North American Cafr Fraud

North American Cafr Fraud:

Extensive Cafr Audits and education available here. This information will give clarity about how we have all been swindlesd and lied to by many levels of government. None of the government levels in Canada that I am aware off have given Canadians the real numbers but spin doctor through media about budgets. Our so called integrity ombudsman for our municipal government in Vancouver refuses to give our media and auditors access to cafr books in our municipal government. Check with local Gobal news to verify. If you know some government official, mayor or city manager who has given them in Canada let me know. Tami  (cafr fraud started in north America in 1946)

Jerry Day Government will not protect you from corporations! Posted Sept 2/16


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted here Feb 2/18

A COPY of the HPSCI MEMO Release of: 02/02/18 can be viewed or copied from the following link:

It is also available for download as a MSWord or ACROBAT .pdf file for easy printing and sharing.

The document was classified TOP SECRET and as of 02/02/18  it is now UNCLASSIFIED

The short and to the point CAFR1 comments at the top of that page linked above are very relevant to this release.

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Liabilities??? Hmmm, how are they determined??? posted Oct 20/17


The changes to GASB accounting standards over the last decade or so allow for:

1. “projecting” out up to 35-years liabilities as if due today.

On this point, what the pension fund systems are doing is looking at each participant and projecting what they will be making at retirement.

EXAMPLE: The employee making $35,000 today, at retirement 30-years from now with raises; cost of living increase expenses; etc., will be making say $225,000. So with most getting 80% of what they retire at $225,000 at 80% = ($180,000) and with the fund say using an actuarial return projection of 5%, that means the allocation from the fund to cover that “one” employee would be: at a 5% return to equal $180,000 equals $3,600,000  allocated for that one employee.

I note the employee does not own 1c of that allocation. They just have in so many words a “ticket to ride” under contract for payouts from the fund. The local governments participating owns 100% of their share in the fund’s balance. If a local government were to lay of half of employees during one year (their 5-year or less ), POOF, about half of the fund balance just from the local government’s participation freed up and the over-funded portion is available for withdraw. On the other hand, if after the local government was refunded and two-years latter the same local government hired the same amount of employees they laid off previously, snap, “significantly underfunded!”

A close look needs to be made of what transpired in 2008 when CA local governments laid off tens of thousands of employees and then rehired them a few years latter….

Pension funds create a “Parking Zone” for wealth held by a local governments. The bigger the fund balance, the bigger their wealth base held. Additionally every fund is a power base. Where those funds are invested can make or break any business venture globally.

So, the “Bottom Line” here is: If pensions were a “cash and carry” (all “current” liabilities were paid by the fund ongoing), they all are 100% + funded!

To promote “underfunded” without qualifying how the game is being played plays right into the local government’s and “Pension System” wealth building scheme to the detriment of the entire US tax-paying population’s interests. Keep in mind most government employees do not know this is being done either. 

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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Oct 8/17

The following link is to a basic html layout listing to CAFR reports, about 4500 gouped by catagory.

The lead in to the links gives the basic “Heads up” and the basics of what to look for and at.

** It is a good link to use with social media; in email communications; on websites; or in publications. It gives the researchers much data and examples to draw from.

The link is:

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From the page if you wish to highlight and copy from the listing, you can select the CAFRs by category from your State and paste into a document you are creating.

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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Aug 24/17

What the News media is not mentioning are the Ocean territories claimed as National Monuments by the USA.

Ocean claimed territory is listed first followed by land designated National Monuments under review.

Look at the ACREAGE claimed per the ocean floors! Amazing!

Why are the ocean territories up for review?

ANSWER: Oil and Mineing. (Deep sea mining is now a technical capability)

A few trillions of dollars in value up for the grabs there.

Did you ever think of the ocean territories claimed by the USA from the oceans of the world? I never did until now

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – and

Marine National Monuments to be reviewed. As directed by section 4 of Executive Order 13795 of April 28, 2017, “Implementing An America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” (82 FR 20815, May 3, 2017), the Department of Commerce will lead the review of the Marine National Monuments in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior. To assist in that consultation, the Secretary will accept comments related to the application of factors (i) through (vii) in Executive Order 13792 for the following Marine National Monuments:


Monument Location Year(s) Acreage
Marianas Trench CNMI/Pacific Ocean 2009 60,938,240
Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Atlantic Ocean 2016 3,114,320
Pacific Remote Islands Pacific Ocean 2009 55,608,320
Papahanaumokuakea Hawaii/Pacific Ocean 2006/2016 89,600,000
Rose Atoll American Samoa/Pacific Ocean 2009 8,609,045


The “on the land” National Monuments being initially reviewed are listed in the following tables:


Monument Location Year(s) Acreage
Basin and Range Nevada 2015 703,585
Bears Ears Utah 2016 1,353,000
Berryessa Snow Mountain California 2015 330,780
Canyons of the Ancients Colorado 2000 175,160
Carrizo Plain California 2001 204,107
Cascade Siskiyou Oregon 2000/2017 100,000
Craters of the Moon Idaho 1924/2000 737,525
Giant Sequoia California 2000 327,760
Gold Butte Nevada 2016 296,937
Grand Canyon-Parashant Arizona 2000 1,014,000
Grand Staircase-Escalante Utah 1996 1,700,000
Hanford Reach Washington 2000 194,450.93
Ironwood Forest Arizona 2000 128,917
Mojave Trails California 2016 1,600,000
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks New Mexico 2014 496,330
Rio Grande del Norte New Mexico 2013 242,555
Sand to Snow California 2016 154,000
San Gabriel Mountains California 2014 346,177
Sonoran Desert Arizona 2001 486,149
Upper Missouri River Breaks Montana 2001 377,346
Vermilion Cliffs Arizona 2000 279,568


Katahdin Woods and Waters Maine        2016         87,563     


The Department of the Interior seeks public comments related to: (1) Whether national monuments in addition to those listed above should be reviewed  because they were designated or expanded after January 1, 1996 “without adequate public outreach and coordination with relevant stakeholders;” and (2) the application of factors (i) through (vii) set forth above to the listed national monuments or to other Presidential designations or expansions of designations meeting the criteria of the Executive Order. With respect to factor (vii), comments should address other factors the Secretary might consider for this review.


MIKE’S COMMUNICATION OF 02/19/11 posted Aug 21/17

Communication from Canada:

From:      “Mike”
Subject:  From Canada
Date:      Sat, February 19, 2011 12:52 am
To:      “Walter Burien”

Hello Walter

Of all the times I have wanted to respond, and of the times I’ve similarly wished I had phoned to say hi. Well, I’m doing it now.

How are you in Arizona?

I am from Alberta, and this last statement is far from true here.

Everyone who is anyone in Alberta Lives in Arizona.

Money from here lives there.

But what goes on here is only Skim, Scam, Scum.

$100 million dollar bills Fly outta here for the islands of the Caribbean, or maybe Switzerland or someplace. Road improvement building funds are utilized for nothing. And Flim Flam right out of the country. To my thinking. Right off the Continent.

Every intersection or bridge is a now $200 million dollar affair.
$44 million art galleries built for $88 million.
$42 million rec centers built for $84 million.

Graft and scandal-ism enmax!

No one knows what it takes.

No one thinks this is a scandal.

$100 million dollars is an old affair.

In Edmonton I have counted 5. In the last 5 years.

Front page Edmonton Sun.

$ 100 million Dollars for Bike paths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Theft and Larceny Supreme Max.

I’m going to work out of town tomorrow.

Be back on Friday.

But the song continues unabated.

Oh and Denver’s airport NAZI sign.

Wait till Edmonton’s LRT is completed

North to 153 avenue then left to St Albert  1.5 + Billion dollars for 100000 residents

South to Millwoods the right along 23rd avenue half nazi.

North right
South left

1.5 Billion $ each.

3 billion.

Wholly hell on earth.

Fox drive was 6 lanes.

Now after 80+ million reduced to 4 lanes with buses only.

Anyways more to say. Hope you will pick up on it next week.

Good night.



From:     “Walter Burien”
Subject:   Re: From Canada
Date:       Sat, February 19, 2011 1:07 pm
To:         “Mike”



The way I express the same in simple analogy is I call it the: “Cookie Jar Syndrome” (CJS).

In reality what the people did by allowing the opportunity for a gang to ruthless politicians to control the purse strings was like giving a 12 year old card blanch to write their own allowance check each week. The parents will get screwed every time. 

Per the CJS the cookie jar is in the kitchen and the parent tells the children if they want a cookie they must ask and the parent will get one for them. Well the kid is up in his bedroom and looks out the window and sees his mom working in the garden so he tipsy-toes down to the kitchen slowly and carefully looks around, sneaks over to the cookie jar, grabs one and quickly runs back up the stairs. Well a short time latter he looks out the window and his mom is still working in the garden. The cookie urge comes again but this time he walks down the stairs, casually walks over to the cookie jar, lifts the lid, takes three and walks back up the stairs to his room. Well, when he takes his next trip down the stairs to the cookie jar it will be to take the cookie jar back to his room. As long as the parents are working with a distraction:

No consequences, no problem and you see due to the massive money involved the foxes have made sure to place other foxes into every position that oversees the conduct of foxes. So forget just taking the cookie jar, they have leveraged and finagled to take over the cookie factory; transportation to the market place; the cost of a cookie of which will now be $3 each; and have passed requirements that require all to eat at least one cookie per week or face fine or arrest.

The public will continue to be masterfully entertained in distraction, the foxes will continue to chuckle behind closed doors as they divide their share of cookies, and it will continue as so until foxes are physically picked up by force and removed or in the extreme case executed.

History has clearly written that reality over and over again across the globe over the centuries. The names, circumstance, and tactics may change but the end game always remains the same. When dealing with thieves and scoundrels from within any political body, they breed and multiply as their theft goes on unabated and the general population will always acquiesce to avoid confrontation out of fear of harm from implied stronger forces.

The thievery intensifies, the number of thieves increases, the tactics used by the thieves intensifies, until one day the population has had enough and revolts.

Individuals and small groups that revolt are usually destroyed by the thieves. Also thieves being thieves if they see their looting being jeopardized by public revolt were they think the public may just revolt and successfully eliminate them, they themselves having the finances of the decades of looting accomplished, the thieves then organize and promote themselves as the revolution to eliminate thieves. The public then unwittingly being in a state of blind hostility from the decades of being stolen from, follows the instructions of the thieves themselves.

Governments over the globe for at least the last 5000 years have focused on appeasing the public to thus give government control over the wealth. From time to time a gang organized as a government will use lethal force to take whatever it wants. Well that may work out OK for them in the short run but inevitably the people organize into a very hostile swarm and eliminate the aggressive usurpers acting from within the administratively organized entity calling itself a government.

The more money and wealth involved the more ruthless and clever the tactics from both sides become. Government though especially these days having access to trillions of dollars and a propaganda machine funded with the same will stay mostly two steps ahead of everyone else.

When governments fall it is because the thievery became so open and blatant and the thieves have bred to be so overpopulated, the confusion created by the thieves themselves now loosing their common and collective perspective start stealing from each other and the organizational cooperation then beaks down. Then in effect having an irate population that exercises their unity to confront thieves and by overbearing circumstances effecting them does so and the government structure topples.  This can happen sometimes quickly and sometime it can take a few hundred years.

What is an interesting and ironic supposition is that every time the population revolts and eliminates the gang that has abusively usurped their positions acting from within the organized structure of a government, those people that revolted always think and feel that the event they implemented was a first.. when in fact the event was the same old story that was in reality told over and over again throughout time and reached to every corner of the globe. 

From what I have seen so far after a purge by revolution is that no one has figured out how to keep the thieves from then reestablishing and inevitably flourishing as they breed and grow from inside of the organized structure of government.What is true from the start in any government is: Give me $100 a day and I will return $90 a day. The soft sell and manipulation to accomplish this is a well refined art. When established and the easy money of corruption roots it then becomes $100 in and $80 back, and then $70, $60, $50, $40, $0.

I remember a film made back in the 50’s called “The Day the Earth Stood Still” a robot that could destroy planets was given ultimate authority with only one primary command: attack and destroy anyone who attacks another. Organized government if becoming primarily thieves could not use force to attack the people to steal from them or they would have been destroyed. No wars, no abuse of power, no profit from killing or thievery. Could not happen being that the force required to pull it off would assure their own destruction.

The current problem here in the USA and in other countries where thieves breed, nest, and expand their ranks is that any form of law enforcement from the streets to the highest levels has been neutered from enforcing the law per violations from inside players or even worse have been selectively placed by the thieves themselves to make sure there would be no accounting or consequences for their thievery by administrative decree.

The population is maintained as being open marks for confiscation, arrest, or lethal forced to be used against them except for the inside players, the judges, attorneys, elected or appointed officials, it was as if they were from a foreign world that had only one law that was enforced upon them with that being: Cooperate with the thieves and be content with your pay and perks or do not cooperate and be in all respects destroyed loosing all. It appears the now limited numbers of ethical; honest; and righteous from the inside are in the same boat as those from the outside. Acquiesce or be destroyed.

The only issue has always been: Consequences and liability to the inside players in place, no problem for the people on the outside or ethical on the inside.  No consequences of liability for the inside players, no problem for them and hell for the people on the outside and ever yielding caution from those of ethics on the inside. There usually is no gray area here. It is one or the other or just transitioning taking place between the two.

To make things much worse for the current generation, with the mass communication technology in use today, the public is sound-bite conditioned to think everything is fine and dandy in Alice and wonderland; saturated with confusion to eliminate effective cognitive thinking, as in reality the grandest thefts are taking place over and over again with out any true accountability or consequences but in the alternative grand reward for those involved.

When will the tide turn in a back wash flood to sweep the majority of the thieves out to sea for deep water elimination / eradication? 

Well, to play it safe my guess is between 1 and 2000 years. But then with me being a hopeless enthusiast and optimist I would prefer six months from now that the tide could be turned. The decades of entertainment must end and the cold reality of corrective and effective action through whatever measures necessary must begin.

The world is a grand and great gift we are given from birth. The timeless creator of it all wanted it to be as so. We must protect the gift that is given or if not done with vigilance and unbending resistance we will face in that acquiescence our own allowed hell to inevitably engulf us. It is a sin when 90% of We The People wish for the best and we allow that minority exercising networked greed, unrestrained power, and fear created to slowly poison and steal from us all.

I will leave off with one final and all overpowering note. The current structure of government has evolved having the “intent” to utilize the population as a productivity source to be drained and managed. This is not a good thing nor will it ever be. What I brought forward per the TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) now funding all government operations with taxation eliminated creates the force necessary to change the whole picture of intent from government. I can not emphasize the importance of this end result.

No longer would government’s intent be to utilize the population as a productivity source to be drained and managed but in the alternative the intent transitions into government’s intent being to see the public as wealthy and prosperous as possible.  TRF’s create capital reinvestment of no equal driving the world economy.

The population now without the drain of taxation builds their wealth and prosperity unrestrained. Corporations and financial institutions thrive within this environment. With the public now exercising their wealth and prosperity generate excellent returns for the investment of the TRFs and thus truckloads of cash rolling in for government from those TRF accounts satisfying all and any budgetary needs.

Win – win for all concerned and an economic foundation that drives the world economy for at least the next thousand years. An economy not based on cash; taxation; and investment but one of cash and investment only.  The changing of the intent factor of government is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. If we are intelligent and  persevering enough to make this happen I believe the creator would be pleased with his children. I hope you agree. 

Truly yours,
Walter Burien –
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: and always remember: “Don’t turn your back and look the other way, shoot a looting fox in the chicken coop today!” (Their bushy tails look nice hanging up on the wall by the fire place)

CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Aug 20/17

This Picture is for your and your contacts use in Posts, on your website, or in communications – This is a High Impact visual effect item

The following caricature picture I had made for CAFR1 in 2009. Release for your use and others is given. WJB

CAFR: 1965 - 2017

I modified the 2009 original to 2017 and added a link to the CAFR1 example listing page of categorized example CAFRs (About 4600 of them) that can be downloaded, and reviewed by any party.

Additionally, anyone from across the country can select CAFRs shown on the listings that are close to them, put on one DVD, make copies and share with activists in their area. Also after downloading them, a directory on your website of your selection of local government CAFRs from your State can be created.

The picture here was sent with the link embedded in the picture and when clicked on will redirect opening in a new tab to the example CAFR listing page.

This caricature picture has very high impact per generating a strong cognitive thought for the viewer who is unaware of the CAFR to investigate further, triggers curiosity carry-through, and after review of a few, to share the same with others.

It has the effect of exponentially breaking the “Silence is Golden Rule” that has been well in place for the last 70-years relative to the well in place suppression of the CAFR (Local Government’s Holy Grail of accounting) being mentioned by the syndicated media; controlled education; and Political Parties, which is in accounting terms; local government’s: “Statement of Net Worth” that every taxpayer should be going over with a fine-toothed comb.

I request sincerely that all on the CAFR1 National email list use this caricature picture on their website, postings, Facebook, email communications, etc. and that they share with all that they know to do the same.

The picture can be copied (right click your mouse over the picture and select “save image as”) then when saved it can be re-sized larger or smaller to fit your use needs and make sure to embed the link (you need to re-embed the link after the picture file is saved and then used by you) to the CAFR example listings page.

A strong wish to you from CAFR1 and the TRFA of the best in life for one and all.

Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.

Manager – TRFA and CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

 (928) 458-5854 Arizona

PS: Here is a link to the aerial view of  TRFA National Home / Office  project that is underway in Gallup, NM –

       The TRFA two floor Office will be built on the North point of the center butte, great 360 view for 65-miles and I note all contributors who have helped CAFR1 over the years will be invited to the grand opening when the project is completed. Zoom in and you will see the fence around and entrance gate on the center South side of the property.

       A diagram of the two floors and deck of the TRFA Home / Office can be viewed here –

      Additionally, here is a link to the TRFA US Trademark that shows what the TRFA in organizational and intellectual property terms is covered under – TRFA US TRADEMARK



WJB  When Push comes to Shove
by Walter Burien – CAFR1  posted July 24/17
    Our country, the USA is at a crossroads. What is at stake is the perceived reality we are all spoon-fed vs. the reality of truth.    Truth is not a propagandized agenda that is slanted to such an extent to be outright false. Truth is simple reality when the before mentioned agenda layers are stripped away.    I have closely watch the news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and other news outlets over the last 6-months to clearly spot the biased propagandized presented agenda as would pertain to our President, Donald Trump.     As we all know, a campaign to smear Mr. Trump was aggressively exerted by key individuals from the center of corrupted political control machine in place prior to the election. Bottom line? … They did not succeed and  in fact their obvious tactics polarized the American people to organize the population to make sure Mr. Trump succeeded in his bid for President of the USA.    Did that inherently corrupted machine evaporate when Mr. Trump took office? No it did not. What it did though was to organize a singular strategy to tie the hands of Mr. Trump through utilizing a well planed, agreed upon, and focused attack whereby through repetition over and over again in so many words was structured to convince the population that the World was not round but flat. My statement here may seem a little to simple but in “fact” is how the objective game is simply played out by the syndicate gang.     The object is through repetition and supposed debate on the issue, designed to “implant” in the minds of the population that a serious issue exists when in fact none does. In doing so it accomplishes several objectives:1.     It swamps Mr. Trump with “time consuming” thought and effort from both him and his administration in response. In doing so, it stalls the progression of our Presidents efforts to accomplish his campaign promises.  

2.     When the political gangs of our Senate and Congress see the effectiveness of the focused attack, those who were fence sitters, will tend to lean towards the agenda of the attack further complicating the effectiveness of Mr. Trump when it comes down to votes on an issue.  It appears that Push has come to Shove in resolving these issues of the controlled effort to marginalize the effectiveness of our President, Mr. Donald Trump.

3.     The intended effect such an agenda has on the population through the open spoon-feeding of the agenda from the corrupted political machine is to diminish support for our President through convincing the population through repetition that an issue exists when “in fact” none does. The one issue focused attack?…. Russia’s involvement in the election. (And I am confident five or more other plans are being held as bakups to be used as time goes by and are needed to be used by the gang)

    So let us examine the “reality” of facts:

A.     In every Presidential election that has taken place over the last 100-years, especially in the USA, the world community, every country on the planet has expressed their “Nay” or “Yea” regarding the candidates running for office. Was Russia pro Trump? Yes. Were many other Countries around the world pro Trump? Yes. It would be nice for the news media to compile that list and make it very public.

    I will note that financial contributions that came in for Mr. Trump were primarily from the USA whereby for Mr. Obama (emphasis added), Mr. Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary when they ran for President, massive amounts of contributions came in from foriegn countries, Soviet block countries, Asian Countries, and especially some of the mid-east countries. For the Bush’s, massive contributions came in from Corporate entities both domestic and foriegn. (But then war assured for those Corporate interests is very profitable)

    Who has the cleanest record of financial backing from the US Population and NOT foriegn or Corporate interests?

    ANSWER: Mr. Trump.

B.     Health Care: Obama care as it is called was designed to be the most profitable, (massively profitable) in all respects for government institutional investment funds.  USA government, both local and Federal are the primary investors with the insurance, health-care, and medical provider industries. When Obama-care was put in place, billions came rolling in “designed” to enhance the profits within those government institutional investment accounts at the direct expense of the USA population.

    So is Mr. Trump running into opposition regarding modifying the “Goose that lays the Golden eggs” for government institutional investment funds to the tune of a few trillion dollars in government profits since it was implemented and projected to accomplish over the next several years? Well that is a “no brain effort”  for an answer..

    Mr. Trump is in a position of a rock in a hard spot regarding this issue. On one hand if he “qualified” to the population the scope and size of the government institutional investment funds “collective” trillion’s of dollars of participation for “profit” from Obama-care; Presidents for attempting that type of disclosure have been quickly destroyed or assassinated for less. On the other hand to sway the political syndicate players, that in the alternative truly benefiting the population per health-care at a low cost where in effect it would substantially diminish those massive profits coming in for the government’s institutional investment funds, is to say the least,  a very difficult up-hill battle. The “Art of Making the Deal” will be put to a true test of Mr. Trump’s abilities here.

C.      Building the Wall and having Mexico pay for it:  Well, that is a pretty simple thing to do. Step-one is to impose a 1.5% import tariff of Mexican goods coming into the USA, In doing so it in a small way helps USA interests from  being under-cut by cheaper Mexican goods and those funds collected are specifically designated to build the wall. (To the tune of 1.5%). Step-two, and this is a big one, the value of all confiscated drugs caught coming across the border from Mexico is added as a separate levy to the tariff on a semi-annual basis.

    Which will add more revenue for quick completion of the wall. The 1.5% import tariff or the drug confiscation value add on? Time will tell… But I am confident that drug seizures will go up substantially with that value added levy in place. Also the Mexican government may just be motivated to fight drug trafficking coming from their country going into the USA due to that levy. So what is holding this back from being implemented?  Again, it boils down to USA Government institutional investment fund profits generated from Mexico.

    What the USA population needs to comprehend, is that back in the 80’s, the Mexican Peso was intentionally driven down through the floor by USA Institutional investment fund manipulation (funds traded domestic AND Internationally) through the world currency derivative markets. When the Peso was driven down to a very small fraction of its previous value, the USA Government institutional Investment funds came in with several hundred billions of dollars buying up and investing in several Mexican Industry groups for pennies on the dollar based on the currency manipulation that took place.

    Then the currency manipulation ceased, the Peso rebounded, NAFTA was implemented in 1993 and GATT was utilized, and the flood gates for Mexican goods coming into the USA were opened. After that was done by the end of the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s almost everything you picked up in Walmart or K-Mart said “Made in Mexico”.  Investment returns for those new owners of those industry groups by investment, and orders being directed to the same, the added value of the rebound in the Peso,  and the cheap labor available in Mexico, profits soared. We are talking 600% to 3000% on some of those investments “per-year”.

    After 5-years, and then for the next 15-years with the flood gates being opened, USA Government institutional fund profits were in the trillions of dollars from the original investment take-over accomplished through the Mexican Peso currency manipulation played out at the beginning of the 80’s.

    So, what does a 1.5% tariff effect? ANSWER: The return generated for those now trillions of dollars in value held collectively by USA government Institutional investment funds in place within Mexico. That is why the silence is deafening per the building of the Wall.

    Could Mexico in retaliation move to seize those assets standing of USA government institutional investment funds? Yes. Additionally back in the early 80’s when the Mexican government was crying uncle due to the Peso being driven down through the floor, the US Government advanced the Mexican government 50-billion dollars, and then got them for another 50-billion dollar+ on a loan where it was specifically repayable in crude-oil locked in at $10 per barrel for repayment of the total loan. If a good portion of that loan was outstanding, could the Mexican Government in retaliation default on it? Yes, they could.

    So, when Push comes to Shove between the USA and Mexico, Mexico has some pretty good leverage to hold over the USA’s head. But then in over-all reality, if Push comes to Shove, in light of military inequality, Mexico may just make a good new State to the Union and no wall would be necessary. I am sure many a Texan would want to participate in that one if it became necessary to do so, but then the Mexican Government would quickly realize the error of their ways if that potential was being put on the drawing board..

    When truth is presented, and most importantly “comprehended”, the “Big Picture” comes to light and the implications therein understood.

    The “Bottom line” comes down to “Who Benefits”? Is it the USA population, or the USA Government Corporate Institutional fund’s for profit interests? (Due to the money and wealth involved)

    Well, again we saw what played out before the election and what is being playing out since the election. As it has come to be known: “The Fake News” in cooperation with the entrenched political gang is predominantly moving along to systematically marginalize Mr. Trump and his effectiveness as our President. The syndicated corporate Government “for profit” gang in DC and across the land has their plan in place and will continue it’s implementation until they are forcefully stopped. Keep in mind they have played the same game for over 70-years and the trillions of dollars that have and continue to change hands through cooperating with the game is well in place and tuned like a Stradivarius violin. That is what Mr. Trump in all reality is up against.

    What is needed in the “Push come to Shove” effort from the American population? 

1.     Take names and addresses. The game being played out once comprehended is very obvious.  Let those you spot cooperating with the game, know in no uncertain terms that you are not very happy with them. In fact let them know you are out-right disgusted with them, and you think they are an insult to the American population. For a starter that will have a positive effect.

2.     Cooperative players with the game are effected by their established cash flow being diminished. I have noticed ABC and their talking heads being one of the clearly smug, methodical players in perpetuating of the game. The corporate sponsors that buy ad-time on ABC, let them know your feelings as expressed in #1, requesting they pull their ads from ABC.

3.     Let all know that are cooperating with the game, done so by them knowingly, willingly, and intentionally, that their cooperation has consequences diminishing the  USA’s standing with the population domestically and in the World’s opinion of the USA. Additionally, that cooperation with the embedded inherently corrupted political machine will additionally have UN-intended consequences as to the basic cohesiveness held by the masses making up the population. A cohesiveness that for hundreds of years has maintained the prosperity (That has been perpetually diminishing) we all have enjoyed since the USA’s creation as a nation to date. I note as history proves, Rome fell after looting 2/3rds of the known world, and when the looting became thin from their conquests, the looting was turned inward towards the wealth held in Rome, against each other, and Rome fell.

    Mr. Trump as our President needs our 110% commitment behind his efforts and in support of his integrity. The methodical diminishing and attempts to “set up” a repetitive spoon-fed meaningless issue as if it were an issue to accomplish the political objective  from those “specific” cooperative players to thwart Mr. Trump’s effectiveness to benefit the USA Population  needs to stop and will only stop when those perpetuating the same are directly confronted to do so. A universal law is: “An object in motion stays in motion unless countered by an equal or greater force”. 

    I say it is about time that the DC gang learns clearly who and what is the greatest force within the USA. That being the collected consciousness coming from the population of the USA. Throw the organized false agenda spoon-feeding out the window.. Throw the “divide and conquer” spoon-feeding we all have been getting for decades out the window.

    Mr. Trump has promised to: “Make America Great again”. I have always believed that America was always great. But based on the effects of an inherently corrupted political system that is running way out of control for decades extorting the wealth of it’s own peoples, their is MUCH room for improvement. Let us all help Mr. Trump and his administration “Clean up the Swamp” and establish a structured government that is more in line to directly benefit the USA and more specifically, the Population “of the USA”.

    We are all “Masterfully Entertained” by the implanted gang to be off in La-La land and under ultimate distraction as “they” laugh all the way to the bank every day, week, month, and year. They have been doing so for decades as the tears, stress, and diminishing of the population’s wealth and holdings proportionally erodes and worsens.

    I don’t know about you, but I would be a whole lot happier if the population’s laughter and big smiles erupted into a consistent and perpetual roar as the standard. The trend that is in place now, needs to be reversed and reversed with true applied force, done so within the best of our abilities to do so.

    Please share this communication with those that you know. Post to chat and news sites so that as many individuals can see it to thus comprehend what is disclosed within. Censorship will be at play, but then that is what force is all about. Breaking through and over-riding the opposition presented..

    The majority of the American population needs to see this communication. Will that happen? You and all that read this communication will determine that “realty” in your efforts of breaking through the digital communication censorship in place today. There is no “Masterful entertainment” here. Just some of the “realty” that may turn the tide for assisting our President, Mr. Donald Trump towards effective action as “We The People” intended…

    Who knows, our efforts may just free up his time and focus to where he and his administration may be able to assist in making the TRFA designed to retire taxation across the land go into effect sooner than later throughout “our” nation.

    Again, “Throw the “divide and conquer” spoon-feeding we all have been getting for decades out the window.” It only serves the syndicate and weakens us as a peoples of this planet Earth.

United we stand, divided we fall. So it appears, emphasis given, unity between all is the way to go for optimum unified force to be applied to effect the desired changes needed. As far as this issue is concerned, there are no Blacks, Whites, Asian, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, or any sect or breed, there is only one force; The Peoples of the USA united, united to stand for a common end. That end being prosperity for all peoples of the USA in opposition to an inherently corrupted government for profit, operating outside of the interests of it’s own peoples.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

Websites:  and


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted June 3/17

Many did not get the previous CAFR1 Post of 05/27/17. So I put the article up on my site and here is the link to it if you wish to share with others:

As previously noted to the CAFR1 National email group, it appears Big Brother has found a way to block the posts from reaching over 70% of the subscribers. The posts do not even go to the SPAM box of the subscriber, it just is blocked by the ISP mail server of the subscriber. And if the subscriber does get it and tries to forward to their group, it is blocked from most of them getting it also.

Here is a cute example that happened three days ago:

Jeff Rense – was sent from me an email with the article shown for publication on his site under “News Headlines”. Well, Jeff sent an email copy of the article to his Webmaster who has a GMail account for it to be put up on his site. The Webmaster did not get it. Jeff tried to his amazement about 20-times, and each time the Webmaster did not get the email showing the article.

This type of blocking of an email he was trying to send “to his own Webmaster of over 25-years” had never happened to him before.  I mentioned to Jeff that this type of email blocking was a “News Headline Story” in itself.

The Webmaster then was forced to searched the Internet at that time to find the article posted elsewhere and copied the not formatted text version from there and then put it up of Jeff’s site.

Today I put up the formatted version of the article on my site (the link above) and sent it to Jeff so he could swap out the not formatted version currently listed on his site.

Big Brother does not make it an easy effort to circulate information (unless they want it circulated that is).

I do note, that from the few who got the article and shared with those who could get it, the article did have quick impact. I noticed the NEXT DAY a 180 degree turn-around in the syndicated media’s presentation from then to now.

I guess my idea of a Class-Action brought forward in the article scared the **** out of them and was cause for a quick attitude correction from corporate management per their presentation put forward.

Sent FYI and for your sharing with others,
Walter Burien – CAFR1

Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona


Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks is NOT a secured right under the 1st Amendment posted May 29/17

by Walter Burien – CAFR1 05/29/17

Cleaning up the organized corruption permeating government is a monument-us and daunting job.

With the organized corruption being so well entrenched throughout all levels of government, and generating such massive wealth for the players from the same, in plain language: “They don’t play fair.”

The recent Presidential election shook the entrenched gang based on the implied cleanup to purge the corruption. What was their response to protect their well entrenched syndicate?

ANSWER: The same as they did before the election was maintained and solidified: Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks and what they are doing is “NOT” a secured right under the: 1st Amendment.

What is systematically being done is a showing of just how entrenched the corruption is. The public is not stupid (at least most of them). Now I have watched over the decades the inherently corrupt organized syndicate gang “play” the public as if they were automated stupid drones who could be directed in their thinking through spoon fed malignant contrived information designed to destroy or promote an intended target.

We all have seen this played out before the election and now even a more organized and systematically applied effort by the gang after the election. A gradually intensified masterful presentation frothing the malignant intent to marginalize and damage our president, Mr. Donald Trump and certain key players of his staff.

Now those who do not know what the First Amendment is, they can stop reading this article. They are part of the hopelessly lost sound-bite conditioned drone population, and the time it would take to make them well informed cognitive thinking individuals, in end result would be well after the planed destruction and final looting of our country taking place. This article is exclusively for the informed cognitive thinkers out there.

My personal feelings and sentiments as to what is being done to slander, malign, and personally attack Mr. Trump are as follows.

1. It is a very dangerous game the gang is playing. They weaken the standing the USA has with the global community.  I note also that in this type of environment created by the gang, they also believe  they can manipulate the responses from Mr. Trump to actual world events. I say this after watching what I consider a mistake Mr. Trump was baited into making. Notably: The attack on a Syrian military air-base.

Those who do not have a short-term memory will recall that several years ago the syndicate gang wanting to attack Syria staged a chemical weapons incident blaming Syria in their attempts to use Military force to attack Syria. Well it almost worked until it was shown and proved that the chemical weapons use was done by insurgents (probably in coordination with a CIA covert op) to falsely justify an attack on Syria. The covert-op came real close to accomplishing the intent for a military attack but the false assertion backfired through assertive and timely investigation by the international community.

Well, it almost worked once, why not do the same and make it work again by baiting and pushing Mr. Trump into attacking Syria at this time as the gang froths at the mouth with a new presented oppertunity to do so. By them utilizing the same routine that almost worked before.. Well, they were successful in motivating Mr. Trump to attack Syria, and to his detriment in the international community. 

Currently, the military option is being focused on N. Korea, a very real and dangerous circumstance. The response the USA should give to this circumstance? Well, what I would suggest is a four prong response:

    A.) China is the “Parent” country to N. Korea. China should not tolerate the rhetoric coming out of N. Korea per an attack on the USA combined with long-range missile development. It should be made very clear to China that the threats from the child will bear on having responsibility and consequences to and for the parent.  China can stop N. Korea cold in its tracks and should be required to do so.

    B.) We have spent a few trillion  dollars on our Star-Wars missile defense program. Let’s not let it go to waste. Make it very openly clear to N. Korea that any further long-range ballistic missile tests they conduct will be without hesitation shot down after launch by the USA.   A little target practice would be a good thing in this circumstance.

    C.) Direct and severe  sanctions levied immediately against N. Korea by the USA until N. Korea changes their tune.

    D.) Organize and implement world condemnation against N. Korea for openly and intentionally threatening World Peace. China, Russia, and the USA should be the fore-runners in this effort with all and as many other countries joining into the condemnation.

2. The key buzz word the gang is using over and over again as if a promoted dreaded threat is Russia, Russia, Russia.

RUSSIA is a world power. All and every attempt to have a friendly, open, and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Russia is a must to be in place. 

“How many other countries openly endorsed Mr. Trump”, many.. But it appears Russia has been selected by the gang as the “Buzz Word”.

In my personal opinion, if before the election Vladimir Putin staged an event in the USA in line with his famous picture were to ride his horse from East to West across the USA in a “Ride for Trump”, yes that would be “influencing the election” and that event would have been just fine with me.

ANYONE supporting a candidate for public office in the USA, if from the USA or elsewhere “is” a hallmark this country was founded on.

The effect of ANYONE’S support of a candidate will have  negative or positive effects that will motivate voters to vote one way or the other.

The event example noted here could not have been done due to security concerns for Mr. Putin. But if it had, I believe that due to the sentiments of the voters wanting to see a friendly, open, and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Russia , Hillary would have lost the election by another 25 to 30 million votes.

3. Spoon feeding to the US Population selectively contrived half-truth or false  information to the population is a well refined art. An art proven to be very effective over and over again throughout history. The gang and their well entrenched cooperatives from the syndicated media know this all to well.

If the gang for whatever reason targeted Mother Theresa for jay-walking in NY City as if a capital offense, after a while, with one contrived false story as fact being masterfully presented coming out, and to the detriment of the people of the United States, they would have the useful idiot drones chirping here, there, and everywhere for her execution to the dismay of the majority of the population wondering if this country has gone nuts. Bottom line is that the Gang is very good at their organized and false attacks against anyone. 

4. Read the writing on the wall and remember “who” is participating in the organized and methodical false and contrived attack on Mr. Trump. They are the well entrenched agents of the syndicate. Let them bear the mark of who and what they are.

5. “If” the corrupt syndicate is to be diminished and perpetually loose their in-place influence over this country, they must be overwhelmed with descent and indignation from a disgusted population in a direct, open, and effective  manner. Let those talking heads and especially the directors from ABC, NBC, etc., or any other participant that is cooperating with the contrived, orchestrated, created out of false innuendo, attack against our president, that they are in no uncertain terms, human garbage.   If that becomes the “Buzz words” of the day, it will out of their own survival instincts stop their organized venture.

6.  The following comment is directed to Mr. Trump: As noted, Organized Slander and Malignant False Personal attacks and what they are doing is “NOT” a secured right under the First Amendment. It is slander and defamation. Additionally when it is being done systematically as an organized “programed” venture, for all intents and purposes it crosses the line of racketeering and establishment of a criminal enterprise.

If possible, and I strongly urge, that a multi-billion dollar “class action” law suit be expeditiously implemented against the syndicate players involved. ABC, NBC, CNN, and ALL individuals that have clearly established, proven, and showed they were and are actively involved. I say make it a class action  being: Let every individual from the USA, participate in the “Class”.

You may just have 80 to 120 million individuals sign up to be a member of the class-action.

Many individuals from this country who now know the score are crying to STOP the syndicate that has slithered into the controlling forces over this county.

There is countless evidence now available to establish the malignant and falsely contrived intent of the syndicate operating as an organize racketeering entity in concert with each other, to within a predominance of the evidence, a judgement as requested can be secured on the class-action.

I do not know the over-all limitations on the Office of The President, but if this action is possible, I, and I believe tens of millions of Americans would be a 110% for this to take place, done directly or indirectly in your and this countries behalf.

As the old saying goes: “If you want to give someone an attitude adjustment, hit them in their pocket-book”.

A class-action such as this would do just that to where “Fair Play” based on truth becomes the predominate factor and not the exception..

Sent FYI and for sharing / posting / publication with and for all that you know.

Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

University of California Concealed $175 Million While Demanding More Funding, Audit Saysposted April 28/17

A recent audit revealed that the University of California concealed the existence of $175 million in funds while its leaders asked the state for additional funding. It was discovered that Janet Napolitano, former head of The Department of Homeland Security who now is in charge of the school system, overstated how much is needed to run the system. […]


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted April 17/17

The concept application of the TRFA was launched in November of 2008

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes utilizing the Fiduciary Trust application. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for a City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!

When implemented we are not talking tax reduction, but tax elimination. Yes, that is right, in time all taxation eliminated!

Government in the USA have already established this will work as shown by the management of their own multi-trillion dollar collective pension funds that generate collectively over two-trillion-dollars per year (they did this for themselves).

The TRF in local venues is established in the same way as a fiduciary trust fund but from the return generated, to meet local government annual budgets. The “People’s Tax retirement fund”. Designed to “retire” Taxation.

This is a post relevant to the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) as would apply to your local venue, City, County, and State. NOTE: State Universities can be operated under the same principle also. (Tuition’s cut in half or lower would be a pretty good perk to our children don’t you think!

TRFA Status: The National Home Office is underway since 2015. The expected up and under operation date is the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018.

Twelve million dollars is being raised in 2017 to complete the TRFA National Home Office project with a private offering by the TRFA of four- three million dollar units. Two of the investment units appear to have been committed to at this time and two are outstanding to be filled.

Want to invest and help make this happen by owning a unit?

If yes (required to be in a position to do so at this time), then call Walter Burien at 1 (928) 458-5854 for details.







The TRFA made a good purchase in 2014 of the property designated for the TRFA National Headquarters, 24.4 acres, acquired through a developer bankruptcy auction. The property was mortgaged prior to sale at 2.5 million dollars which gives a pretty good valuation of the property prior to the TRFA’s acquisition.

Where the Headquarters is to be built is on a rock butte, 6300 ft elevation, at the North center point of the property that gives one of the best and spectacular panoramic 65-mile views in the Western USA.

The property is located close to, and off I-40, making it a good meeting place for local government or financial management officials coming in from the West, East, North, and South.

The funds the TRFA is raising will complete the project and allow for a three-year advance operating budget from project completion and launch.

This update was provided FYI from,

Walter Burien – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Government Financial Tactics, a very important thing to comprehend posted April 10/17
by Walter Burien –
Governments who were building up massive cash stashes in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, they needed parking zones for that cash. What governments created to allow for these “Parking zones” was to turn cash stashes into liability zones for self investment. (well set in place come the 2000’s)


1. SELF INSURANCE. Create a fund where cash is transferred into a fund designated to pay insurance claims. The traditional coverage was the annual cost for a liability coverage policy from an insurance company. The self-funding fund account now gave the ability for the local government to stash much cash where the “return” from the fund was designated to meet “projected” liability claims to be paid. So if the local government projects liability claims to be paid at say $250,000, then at a projected return of say 5% is used, that means they justify a balance in the fund of $5,000,000.00 (5-million). Now if they use a “projected” return of 2.5%, then a fund balance of $10,000,000.00 (10-million). If they projected claim payments to be $500,000 and return at 2.5%, then a fund balance of $20,000,000.00 or a $20,000,000.00 “Parking Zone” for the cash is created now designated as a liability.

2. BOND ISSUES. The impression given to the public: Is our local government stupid taking on more debt? Well, that can be as far from the truth as it gets. If cash is building in that local government, that local government may create a liability for a: Road Project; Recycling Plant; Pension liability, Sports Facility, Parking Building, Water Plant, etc., etc., etc. Well, you have to ask yourself: Who is “Funding” that Bond issue?

If the local government moves the cash from here to there (could be a bank; brokerage; Federal Investment; mutual fund; other enterprise operation owned by that local government or a combination of several) and then uses (directs) that cash to “Fund” their own bond issue, then the “cash” is transformed into a “liability” (repayment of the Bond issue) or a “Parking Zone” for the cash “with interest” building on it.

The public not knowing this technique just looks at their local government as being irresponsible spending fanatics sticking them as taxpayers with more debt when in reality that local government is sticking the taxpayer with paying interest on the “cash” that local government already collected.

Keep in mind the cash disappears from that local government’s operating budget balance sheets and reappears as a debt liability. If the local government moved $80,000,000 (80-million) to fund $80,000,000 (80-million) of their own debt, and in doing so it left their operating budget $25,000,000 (25-million) short, they now come back on the taxpayer saying: “We are $25,000,000 short on our operating budget and need to raise taxes to make up the difference”. In doing so, they are now “sticking” the taxpayer TWICE!

Local governments that do this make the following quote all so true:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Sent FYI and for sharing with your contacts from,

Walter Burien –  and

CAFR1 IN REPLY TO SIGU (Sig’s original post copied below reply) posted April 9/17


I guess you are not familiar with the government’s #1 saying used on the inside for the last 70-years”.

A saying they diligently apply, enforce, utilize on every level both local and federal, with that saying being:

“No consequences, no problem!”

I also noticed you left out in your listing the #1 aspect of the whole game that is the motive behind the governing rule: Not a peep of local governments Holly Grail of accounting, their statement of “Net Worth”, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

You HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF:  Why were you conditioned not to have done so?

It is kinda like sitting on a row boat in the middle of the ocean, talking about all of your observations around you but never once mentioning the ocean…

Over the last 10,000-years, all aspects of corruption, non-fair play, and out-right evil in government circles has revolved around wealth accumulation and takeover..

The collective wealth building and as shown in the CAFRs is the motive and intent of it all. Every listing you have and ten-thousand other greater issues that are not listed.


Every bad (for the People) government policy over the last 50-years was designed to enhance government profits and expand government size and wealth by a factor of 40 to 1 over the last 50-years. The current “in the News” issue of “Obama Care” change, the “core” issue is never mentioned and is intentionally left out of any open discussion.

That being: In an over 3-trillion dollar a year “profit maker”, the current health care program was “designed” to maximize government investment profits (trillions) with the insurance companies, health service industry, hospitals they own outright or by being the primary investor in.

Policy was set to enhance “their” profits at the expense of the population (especially taxpayers). A severe “conflict of interest” that will leave the population screwed every time and government finance handlers smiling as they watch their massive profits bloom.

Ever hear a peep about the #1 core motive and intent behind the entire issue? No you have not!

For “affordable health care”, look towards Canada. An investment trust that pays all expenses. If done in the USA where the “current” investment assets “for profit” were consolidated “for benefit to the population under a Health Care Investment Trust”, there goes the conflict of interest problem, in comes accountability for reasonable and lower expense costs, or in other words: “Affordable health Care”.

The Government Trust Fund is now “paying” for the cost of health care from the return generated, and NOT profiting from the cost.

Again, under this type of health plan, it stops the conflict of interest and now “creates” affordable health care in the USA as Canada has been operating under for the last several decades! The difference in the USA between now and in the future then?  ANSWER: Government profits turn into Government benefits for and to: We The People of the USA

Sent FYI and for sharing with your contacts from,
Walter Burien – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854



From: Sigu
Subject: If a Democrat commits a crime, is it ever prosecuted?
Date: Sun, April 9, 2017 7:51 am


If a Democrat commits a crime, is it ever prosecuted?

This morning we make the following observations:

  • Hillary Clinton has not been investigated about her illegal use of a private server.
  • No one has been held accountable for the debacle of Benghazi in which four Americans were killed.
  • Susan Rice has not been held accountable for the lie she told about the attack. She is now on to other lies.
  • The Clinton Foundation has not been investigated about pay-to-play donations.
  • The transaction approved by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton giving away vast amounts of U. S. uranium resources to Russia has not been investigated.
  • The IRS targeting of conservative groups has not resulted in one person being fired or charged.
  • The IRS Commissioner, who clearly withheld documents in violation with requests from Congress, has not been impeached, reprimanded or fired.
  • No one has been held accountable for “Fast & Furious” in which a U. S. border agent was killed along with a number of innocent Mexican citizens.
  • President Obama has not been held accountable for the many lies he told about Obama Care.
  • The scandal Solyndra has had no accountability; a gigantic waste and misuse of taxpayer money.
  • The auto industry bailout which effectively gave ownership to the unions over bondholders has not be prosecuted.
  • Why hasn’t Obama been criticized for doubling the combined size the National Debt, more than the total of all the presidents before him?
  • No one has been held accountable for the unauthorized gun running from Libya to Syria, under the direction of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
  • Why hasn’t Obama been held accountable for the Gitmo prisoner release where the prisoner returned to the battle field to kill Americans and other innocents?
  • Obama has not been held accountable for the “red line” in Syria, which has resulted in thousands of innocent deaths.
  • No one in the press has held Obama accountable for his off mic comment about having “more flexibility after the election.”
  • No one has called Obama on his dishonest statistics regarding deportations, the unemployment statistics or false economic growth.
  • No one has identified George Soros as the primary funder for destructive protests which have occurred since the election.
  • No one has investigated, nor even brought to light the improper use of Fannie and Freddie profits to fund Obama Care shortfalls.
  • No one has questioned why the treasonous acts of Bowe Bergdahl have not been tried in a military court.
  • So far, the press has covered up the abuse of power actions on the part of Susan Rice when she unmasked innocent civilians for over a year.
  • Not one person, in either the press or the Democrat Party, has produced one shred of evidence that the election was affected in any way to give Trump the presidency over Clinton.

And yet, Congress, the Democrats and the Press are busy chasing imaginary rabbits about how the Russians supposedly impacted our election, when no evidence has been presented to justify any of it.

It’s still not her fault

From an article in the Patriot Post 4/4 (an excerpt) Unchecked arrogance and pride will often lead to a state of self-delusion wherein an individual associates all instances of personal failure to uncontrolled outside forces and abrogates any honest self-assessment, self-criticism and self-correction. It’s seemingly always somebody else’s fault. Hillary Clinton appears to be severely caught up in her own world of delusions.

On Thursday, Hillary gave an interview at the Women in the World Summit in New York. During her on-stage interview she responded to questions regarding her election loss. Her responses belied that fact that she has yet to admit that she simply was a terribly flawed candidate who offered Americans no meaningful change from Barack Obama’s dismal tenure.

When the interviewer raised the notion that misogyny played a role in Donald Trump’s election, Clinton responded, “You know in any campaign there’s so many different cross-currents and events and some have greater impact than others.” But it is fair to say: certainly, misogyny played a role. I mean that just has to be admitted. Really? On what basis does Hillary make this assertion? She offered no supportive evidence for the claim. And then she attempted to explain the reason that a majority of white women had voted for Donald Trump was due to a fear of change. Again she offered no to evidence to support this claim.

[It must be wonderful to go through life making mistake after mistake, committing fraud after fraud, and even breaking the law over and over again, and honestly feel that you not only didn’t do any of those things, but it was the fault of others that it happened. Welcome to the bizarre world of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s wealthy beyond their dreams because of it all.]

Does Government Protect Your Feelings! Gerry Day Posted June 23/16


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Mar 22/17

The following letter was sent by me to the US Treasury Department Data compilation Team for their review and action.

Sent also to the CAFR1 National email group FYI from,

Walter Burien – and



Treasury Data Compilation Team:

If you could, please add the following essential to correlate data information below to your page linked at:

The data would be the cross match of what dollar amount of “Intergovernmental Holdings” debt is funded by local or federal government investment assets per “Public Debt” funded by local or federal government investment assets.

The way you are presenting the data currently reflects in so many words “but one side of the coin” as the “gross” data and not “net” data.

Debt in true form is a Net figure and not a stand-alone gross figure.

I have spent twenty-years looking at this issue and my findings are that government debt on the net side is directly or indirectly self-funded depending upon what grouping you are looking at from 42% to as high as 63%.

Additionally, Public Debt is funded by investment both directly and indirectly (US government investment assets held with other financial or investment institutions located globally) to on average currently over 65% of debt as a gross figure is now self funded.

Cross matching the data is as relevant per honest disclosure as it gets in all regards for a showing of “net debt”

Please duplicate and share this communication with your complete management team for feedback, comment, and hopeful correction of the “gross” data shown on the above referenced page to a showing of “net” data that your agency currently presents for data compilation.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Email:   Walter Burien [SNIP]

Tel. (928) 458-5854

CC: Trump Administration

PS: And yes it would require substantial changes in self governing regulatory policy to collect, compile, and cross reference the “net” data. But as noted, it is essential to do so for a “true” showing of net debt for obvious and economically beneficial reasons and effect.


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Mar 5/17

by Walter Burien — CAFR1

Do you remember back when you were in grade school and there was an established bully in the school and then in comes a new kid to the school who is: big-strong-trained to fight, and it is seen pretty quickly that he backs the little kids that were and are getting picked on by the bully.

Well, the established bully (and the bully’s friends) do one of two things:

1. Stop being bullies;

2. Launch an attack against the new kid using any tactics at their disposal; False accusations; talk behind the new kids back spreading lies and false innuendos; maybe even the bully will get all of his friends together and surprise the new kid trying to push him into a fight with the odds now being say 8 to 1. (that would be a serious error in judgement of the bully especially if the new kid was such a good fighter he can easily take down odds of 12 to 1)

Bullies get away with what they do by targeting a few weak kids who can not or do not know how to fight back. Bullies when confronted by an independent individual who knows how to in plain language kick–ass, will out of survival instincts being triggered, back off and not be bullies any longer, and done so by them not out of free choice but out of instincts for survival.

I note the time it takes for a bully to back off is equally proportional to the level of arrogance the bully has.

In politics predominantly so over the last 50-years, the bullies have raped the American taxpayer ever increasingly so each and every year; have stolen massive amounts of property and wealth from the American people; and diminished the education; well-being; and freedoms of the people as the bully perpetuates his theft; extortion racket; and maniacal arrogance; and assured destruction of the country simply due to the massive wealth take available and ongoing under the bully’s control and at his disposal.

Well, there is a new kid who just entered the school. A kid who is a good fighter, well trained, and genuinely will back up the little kids being picked on by the bullies.

The last Presidential election reminded me of when I was back in 6th to 8th grade… Well now that the new kid is established in the school, the bullies are running scared and are amassing their forces to continue confrontation, false innuendo, and diminishing of the new kid on the courtyard. The lies, false attacks, and deceptive plays continue.

When will it stop?

ANSWER: When the bullies realize that they have; are; and will get their ass-kicked by the new kid independently by himself or with the backing of the new kid by most of the other kids in school.

In general there are three types of people in this world:

1. Those that make things happen;

2. Those that watch things happen;

3. Those that say what happened?

So, my question to you is which one are you?

  “The Obvious”
by Walter Burien — CAFR1

Seeing behind the obvious can be difficult at times. The term the obvious is very deceptive.

For quite some time, just a snap of the finger as time goes, the obvious was the World was flat.

How could it be anything but flat… it took several centuries before the majority of thinking minds reversed their thinking from flat to round.

The changing off the obvious to the exact opposite thinking of what the obvious was took quite a bit of digestion from all on this planet to realize the planet was a globe.   I have seen even some (a few) today expounding on a promoted obvious that the World is still flat.

But then I remember back when I was in 7th grade, someone with all sincerity told me that if you put hot water in the ice-cube tray it would freeze faster. Did that once on his advice as a test and timed it. Won’t do that again and he, the one that told me probably had a long and pretty good laugh.

I have had to “digest” many a thing over the last 25-years to get a grip on reality and the “obvious” in truth.

Three things became VERY obvious to me:

1. We are all living in a World of almost unlimited wealth. In as such, the ruthless have learned that if the population is masterfully “entertained” with the superfluous; fear; constant distraction; presented every year in an annual “loop” of events (holidays; sporting events; politics; breaking news; financial wealth creation) etc.keeping the population in a hypnotic state. In fact the primary not so obvious intent of the ruthless for that well maintained repeating loop is to give the impression to all that forward progressive movement is taking place, that all is fine and dandy in Alice and Wonderland, when IN FACT the PTB (Powers That Be) are creating their own multifaceted version of the obvious that allows THEM to have almost absolute control over the flow and direction of that wealth accumulation into their own pockets and almost absolute control over the population that the PTB are managing.

2. There are two words that are constantly in conflict with each other: Truth and the obvious. Throughout history the compatibility of those two words have flipped many a times. When the “basic truth” of the wealth involved and available on this planet is considered, and once motive and intent regarding that wealth and who is getting it is digested, always FOCUS on that one “reality” to determine what the “obvious is”. Distractions, entertainment, the promoted obvious, it is to your advantage to push those aspects off into a separate box detached from ourselves, and then see the reality of the obvious “in truth”.

3. Government is the optimum tool for the ruthless to secure, steal, and maintain all of the wealth that exists, and to secure all of the wealth as it is generated. It is essential for government to maintain and build that wealth through masterful management techniques. The CAFR for all local governments is their “statement of net worth“. If someone wants to “take it all” they do not want to establish the obvious “in truth” by sharing the blueprint and confirmation that they have, are, and intend to take it all. Thus never a peep of the CAFR for the last seventy-years as the takeover of it all moved forward. The obvious “in reality” to accomplish the takeover was to promote selectively created “Budget Reports” reflecting shortfalls and debt to give the “illusion” government(s) were just getting by, when the reality of the obvious was the largest takeover machine in the existence of this planet was in progress… and yes they did it! As of the year 2000, collective government had amassed and was bringing in more wealth then the entire population combined. I did NOT make a misstatement. The collective totals of all local and federal government entities, in reality establishes this as a fact. It also establishes that the blueprint for the takeover for population control was as effective as intended. The reason that Russia and China are now shifting towards following the same blueprint as used in the USA is, after digestion, it was obvious for them to do the same also.

The machine is massive, and the PTB promoted their selected version of the obvious, and their promoted obvious is far from the the reality in truth we all face at this time.

If you want to do some serious digestion, 4600 local government “example” CAFRs listed by category to download can be found here –

Download the ones in the different categories you see close to where you live, put on one DVD, copy and share with all in your local venues and suggest for others to do the same. Run a “Public Service” add in the local paper and offer the DVD for a donation of $10 with a simple and short note: “Here for our local area is our many local government’s statement of net worth, their Annual Financial Reports, the CAFR. Do we really need Taxation at all? Let’s all look and see”. (That is if the local paper dose not block you from doing so)

The reaction from local government officials (even though silence will be implied), the big ruthless dogs, in reality, behind closed doors, will in comparison to that of if being the Colombian Cocaine Cartel, if you had just published and shared their: growing locations, distribution routes, money laundering techniques, and a showing of direct trails to where the wealth is being held.

They use many tactics to mask the wealth but a few sharp cookies looking will start to spot the tactics used. (a biggie is they “self fund” their own promoted and listed debt using their own investment assets carefully and covertly applied)

Bottom line? In doing so it openly breaks the “Silence is Golden Rule” and qualifies the “scope and size” of what is taking place right under the public’s own nose with the full cooperation of the syndicated media; controlled education; both political parties; the industrial and war machine; and the legal system for not a peep DUE TO THE WEALTH GENERATION, CONTROL, TAKEOVER OWNERSHIP, AND WEALTH MANAGEMENT involved.

Remedy? Well the promoted “obvious” government promotes is: “They survive on tax income”. That promoted obvious is as far from the truth as it gets. The lineup of government’s income now is: Domestic and International investment income; Taxation; followed by Enterprise (done under several names now).

The obvious since the end of the 90’s is Taxation can be eliminated via restructuring local governments to operate on the Fiduciary Trust Principle to meet all aspects of their Annual Budget needs without any taxation being collected (all categories of taxation). The TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) now under development is designed and being created to do just that.

When in operation, the good point is not only does it take the chains of Taxation off the population’s back for the 1st time in history, it also creates a perpetual expanding and “thriving economy” where government actually brings in more than they are right now and does so “without Taxation”.

Getting it done is a tad bit dangerous due to the arrogance of the extortion racket and absolute power in place today. But then when the obvious combined with truth comes to play of a perpetual expanding and “thriving economy” where government actually brings in more than they are right now, allows for the “Win – Win” to digest for one and all including the ruthless within government today. They also should realize that their current mode of arrogance of “taking it all” with the in place ever expanding taxation, and many other excessive extortion tactics they utilize, is killing the economy, the spirit of the population, and in end result will result in their own assured destruction.

History has proven time after time again that “when” the obvious actually meets truth to establish reality, an unstoppable force emerges.

Backing for the TRFA in the amount of $650,000 came in two years ago, $12,000,000 is being raised this year, and the National home office of the TRFA, staffed and ready for launch with a three-year operating budget in place as it looks now will be by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. Can you hear the word tsunami anyone? FREEDOM in truth is on its way…!

To update your information regarding getting email posts from Walter Burien – CAFR1, please use the following link:

Cafr Fraud Email To Donald Trump! posted Dec 25/16

The following is a communication I sent to President Elect Donald Trump’s team headquarters the other day per the TRFA project.

If you have the time to do so, please copy the letter below and send via USPS to Mr. Trump and above the text from the copy of my letter, in your own words noting specifically your view point of the importance that this project has to this country, economy, and your community.

Also note the assistance Mr. Trump and his team could and should render to help make this venture go forward and into effect as soon as possible. Urge Mr. Trump to facilitate my contact request expediently.

Have your friends do the same also.

I believe the more sincere letters he gets towards this issue, the quicker the ball will start rolling down the hill (Capital Hill) to make this project happen sooner than latter.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien (Bubien) – and

PS: If you have an interest in seeing the finances involved in Mr. Trump’s campaign run for President before and after, the financials of the “in”, “out”, “loans”, “people who over contributed that are required to be refunded (RFAI-Pre-General)” etc can be downloaded from the FEC site here –

COPY of: Walter Burien’s letter to President-elect Mr. Donald Trump dated 12/22/16 is as follows:

December 22nd 2016

TO: President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump
 725 Fifth Avenue.
      New York, NY 10022

President-elect Mr. Donald Trump:

The greatest drain on the population and economy over the last three decades is the ever-increasing excessive growth of taxation on all local levels.

What I call “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” is a way to eliminate all local taxation and at the same time create a thriving economy, prosperous population, and meeting all local government budgetary needs.

This is done trough transitioning local governments on to the fiduciary trust principle of operation to meet all budgetary needs. The capital funds that do so are called TRF (Tax Retirement Funds).

The method, management teams, and structure to do this are in place today, and have been so for decades. 

Local governments have established their own collective trillion dollar fiduciary pension funds that pay out salaries and benefits at retirement. To the most part they have not missed a heartbeat and have paid all benefits intended equating to many trillions of dollars for millions of government personnel to date.

TRF funds are established venue by venue on the local level utilizing the same management teams, structure, and are designed from return and reserves building to meet local government’s operating budgets so that taxation can be incrementally phased out and then eliminated.

What this does in effect are three very important things:

1. Creates a thriving population and business environment with the excessive drain of taxation removed.

2. Builds and develops ever growing massive investment trusts where the capitol re-investment drives the economy in an ever growing, self perpetuating, self sustaining economy.

3. With the phasing out and then elimination of local government taxation, the public’s hostility level towards government will diminish towards government to nil almost overnight.

I have designed a 12-point operation principle for TRF fund management that the local governments and fund managers are to adhere to. Each point requirement makes the population the “first line beneficiary” of.


Point 5: From the investment trusts the population with good credit scores can get a mortgage on their homes or new car at 2.5 percentage points.

Point 3: A portion of the return from the trust funds, fines and fees will be offset (Local swim center family membership may be $165 a year and after a few years of TRF operation those fees may be reduced to $35 or be free).

Point 10: Investment guidelines for management teams to receive annual bonuses or in the alternative demerits if not in compliance.

Currently the National Headquarters for the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) is underway being built and located in Gallup, NM.   (off of Patton Dr.) and should be completed, staffed, and in operation within the next 14-months. Federal assistance could make it happen that much sooner.

What is being done here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”. Once in place it drives the economy of this country to a prosperous level never seen before and is self perpetuating from day-1 and for a thousand years out..

I have been working for seventeen-years toward preparation for this launch of the TRFA. I have only spoken with Mr. Trump casually for about a half and hour back in the early 80’s when invited to an all day party on the Trump Princess and briefly a year later when I stopped by the Trump Tower in NYC.

At this time I would wish to speak with Mr. Trump in detail about the TRFA and the significant impact it will have to create a thriving economy, very prosperous population, and meet all local government budgetary needs “without taxation”.

I can be reached for scheduling of that conversation at 1(928) 458-5854.

My mailing address is:

Walter Bubien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936.

Hopefully this communication will reach Mr. trump as soon as possible.

I have plans in the near future to make a DC Trip to address the Belt-Way groups. I will be looking to reserve a conference room in the Senate Building to facilitate that briefing. I will make sure to invite several key officials from Treasury, ways and means, and budgetary departments as well as the members of the House, Administration, and Senate for my presentation of “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” that is designed around the TRFA operations.

I think all will be very excited and motivated after this presentation and information / data is provided to them.

Again what I bring forward here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”.

Yours Truly,

Walter J. Bubien, Jr. Manager – TRFA  
Walter Burien interview on Coast to Coast about Government Financial Controls! Posted Sept 12/16 1 hour 10 minutes

CAFR1 – Walter Burien, since 1998 has diligently worked for you bringing forward into the light of day what you need to know about the collective scope of … Posted Nov 15/16

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about CAFR accounts from THE expert !

Every city, county, state, and the federal government keeps a virtually hidden, SECOND SET OF BOOKS which track the investments and Enterprise ventures worth TRILLIONS of dollars in tangible wealth they have built up and are spending from virtually hidden portfolios as a result of investing YOUR skimmed money for over 50 years in everything from real estate to the stock market. 

Your city, county, state, and federal governments have LIED TO YOU for decades. With administrative restructuring of government, there is NO NEED FOR TAXES. Our governments are not broke, they are rich beyond measure with OUR money, and they are hiding it from the American taxpayer, investing, AND SPENDING IT while pleading they are broke and need more taxes, bonds and levies to survive. This being done as they blindly justify their obscene growth. BS! There is enough aggregate wealth owned by our government agencies to abolish ALL property and income taxes TODAY. You are being conned, lied to, ripped off, and financially raped.

Walter J. Burien, Jr. is considered the foremost expert on CAFR accounts today.

100% + 10 =
Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

BREAKING NEWS – 11/07/16

Broward County, FL Elections Office caught “rigging” the vote

AFFIDAVIT of Chelsey Marie Smith dated 11/03/16 – Worker at that office fired 1-day after seeing the several thousand absentee voter ballot rigging taking place “per day” in a back office room.

Mr. Trump is aware of this and is filing a lawsuit against the Broward County, FL Elections Office.

As the old saying goes, of which Hillary and her gang are quite aware of: “It does not matter how you vote, it is who counts the votes that matters”..

Truly Yours,
Walter J. Burien, Jr. – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

Please watch and share widely this 13-min YouTube video by Jerry Day

Then come Election Day at the beginning of the week, think carefully about what is disclosed in that video and “who” you vote for per the ones that are perpetuating “business as usual” within government that creates that sucking sound of the wealth being pulled out of your pockets and into theirs through the halls of your government.

I have watched most of the political candidate commercial ads and news clips over the last few weeks. I noticed one consistency. Those on the inside, embedded within the massive corruption, put forth masterfully created soundbites having NOTHING to do with the basic key operation points of government but in turn are a mix of sound bites designed for personal attack of the superfluous that in all reality has nothing to do with running government for the true benefit of the people and this country.

The population has been used as useful idiots by the government controllers for decades now. Emotional soundbite rhetoric has proven many a times to influence the votes for an election and sway the sentiments of a population. Done so as NO CONTENT of significant impact on government or our lives is clearly focused on or brought to light.

Per useful idiots, the government insiders think and believe: “It worked on the majority every time before, should work just as well this time also.”

So come this election day, especially towards the next President of the United States of America, ask yourself who will continue “business as usual” feeding the beast of massive corruption in place today within government to all of our detriment, and who will “in truth” take the crow bar and apply it to flipping over a few of those large well entrenched rocks, and enact policy to vigorously clean up the massive corruption in place today permeating from within every corner of our government?

Make the correct choice, your, your family, and this country depends on the correct choices being made.

Vote with your head and not from the effect of spoon-feed superfluous soundbite emotions the controlling corrupt from within government and their partners in the media expect you to be influenced by as one of their useful idiots they can masterfully train to comply with their corrupt intent through the promotion of the superfluous.   Remember: “Criminals are as criminal do.” Having one in the White-house or any other possition within government going forward, in most probabilities will insure the collapse and total degradation of our precious country and our lives.

Sent FYI in truth from,

Walter Burien – and
Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

The following is a communication I sent today to a Radio Station in Miami, FL suggesting a show be scheduled on the following topic.

You may want to look up your local government School District CAFR and take a very close look. (the larger the School District, the larger the games that are played)

When I looked at the Miami, Dade County School District CAFR certain things caught my eye as I noted in the copy of the communication that follows.

I am confident the notations I made will catch your eye also and those that you share this communication with.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – and

TOPIC: Miami, Dade County School District – Financial Wealth

REF SOURCE: Miami, Dade County School District 2012 Comprehensive Annual Report (CAFR)



1. Revenue INCOME for the year (revenue in)  $2,729,539,000 [2.7 Billion Dollars] page 27 of the .pdf document / page 9 of the report. EXPENDITURES (revenue out): $2,729,539,000 Note: the figures expressed on the page as stated are “in thousands’ so add tree zeros to the figures shown.

2. Page 216 of the .pdf document / page 184 of the report – Column: “2003” – line item category  “Excess of revenues over (under) expenditures”, line item: “Proceeds from issuance of debt” $574,214,000. Note: the figures expressed on the page as stated are “in thousands’ so add tree zeros to the figures shown. Here “proceeds” from ” issuance of debt” are listed as income and not a liability. For 2006 it was: $462,895,000. It clearly notes in the report that the school district is actively involved in derivative “hedging” towards their “debt” instruments (can profit or take a loss from the same). Under the same category as noted above (now on page 185 of the report) for 2008 during the real-estate bubble burst leading to the devastation of many real-estate owners in Miami, Dade County, the School District shows an increased income for that line item of $1,058,545,000.  [ $1.058 Billion Dollars]

The School District, page 192 of the report for the year 2008 lists their “Total Bond Debt” as $479,440,000 which reflects the $1.058 Billion Dollar as “income”  per “Proceeds from issuance of debt”, is just that, income. The School District in most probabilities is “Funding” their own debt with “their own” investment capital and based on the numbers, investing substantially more monies for profit in others debt, of which it appears that in 2008 they made a windfall.

Generally what is reported to the taxpaying population of Miami, Dade County per School District Funds is the “Beginning Balance” and “Ending Balance” of the School Districts General Fund which is a “very small fraction” of the actual money “coming in” and “going out”. This is very deceptive in effect when the taxpayers just hears the  “Beginning Balance” and “Ending Balance” figures. {ENDING BALANCE: $144.1 million, page 21 of the .pdf document / page 3 of the report} They noted the General fund was operating at a $77.6 million shortfall from the previous year’s fund balance.

In perspective personally, it would be the same if you just told your neighbor at the beginning of the year your checking account balance was $12,000 and at the end of the year your checking account balance was $9,000. The first thought from your neighbor is: “Oh, your down $3,000”. (You just happened to omit you moved $4,000,000 through your checking account throughout the year and ended your balance with $9,000)

With the taxpaying public just hearing that data “promoted” by the School District” and then “Parroted by the News Media” , to the taxpaying public it would appear that the School District was in dire-straits. “In reality” with the fact that the annual revenues in 2012 of over 2.7 “Billion” dollars came in, that $77.6 million shortfall for the ending fund balance in comparison to the actual income is “Pocket Change”.

What the School District promoted to the population at the end of 2012 was that they were operating at a $77.6 million shortfall.

Seeing how that money comes in and then goes out is a “Must know” for the taxpaying residents of Miami, Dade County.

Total enrolled students Kindergarten through 12th grade over the last 5-years averaged 347,000 students and as of 2012 at an average cost of $8,631 per student. Page 201 of the report.

The School District’s CAFR report additionally shows excellent statistical information throughout it’s pages in the last section towards many aspects effecting the population of Miami, Dade County and again, seeing how that money comes in and then goes out combined with that data shown is a “Must know” for the taxpaying residents of Miami, Dade County. The “selective presentation” the taxpaying population of Miami, Dade County has been hearing over the years is “definitely” not (emphasis added) in their interests.

A show specifically focused on this topic would without equal catch the ear of all listeners, create the best ratings of unprecedented proportions, and be of an educational and  practical enhancement to the understanding by those listeners as to how their government is operating and how that operation directly effects their lifestyles and children’s education.

As of 2015 as noted in the Miami Dade County School District CAFR,  the money coming in is now in excess of 3.58-Billion dollars income per year, larger than or equal to many Fortune 500 Companies net annual income. Page 40 of the .pdf file / page 7 of the report

I, and I am sure a multitude (the majority) of your listeners would be profoundly grateful if a show on this topic was scheduled as soon as possible.

For an in-depth example listing of local government CAFRs in the USA, and Florida they can be viewed and downloaded here –

Walter J. Burien, Jr.

Tel. (928) 458-5854

My BIO –

Just read a very good article. It has many useful links and is a “tell all” piece from a prior US Intelligence Officer that hits home for the cognitive thinkers on many issues.

Here is a quote from about 2/3rds down in the article:

“Sadly the culture of government is a go-along to get along budget-building culture, where the focus is on spending money and planning for a post-retirement job among those to whom you have channeled taxpayer funds over the years. The focus is not on the public interest. Most of what we do in government is benign lip service, but in the aggregate, we are choking the economy and undermining society.”
The entire article is a good thought provoking and educational read. Please share with those that should see this article.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter Burien –

Cafr Disclosure in UK good for USA & Canadian readers! Posted Aug 6/16


An individual on the CAFR1 National email list for the last several years of whom I have spoken with on several occasions over that time just launched a website to tackle CAFR disclosure and government financial theft in the UK. He is doing this effort through an entity he created called the CYMRU in which he is getting an exponential membership growing of formidable UK residents to effect positive change for disclosure and public benefit moving forward in the UK.

I just read trough his website   and he gets a 5-Star / A+ “as a basic start off site” for disclosure and presentation. The initial basic layout of the site is good being one can from reading the 1st page, at the bottom of that page click on the next page in a set format that guides you through the site in a progression that sums up the “Big Picture” of what is taking place per government exercising the “Greed” and “Opportunity” principle through financial tricks that equates to non-disclosed theft from the taxpayers amounting in to the billions of Pounds (UK currency) done right under the noses of the UK populace. This being done without that same populace having a clue this massive theft was being facilitated by their local governments.

I STRONGLY suggest that this website is copied as a complete website for use by individuals here in the US and then edited to be a State by State site. Someone from say NY, WY, FL etc.,  can edit the pages on the site copied to be an extension of, or the site for the City, County, or State site of the group you have. From there your new or addition site now edited to fit your group and location, can be expanded on. The owner of the CYMRU site in the UK, you can drop a line to him, Mark Cawkwell, asking if it is OK to copy his site so that you can use the formatting and content for a site you are creating and he will reply back with an OK for you to do so.

Then to get the site working at your end once saved, you would edit the pages to delete or add text / images fitting “your” group and location, then look at the “Source Code” of each page and edit the embedded page or image transfer links to correspond with the pages / images now created on your site. If you do not know how to do that, your local Internet Professional could show you how or do it for you. (Make sure the pictures he uses, when copied that the embedded link for that picture goes to the image copied on your site not his)

When you read through his very good presentation and the simple way the site works per page to page progression with ease, you will see why I have strongly recommended this be done.

Editing the pages to make it your “local issue” site having local disclosure of the “at home” examples also should be a snap to do so. Links and your own memo note to view most of your local Government CAFRs can be added on one of the pages or a separate page created in the site. Keep it simple and start the “membership” to your group specifically for this financial disclosure issue, growing to where it becomes a formidable group of community activists. We don’t want to say a Brit can do it and we can not. So make it happen now and grow on it!

Again, if you or a friend undertake this mission, keep it simple so the “message” is clearly comprehended.

If you can not do this, please share this communication with those in your community or State that can.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr. –
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona




The stats for Warehouse stocks of SILVER as of 07/29/16 eligible for delivery (126,713,542 – rounded to the nearest once – )   Vs. delivery of the 5000 oz July 2016 COMEX futures contract (2474 contracts or 12,370,000 ounces – ) equates to delivery commitments equal to 10.24% of the available SILVER stock in the warehouses eligible for delivery. (what is floated back into that eligible stock for delivery from the July 2016 delivery taken, the percentage??)

If that trend continues, we are looking at a strong move in SILVER prices on the upside.

Being that the AUG futures contract for SILVER has virtually no trading volume, it will be a key factor on the delivery that is arbitraged against the AUG contract for delivery commitments at the end of August 2016.

Normally you would expect a very low number. If the number is significant, and dependent on that number being significant, look out…. under the circumstance of a very strong number, a spike up over that time from the end of AUG 2016 leading into the delivery commitments for the high volume SEPT 2016 contract could be significant.

Feel free to share this communication with others. As always, what happens in the price of SILVER is dependent on the reality of the numbers reflected.. For the lag-times between the numbers being seen, large institutional funds can roll the price down sharply or up sharply, but the bottom line in end result will be: Demand for holding the physical Vs. Supply of the physical metal.

I note that the SILVER / GOLD ratio was at 68 to 1 a few weeks ago. That gap is just starting to close and I have seen indications that Russia, China, and India over the last two months have been quietly selling physical Gold to take delivery of physical SILVER.

The gap is closing now standing at 66 to 1. What ratio do I think these large countries are looking at for their investment objectives? Well, in the short run of 6 to 12  months, with all things being considered: 48/44 to 1.

Current Price of CASH silver at the time of this post being sent is: $20.44 per troy oz

Current Price of CASH gold at the time of this post being sent is: $1,353 per troy oz

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr. –
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

Obama clip of questionable integrity!? Posted July 22/16

The prior post with the 20 second clip of President Obama speaking was a snip and clip video created by someone a while back where it was presented to give the opposite meaning of what the context of what he said was.

The “We must not allow it to be said…” was omitted and the comment then was shown. Snip and clip video:

What was actually said:

If you bit on the first, just remember in this election cycle how easy it is for the unscrupulous opposition to create a clip and snip video that is the “opposite” of what the reality was or is. They may find a thousand uses for a fabricated clip like that, but you have one use: To know that you have been spoofed.

So be careful on what you accept as real prior to circulation and verify a video or article before you circulate.

A lesson for you and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

Walter Burien –

CalPERS Announces Preliminary Returns of 0.6% When Target is 7.5%

by Yves Smith



2015 CalPERS CAFR – “Actual” gross rates of return vs. “Net” rates of return. Payouts vs. Contributions.Note that payouts are projected based on “Participants expected salary at time of retirement”. Actuarial projections are set on the projected cost basis “at time of retirement” and not what the participants salary is today. Projections are made 25-30 years out.EXAMPLE: New participant’s salary today $45,000 and projected at retirement in 30-years $135,000 and thus on the projected cost basis the fund’s liability is substantially higher.INTENT: The bigger the fund balance, the bigger the power base held under management.
  1. CAFR1
    Also, keep in mind the fund is “strictly participatory”. It is like buying a train ticket to ride from NYC to LA, CA. NYC (retirement) and LA, CA (when you die). With a train ticket, when you get to LA, CA would you try to walk off with the seat and the fire extinguisher on the wall? No you would not. You do not own one piece of the train, you just had a ticket to ride. As is the case in most large local government pension fund systems, the participants just have a “ticket to ride” under contract and do not own 1c of the fund’s balance. The local governments participating own 100% of their share in the funds balance.As was the case at the end of 2008 with the real-estate bubble burst and severe downturn in the economy that followed, California local government laid off 12,000 employees that now, poof, disappeared from the retirement system liability figures.1. How many billions in liability just evaporated with that layoff?2. Did local governments pull the now surplus equity from the pension system accounts they were participating in?3. When the economy improved 2010 to 2015 and local governments “re-hired” did they replace the money they pulled or did they just start a-new with the new-hires and new actuarial projections per the fund’s balance needs to be fully funded at cost projections for those new-hires at time of retirement?The above three questions are very relevant as to “how” this retirement system is operating.A review of the 2009 CalPERS CAFR may shine light on those 3 questions –

When a local government needs some cash, do they just lay off employees and make a withdraw from the substantial  revenue which now is no longer a liability that local Government holds in a local government Retirement system account?



The following Federal Court ruling opens Pandora’s Box per lower court authority / conflicts of interest to rule on or be involved in broad judicial court matters involving you.

In effect it helps protect “you” from being run through the mill by  local “administrative” courts. Their “authority” to do so is brought into question if not nullified by the following Federal Court ruling.

The Battle for individual protection under the law from the abuses of local government “Administrative” courts begins.. Please share with those that would have an interest in these matters.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien –

Walter Burien –
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Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years


Well it has been a long time coming, but all along there have been discussions behind closed doors (never in public) that the Administrative Law Courts established with the New Deal were totally unfounded and unconstitutional. With the anniversary of Magna Carta and the right to a jury trial coming up on June 15 after 800 years, the era of Roosevelt’s big government is quietly unraveling.

A federal judge’s ruling against the Securities and Exchange Commission for using its own Administrative Law judges in an insider trading case is perhaps the beginning of the end of an alternative system of justice that took root in the New Deal. Constitutionally, the socialists tore everything about the idea of a Democracy apart. It was more than taxing one party to the cheers of another in denial of equal protection. It was about creating administrative agencies (1) delegating them to create rules with the force of law as if passed by Congress sanctioned by the people; (2) the creation of administrative courts that defeated the Tripartite government structure usurping all power into the hand of the executive branch, as if this were a dictatorship run by the great hoard of unelected officials.

Not discussed in the coverage of this story is that the Administrative Law Courts are a fiefdom, to put it mildly. They have long been corrupt and traditionally rule in favor of their agencies, making it very costly for anyone to even try to defend themselves. If someone were to attempt this feat, first they have to wear the costs of an Administration proceeding and appeal to an Article III court judge, then they must appeal to the Court of Appeals, and finally plea to the Supreme Court. The cost of such adventures is well into the millions, and good luck on actually getting justice.

Furthermore, Administrative Law Courts cannot sentence you to prison, but they can fine you into bankruptcy. So the lack of a criminal prosecution meant the judges did not have to be lawyers. They could be anyone’s brother-in-law looking for a job where he just rules in favor of the agency not to be bothered with law. Unless the victim has a pile of money, there is no real chance that he or she can afford to defend themselves. This is why the agencies cut deals with the big houses and prosecute the small upstarts who lack the funds to defend themselves.

In a 45-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Leigh Martin May in Atlanta issued an injunction halting Administrative Law proceedings against Charles Hill, a businessman who the SEC accused of reaping an illegal $744,000 profit trading in Radian Systems stock. This is typical. The legal fees involved will exceed the amount of money he is alleged to have made, the typical result is to just pay the fine and they go away, it is cheaper.

The judge ruled that the SEC agency violated the Appointments Clause of the Constitution by subjecting Hill to proceedings before an Administrative Law judge, who isn’t directly accountable to the president, officials in charge of the SEC, or the courts under Article III. The ruling is 81 years overdue. The entire structure of administrative agencies blackmailing people has been outrageous. Then you take the banks who just entered a plea of CRIMINALLY guilty to manipulating markets. They are now formally FELONS who engaged in violating SEC rules and thus under the SEC rules, they are no longer eligible for a banking license. The banks are “too big to jail” and the SEC has waived their own rules, of course, to exempt the banks. So they can engage in fraud and manipulation, get caught, pay billions in fines, and the SEC exempts them from losing their licenses. This is how corrupt the administrative agencies really are.


This new decision calling the Administrative Law Courts what they really are is reminiscent of the notorious extrajudicial proceedings of the Star Chamber operated by King James I. The court of Chancery set up outside of the King’s Bench, so there were no trials by jury. It had the same purpose, to circumvent the law. This is where our Fifth Amendment privilege came into being. That came about following the trial of John Lilburne (1615-1657) for handing out a pamphlet the government did not like.

The Miranda v Arizona 384 U.S. 436 (1966) decision of the Supreme Court came only after decades of abuse by American police against citizens, not unlike what we are watching today. The Miranda decision is hated by police, prosecutors, right-wing judges, politicians, and citizens. The decision is based upon the history of the right not to be coerced that began with the famous trial of John Lilburn before the English court of the Star Chamber in 1637 where he stood tall and objected to the King’s torture. Lilburn’s crime was handing out pamphlets against the king. John Lilburne (1615–1657) was a leader in the Leveller Movement of the 1640s and was a prolific pamphleteer who defended religious and individual liberty of the people. He was imprisoned many times for his views and was active in the army of the New Parliament rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In October 1649, he was arrested and tried for High Treason for printing and circulating books and pamphlets critical of the government but was acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers.

CAFR1 in reply to an article written by Ellen Brown, please share and re-post: Posted July 18/16

Infrastructure Sticker Shock: Financing Costs Exceed Construction

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt


The revenue via investment capital mentioned in this article notes for just California “State Government”. Here is a real eye opener for you.

FOR EXAMPLE: if in California, say just for San Diego county and “all” local governments, who have their own CAFRs also, (Cities, Towns, Burroughs, School Districts, Enterprise Operations, Special Districts, Universities, Community Colleges, Pensions, Debt repayment accounts, proprietary, discretely presented, special funding accounts, etc., etc., etc.) “in San Diego County” the numerous investment and funded liability accounts “collectively” totaled as of 2007 about 1.8 trillion dollars. No typo, yes, 1.8 trillion dollars.

As of 2016, the totals would have grown probably quite a bit after the draw down of 2008 – 2009 and coming back on track as of 2010.

Now burst the brain and think collective totals for “all” local governments “in” the State of California.

To see or download a few example CAFRs from 2013 (about 4600 so a very long page) for some local governments in California and other states categorized by group entities, go to –…

Ellen Brown does a good job by connecting the CAFR to the wealth held by “a” local government, as she did by looking at just the State government entity wealth held.

Per the State Bank issue, I wish she would total as I did all local governments (all types) as a start for San Diego County including the county and make the same presentation but now reflecting the “collective” total within the county.

A special note is: Up until 1999 CAFRs showed the gross standing balances but then in 1999 – 2000 many from the general population now heard about, located, and started looking at their local government CAFRs for the 1st time so accounting changes immediately went into play starting in 2000 forward to no longer show gross standing balances and the changes made were to show the “NET” standing balances (You will see Net balances on all pages now).

Government would create “liabilities” to redact from the standing balances shown. Big difference Gross vs. Net, so keep that in mind when you look and pay special attention to the “Notes to the Financial Section” to spot the ways the standing balances were redacted.

As I said before: “That would be a real eye opener”

I note that when a local government says: “But you have to take our debt into consideration not just our investment wealth.”

Well, here is a second big eye opener. Going back to the 80’s, government had so much cash rolling in, they needed a “Parking Zone” for it. What was devised was to “promote” debt at the front door and then use covertly their own investment assets to fund that debt through the back door. Many different methods are utilized to do this.

EXAMPLE: A City may own many enterprise operations. Say the city in some fashion moves 50 million into the City Golf Course. The City then has a 50 million dollar bond offering and the city Golf Course “invests” the 50 million dollars with the City’s bond offering.

Well, the City now reflects that 50 million dollars as a debt, but is it really a debt? No, it is a book entry that is cross-matched with an investment on another set of books owned by the City, their Golf Course kept as a separate entity. At a stroke of a pen, if chosen to do so, one offsets the other.

There are over a hundred different ways to facilitate the same book-keeping trick including the investment capital coming from any country around the world. EXAMPLE: the City from one of it’s operations has 200 million dollars invested with an Asian investment house in China. The city puts up a 100 million dollar bond offering. A call is made to the investment manager in China with the instructions of; from the 200 million dollars held to invest 100 million dollars to cover 100% of the City’s 100 million dollar bond offering. The headlines in California then read: “China takes over another piece of California! 100% of the City’s bond offering came from China!

The public is none the wiser, and the beat of local government massive wealth accumulation goes on…

Again, there are many different ways to accomplish the same. The indication from what I have seen is that: If the dots were all connected through the smoke screen shell entities used on the transaction to trace the funding of government debt back to the actual investor, they directly or indirectly are one in the same.

Or, as percentages go, and all of the dots being connected, probably 70% + of that “debt” is in reality “self funded” and at a stroke of a pen (ice-cubes-chance-in-hell) if chosen to do so, one offsets the other. If confronted on the issue a thousand excuses would follow to perpetuate the way things stood. The bottom line in their thinking is: “We have taken it from you, we are the controllers, and we intend to keep it”.

All of us have heard of the collapse of ENRON. Well, ENRON promoted it’s wealth and hid it’s debt. Government does the * exact opposite *. Government promotes it’s debt and hides it’s profit.

The points disclosed above are rather Earth shaking to the peoples of this nation when comprehended. It flips on end the raw consciousness that we have been masterfully spoon fed to believe and take for granted. The reality of it all boils down to a quote made by a Brit back in the 1500’s and it is as follows:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

From the link for the example CAFRs, download the ones relevant to your locale, put on a DVD and share with many in your area. Make sure the ones you share it with, make copies AND share with all that they know also. The whole game for the last 80-years on government’s part to do what they have done is by simply maintaining “The silence is golden rule”.

In as much to maintain the silence is golden rule over the last 80-years, the key controllers from the syndicated media, organized education, the political parties, and entities that reached millions of people were included.

They knew all to well that cooperation was a must and the alternative not even a consideration due to the repercussions that would fall on them if they did not cooperate with the silence is golden rule. The one group that was definitely not included with disclosure by the PTB was the entire general population of the USA.

Again, download, burn DVDs, and share with many (especially with those that run their own businesses, teachers, and economic professionals)

Wishing all a better future, and a turning point for us all come 2017!

Yours Truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. –

Perspective, an Important thing to know now a day. Orlando shooting vs. ?
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

With the recent shooting in Orlando, FL by one individual, perspective came to mind of the organized, also intentional killing taking place in the: “US vs. Them” scenario.

We are extremely fortunate not to have our grandparents, ourselves, sons, and daughters not consistently mass killed over an extensive period of time by another country’s military intervention being conducted here in the USA.

As far as “Who kills whom” per the number count, the data below per people killed in the Mid-East regions of Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan by Drone Attack does not include the “millions killed” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Egypt over the last 15 years, via CIA “Non-Drone” operations and direct US Military intervention. Over the same time period, those killed in the USA by terrorist acts (excluding 911 due to the “who” was actually responsible) is a very, very small percentage to those killed just by drone attacks. It is a comparison per who was killed on the “US vs. Them” of an Elephant standing next to a flea.

When a shooting takes place here involving multiple casualties, it is the top story of the day for weeks. Thousands are shown morning the casualties through vigils at locations across the USA. Politicians get up on the stage in front of the cameras over and over again grandstanding to take away US Resident’s held firepower (in all reality and not in the reverse psycho-babel  we are all spoon fed from what the media and a select group of politicians  promote), USA residents who don’t have some firepower should get some and learn how to use it “specifically based on the dangers being promoted”.

I note if what happened in Orlando happened in a large LA City, CA or a Brooklyn, NY night club, the results would be much different. There would be to many gang-bangers in those clubs where the shooter would realize his worst nightmare after a few shots fired and then he was confronted by those gang-bangers who would quickly take him out and ripped his head off.

Do large vigils of thousands take place in the mid-East after each event of mass killings (which there are thousands per year) ?

No longer, the US saw those vigils as good opportunities to identify for targeting or take out the sympathizers or friends of those being mourned through bombings and direct attack.  The ones killed there are now primarily mourned in secret.

Does the syndicated news there play out “each” attack that takes place daily over weeks? No they do not. There is only enough airtime to cover with a quick mention only a small percentage of events where many were killed and then on to the next day’s report on killings.

Is the current security and need for more security being portrayed by the US media necessary in the USA? Oh, definitely yes!

I say so for one reason: If the same thing had taken place here by some very odd chance where our country was invaded by another country and tens-of-millions were killed here over years, and our country’s wealth looted, when the tide turned (which it would regarding an invasion of the USA), it would not matter how much security that other country had, we would swarm in and wipe them all out to the last man. So per the empathy aspect of: “in the others shoes”, I would say the security is not a quarter of what it should be here in the USA. I note that it also made me appreciate that in general those from the mid-East really do prefer peace to war and they really do genuinely like Americans even though we have really been pushing the envelope in that regard for the last 15-years per that like they have towards us.

The one saving grace we have is; Those from the middle East do not bunch the people and the government as one-in-the-same.  They draw a unique distinction between the two. They love the US People but in the alternative hate the US Government. The one absurdity of it all is, many from the Mid-East feel sorry for us. They see us as a happy go lucky people with in general a good intent but also see how easily we are manipulated into thinking up is down, and black is white by the well thought out in advance programed propaganda coming from our own government and our Government’s controlled syndicated media outlets of which government in all effect own. The stories  from outside the US News that are contrary to the Control belief factor here, (and there are many) will to most part only be seen external to the USA.

Additionally, from around the world, they see that even though the USA is the wealthiest country in the World, the peoples of the USA have been systematically, and ever increasingly are being looted in many different ways by their own government. The wealth of the USA is no longer in the hands of the people, it has been transitioned almost exclusively over into the hands of the US Government. This being done over the last 100-years (primarily in the last 40 years) right under the noses of the US Populace with most residents of the USA feeling the effects of the same but being clueless as to how it was pulled off regarding this flip in circumstance that developed over the last century.

True objective and independent thinking is becoming a lost art in the USA for the most part. Most are now told and instructed what to believe and how to think. Of which what they are told is designed in one way or another to maintain strict control over them. In the regards from the outside looking in, that is why the peoples from the Mid-East and other places from around the world do like Americans but at the same time feel sorry for the American People. They know it is just but a matter of time that the USA implodes from the inside specifically due to the ever increasing effect of the greed and opportunity entrenchment frothing forward from the corrupt individuals operating with impunity from within the US and Local Government structure that bleeds the US Population of everything they possess.  Those well entrenched players, individuals from within US Government whom have very little true opposition, only care about the wealth and control they amass and NOT the people they were intended (entrusted) to serve from inside the halls of government.

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
** The following data “is strictly” for those killed by drone strikes in the three specified countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

The following is a partial listing of those killed by US drone strikes


Pakistan 2005 to 2013 –

Afghanistan 2015 –

Yemen, Primarily 2011 to 2015 –

Naming and background of those killed –


• Civilian
The Bureau classifies all individuals credibly reported as civilians as such. Where the dead are described as ‘tribesmen’, ‘locals’ or ‘people’, we believe this indicates possible civilian casualties and reflect this using the 0-X range.

The Bureau has recorded a number of female casualties in the drone war. It almost always classes women as civilians: in the FATA region of Pakistan, where the strikes take place, reports of female militants are exceedingly rare.

• Domestic building
Where drones attack buildings, these are often described as ‘compounds’ and sometimes even ‘militant compounds’. However, local sources confirm that these are typically domestic buildings that are often rented or commandeered by militant groups.

• Drone strike
A missile or set of missiles fired by a drone or drones at a single location. Where missiles hit more than an hour apart, we counted these as separate strikes. Where drones hit locations more than a couple of miles apart we also count these as separate strikes, even when they take place in quick succession.

• Other Buildings
A small number of strikes have targeted buildings that are neither domestic buildings nor madrassas and mosques. These include commercial buildings and disused government buildings.

• Religious (Madrassa/mosque)
A madrassa is a seminary – a religious school. These are usually residential facilities that educate children and youths. A very small proportion of all attacks have hit madrassas or mosques, but they have tended to have very high death tolls.

• Target Unclear
Reporting is sometimes vague about what was hit in a strike – and sometimes media reports contradict one another in terms of what type of target was attacked. In these cases, we have categorised the target as ‘unclear’.

• Vehicles
This category encompasses cars, pick-up trucks, four-wheel drives and motorbikes.

Please share this communication with those who may still be able to think objectively and independently. Reality and perspective are two important things to hold close in these adverse times of the present.
Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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The following article linked below was written by Geraldine Perry and the article was published in The People’s Voice Posted here June 11/16

Geraldine mentions the CAFR numerous times and gives her understanding of the issues surrounding it.

She appears to have spoken with Gerald Klatt ( ) She also quotes some of my work, but I do not  think we have spoken in the past. She did make one incorrect statement in the article, that I “maintained Gerald Klatt’s site”, after he died. I do not maintain his site but did managed to get it brought back up again in 2009 when it went down for non-payment of the ISP fees

The link to the article is:

Even though the article was published a while back, I became aware of it and viewed it for the first time today.

I suggest you drop a brief line to Geraldine Perry: (and The People’s Voice – ) giving her praise and noting the importance of the article she wrote. Please also recommend that she call me soon for an updated detailed discussion about the CAFR and structure (implications) behind it. As  always, to establish and show the “scope” and “size” of what is going on right under all of our noses, share CAFR1’s example CAFR listings page –

The article begins with how the people in Chicago were getting shafted by the city of Chicago with a transfer equaling billions in value of the peoples established wealth and income owned through every parking meter in the city of Chicago that was sold over to Morgan Stanley (CHASE BANK) to own them and reap the cash income from the same. I would imagine much grease changed hands behind closed doors to finalize that transaction.

The entire article is very informative and covers several issues per the CAFR. One issue that is close to me that she was not on point with was, she in so many words compared the Budget reports and the CAFR reports in analogy as; Two apples from the same tree. The distinction between the two as I would put it to be clear in analogy is; The CAFR is a watermelon and the Budget report a grape in comparison. Two distinct entities. Or as I have mentioned for over 15-years; The difference between your annual house budget compared to your statement of net worth of which is an accounting developed over your lifetime. Big difference personally and per government, two distinct entities regarding the same local government being viewed.

I hope you find this article she wrote informative and share the article and my cover letter with many of your contacts.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,
Walter J. Burien, Jr. –
P. O. Box 2112
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Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

A Few points Not to Forget about the WTC Complex and 911 Event
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

I make my comments as a prior tenant of WTC1 from 1978-1980.

Watch as the tower falls.   You will clearly see the effect of the squib-charges “systematically” going off several floors (8 to 10 floor) below the collapse line on the way down from both sides of the tower visible. When the squib charges explode, the ones you can see that are not yet masked by collapsing debris, they send out the distinctive puffs of smoke / dust blasting out and through the widows. The heat signatures on floors where no fires were burning, combined with spectral light “element” analysis seen establishes those “puffs of smoke” as coming rather conclusively from squib-charges going off. Done so to weaken the entire structure for demolition collapse.

The towers were built so that the core was designed to act as a guide post for the floors suspended from the core in the event of catastrophic failure. The core was designed to be left standing in the event of catastrophic failure. This was done to prevent the tower from falling “over” and hitting 20 or so other buildings. There are no if’s or buts per the core remaining standing excluding controlled demolition below the impact damage zone, end of story period.

The WTC towers, Port Authority of NY and NJ, the owners of the complex knew the towers needed to be demolished. It came to their attention back in 1978 when asbestos was banned that the several hundred tons of asbestos fire insulation used on the internal structure was a BIG problem. As the asbestos broke down over time, the fine particles could circulate throughout the building exposing the tenants to the asbestos and law suits could amount in the billions of dollars.

In 1980 they installed a very expensive special air filtration system in the two towers to curtail spread of those fine particle. (I note also it was determined that if a level 4 or 5 hurricane with maintained winds of over 215 MPH made a direct hit on the towers they in high probability would not be able to withstand the millions of metric tons of wind force hitting the flat surfaced side walls) Port Authority then commissioned in 1979 for an estimate of the cost to demolish the towers. The price came back at 8 billion dollars and that did not include the law suits that could amount into extra billions of dollars from individuals who claimed they were damaged by being exposed to the asbestos when the towers were demolished.

Well, the “staged” collapse on 911, solved that problem and they got two bangs for the buck. It also initiated the go ahead for the wars in the middle east which I note were on the drawing boards over at the Pentagon and Whitehouse to be initiated on the exact dates the first invasions took place, and those dates were set 6-months before the towers collapsed.

Additionally the Port Authority was trying to sell the WTC complex after realizing their problem starting in 1978. No takers..

Then comes along Larry Silverstein in 2000, a joint US and Israeli citizen that takes out a 99-year lease for 3-billion dollars that required monthly payments of about 37-million dollars a month. He then secures a double indemnity insurance policy for “terrorism attacks” with the policy providing a maximum total coverage of 7-billion dollars. The policy issued and the signed ink was not even dry yet on that policy and down goes the towers and in goes Silverstien’s claim for 7-billion. He settled on a 6.5 billion dollar payout and only had 4-months pay-ins to the rental contract. What a payout on about a 148-million dollar pay-in that in effect was already reimbursed him and extra from the rents being paid from the tenants.

Did Silverstien contribute as a gift $$$$$ directly to the re-building by Port Authority of NY and NJ of the new towers? No, but he did though as a business deal put up 1.4 billion dollars in advance payments for construction to lock in the prime and substantial rental space in the new complex.  The complex is being rebuilt primarily at taxpayer’s expense, offset by advance lessees payments –

Page 84 of the .pdf document per Silverstein shows total in, and a search in the .pdf document for WTC or Silverstein will bring up many other relevant comments made in the report.

I note on the new WTC Tower design, not a flat side surface design. The new air-dynamic angled design can withstand up to 270 MPH winds. (They were not going to make that mistake of a flat side-wall design twice. Hurricane level 4 or 5 direct hit, not a problem now.. )

Math for Silverstein:  6.5 billion dollars (payout) – 1.4 billion dollars (advance lessees payments) = a Big smile on his face.

And the Beat Goes on!

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. –
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Silence is Golden or CAFR disclosure? The choice is yours
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

WND – World Net Daily, wrote 4 good CAFR disclosure articles in 1999. One very good one by Joe Farah the editor of WND.

The 4-articles can be found here —

Then Silence from WND since 2000 to 2016.

In effect it appears WND, who I think was bought out by one of the syndicated media groups and then moved its operations center from Oregon to Washington, DC back in 2001/2 was gagged by the syndicated media group after 2000 from not another peep about the CAFR over the last 15-years.

Well, it is now 2016, what do you think, should WND break the “Silence is golden rule” and release a comprehensive Feature Article about the CAFRs / collective government’s wealth and ownership shown. Letters to the editor and reporters there may help to push release of a or a few new CAFR article there.

I just left a comment to the article (1 of the 4 reached in the link above) written by the editor Joe Farah making my suggestion on what the WND article, if written, at my suggestion should focus on.

My comment is “Awaiting approval from WND

In case my comment is not approved by WND, and thus not seen, I copied the WND comment I left below here:

04/11/16 at 12:14 PM AZ TIME:

WND you have not done a CAFR disclosure article since 2000. It is now 2016 and a or several new Feature Articles on the CAFR are due. I suggest if WND release a new Feature Article that focuses on how government promotes one side of the coin “Debt” without a peep of the other side of the coin “The massive investment holdings and total gross income especially coming from the operations not accounted for in their general purpose Budget Reports”

The following is in line with my suggested focus for WND per the CAFR and government accounting. It is from an article that Carl Herman wrote per my reply to his article relevant to my suggested focus to WND. It is as follows:



Walter responded to my article, Developed’ nations now $50 TRILLION in debt; literally, figuratively bankrupt for infrastructure, public services with the following brilliant 400 words:


“Please, please, please understand the following:

If you were married to a Super Model who was gorgeous, and everyone kept telling you she was fat and ugly, after a while would you doubt yourself to think that she is fat and ugly?

Per that debt, the following three points apply:

Enron promoted their profit and hid their debt. Government does the exact opposite: they promote debt and hide profit.

With the changes in government accounting over the last 15 years, now they project out “liabilities” 35 years cross-matched with 1 year of income. If Bill Gates, you, or I did the same, we all would look like we are on death’s financial door.

Government back during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s had so much cash coming in the door they did not know what to do with it all. So, the scheme went into effect of promoting debt, and then funding that debt with their own cash: turning cash into debt as an investment for them, and as a “parking zone” for that cash. Well, today if you start cross-matching that local and federal government debt with the investor of that debt, after connecting the dots, you will find that 65% + of that debt is “self-funded” or cross-matched with other local or federal investment funds. You may have the county funding the city debt, and the same city funding the county debt. The enterprise operation owned by the city may be funding the city debt, a local government may have 500 million invested with a bank, brokerage, or insurance company, and that institution is now funding 500 million of that same local government’s debt. A state may have massive investment capital in China, and now the same state will have the investment manager in China fund the state’s new bond issue which makes the funding “look” like it is coming from China, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The public was played as useful idiots per this scheme with the one side of the coin promoted of the debt. The public is now convinced that their gorgeous model wife is fat and ugly, when in fact she is just as gorgeous as ever and even more so. If government debt was cross-matched with government investments, and then offset against each other, you may just have 80% of that “government debt” evaporate with the stroke of a pen. Please don’t get caught into promoting the useful idiot line of government debt…

Please share my comments with anyone you know who is currently “promoting” the one-sided view of the coin per government debt, and share with whomever else you think needs to know the points brought forward above.

Yours Truly,

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Links below added by Carl Herman from his article:

Thrive’s (documentary with 32 million views) founder Foster Gamble’s 7-minute explanation on Walter’s work with CAFRs:

Walter’s 2011 72-minute full documentary on CAFR:

Carl Herman’s 2012 23-minute interview on Alex Jones’ Infowars news on CAFRs:

To Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel

Mr. Josh Mandel:

The reason for transparency is to curtail fraud. There are two primary issues where fraud occurs within government and you are covering only a portion of one:

1.How and where the money is spent. Itemized Budgetary expenses are shown per the “check book” but off budget and enterprise are not.

2. (the most important) Showing the collective investment holdings from budgetary; off budget, and Enterprise. I note showing the gross and NOT the net. A big difference in disclosure rests when showing the gross being that the net can be stripped down through “future deductions” that allows for massive fraud to occur under certain circumstances.

The Ohio State “Checkbook” is a step in the right direction per visibility for public consumption and comment, but is only a slice of the pie per public cognitive thinking of the whole picture or whole pie.

So, the bottom line is: Leaving out such a substantial portion of the pie which in turn creates a void in the public’s cognitive thinking could constitute as being: knowingly; willingly; and intentionally committing fraud in itself of which I know is not your intent.

 When the complete picture is shown of total gross income pertaining to: tax; enterprise; and investment holdings is shown, then and only then will a 5-Star be accomplished over a grey shadowed 1-Star as stands now due to partial disclosure.

EXAMPLE: An apple pie has only one slice. (show the other 7) and a 5-Star comes into light.

PS: I already know that you can not show the complete view unless you had an army to protect you 24/7. If done the visceral reaction from the in-side gang of players from within government “nationally” would come down on you like a lead boot due to jeopardizing their well  entrenched over the last century game of wealth created for them based on their non-disclosure and fraudulent activities.

What you are doing with the Checkbook is safe and could only rattle the cages of very low level abuses from players in government circles. Clearly showing the other 7-pieces of the pie shakes the cart right through to the core effecting all of the top players nationally. Again, a visceral reaction of no equal due to the fraud and non-disclosure rock being flipped over in that arena. A cognitive thought generated in the minds of the population in that arena will not and can not be allowed.

Those top players would stop a cognitive thought from being passed on to the public using whatever methods and allocation of resources necessary to do so: Due to the massive collective money, wealth, and control involved that has built at their disposal over the last century. The before mentioned “is” the “definition” of fraud and corruption within this country coming from within the top and thus directly or indirectly from all circles of government.

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Please share or publish my comments above with those you know that would have an interest in this topic.

Your friend and Truly Yours,

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From:      “Josh Mandel” <>
Subject:      National steam
Date:      Wed, April 6, 2016 9:52 am

Walter –

FYI below — my transparency site has become a national model. Let me know what you think of the article/initiative…



How is the government spending your money? Ohio’s figured it out

The Washington Examiner
By Rudy Takala

April 4, 2016

Ohio in 2014 launched a searchable database of the state’s expenditures, allowing residents to browse how their money was being spent by both the state and participating local governments. Government watchdogs view it as a model for something that could be applied across the nation.

“It’s a transparency initiative rooted in the concept of making the government small and the individual big,” said Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, who launched through his office.

The site, which allows users to search how government is spending money on things like food and travel, has been a hit in the state: Mandel notes that since its launch 16 months ago, 611 local governments and school districts in the state have volunteered to participate.
From Dec. 2, 2014, to March 24, 2016, citizens had used the site to search through government expenditures exactly 488,937 times.

“In a simplified way, it’s essentially QuickBooks for government,” Mandel said.

QuickBooks, which helps users to file their taxes, is enabled by the uniform accounting system in use by the Internal Revenue Service. Ohio’s spending database is similar, though it is assisted by the fact that state agencies use uniform accounting systems. That’s a feat many state governments have not been able to accomplish.

“Ohio started out with an advantage,” said Hudson Hollister, the executive director of the Data Coalition, a D.C.-based trade association that helped Mandel’s office draft the regulatory language creating the system. “In the early 2000s, Ohio consolidated all of its financial systems into one. So it’s been easier for Ohio than it will be for other states, where there are multiple accounting systems run by different agencies.

“California has the worst transparency because it’s huge, and there are at least four different agencies in California that share financial management,” Hollister said. Nonetheless, he added, legislators in both that state and in Arkansas have reached out to his organization to explore the possibility of implementing similar systems.

“It’s not just about accountability,” Hollister said. “Another benefit is that it allows government to manage itself better by adopting a consistent data format.” One example of a benefit, Hollister said, is automated reporting. “If governments can adopt a consistent format, reporting tasks that used to be manual can be automated.”

The federal government, Hollister pointed out, is moving in that direction, thanks to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act passed by Congress in 2014. “It said the federal government needs to impose a consistent data standard on everything by May 2017,” Hollister said.

The federal government implemented a more limited searchable database in 2007, but it does not compare to what transparency advocates see in the Ohio model. “Right now, it just has information about grants and contracts,” Hollister explained. “It does not contain internal information, like money spent on grantees or contractors.”

However, advocates hope that’s going to change as governments see the benefit of creating more uniform systems. Mandel said interest is indeed spreading, mentioning that statewide officials in Kentucky and Illinois had reached out to him for information on Ohio’s work, in addition to staff from the District of Columbia’s Office of Government Ethics.

“My ultimate goal, once we build up a critical mass of states, is to march to Washington and hopefully inspire the federal government to do a similar thing,” Mandel said.

He added that was a good thing not just for transparency and efficiency, but for inspiring faith in the democratic process. “This initiative is all about power to the people. It’s about taking taxpayers who felt powerless, and today making them feel powerful.

“I’ll be out to dinner with my wife, or at the drug or grocery store, and sometimes people will come up to me and tell me that they’ve been cynical about the democratic process for their entire lives, and seeing and having the power to hold politicians accountable is, for the first time in many years, renewing their faith in the process,” Mandel said.

The Fed is stuck between a hard place and a grenade
  Sol Palha of Tactical Investor – IF – Fri Mar 04, 10:43PM CST

“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.”  Raymond Hull

The Fed is stuck in between a hard place and a grenade, given this option, they will choose the hard place unless you are looking for a one-way ticket to nowhere you won’t choose the grenade. The Fed has nowhere to go; there is only one option available inflate the money supply or die trying to.

Central bankers worldwide have already started to work on the next level of QE. It’s called negative interest rates, and it’s just a matter of time before it comes to the U.S.  The U.S will hold out for a bit longer as they want to maintain the illusion of a somewhat stronger currency. Remember this is a race to the bottom, and so the idea is to finish last instead of first.  The Fed is already stalling; this is clear signal as any that they are already planning the next line of attack. And please do not fall for that mumbo-jumbo that the Fed is panicking; having no choice and panicking is not the same thing.

The Fed and its friends always win. Those that fight the Fed have a short life span. They have had decades to fine tune this nefarious art of fleecing the masses, and they are experts at it now.  Those at the top have already used a vast portion of their paper wealth to secure valuable hard assets, so if the entire market were to collapse tomorrow, they would not lose anything. In fact, they will stand to make even more as they will come in and purchase everything in sight, for pennies on the dollar. However, the markets are not going to collapse tomorrow, one day in the future they might, but that day is not tomorrow.

The war on Interest rates is on, and you cannot fight a trend in motion, so the U.S will have no option but to join the battle.  The chart below clearly illustrates how the world has embraced the concept of negative rates


We have provided many factors over the past few months indicating that this recovery is a hoax, but instead of fighting the trend, we have taken the unconventional view, that despite the economic recovery being a hoax, the markets are destined to trend higher.  The weapon of choice now is to throw increasingly large sums of money at the problem, and this works because the masses are not ready to fight.  The can will be kicked down the road until the road ends or the can becomes so heavy that it’s impossible to kick it any further.  We are still a long way from that point. The debt is going to increase to a level that will one day be labelled “as insanely unimaginable”.   Sounds crazy; well then tell us what you make of the fact that it took over 100 years to get to $1 trillion, and now it surges by that amount every year.


The war on interest rates means that deflation will be here for longer than most expect, so it will be interesting to see how commodities in general, especially the precious metal’s sector hold up.  Gold is off to a pretty good start, but it remains to be seen if a breakout past the strong zone of resistance at $1350.  It needs to put in a pattern of higher lows which it has not managed to do since 2012.  The next pullback will be interesting, for it leads to a higher low, and then this recent breakout might have some muscle behind it.

Low rates are positive for stocks, and since we are in the midst of a negative rate battle, the odds are in favor of this market trending higher.

“Do not trust to the cheering, for those persons would shout as much if you and I were going to be hanged.”  Oliver Cromwell


WJB Note: I agree with the writer of the article’s higher lows pattern going forward in Silver and Gold. The activity on the Silver over the last two weeks suggests to me that Silver is in the first mode of pricing that signifies the beginning of a break-away market to the upside.



Crude Oil appears to have behind the recent price increases a coalition of a very capable market support institutional group at work that appears to be intent on supporting and driving prices higher. Crude Oil closed on its high for the week at about 35.92 per barrel. The next resistance levels  are 38.00, 43.00, and then 49.00. My guess is that Crude Oil will establish itself in a range between 42 and 48 in the not to distant future.



If the writer of the article is correct per interest rates, we may be seeing the 30-Year Bonds moving towards and through their contract highs of the last 10-years.

On a last note, the article mentions the increase in the debt over x-years. The point that most financial writers do not include in their thinking (if not all due to the complete void maintained per collective government institutional investment totals there) is “The other side of the coin” governments collective investment holdings held globally, that are on budget, and most important of all, those that are held off-budget. “Tangible investment holdings”. Over the same time period of x-years, government collective investment holdings held now globally have increased substantially over the debt being incurred by a factor of at least five to one. The takeover by government of all tangible assets both domestic and globally is where the “Silence is Golden” aspect is strongly at play, intentionally with great effort kept outside of the view of the populace.

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612


Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

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  Some old and some very informative new information is covered. It is a good listening piece to share with others.

It can also be downloaded to link post on your own site or to be sent as an attachment by email.

  Sent FYI from,

   Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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The following is a snip of sections “E” to “H” from a 2009 CAFR1 article: “The Beat Goes On” Posted Jan 25/16

The complete article can be viewed here

Reading the complete article I think would be informative and a strong refresher learning excercise for all.

Please share with those that you know.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1

E.  There is no accident that come 2009 the US has the highest prison population; lowest education scores: highest rates of divorce; level of bankruptcies; drug addiction; and ever growing degree by circumstance of a psychotic population, all of these factors are VERY profitable for the attorney base in the USA. Trillions of dollars generated each year in collective take for the attorneys that is taken directly or indirectly from the population. The preceding are pushed, promoted, and micro managed to keep the truckloads of cash flowing in for the attorney base and their minions of cooperatives on the take in this country by statutory design and out of opportunity. Now I am not slamming all attorneys. There are probably a few decent, ethical, well intentioned, and a few that will not steal from you when given the opportunity to do so that are out there. Could be even as high as 5% to 10%, I have just not found them and I can count on one hand those that I have encountered in my lifetime, so I may be a little pessimistic here. Keep in mind as you and all the rest were masterfully entertained, distracted, prodded, and propagandized to, in end result most of the people voted for these attorneys to put them where they are and to do what they are doing. In fact most that voted for them did not even know they were attorneys in the first place. But then look at the money involved, the general population never had an ice cubes chance in hell of making an intelligent, well thought out decision on the important matters in face of the conditioned response controls being exerted on them by the controllers firmly entrenched with the key to the vault in their hands, at their control and disposal.

F.   You have to ask yourself some very basic questions here to cut through the BS you are fed each day to see the underling intent of the controllers. A clear example is the following in comparison with organized crime of the thirties and government today. Here are a few: What are the two most hazardous substances that many from the public are addicted to? Alcohol and cigarettes. Outside of the impression given of objection to curtail the use that is given by government, from the sale of each product whom collects 70% to 80% of the sale price? Government is the one, and the use of of those products generates a few extra trillions of dollars for government and the attorney complex as a residual effect.. Bookmaking from the 30’s and 40’s once run by organized crime is now run by government through the lottery and I note government collects now by a factor of 20X more than organized crime ever did by government taking over that racket. I will note that if you look at a state CAFR you will notice about 65% of the take from the lotteries goes towards “administration” of the same. The list goes on and on and in every case who takes the Lion’s share? Government is the one. The attorney cartel involvement was 100% in every one of the aforementioned in their creation. Is attention given to these facts? No, and no due to the money involved. TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

G.    In looking at inflation based on the dollar, the dollar index is where I primarily look. If you look at a par value of 100, then currently when looking at the last 25-years we are at 80 and the low was about 70 at the end of 2008 – Come next year my expectation would be that the dollar index will be at about 94 to 96 after peaking out at 102. There are many factors behind my thinking but the primary factor is: When you own the cookie jar you determine the price of a cookies, how many cookies are sold, which ones get eaten, and which ones get discarded. US Collective government now owns the cookie jar. What “they” want to have happen will happen, networking as one, all tied together by private consulting associations in which and whereby through these loose associations creates the largest monopoly and power base the planet has ever seen.

H.  There are no accidental movements to the market places, only centralized game-plans implemented with an object design and underling intent exerted to take and control the worlds productivity. I note that from 2001 to 2008 it became somewhat of a free-for-all through unrestrained expansion. The greed factor was to prevalent and as an end result a tad bit slap happy towards the end with the bubble in the real-estate market popping, and the opportunity presented itself at the end of 2008 for those all so powerful government fund management teams to position play “short” the markets in tandem with massive short positions strategically placed, sit back, and watch the equity sucked out of everyone Else’s pocket as those government derivative account balances shot through the roof due to their short worldwide derivative positions held. I note that much of this activity was conducted through government’s off-shore managed portfolio accounts or cleared through large bank / insurance company institutional accounts for their government clients. Private clients and private pension funds got burnt alive as this transpired.



To update your information regarding getting email posts from Walter Burien – CAFR1, please use the following link:

News Anchor X Media Blackout for sixty years about Cafr fraud in US & Canada: Posted Dec 15/15

There is an area of National importance where a Blackout has existed for over 60-years.

I challenge you at this time to make simple mention.

The issue is: Local governments always promote “Budget Reports” when addressing the public.

The actual accurate accounting of every local government’s true financial position is disclosed within their Annual Financial Report of which government added one word at the beginning to make it a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or the acronym for being CAFR. The CAFR accounting standard started being promoted to local governments by  in 1946 and became the standard in 1977 for all local governments, overseen for the accounting standards used by

In doing so, and operating under the CAFR accounting structure, you could have a local government for example promoting to the public and news media a 90-million dollar shortfall on their “Budget” while if review of the same local government’s CAFR was done, it could show liquid assets and a position of being 1.5 billion in the black. Selective presentation is alive and well here and don’t fall for the: “That’s only our pension fund equity” when there are hundreds if not thousands of other specialty funds involved within a State venue.

Due to the true money, income, and investment capital held here, there has been an orchestrated effort for several decades to never mention the CAFR, the “Holy Grail” of local government accounting. (Kinda like in comparison if the Catholic Church chose for whatever reason never to mention the Bible)

Many parties from government / Education and Media are involved here for not a peep of the CAFR. Silence has been truly golden for them as the networked wealth grew in the CAFR as shortfalls were continually promoted on the corresponding Budgets.

To view a FEW EXAMPLE listings of (4500) CAFRs categorized by City, County, State, Special Districts, Enterprise, etc.. they can be viewed and downloaded from here –

You will be amazed when you look and also it will qualify for yourself that simple mention to the public is of paramount importance here.

Typical stone-walling from upper management to staff when the issue of mention comes up is: “We need to take a closer look”, or “It is to complex for the public to understand”  and then the buck stops there and never a mention.

So, here is my suggestion to complete the challenge to you where no valid objection can be presented, nor any “valid” reason for no mention can be lodged by upper management. Simply say / write / or present to viewers or listeners:

“The CAFR, your local government’s Annual Financial Report it appears for quite some time now has been overlooked for review by many local resident taxpayers as would apply to their Cities, Counties, and School Districts complete financial condition. I request that responsible taxpayers review their local government CAFRs and get back to me with comment for further investigation from our News Team.”

The above presentation is “Generic”, “Responsible”, and due to the shown wealth involved within the CAFR, “Of Paramount importance” to every person in our State as well as nationally.

As a guide to the viewers they can be instructed to do a Google to find their local government CAFRs by putting on the Google search line using quotes for example: “The City of X” “Annual Financial Report”

Same can be done for any State, School District, County, etc.

Also if you choose to do so, you can share the link to the CAFR1 example CAFR listing page.

You can be the leader in opening up this can of worms and then share with your co-News Reporters Nationally to do the same.

I note the blackout of the simple mention of the CAFR for the last several decades has been “The Biggest Game in Town” for not a mention due to the Wealth, Money, and Investment capitol involved. (think collectively as you look and your jaw will drop to the floor)

The above generic question opens the door for many to give that long overdue look at their local government CAFRs that is a “need to do” for any responsible citizen. (or News Reporter)

Truly Yours and from,






Shaare this with your friends and associates and ask them to do the same.

Sent FYI and for your use from and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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Office: (202) 559-7554 Washington, D.C.

I published a hard hitting CAFR disclosure article on LinkedIn a few days ago.

It is a combination of the last three posts I put out to the CAFR1 National email list with a few extras.

The above link is a good link to share with those you know to get the “over-all picture” of what is going on in Government per how they build their wealth within government today.

Sent to you FYI and to share with others from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST Posted Oct 30/15

Here is a VERY important point for you and everyone else in your community per any tax increase proposed by your local government(s). The new accounting changes for all government operations over the last few years is designed to make the operation “look” cash poor by requiring them to have funding for their “liabilities” up to 35-years out. (parking zone for the cash)

Now that might up front look like a prudent thing to do BUT, what they do is project their liabilities out 35-years cross-matched with their income of 1-year out. ** If you, I, or Bill Gates did the same thing we all would look like we are on death’s financial door.

They are moving on a tax increase not because they are short on cash today, they are doing it because they are pulling income and standing balances off their operating funds into “advanced liability accounts” creating the shortfall on their operating budget to justify the increase.

What is “ESSENTIAL” for you and all others in any local government venue to do is: Based on their “gross income, not net” last year (and go five years back) and then project their income based on projecting out 35-years to cross match with what they say their liabilities are…!

If that was done I have a feeling that viewing projected income 35-years out without ANY tax increase, they would be in the black by a BIG margin and NOT short of funds.

All local governments across the land are saying they are short of funds today because they are doing the same thing of projecting out liabilities 35-years cross-matched with projections of income out 1-year. So the same applies for every City, County, School District, University, Enterprise Operation across the land…

Detroit in declaring bankruptcy did the same thing right under the local public’s and nations view by promoting the liabilities out (one side of the coin) 35-years and not the income (the other side of the coin) for the same and got away with it. Detroit was sitting on 18-billion in liquid investment assets at the time when they did this. But they said their liabilities were 27-billion (projected out 35-years) claiming to be 9-billion short today…

Please share this communication with other activists in your state and ask them to do the same.. Want to light a big fire under the corruption? Then make sure everyone Statewide sees this detailed outline communication As Soon As Possible. (A.S.A.P)

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,
Walter Burien –
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Cafre Debt Explained Posted Oct 29/15

Source: Carl Herman

Walter Burien is the leading expert on Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). Beginning in 1990, Walter began documenting how governments manipulate their books to hide public money, but reveal part of what they do in CAFRs. I discovered Walter’s work in 2012, read CAFRs for the state of California, the City of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County, and verified his information as correct. I document those CAFRs’ information here, along with the adventure of my California Assemblyperson and State Senator’s obfuscations and eventual official statements of, “No comment” when asked to verify what I found in the state CAFR. My 23-minute interview to explain my findings is the last video of this article. I found similar fraud in San Jose’s CAFR in 2015.

The bottom-line is that we live in the Orwellian economy of a debt-based “money” system, while government lords over trillions of our captured dollars with .01% oligarchs hiding ~$30 trillion in tax havens (that’s about 20-30 times the total to end all poverty on Earth forever). A leading CAFR example is California’s ~14,000 various government entities’ CAFRs have a sampled-data total estimate of $8 trillion in surplus taxpayer assets ($650,000 non-disclosed assets per household). CAFR so-called “retirement funds” currently deliver net returns of about one percent on good years, and negative returns on bad years (here, here).

Better read the above paragraph twice to feel our real economic condition exposed through official CAFRs.

I consider Walter an American hero for intellectual integrity and moral courage to report CAFR data since 1990. He has suffered tremendous repercussions from .01% criminal financial interests he exposes. When true accounting is done, we all owe Walter trillions worth of gratitude.

Walter responded to my article, Developed’ nations now $50 TRILLION in debt; literally, figuratively bankrupt for infrastructure, public services with the following brilliant 400 words:

“Please, please, please understand the following:

If you were married to a Super Model who was gorgeous, and everyone kept telling you she was fat and ugly, after a while would you doubt yourself to think that she is fat and ugly?

Per that debt, the following three points apply:

  1. Enron promoted their profit and hid their debt. Government does the exact opposite: they promote debt and hide profit.
  2. With the changes in government accounting over the last 15 years, now they project out “liabilities” 35 years cross-matched with 1 year of income. If Bill Gates, you, or I did the same, we all would look like we are on death’s financial door.
  3. Government back during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s had so much cash coming in the door they did not know what to do with it all. So, the scheme went into effect of promoting debt, and then funding that debt with their own cash: turning cash into debt as an investment for them, and as a “parking zone” for that cash. Well, today if you start cross-matching that local and federal government debt with the investor of that debt, after connecting the dots, you will find that 65% + of that debt is “self-funded” or cross-matched with other local or federal investment funds. You may have the county funding the city debt, and the same city funding the county debt. The enterprise operation owned by the city may be funding the city debt, a local government may have 500 million invested with a bank, brokerage, or insurance company, and that institution is now funding 500 million of that same local government’s debt. A state may have massive investment capital in China, and now the same state will have the investment manager in China fund the state’s new bond issue which makes the funding “look” like it is coming from China, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The public was played as useful idiots per this scheme with the one side of the coin promoted of the debt. The public is now convinced that their gorgeous model wife is fat and ugly, when in fact she is just as gorgeous as ever and even more so. If government debt was cross-matched with government investments, and then offset against each other, you may just have 80% of that “government debt” evaporate with the stroke of a pen. Please don’t get caught into promoting the useful idiot line of government debt…

Please share my comments with anyone you know who is currently “promoting” the one-sided view of the coin per government debt, and share with whomever else you think needs to know the points brought forward above.

Yours Truly,
Walter Burien –
P. O. Box 2112
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Tel. (928) 458-5854″

LAST WEEK’S CAFR1 POST Posted Oct 29/15

Here is a radio show I was the guest on in Tennessee last week. It was just put up on YouTube today.

Hot News Talk Radio 1240 AM is the Chattanooga, Tennessee hottest talk station covering all the news and hot topics of the day.

I was fighting off a throat and lung infection so I am coughing especially in the first 1/2 hour. I’m sure many listeners were wondering if I was on my last leg.

But, I did cover a pretty good disclosure and covered a lot of important detail. A good detailed listen to the end of the show.

Please share with those that need an education on the big picture CAFR topic.

Here is a link to the most important 400 words to comprehend per the way Government has operated over the last 30-years:

Sent FYI from,


Truly Yours,Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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Architects and Engineers 2015 Comprehensive 911 Report Sept 10/15

ENTITLED: Beyond Misinformation a .pdf download

Copy, Share, Publish, and Distribute to your contacts

Science facts vs. “The Official Story” that was carefully orchestrated clearly contrary to the scientific facts and eye witness testimony. Three wars and millions of deaths latter, it is due time for all of us to turn over that big rock to clearly see what lies beneath.


This is a well written and very factual report worthy of Publication and distribution to every library and University in the country.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – Prior tenant WTC1 from 1978-1980
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Greece, just a thought to wipe out your national debt
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

Greece has been in the news for the last several months per defaulting on their National Debt which is about 200 Billion Dollars in total.

Here’s a thought; Well, the large institutional traders (primarily banks) have been using the Greece scenario as an excuse to manipulate the world Stock Index and Interest Rate Markets.

Over the last 20-days they have easily generated value ten-times the total Greek National Debt utilizing Greece’s name and circumstances to do so.

Here is a 30-year US Bond chart showing 1-week you can expand to show 2-months and here is a DOW chart. You will notice over the last 20-days big gaps up and down.

Well, for several of those gaps, the institutional accounts utilized the name of Greece as the excuse to manipulate and roll the markets. In doing so they generated tens of billions of profits on each occasion. Now in consideration of the world markets in total, these institutional accounts easily pulled off as mentioned earlier at least ten-times the entire Greek National Debt in doing so.

So, my message to the people of Greece is: Maybe you should investigate and confirm what institutional accounts were moving in tandem utilizing your country’s name, Greece, and manipulating your circumstance for their own profit, and then you could go to the World Court with that evidence to get a seizure and confiscation court order whereby each has a proportional amount of equity seized / forfeited from the profits they made using your name and then your National Debt is gone. Gone in one move and at one stroke of the pen.

Now Greece, don’t feel guilty if you do this. Just remember a “proportional” seizure from each of these manipulating institutional accounts would only amount to 10% or less of the profits they made utilizing your name and circumstances.

They in turn will keep 90% of the wealth the stole from everyone else and your National Debt will be gone. Back to life as usual in Greece. Sounds like a winner to me.. Just a thought if you cared to make it happen.

Would make a nice precedence with the World Court for justice don’t you think?

Please forward this to every person you know who is in Greece or is Greek and ask them to do the same.

Communicated to you and truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. CTA (Commodity Trading Adviser) 1978 – 1992
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To One and All:

Make sure to look at the CAFR example list on the CAFR1 site. It lists about 4500 CAFRs that were compiled for 2013. The list is categorized as you go down the page by County, City, State, Pensions, Special Districts, Enterprise, Council of Governments, Specialty Investment Funds. It is a long list so keep scrolling down to you reach the end.Keep in mind the listing is just an EXAMPLE LISTING that shows a few out of the 184,000 CAFR reports.

The impact of looking Qualifies the “Scope and Size” of what has been taking place right under the public’s nose every single day for the last 80 years as the Public was masterfully Entertained into total distraction while a complete VOID was maintained for not a cognitive thought to be generated in the public’s cognitive thinking. This was done with the full cooperation of the syndicated media, controlled education, both of the primary political parties, for not a peep or mention.

The CAFR is not “a” report, it is “the” report, your local government’s statement of Net Worth that the public should have been going over with a fine tooth comb each year for the last 70-years. But how could they review when they did not know it existed due to the cooperative black-out of its mention?

Well, VOID now breached, cognitive thought now taking place, MAKE IT COUNT!

The link for the Example listing is here – Listings.html.

** Download the CAFRs by category listed for your state. Put all on one DVD and make copies for distribution to people in your state. Put them up for sale on eBay and Amazon. Anyone you know who runs a large business, make sure they get a copy. They will be amazed and learn the world of government is much different than they had ever imagined or were selectively spoon fed to believe… They may just then take some sincere corrective action with their other business associates.

** Also if you would like to listen to or share a 1-hour radio show with friends CAFR1 did six months ago that covers a lot of excelent detail, information, motives behind what has transpired, replies to government comment, remedy that is in motion, you or they can listen to it is here –
Good for a DVD burn too.

Provided to you FYI from,Walter Burien – CAFR1

PS: Keep also in mind each report shows the holdings / income for just that “one” entity. Now think of the “collective” totals from all.
Now you know why Russia in the 80’s and now China in the 2000’s have transitioned into the USA standard of operation. MORE CONTROL AND  MORE WEALTH GENERATED for their government. In the USA the better blueprint was drafted for control and wealth generation, and takeover of it all.

The NWO (New World Order) is not from the outside coming in. It was created here and is being implemented globally. One standard blueprint for population management and profit therefrom. I think we all can modify that blueprint. TRFA coming to a local government close to you. We The People as equal partners with government and not as the current blueprint outlines, as subjects to be controlled, suppressed, and managed. All across the Globe can do the same also, become equal partners with their government and then the world thrives from that point forward. My fingers are crossed and my actions are in motion wishing for the best for one-and-all, are yours?