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This Sunday October 8 on Here We Stand posted Oct 6/17

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Defunding the Killers: Pulling the Plug on Criminal Governments and Churches

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International and moral law prohibits citizens from funding genocidal or war-waging powers. We cannot claim to oppose a criminal Church and State while paying for their expenses.

Today on Here We Stand we address how to stop killers in high places at the source and arm listeners with practical tools for doing so. Our guests are members of the Tax Resistance Movement. Featuring your regular host Kevin Annett, who in 2007 sparked the Canadian campaign to cancel tax exemptions for the genocidal Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

Today’s program kicks off a series of direct action episodes of Here We Stand to commemorate this month the 500th anniversary of the launching of the Protestant Reformation. Follow www.itccs.org for updates on these upcoming programs.

For Political and Spiritual Home Rule! Stand Down the Killers Once and For All!

See www.murderbydecree.com .

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Kevin Annett was re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. Messages for him can be left at 386-323-5774 (USA). See the evidence of genocide in Canada at www.murderbydecree.com and www.itccs.org .

Leftists want to abolish prison and free all prisoners because they want the most violent people in society to join their Communist revolution. […]

Krugman based his story on a tweet by Kurt Eichenwald, a troubled leftist journalist. […]

Companies which stand to make huge profits from the sale of these machines are loaded with former officials of Homeland Security. […]

Here are 16 questions surrounding this incident that the media is ignoring. [We think questions 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 15 are especially significant.] […]

Don’t worry about the fact that the government will define opposition to its policies or indignation over corruption as ‘far-right propaganda’. […]

The goal of the leaders on the extreme left and the right is to create so much violence and chaos that the public will be grateful for martial law. […]

AG Sessions refuses to empanel a grand jury on major Obama and Clinon crimes while Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is intent on indicting President Trump. […]

Government FOIA requesters are being counter-sued for asking for information could embarrass the agency or it is claimed to be legally sensitive. […]

Spain threatened to launch the “nuclear option”, Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, to take direct control from the administration in Barcelona. […]

The Mandela effect is actually the crashing of timelines that humanity has unknowingly have been existing upon for decades. The creation lightship myself with Gaia Guardians and allies have been doing this for some time to bring real humanity and the real animals back onto our authentic timeline along with creating a new earth timeline for light workers and good humans who will be allowed to remain with mother Gaia 5th dimensional shift on the outside of her body! Tami Oct 3/17

Antifa was recorded planning violence – police were grateful for Steven Crowder’s video, but mainstream media wanted no part of it. […]

In New York city, black people are 38 times more likely to commit murder and 51 times more likely to engage in shootings when compared to the white population. […]

The Spanish government’s police crackdown “prevented” 770,000 people from voting. So far, 844 people have reported injuries from police brutality during the vote. […]

Red cross criminality!? posted Sept 29/17

Disgusting Behavior of the Red Cross in Houston Confirmed by Victim: Outright Theft, But Okay Due to Obama Executive Order
Thanks to ‘Tuber Joanne Steen for sharing this video from a Hurricane Harvey victim. She says the Red Cross took cases and boxes of supplies donated to the needy which was delivered to churches. They whisked as many away as they could—and allegedly sold water for exorbitant prices.

She says thanks to Obama’s Executive Order from 2012, the Red Cross were protected—and it got much worse. Utterly despicable.

Victims get only 90 cents for every $10 cash donated, she reports.

There are also reports of the Red Cross burning supplies.

As for the “Red Cross donations go to Russia” video… sounds highly suspect and doubtful.

The Red Cross reputation is so poor now that I don’t think they can ever live it down. ~ BP

A multi-millionaire Silicon Valley elitist creates religion with idea of artificial intelligence as a God. Singularity is the goal, where man merges with computer, and the biological body is obsolete. […]

The Federal Reserve could issue its own cryptocurrency with a centralized economy that will go cashless, which is the end goal of the banksters. […]

More than 80% of the stocks traded are controlled by 1% of the population. When that figure becomes essentially 100%, the stock market will be private. […]

Democrat congressmen said the FBI inspected the DNC servers, but James Comey and Jeh Johnson both testified that the FBI never saw the servers. […]

Tu-E Capital Berhad & GIDIFA & UNGIB, Crimes ? posted Sept 28/17

—-I went down the ‘rabbit hole’ to learn more about this Tu-E Capital Berhad & GIDIFA & UNGIB, and found it to have more than its fair share of snakes in the mix, scary stuff going on.  I’m copying Judge Anna Reiz so she can look at this travesty for herself.  At least I thought to look beneath the surface of what they put out on YouTube that Suzy Star got all excited about.   Here they are dangling a 65 Quad ‘carrot’ for everyone to snag, watch out for that hook it contains.

<www.gidifa.org/gidifa-global-intelligence-bureau/preamble-bank-of-north-america> This group is bogus, a cover for the introduction of Shari’a law in their efforts underway at their Preamble

Bank of North America, with Ernest Rauthschild as its Founding Chairman, in October 2015.

In their Preamble they describe the Black Aboriginal Peoples of North America, the Republic of

North America, and the United States of North America, what are they trying to pull, a take over of our country, Canada and Mexico as well?   This Preamble Bank of North America (PBNA) is a

private investment bank in Seattle, with 7T USD in assets, tied in with the UN-Global Investment
Bank (UNGIB), GIDIFA, and Tu-E Capital Berhad.
People need to know not to have anything to do with these people, now dangling their YouTube documentary, <www.toogoodtobetrue.com.my>  They are right it is too good to be true, and it is certainly more insidious than is presented on the surface.  Tu-E Capital World Group Berhad, and their ties to UNGIB, and GIDIFA, really needs to be uncovered for what it really is.
Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency = GIDIFA
Yes, I got excited that it might have been a group we could work with to introduce solutions to end poverty, homelessness, while providing clean energy, food and water, but this is a group to stay far from, in my opinion.   I really don’t like what I discovered, see what you think of what they are saying on their Global Intelligence Bureau/Preamble Bank of North America.

Hopefully Ruth will be able to help us redeem what we have.

Your friend, Greg

Proudly Canadian: Doing Right by all our Pets posted Sept 28/17

by Kevin D. Annett

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My bleeding Canadian heart was so relieved the other day when I read that a government forensics team has hurried to our west coast to disinter and properly bury the remains of some of those adorable Husky sled dogs that were executed by a firing squad soon after the Vancouver Olympics. And while nobody is saying, well, why exactly the pups were shot, hell! Never let it be said that we aren’t a well-intentioned people! We know how to appear to do the nice thing, after the fact – at least when it comes to our animals.

It’s no doubt true that we come by our nice gestures honestly – and by way of the British. For example, sometime around the time of the Great War that Didn’t End a Single War, when over a thousand miners in South Wales had died from pit explosions and on the job accidents, King George the Fifth wrote an indignant letter to the mine owners of the region, demanding that they treat their pit ponies more humanely.

The mine owners complied, naturally, being a caring group of chaps.

A few years earlier, after deliberately starving the whole Irish nation and shipping out record boatloads of wheat and cattle from their lands, Queen Victoria and her Church of England sent caring Christians to Cork and Dublin to see what aid could be brought to the ravenous multitudes there in the form of workhouses for the poor. The Irish, like the mine pit ponies or any other workaday animals, were worthy of compassion, what?

Well Gosh darn it people! Considering this inspiring tradition of our superior Anglo-Saxon civility, I suggest we all pitch in and give a hand to those nice forensic investigators, and get to the bottom of that horrible crime committed against a bunch of innocent sled dogs! After all, being from Ontario the diggers might not know their way around coastal British Columbia, and they may end up disinterring the wrong mass grave: like one with Indian women and children in it. And that wouldn’t be very nice at all.

You know, I once had it all wrong about my country. I thought that Canadians just didn’t care about dead Indians. Back in the spring of 2010, when not a single cop, politician or reporter replied to my published list of 28 mass grave sites near former Indian residential schools, I assumed that it was because they were all indifferent to aboriginal people. I thought, with typical liberal arrogance, that when hundreds of native women went missing and the RCMP said there were only nine unaccounted for, it meant that the Boys in Red were trying to cover up murder, including their own misdeeds.

How wrong I was! Of course we care! Being not citizens under our law but wards of the state, the Indians are less than human, after all, and therefore are worthy of our long tradition of care and animal husbandry.

We’ve allotted the aboriginals the kind of care they legally and morally deserve, as we do to all our pets. First, after eliminating and breeding out the savage ones among them, we domesticated, neutered and trained the rest to do our bidding. Today, we confine them to kennels called reservations and toss them some of our scraps. When we decide that a wrong has been done to them, we establish a Royal Commission to study the problem for many years and then shelve its report in Ottawa. Then we pat them on their heads and toss them a treat.

Of course, sadly, sometimes animals go astray, and need to be hunted and put down. The herd has to be kept managed, after all. The Indians aren’t like you and me, and they haven’t exactly been chomping at the bit to dig up the remains of their own people who have died. We wouldn’t let them, of course, but that’s beside the point. A house broken animal knows its place.

Again, thanks to our own special Indian Act, the red skins have no need of the prerogatives of citizenship, like the right to refuse medical treatment or enjoy due process. We take care of our Indians. We know their needs better than they do. We will provide them all the compensation and apologies and healing and reconciliation that they will ever need.

So why in God’s name should we disturb this special, thoughtful arrangement by digging up the wrong mass grave?

You know, it’s so good to live in a country like Canada, where animals get treated the right way – and here even the lowliest creature can receive a proper burial and a criminal investigation. We care that much.
Kevin Annett was re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. Messages for him can be left at 386-323-5774 (USA). See the evidence of genocide in Canada at www.murderbydecree.com and www.itccs.org .

In response to Venezuela’s food shortage, some women left the country and turned to the sex trade in neighboring Colombia to survive and to send food home to their children. […]

Sunday, Judge Anne Von Reitz September 24, 2017 posted Sept 25/17

New Republic—–My Big, Fat Rump!

By Anna Von Reitz

I am amused in a grim way by what the Bank of France (Jacob Rothschild) and Paul Ryan and a number of dishonest and/or ignorant Generals are trying to pull off with all their “restored Republic” rhetoric.

It’s hard to restore something that never existed in the first place.

There was never “a” single republic of any kind, but rather, fifty independent nation-states guaranteed a “republican form” of government. That’s quite a different thing.

What they– Paul Ryan and the other perps– are proposing is a resurrection of the old dishonest nasty territorial corporation under a different name, but the same basic management team.

To that we have said, “Thanks, but no thanks. You did a rotten, self-serving, dishonest job since 1946 and we have no need or desire for your further services, apart from a month-by-month agreement to pay for services you provide during the re-venue and transition to other accommodations.”

In other words, Jacob Rothschild and the Bank of France (sponsor of the IMF fiasco) have been given a polite boot out the door, and Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, and the other bad actors right along with the USA, Inc. Their attempt at “restructuring” the same old manure pile by calling it by a new name— “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.)” and misrepresenting a commercial corporation as a “new republic”— isn’t going to change our minds or make any difference in the outcome.

The entire world is now aware of what is going on here and nobody is putting up with it any longer. The 200-plus nations that have suffered along with the American states and people from the bullying and lawlessness of both the territorial and municipal “government” corporations are as fed up as we are.

So if push comes to shove and the perpetrators backing the “New Republic” refuse to face the simple FACT that their employers have sacked them and refused to renew a long-term contract for cause —and in fact have made other arrangements with other “federal” service providers— it won’t be just a bunch of American farmers staring down their gun barrels.

The entire world will know that Jacob Rothschild dba Bank of France is meddling in American internal affairs and trying to butt in and assume succession to a service contract after being authoritatively and in public “conditionally accepted”.

Our conditions include a peaceful and smooth re-venuing of the government functions owed to the actual land jurisdiction states and people and the equally peaceful release and return of our assets purloined by the Municipal United States and last but not least, a peaceful transition to our new service providers.

See this article and over 700 others on Judge Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

A Message to all Freedom Loving People posted Sept 23/17

from The Covenanters


Five centuries ago on October 31, Martin Luther launched the Protestant Revolution against Roman tyranny: a revolt that led to the establishment of Freedom of Conscience and political and spiritual liberty across the world. When ordered to renounce his views, Luther hurled back at his papal enemies, “Here I stand: I can do no other”.

Today, as people everywhere battle against a global corporate tyranny spawned from the same Roman institution, free men and women are launching their own revolt with the same defiant spirit of Here We StandWe the People we can do nothing other than reclaim our minds, our lives and our world as sovereign communities under the universal Common Law.

A new movement known as the Covenanters has emerged today in five countries that embodies this reclamation: a political and spiritual campaign to undo corporate tyranny and the genocidal institutions that are enslaving humanity and destroying our world. On October 1, the Covenanters will inaugurate their new blog talk radio program called Here We Stand: a platform to unite, inspire and mobilize the sacred remnant that will lead our people out of their chains into a new society standing under God’s Law.

Commencing October 1, 2017, Here We Stand will broadcast every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand . It will continue and build upon the work of Radio Free Kanata, which broadcast on the BBS network from March 2015 to September 24, 2017. (RFK’s archived programs are still available at the site: www.bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata) .

Read more of the principles and program of The Covenanters at this site: http://itccs.org/2017/08/06/new-covenant-calls-christians-out-from-fallen-churches-proclaims-spiritual-and-political-separation-from-global-corporatocracy/

And by ordering their Statement in paperback version at:  https://www.createspace.com/7431755 

Join us every Sunday on this new program to carry our thoughts and actions to a new level of empowerment and freedom!

For more information write to congregationalcovenant@gmail.com or write to the regular host of Here We Stand, Rev. Kevin Annett, at thecommonland@gmail.com .

Issued by the Covenanters

22 September, 2017

See also our affiliated websites at www.itccs.org and www.murderbydecree.com .

Philippines President Duterte’s son is accused of being involved in a $125-million drug shipment of crystal methamphetamine from China to Manila. […]

Spain seized control of Catalonia’s finances, confiscated ballots and campaign materials, and arrested senior officials to stop the referendum. […]

If the bought-and-paid-for reporters do as expected, they will have an opportunity for annual renewals. The Report For America’s advisory board is filled with mainstream news organizations like the New York Times, NPR, CBS, and ABC. […]

Mother Earth does not attack itself with hurricanes and tornadoes! posted Sept 18/17

Inge’s Comment: I am getting many comments from many recipients of my emails that they don’t want to be bothered  reading or watching this information.
One last plea.  Please watch the links below  –  and if you are then not as concerned as I am, I will cease to bother you with any more “essential FACTS”.

The 41 minute video with Dana is a precise and concise explanation of the prevailing Weather Manipulation

The video with Kevin Shipp details “who and what are running the global policies and events  –  the composition of The Shadow Government.
These whistleblowers  are putting their lives on the line, because they are SO-O-O concerned about civilization’s and the planet’s future.  We ignore them at our peril.

Your comments on these videos is welcome.
Inge        cdsapi@telus.net

Youtube link



Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey
( Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org )

Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations.

Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure.

Rapidly accelerating climate and biosphere collapse is not somewhere on the horizon, it is here, now.

Climate engineering is further fueling the unraveling of the remaining web of life on our once thriving planet.

With undeniable facts and film footage, the video below fully exposes the manipulation of Hurricane Harvey.


Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault.
When incorrect or false data is propagated, the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering is harmed.

Investigate, become familiar with the most inarguable building block facts, and make your voice heard.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

This presentation clearly explains the COVERT program and the COVERUP in documented detail


Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( GeoengineeringWatch.org )

The Youtube link 41 min.    A complete and superb overview.


Kevin Shipp – the CIA whistleblower Who and what really rule the world’s events and policies.

New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government


FEMA blocking relief efforts has been reported multiple times before in other disaster areas.  It is not a surprise that they continue to put people in harms way after Hurricane Irma.  Here is a previous list of FEMA blocking aid.

FEMA won’t accept Amtrak’s help in evacuationshttp://news.ft.com/cms/s/84aa35cc-1da8-11da-b40b-00000e

FEMA turns away experienced firefightershttp://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/9/5/105538/7048

FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply truckshttp://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/05/national/nationalspec..

FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuelhttp://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/05/national/nationalspec..

FEMA won’t let Red Cross deliver foodhttp://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05246/565143.stm

FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleanshttp://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=15147862&BRD=…

FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering aidhttp://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/9/3/171718/0826

FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital on board

FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truckhttp://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-050902dale..

FEMA turns away generatorshttp://www.wwltv.com/local/stories/WWLBLOG.ac3fcea.html

FEMA: “First Responders Urged Not To Respond”http://www.fema.gov/news/newsrelease.fema?id=18470
Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/fema-blocking-relief-efforts/915

Received via email from Mr. Ed of Rumor Mill News



Fema is also not helping, they are letting people in the keys go to hell. The Cajun Navy and others are not going to stand idly by while they receive calls for help, they are going to bust the FEMA barricades and go in fighting.


A CALL TO ACTION & A CALL TO ARMS: What’s happening in the Keys is absolutely despicable. I’m currently volunteering logistical support with three rescue groups including The Cajun Navy & the US Civil Defense Force, we have 100’s of fully qualified, ( US Navy ) vetted & certified volunteers with teams of rescue workers who’ve brought their own resources, equipment & supplies.

FEMA has stopped our teams & are currently refusing access into the Keys.

We’ve received hundreds of calls & requests for help, we have tickets on our system(s) that are over 3.hrs old and FEMA absolutely refuses to let our teams in to help.

We are planing on rallying at Phantom Fireworks in Key Largo in the morning.. 1.st & 2.nd Amendment exercise. 7.am. In a show of force we plan on crossing FEMA’s roadblocks & checkpoints with or without FEMA’s blessings.

We are inviting all 3% Conceal & Open Carry citizens to join us at the rally point tomorrow morning.. This is an open S.O.S. for the people trapped in the Florida Keys.

There are people in desperate need of our help & we are not going to sit another day waiting for permission to assist. Americans do not need FEMA’s permission to exercise their first and second amendment rights. we will assemble & we fully intend to render assistance.

We are currently holding ‘live’ USCF Action Team meetings on the android zello app in the Hurricane Irma Rescue & relief channel.

We shall not go ‘Quietly’. They kicked us out of Hurricane Harvey they will not ‘kick’ us out of Irma.

AJ has been in the channel ripping it up so we expect this Call to Arms to go live across many of the alternative media outlets in a little while but I doubt we’ll see this on any of the lame stream media.

My comment: If Fema is blocking help from arriving I would not put it past them to vanish as many people as possible. Katrina was very suspicious with this, as was Andrew. Good luck guys, all I can do from here is help spread the word.

GK note: This is why the people who talk of humanitarian projects are intensely naive. They have no idea of the gauntlets placed where the evil does not want to ever relinquish their goals and control. Those who talk about building things to withstand hurricanes or tornadoes don’t even understand the sustainable freaks are anti-sustainable when it comes to people and places they want to have tornadoes blow off the face of the earth. Therefore many of the building permits will not allow cement or building into the ground.

Ask yourself why certain places like the Florida key are being seized? It would be a sound guess that strategic positioning is a large part of that plan. What if the so called cabal set up the launching pads for missile strikes? Or bioweapons close enough to hit any target?

Also, for anyone who thinks the so called cabal will ever stand down and accept a secondary role in world control you do not understand the Talmud or the protocols of Zion. Second is not an option. Not only do they demand to be chosen and make all decisions for humankind, they have a plan to kill off everyone who does not follow their doctrine.