not always, to carry within them the spark of the Goddess, that this spark would ignite at the appropriate time, to send the journey into a form where Love would grow and dwell, and expand, within that one. 


She who was Mother Teresa, was one of these; and there are others, who need not be as Mother Teresa, in their level of service.  Yet still, when the Magdalene energy stirs within the Being, it is powerful in its force for change.  Desire to be of service, grows in grand degree; and there is such a strength of Love that extends itself within the person, within that Human focus, that their journey becomes greatly changed. 


Perhaps each of you (those at the live channel), who were indeed present, when she walked Mother Earth’s lands, and who would have stood, perhaps beside her, perhaps part of the crowds that came to hear the young Master, Jesus, speak; and you would have sensed and been touched by, her Light.  For she was Truly, the very expression of the Goddess Love. 


In your Love, You Are as Strong, as Loving, as Beautiful, as she; for Love knows no boundaries.  All That You Are, Becomes, from a single little Particle of Golden Light, and look!  How many Golden Particles you are made of now; and each of those has their story to share, their Wisdom, their Love, their Healing. 


You are the gathering place, in this time now, for all the Particles your Consciousness has been part of.  They are coming into a coalescing within you; and it is for you, to have the courage, to allow for yourself to no longer hold to a tightly constrained focus, of “This is who I am”, but more, to be as one Radiant with Love, willing to explore the bounty within, that these Particles of yours hold.


Light is Consciousness; Particles carry Light.  This Light, it has a tone; it has a vibration.  That vibration, it is formed in the very Empowerment of Creator Itself.  They do not understand lack or fear; they only Know Love. 


And there you are, born into this Human embodiment, and there is a system of how life is, that you are taught; and that becomes the form of your experience.  You are wearing this body; it is not Who You Are.  It is simply the vessel for your Consciousness to experience this plane of reality. 


Just as you were placed in the Love of the Great Mother Tree, in All of Creation (in the earlier Meditation):  that is the Truth of it.  You are able to experience Awareness as you feel yourself willing to Create.  When I called to you, to come to the mountaintop of Haleakala, I sent to each of you, a Gift; for your tears, in the Love that was experienced, as you wiped them from your eyes with the white cloths that were used for that purpose, they became the God Colours, of the Lemurian Goddess Light.  Each of you in this room, has these colours woven in your energy.  Seek out your colour, and allow yourself to express the Beauty of that colour, as your stepping stone, your place, to move yourself beyond Human, and into the very form of Light, that is the Truth of your Goddess energy.


I will take your questions in a moment; and I remind you of the colours of the Goddess Weave, from that Lemurian time.  They are transitional colours that will change with the dimensional shift, you are moving through.  After its Completion, your colours will appear different to you. 


But for now, they are: 

the Blue, of Truth, in its purest form;

the Green, of Heart Love;

the Purple of Wisdom – the one who gathers that which can be shared with others for their learning;

that which is Aqua:  the Blue of Truth, the Green of Heart Light, elevated to a level where all the senses become One, and one lives in a journey of that which is Heart Truth, and Truth Love.

There is the Violet of the one who travels the dimensions, and returns with that which could be shared;

And there is the Rose: the one who balances; who bridges, Heaven and Earth – always with her feet on Mother Earth’s Beautiful surface, and her Heart, in the Love of the Goddess.

The last one, is what you would term black, or Onyx; and it is the place of service, for it holds all the colours constricted; and it offers whichever colour is needed in the moment.  It seeks out the balance of the dark and the Light; it knows the Power of Love, used always in service, to all around them. 


These are the seven flows, of the colours of the Lemurian Goddess Light, and as you choose your colour, or it will choose you; each contains its own Gifts; its own lesson plans, its own paths of service.  Yet it is when the Weave of all the colours Unites, that the Goddess Light is so empowered in itself, that it can literally Create what it will – always, in greatest Love, in greatest service, and in complete accord, with Divine Love.


That is what I would share with you this day, that you understand, you are more than this Human form:  that the Love within you is so great, and that you are discovering it – what a Joy, that is, indeed. 

Who would ask a question:  you may ask on whatever it is that is of concern to you:  who will begin?


Q:  I would find it interesting, if you have any information about past lives for me?

M:  There is much that can be shared, Dear Heart:  may I define it more closely, to that which is of service to you at this time?

Q: Yes.


M:  Indeed.  In your Heart there is a spark of Light that belongs not to this Realm, not to this planet.  It is in the vibration of the element of Fire:  that which ignites new journeys into form.  It is a place of experience that is not embodied, as a Human would be.  It is akin more to the very Essence of Creation Itself:  the Plasma – the fields of energy that allow form to – particles that have the capacity to take physical expression:  to gather, and to be shaped and molded into forms that are of service in that particular arena. 


When you chose to come to Earth, there needed to be a transitional process, for that level of understanding in which you existed in that form, has no direct comparison in a Human embodiment.  There was a journey that was taken that took you through many different realms of consciousness.  And in the process of your experiential understandings gained through embodying in different ways and forms, in a great vast array of planetary systems, of Suns, it became apparent to you, there was a need for that which would embody in the more Feminine process.


That which you had originated from, it did not have gender.  There was however, more of an alignment with that which was of building, of forming, of managing, that can be more defined towards a Masculine process.  And yet within it, also there were the sending out of great Loving energies in a more flowing and Feminine orientation; and it was to that orientation that you then chose to place yourself within.  And so, you had a time on the planet Venus in the 5th dimension, all the way up to the 7th.  And that was very revealing to you:  for from that sphere of existence, Earth’s processes could be seen in great Clarity.


To develop as an Earth Human, often there is a testing of the waters by choosing a very simple life to begin such an embodiment process:  a place that is perhaps tribal; or of a much less developed form of existence.  Yet you had sent your Awareness into the Lemurian times; for not all were embodied much of the time there; those who were of higher dimension, higher energy, they could project their Consciousness in forms that could be seen, and yet not be physically embodied.  And so, you journeyed for a time in that form, as somewhat of a Guiding focus:  one who was there Truly to learn about that experience; and yet also, to offer what was of your understanding at times.


You have served as one who served the great Goddess Pele – one of the four foundational Goddesses of the Earth plane, who has the Gift of Fire, as her element; and it is usually to Fire, that you are drawn.  In this life, you have chosen to align more with the element of Water:  that there be a balancing of the heat, with the coolness, and the flowing Light of Consciousness, that Water carries; the freeing of the emotional understanding, and so forth.


You have not had so many lives on this plane; and it does not serve for you to delve into them in great degree.  Let yourself extend your Awareness into the flowing of Light, in the form of the elemental energies, of Fire, of Water, of Air, of Earth; and of that which is termed Ether:  the invisible plane of Consciousness, where a meeting takes place, between all levels of Light.  I Trust that serves, Dear Heart.


Q:  Yes, Thank you.

M:  Is it not appropriate, that we have this Beautiful water, out there? (view of Sydney Harbour from the venue)

Q:  Yes!


M:  Who else would have a question, Dear Hearts?


Q:  Yes, I have a question – mine is a couple of things:  firstly to do with my Goddess Light:  during the Meditation, I saw a Beautiful bright Turquoise colour, it was really strong, it was kind of metallic; and when you mentioned the seven different colours, I guess it resonated most with Aqua, the blending of the blue and the green;

M:  Indeed;

Q:  Oh that’s good; and the Heart Truth, the Truth Heart, is part of me also.  The second part of my question is to do with I guess my service here; and it does feel mostly like to me just to be really centered in the Heart space, and being that Open Heart, and Being that Loving Presence; I feel I am continuing to do that.  I guess my question is, how might that unfold; and also, I have a new partner, and how that is in connection with him, and how we move forward in our service together, I feel that there is some connection in how we all be of service together in that Loving, Open, Joyful Heart space.


M:  Indeed, there are many questions there.  I will begin with the colour Aqua:  for the Aqua Goddess is one who revels in the senses; who feels the Beauty of the vision, of the sound, of the touch, of all of the senses – it is a very sensual process; and through the melding of the senses, comes into understanding, into Consciousness, a higher level of Love, in relation to whatever the issue is of concern.


You have this Gift, very much within you, to let yourself stretch out beyond this physical process, and blend with that which is of the Goddess energy, of the Divine:  be it of Masculine or Feminine, or Universal – it matters not.


That which you are in the Goddess vibration, in which you have existed for a very long time; for there are those who are Goddess by virtue of being female, and there are those who Honour the Goddess Light; who seek out Wisdom in the paths of the Goddess – not as a religious process, but as the deepening Awareness of the Power of Love, and of the many forms in which it can be understood on this Earth plane. 


You in your Love, have such a Beauty of Heart Light:  always it is your desire to share from that place; and at times, there has been a curtailing of that path – not only in this life, in others as well.  And so there has been a hesitancy:  “Where do I flourish; where do I focus?”  Have you felt this, for yourself Dear Heart?


Q:  Yes.


M:  In that place, there is also an opening; a possibility, that can enter into the journey.  And it is a place where That Which You Are, whispers softly to you:  “Let us play in this place”.  And so, there is that notion that Who You Are, has lived Beautifully in the Human world, with your children, with your life, as you have lived it, and also with the support of the Loving partnership process. 


A Goddess always should be Loved, by those who are with her; for the Love that she gives in return, is limitless.  And often, those of the masculine world do not understand the extent of the Love of the Goddess Light.  In seeking to understand it, oftentimes, there is a containing of that energy, a holding of it into a form that is deemed acceptable.  For your partnership now, let it be a place where you are, the one who is put in a place of Honour; and that the one who is with you, provides the strength of Love, that is the foundation for that which you Create.  That is the path that is before you:  it is not so much of partnership of each being the Focus; it is a partnership that is of such Honouring and Love, that it is willing to support and nurture fully, that which You Are.  The path for you in that place, is to bring forth of your Gifts:  of Beauty of the Heart, of the connection that you have, with those who are with you, in whatever form pleases you to do so.  Does this answer your questions, Dear Heart?


Q:  Thank you, yes:  it does feel something I’ve felt.


M:  Who else would ask a question?


Q:  I have a question; I also have two parts to it, if I may?

M:  Indeed, we are small in number today:  it is appropriate.

Q:  My main question is what is my life purpose; in connection, in conjunction with that question, I feel I am drawn to the colour purple, to see if that’s true, if you can validate that or otherwise; and also, will I be doing the right thing as I…(tears)

M:  Dear Heart, it is all right.  Indeed, it is the Love that you are feeling.

Q:  Sorry…I am just contemplating ending my marriage, and I just want to know if it’s the right thing to do.


M:  When a Goddess is not happy in her life, there is the need to recognise the closing of a Cycle.  Would you feel, for yourself, that you have Completed, what can be Created with this one who has been your partner?  That is the question to ask, Dear Heart:  “Have I reached a place where there is no more to learn with this one; where I am no longer choosing to be held in the space that is the form of my experience with this one.  Do I long for freedom, to explore other journeys; other ways of Being?”


Truly, listen within to the journey of your own Heart:  not to the bitterness, or the pain, or the anger or guilt, or whatever it is in such a situation – and I am speaking in general terms, Dear Heart.  Beneath all of that, what is the longing, that you have?  What is it, that you would desire to have your life become?  What have you been unable to consider Creating, because it would not be in agreement with the one whom you have been with?


And as you turn yourself literally, so that your Heart is on the outside, and not the inside, that which is in the Heart, it is the Guiding Force:  it is the Truth of You, that speaks. 


There is that tendency to shield the Heart from hurt; to not want to cause waves, dissonance, discord; and yet the more that you shield and hold your Truth in a compressed state, there comes a place when it can be compressed no more, and it will come out of you.  For All That You Are, will speak, and will say, very firmly, “That is not your path, to be in that form, any more.”  And so life will change around you; and it is because you have not had the courage or the willingness, to live this way, when it is how a Goddess lives.


The colour Purple, it is the Blue of Heart Truth, and the Rose Light of balance.  It is a place of being in Love with Mother Earth; also, in the Love of the Divine – that is the Rose; and it is that desire to seek out what is Truth for you; and those colours come together, in a Beautiful outpouring of Loving Wisdom.  It is a Beautiful path, Dear Heart, and one that will suit you well.


The purpose, let it be that:  that you are in a place of transition, where you are seeking out, “Where is my Truth?”  Yet remember, that you also have the Gift of connection to the Divine, and to Mother Earth; and when you go out into nature.  When you sit in Beautiful Honouring of the Love that exists within you, the Love of our Creator Source, taking yourself into the place where you are a Particle, floating in that immense, unlimited Love, you will always discover your Truth there. 


There is a need for writing, Dear Heart:  you have been a Scribe in other times; and it has put into your journey a system of comfort with that process; of recording the thoughts.  And let it also be a place where you pose your question to the Light, and allow the Light to bring you thoughts, that you write down, in answer.  Would you do that, Dear Heart?


A:  Yes, I will.


M:  And it is to take a Beautiful Blossom; when it can be a Rose, that is in Perfection, yet other Blooms also, each has their own Beauty, and each carries Love.  Let there always be a Blossom, on your table, where you can see it; and let it bring to you, the Love of Mother Earth.  That from much disarray at times, always, that which is Beautiful, surfaces, and shows itself in all of its Magnificence, and Beauty, and Innocence, of Love.  Does that serve you, Dear Heart?


Q:  Thank you, very much; yes, it has put a lot of things in perspective – thank you.

M:  Who has not asked a question yet?

Q:  I haven’t asked anything yet.

M:  Indeed.  Would you care to, Dear Heart?

Q:  I would like to, but I have no clue where to start.  I just seem to be – I feel very conflicted within myself of late, as I have spoken to you perhaps of before; and I feel that a lot of my energy gets just lost in my confusion, as to where to put my energy.  I have pretty high expectations of myself, and I just want to get more Clarity.


M:  Indeed, Dear Heart.  Wherever there is a Particle of the vibration of Love that is of the Magdalene energy, there is a strong desire to clean house, to sweep the floors clean , of all that has been, and to put the life into a new pattern.  This is what is arising within you right now:  that there is a new life to be begun; and yet, here you are, in this journey as it is right now.  And one part of you, it wants to sweep everything away; and yet, there is great Love, in places in your life that you would choose to hold to.


Listen to the voice of the Goddess within you, as a place of Honouring, that you are at a transition place between a new place beginning, and the old being released, in a much greater strength than it has been, til now – in a form that you are no longer concerned, as to what has been, for that which is ahead, appears to you so Loving and fulfilling, that you willingly walk towards it.


How do you define that, how do you find it, how do you move in that direction?  It comes not with a great worry of transition, transformation:  for you, it comes with little steps; and then perhaps a waiting; and then more steps, perhaps bigger ones than before; and then there is another settling place; and then there is another set of steps.  And then you feel that you are back where you began – and yet, are you?  No, Dear Heart.  It is at a different level.


You can choose to take a much grander approach to your life, by saying to yourself, “That which I AM:  I have come to express this Beautiful Presence That I AM, onto this Planet’s energy; to participate indeed, with a great many, who are on a similar path to my own.  I can choose to connect more deeply, with others; I can choose to be the Teacher who Guides them; I can choose to be the one who simply Celebrates Life as I experience it each day.  I can decide, that I have Knowledge within me, that needs to be shared”, Dear Heart. 


And it is not to allow the compression to remain, but to seek out the places of expansiveness, and to play there.  That is what I can offer to you, Dear Heart; for it is an individual process, where you are concerned; and indeed, for All, Truly.


You have such a Power of Love woven into your very Essence, and it wants to be freed, to play.


Q:  What is the compression; why is it difficult for me to let that go?

M:  Always it comes from the learnings of the child, Dear Heart; from the fears placed into the Consciousness.  As you choose to define yourself not as the child – indeed, Love that child; Honour it; Love all that it feels.  Yet it is to hold to, that you are not only that child; that there is much more of you, that is not afraid; that longs to experience in new ways; and that the child will be Loved, and will be safe, throughout all processes.   When the child within understands that, the freedom grows.  Does this serve you, Dear Heart?


Q:  Yes – I could probably ask a million more questions; but yes, yes, for now, thank you.


M:  It is for you a place of personal exploration right now, and were I to define it for you, I would take from you that which you would gain in this process.  I can, however, give to you a hint:  that would be, look onto the expression of your own Beautiful Creativity:  you have such talents; such capacity to Create.


Q:  Why don’t I?  I’ve got my easel sitting in my lounge room – I very rarely go near it.  What’s holding me back?


M:  The desire for perfection, Dear Heart.  Let it go, and Be, that you are a Butterfly; and bring forth the meandering and the playing, of the Butterfly; or some other form of imagery, that to you is of Freedom and Joy; of simple pleasures; of delights, as a child would.  Perhaps for some, it is to paint an ice cream cone; for some, it may be some playground of some kind – I do not understand such things.  It is for you in your Human process, to bring forth that which is of simple, playful pleasuring, of delight of Mother Earth.  How would that be, Dear Heart?


Q:  Yes, I totally agree with you.

M:  Do not make of it work, that must be of perfectness:  let it be the playful splodging onto the paper with all the colours that you have in your palette, just for fun – just to play!  There will take form a desire to extend this particular colour, in this way, and so forth; you understand, Dear Heart.

Q: Yes, I just need to do it, absolutely

M:  Put on some pretty music – something that brings freedom, Dear Heart; it is a lot of fun.  And there may come a time, when you can do this for others, Dear Heart; perhaps.  It will be for you, to choose your path.


In Closing then, this day:  all that is of importance, of all that I have spoken of, is to feel yourself to BE, that Beautiful Blossoming of the Light Particle of Creator; that yes, it has done journeys that have left their mark; but it is still that Beautiful, Precious, Presence of Light and Love.  That will not change, no matter what body you wear, what form you take. 


Seek out that place within you, and let it Guide you, into more of yourself; into bringing into your Awareness, more of Who You, Truly Are.  For that is the journey in these times now.  It is not to be governed by the Truth of another; it is not to let yourself follow the path that is laid out before you, unless it is what Truly resonates in your Heart to Create.


And I will speak for my Medium, in saying to you thus:  were you to journey with the Principles of Lemurian Light, that we will share in bringing forth in the next month, together, it will serve you well to discover within yourself, more of that place of understanding.


It is ever a privilege to journey with you.  There will be other times; yet, I will take a hiatus, a place of rest, from the journey of Mediumship with this one, after the teachings of the Principles, in this next month; for she too, has much to discover of her own Gifts, in her Love. 


Not a one of you is spared this path in these times; for it is a Beautiful opportunity; a Grand Potential, with the Light that is streaming onto this planet, and all in this portion of your Galaxy, to lift yourselves out of the journey you have found yourself within; and into a greater Awareness of your own Light, and of the Power of Your Love, to Create:  to Share in that Love; to come together in Love, to Create.  For when Humans learn that process, that understanding, there will be little to hold them from very expansionary paths of great Love.


And Truly, so it is.


Takeli MMagdalen __________________

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from Marlene Swetlishoff

October 15, 2015


Beloved Ones,

I want to have discourse on the quality of love known as victory. When one awakens to the awareness that they are more than just human and begins their journey on the spiritual path, there are many tests and challenges they must go through in order to align their human will and consciousness with their divine potentiality. They must face and overcome all of their lower thoughts, tendencies and habit patterns which they experience and are confronted with in their daily lives. By gaining mastery over the wavering between spiritual idealism and materialism in one’s personal experience, one confronts the duality of opposing forces. One strives to gain victory over the lower tendencies of their human nature in order to bring balance of both polarities within their personal dynamic structure. They give their attention to the higher uses of their human faculties which manifest in their lives through challenges and opportunities for learning and evolving. These serve to assist their human self to develop the wisdom and insight to look beneath the surface of things to the divine purpose behind all appearances so that they direct their life to a higher purpose.

Each challenge in their life brings forth the potential to develop divine qualities within their humanity in order to gain victory over their less than divine human desires, thoughts and tendencies. They learn to have faith in the invisible forces at work in their life and thereby develop the spiritual qualities of temperance, steadfastness, courage, and right action in all their activities and choices. Each lower thought and tendency they overcome and replace with its higher spiritual counterpart is a victory upon their path. It is through their effort of intense striving for the light of understanding and the power to overcome all that has held them back that spiritual victory is attained. They seek to see and understand the eternal perspective behind worldly appearances. They align their efforts towards a higher moral conduct in all their human interactions so that the quality of trust in divine purpose is held as a positive ideal in all their activities and human affairs.


As each individual strives to do what feels right to their conscience in each moment and follows this inner guidance, they are achieving victory over the current prevailing attitudes of human society which subscribes to the concept of the survival of the fittest and winning over their fellows in endless competition. Their concept of a successful life is measured by the extent to which their inner peace and mental control enable them to be happy and loving under all circumstances. They have learned that no matter what their circumstances are, if they go on trying to do what is right, the universe will create the means by which their efforts will find its proper reward. They know that if they continue to align with divine will no matter what is currently happening in their lives, they will achieve victory, success and the increased power to help others. Through this alignment, they are given the power to conquer all their difficulties. They believe that their courage, conviction and faith in the divine is opening up new and better ways for them.

The individual who keeps on striving, who is undefeated within, is a truly victorious person. They believe that with the quality of divine initiative that comes from within them, they can defeat fate to emerge victorious in their life. They know that no matter how many times they fail, they must keep on trying and keep on doing the best they can. By the power of concentration, they learn to use the limitless power of their mind to accomplish that which they desire to emerge victorious in their efforts. When they attune self with the creative power of spirit, they are in contact with divine intelligence that is able to guide them to solve all problems. This power from the dynamic source of their being flows uninterrupted so that they are able to perform creatively in any sphere of activity.


The victorious accomplishment of a person of initiative demonstrates that the impossible becomes possible by one’s employment of the great power of one’s spirit as they seize opportunities or create them through their alignment with divine will and effort. The person who achieves victory in their personal life brings love, harmony and beneficial results to self and then shares with others. They become filled with the joy of making others happy by giving them kindness, peace and a helping hand. They give to the world the best they have and the best infallibly comes back to them in an endless circle. This gives them the flexibility to use their unique talents to the best of their abilities and to marvel at the unique and creative ways that they victoriously achieve viable solutions in their daily lives.

May you achieve many blessings and victories as you live your triumphant life!

I AM Archangel Gabriel

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 The Arcturian Group

Dear ones, you are beginning to see many changes in your world. Try not to hold concepts regarding what those changes must look like in order to be valid, but instead learn to be silent observers of everything around you. Observe peoples’ reactions and listen to what they are saying. Note the increasing furor of politicians scrambling to keep you where they want you, in fear and old energy. Notice how advertising seems to have become ever increasingly loud and annoying.

All forms of old and dense energy are trying very hard to hold on in spite of the ever increasing Light of awareness flooding to earth this time. Those still holding tightly to the fear based projections of un-awakened consciousness are simply unaware and as of yet uninterested in knowing that there are more evolved and easier ways of living.

These dear souls continue to wage intense resistance to change in hopes of keeping themselves and the world in what is known or profitable, using tools that no longer resonate with many. Most of you are discovering that it has become very easy to see through the nonsense… you no longer live at that level.

In your course of spiritual seeking you learned that you were creators and that people create their own situations. This has caused many a serious student to look at the “problems” in his life as spiritual failures, as signs that he was not understanding truth correctly. It is highly likely that every “problem” in your life was intentionally and perfectly created by you for learning and growth. (But not all issues are that way due to dark side treachery Tami) At this point in the journey there are no accidents.

It is time for silence and trust. Give yourselves permission to do absolutely nothing and just be. Old concepts bind mankind to the belief that time spent doing nothing reflects laziness. The result is a world full of people racing through each day who have lost contact with and awareness of their own quiet place of rest and renewal within. Spend time in nature even if only a small park in the city. Seek out the places where you can simply be, without distractions and noise. Learn to just listen to the silence.

In the midst of busy family and working life, finding quiet time is often very difficult. However, if you make the effort, you will soon discover yourself able to center more easily and quickly and that you carry a peace with you throughout your day. There are those who get up in the middle of the night for contemplation and meditation because that is their only quiet time.

Many of you are aware of specific dates being given for the first wave of ascension. Do not hold ascension to a specific date. What this means is that by this time those prepared to move into higher dimensional energies will be doing it. Believing that it can only happen on or by a certain date is third dimensional thinking. Actually many of you are already there or are moving in and out of it.

Do not be afraid, you are not leaving, but are shifting while in physical bodies to a new resonance which you will recognize by a new awareness. This is why the clearing of old energies from this and past lives has been so necessary.

Do not expect to suddenly see all war cease, for there are still many not yet ready to move beyond such third dimensional experiences. However, you yourself will not be in war unless you choose to be because it is no longer a part of your consciousness.

There have been some in the military who discovered after committing, that their state of consciousness had evolved beyond killing and violence and thus found themselves in the midst of intense inner struggles involving guilt, confusion, and a sense of failure. Some of them, seeing no other way, chose what seemed to be their only option–suicide.

These dear ones believed what they were told instead of trusting their intuition and from the experience learned a powerful lesson about personal power and choice. This awareness they will bring firmly intact into their next life when they will be the peacemakers.

Attaining a consciousness of Oneness manifests as a change in attitude and beliefs about so called “enemies”. News is more often than not simply fear propaganda continuously focusing on some “enemy” in order to gain general acceptance from the public for military action and additional surveillance.

Always remember that the “enemy” is also an expression of the Divine but not as evolved as you. Many have incarnated only a few times and through ignorance have allowed themselves to be hypnotized by pictures of separation and duality. Also in ignorance of who and what they are, they surrender their personal power to those claiming to have all the right answers but who in turn use these followers for personal, limited, self serving and power hungry gain. All will eventually awaken as all must, but it may not be for many lifetimes.

Time seems to be moving faster and faster, leaving everyone feeling frantic with the need to accomplish many things each day. This is because energy has become more refined and higher in its vibration leaving less of the old and slower that you were accustomed to. You will find in this new and higher energy, that even though you may seem to have a never ending list of things to deal with, they are getting done more easily and in faster ways. Solutions seem to manifest when needed.

You may be discovering that people, places, and beliefs that formerly caused you to react with criticism and judgement simply no longer seem important. Previously loved films, books, music, magazines,TV shows, some sports, and other entertainments don’t hold your interest as they once did. “Entertainments” that focus on people in judgmental or sarcastic ways has no appeal but is instead recognized to be un-evolved behavior based in a sense of separation.

Arcturian Group wishes you to know that the weather will move into a time of calm. There is coming a time of rest for the world from the struggles that grip so many.

The fires, floods and weather extremes are Gaia’s way of continuing to remove remaining old festering energy required for her ascension. These events are serving as well to awaken many at one time. The old energy of “haves and have nots” is not well served when all find themselves on the same level and dealing with the same issues. All earth experiences in every lifetime have been for the sole purpose of leading each soul eventually into the realization of ONE which is in its purest form, Love.

The refugees you see daily fleeing from violence and war are serving to bring world attention more deeply into a realization of Oneness, that everyone is connected regardless of the language they speak or the color of their skin. This issue is forcing the attention and helping to awaken many who live out from a “not my problem” consciousness and who consider events taking place somewhere else, to have nothing to do with them. These images are also providing a perfect example of how war and violence solve nothing.

Always remember that every soul chooses or is helped to choose the experiences necessary for his awakening. Learning experiences are allowed only as an individual attains the evolutionary strength necessary to cope with and learn from the experience. There are spiritually evolved souls who seem to have one problematic issue after another and wonder why. It is because at this energetically powerful time most of you came with a full list of life lessons necessary for your completion in order to move into ascension energy. If you were not fully capable of this, you would not of been allowed to bring in so many lessons.

We wish to close the message with a few words about honor. Honesty and honor are extremely important when making choices and holding personal opinions. When an action flows from a person’s highest sense of right, (even if he is fully in third dimensional thinking) he is allowing himself to be open to change and a higher understanding of his beliefs and actions.

It is imperative that anyone serious about the spiritual journey be extremely honest with himself; “Am I pursuing this particular belief or action because it makes me feel and look important? Does it give me a sense of superiority over others? Do I not question, but follow because it has always been this way? Am I afraid that if I disagree with family, church, friends, parents, I will be excluded?”

These are questions that anyone serious about spiritual growth must ask themselves with regard to any lingering or rigidly held beliefs about anything. “Do I believe this because it has been revealed to me as truth, or because it is what I have been told? Is fear of losing my credibility as a spiritual teacher, counselor, parent, friend causing me to continue in some belief system that I have outgrown?”

Honor, honesty, and pure intention must be a part of every action taken and belief held if one is to grow and learn and ascend.

Those who really know, hold the truth they know secretly, silently, and sacredly within and feel no need to shout it from the rooftops, or change anyone or anything.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/20/15


Questions put to the Council.

How will Earth people change as we become new 4D humans?

ANSWER: the most important thing to realise is that the transformation, the transition from 3D to 4D, from being a 3D person to a 4D person will be a smooth, “seamless”, “painless” process. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure, from the slower, more dense, heavier existing 3D vibratory body you have today. – to a higher, faster, lighter 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight and density, about one tenth of what you weigh now. Keep in mind your body’s molecular cellular structure will actually change. Think crystal based molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Your 4D body will be based on crystalline molecules. No longer carbon based but crystal based. Within the core, the centre of each cell, it will be infused with light. Your 4D bodies will really be very translucent. This is a natural 4th dimensional, 4th density state. Keep in mind your body’s molecular cellular structure will actually change. Think crystal based molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Your 4D bodies, the cellular structure of your 4D body will be based on crystalline molecules. No longer carbon based but crystal based. Within the core, the centre of each cell, it will be infused with light. Your 4D bodies will really be very translucent. This is a natural 4th dimensional, 4th density state.
Everyone will be relatively tall and slim in stature. This is simply the nature of having a crystalline cellular structure. You will also be “lighter” in terms of being infused with light, not opaque as you are like today, not completely translucent, but very translucent. Your children will transform as well. But in terms of age appearance they will continue to develop as young adults, only now along the adjusted, normal, “time line” of thousands of years for 4th dimensional people. For most adults who chose to remain on Earth during this time of change, you will look approximately in the 32 to 35 year old age range. In terms of height, for a comparison, an average 3D male will be about 7ft. tall, this is the average height for a 4D man. A 5’ 5” to 5’ 6” 3D Earth woman will likely be about 6’ 2” living a 4D life. An average 4D Earth man will weigh in Earth terms about: 10 to 15 pounds. An average 4D Earth woman will weigh about: 5 to 7 pounds. Everyone will be relatively trim, tall, slim in stature. Again this is due to the nature of having a body composed of crystalline  cellular structure. In terms of overall health, 4D Earth humans will be healthy, very healthy, full of light. With your solar system and Earth’s migration into the 4th dimension zone of space, 3D diseases will all be literally eradicated.

If we are this healthy, and with the eradication of 3D Earth diseases, how long will we live as 4D Earth humans?

ANSWER: You will like this answer. Typically, as you currently measure time on Earth, human beings living a 4D life spend a minimum  of 6000 years – to – a maximum of 10,000 years, living a 4th dimensional life. Also understand, that there are 12 octaves of awareness and learning in each dimension, from the 4D fourth dimension on up. There is a lot to experience. Please keep in mind the use of these numbers in years, is to give you an approximation based on how Earth people measure time today. However, also keep in mind the way you the way you currently measure time on Earth – this will change once Earth becomes a completely 4D planet. Watching, measuring, experiencing time – this will virtually go away. Plan for this to completely come into effect by the 20th January  2014. In any case, you will live very, very long lives before you move on to the 5D, 5th dimension.

We understand the complete curing of physical health. But again, what about people with autism, retardation, syndromes, people who are mentally ill?

ANSWER: I certainly understand the seriousness of this issue. The “medical/healthcare team on the primary biosphere who will help, assist and counsel people who are having a difficult time adjusting to the differences of 4th dimensional life, and in addition what we would consider either severe psychiatric, deep emotional issues, shock or trauma, or people with autism, retardation, syndromes, varying degrees of mental illness, people with these afflictions who you are rightfully concerned about, they have the ability to choose (or a responsible party can choose for them), to heal their fine matter consciousness, this thing we call “the mind” where these issues are lodged. Please understand this is literally a spiritual vibratory issue. And the “medical/healthcare” team on the primary biosphere, or any of the other 11 Andromeda Council flagged biospheres stationed in Earth’s solar system, these teams can use various resonating sonic frequencies and techniques to attenuate, adjust and correct the “dysfunctions” and repair the broken pathways of the fine matter “wiring” of these peoples minds. There are a variety of modalities that can be used in combination to help cure these people. They are curable. It will take some counselling, a little extra care and gentle attention after the “medical” work, the attunements are done and completed. But these people, like everyone else, they too will be fine.

If our current bodies are transforming into new 4D bodies, and you have said that 3D Earth diseases will be eradicated, what about those of us with bad or missing teeth, various syndromes, muscular dystrophy, ALS, cerebral palsy, or those people with mental illness, those of us who are back from the various Gulf Wars and Afghanistan with missing hands, fingers, arms, legs. What about all of us?

ANSWER: From the Chief Medical Officer of the Andromeda Council biosphere she says “Many people have asked this kind of question. Yes, transformation of your 3D body into a 4D body will eradicate the existing illnesses and all diseases, and your bodies including birth defects, various syndromes, your loss of limbs, bad or missing teeth, malfunctioning hearing or defective eyes, and old age – all of these will all be remedied. Again, remember you are being transformed. You will have a full, complete, healthy body.

OK so back to 5D. What do you mean we move on to the 5D, onto the fifth dimension – when do we die?

ANSWER: No, no ,you misunderstand. That’s the point. You don’t die. Remember, time doesn’t exist from the 4D, fourth dimension on upwards. You don’t experience time. And people, Earth people living a 4D life do not die. A person can choose by really extraordinary circumstances  to be “extinguished” but this is very, very rare. When a 4D person gets to the point when he or she is 6,000 – 10,000 years old, when he or she feels they have learned enough and contributed enough to society, when the moment is right for them, they simply choose to move on, and transition to 5D, the fifth dimension,  a slightly higher frequency of vibratory awareness. For a new set of challenges, a new set of learning experiences. It is a transition, a change in vibration. This transition from 4D, the fourth, to 5D, the fifth, is simply about moving into a higher vibration and capabilities – when the moment is right for him/her. Further, the actual capabilities one has once he/she becomes a 5D, a fifth dimensional human, are only a couple of degrees enhanced above the upper capabilities of the 4D, the fourth dimension. In any case, moving on from one dimension to the next is only about having many experiences, learning many, many things and then making a simple choice to move on, to change. You do not die.

Remember folks mother earth is ascending to 5th dimension if you choose to stay with mother earth and family here then clearing your own body is imperative to do this. This is why our healing centers and adhering to mothers code of conduct consciousness compatibility  will be so important globally. Tami

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St. Germain speaks

Today I would like to bring you an update on what is taking place in the money field. There is much distribution being set into place that will swim around the world and disrupt many trials of error that have been taking place. When I speak of trials of error I am addressing the means by which the moneys have been distributed and shared over the years. This has been a game that many of the underground workers have been playing. Now they are finding that there are no longer any funds coming their way. Those funds are now taking a secret passageway that will come into the open for all the world to see and experience.

As this takes place it will be obvious to those who are in the know about the situation and how it has been being addressed. They are the ones who have been staying informed as to the upheavals taking place in the money system, and how it is all turning around. Those who have not been informed will very soon know what has been taking place around the world. They will be informed as to the truth not only of the money issues, but also of the various other issues that have kept humanity in bondage for so long.

You will all see the changes take place in front of your eyes and all around the world. You all will see that there is a new world governance, religion, educational system, etc, as all of the aspects of human life take on their new changes. Some will even say goodbye to those who thought that they represented the best that could be in the energy of what they were told. They will realize that they have been kept in the dark about the truth of the lies that they have been conditioned to believe and support.

My dear ones, this is all going to enlighten the world. As it comes to the reality that is actually now in the works, it will answer many questions, and even raise a few more, as to what has been going on in this world. Many people will have questions that will be answered not only by those bringing the changes, but by being able to look around and see the truth unfold in front of them.

I am St. Germain, my dear ones, and I have come this day to bring you up to date on the changes that are about to become evident to all of you. They will resound through many of you, and even some of you will realize it is time to take your places in the wheel of distribution and use of the funds that have been promised. You will see that even though it has seemed a long time for them to come forward, when you look at how long this has been taking place to inspire the changes. Then you will realize that it is but a breath of truth that is being sent forth by those who are behind the scenes in action to come forth and be seen in what they are doing for mankind and all of life on this wondrous planet.

I am walking with you and lending my energy in ways that I will be able to bring forth to you as I walk with you on the land and in the various places where I have been taking trips incognito for some time. I will be able to come forth and share with you what has been taking place behind the trees, bushes, and mountains that have been set into place for so long. They will all be as they were meant to be and will have a new way of expression that will raise your awareness in ways that will bring a new sense of peaceful purpose to your hearts and lives.

I go now and set my pace in a dance mode, for I love you all and I look forward to the day when I can come forth and dance with you all in this new land of peace, joy and love. It is you and all of us who have been looking forward to that day of freedom and bliss that is right there now on the horizon. Love to you all, in Peace and Joy!

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,
Much Love,