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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST Important post for all Americans and Canadians can do the same thing here! posted April 4/18

CAFR1 sent out an article Nationally in 2012 per qualifications of politicians we elect. I wonder how many people took action in their local communities as to what was recommended by CAFR1 from the 2012 article come 2018?

If this action (qualifications) was taken in your local community, please let me know? If not taken, why?


The article from 2012 was as follows:


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST Don’t get angry get even! posted Feb 20/18


Last week I sent out a post to the CAFR1 National email list entitled: Don’t get angry, get even!


Several websites posted the article to their sites. The comment section from one of those websites I think you will find informative.


I, CAFR1 gave some in detail comments in reply to other commentors.


If you think those comments are to the point, please share with others you know.


The link to view those comments below the article is as follows:


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Walter Burien – CAFR1


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST Russia Probe & Battle for Athens! posted Feb 20/18

The following are copies of two detailed comments I left on several YouTube videos this afternoon.

I think in overall perspective you may find my comments upsetting but please take the comments to heart and share with others.

The first is per recent “Russia Probe” News videos from the last 3-days where I left the comment on several of them..


The second comment I left was on the video: Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

If you have not watched that short video, I sincerly suggest you do so at this time and then read my comment left on that video.


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Walter Burien –

Pertaining to the “Russia Probe”,  the comment left by CAFR1 on  those videos today, 02/19/18 was as follows:

Russia???? So what! We, the USA government have spent TENS OF BILLIONS via CIA, DOD, etc. to destabilize Russia and its political structure in every way, between the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Several attempts were made with varied results to create armed revolution in Russia or in their satellite states. This is common knowledge to all in the USA except for the brain dead TV surfers.

The last two decade based on closer ties between Russia and the USA have curtailed those covert ops substantially. We on the other hand elsewhere have pushed to the limit wars, covert wars, and conquests in the Middle East, South America, and a few other African countries.

Masterfully played distractions keeps the population in the USA entertained as the “real” issues of consequence are pushed off into a corner with barely a mention is the “intended” end result of those in power.

Russia so far, in the light of good spirit, has grinned and bears it, knowing as fact how extensively and masterfully the American population is being played through propagandized agendas, and why.

Well, 13-Russians playing election disruption in the USA compared to the actual and extensive ongoing ops around the world being conducted covertly by the USA makes those 13-Russians look like in comparison as being a bunch of girl scouts selling cookies door to door…

So you have to ask yourself: What is the propaganda play behind the Russia election interference “promotion” that has been rammed down our throats of the US Population perpetually now going on year two by the government organized in-bedded gang and their cooperative syndicated media players under their control?

The answer(s) to that question are as obvious as it can get: Maintaining the entertainment of the US Population; keep a disruption factor ongoing to the disadvantage of our president and his administration; utilizing the “divide and conquer routine” (wearing very thin at this point) for the benefit of the democratic party gang (backfiring on them though more and more each and every day), and last but not least, reassuring the PTB  that they can maintain the treatment of the US Population as usefully played idiots with the PTB having no concern about consequences for their acts as they continue “business as usual” with trillions of dollars annually being moved, laundered, stolen, and utilized for their own covert profit to the clearly treasonous disadvantage of the American population. (read through my website for extensive clarification)

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

The scope and size of what our own government has developed into over the last few decades per the take-over of it all, investment wealth obtained, control and surveillance to an almost absolute factor over and of the population, makes the old Russia of the 30’s and 40’s that we use to know and communism look very antiquated.

Government in the USA has more control and access to the productivity value of the population than Russia ever dreamed about.. So, you now know why Russia in the 80’s and China at the turn of the century went Democratic.  

They both after review of government’s operations here in the USA, made the clear determination that as far as control and wealth obtained from the population, the better blueprint for covert communism with a fascist twist of perceived capitalism that generated massive wealth ongoing each and every day for government of no equal, was solidly in place in the USA and being played like a Stradivarius violin. So for both, the switch to the same organized structure was apparent and substantially more productive for them to do so..  

Keep in mind, Government’s motto is: “We are here to Serve and Protect.” The one small omission though by government, in ALL REALITY was the  fact based on greed and opportunity over the decades, to “serve” and “protect” themselves,  government as they ever-increasingly took it all at the population’s expense and disadvantage by the clear step by step loss of our most important legacies our founding fathers tried to secure and preserve for us.

** The way it was and is being done: Masterfully entertain us, good or bad entertainment, into absolute distraction of singularity,  where we are neutralized into objects of no consequence when it comes down to understanding what is taking place each and every day right before our own eyes. A very depressing fact is that about 2/3 rds of the population continues to be sound-bite conditioned to cheer, on cue, as they are entertained. Kinda like a group of cattle eagerly walking down the slaughter house ramp, gleefully asking each other: “I wonder if this vacation will be as good or even better than the last?”

Time to have clear and cognitive thinking as would pertain to the “basic” realities of government and their syndicated media parroting agenda machines. We can not afford to be masterfully entertained, spoon-fed propaganda, as we all walk down that ramp on our next PTB government of the last 70-year guided grand vacation we are being directed towards

Walter Burien

The following video I have had up for several years on the recomended view list of the CAFR1 YouTube Chanel  if you have not seen it yet, I recommend you click on the link below and watch it now before reading my comment left on it..

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

The comment left by CAFR1 on this video today, 02/19/18 was as follows:

Well, the next battle of Athens in the USA?

 Local governments, most are operating as for-profit corporations. Those familiar with corporate lingo should know the expression of: “A hostile takeover” or “a majority vote from the shareholders is final”.

For the next battle, a battle to start the end all battles, if the residents of a local government know that their local government is operating contrary to the interests of the population where the local government is by greed and opertunity fleecing its residents at every opertunity to do so, then: The population must initiate an Emergency Special binding issue vote, with one issue to be voted on. That being:

 The suspension for a minimum of 90-days for reorganization; modification (complete review and audit); and then reinstatement of that local government under specific guidelines of employee changes; consolidation of revenue; operating procedures;  limited scope and responsibilities as would pertain to the agencies  departments of that local government, drafted, and openly disclosed to the residents with review and audit findings and enforced through specific terms as outlined by a publicly assigned (by the residents) panel of say 15 for a small local government or 50 for a medium sized local government, and the restructure plan upon review by the residents would be voted upon before reinstatement.

Emergency response or service departments of the local government would maintain their services under adequate and special operating guidelines  during the suspension (Fire; Police; schools).  

A key point of reinstatement would be the local government will be required to not exceed and must match the income growth of its residents. Within the audit, going back 30-years, it will be determined if that local government exceeded the income growth of the residents and will be brought back in-line  with the income growth of the residents upon reinstatement. Example: If the populations income growth and numbers increased by a factor of 3x over 30-years, then that local government will be brought in line for 3x and population increase or decrease over the same time period. Or in other words, balance..

A 70% yes vote or greater will be required for the suspension. Voting will be by hand ballots and be strictly supervised by public oversight in the casting, eligibility verification,  and counting of the votes.

The vote on the issue will not be invalidated by any means, and will be binding and superlative to any action to by any party to thwart the will of the people’s collective vote.

Corruption does not play fair, and if it is prevalent in that local government, up front it is clearly stated that the will (the vote) of the people shall not be infringed or circumvented by any party from within or outside of that local government. No presentation of statute or law will or shall circumvent the vote of the residents, the vote is superlative to any other influencing contradiction.

Now in reality, if you tell foxes or wolves they can not kill and eat livestock in your town, they will say: “No, our own law of plunder is superlative. No change, or attempted change to eat and kill as much as we want will be allowed.”  And those foxes and wolves have many brethren from across the land that would vigorously attempt to enforce those foxes and wolves view point.

** So, if the 70% mark is reached, exceeded, or if not stopped from even being presented for the vote, if exceeded, it all boils down to: Do the people own government, or does government own the people?

Well, keep it simple, assert  your efforts as if your lives depend on it (which they do), and draw that line in the sand. No and, if, or buts. If government puts forward: “We own you, you will do as we say.” In response, it is clearly noted: “No you work for us, we as a majority by verified vote, are telling you what will be. The vote will take place and the outcome will be enforced at every turn of the page. If the vote is 70% +, the shutdown as specified and outlined with consequential penalties within that issue vote will commence within 72-hours.”

If this is done, the population within close to you and from afar across the land will support and back enforcement of the vote, or the will of the People.  

If push comes to shove, then as time of 10,000-years establishes, ranchers, when their livestock are being decimated by wolves and foxes, the response to deal with those wolves and foxes has always been clear.

This needs to happen in a small local government where the majority of the residents know the corruption is blatant and unrestrained in all reality.  

A good, ethical, efficient, and prosperous (for the population) local government, a vote such as this would be lucky to get 20%.

 In a large local government, the confusion would be to overwhelming to make it happen. But in the alternative from a inherently corrupt small local government, a 70%+ vote may be just what will occur. There are many small local governments across the land that fit that bill.

So, in those cases, this action and special issue vote is righteously needed.

Do the research up-front to select a smart, capable, review panel of 15-individuals to handle the review, policy modifications, and audit for reinstatement. Make sure there are no conflicts of interest from or with the individuals that are selected to do the job.

Again, the will of the people, the residents of that local government will be, and shall be, superlative to any other issue or opposition to the suspension of that local government if and when the 70%+ vote is obtained.

The next battle of Athens? Well it is long over-due. Above, gives the comprehension and a start of cognitive thinking to make it happen.

** Think of it in this way: If the shareholders of a public company realize the company board of directors are looting the revenue of the company; are mismanaging the company; and are plundering the value of the stock of that company screwing its shareholders, the majority of shareholders of that company upon a special meeting having been called, can vote to: Suspend; Reorganize; and Reinstate that company, and replace the entire board of directors if needed for reinstatement.  In this example, only a 51% vote to do so would be required.

So, since our local governments want to operate as for-profit corporations, then lets treat them just  as shareholders (residents) would. If the local government, in the consensus view of the residents is good, ethical, and productive for We The People, then not an issue. But in the alternative, 70%+ of the vote, as the baseball referee has said when called for: “You are out of there!”

I say 70%, but you decide if needed for your local government. 65%, 55%, or as a match for any publicly owned company, 51%

Just think, one example set will make all of the others Local Governments from across the land (in reality) to start cleaning up their act. What director or directors, on the spot, want to be voted out in one sweep by their shareholders? None do. The arrogant and corrupted though just say to themselves “They can’t touch me.”

Walter Burien –

PS: Most government attorneys can talk the flees off a dog and local government Judges in simple arrogance will command the flees to jump off a dog or they and the dog will be held in contempt of court,  and then the flees with the dog are sentenced to be killed at the whim of that Judge, and are. So, good thought must be given for replacements in that arena upon reinstatement if needed.

And on a last note, as an English nobleman from long ago once said:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612









Don’t get angry, get even! posted Feb 9/18   

Is and was there a News blackout on the CAFR?
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

OK, let’s establish the fact that there has been a massive and cooperative effort by the Government, the News Media, and Controlled Education in creating and maintaining an almost complete blackout of the mention of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in their efforts to keep the general population clueless as to the financial takeover of the wealth of this country by collective government over the last 70-years.

We all know Google is the most extensive search engine on the planet today. The trillions of open source records maintained by Google is of no equal.

Well, this aspect of Google can be very telling when specific time periods are selected to be searched. For this example here, we will search the “News” feature of Google. Google archives go back over a hundred years.

So was there any mention from the “Syndicated News Media” of the CAFR over the last 60-years?

Keep in mind the CAFR accounting structure started in 1946 by the efforts of GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association) and became the standard by action of GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) across the land in 1977. The CAFR is local government’s statement of Net Worth, the most informative showing of the actual and massive wealth held and income generated by every local government across the land, or in personal comparison, an individual’s Statement of Net Worth.

A document every taxpaying individual from across the land should have been going over with a fine-tooth comb to investigate and learn the “true” financial picture of their local governments that were hitting them up for decades crying shortfalls of money for more, more, more in taxes, fines, and fees. Increases perpetually enacted each and every year. The CAFR is local government’s Holy Grail of accounting. So was there a cooperative effort being done to make sure the population did not have a clue?

Let’s see:

The following is a Google News search from October 12th 1955 through January 1st 2009, 54-years:

(GOOGLE NEWS SEARCH OCT 12, 1955  to JAN 1, 2009)

Gee, a massive 2-hits. Mind boggling. Even one of the two being from the country of Liberia. Not a peep per News articles towards local “Governments” here in the USA and CAFR findings. The other hit being a simple mention of the CAFR by Forbes.

So here we can deduct one of two things:

1: The thousands of News Reporters or talking heads employed by the syndicated News media over that 54-year time period had a section of their brains lobotomized so that when hearing of local government’s complete accounting record the CAFR, the response was to draw a absolute blank; or,

2: There was a massive cooperative  effort in place to make sure no mention of the CAFR came out to the population due to one fact, and one fact only: Due to the massive wealth building within local governments; those with their hands deeply in the kitty from within government and their outside players; and to create a void in comprehension within public circles as to the “collective” takeover of the wealth by local government upon review of the collective totals shown within the now 180,000 + CAFRs completed by local governments each year.

Would this be considered a conspiracy? NO, DEFINITELY NOT!

What it is by definition would be: A showing of organized crime of no equal. Masterfully wrapped and presented with the logo being: “We are here to help and serve you.” Yes, right, with one small omission: as they systematically and exponentially take control over all that you have, or ever will have. Your life, wealth, children, property, income, or anything else they figure has value to it that they can take.

Would an organized crime syndicate want anyone to see their blueprint and showing of the wealth they are amassing from their victims? Most definitely not. They would go far out of their way to make sure that did not happen.. The organized crime syndicate would want their victims to think they are barely getting by, when in fact the exact opposite is true.

Let’s throw a wrench into the gears of the smoothly unfolding equation commencing as of 1946. A slight problem for its intent starting in the year of 1998. Walter, CAFR1, goes to war with the syndicate for forced disclosure of the CAFR accounting structure bypassing the lock coming from the syndicated media, controlled education, both primary political parties, and most importantly of all, the intentional void maintained in the public’s cognitive thinking . Hundreds of radio shows were done by CAFR1 through the private non-syndicate owned media; hundreds of articles were published through the private non-syndicate owned publications; conferences and action groups were implemented. Millions of individuals from across the USA and world were reached with disclosure. Internet chat that could not be controlled erupted with a fury.

Well, suppression from the syndicate went into high gear. Internet search engine results actively suppressed; government shills blasted to confuse or misdirect; silence was strictly enforced from any party the syndicate had control over. Those the syndicate did not have control over, that had the ability to reach the general population in numbers, and did, were targeted for elimination.

The population needs to get a clue as to the scope and size of the syndicate they are facing. It is the largest organized syndicate the Earth has ever know, collective government. They do not play fair, and their takeover of the wealth is now absolute and locked down in force of no equal.

Now keep in mind that from 1998 to 2005, many privately owned “News Outlets” published feature “News Articles” per the CAFR. WND, Media Bypass, Idaho Observer, The Spotlight, etc, etc. Did “one” of those “News Articles” show in the Google search results? No they did not. Again, it must have been that lobotomized factor for Google so that when seeing circulating “News Articles” of local government’s complete accounting record the CAFR, the response was to draw a absolute blank.

In reality, it was just another showing of the control factor in absolute application. Did you ever hear that old expression of: “If the largest tree in the forest fell, and no-one was there to see it fall, did it actually make a sound?” The syndicate knows this factor all to well per the CAFR, and goes substantially out of their way to “only let the population be there to see what they want them to see.”

The syndicate, with millions now having become aware of the CAFR, due to CAFR1’s effort for disclosure, and those who took the ball and ran with it, had to do some damage control per giving some visibility to what a good percentage of the population knew existed as fact. I note when CAFR1 started with disclosure in 1998, before doing so CAFR1 did a Google search for the report and the yield was 16 (sixteen) hits on a general Google search.

As more and more people became aware of the CAFR, and local governments when confronted by residents per the CAFR, at first the local government officials played the “Deer in the Headlights” response, CAFR, what’s that?” Well, that did not go over to well after the residents tracked down the CAFR for that same local government.

What local governments did then in response was to put the CAFR reports on that local government’s website for the purposes of “plausible deniability” where they could say: “We are not hiding anything, look our CAFR is available on this location of our website.” They would never direct the population to it, they would only mention it when confronted.

So, back to Google and the syndicated News Media and the reality they were now facing of millions of individuals from across the land now knowing about the CAFR. Let’s take a look at January 1st, 2009 to February 8, 2018 per “News Articles” that the population was “allowed” to see:

(GOOGLE NEWS SEARCH JAN 1, 2009 to FEB 8, 2018),cd_min:1/1/2009,cd_max:2/8/2018&tbm=nws&ei=2X98Wu72FIicjwPg-52YBw&start=0&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=604&dpr=1

Wow, 200+ News Articles. In reality if the massive censorship was not at full play, there should have been thousands. Take a look at the impression those hits try to project. They give the impression of “normalcy” but do you see any comprehensive or any editorial articles from the New York Times; Wall Street Journal, LA TIMES, Chicago Tribune, or any other syndicate owned publication in the Google News hits? No, you do not.

Don’t get angry, get even!

Share this communication with all that you know and ask them to do the same. I note a very important fact: The censorship that is in place, is very effective. CAFR1 learned a few years back that mail servers were in cooperation with the censorship. Only about 1/3 rd of those on CAFR1 subscribers list will get the CAFR1 posts. They are blocked from the other 2/3 rds getting the posts. Additionally, if a subscriber does get the post and they try to forward to their lists, the majority they send to, do not get the post. They are blocked also. If you forward, check with those on your list and ask them if: they got the forward from you?.. Most will say they did not.

So with that in mind, to be effective, posting the communication on your website will be more effective. Publishing the communication to a chat-board, social media, or a print publication will be effective also.. If you put the communication on your website, from that point forward, spread the link to it far and wide.

Like I said: “Don’t get angry, get even!”

How does the syndicate get away with doing what they are doing? It is done through a well orchestrated effort on their part to masterfully entertain the population off into distraction of irrelevancy.

A never ending year after year loop, of holidays; sports; celebrity; gossip;  etc., promotions that gives the population the impression everything is fine and dandy in Alice and wonderland known as the USA.

We are mass-marketed to, to see only what the syndicate wants us to see, good or bad, and done so by them so they can keep us like the little chipmunk running on the treadmill wheel, as they tap off 85%, directly or indirectly, the energy that  we on that wheel produce. It also keeps us glued to the revolving door of the News the syndicate spoon feeds us with the exclusion of the most relevant factors, in reality, we face today.

On a personal note, you, I, and all others are faced with the controlling propaganda we face and are spoon fed each and every day. It is designed to make us withdraw in apathy and to not think we can make a difference. Those in apathetic withdraw will stick their heads up once in a while but will usually quickly withdraw to their comfort zone just to watch and be influence in that zone via media designed to masterfully entertain them to be of no consequence to the syndicate.

Let me make it very clear here: We are at war with the syndicate in their efforts to maintain control over the wealth they have taken and intend to take. The open light of disclosure, and disclosure most importantly comprehended is the syndicate’s Achilles heel.

Again, Don’t get angry, get even! The syndicate’s efforts and solid wall of censorship in place today gets broken with simple disclosure comprehended by the masses.

At this time we have maybe 10% of the population who now have a clue as to what is going on. Increase that percentage to 80% who truly comprehend, and then the syndicate is in real trouble per the errors of their ways…

I think a few of us can bypass the syndicate’s blackout per the CAFR and the structure behind it per the takeover of the wealth involved. The message to the masses has to be clear. That message is: The masses need to comprehend this so share with all that you know.

Here are a few example listings of CAFRs, 4600 of them by state and category all can share  –

Keep it simple: Here are our local government CAFRs, and upon review, see what our local governments have turned into, and how they have step by step taken it all from us. Many will not understand and revert to their TV remotes or change the dial on their radio.

Oh, well. What is important, is the fact that most running a small or large business for themselves, the backbone of our country, will understand and see that our governments have evolved over the decades into ruthless, for profit operations, that have and will continued to expand their takeover of it all unless confronted with genuine effective force to change their clear intent to expand and perpetuate the same. So bypassing the syndicate with disclosure is the population’s war objective. To take a trip to a destination requires seeing the road before you.

The goal needed is 80% of the population getting a clue, and even better, 80% having a good comprehension of what they are faced with. Then corrective action will come to play and the syndicate boys will really be looking over their shoulders verses what they have been use to doing over the last few decades which is laughing their butts of all the way to the bank each and every day.

On a last note, don’t say to yourself: “I am but just one, how can I make a difference?” Don’t lie to yourself. You see, you are 1 of over 385,000,000 individuals from this country. Passing on comprehension by one individual to 100, and done well, the 100 on to a thousand, and so on can be done. Done even though the syndicate has what can be said is: absolute power and control. As the syndicate knows: It is simply a numbers game.

So, for US the same applies. The number to reach is 80%. The individual 1 can become 350,000,000 1’s, one at a time and do so very quickly “if” we all realize we are at war.

No game here folks. We are at war and the outcome for our and our children’s lives depend on us being effective. So let us all stop whining to each other and let us be as “effective” as we can to walk, run, or jump over that wall of censorship and masterful entertainment well in place as we all  face today.

The syndicate’s fear?  The people are coming, the people are coming..    80% folks, now make it happen. Each and every one of those 1’s out there until those 1’s become 80%. Time to take back our country.

Do not let the syndicate, or their disinformation agents distract you down a road that has no consequences to them. Stay focused on the “spinal cord”, the syndicate’s take over of it all from US.

Their CAFR is the starting point for the accounting of it all. One CAFR is but one. Collectively, the showing from them all shows and establishes; the clear takeover of the wealth of this country, in absolute form from: We the People. No ifs, and, or buts, we are at War. Winning or loosing that War will determine our futures… This is a matter of life or death folks. I choose life! What about you? In life, when there is a storm, we all can hear the thunder!

For National and International distribution.

God’s speed and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

PS: A Google search on the promotion of Government budgets yields: 60,900,000 hits as of 02/08/18

Cognitive Thinking, Yes you! posted Jan 19/18
by Walter Burien – CAFR1 01/19/18

It appears most individuals cognitive thinking has been “response conditioned trained” to parrot the government’s promotions and to maintain a void towards the reality of the situation that has developed over the years. (decades)

Just for clarity,  I never have mentioned “tax government retirement accounts”.

The TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) designed to: “Retire Taxation” by consolidation of “Government’s” existing wealth and “NON-TAX income to directly “Benefit” the taxpaying population through the elimination of taxation utilizing the fiduciary trust principle to meet local government’s ongoing budgets. Now if Pensioners “wish” to consolidate their pensions with the TRFA accounts, to get paid directly from the TRFA accounts, they will have the vote option to do so down the road. Government currently has the financial management staff in place to make this happen today.

Per those who say: “Government is too large and should be funded totally by indirect taxation. The lesser the better. ” Well, taxation is nothing new. It has been an extortion tactic used for over 5,000-years. Ending it is the correct path to follow. Regarding government being to large, the greed and opertunity principle has basically been running unrestrained for centuries if not longer.

Taxation has been the #1 facilitator of the same followed by the expansion (takeover) accomplished by the growth of collective government’s investment capital. When the dots are connected, Government now “owns it all” by investment. When the dots are connected, government is funding most of that government debt they list, funded with cash or investment funds previously moved out of and off the Budget of the same.

The population “creates the wealth” and government players have been usurping that wealth in an ever increasing fashion, year by year, decade by decade. An example of the “ever increasing fashion”, I  will use Arizona State government; as of 1983 (statistical section of 1992’s report, page 154).

AZ State government’s budget based on “Total Tax” income + Fines / Fees was 1.5 billion and total income 2.3 billion.  Jump ahead to 2016 (statistical section of 2016’s report, page 254) “Total Tax” income + Fines / Fees was 29.8 billion and total income, well to much accounting for me there. The diversity of “other” income sources outside of governmental tax income is extensive. There are many fund balances outside of general governmental and the tactic of “net” accounting obfuscates the standing balances. My estimate of “Total” income as of 2016 (on the low side) is 42.5 billion. Standing totals for “all” investment fund balances??? Keep in mind this is just “State”. Cities, Counties, School Districts, etc. in Arizona, are separate CAFR reports.

Here for “State” government we have a 15X increase from 1983 to 2016 (33-years). If total gross income was validated, we would probably have an increase of 25X. The population’s increase of their income was about 2X. (can be found in the statistical section also) NOTED also: The population of Arizona doubled over the same time period.

Source: State of Arizona CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) 1992 to 2016 –    (great source for archived “State” CAFRs from Arizona. Check to see if your state has the same for its archived CAFRs)


Per: “social and corporate welfare redistribution” Government’s view point on that redistribution is: It all comes back to government in a direct or indirect fashion. (taxation; investment income; ownership by equity investment of many private sector companies where government is profiting from those financial transactions via their investments in those companies)

** Government depends on individuals operating, commenting, and cognitively thinking within the parameters of the propaganda they spoon feed the population within the “void” of no cognitive thinking of the basics right under the populations noses. Masterful entertainment and distraction is essential for government to succeed in maintaining the status quo void and “Business as usual”  due to the Money and Wealth held, and power involved. They are Pros at accomplishing that end.

Per: “thieves“, Government, as established by THEIR OWN ACCOUNTING, takeover, and increase in the take over the years, establishes government as the thief of no equal in perspective to all time.

Bottom line: The TRFA (and its intent) is focusing on the restructure of local governments to make the population the 1st line beneficiary of the wealth held and income generated, already in place within government, by and through the elimination of taxation. IT IS NOT NEEDED!

To counter the influences of the void created that influences us all, start focusing on the elephants in the room (never mentioned) and not the mouses scurrying around the floor that government and their partners in crime, the syndicated media and political parties are constantly and exclusively pointing at.

As mentioned in previous posts, as of 2008, collective government’s return on domestic and international investment income was about 5.8 trillion dollars, that income primarily benefited government. The financial managers handling those investments are in place today for assignment to manage TRF funds to now “DIRECTLY” benefit the population by and through the elimination of taxation. Those trying to trade the markets “outside” of the government management teams, consistently have the habit (by government’s design) of loosing their shirts. Their loses become government’s profits, that those profits government generates by design, where not $1 goes to offset or eliminate taxation.

Will you or any others accomplish this paradigm shift contrary to the current intent of government? Probably not. Will the TRFA accomplish it? Well, time will tell. It is being worked on one step at a time. The masterful entertainment and distractions have had no effect in thwarting its progression, just slowing it down has been the effect. When it is all said and done, the majority of the  rest can just say to themselves: “Great idea, why did I not think of it.”

Sent FYI and for your cognitive thinking from,

Walter Burien – and


Please share and distribute Nationally. Copy the complete letter below, if you agree, and share with the White House communication site –


Sent FYI and for your use from WJB – CAFR1

President, Mr. Donald Trump:

Please issue a Presidential Executive: “National Security Order” effective on all individual local governments of the USA, that said Order becomes mandated as of date of issue.

* [Reference Federal compliance authority where appropriate]

In summary for this Executive Order, it would state: To implement additional security to our southern border with Mexico, due to well known and pervasive illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking,  all of which have severe negative impact and consequences to every state and local government operation in this country to varying degrees, and is an issue of National Security; a 1/20th of 1% assessment will be made on and from every local government in this country as determined from their standing liquid worth of cash on hand and liquid investment assets held.

The 1/20th of 1% assessment is for payment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” per this Executive Order being imperative to deal with the immediate security risk our country is exposed to, and  will be exclusively determined for each local government by audit of the Federal Comptroller General’s Office, on a case by case basis, in cooperation with the US Treasury.

It is clearly brought forward here that the audit to determine each local government’s assessment for transfer into the fund will not be determined by that local government’s annual budget, but in the alternative, will be determined by the gross standing balances of that local government’s wealth held. Specifically noted, not net balances but gross balances, as determined to be held by that local government, its sub-division operations, and affiliated component unit divisions, in determining that local government’s complete assessment for immediate transfer into the  “National Security Southern Border Fund” upon the assessment being submitted by the Comptroller General’s Office to that local government.

The revenue assessed for transfer to the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will be utilized for the following good cause purposes:

1. To build or complete a secure and more effective wall across the southern border of the United States to enhance security of the United States against  illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking;

2. additional revenue allocated to Southern border security operations;

3. additional revenue allocated to Southern border immigration agencies to assist in legal immigration issues, and to deal with in a fair and effective manner any conflicts that may exist in determining legal immigration compliance therewith.

ENFORCEMENT for collection of every local government’s assessment as specified for payment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” if it becomes necessary to do so will be facilitated as follows:

1. Any local government that is delinquent for more that 60-days after assessment of the 1/20th of 1% from cash on hand and liquid investment assets held for transfer into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will be subject to the freezing of any Federal Funds in transit to or to be allocated to that local government until the assessment due from that local government is transferred into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” by that local government.

2. In the case a local government is delinquent in payment of their assessment for more than  90-days, the Comptroller General’s Office will publish a Notice of delinquency for non-compliance, along with the specific details of the Federal audit for that local government showing a complete accounting from where that 1/20th of 1% of cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held was calculated and derived from;

NOTES: The assessment to any local government for transfer into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will not be transferred as an increase in the local governments budgetary accounting to then be assessed to the local government’s taxpayers. The assessment will be deducted as a ledger entry against the local governments cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held. If the local government wishes to assess the taxpayers of that local government in the amount of the transfer made into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” by them, it can only be strictly done by a 25-year amortization of that transfer amount reflected in that local government’s annual budget.


President Donald Trump:

The above executive order will get your wall built with additional revenue for the other agencies as noted, and do so faster than you could imagine if implemented, and I note even if “proposed” for implementation.

Now 1/20th of 1% assessed may not sound like a significant figure to accomplish the job at hand, but in reality it is a very significant amount when the now approximate 200,000 local governments and their owned operations are assessed. And in fact an amount that not only could build a wall on our southern border, but generate the revenue necessary to complete a wall on our Northern border of which is not at all necessary.

I add emphasis to my prior comment above of: “I note even if “proposed” for implementation.” the cooperation to complete the wall through “other” means would happen at a blink of an eye for obvious reasons being that the locals in Government would not wish to see a modification of accounting transparency as is now structured within those local governments due to a Federal audit as outlined above being made public. The data from every local government’s overall operations and previous year accounting, that is already available can be used to easily and efficiently tabulate each local government’s assessment.

In the true interests of our country, I believe the Executive Order referenced here should be required and not just proposed to immediately effect the completion of the Southern wall and generate additional revenue for the noted agencies. The transparency aspect should not be just a threat of federal audit under the terms as specified, but in the alternative a standard requirement for open transparency in the event of a local government’s delinquency towards paying their assessment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund”.

Mr. Don, make them an offer they can not refuse, as noted above in summary here 🙂

God’s speed and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona
Office: (202) 559-7554 Washington, D.C.

Scope and Size – How many “unique” Government entities are in your State? posted Dec 19/17

Scope and Size – How many “unique” Government entities are in your State?
by Walter Burien – CAFR1
The following link is for the recent 2012 Census (published in 2013) report of: “Census of Governments” in the USA

Please download the report over trying to read online. Online to view takes time. Downloaded it can be viewed from beginning to end quickly, and allows for easy copying and sharing with others.

VERY IMPORTANT: Keep in mind each entity listed in your state in most cases will do its “own” Annual Financial Report, with its investments and cash / investment balances “separate” from any other local government’s report.

Think “Scope” and “Size” of it all.

ALERT!So when you locate and review any local government CAFR relevant to your location, and you think you are looking at it all, you are not! To see “it all” requires pulling up all other associated governments in the same location if be City, County, or State. Again, think “Scope” and “Size” of it all, and this is just for “Local Governments”. Federal is another basket of oranges.

The millions of “We The People” as a formidable group  keeps getting smaller and smaller every single day. Same thing pertains to our prior wealth held, smaller and smaller every day.  The diminishing of the Private sector that is, the government sector surpassed the wealth of the Private sector two decades ago. As far as those big beautiful houses we see going up in our neighborhoods since the 90’s, I wonder how many of them are owned by government employees, or individuals who directly get their wealth from government contracts? I will take a guess and say its in most likelihood the majority.

Bottom line? What I learned in grade school per communism (Russia and the soviet block countries of the 50’s) and those Communistic governments owning it all, the much more “efficient” and “productive”  blueprint for doing so has been well surprised in the US of A… Do the people of the USA comprehend this? No, they do not. Masterful entertainment of the population from the USA (good, bad, and the ugly) is designed so they never generate a cognitive thought of the specifics of this situation that has developed over the last few decades. Also as noted in the last CAFR1 National post per the WND articles from 1999 and 2000: “You now know why Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev for Russia and then the China Government several years latter made the change “to go Democratic”, the government here in the USA showed both the better blueprint method for ultimate population control and the complete takeover of the wealth of a country by government. Just masterfully entertain the population into distraction, maintain the cognitive void of your wealth held, increased annual income, promote you are always running at shortfalls, and the rest is easy.”

a WriterI am but one-person as we all are. Disclosure by CAFR1 and from those that have learned “The Biggest Game in Town” that started in June of 1998, has been accomplished to a limited degree  towards government’s “take-over of it all” and expansion for the same right up until now, 2017. With the hundreds of trillions of wealth involved, the void in the public’s comprehension as to this overbearing but suppressed reality has been strictly enforced and perpetuated by Government and its cooperatives, and very simply done so: “Due to the wealth involved and the absolute control that wealth yields to and for the parties involved.” Most involved with the structure doing this are not aware of the total ramifications or accurate picture of the whole forest. They are to busy reaping the whirlwind of the wealth they are obtaining through their control over  one or two trees “in the forest” as noted within the Census report linked above. (Make sure to save a copy. When a cognitive thought as to scope and size of it all ignites in the populations mind after viewing one of Governments own reports, especially as is tied in with this communication, the link to that report can change at a keystroke).

For over the last year, my efforts to launch the TRFA National headquarters designed to benefit the population of the USA and then globally has been on hold. The goal of the TRFA is the elimination of taxation with the replacement of that government revenue stream of taxation, replaced with the revenue of fiduciary trust fund management. All operating points of the TRFA are designed in making the population the direct beneficiary of the massive wealth held by government. The start of the TRFA has basically been on hold. One backer from Texas in 2014 got the ball rolling for the acquisition of the property where the TRFA National headquarters will be, and the start off development of that  property was underway until 2016 and has been on hold since that point. The Texas backer “owns it all” if the TRFA is not launched and running by 2019.

Personally, I have been chewing on and digesting for the last 2-years the “futility factor”. What the TRFA is up against is the largest organized syndicate on the face of the planet (collective USA government) that is very happy with keeping things just as they are, the ever increasing extortion of massive wealth annually from the population, utilization of that wealth for their own purposes contrary in many a ways to the populations interests. They chuckle a little every day as they go to the bank viewing their ever increasing account balances as the population views with concern and dismay their ever diminishing account balances…

Since 2014 and the one-backer from Texas that got the TRFA National headquarters underway, did millions of dollars come rolling in for the TRFA to apply the gas to make the TRFA project complete and happen?

I did not do any fund drives, since 2014, I only watched to see what would come in the door based on many knowing what was underway. Well no, only a very small trickle of financial contributions came in from “other” parties from 2015 to the end of 2017.

At this point, my objective is to get the funds necessary to adequately fund (in pure reality terms) completion of the TRFA National headquarters, and have an operating budget for 2-years after completion. What I will be attempting to raise is $12,000,000. I have maintained contact with two wealthy individuals who have expressed over the years that what the TRFA is looking to do is the #1 thing without exception that should happen for the country.  So far as of this time, they, FG and GV have maintained as fence-riders. Will they step up to the plate to assist in true terms? Maybe, or maybe not. I thought about doing a Go-Fund-Me page with that objective noting that if one million people contributed $15-each, done deal. But, Go-Fund-Me takes after all fees associated 10% and your fund -drive can be killed by them for whatever reason at their discretion, so they were out.

I will note that a very small firm out of San Francisco, CA that has an internet server which operates a website and article post service called Reddit since 2011 in cooperation with Google search results has directed internet traffic as an “Attack the Messenger”  post that is a false, anonymous, slander piece against myself, in July of 2017, raised 250-million dollars, most of which was from 31-individuals. At the very end of my complaint to Google filed by me on 11/02/17 is a PS: note per that quarter of a billion dollars raised by Reddit –

Will the call or calls come in per financing to accomplish the funding to complete the TRFA project neutralizing the “futility factor”? I note I am offering  40% of the gross (not net) generated and ownership of all property involved to the backers who step up to the plate who allow for the completion of the TRFA Project. The backer(s) will have a good annual return until satisfied under terms on their investment agreement with the TRFA.

So if Reddit can raise 250-million dollars from 31-investors in “one-month” (Item 13 of the SEC filing) to do what with???? The “futility factor” here is to prevalent of an issue in consideration that the TRFA is moving on bringing “ownership” of the wealth of this country back to the peoples of this country’s hands. The message is clear and irrefutable.  We all are involved with a monumental fight here.  Winning that fight is not just a “nice thing to happen”, it is of paramount and essential importance to happen that will have a significant positive impact for every person, company, and government Worldwide of no equal from the past or into the future.. But as is the case from everything past, present, or future, the end result can be “just dust in the wind” or “the principle of operation” that impacts every day of our life.” Billions of dollars change hands every day in the USA. The TRFA is looking for, and requires $12,000,000 to complete the mission at hand..

Who from that 1% (or even the top 3%) of the wealthiest in the USA is willing to make this happen?

The clock is ticking, what will it be?  JDITW   or   TPO

Truly Yours, the mouse that roared,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

For general backing, click on the following image:

World Net Daily wrote four articles on the CAFR back in 1999 / 2000 posted Dec 17/17

One of the four articles was by Joseph Farah the editor of WND.

The first article by Sarah Foster notes that the then current national debt of 5.6 trillion dollars federal and all local debt could be paid off several times over from the collective investment funds held.

POST NOTE 12/17/17: It appears WND deactivated the search feature on their site. Any phrase entered will say “Not Found” (I use a FireFox browser)

But then thanks to a snapshot by, three of the four WND articles can be viewed. From 06/14/1999 by Sarah Foster

WND Editor – Joe Farah – “Government’s money-hoarding racket”  – 06/15/1999   –

WND – Geoff Metcalf – “THE GOVERNMENT’S SECRET TRILLIONS.” – 08/06/2000 –

After these four articles were published by WND, WND was confronted with a financial squeeze, sold their operation to one of the syndicate media groups, moved their editorial headquarters to the Washington DC area, never to publish another article with mention of the CAFR or collective investments held by government as shown in the CAFR again.

When the CAFR or Government’s collective wealth held is mentioned corrective action is taken by the Government syndicate to maintain: “The Silence is Golden Rule“. This applies in politics; any Media Outlet having reach; or as would apply to organized education.

The intentional vacuum and maintained void is in place DUE TO THE MONEY INVOLVED, nothing more and nothing less.

Many activists have breached the void and the CAFR with the wealth shown in collective totals is reaching the public’s cognitive thinking one person or one group at a time.

A very important point to realize here is the effect of psychological conditioning the intentional void implants in the human psyche;

When someone learns something of this magnitude, and they do not see it discussed openly elsewhere through the syndicate’s outlets they have a natural reaction to withdraw. Most people like to follow the pack and if the pack is silent, the individual is very hesitant to speak and face skepticism as a result of the well maintained void in place to deter their or any cognitive thinking.

Well, as of 2011 a much larger majority have caught the thought of government’s collective ownership “of it all”.

In retaliation the syndicate is waging psychological warfare to embed the opposite impression: Broke; short of funds; underfunded; etc. The population is being barraged daily with this type of soundbite conditioning.

CAFR1 says to counter: Do a Google on: Government Wealth

That search when done in December 2011 will yield 374,000,000 hits with the CAFR1 2000 video #1 and CAFR1 website #1. POST NOTE 12/17/17: As of December 2017, with the void maintained, and likely with alittle intervention on Google’s part, the CAFR1 hits are now no longer #1 but moved down the Google hit list significantly.

The silence from the syndicated media and political parties is deafening still, but then that “qualifies” the significances of the effort applied by them to maintain the silence.

The world is not flat, it is round and more and more people are learning the truth and at the same time they are learning the reality of the massive collectively owned wealth involved.

2012 it appears will be the launch of the TRF in two counties starting the path to eliminate all taxation from the utilization of that collective wealth held establishing the population as the “first line beneficiary” and then, as the walls come down: Silence no more.. The Win-Win for one and all will be underway. POST NOTE 12/17/17 – I am working on it but MUCH revenue is needed to get the job finished. The TRFA National headquarters is being developed on a 24 acre lot in Gallup, NM . This article writen in December of 2011 is just as relevant, or even more so going into 2018. Getting it done is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes” to make this happen! And again, “I am working on it”.

Happy Holidays!

Sent FYI from, Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 16/17

A Brit tells it like it is!


The following, five 10-minuite segment auto play videos on YouTube, made in 2009 tells it like it is in plain language clarity. This is a must watch if you have not seen it before.

The individual who did the videos, as an after effect on his life, his personal life was methodically destroyed as a consequence of such clarity.

Six-years later, 2015, he was dead, and shortly before his death he was in sincere regret that he had stepped forward in the first place back in 2009 with such clarity.

The following video interview in 2015 was the last video interview done by him shortly before his death. Understand the content he clearly brought forward, and the consequences for him doing so can then be clearly understood easily also.

Bringing forward important and overpowering aspects of life that are not commonly known by the general population that is significantly contrary to the government gang’s intent and interests, can and in most circumstances will have dire consequences for the individual doing so.

R.I.P. and thank you to this individual. His disclosure made were clear; to the point; fundamental; and relevant knowledge that was and had been right there in the faces of the population. The majority of the population was kept blind as to this knowledge by the Government gang”s self interest, but this individual opened up the eyes of many so they now could see.

And by the way, this individuals main profession was a carpenter. I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but there was another carpenter from many, many years ago that opened the eyes of many that also ended in his death too.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona


Cafr fraud about monthly reporting in USA ! posted Nov 13/17

Government Transparency Reporting, the 1-2-3 way it must be!
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

Every State should compile an excellent report such as what the State Government of Texas in 2005 use to put out called the Texas State Cash Report

CAFR1 wrote an article back when the State of California Government a decade ago was crying financial troubles noting the TX State Cash Report –

There are archive links at the bottom of the article to view several of the Texas State Cash Reports.

For easy reference here is the 2005 report shown –

I suggest that you download the report to your research directory for viewing over trying to read it online. The pages display slowly online and very quickly after being downloaded and saved. Also after downloading you will be able to use the search feature to find any key word or phrase quickly and you can save it to DVD for sharing..

The differences between the TX State Cash Report and CAFR can be viewed on page 19 of the report as adocument or page 37 as displayed by the .pdf reader.

The report gives a detailed listing of every fund held by the TX State Treasury (excludes funds held “outside” of the State Treasury). The detailed listing can be referenced through the index at the beginning of the report and found towards the end of the report.

I also note that the report only covers “State” fund accounts held. Within the State of Texas, non-state government operations, the thousands of all City, County, School District, other local government,  are separate entities and not part of the TX State Report. If other local governments “within” the State of Texas were totaled, that total would be substantially greater (by a factor of at least 30X) over total funds held by the TX “State Government” agencies.

I am bringing this forward at this time being that every State and “local government” should be REQUIRED to produce a detailed Cash report such as what the State of TX use to publish.

When CAFR1 made the TX State Cash Report visible to the public a decade ago, the “open disclosure” displayed was counter productive to those within government who’s primary interest was wealth building outside of publc view of funds under their control. Pressure nationally was exerted for the State of TX to convolute their Cash Report to show significantly less detail. If you pull up a current TX State Cash Report you will see the clear difference between then and now.

The bottom line here of ethical transparency, as was the case from Texas State Government, a forerunner of transparency a decade ago until outside pressure was exerted on them. This outlined Cash Report should be the Standard for every State and ALL local governments within, NJ, NY, CA, MS, MA, FL, etc. today.

Have your legislators make it happen! There is no ethical or valid excuse for them not doing so, and again you can give them the exact guidelines for doing their local government Cash Report by providing the 2005 Texas State Cash Report to them. Make sure not to let them throw in one exclusion after another into their Cash report. Also a Cash report shows gross balances of all funds and NOT accounting tricks played to reflect  substantially diminished NET balances.

Use the 2005 TX State Cash Report that you download as the example for specific and required guidelines that all local governments must comply with in a Cash report they publish and make available for public viewing.

** Getting this done to allow for clear transparency as a requirement will determine if ownership of government is: The People’s, Our Government or the Inside wealth building Players, their Government.

Please share this communication with your email list and publish where available for you to do so.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

CAFR1 NATIONAL POST letter to President Trump posted Nov 5/17

Please read the following in its entirety.

I sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump back dated December 22nd 2016 that was delivered via forward by the USPS from Trump Tower to his DC Campaign Heaquarters on 01/10/17. Did he see it?

I don’t know. As of 11/05/17 I am still waiting for a reply or comfrmation that he received it..

A copy of the letter sent on 12/22/16 is as follows.

If you have a trusted friend who is in contact with Mr. Trump, please ask them to confirm if he “has” or “has not” seen it and let me know.

Sent FYI from WJB – CAFR1



P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, Arizona 85936                                                      Fiduciary Trust Management

 Arizona Office: (928) 458-5854                                      Meeting Local Government Budgetary Needs


December 22nd 2016

TO: President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump
725 Fifth Avenue.
New York, NY 10022

President-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump:

The greatest drain on the population and economy over the last three decades is the ever-increasing excessive growth of taxation on all local levels.

What I call “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” is a way to eliminate all local taxation and at the same time create a thriving economy, prosperous population, and meeting all local government budgetary needs.

This is done trough transitioning local governments on to the fiduciary trust principle of operation to meet all budgetary needs. The capital funds that do so are called TRF (Tax Retirement Funds).

The method, management teams, and structure to do this are in place today, and have been so for decades.

Local governments have established their own collective trillion dollar fiduciary pension funds that pay out salaries and benefits at retirement. To the most part they have not missed a heartbeat and have paid all benefits intended equating to many trillions of dollars for millions of government personnel to date.

TRF funds are established venue by venue on the local level utilizing the same management teams, structure, and are designed from return and reserves building to meet local government’s operating budgets so that taxation can be incrementally phased out and then eliminated.

What this does in effect are three very important things:

1. Creates a thriving population and business environment with the excessive drain of taxation removed.

2. Builds and develops ever growing massive investment trusts where the capitol re-investment drives the economy in an ever growing, self perpetuating, self sustaining economy.

3. With the phasing out and then elimination of local government taxation, the public’s hostility level towards government will diminish towards government to nil almost overnight.

I have designed a 12-point operation principle for TRF fund management that the local governments and fund managers are to adhere to. Each point requirement makes the population the “first line beneficiary” of.


Point 5: From the investment trusts the population with good credit scores can get a mortgage on their homes or new car at 2.5 percentage points.

Point 3: A portion of the return from the trust funds, fines and fees will be offset (Local swim center family membership may be $165 a year and after a few years of TRF operation those fees may be reduced to $35 or be free).

Point 10: Investment guidelines for management teams to receive annual bonuses or in the alternative demerits if not in compliance.

Currently the National Headquarters for the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) is underway being built and located in Gallup, NM.   (off of Patton Dr.) and should be completed, staffed, and in operation within the next 14-months. Federal assistance could make it happen that much sooner.

What is being done here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”. Once in place it drives the economy of this country to a prosperous level never seen before and is self perpetuating from day-1 and for a thousand years out..

I have been working for seventeen-years toward preparation for this launch of the TRFA. I have only spoken with Mr. Trump casually for about a half and hour back in the early 80’s when invited to an all day party on the Trump Princess and briefly a year later when I stopped by the Trump Tower in NYC.

At this time I would wish to speak with Mr. Trump in detail about the TRFA and the significant impact it will have to create a thriving economy, very prosperous population, and meet all local government budgetary needs “without taxation”.

I can be reached for scheduling of that conversation at 1(928) 458-5854.

Hopefully this communication will reach Mr. trump as soon as possible.

I have plans in the near future to make a DC Trip to address the Belt-Way groups. I will be looking to reserve a conference room in the Senate Building to facilitate that briefing. I will make sure to invite several key officials from Treasury, ways and means, and budgetary departments as well as the members of the House, Administration, and Senate for my presentation of “The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” that is designed around the TRFA operations.

I think all will be very excited and motivated after this presentation and information / data is provided to them.

Again what I bring forward here is not the opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of “all lifetimes”.

Yours Truly,


Walter J. Burien, Jr. Manager – TRFA


TRFA US Registered Trademark: 77611599 (1-page)

TRFA Home /Office diagram attached (1-page)

Background information: Walter J. Burien, Jr. (7-pages)


SENT USPS PRIORITY MAIL TRACKING NUMBER: 9410 8096 9993 8051 4561 38


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 3/17

Allong with the surpression of the CAFR issue since 1998 in search engines and by syndicated entities, covert attacks were implimented over the last 19-years to falsely “attack the messenger” when the reality of the CAFR issue was being agressively brought forward.

There were only three “attack the messenger” attemps I spotted over that 19-years and today I filed a complaint with Google Inc. in my attempt to correct the 3rd attempt that launched in 2011 within their search engine results.

The complaint can be viewed here –

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien –


CAFR1 NATIONAL POST posted Nov 3/17

A subscrber to the CAFR1 National email list asked today: “When at a local government, open to the public meeting, what are good questions to ask and actions to be taken?”


CAFR1’s reply was as follows. WJB
Good questions to ask and actons to take?

Here is one that will make them **** in their pants. If it be City; County; or School District, shoot for their cooperation on all three, and ask:

“Your most current and several of your past Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, the CAFR, if we the residents of this city arrange for an independent audit of our City, County, and School District CAFRs, will you arrange for the complete and full cooperation from the internal or external financial teams that compile the CAFR in providing all data we require to assist in the completion of our independent audit?”

Also qualify that question with the following statement: “Being as you know, the past and current CAFR, all data and details have already been compiled for their completion and is readily available. So, there should be no delay on the part of your financial team(s) in providing the data and information we will require and will be requesting to complete our independent audit.” (four months to facilitate completion of the independent audit is a reasonable time period to set) I note: DO NOT use an audit team that has a conflict of interest with the local government being independently audited, or that is actively involved with other local governments. Also noted: The local government will make its best efforts to get attorneys who are in their pocket to infiltrate or in some fashion get control over your audit team and results of its findings. Block this from happening. (attornies, judges, prosecutors)

Then if you want you can add the following: “Being that an independent audit may be costly to the residents conducting the same, if fraud; misappropriation of funds;  unethical transfer of funds outside of the interests of our residents is identified, will you arrange for payment of the cost of our independent audit, and regarding funds identified and then recovered, if any, that were clearly determined to have been fraudulently acquired or transferred to or by any party, distribution of those funds back to the residents of our local government(s) ? “

That last one will get them shaking as if a wolf surrounded by five lions.

Keep in mind that for decades local governments have masterfully steered residents off into playing with themselves in non-consequential areas that do not effect the local government’s intent of self interest wealth creation at the populations expense. They have their tactics for doing so well rehearsed. It will be a chess game of significant importance. So with that in mind, make sure your thinking and course of action is to arrange for a “checkmate” in your and all resident’s behalf. Do not let one or two frauds identified distract you from the other 75 bigger ones that may exist.

I have seen the tactic used by local governments that if the public gets close to turning over the rocks to see what crawls out, the government players will throw before you the small sacrificial lamb as a distraction technique while the large herd of cattle is held slightly out of view in their holding pen. Look and ye shall find. Be distracted or diverted and ye will be in the dark.

Walter Burien – and
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854
PS: Funds are running low at this end with the TRFA project ongoing, so if possible please visit –  🙂