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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 16/17

A Brit tells it like it is!


The following, five 10-minuite segment auto play videos on YouTube, made in 2009 tells it like it is in plain language clarity. This is a must watch if you have not seen it before.

The individual who did the videos, as an after effect on his life, his personal life was methodically destroyed as a consequence of such clarity.

Six-years later, 2015, he was dead, and shortly before his death he was in sincere regret that he had stepped forward in the first place back in 2009 with such clarity.

The following video interview in 2015 was the last video interview done by him shortly before his death. Understand the content he clearly brought forward, and the consequences for him doing so can then be clearly understood easily also.

Bringing forward important and overpowering aspects of life that are not commonly known by the general population that is significantly contrary to the government gang’s intent and interests, can and in most circumstances will have dire consequences for the individual doing so.

R.I.P. and thank you to this individual. His disclosure made were clear; to the point; fundamental; and relevant knowledge that was and had been right there in the faces of the population. The majority of the population was kept blind as to this knowledge by the Government gang”s self interest, but this individual opened up the eyes of many so they now could see.

And by the way, this individuals main profession was a carpenter. I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but there was another carpenter from many, many years ago that opened the eyes of many that also ended in his death too.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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Cafr fraud about monthly reporting in USA ! posted Nov 13/17

Government Transparency Reporting, the 1-2-3 way it must be!
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

Every State should compile an excellent report such as what the State Government of Texas in 2005 use to put out called the Texas State Cash Report

CAFR1 wrote an article back when the State of California Government a decade ago was crying financial troubles noting the TX State Cash Report –

There are archive links at the bottom of the article to view several of the Texas State Cash Reports.

For easy reference here is the 2005 report shown –

I suggest that you download the report to your research directory for viewing over trying to read it online. The pages display slowly online and very quickly after being downloaded and saved. Also after downloading you will be able to use the search feature to find any key word or phrase quickly and you can save it to DVD for sharing..

The differences between the TX State Cash Report and CAFR can be viewed on page 19 of the report as adocument or page 37 as displayed by the .pdf reader.

The report gives a detailed listing of every fund held by the TX State Treasury (excludes funds held “outside” of the State Treasury). The detailed listing can be referenced through the index at the beginning of the report and found towards the end of the report.

I also note that the report only covers “State” fund accounts held. Within the State of Texas, non-state government operations, the thousands of all City, County, School District, other local government,  are separate entities and not part of the TX State Report. If other local governments “within” the State of Texas were totaled, that total would be substantially greater (by a factor of at least 30X) over total funds held by the TX “State Government” agencies.

I am bringing this forward at this time being that every State and “local government” should be REQUIRED to produce a detailed Cash report such as what the State of TX use to publish.

When CAFR1 made the TX State Cash Report visible to the public a decade ago, the “open disclosure” displayed was counter productive to those within government who’s primary interest was wealth building outside of publc view of funds under their control. Pressure nationally was exerted for the State of TX to convolute their Cash Report to show significantly less detail. If you pull up a current TX State Cash Report you will see the clear difference between then and now.

The bottom line here of ethical transparency, as was the case from Texas State Government, a forerunner of transparency a decade ago until outside pressure was exerted on them. This outlined Cash Report should be the Standard for every State and ALL local governments within, NJ, NY, CA, MS, MA, FL, etc. today.

Have your legislators make it happen! There is no ethical or valid excuse for them not doing so, and again you can give them the exact guidelines for doing their local government Cash Report by providing the 2005 Texas State Cash Report to them. Make sure not to let them throw in one exclusion after another into their Cash report. Also a Cash report shows gross balances of all funds and NOT accounting tricks played to reflect  substantially diminished NET balances.

Use the 2005 TX State Cash Report that you download as the example for specific and required guidelines that all local governments must comply with in a Cash report they publish and make available for public viewing.

** Getting this done to allow for clear transparency as a requirement will determine if ownership of government is: The People’s, Our Government or the Inside wealth building Players, their Government.

Please share this communication with your email list and publish where available for you to do so.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST letter to President Trump posted Nov 5/17

Please read the following in its entirety.

I sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump back dated December 22nd 2016 that was delivered via forward by the USPS from Trump Tower to his DC Campaign Heaquarters on 01/10/17. Did he see it?

I don’t know. As of 11/05/17 I am still waiting for a reply or comfrmation that he received it..

A copy of the letter sent on 12/22/16 is as follows.

If you have a trusted friend who is in contact with Mr. Trump, please ask them to confirm if he “has” or “has not” seen it and let me know.

Sent FYI from WJB – CAFR1



P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, Arizona 85936                                                      Fiduciary Trust Management

 Arizona Office: (928) 458-5854                                      Meeting Local Government Budgetary Needs


December 22nd 2016

TO: President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump
725 Fifth Avenue.
New York, NY 10022

President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump:

The greatest drain on the population and economy over the last three decades is the ever-increasing excessive growth of taxation on all local levels.

What I call “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” is a way to eliminate all local taxation and at the same time create a thriving economy, prosperous population, and meeting all local government budgetary needs.

This is done trough transitioning local governments on to the fiduciary trust principle of operation to meet all budgetary needs. The capital funds that do so are called TRF (Tax Retirement Funds).

The method, management teams, and structure to do this are in place today, and have been so for decades.

Local governments have established their own collective trillion dollar fiduciary pension funds that pay out salaries and benefits at retirement. To the most part they have not missed a heartbeat and have paid all benefits intended equating to many trillions of dollars for millions of government personnel to date.

TRF funds are established venue by venue on the local level utilizing the same management teams, structure, and are designed from return and reserves building to meet local government’s operating budgets so that taxation can be incrementally phased out and then eliminated.

What this does in effect are three very important things:

1. Creates a thriving population and business environment with the excessive drain of taxation removed.

2. Builds and develops ever growing massive investment trusts where the capitol re-investment drives the economy in an ever growing, self perpetuating, self sustaining economy.

3. With the phasing out and then elimination of local government taxation, the public’s hostility level towards government will diminish towards government to nil almost overnight.

I have designed a 12-point operation principle for TRF fund management that the local governments and fund managers are to adhere to. Each point requirement makes the population the “first line beneficiary” of.


Point 5: From the investment trusts the population with good credit scores can get a mortgage on their homes or new car at 2.5 percentage points.

Point 3: A portion of the return from the trust funds, fines and fees will be offset (Local swim center family membership may be $165 a year and after a few years of TRF operation those fees may be reduced to $35 or be free).

Point 10: Investment guidelines for management teams to receive annual bonuses or in the alternative demerits if not in compliance.

Currently the National Headquarters for the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) is underway being built and located in Gallup, NM.   (off of Patton Dr.) and should be completed, staffed, and in operation within the next 14-months. Federal assistance could make it happen that much sooner.

What is being done here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”. Once in place it drives the economy of this country to a prosperous level never seen before and is self perpetuating from day-1 and for a thousand years out..

I have been working for seventeen-years toward preparation for this launch of the TRFA. I have only spoken with Mr. Trump casually for about a half and hour back in the early 80’s when invited to an all day party on the Trump Princess and briefly a year later when I stopped by the Trump Tower in NYC.

At this time I would wish to speak with Mr. Trump in detail about the TRFA and the significant impact it will have to create a thriving economy, very prosperous population, and meet all local government budgetary needs “without taxation”.

I can be reached for scheduling of that conversation at 1(928) 458-5854.

Hopefully this communication will reach Mr. trump as soon as possible.

I have plans in the near future to make a DC Trip to address the Belt-Way groups. I will be looking to reserve a conference room in the Senate Building to facilitate that briefing. I will make sure to invite several key officials from Treasury, ways and means, and budgetary departments as well as the members of the House, Administration, and Senate for my presentation of “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” that is designed around the TRFA operations.

I think all will be very excited and motivated after this presentation and information / data is provided to them.

Again what I bring forward here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”.

Yours Truly,


Walter J. Burien, Jr. Manager – TRFA


TRFA US Registered Trademark: 77611599 (1-page)

TRFA Home /Office diagram attached (1-page)

Background information: Walter J. Burien, Jr. (7-pages)


SENT USPS PRIORITY MAIL TRACKING NUMBER: 9410 8096 9993 8051 4561 38


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 3/17

Allong with the surpression of the CAFR issue since 1998 in search engines and by syndicated entities, covert attacks were implimented over the last 19-years to falsely “attack the messenger” when the reality of the CAFR issue was being agressively brought forward.

There were only three “attack the messenger” attemps I spotted over that 19-years and today I filed a complaint with Google Inc. in my attempt to correct the 3rd attempt that launched in 2011 within their search engine results.

The complaint can be viewed here –

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien –


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 3/17

A subscrber to the CAFR1 National email list asked today: “When at a local government, open to the public meeting, what are good questions to ask and actions to be taken?”


CAFR1’s reply was as follows. WJB
Good questions to ask and actons to take?

Here is one that will make them **** in their pants. If it be City; County; or School District, shoot for their cooperation on all three, and ask:

“Your most current and several of your past Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, the CAFR, if we the residents of this city arrange for an independent audit of our City, County, and School District CAFRs, will you arrange for the complete and full cooperation from the internal or external financial teams that compile the CAFR in providing all data we require to assist in the completion of our independent audit?”

Also qualify that question with the following statement: “Being as you know, the past and current CAFR, all data and details have already been compiled for their completion and is readily available. So, there should be no delay on the part of your financial team(s) in providing the data and information we will require and will be requesting to complete our independent audit.” (four months to facilitate completion of the independent audit is a reasonable time period to set) I note: DO NOT use an audit team that has a conflict of interest with the local government being independently audited, or that is actively involved with other local governments. Also noted: The local government will make its best efforts to get attorneys who are in their pocket to infiltrate or in some fashion get control over your audit team and results of its findings. Block this from happening. (attornies, judges, prosecutors)

Then if you want you can add the following: “Being that an independent audit may be costly to the residents conducting the same, if fraud; misappropriation of funds;  unethical transfer of funds outside of the interests of our residents is identified, will you arrange for payment of the cost of our independent audit, and regarding funds identified and then recovered, if any, that were clearly determined to have been fraudulently acquired or transferred to or by any party, distribution of those funds back to the residents of our local government(s) ? “

That last one will get them shaking as if a wolf surrounded by five lions.

Keep in mind that for decades local governments have masterfully steered residents off into playing with themselves in non-consequential areas that do not effect the local government’s intent of self interest wealth creation at the populations expense. They have their tactics for doing so well rehearsed. It will be a chess game of significant importance. So with that in mind, make sure your thinking and course of action is to arrange for a “checkmate” in your and all resident’s behalf. Do not let one or two frauds identified distract you from the other 75 bigger ones that may exist.

I have seen the tactic used by local governments that if the public gets close to turning over the rocks to see what crawls out, the government players will throw before you the small sacrificial lamb as a distraction technique while the large herd of cattle is held slightly out of view in their holding pen. Look and ye shall find. Be distracted or diverted and ye will be in the dark.

Walter Burien – and
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Tel. (928) 458-5854
PS: Funds are running low at this end with the TRFA project ongoing, so if possible please visit –  🙂